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"‘Immortal Song 2′ airs episode #20" plus 19 more

"‘Immortal Song 2′ airs episode #20" plus 19 more

‘Immortal Song 2′ airs episode #20

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 08:44 AM PDT

KBS's 'Immortal Song 2' aired its 20th episode on October 15th!

This week, viewers got to see performances from eight talented performers including Davichi’s Minkyung, Park Hak Gi, Hong Kyung Min, Huh Gak, 4MEN’s Shin Young Ja, Lim Jeong Hee, INFINITE’s Woohyun, and Ali. Each of the contestants covered a song by the legendary Korean singer Kim Kwang-Seok.

With fresh new re-arrangements by the performers, the audience members were utterly captivated with the potential they showed. Check out the performance cuts below, and tell us your favorite!

WINNER: Davichi’s Min Kyung covering Kim Kwang-Seok’s “With the Heart to forget You



INFINITE’s Woohyun covering Kim Kwang-Seok’s “But I Love You



Park Hak Gi covering Kim Kwang-Seok’s “On The Street



Hong Kyung Min covering Kim Kwang-Seok’s “That Painful Love wasn’t Love



Huh Gak covering Kim Kwang-Seok’s “Around 30



4MEN’s Shing Yong Jae covering Kim Kwang-Seok’s “Memories of that Day



Lim Jeong Hee covering Kim Kwang-Seok’s “Private Letter



ALI covering Kim Kwang-Seok’s “Where the Wind Blows


Plaintiff ‘A’ retracts complaint against gagman ‘K’ for sexual assault

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 08:02 AM PDT

Earlier, we reported about a scandal involving gagman ‘K‘, who was accused by a woman named ‘A‘ of raping her in his vehicle.

To backtrack, the two met at a night club in Gangnam, Seoul where Mr. K offered a ride home to ‘A’. According to ‘A’, Mr. K parked the car near a coffee shop and sexually assaulted her. ‘K’ has defended himself by insisting that they had sex was done under mutual consent, and furthermore, ‘A’ had signed a document acknowledging that she gave ‘K’ her consent.

Within just one day, ‘A’ retracted her complaint against ‘K’.

On October 14th,  the chief of Yangcheon’s police station revealed, “Yesterday (October 13th), the defendant’s attorney came by and submitted the plaintiff’s cancellation document for the complaint. We will call upon ‘A’ as soon as possible to confirm the information on the document.”

According to reports, the cancellation document had a statement which read, “[The] mutual misunderstandings have been resolved” as the reason for the complaint’s withdrawal.

Due to the retraction, further investigations and prosecution against gagman ‘K’ will most likely not occur.

The police shared, “Because this case was formed by the plaintiff’s complaint, it makes it difficult for us to continue our investigation on ‘K’ when the plaintiff retracted her complaint. We have no plans on bringing ‘K’ to our station.

As for the contract of mutual consent which ‘K’ claimed to posses, the police revealed, “”K’ did not submit the document and therefore, we could not confirm whether it truly existed.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate

Full Japanese MV for Gummy’s “Sorry” revealed

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 07:28 AM PDT

A week ago, we revealed the short PV (“promotional video”) for Gummy‘s debut Japanese song, “Sorry“. The full music video has finally arrived, and fans will get to find out what happened with the storyline.

Big Bang‘s T.O.P. not only featured in Gummy’s song as the guest rapper, but acted in the PV as well. Fans got a refreshing look into his gentle side, as he played an eccentric man who can only seem to communicate with birds.

Check out the full PV below:

Tip: Kodra7

U-KISS’s Soohyun impresses by singing 3 songs live in spite of vocal cord nodule

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 06:51 AM PDT

On October 15th, U-KISS‘s Soohyun moved fans and impressed officials at the ‘2011 Asia Song Festival‘ by singing three songs live — a normative feat, to be sure, but Soohyun was diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule.

The boys returned to ‘Asia Song Festival’ as acknowledged Hallyu stars after winning their rookie award at the same festival two years ago. They demonstrated their global growth by greeting fans and press members in Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin-Chinese.

Soohyun stated, “I’ve been resting after being diagnosed with vocal cord nodule. Today, however, I’m willing to die on stage.” He went on to sing “Neverland“, “0330“, and “Manmanhani” in perfect unison with the rest of his members, impressing everyone at the event.

Dongho added, “At the ’5th Asia Song Festival’, we won the rookie award. Now that we’ve returned, I’m both excited and grateful. It’s an honor to be able to stand on stage with so many famous singers in Asia, and I hope to continue to participating in the festival until its 100th.”

Rookie girl group April Kiss, who also participated in the festival’s ‘Asia Rookie Singer Showcase’, had nothing but praise for their seniors. “We met them at a waiting room backstage and exchanged CDs. They treated us very comfortably. It was amazing to be able to see them so close during rehearsals. They truly amaze us, and we respect them a lot.”

They continued, “We heard that it’s been a few years since their debut and it’s very cool to see that they haven’t lost their roots and are still working so hard. Watching their rehearsals made us realize that we have so much to learn from them. They make us want to go back to our rehearsal room and practice more.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun, Oh My Star, Economy Today

SISTAR performs at the half-time show for the ’2011 Hana Bank FA Cup’

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 06:14 AM PDT

On October 15th, the Sungnam Ilhwa Pegasus faced off against the Suwon Samsung Bluewings at the ‘2011 Hana Bank FA Cup‘ held at the Sungnam Tanchun Stadium.

The ladies of SISTAR put the crowd in a frenzy by showing up at the half-time to put on a congratulatory performance.

Sungnam came away with their second win in 12 years since their first in 1999 thanks to Jo Dong Gun‘s heading goal at the 32 minute mark, leaving the final score to 1-0. He was chosen as the MVP after the match and given $3,000 USD in prize money along with a trophy.

Check out photos of SISTAR’s performance below!

20111015_sistar_halftime_7 20111015_sistar_halftime_6 20111015_sistar_halftime_5 20111015_sistar_halftime_4 20111015_sistar_halftime_3 20111015_sistar_halftime_2 20111015_sistar_halftime_1 20111015_sistar_halftime_8

Photos: As tagged

Kim Tae Hee attends production conference for her Japanese drama

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 05:45 AM PDT

Kim Tae Hee has become the darling star of the Japanese press, thanks to her upcoming Fuji TV drama, ‘My 99 Days with a Star‘. On October 14th, Japan’s Sankei Sports covered the production conference for the drama, which Kim Tae Hee attended alongside co-star Nishijima Hidetoshi.

Kim Tae Hee turned heads at the event with her red mini-dress, which earned praise from local journalists. “Wearing a killer mini-dress that showed off her legs, Kim Tae Hee truly showed what it took to be a star,” they said.

Reflecting on her filming progress so far, Kim Tae Hee revealed, “It’s my first Japanese drama so I was truthfully very nervous.” When asked if she’s being taught any Japanese by her co-star, she said, “Yesterday, I learned the phrase ‘anosa’, which means ‘but’ or ‘by the way’. Whenever I use this phrase, however, Nishijima always laughs.”

She continued, “It wasn’t easy to get used to the Japanese script, but I hope that we’re able to create a drama that fans from both Korea and Japan can relate to.”

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

C-Real shares a little info about each member

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 05:17 AM PDT

Ann J, Lenny, Chemi, Re Dee, Effie

Earlier this month, girl group C-real shot to the top of media headlines after being toted as the ‘five-member IU‘.

Produced by Choi Kap Won, the mastermind behind IU’s success, C-real has been in the making for two years now. The group is comprised of members Chemi, Re Dee, Effie, Ann J, and Lenny, who recently introduced themselves through an interview with E-Daily.

The girls began, “The public may not be used to us yet, but we want to get C-real’s name known by the end of the year. We’d be grateful to be given any nickname for our group, but ultimately, we just want to be known as C-real. We may be lacking since it’s our first time promoting, but we’re going to try hard to show our music and who we are.”

Chemi (18) is the team’s leader, and she confessed that her chubby cheeks are her complex. “My chubby cheeks are my complex, but I’m trying to turn it into a charm,” she said.

Rapper Re Dee (17) revealed that she’s the team’s energizer. “I have an excessively positive personality, and am prone to making a lot of mistakes.” She continued, “The other four members take care of me really well, so I love living in the dorm with them rather than on my own.”

Ann J (16) has a unique hobby of fixing electronic appliances while Effie (17) is said to resemble IU or even SNSD‘s YoonA upon first glance. Lastly, the group’s maknae, Lenny (15), is said to be like the team’s breath of fresh air.

The girls are currently promoting their title track, “No No No No No“.

20111015_c-real_8 20111015_c-real_7 20111015_c-real_6 20111015_c-real_5 20111015_c-real_4 20111015_c-real_3 20111015_c-real_2 Ann J, Lenny, Chemi, Re Dee, Effie 20111015_c-real_9

Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver

Lee Hyori holds a fan signing for ‘Clio’

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 04:48 AM PDT

On October 15th, singer Lee Hyori held a fan signing for her endorsement brand ‘Clio‘ at the Watsons chain store in Daehyun-dong.

Although it was her first public event in a while, Lee Hyori was all cool confidence as she stepped onto the dais in all black. Her fish-scale top and sexy kill heels gave off a fierce charm, but her warm smile tempered the edge of her outfit.

Interestingly enough, her waterproof pencil gel liner (which was launched earlier last month) has already seen 100,000 units in sales, with most of the colors completely sold out. Seems like ‘Lee Hyori effect’ is still going strong!

Check photos from the event below.

20111014_leehyori_6 20111014_leehyori_5 20111014_leehyori_4 20111014_leehyori_3 20111014_leehyori_2 20111014_leehyori_1

Source + Photos: Dispatch via Nate

Davichi’s Min Kyung charms viewers with her aegyo during ‘Music Bank’ acceptance speech

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 04:10 AM PDT

On October 14th, Davichi won their second consecutive trophy on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ with their title track, “Don’t Say Goodbye“.

During the acceptance speech, Min Kyung charmed viewers by putting on a special aegyo show that even surprised fellow member Haeri.

Min Kyung stated, “To all of our helpful staff, managers, families, and fans, bboo-ing bboo-ing!” The ‘bboo-ing bboo-ing’ is a popular aegyo sound that people make when they want to sound cute. Recently, it was made popular by ‘High Kick 3‘.

Puzzled, Haeri turned to her and blurted out, “What are you doing?”

Viewers were amused to see the entire speech air live and left comments like, “Minkyung is really so cute”, “Everyone knows bboo-ing bboo-ing lately!”, and “Lee Haeri’s comment was even funnier.”

Check out their acceptance speech below if you haven’t already!

Source + Photos: Korean Ilbo via Nate

Rainbow’s Jaekyung admits she’s dating?

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 03:21 AM PDT

On October 15th, Rainbow‘s Jaekyung guested on KBS‘s ‘Secret‘, where she played a game of ‘blunt-truth-rapidfire’. Her reaction (or rather, lack of one) ignited speculations online of her being in a relationship.

The show features a ‘You With No Response’ game, in which cast members shout out accusations against their opponent. If the opponent isn’t able to respond, the statement is (jokingly) accepted to have some level of truth in it.

Jaekyung was asked, “You’re dating these days, aren’t you.” Surprised, Jaekyung stayed quiet and mumbled her way out of answering, causing speculations to run wild.

Guests on the show set up an impromptu press conference and asked her whether she was really dating or not. Jaekyung wittily clarified, “I want to date so bad that I was surprised to even hear the word!”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

[Spoiler: We Got Married] Leeteuk and Kang Sora reveal their embarrassing pet names

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 02:38 AM PDT

On October 15th, newlyweds Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and actress Kang Sora revealed their pet names for each other on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘.

The episode focused on their first meeting at a theater, which was crashed by Leeteuk’s fellow Super Junior members. Because the two were acting so shy around each other, the members worked to liven up the atmosphere by giving the new couple missions. They first asked them to gaze into each other’s eyes and come up with sweet nicknames.

After a bit of hesitation, Leeteuk decided, “My baby princess.” He reasoned, “She has a bit of baby fat left, and my first impression of seeing her in a dress was that she looked like a princess.” Upon hearing that, Kang Sora collapsed to the floor with embarrassment.

She then decided, “Then I think I will call him my prince. I was going to just call him oppa but that seems a bit weak compared to princess.”

After hearing their pet names, the Super Junior members and the studio exclaimed, “This is so embarrassing, my hands are curling up!”

In a later interview, Leeteuk expressed interest in changing the nickname by stating, “I think nicknames like honey or sweetie would also be good. Isn’t that what other couples call each other?”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

Verbal Jint releases music video for “It’s Minute”

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 01:45 AM PDT

On October 14th, veteran hip hop artist Verbal Jint released a seven-minute-long music video for “It’s Minute“, the fourth track off of his “Go Easy” comeback album.

The music video is Korea’s first ever to be completely produced a year before its release. Directed by Jun Doo Kwan, the music video will be submitted to the ‘12th Korea Video Competition‘. The strong storyline and the impressive acting put on by the cast led viewers to believe that the music video could stand alone as a movie on its own.

Netizens commented, “I feel as if I’ve just watched a movie”, “A music video of high quality”, “Not only is his music amazing, but his music video as well”, and “Verbal Jint is always experimenting with new, refreshing ideas”.

Check it out below!

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

Performances from October 15th’s ‘Music Core’

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 01:12 AM PDT

MBC's ‘Music Core‘ is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

October 15th’s episode aired a special series of stages from Daegu, under the title “MBC 2011 Korea Grand Prix Special – Show! Music Core”. Fans got to see hot performances not just from currently promoting artists, but from some top favorites of this year. In addition, this special concert saw the return of SNSD‘s Tiffany and Yuri as the show’s MCs!


SECRET and SNSD‘s comebacks were teased for next week:



Aside from the usual stages, F.T. Island, Wheesung, and Orange Caramel made their comebacks while Super Junior said goodbye. Additionally, T-ara and 4minute appeared for two hot special performances!

Performances from today’s special concert include F.T. Island, Wheesung, Orange Caramel, Davichi, T-ara, 4minute, Super Junior, Jewelry-S, Maybee, Kim Kyu Jong, INFINITE, Boyfriend, Dal Shabet, Kan Mi Youn, and the Brown Eyed Girls.

Check them out below!


< T-ara > *Special Comeback!*


< 4minute > *Special Comeback!*


< Super Junior > *Goodbye Special!*

< Brown Eyed Girls >




< Dal Shabet >

< Jewelry S >

< Maybee >

< Kan Mi Youn >

< Boyfriend >

< Kim Kyu Jong >


Wheesung is back with “They Are Coming” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 12:48 AM PDT

Wheesung is ready to claim the stage once again with his new song, “They Are Coming“!

Although Wheesung had to lip-sync half his performance on ‘M Countdown‘ a few days ago due to an ulcer that prevented him from singing his best, he was able to bring his powerhouse vocals to today’s comeback stage on ‘Music Core‘.

Check it out his performance below, which includes “Music”!

F.T. Island makes a comeback with “Like The Birds” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 12:46 AM PDT

F.T Island is ready to kick it old-school with their remake of a classic hit, “Like The Birds“.

Performing to a wild crowd on ‘Music Core‘ tonight, the boys did Byun Ji Sup proud by delivering strong vocals and an engaging stage. “Like The Birds” was originally released in 1988 by veteran singer, Byun Ji Sup.

Check out their performance below, which also includes “Even if you cry“:


Davichi follows up with “Love My Love” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 12:40 AM PDT

Vocal duo Davichi bid farewell to their title track, “Don’t Say Goodbye“, and began fresh promotions for their follow-up track "Love My Love” on ‘Music Core‘ this week!

"Love My Love" was composed by Kim Ki Bum and Kang Ji Won, and it is the perfect song for the fall season, as it expresses the sadness one feels in seeing a lover go away.

Ever since their 'Love Delight' album release back in September, Davichi has been receiving an overwhelming response for every song in their album, including "Don't Say Goodbye" and "Love My Love". "Don't Say Goodbye" even placed first in both KBS's 'Music Bank' and SBS's 'Inkigayo', despite the tough competition.

Davichi stated, "We thank everyone for giving us so much love for 'Don't Say Goodbye' until now, and starting on the 13th, we hope that everyone will give us the same love and support for 'Love My Love' as well."

Check out their new performance below!

Orange Caramel returns with “Shanghai Romance” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 15 Oct 2011 12:34 AM PDT

Orange Caramel is back, and this time they’re ready to rock the stage as dazzling triplets for their new song, “Shanghai Romance“!

Inspired by a traditional Chinese melody, the girls weaved that together with Kim Heechul‘s witty lyrics and their own set of glitzy visuals, creating a stage that left everyone in the audience cheering for more.

Check out their comeback performance below!

A new photo of 2AM shows they’re serious about skincare

Posted: 14 Oct 2011 11:00 PM PDT

No, that’s not some ahjumma and her friends at bath house — it’s 2AM donning some hydrating masks while they chill in a back room.

On October 14th, Jo Kwon shared a hilarious photo on Twitter, along with the message, “We aren’t too far away from our beloved Japanese fans, but we still miss you guys~  We’ve started our Japanese debut preparations and are working hard! In JYPE Japan.”

Many celebrities expressed that the secret to their skincare was in wearing mask packs. It looks like even though the boys are busy preparing for their debut, they haven’t neglected taking care of their skin.

Netizens commented, “HAHA you guys are so funny!” “Good luck in Japan“, and “No wonder you guys have clear skin!

Source + Photos: Jo Kwon’s Twitter

Kim Kibum denies he got double eyelid surgery

Posted: 14 Oct 2011 10:11 PM PDT

Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum recently denied that he underwent cosmetic surgery for his eyes.

On October 13th, Kim Kibum made his first appearance on “Deep-Rooted Tree” as a handsome scholar named Park Pang Nyun. Several close-up shots of the actor brought around suspicions that he got his eyes done.

Netizens observed, “His eyes look weird“, “Did he get his eyes done?” “His eyes look so puffy“, and “His eyes look totally different from before.”

After hearing these numerous complaints, Kim Kibum finally responded on his Twitter with, “Ah… Double eyelid surgery….I put a lot of make-up on my face to cover the scars from atopy… I really didn’t do it kekeke.”

Source + Photos: Naver (1),(2)

Super Junior to fly in a private jet in order to meet all their schedules

Posted: 14 Oct 2011 09:19 PM PDT

Idol group Super Junior plans to book a private jet in order to complete their schedules on time.

On October 15th, the boys will board a private jet from Yeongam to Daegu. They’re scheduled to start their activities at 3:20PM in Yeongam, where they’ll attend the ‘F1 Korea Grand Prix‘ and MBCMusic Core‘. Wrapping up at 6:00 PM, they have to fly out to Daegu for the ‘2011 Asia Song Festival‘.

A representative shared, “Broadcasters and organizations have reserved a special private jet charter to accommodate Asia’s top celebrity group, Super Junior, in order to make it possible for them to complete all of their schedules within one day.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate