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"[News] IU, 2011 MAMA Best Vocal Performance Solo Award" plus 24 more

"[News] IU, 2011 MAMA Best Vocal Performance Solo Award" plus 24 more

[News] IU, 2011 MAMA Best Vocal Performance Solo Award

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 10:37 AM PST

IU won the award for Best Vocal Performance Solo for Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Nov 29th at 7PM.

IU's "Good Day" which was released at the end of last year became a big hit, sparking off an 'IU syndrome' in the KPOP scene. However, due to her schedule, she was unable to attend the event.

[Note: The rest of the article unrelated to IU was omitted from this translation]

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Star News

[Trans] Jonghun asks you to anticipate his latest composition

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 10:35 AM PST

Thanks to everyone,
our encore concert ended with a high note! Thank you, thank you, thank you~~

The one you've been waiting for
the new~
single release!
Please look forward to my music composition 『LIFE』!
it's good

(with HongStar yesterday)
It's Huni♪ for now
Credit: Jonghun's ameblo + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)

[Trans] Musical Actor Park Eun Tae: "I'm A TVXQ Fan"

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 10:09 AM PST

T/N: The interview focuses around his work in the musical [Mozart!]. Only the TVXQ & Junsu part translated.

This may be funny, but, well, I'm a TVXQ fan.
That's why it was great that I could be standing close to Junsu.
Actually, when you talk about [Mozart!], Junsu is the only person that comes to mind, but I don't think that it was in vain.
When someone who is already a star in his own right crosses over to do musicals, thinking of him as competition per se is meaningless.

Source: [Donga + ilove5stars]
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[News] Girls’ Generation wish to go on a world tour

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 08:47 AM PST

After winning the 'Artist of the Year Award' at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Girls' Generation had a press conference at Cassia Junior Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

During the interview, Taeyeon said, "Currently, our Asian tour is in progress. There will be a lot of concerts and performances next year too. We have been really busy preparing for our unique concept during the end of this year to show you our new appearances".

Taeyeon added, "If there is an opportunity coming our way, we would like to have a world tour after completing the Asian tour. We would like to meet more people".

About the 2011 MAMA, Sooyoung commented, "As it was already an honor to attend the award ceremony itself, we are really happy to win one of the 3 biggest awards, the 'Artist of the Year Award'".

Credit: mk.co.kr
Trans: fanwonder.com

[News] HyunAh & HyunSeung share a lip kiss in 2011 MAMA

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 08:27 AM PST

Cube Entertainment sets up a sub unit duo called "Trouble Maker" composed of 4-minute's HyunAh and B2ST's HyunSeung.

In the teaser MV of their single "Trouble Maker", the hot scenes from sexy HyunAh and HyunSeung already catching attentions.

On November 29 in 2011 MAMA in Singapore, both Cube artists performed a special stage number to promote their track "Trouble Maker". In everyone's surprise, the two did a hot lip kiss on stage that shocked not only the fans but the other artists as well.

The full MV is not yet released but fans are having mixed emotions on what the MV will be like.
Watch their performance below:

Meanwhile, the Trouble maker mini album will be released on December 1st and will debut in KBS Music Bank on December 2.

Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

[Videos] Performances of 2011 MAMA

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 07:24 AM PST

Check out some hot performances of the 2011 MAMA.

Will update with more videos soon!

[News] Teen Top likes Wonder Girls

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 07:11 AM PST

Idol male group Teen Top shared a photo with Wonder Girls.

Teen Top's Cap shared a picture on his me2day account on November 28.
He wrote "I personally met Wonder Girls for the first time, and it was really good. It's so nice to see you and thank you."

In the photo, both Teen Teop and Wonder Girls are making V signs and thumbs up.

Fans commented, "Wow two groups together are so cool!""Cap must be happy" and so on.

Source: Teen Top's me2day
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

[News] HyeLim, "I never imagine that I'll be in Wonder Girls"

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 07:00 AM PST

Wonder Girls' HyeLim reveals the story joining Wonder Girls.

On the November 29th episode of Strong Heart, HyeLim discloses, "I've been working in China with Miss A's Jia and Fei in a girl group named 'Sisters before my debut"

She laughs and continues, "When i told president Park Jin Young that i want to debut with girl group Sisters, i never imagine that I'll be joining Wonder Girls."

Also in this episode Hwang Hae Young, Kim Jung Nam, Song Dae Gwan, Kim WonHyo, Byun Gi Soo, Jang Jae In and Sa Hee appeared.

Source: TVReport
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

[News] Girls’ Generation Wins Best Female Group and Artist of the Year at 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards!

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 06:31 AM PST

Girls' Generation received the Best Female Group Award and Artist of the Year Award at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards, held on November 29th in Singapore.
The award show, broadcasted live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium, included a red carpet event in which Girls' Generation donned dazzling dresses and stunned viewers worldwide. Twitter users immediately responded, as "Omg SNSD" and "Girls Generation" quickly trended worldwide.

The award show also featured performances from many K-Pop artists, as well as artists from all over Asia. Girls' Generation delivered an epic performance consisting of a "Girls become the Goddess" stage, as well as a remix of "The Boys" containing both English and Korean lyrics. The members displayed a powerful opening dance during the "Girls become the Goddess" stage, while demonstrating a lengthy dance break and their vocal talents during "The Boys". The white dance outfits, the extended choreography, and fast paced remix caused widespread excitement among both fans attending the event and viewers worldwide.
In addition, Girls' Generation also attended a press conference before the award show. They expressed their excitement at being able to perform at MAMA in front of their Singaporean fans and answered several questions presented by journalists from several different countries. The questions ranged from subjects such as their concert tour, producing more tracks in English, and even how long it takes to get their hair and makeup ready for performances. Perhaps most importantly, when asked how they envision themselves in five years and whether or not they would still be in the industry, Tiffany answered "I think we'll all still be together, definitely still in the industry. We're not going anywhere".
With both the Best Female Group Award and Artist of the Year Award, Girls' Generation once again has shown their incredible popularity and musical talent. Congratulations to Girls' Generation! Check out the red carpet appearance, amazing performance, acceptance speeches, and press conference below.

Sources: hangthienbao1@youtube.comEndofCCC@youtube.commonmonsnowSeason4@youtube.com,SoneHsun@youtube.com
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[News] Sexy Singer Koda Kumi: “Close To All 5 Of Tohoshinki”

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 06:30 AM PST

Popular Japanese singer Koda Kumi spoke about her relationship with Tohoshinki.

On 29 November, at the welcome meeting for the [2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards] (henceforth MAMA) held at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, Koda Kumi responded to the reporters during the media Q&A session.

Koda Kumi said with enthusiasm, "I'm honoured to be able to participate in such a big event. I will do my best. I hope everyone will look forward to it." She added, "Beecause there are a lot of wonderful things in Korean culture, I want to show the charm that comes from the merging of Koda Kumi with that." When asked who is her favourite Korean artist, she said, "I worked with all 5 members of Tohoshinki before previously and even now, we're still close."

Today's welcome meeting was attended by Super Junior, Miss A, 2NE1, Kim Hyunjoong, Wei Chen, Lang Lang and more.

Source: [innolife]
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[News] 'Star King' Comedy Duo 'Funny Bones' said "B1A4 Baro was a best Mime"

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 06:01 AM PST

Hilarious comedy brothers appeared on Star King.

In SBS TV 'Amazing Competition Star King' aired on November 26th, Comedy Brothers appeared and showed the pantomime acts.

'Funny Bones' consisting of Japanese named Kebo and British named Chris tells the meaning to their name, to make people laugh till the inner bone. They also said that they talk in a different language so they talk by moving their bodies and gestures instead. That increases their pantomime skills more and more.

Funny Bones was formed in 2001. They won in Collett Town Show in 2002 and won in Chirstchurch World Buskers Festival in 2011. With those various talents, they showed us many kind of performance and made the audience enjoy.

Meanwhile, This day's broadcast, B1A4 Baro showed a Mime performance too. He was the best Mime and he gave Comedy man a Kiss, catching many more attention from the audience.

Source: Tvreport
Translations: Creamaya@ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
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[News] B1A4 performs hit song 'It's Only Love' shows Another different style.

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 05:58 AM PST

B1A4 performed Kim Min Woo's 90s hit reggae song 'It's Only Love'

B1A4 showed a different style and sang a reggae song by singing 'It's Only Love' in MBC 'Beautiful Concert' aired on November 29th.

The members of B1A4 were born after 90s, and the song 'It's Only Love' was released before they were born. They perform the song in their own style by inserting rapping parts in it.

Meanwhile, This show's icons are Crossover the tenor Lim Tae Kyung and The lord of trot Park Sang Chul. That's not all, Kim Wan Sung, Kim Jong Seo and Son Ho Young also sang 90's hit songs on the stage as well.

Source: newsen
Translations: Creamaya @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
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[News] 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards Winners

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 05:54 AM PST

On November 29th, Mnet hosted 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Top Kpop artists along with world-renown guests including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Black Eyed Peas member Will.i.am and Apl.de.ap walked the red carpet and hit the stage.

Super Junior, Girls' Generation, HyunA, miss A, 2NE1, BEAST, and more burned the stage with their sizzling hot performances of their respective hit tracks.


Below is the list of the 2011 MAMA winners:

Best New Male Artist: Huh Gak

Best New Female Artist: A Pink

Singapore's Choice: Super Junior

Hottest Asian Artist Award: Koda Kumi (Japan)

Best New Asian Solo Artist: Wei Chen (China)

Best New Asian Artist Group: AZIATIX

Best OST and Best Female Solo Artist: Baek Ji Young

Style In Music: Seo In Young

Best Solo Dance Performance: HyunA " Bubble Pop"

Best Dance Performance Male Group: BEAST

Best Dance Performance Female Group: miss A

Mnet Specialized Award: YB

Best Band Performance: CNBLUE "Intuition"

Best Rap Performance: Leessang

Best Vocal Performer Solo: IU "Good Day"

Best Vocal Performer Group: 2NE1 "Lonely"

Best Female Group: Girls' Generation

Best Male Group: Super Junior

Best Male Solo Artist: Kim Hyun Joong

Best MV (Music Video): 2NE1 "I Am The Best"

Album of the Year: Super Junior "Mr. Simple"

Artist of the Year: Girls' Generation

Congratulations to all the winners!

[Photos/Info] T.O.P for 'Cartier 'LOVE' Exhibition'!

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 05:41 AM PST

Cartier to hold "Love" exhibit featuring T.O.P, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye and more. This exhibit will showcase pictures of 10 stars wearing the Cartier bracelet from the Cartier Love Collection.

For the 5th straight year, Cartier will hold an exhibition with the International Vaccine Institute for the "Saving the Lives of the Children of the World" campaign. Donations and proceeds from the event will be donated to the International Vaccine Institute for the cause.

Top stars Song Seung Hun, Lee Yong Ae, Jun Ji Hyun, Cha Seung Hun, Kim Ha Neul, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye, T.O.P (Big Bang), Lee Min Jung, and Go Soo will participate in this event.

Cartier LOVE Exhibition convey the Message of Love in Dec 1-31, 2011 11:00 Am to 7:30 pm. Cartier Love Messengers of Love (LOVE) and a 10-member Star Charity Show together.5-year anniversary event celebrating Cartier's LOVE to the world wide is expected to deliver the message of love, this year in Korea, specifically the love of Cartier LOVE collection in the spirit of Christmas. It is a fundraising event and some of the proceeds will go to an institution that develops and distributes vaccines to children.

Stars are wearing "Love Code Bracelet"

Love Bracelet, Love Ring 

The exhibition will be held from December 2nd ~ 31th from 11AM to 7:30 PM at the Cartier boutique store in Chungdam-dong, Seoul.

T.O.P for 'Cartier 'LOVE' Exhibition' on High Cut Magazine  

Source: Epochtimes
Translation: Yooneunhye.net + DCTOP

[News] Snoop Dogg expresses interest to 2NE1

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 05:26 AM PST

On November 29th, the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony was held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Top Kpop and world class artists walked the red carpet and hit the stage.

During the red carpet ceremony, the world-renown hip hop rapper Snoop Dogg and producer Dr. Dre were asked which Asian artists caught their eyes. Snoop Dogg expressed his interest towards the 2NE1 and answered, "I like 2NE1, the group 2NE1".

2NE1 made it big globally with their hands full of various achievements which attracted world class artists. Previously, Black Eyed Peas member Will.i.am declared his plans to make 2NE1 a global superstars and signed contract as a producer. Will.i.am has revealed that they are almost finished with their project album. In addition, rapper Ludacris praised the group, and shared his interest on working with them.

Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net

[News] Hyoyeon Confesses, “I Can’t Act Cute and Pretty”!

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 05:20 AM PST

In the November 26th episode of KBS2TV "Invincible Youth 2", G8 held a "Giant Maknae's Daebudo Talk Show! Hello G8 Problem Solver" with Suzy and Kang Jiyoung as MCs.
On this day, Hyoyeon revealed, "It's very hard to act. I squirm when I act cute and pretty." She also added, "I was more easy-going. But after becoming part of Girls' Generation, I didn't think it was right to keep it that way."
She continued with, "When I monitor our appearances, the members who do aegyo (to act cutely) on air come out the most. I tried gritting my teeth and doing it but I couldn't because I was nervous." She also added that, "Now I can act cool, but acting cute and pretty makes me feel nervous."

Source: Nate
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[News] Nine Muses to make comeback on December with a new member

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 04:36 AM PST

Girl group Nine Muses will be making their comeback next month.

The group made their official debut in August 2010 with the single "No Playboy". Originally comprised of nine members, the group went on hiatus which caused them several changes of line-up. After months of hiatus, the group made comeback with "Figaro".

This time, Nine Muses will return to the music scene as an 8-member unit. Although the new member's name has yet to be revealed, Star Empire announced that she has been a trainee for quite some time and currently in her early 20s.

The agency stated, "Nine Muses will make a comeback in early December as a 8-member unit. They already completed their title track which was produced by SweetTune. The new member will have the looks as well as the talent. The other members are working hard every day, and certainly return with an improved image."

Source: Sports Chosun
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net

[Photo/Twitter] T-ara is very busy according to Hyomin!

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 04:01 AM PST

T-ara's leader, Hyomin shared new photos on her Twitter account on the 29th of this month.

She not just shared the photos above but she reveals that T-ara is very busy.

"2nd Japanese single promotions, Lovey dovey MV filming, and cry cry. Very busy and tiring but I'll think gratefully of this while smiling, let's enjoy it!" Hyomin wrote and attached the photos above.

Moreover, T-ara departs for Japan today for the promotion of YaYaYa.

In addition, YaYaYa will have a dance version Music Video.

It is pretty obvious that these girls are really busy but lets hope that they still have time to relax and enjoy their life despite of having a hectic schedule.

Source: Hyomin's Twitter
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

[News] Lee Hyori donates to a charity for abused animals

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 03:53 AM PST

Lee Hyori has drew much attention from the public after she reportedly donated 100,000,000 won to an organization that protects abused animals.

On November 28th, the Animal Rights Coalition revealed that Lee Hyori attended the sponsored event at the Animal Rights Coalition Nursery Establishment and donated one hundred million won. The money will be used to construct a care service center for abused animals.

The organization is considering to build "Lee Hyori Home", a center which will help utilize many animals to be able to receive protection, treatment and care. It will also assist in finding new homes for the abused animals.

The service center located in Haedang-dong is not able to manage the animals because the center is now filled to capacity. To overcome the difficulty, the union has conducted a fund-raising campaign since last June. The collection has generated 70% of the target figure.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori has confirmed that she is dating her fellow animal rights activist and a songwriter, Lee Sang Soon.

Source: Star News
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net

[Photos] 2NE1 on Elle Magazine December Issue ’11!

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 03:46 AM PST

Korean girl group 2NE1 is on Elle Magazine December Issue '11!

These pretty girls posed for Elle Magazine.

You cant deny that whatever they wear, they are gorgeous!

Take a look at the scans below.

So what do you think about these scans?

Source: soheelover.wordpress.co

[News] SHINee interview in London!

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 03:35 AM PST

When tickets went on sale for SHINee's first UK performance, at the Odeon in Leicester Square for the London Korean Film Festival 2011, servers were unable to keep up with demand and the website for the venue, one of London's premier spots, crashed in seconds and remained down for a further five hours. Fans had already been going crazy since the boys touched down at Heathrow airport, where they were mobbed by over excited fans. Were SHINee upset about the whole experience? We managed to get some time with the group, away from the sea of crazed fangirls and found out how they found their experiences in London, what they think about K-pop taking over the world, and their taste in women. Enjoy, share and link back to our site.
Parts of this interview, with additional quotes from the band and live photography from the London show will be printed in NEO Magazine, issue 93 – out 29 December across the UK.
Welcome back to the UK! We heard there was an incident with fans at Heathrow when you arrived. Does this kind of thing happen to you a lot? What is the craziest thing fans have done to you?
Onew says:
Sometimes when there are many fans who are cheering, it happens to be crowded when fans are coming in all at once. But I am always appreciated with it.
Thank you for cheering us up, but I am worried that they might get hurt.
Jonghyun says:
I think the airport is the first place where we can meet the fans of the country we visit, that's why the fans are more enthusiastically cheering us up. It is pleasant because we are also pleased to meet them.
Minho says:
As soon as we arrived at Heathrow airport, we were very pleased and surprised to see that many fans were enthusiastically welcoming us. I am very appreciated with that many fans welcome us from the airport whenever we go abroad for the concert. Since the fans welcome us from the moment we arrive in the new place, it raises us up.
Key says:
I am very happy that fans enthusiastically greet us. I think it is because the airport is where we can face with the fans of the country for the first time.
Taemin says:
It was memorable to see the fans are enthusiastically cheering with holding Korean placards.
Please introduce yourself, and tells us a fun fact about another member of the group.
Onew says:
This is Onew.
I like fun things and I always like to sing merrily.
Jonghyun says:
This is Jonghyun.
To tell you about the members, Minho is very competitive and Onew is such a sleepyhead.
Minho says:
This is Minho. It's great to meet the UK fans. I hope to see you very often.
I like sports, including football. I tend to be very competitive as Jonghyun said.
Key says:
This is Key.
I am a kind of person who has various colours.
Taemin says:
This is Taemin.
It is great to meet the UK fans.
Please teach us an interested fact about Korea as well as a Korean phrase!
Onew says:
Korea boasts the fastest internet speed!
And here's a Korean phrase for you; the little pepper is always the spiciest!
 Jonghyun says:
Korean people are kind!!!
Minho says:
Please visit Korea!
Key says:
Although Korea is small country…
it is very strong!
Taemin says:
There are many things to play with in Korea!
And here's a korean phrase; a Spider that casts a web eventually traps a fly.
K-pop has become really popular recently, why do you think Korean music has suddenly began to put South Korea on the map?
Onew says:
As the internet develops…
…there are more opportunities for people to experience K-pop artists.
Minho says:
Yes, like Onew said, the internet is why Korean music is becoming more popular.
Jonghyun says:
Definitely the development of the internet.
Also performing live in other countries has also helped boost K-pop.
Taemin says:
All these things!
They've created great opportunities for people to experience other cultures and music.
Is SHINee influenced from any previous Korean artists? If so, who?
Onew says:
All the seniors from our management company SM Entertainment. They opened the doors of opportunity for us. Because of them we are able to appear on the global stage, beyond Asia. And we were also able to meet fans in London.
Jonghyun says:
I was influenced by many seniors.
Personally, WHEESUNG and Naul.
Key says:
Yes, it's gotta be our seniors from SM Entertainment, our management company.
Tell us about "SHINee Trend"! What brands are involved to make the SHINee look?
Onew says:
I think the current trend is important, but it is more important to have an eye and the sense to look ahead.
Jonghyun says:
Finding something that brings out the strength of your body is important.
Minho says:
I believe that it is important to find own charms and strength that can be attracted.
Key says:
It is essential to find style that matches to you.
What fashion advice can you give to wannabe fashionstas?
Onew says:
I think it is better to wear something that can show one's charms rather than just following trends.
Key says:
Find your own personality!
How did it feel to be the first Kpop artist to perform at the Abbey Roads Studio?
Onew says:
I feel like dreams come true that nobody expected us to have. I was very thankful and happy.
Jonghyun says:
We will reward you with better performance.
Thank you!
Minho says:
I was very thrilled and happy. I will keep trying my best to become a singer who let other people know about SHINee and Korea.
Taemin says:
It was great honor, and I feel like it wasn't true.
Thank you!
Which other famous places would you love to play around the world?
Onew says:
There is no specific place, but I'd like to perform at the various stages around the world. Regardless of the size and the region, wherever we can sing our songs, I will be happy to sing.
Jonghyun says:
Name of the stage and the size are not matter.
Anywhere in the world is fine.
Minho says:
I also think that there is no specific place, but like to perform in various regions. Anywhere in the world, if there are fans who like SHINee, I'd like to perform on the stage.
Key says:
If it is where we can go, we'd like to go anywhere.
Could you speak Japanese before you joined SHINee? Have you found any fun ways to learn? For example, do you listen to Jpop to help you learn Japanese? (If so, who are your favourite artists to learn Japanese from)
Onew says:
I could not speak Japanese at all before I joined SHINee.
However, I used to listen to J-pop when I was young.
Jonghyun says:
I couldn't speak Japanese…
But there's a lot I could learn from animation and cultural experiences.
 Minho says:
I started learning Japanese as we prepared for entering Japan. I learned many things while I was talking with Japanese staffs in Japan.
Key says:
I like to watch Japanese dramas and listen to Japanese music and it was very helpful for me to learn Japanese.
Taemin says:
I started learning Japanese by watching Japanese movies or animations as we prepared for our activity in Japan.
You recorded the reality TV show Shinee's YunHaNam, where you dated older women. What is your ideal type of lady?
Onew says:
There's nothing special – I just like someone who likes me.
Jonghyun says:
I think it is bit changing.
But I like someone feminine who sometimes pretends to be naive and has little jealously.
Minho says:
I don't have a specific type…
…but I like someone feminine.
Key says:
Kaya Scodelario.
[Does that mean Key's a Skins fan?! - Tom]
Taemin says:
Emma Watson.
[think it's official, SHINee like British girls ;) - Tom]
It's nearly 2012, do you have any new year resolutions?
Onew says:
SHINee's new album will be released in 2012.
We will show our new side and new music.
Jonghyun says:
Let's try to be easy.
[speak for yourself, mister... - Tom]
Minho says:
We will try harder in 2012.
Key says:
Let's enjoy!
Taemin says:
To respect myself and be responsible.
What plans do you have for 2012?
Onew says:
Please look forward to our new music and performance!
Jonghyun says:
As a team, we would like to have a wide sphere of activity with the whole world as our stage and I personally wish that participation in terms of music is higher.
Key says:
I believe that we are able to show you to perform with the new music and on the stage as well as in various fields. Please give us your anticipation.
Taemin says:
I would like to present our music and performance to many people.
Do you think we'll see a proper SHINee concert in London any time soon?
Onew says:
If we are given a chance…
…we will be able to hold a concert.
Jonghyun says:
If there's a chance, I think it would be a joyful concert where we can enjoy the show with fans.
Minho says:
If we are given a good chance, the time will come when we will hold our concert in London. Please give your love to us till then.
Key says:
I believe that we will be able to perform in London some day.
Do you have any final messages for UK readers?
Onew says:
Thank you for surprising us with many things and making us feel happy.
We would like to come more often in the future.
Jonghyun says:
Please give your interest in SHINee and enjoy our music.
Thank you!
Minho says:
Thank you for always supporting us.
We will do our best to meet you as often as possible.
Taemin says:
I really appreciate all of your support.
Please continuously love SHINee.
Key says:
Thank you for welcoming and loving us.
SHINee will try our best!

[News] KARA rewrites Oricon Chart history with "Super Girl"

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 03:23 AM PST

Girl group KARA continue to enjoy sweeping popularity in Japan as set another record with their second Japanese album "Super Girl". The prestigious Oricon Chart revealed that their latest release snagged the top spot of the Weekly Album Chart with 275,000 copies sold.

The girls has set a new record for their first week sales, and has become the top selling foreign female group. The record was previously held by Girls' Generation with their first Japanese release "GIRLS GENERATION" which sold 232,000 copies.

Additionally, "Super Girl" debuted on top of Oricon's Daily Music Chart, selling a total of 73,094 copies on its first day. Kara also pre-released the album on digital form and dominated Japan's iTunes store in terms of downloads.

Meanwhile, KARA has been nominated for the most coveted Excellence Award at the 53rd Japan Record Awards which will take place on December 30th.

Source: 10asia
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net

[Photo/Twitter] Alexander met Mr. Lee Sang Bong!

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 04:07 AM PST

Former member of U-Kiss, Alexander revealed on his Twitter account that he met Lee Sang Bong who is a famous designer.

Alexander shared the photo above and wrote "Met Korean famous designer  Mr. Lee Sang Bong today! He's such a nice person~ Not scary at all~ hehe :D"

It was followed by a new tweet after few minutes.

Xander said "Got a present from him too! A lovely tie w/ his signature ″한글 Hangeul″ Korean letters pattern~ Praise the Lord~ ^-^)b" and attached the photo above showing the present he got from the Korean famous designer.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to see Xander's new haircut because he wears a cap in the picture.

Let's just wait for more pictures from him and wish that he will show us his new hair cut.

Source: Alexander's Twitter
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

[News] KARA endorses Japanese Covenience Store

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 03:16 AM PST

With KARA's overwhelming popularity in Japan, the girls grabbed another commercial deal as they has been chosen as the new model for Family Mart's fried chicken.

Earlier today, KARA revealed the new commercial through national TV alongside the behind-the-scene video. The girls showcased the new "chicken dance", a cute and playful dance which is a perfect match for the "fried chicken song".

Appearing in a CF for a Japanese convenience store only proved KARA's rising status in Japan as convenience store modeling contracts are only given to the most prominent stars. Previously, Yonsama (Bae Yong Jun) was the only hallyu star to model for the convenience store, as he was chosen to model for Family Mart's 30th anniversary in July.

Haven't seen the CF? Watch it here.

Source: enewsworld
Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews.net

[News] ‘Christmas Fairy Tale’ with Girls’ Generation!

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 03:08 AM PST

SONEs, a Christmas Special show featuring Girls' Generation is coming your way!
On November 29th, a staff of MBC told OSEN, "Girls' Generation are in the midst of preparing for a special show, entitled 'Christmas Fairy Tale'. Girls' Generation will be adapting the fairy tales they like as the concept for their solo concert".
The staff added, "The show is scheduled to be aired at 12.20am KST on December 25th. The highlight of the special show would be the performances by Girls' Generation and the other guests. Currently, we are still in the midst of discussion about the cast and other details of the show".
Credit: osen.co.kr + fanwonder.com