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"[Videos] SHINee,U-Kiss,Jay Park,SISTAR and ETC performed on KPop Super concert!" plus 24 more

"[Videos] SHINee,U-Kiss,Jay Park,SISTAR and ETC performed on KPop Super concert!" plus 24 more

[Videos] SHINee,U-Kiss,Jay Park,SISTAR and ETC performed on KPop Super concert!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 08:48 AM PST

Check out all the exciting performance on KPop Super concert!

[Videos] KARA performed Step and Mister on Open Concert!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 07:18 AM PST

Enjoy KARA's performance on Open Concert.

It has been a while since the girls performed Mister in Korea,it's great to see them performing this song Live again!

[Video] Wonder Girls released Be My Baby MV!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 07:11 AM PST

Check out the official MV of Wonder Girls' new song Be My Baby,like their new song?

[Audio] INFINITE unveiled audio preview for Japanese BTD!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 07:09 AM PST

Check out the preview of INFINITE's Japanese version of Before The Dawn,which version do you prefer?

[Video] Invincible Youth 2 unveiled new trailer!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 07:06 AM PST

Check out the preview of Invincible Youth 2's 2nd trailer!

[News] T.O.P to attend the 2011 Chung Ryong Movie Film Awards

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 06:49 AM PST

The leading roles from the 2010 Chung Ryong Movie Awards will be gathering together in the same place once again. The reason being is because they will all be attending the Hand-Printing Event that will be opening the 32nd Chung Ryong Movie Film Awards ceremony.

The actors set to attend this year's hand-printing are the following Jung Jaeyoung, Sooae, Yoo Haejin, Yoon Yeojung, Choi Seunghyun (Big Bang T.O.P), and Lee Minjung. Jung Jaeyoung and Sooae for the leading roles of the movies and , Yoo Haejin and Yoon Yeojung for the leading roles of the movies and , and Choi Seunghyun and Lee Minjung for the leading roles of the movies and have all been able to seize the Rookie awards through these films.

Irrelevant information omitted.

On the other hand, the 32nd Chung Ryong Movie Film Awards ceremony will be held at the Kyunghee University Peace Hall on November 25th.

Source: Oh My News

[News] Minho is recording a TV Program!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 06:01 AM PST

SHINee's Minho records a new TV Program called "안녕하세요 [Hello]" on November 6th.

Anticipate this new TV Program!

Source: wlstl0321

[me2day] Key's me2day update!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 05:29 AM PST

SHINee's Key updated his me2day on November 6th.

He shared the picture above and he wrote:

[Key] 느무느무 재밌었습니다 !! 또가고싶다!
[Key] It was really really a nice time!! want to go back again!
Source: shinee's me2day
translated by : shinta @ weareshining

[News] Top 5 male idols by Korea Gay's Population

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 06:28 AM PST

Note: only translated the comments about G-dragon,Jonghyun & Daesung

5. Jinwoon (2AM)

4. Junsu (JYJ)

3. G-dragon

"It's really hard to believe he's a man. His body is small..and even though people say he's a very independent person, but to me it's just his way of pretending to be cute (laughs). I want to hug him…I feel that he would be cute even when he's angry."

2. Daesung

"His waist is as small as G-dragon-shi's. I feel that I could wrap my body around him (laughs). I always see Daesung-goon being hugged on variety shows, and those people can wrap their bodies around him. Also, if we were to say that Taeyang-goon's smiling eyes has charisma, Daesung-goon's smiling eyes…how should we describe it? (laughs). He has really nice colored lips, and even his voice is mesmerizing though it's a bit hoarse, but he's still the vocalist. He looks like a fox…really like a fox…(laughs).

1. Jonghyun (SHINEE)

Jonghyun is really like a puppy. When his eyes shine brightly, he really gives off the impression of a puppy. Plus his bodyline is really good. It's difficult for men to attain that kind of body (laughs). I've seen him via a show before, he really is very sexy. He really is someone with alot of charms. He makes people feel like they really want to caress him. If he was a girl, he would probably have already made a few men cry!

Source: 海天月夜@weibo

Translation gd and daesung:

translation jonghyun :

[News] Kim Byungse Expresses His Affection for Jessica!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 05:02 AM PST

Middle-aged actor Kim Byungse garnered attention after expressing positive feelings for Girls' Generation's Jessica.
On the 6th, during a preview of next week's SBS 'Challenge 1000 Songs', Kim Byungse stated that he likes Jessica.
During the preview, Kim Byungse was shown with the subtitle 'appearance after casting him on 'Challenge! 1000 Songs' for 2 years'. Soon after, he confessed, "I just like Jessica," and it didn't seem she disliked it either, making viewers curious.
Netizens who viewed the preview commented, "I'm curious as to why Kim Byungse suddenly confessed to Jessica," and, "Jessica didn't look like she disliked it?"
This 'Girls' Generation Special' of 'Challenge 1000 Songs' will air on the 13th at 8:10 am (KST).
Also, the preview for this special episode with Girls' Generation can be viewed below.

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[nfo] T-ara 7th on Oricon Monthly Chart!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 04:32 AM PST

Girl group, T-ara is currently place 7th on Oricon Monthly Chart with Bo Peep Bo Peep Japanese Version.

Top 10:
1: AKB48 1,300,4822:NMB48 282,0743: Bump Of Chicken 198,4004: L'Arc-en-Ciel 105,0195:Kara: 93,5636:CNBlue 76,3627: T-ara 73,5568:YUI 69,9129: EXILE 60,76510: SUPERGiRLS 56,770

Meanwhile, T-ara is preparing for their 4th album.
Source: OriconCredits: xxxiang @ Diadem

[Photos] T-ara at Nongshim Love Sharing concert!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 04:03 AM PST

Gir group, T-ara attended Nongshim Love Sharing concert on November 6th and performed their hit retro song, Roly Poly.

See the pictures of the girls below.

In addition, Hwayoung's short hair is not a wig, it is real! She cut her hair for real!

Which do you prefer? Hwayoung with long hair or with short hair?

Source: t-arafan + Ka* +

[Photo/Twitter] Kevin and Kiseop are crying!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 03:31 AM PST

Kiseop shared the picture above on his Twitter and he said that he and Kevin are crying because today is their last stage for Someday.

In the picture, they are holding a paper and TT are written as if they are crying.

Source: Kiseop's Twitter

[Photos] Sistar19 at Club Phantom!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 03:04 AM PST

On November 5th, sub-unit of Sistar, Sistar19 was in the Club Phantom and they performed the song that makes them even popular, Ma Boy.

Take a look at their photos below.

Sistar19 is consist of Hyorin and Bora. Hyorin is the leader of both group and Bora is the rapper.

Source: world_sistar

[News] Boom Shows His Interest in Hyoyeon!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 02:32 AM PST

Entertainer Boom recently showed interest in Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon.
On the 5th, during SBS 'Star King', Boom complimented Hyoyeon, who was on as a guest, for being pretty.
During the show, guests were introduced, who wore makeup that made them look like they had cosmetic surgery. MC Lee Teuk asked Girls' Generation, "Do Girls' Generation members look different before and after applying makeup?"
To this, Sunny cleared her throat and answered, "Of course we do change. But these people really changed."
Lee Teuk then asked, "Which member looks prettiest without makeup?" Tiffany replied, "I always choose Sooyoung."
Then Boom commented, "I think Hyoyeon's pretty," to which she replied, "I have makeup on~." Boom caused laughter in the studio by saying, "Good job~."
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[News] Girls’ Generation Performs for Love Sharing Concert!

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 02:09 AM PST

Girls' Generation brought out lots of cheers for their performance on Nong Shim Love Sharing Concert.
Replacing this week's regular music show Inkigayo, SBS has broadcasted performances shown on Nong Shim Love Sharing Concert. This performance, the girls used neutral color-schemed outfits for "The Boys". A fair amount of close-ups were shown for each member, exposing each of the girls' individual charms when performing. Girls' Generation's fiery rap has also garnered a lot of attention as their words and expressions become more and more fierce with each performance.
Watch Girls' Generation's fiery performance below:

Sources: monmonsnowSeason4@youtube.comSports Seoul
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[NEWS] T.O.P and Park Yoochun - Idol Photo Shoot Showdown

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 01:32 AM PST

JYJ's Park Yoochun – Big Bang's TOP, Who Is The Victor In This Idol Photoshoot Showdown?

The appearance battle between JYJ member Park Yoochun and Big Bang member T.O.P has become a hot topic.

Recently, both men did photoshoots for magazines. Park Yoochun in "HIGH CUT" and T.O.P in "1st Look," with both men showing infinite charm.

This photo battle of the boyband members, involves not only the fans of each group, but have also become a popular debate among the netizens.

Netizens who saw the images said, "It cannot be compared. Both of them are very manly" "Showdown between boyband members? How interesting" and other responses.

Source: BaiduTVXQ + TVreport via Nate (111103)
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[News] Tohoshinki “TONE” Release Event Gathers 15,200 People Out Of 200,000 Applications

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 01:13 AM PDT

The Tohoshinki album "TONE" release event was held in Tokyo and Osaka on 1 & 3 November.

For this event, nearly 200,000 applications were received, and among them 15,200 people were gathered at the location. This event was approximately 1 hour long, and included the members' talk as well as song performances.

Yunho and Changmin talked about the secret story behind the album release, and also about the shoot for the recently released photobook "El Sol." With such a special talk, the fans' eyes sparkled involuntarily as they smiled. They could feel the members' thoughts that were not communicated in magazines and television programs, and this was probably very satisfying.

Furthermore, questions for Tohoshinki that were gathered from the public, and a corner with things that the fanclub wanted Tohoshinki to do were held at the event, and fans definitely caught a glimpse of a new honest side to the members.

For the live performance, 「B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)」, 「Duet」, 「I Don't Know」 were the numbers performed, that excited the crowd. Also, this time, the album version of 「Duet」 to be released in the single on 30 November was revealed for the first time, moving the participants to tears. At the end, they announced that there will be additional performances for their nationwide tour that starts in January 2012. Tohoshinki's tour will see 20 performances held at 9 locations, gathering an expected crowd of 250,000 people.

With "TONE" doing well and staying in the top 10 rankings for 5 consecutive weeks, Tohoshinki will soon be releasing their first winter single 「Winter ~Winter Rose / Duet – winter ver. -」on 30 November. Also, the ChakuUta® version will be released starting 16 November.

Source : []

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[News] JYJ Member Kim Junsu Reveals That He Will Take A Good Break Before Starting Activities Next Year

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 01:11 AM PDT

JYJ will be closing their European tour with their last concert, held at Berlin's Tempodrom on 6 November. Following that, Kim Junsu has decided that he plans to take a short holiday after the concert.

Kim Junsu appeared on YTN's "Newswide" in a telephone interview on 5 November, and talked about his plans after the concert. "I think I will take a short break after this concert tour."

He also said, "This may be a break, but I will also be preparing for next year in the meanwhile. I couldn't write many songs while on the European tour, so I will continue writing during the holidays, and the other members will be continuing with their individual activities as well." As for his own individual activities, Kim Junsu is currently preparing for the musical "Elisabeth" which will start in February next year.

When asked about how the JYJ members felt regarding their influence in Europe, Junsu laughed and said, " This is a good chance for us to get a feel of a new culture, and to take the next step. Sometimes, I feel that if we were only (active) in Asia, that may not be a good thing. This concert tour is a good chance for us to grow and improve our skills."

JYJ, who completed their solo concert in Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi on 29 October, will be holding their next concert in Berlin's Tempodrom on 6 November.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TVreport via Nate]

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[News] T-ara expected to visit Taiwan in mid December!

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 10:08 PM PDT

The girls are scheduled to promote for Tony Moly in Taiwan in Mid December but the date is not confirmed yet.

Source: Tony Moly Taiwan Facebook PageCredit: xxxiang @ Diadem

[NEWS] The BOSS overtakes Girls’ Generation with their Korean single 'Lady' (via @stardustboss )

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 10:03 PM PDT

The second single of The BOSS reached the 2nd place of the Korean sales in Japan, showing their real abilities.

Their second single "Lady" overtook Girls' Generation's sales online in the Korean charts in Japan, taking the second place.

The BOSS stopped their Korean activities for almost one year, recently concentrating on the Japanese promotions. Their 3rd Japanese single, "Love Parade", reached a good position on the Kon Weekly Chart, and did even better with their Korean single in Korea, proving that they are Hallyu stars not only in the name but also for their abilities.

Their Japanese staff proudly said "We are fascinated with the single's position on the chart, as it's their first album launched after their Japanese promotions, and now we have a lot of expectations for their future works. We believe that these good results come from the success of the Japanese promotions during this year".

The BOSS announced the single "Love Power" in Japan in April as their official debut. After that, they started the Love series, including "Love Bingo!" and "Love Parade", gaining popularity as "Creamy Kei Idols". Their Japanese debut took the 6th place on the Kon charts, and during the last month they had mini-performances in Sapporo, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka, which gathered a total of 30,000 fans.

In their second single album "Lady", The BOSS tries for the first time to use a ballad as their title song. They show us a perfect performance with a fantastic harmony during their comeback on SBS Inkigayo on October 30th, and were exalted with compliments by the netizens. Additionally, the "tiger like" voice of the member Hyunmin was a commented subject and received a lot of interest.



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[TRANS] K-Rush Vol. 02 Interview (Part 1), "We Only Talk OUr Secret Here"

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 09:59 PM PDT

Taehun & Minwoo: We're not only sweet candy!

Shopping mates to deepen the friendship with tteokbogi and oden

Minwoo: We, in the daily life, have a lot of things to go out together.

Taehun: That's right. I have a lot of things to play with Minwoo.

Minwoo: It feels like if I'm going to open my room when Taehun hyung is there, he'll say "let's go". We even go to massage just by the two of us, and we dine in too.

Taehun: We talk about how is the concept that we're going to have from now on while walking aimlessly, right?

Minwoo: When I was going to do my first rap, I practiced from Taehun hyung from the start.

Taehun: That time, I was poor at dancing so he kept teaching me to dance. I really want to thank him for always giving me lecture.

Minwoo: We have tteokbogi and oden while chatting to each other. We can't miss tteokbogi and oden in our talk (laugh).

Taehun: We are always split the cost approximately, right? (laugh)

Minwoo: But there are times when Taehun hyung treats me too!

Taehun: Just a little bit, because you're younger (laugh).

Minwoo: The other hyungs went to watch movie but we go out for shopping a lot. We bought either shoes or sunglasses.

Taehun: That's true. We also went for movie, but after that we had either shopping or sauna.

Minwoo: At night, we secretly went out while deepened our hat in order not to get caught.

Taehun: Minwoo's sense is good, so if we're going to shop together we're able to buy nice stuff.

Minwoo: When I'm choosing my own clothes, I will wonder "isn't this going to match with Taehun hyung?" (laugh)

Taehun: Everything that Minwoo gave for my birthday was the coolest, so I always wear those only. Especially sunglasses!

Minwoo: I also received clothes and shoes, even ring in my birthday. In my birthday everyone will always ask me "Minwoo~ isn't there something you want?". I really want to thank all who give me attention.

Taehun: The hyungs are always concerned about Minwoo, isn't it (laugh).

Minwoo: It looks like that I appear as a sweet boy to my hyungs, but actually I'm not….

Taehun: That's right! Minwoo is reliable and cool~ (laugh).

Love with sweet guy? Tough guy?
Minwoo: Taehun hyung is sweet guy right! If Taehun hyung has a girlfriend, he will devote himself to his girlfriend; I think he will be very gentle! Isn't his dream is to be bodyguard? That's why I think he will be a bodyguard only for her (laugh).
Taehun: Minwoo is maknae team in ZE:A but since he was born in Busan, I feel that he will show his strong and manly figure in front of girl! Because he's also reliable in front of me.

Can you tell us the detail of the 'not only sweet guy Minwoo'?
Taehun: First of all, he owns leadership! He takes care of thing behind the scenes. He is younger than me but he is a really manly and dependable handsome man (laugh). He is reliable younger brother. He is the best!

Is there any rule in your lodging house?
Taehun: When we came to our dorm in our very first time, we promised to manage our own things by ourselves. That's why, we didn't wear clothes as one pleased.
Minwoo: That's right. That's why not only that we always said "this is mine", when the other ask "lend me". But there were no one who said "don't", right? And then the most important thing is that everyone understands about it. But no matter what if we get friendly we will lend our things. Everyone is like that.

Kevin-Heechul-Hyungshik: "This is my actual feeling"

The true state of all men's life together

Kevin: In the pas, we used to sleep in the same room. Because even until this day we only have one toilet, when the remaining toilet paper was insufficient, we have to cut it to make use of it. (laugh)

Heechul: It's hard for 9 men to live together!

Hyungshik: But hey, in reality…. Is it okay to say it? We have two house right~!! It feels like our secondary residence!

Heechul: I think no one has known this yet! Some time ago, when we're in the middle of tv program recording, our boss visited our bedroom, and he said "this isn't a place where people live" looking at the dirty room. (bitter smile)

Kevin: It was good to look back then right! (laugh)

Hyungshik: With 9 people there, our underwear becomes a mess, right! We buy a lot of socks and it's okay for everyone to use them but we often lost our underwear (laugh).

Heechul: The laundry is drum-like style and attached with auto dry system that do everything by itself, so everyone only need to put in what can be put inside. (laugh)
Kevin: Technology~~

Heechul: We are the new generation!! (laugh) Hey, we haven't evolved too? Compared to me & Hyungshik back in our trainee days, the only difference is the dirt that has missing! This is the best! Because we looked like the high school students in rural area…..(laugh)

Hyungshik: Kevin hyung hasn't changed.

Kevin: Because I lived abroad for a long period, it's hard to get accustomed. Heechul befriends with anyone in a quick time.

Heechul: But isn't my first impression is cold? But by no means Hyungshik opened his heart…. (laugh)

Hyungshik: At the beginning it was really hard~ (laugh).

Heechul: I don't know for how many months it was, but both of us were motionless and only stared at each other in vigilance. (laugh)

Hyungshik: But it was only at the beginning. When we started to live together, I understood that he's not a cold person. After that, we cheered and get along well.

Kevin: Their hobbies and favorite things really match a lot huh? (laugh)

Heechul: We fight and compete to each other for food. (laugh) That's why, I absolutely have to hide my favorite food! (laugh)

Hyungshik: Kevin hyung likes to cook better than eat, right? He is really good at cooking!

Kevin: It's already my hobby~. I like to have duty in cooking.

Hyungshik: Steak, pasta, salad, kimchi fried rice, tteok soup. Whatever he cooks is tasty!

Heechul: If he has time he always read cuisine book, right?

Kevin: Because I'm happy when everyone said "it's delicious" while eating.

Confess your unspoken feeling in daily life? (From Kevin)
To Hyungshik: Hyungshik that is often sing in pairing with me! Mine and Hyungshik's singing voice's virtue are different, so I think we made nice harmony. From now on too, while bringing the desire to improve ourselves, let's sing good songs!
To Heechul: ZE:A's bad boy, Heechul! The fact that actually you're a nice person, I understand it in 10 minutes. You have part of yourself that is sweet and honest, loveable guy~. Recently you challenged yourself to make lyrics, from now on too with the cool rap I expect you to widen up in ZE:A's music!

Confess your unspoken feeling in daily life? (From Heechul)
To Kevin:
It'd be the best if you use your talent to your heart content and make solo album! To be honest I'm Kevin's hyung's number 1 fan (laugh). I'll wait for it!
To Hyungshik: I think that Hyungshik's bright and kind atmosphere is like a soothing agent for ZE:A. For him to be there, it makes everyone in his surrounding calmed down….. I feel gratitude for his existence!

Confess your unspoken feeling in daily life? (From Hyungshik)
To Kevin: Kevin hyung that is always care for us, his little brothers~! I'm always always thank you very much. You're good at singing and also dancing and it is happiness for me to be in the same group with a respected hyung. From now on too please take care of me!
To Heechul: I love bad boy Heechul hyung's peculiar laughing voice the most (laugh). It's not only his cool figure, from now on I will anticipate what kind of interesting act you will display!

Junyoung & Siwan: "You are my only angel"

Older brothers' line's happy lonely movie date!

Junyoung: Recently I went out together with Siwan.

Siwan: Movie movie!!

Junyoung: Yeah. Recently, about one week before isn't it? We went out to watch movie just by the two of us.

Siwan: It was a Korean movie. And it was……fun (laugh)?

Junyoung: ……..(laugh). It's a recent movie so even though I mention its title, Japanese people probably won't know about it right?

Siwan: What's important isn't the movie's detail! What's important is two men went out together (laugh).

Junyoung: We're always having activities with 9 people, so this kind of time is very valuable. More than the movie detail, about the two of us went out in holiday; I thought it's a good opportunity, isn't it?

Siwan: Yes, it's valuable! We're able to have talk between men, right?

Junyoung: It's been a while yeah~.

Siwan: Near the cinema, there's a very pretty park, so in our way home the two of us walked there while having "Ah~ Why do I have to come with guy~" kind of talk.

Siwan: and said "How lonely~ How lonely~" (laugh)

Siwan: Someday when we're able to have lovers, it would be nice to come there with our girlfriends~ You know, when we were talking about it, it felt really lonely (laugh).

Junyoung: We sleep in the same room so we usually talk a lot every day but, aahh~ going out is nice, right!

Siwan: I know right. Even if we're busy every day, let's find another time and go! We talk a lot before we go to sleep but, you know, Junyoung's garment before he goes to sleep is like an old man.

Junyoung: I don't have any weird habit, right? Heechul and Taehun have conversation while they're sleeping, aren't they? (laugh)

Your companion's charming part?
unyoung: Siwan is being called as "ZE:A's Brain", he's smart and the way he think is by firmly think about the theoretical. There was a time when we're going to choose the leader, the maknae members fought t and attempted to make us, the hyungs, startled, wasn't it? Even at that time, it's said that he's powerful and "have the professional awareness", he did a great job to be a man that has high awareness.

Siwan: In TV, the one that behave cool like a leader is Junyoung, but usually he gives affection like an uncle/ahjussi (laugh). Even his daily clothes is something that is convenience-oriented like sweatshirt. His character is manly, but he also has side where he laughs while saying something mischief, somehow he's a man with aegyo, right~!

Angel's feature of each other?
Siwan is surprisingly has one side of him that is stage-fright, isn't him? When we're about to perform for TV program in Japanese TV, Siwan had to talk in quite long scene, so he practiced it so many times in the backstage. That time, even if he did perfectly, when it's going to be on air, his head would be pure white (T/N: he means goes blank) (laugh). He wouldn't be able to say any single words! On the other hand he is always full with earnestness, that clumsy part of him is cute.
Siwan: Junyoung is willing to summarize everyone's story, worry about everyone, basically he's graceful angel-like leader! On the other side, his devil side is rather scary (laugh).
It's like a lie, but surprisingly Junyoung has mischievous side. When he's about to set up prank on anyone, at a glance his evil face will come out (laugh).

Kwanghee-Dongjun: Our chest is about to explode[/b

[b]Incomparable to dog-monkey relationship, Cat-mouse relationship!? Brothers sudden change of explosive talk

Kwanghee: It's the first time for to be paired with Dongjun~

Dongjun: Nope, seriously we don't have any concern to each other (laugh).

Kwanghee: Ahaha~ (laugh) That's our story….. hmm~… (laugh)

Dongjun: In our public performances for our pre-debut wing car, I really didn't have any memories with Kwanghee hyung!

Kwanghee: Honestly, I didn't remember anything either (laugh). I was always with Siwan but Dongjun's trainee period was also short. But compared to before, we're getting along well, right!

Dongjun: We don't get along well~ (laugh)!

Kwanghee: Aniya~ That's wrong~ That is not true (laugh)!

Dongjun: Because Kwanghee hyung is a person talks adorned words, huh (laugh).
Kwanghee: Aniya~ You're wrong~ Dongjunie~ (cry)

Dongjun: Look, he do that things!! Before this too, he did thing that resemble like this. It's when I ate tasty food (laugh).

Kwanghee: Dongjun on the other hand, he pretended to be perverse and it's interesting~ (laugh).

Dongjun: It always feels like this even in the dorm.

Kwanghee: We are like Tom and Jerry (laugh). Dongjun is Tom who likes to prank, and I am Jerry that suffers damages (laugh).

Dongjun: That is wrong, isn't it the opposite! Really Kwanghee hyung intimidates me a lot (laugh).

Kwanghee: I love to meddle~. But Dongjun's physical strength is good so I get beaten (laugh).

Dongjun: I am training for that (laugh).
Kwanghee: Seriously, recently I think Dongjun is the power of the group…. I thought about it when the two of us appeared in a tv program together, I argued in a spoiled way like a younger brother, and said joke, Dongjun was like older brother (laugh).

Dongjun: Kwanghee hyung only shows his lively image in TV, but practically he is weak because he is shy. He is a person that is greedy for affection!

Kwanghee: Ahaha~ (blushed). But we become partner right. This will be our story (laugh).

Dongjun: It seems that the fact that we don't have common features is now becomes our common feature, our precious interview~ (laugh).

Kwanghee: …..yeah, really we get along well recently so the story will increase too, right? Right!!

Each other's wonderful side that you recognize is?
Dongjun: Kwanghee hyung, he can make himself to stand out! There's time when I think "Isn't this person weird?" (laugh). And then he precisely brings in the atmosphere so he gets respected and I think…he become reliable (laugh).
Kwanghee: Dongjun's face is cool so his face is like painting! I envy him but I think it's his ability to be cool guy!

The things that you think "This is the only thing that is unbearable!"?
Kwanghee: Dongjun's exercise ability is No. 1!! He likes to run~. This year too he was able to get the first rank in Idol Star Athletic Championship 's 100 meter run. I ranked at the lowest. But I also want to show the image of exercising Kwanghee (laugh).
Dongjun: Kwanghee Hyung's talk is interesting. His technique is first rank!! I really think it's awesome….
Maybe he's better in it than exercise, right (laugh).

The thing that you want to apologize for but couldn't be said until now?
To be honest I was mad at Kwanghee hyung that always come out to meddle. I also have a bad part of myself, am I? I think about it even now. I am sorry to be really mad to you! But please stop to meddle insistently!
Kwanghee: I am sorry to make you angry because of my practical joke was too much. But your face when you were really mad was cute so unintentionally I came out to dabble~! I think I won't change from now on, but forgive me!

to be continued to part 2: ZE:A's Family Friendship Secret


[MISC] MTV EMA 2011 in Belfast Schedule + Live Streaming

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 09:56 PM PDT


Red Carpet:
8PM CET | 4AM (Korea/Japan) | 3AM (SIN/HK/PH/MAL)

Show Proper:
9PM CET | 5AM (Korea/Japan) | 4AM (SIN/HK/PH/MAL)

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Watch Online

1) On MTVEMA's FB Page, they announced that they will be streaming the RED CARPET live on Facebook. Link will posted when available.

2) They didn't explicitly say that they'll broadcast the full show but you can also check MTV Buzz Worthy's site here.

*We'll update the list when we find more links.

TV Broadcast

- On MTV Asia: Shedule Here
- On mtvU: November 7 at 8PM ET
- You can check your local MTV site if they're broadcasting the show live. Here's a list of MTV's sites.


[TRANS] Haru*Hana Vol.7 2AM Interview Part 3

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 09:54 PM PDT

Let's dive into seeing what 2AM's debut in Japan is like!!

2AM is the leading group in ballad songs who will have their debut in Japan this winter season. In November they will release their album Saint o'clock JAPAN SPECIAL EDITION, which was also their first full Korean album. Before debuting, they performed on stage in JYP Nation in Japan 2011.

Seulong: Japanese fans are waiting for me and in order to meet the fans, we have been thinking that we have to do something for the fans, at least through the JYP Nation concert.
Jo Kwon: Since the fans have been strong supporters, when we were performing on stage, we heard many loud cheers which encouraged us to do the best that we can.

Right now, there are still a lot of things missing for your Japan debut.

Jinwoon: The first thing is that we want to show the uniqueness that is 2AM through our music and we want you to see each of our characters by going on variety shows.
Jo Kwon: I want to meet Fukuyama Masaharu, the person who sang the song "Saiai," which I have covered. And I also want to meet Nishino Kana, Nakashima Mika, and Ueno Juri too.
Changmin: When I listened to Fukuyama Masaharu's radio show, when he praised us, I felt very honored so I would like the opportunity to meet him when we do our activities in Japan.

You seem to be very interested in the Japanese culture, especially when you talk about comics, you can't be stopped.

Seulong & Changmin: We like GANTZ, DEATHNOTE, Hajime no Ippo, ONE PIECE, and DRAGON BALL
Seulong: Because Japanese comics are mysterious and very fun.
Changmin: There are many story lines that you can never imagine, so it really surprises me.
Jo Kwon: Crayon Shin-chan is also very cute (laughs)

Currently you are learning Japanese

Jinwoon: Whenever we have free time, we will study or record words. There are also a lot we remember from anime. I think 2PM also does this as well. (laughs)
Changmin: Anything that has to do with the Japanese language, Jo Kwon will progress the fastest. The weakest is Jinwoon. Before that, he would just say "Funny Sushi"…this is Jinwoon's Japanese (laughs)

Their powerful vocals are a sure thing already. Their characters have also charismatically gotten them many CF sponsorships and appearances on variety shows. Especially their food commercials, where their facial expressions have been a favorite.

Jinwoon: Because we like to eat so there aren't any problems. If it's not enough, we just do another take (laughs)
Changmin: When we filmed the chicken CF, we really ate a lot. The staff was really surprised (laughs)
Seulong: The same with the ham CF. It was a real waste!! But to have us continue to eat it would have been hard. (laughs)

It has been 3 years since your debut in Korea, but your musical goals have not changed.

Changmin: In the past 3 years, the thing that has changed the most is the environment around us. We debuted with the song "This Song" and it really was like us in that we were "guys who didn't have anything" (laughs). This has not changed because we still feel like we want to sing better rather than sing a better song. We also want to perform better on stage.
Jinwoon: From now on, we will continue to work harder. Please continue to support us.

Source: Haru*Hana Magazine Vol.7
Scanned by Rikakotsu for 2IIAM
Translated by Pyngky @ 2IIAM (JP-Thai), whiterose @ W2D (Thai-Eng)

[News] Kahi's provocative eyes are innocent

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 09:52 PM PDT

Kahi's eye's really look like sexy.

On 5th november 5pm, Kahi updated to her Twitter With the text and pictures posted. "misskahi went to samantha thavasha launching party. there will be an after party soon." 

Proud of the moist eyes in the photo of Kahi & was attracted. Kahi Make-up of her milky pale skin that has captivated the attention of netizens.

The players enjoy it a "kahi is getting pretty", "Age seems upside down to eat," "Party It looks funny!", "Come play well", and reacted.

Photo: Kahi's official Twitter
Shared by + Article/Credit: TailedFox@as-afterparty