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"Girl Pop Rock Band ‘Nylon Pink’ reveals English cover of “Gee”" plus 19 more

"Girl Pop Rock Band ‘Nylon Pink’ reveals English cover of “Gee”" plus 19 more

Girl Pop Rock Band ‘Nylon Pink’ reveals English cover of “Gee”

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 08:51 AM PST

Nylon Pink is an edgy female pop-rock band formed in Hollywood, CA. Described as "Hello Kitty on Acid" Nylon Pink is pushing the boundaries of music, fashion and sexuality.

As popular K-pop group Girls’ Generation begins their press and media blitz takeover of the United States, the ladies of Nylon Pink decided to pay a little homage by performing an English cover of their mega-hit “Gee“. Nylon Pink plans to release additional Korean and English cover songs over the course of the next year. You can check out Nylon Pink’s own spin on “Gee” below.

About the Band: Nylon Pink is comprised of lead vocalist Kaila Yu, bassist Kit.E.Katt, lead guitarist Kiki Wongo, drummer Jamie Scoles, and keyboardist Yuki Ito. Nylon Pink formed around two years ago with core members Kaila Yu and Kit.E.Katt. The recent additions of Kiki, Yuki and Jamie make Nylon Pink the only all girl Asian-American pop/rock band in America today. The girls go beyond being great musicians– they want to create an experience and a lifestyle for their fans. Nylon Pink has also created a jewelry and clothing line which is inspired by their music, lyrics and lifestyle called Hello Drama Designs. Their designs recently been featured on Nicky Minaj, The Pussycat Dolls, Kat Von D, and Courtney Love among others.

Prior to Nylon Pink, Kaila was a seasoned solo artist and a Myspace notable. She was one of the top artists Myspace with over 9 million hits and 440K friends. She was picked by Rolling Stone Magazine in their annual HOT LIST as an artist to watch.

Katt is on the bass and is designer/ stylist for Hello Drama Jewelry whose past credits include designing for Victoria's Secret, Tonetto, La Blanca.& Volcom.

Kiki Wongo is on lead guitars, she's a killer guitarist with a heavy metal background who moonlights as a fashion model.

Jamie Scoles is the baby of the band, the drumming virtuoso, talented enough to be recently featured as top artist of the year by as a solo drum artist at The Henry Fonda Music Box, she is the solid backbone of the band.

Yuki Ito is the newest addition, her keyboard skills give Nylon Pink it's pop edge.

You can follow them on facebook and twitter along with their jewelry line at

Choi Siwon comes to the rescue of fans at the ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 08:25 AM PST

Choi Siwon of popular idol group Super Junior prevented what could have been a major accident.

The singer along with the rest of his Super Junior members stepped onto the red carpet for the first annual Gaon Chart K-POP Awards on February 22nd.

Hundreds of Korean fans as well as a large throng of fans from China, Japan, Hong Kong, and more arrived hours prior to the event to try and catch a glimpse of their favorite Hallyu stars.

Once Choi Siwon’s photo op with Super Junior came to an end, he approached the fans who were fervently cheering his name.

Seeing this, the fans began running closer towards him, causing the safety fence to start leaning over. At that moment, Choi Siwon threw himself at the fence faster than the security guards at the event to prevent the fence from collapsing under the fans.

It could have been a situation where a lot of the fans could’ve gotten hurt, and the fans who were touched by his manners began cheering ‘Super Junior’ to express their gratitude.

Also at the ‘Gaon Chart K-pop Awards’ were B2ST, Secret, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Day, IU, A-Pink, Huh Gak, Kim Bo Kyung, Davichi, B1A4, Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Sae Eun, Yoo Ria, and more.

Source & Image: DongA via Nate

U-KISS releases “Remember” for ‘Syndrome’ OST

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 08:00 AM PST

Idol group U-KISS has just released a new song for jTBC‘s medical drama, ‘Syndrome‘!

Remember” expresses the regret felt by a man who let his lover go. He didn’t appreciate her and fought with her over petty jealousy; now, however, he realizes what he’s lost and he can only hope that she would one day come back to him.

Check out this beautiful ballad below and remember to support the artist by purchasing the music!

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Big Bang describes “Blue” + “Blue” MV draws over 1.5 million YouTube views

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 07:12 AM PST

Yesterday, Big Bang kicked off their comeback by unleashing their music video for “Blue, their first single from their 5th mini-album, ‘Alive‘.

In just 24 hours, the MV drew over 1.5 million views on YouTube, and the numbers are still going strong. It’s very likely that the video will hit over 2 million before the day is through.

Additionally, Big Bang released ‘Part 2′ of their mini-series describing the song, “Blue”. The boys said that it was a “new style of song” for them and that listening to it would help “recall memories and feel sympathy.” They concluded with the observation that it was a great song to usher in the Spring.

Check out their interview below!

Winners from the 2012 ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 06:03 AM PST

On February 22nd, Gaon held their first ever ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards‘ at the Blue Square Hall in Seoul.

Gaon is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and the Billboard in the United States. The organization’s awards stand out by recognizing not just artists and idols, but stylists, choreographers, producers, composers, and other professionals in music industry as well.

This year, the show was hosted by Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and composer Joo Young Hoon, with appearances by B2STIU, Super Junior, and more.

Check out the list of winners from 2012′s Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards below!


Rookie Artists:

- Male: Huh Gak
- Female: Kim Bo Kyung

- Male: B1A4
- Female: A Pink


Newly Discovered/Rising Artist Awards:

- Noel
- Girl’s Day
- The Koxx


→ Singers of the Year Award:

- SECRET [January]
- IU [February]
- K.Will [March]
- Big Bang [April]
- 2NE1 [May]
- SECRET [June]
- T-ara [July]
- Leessang [August]
- Davichi [September]
- Lee Seung Gi [October]
- Wonder Girls [November]
- IU [December]


→ Album of The Year Awards:

- TVXQ, ‘Keep Your Head Down’ [1st Quarter]
- B2ST, ‘Fiction and Fact’ [2nd Quarter]
- Super Junior, ‘Mr. Simple’ [3rd Quarter]
- Girls’ Generation, ‘The Boys’ [4th Quarter]


→ Oricon Special Award:

- Girls’ Generation


→ Lyricist of the Year Award:

- Kim Eana (Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense”, IU’s “You and I”, and more)


Style Awards:

- Prepix [Choreography] (B2ST’s “Fiction”, Jay Park’s “Know Your Name”)
- Seo Soo Kyung [Stylist]


Technical Award:
- Ko Seung Wook


Producer of the Year Award:

- Kim Kwang Soo [Core Contents Media]


→ K-Pop Contribution Award:

- Lee Soo Man [SM Entertainment]


Foreign Music Award:

- Maroon 5


New Media Platform Award:

- YouTube
- Daum


Source + Image: Star News via Naver

‘Moon-Sun’ child actress Kim Yoo Jung for ‘Wanna Girls’

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 05:21 AM PST

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung delivered an interesting pictorial for women’s magazine, ‘Wanna Girls‘.

Kim Yoo Jung shot to superstardom thanks to her wonderful performance as ‘Yeon Woo’ on MBC‘s hit drama, ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘. For her shoot with ‘Wanna Girls’, she’s swapped her traditional hanbok for outfits ranging from girlishly chic to mature and elegant.

The outfits and looks reflect the photoshoot’s theme of “Girl, you will be a woman“, meaning that the pictorial would document the progression of her style from a young girl to a grown woman.

Check out a few of Kim Yoo Jung’s pictures below:

20120222_kimyoojung_3 20120222_kimyoojung 20120222_kimyoojung_1 20120222_kimyoojung_2 20120222_kimyoojung_4

Source + Image: Newsen

Etude House reveals still-cuts from Dara, Key, Jonghyun, and Taemin’s CFs

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 04:04 AM PST

Cosmetics brand Etude House will soon be unleashing the dramatic CFs for their upcoming ‘Kiss Note‘ campaign starring idol group SHINee and 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.

Ahead of the CF’s official release on March 1st, Etude’s marketing team has unveils still-cuts from Dara’s commercials with the SHINee boys. So far, they’ve released three albums, each dedicated to a single member.

Jonghyun transformed into a charismatic professor, whom Dara moons over in class. Key is the star basketball player on the college team, while Taemin plays a barista who can’t seem to resist Dara’s charms.

Take a peep at the large collection of still-cuts below, and stay tuned to allkpop for Minho and Onew‘s albums!

20120222_etude_dara_taemin_1 20120222_etude_dara_taemin 20120222_etude_shinee_taemin_1 20120222_etude_shinee_taemin 20120222_etude_taemin_dara 20120222_etude_dara 20120222_etude_dara_4 20120222_etude_dara_lol 20120222_etude_key_dara 20120222_shinee_key_etude 20120222_shinee_key_etude_1 20120222_etude_shinee_key 20120222_etude_shinee_key_3 20120222_etude_shinee_key_2 20120222_etude_shinee_key_1 20120222_etude_dara_7 20120222_etude_dara_6 20120222_etude_dara_5 20120222_shinee_jonghyun_etude 20120222_shinee_jonghyun_etude_3 20120222_shinee_jonghyun_etude_2 20120222_shinee_jonghyun_etude_1 20120222_etude_dara_9 20120222_etude_dara_8

Image: Etude House’s official Facebook

Red carpet photos from the ’2012 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 03:30 AM PST

On February 22nd, Gaon held their first ever ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards‘ at the Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

The awards honored not just singers and idols, but the individuals who helped make their success possible, such as songwriters, producers, stylists, choreographers, and more.

For this year’s show, fans got to see a bevy of stars walk down the red carpet such as B2ST, Wonder Girls, SECRET, Super Junior, B1A4, IU, and more.

Check out a few of the red carpet photos from the event below, and stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!

20120222_apink 20120222_b1a4 20120222_b2st_1 20120222_b2st 20120222_davichi 20120222_girlsday_1 20120222_girlsday 20120222_huhgak 20120222_iu_1 20120222_iu 20120222_kimbokyung 20120222_kimyoojung 20120222_noel 20120222_secret_1 20120222_secret 20120222_soneunseo_1 20120222_soneunseo 20120222_superjunior_1 20120222_superjunior 20120222_wondergirls

Image: Newsen, Sports Korea

INFINITE, IU & Verbal Jint are netizens’ choice for ’2012 KMA’!

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 02:40 AM PST

Although the ‘2012 KMA (Korean Music Awards) will be happening one week from today, the results for the Netizens’ Choice awards were released ahead of time.

The awards ceremony will be held on February 29th, recognizing various artists in a variety of categories, a few of which will be determined by netizens’ votes.

Netizens were able to vote for their favorite female and male artist, as well as their favorite group from January 18th through February 17th.

Verbal Jint clinched the #1 spot as the netizens’ choice of male artist with 1,193 votes out of the 5,228 votes cast. Meanwhile, IU was chosen as the top female artist with 2,986 votes out of the 4,527!

As for the netizens’ favorite group, a fierce battle royale between many of the industry’s top stars fought for the title, but in the end, ‘trend idols’ INFINITE came out on top with 9,311 votes out of the 24,424 cast!

For the full list of artists nominated, check out KMA’s page.

Stay tuned for the ceremony on February 29th, and find out who else will be crowned winners!

Source + Photo: KMA homepage, Newsen

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T-ara reveals PV teaser for Japanese version of “Lies”

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 01:58 AM PST

Via tokyohive:

Girl group T-ara has just unveiled a PV teaser for their new song, “Lies“.

“Lies” was originally in 2009 as part of T-ara’s ‘Absolute First Album‘. It’s been remastered and remade for a Japanese audience, and it looks like the song will be accompanied by a new music video.

In the video, the girls belt out a wonderful harmony while giving melancholy looks to the camera. “Lies” will be included as a B-side for ‘Limited Edition A’ of their ‘Roly-Poly‘ Japanese single, which will be released on February 29th.

Check out their teaser below!

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John Park reveals the inspiration for his album ‘Knock’ was loneliness

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 01:32 AM PST

John Park has confessed that he felt left behind after his fellow contestants from ‘Superstar K2‘ began to promote new music. The singer and finalist of ‘Superstar K2′ just came out with a new album entitled ‘Knock‘, a release long overdue since many expected him be one of the first to debut.

John Park explained, “After the audition program, it took a long time for me to adjust. The entertainment industry was harder to get used to than Korea itself. Despite being able to start something I’ve always wanted to do, I wasn’t satisfied or happy, so it was hard. It all happened so fast.”

John expressed that he felt lonely during his preparation period, especially since his roots are in the States.

“During that time, I received psychological shock; it hurt me that I couldn’t just talk about how I felt to anyone. I thought no one would be able to understand. After staying in America and coming to Korea after 9 years, I couldn’t find someone to talk to. I stayed at home and wrote my songs then. There were times I stayed home for weeks without talking to anyone. I used to be introverted, but it wasn’t as bad as that. I think my personality’s changed a bit.”

While John was going through rough times, his fellow contestants like Huh Gak, Jang Jae In, and Kang Seung Yoon were appearing on television.

“I did feel anxious. But after a while, that kind of desire went away. I wanted to just be forgotten. I was swept away by the popularity during the audition process… I didn’t want to do anything sudden,” he said.

“I think the choice to sign with Music Farm after meeting with senior Kim Dong Ryul was the smartest decision I’ve made. I was also happy that my peers [from Superstar K2] were doing well. It gave me strength that I could do well too.”

“Kim Dong Ryul produced my music. He gave me a sense of responsibility, always asking for my opinion on the smallest matters; we always made the decisions together. Of course, I also learned a lot. I think that my ability to express feelings in Korean has improved, which was something I always had a problem with.”

John Park’s recent single “Falling” was composed by Andy Platts, while John himself wrote the lyrics.

“First and foremost, I wanted the audience and my seniors to get the impression that I was very serious about music. I tried my hardest to receive acknowledgment so I could achieve that.” He laughed, “It’s true that I first received interest because of my looks. I think it’ll become a plus in the future if I make my music faithfully.”

As for the feelings of loneliness he combatted during his preparation period, John Park assures that he’s doing better now. “My parents are in Korea because of me. I can now see them once a week. At one point, I hated myself, and I was lonely even when I was with people, but I’m trying to change that now. It got a lot better after making music. I think I should love myself a little more now.”

20120221_johnpark_loneliness1 20120221_johnpark_loneliness2 20120221_johnpark_loneliness3

Source + Photo: Osen

KARA’s Gyuri assures fans she’s OK after vocal cord surgery

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 01:02 AM PST

Fans have been worrying about KARA‘s Gyuri after they heard she’d be undergoing surgery to remove the nodule and polyps found in her vocal cords. It seems they can breathe a sigh of relief, as Gyuri left an encouraging message on Twitter to assure fans that she was alright.

On February 22nd, the singer tweeted, “My people, the surgery ended well. Due to the the anesthesia, I was asleep all day yesterday, so I wasn’t able to leave a message. I’ll try to recover quickly so that you’ll be able to hear my good voice. Thank you for worrying about me.”

Although Gyuri had known about the nodules and polyps way beforehand, she held off on her surgery in order to participate fully in the musical, ’200 Pounds Beauty’, as well as perform in the first few shows of the ‘KARASIA’ concert series.

Fans commented, “It’s such a relief that it went well,” “Hope you recover quickly.”

In related news, KARA will be leaving for Japan in April to continue with their ‘KARASIA’ Asia tour.

Source: Gyuri’s Twitter

4minute’s Gayoon delivers a sophisticated pictorial for ‘High Cut’

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 12:32 AM PST

4minute‘s Gayoon is looking fierce for her pictorial with High Cut magazine!

Several shots from her pictorial were recently unveiled online, and Gayoon galvanized fans with her powerful charm. Though she was decked out in colorful pieces befitting of the upcoming Spring season, Gayoon looked anything but sweet and soft.

With her hair styled in thick waves and her eyes dabbed with a smouldering smoky design, Gayoon exuded a magnetism that proclaimed sophistication and maturity.

Gayoon’s full pictorial can be found in the latest issue of High Cut magazine. In the meantime, take a sneak peak into her pictorial through this behind-the-scenes video from her photoshoot!

Source + Image: Newsen
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Park Jung Hwan loses his lawsuit against DJ DOC members

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 12:07 AM PST

The verdict on Park Jung Hwan‘s lawsuit against DJ DOC‘s Lee Ha Neul and Kim Chang Ryul has finally been reached.

Many of you may remember the drama that unfolded back in November of last year, after Lee Ha Neul and Kim Chang Ryul said that Park Jung Hwan (a former DJ DOC member) was “rhythmically challenged” on ‘Happy Together 3′. Upset and hurt by their comments, and feeling a lack of sincerity in Lee Ha Neul’s apologies afterwards, Park Jung Hwan had sued the two for defamation of character, adding another lawsuit against Lee Ha Neul later on.

On February 22nd, the court ruled, “After taking into account Lee Ha Neul and Kim Chang Ryul’s words in the context and nature of the television program, it is hard to see them as words that defamed character, nor can we recognize an intent to defame [Park Jung Hwan].”

Even though the court ruled in favor of Lee Ha Neul, it is not yet clear whether Lee Ha Neul will be making a comeback to the entertainment industry. Lee Ha Neul had withdrawn from the industry in order to demonstrate how truly sorry he was to Park Jung Hwan.

His agency stated, “Nothing has been planned as of now. He will not be appearing on broadcasts for some time, but if there is a good opportunity, we will sincerely consider it.”

Park Jung Hwan could not be reached for comments, so his representatives said the following on his behalf: “We couldn’t contact Park Jung Hwan, so we haven’t heard Park Jung Hwan’s personal opinion on the matter. We think we will be able to get in touch with him later on in the afternoon… After talking it over with his lawyers, we will figure out how to proceed. We don’t think we will be able to accept this ruling.”

Source: Osen, Newsen via Nate, TVdaily


Man responsible for spreading fake nude photos of Girls’ Generation caught

Posted: 21 Feb 2012 11:30 PM PST

Last week, it was reported that SM Entertainment had requested an investigation into the spread of the photoshopped nude pictures of Girls’ Generation. The agency had stated at the time that they would be taking legal action against those behind the creation and the distribution of the composite photos. It seems that the police has now caught one of the perpetrators.

The person behind the wide-spread distribution of these photos has been identified as a man in his 50′s; he’s been booked without detention.

Although the age of the man may be surprising in itself, what’s gotten the public’s attention is the man’s job.

The individual, called ‘A’ by the Korean media, is reported to be a 53 year old government employee in Yeonsugu, Incheon.

‘A’ is being charged with uploading the composite photos (made with Girls’ Generation dressed in hanbok and pictures of nude females) in December of 2011 during his work hours on an internet cafe site.

‘A’ admitted that although he had uploaded the photos, he had not created the photos. The police stated, “He stated that the photos were not created by him, and all he did was upload them on the [internet] cafe site.”

Source: Money Today


Jung Jun Ha and Haha praise Big Bang’s “Blue”

Posted: 21 Feb 2012 11:03 PM PST

Everyone is feeling the blaze of Big Bang’s new track, “Blue”, and entertainers Jung Jun Ha and Haha have just expressed praises of their own.

On February 22nd, Big Bang released their single and music video for “Blue” ahead of their official album release on February 29th.

After hearing the track, Jung Jun Ha tweeted, ”Big Bang’s new track “Blue” is echoing in my heart at this wee hour of the morning. I’m anxious for the next track.”

Haha also tweeted about his impending rivaly with the group, while praising their latest song. “I must get some sleep today… must!! I think I’m quite intriguing, myself, these days.. I must be a machine, really! I’m going to sleep! Ah! Big Bang’s song is jjang! It’s elegant..’Blue’.. Big Bang’s official release is 29th, right? Taw & Haha’s song’s early release is on the 28th.. I guess we’ll be going head to head.. haha. Big Bang, you’re awesome! Rather than idols, you guys have the feel of national singers.”

The track released ahead of Big Bang’s mini-album carries the theme of the color ‘blue’, symbolizing the painful feelings of letting a lover go. “Blue” has garnered the attention of listeners as the track showcased their matured color and voices.

Netizens commented, “Even Jung Jun Ha has fallen into ‘Blue’”, “Head to head competition, fighting!! Although I haven’t heard either song yet, on the level of visuals, I’m for Haha oppa! …Ah wait, Big Bang has T.O.P… sorry Haha oppa!”

(If you haven’t taken a listen to Big Bang’s new track yet, check it out here.)

Source: Jung Jun Ha’s Twitter, Haha’s Twitter

BoA looking elegant for Spring with ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

Posted: 21 Feb 2012 10:44 PM PST

Singer BoA has unveiled a fresh pictorial perfect for the Spring through Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

For her shoot, BoA was dressed in Thyeskin’s Theory‘s 2012 Spring/Summer collection. The key look was to emphasize a neat ensemble that showcased sophisticated style, but still retained a girlish sensibility. The loose fit of BoA’s outfits exuded a fresh charisma counterbalanced by her strong smoky eyes and bronzed skin.

The full pictorial will be available through Harper’s Bazaar’s March issue. In the meantime, check out a few still-cuts below:

20120220_boa_1 20120220_boa_2 20120220_boa 20120220_boa_3

Source + Image: Newsen

MC Sniper holds an album preview meeting with his fans

Posted: 21 Feb 2012 10:24 PM PST

Veteran rapper MC Sniper held an album preview event with his fans.

On February 18th, MC Sniper invited 50 fans to a cafe in Seoul to hold an listening event ahead of the album’s release.

MC Sniper revealed five of his upcoming tracks and a music video, before discussing opinions and feedback with his fans. The reason was to decide the title track based on his fans’ preference.

MC Sniper’s agency stated, “All of the fans enjoyed their time at the album preview meeting and took the event very seriously. There was a huge amount of applicants to attend the event when the news was first sent out”.

The representative continued, “The album’s title track will be selected with the fans’ feedback in mind”.

In related news, MC Sniper will return with a new album on April 2nd.

Source: Osen

Photo of IU fixing a necktie for a man arouses envy

Posted: 21 Feb 2012 10:04 PM PST

A photo of singer IU has become a hot topic amongst her uncle fans.

On February 21st, producer Jo Young Chul of IU’s agency tweeted, “Ji Eun [IU's real name] directly fixing a necktie for a dancer in the filming site. What is the filming site for?

Fans were more interested in IU’s sweet gesture than the filming site, however, especially since the lucky man got to experience a moment of affection from the star.

Netizens commented, “Even though I don’t know that man, I’m jealous“, “Did he save a nation in his past life?“, and “Isn’t this the filming of ‘Good Day’?

It seems that the photo was indeed from the filming site of the Japanese version for “Good Day“. IU will release her debut Japanese single on March 21st.

Source: Newsen via Nate

EXO releases teaser #19 with Lay, Baekhyun, & Chen

Posted: 21 Feb 2012 09:42 PM PST

EXO is back with their 19th video teaser, this time featuring members LayBaekhyun, and Chen.

In this video, the boys invite you to their studio loft, where they branch off into their respective activities. It all comes to a stop when one of the members spots an eclipse in the sky…

Check out their teaser below: