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"Girls’ Generation Jessica’s graffiti mural in Australia ruined" plus 19 more

"Girls’ Generation Jessica’s graffiti mural in Australia ruined" plus 19 more

Girls’ Generation Jessica’s graffiti mural in Australia ruined

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 08:13 AM PST

A few weeks ago we reported that Girls' Generation member Jessica was tagged on a famous alley in Melbourne, Australia. Many fans personally visited the beautiful portrait of Jessica but unfortunately it has been ruined.

A fan recently visited the graffiti mural, only to find that the top half of the portrait was sprayed and tagged over.

Quite a shame, did any of our readers in Australia see the graffiti before it was ruined?

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Which celebrities do netizens want to give chocolates to the most?

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 07:07 AM PST

As we approach Valentine’s Day, online surveys revolving around the holiday are quickly becoming a hot topic in Korea. The latest Valentine’s Day survey asked young adults, ”Which celebrity do you want to give chocolates to the most on Valentine’s Day?

The poll drew responses from 1,300 users in their 20-30′s; it was divided into two separate quizzes for the single men and women.  34% of the women voters picked Kim Soo Hyun as the #1 celebrity they’d like to give chocolates to, while 44% of the men picked out Lee Min Jung.

Other male recipients include Song Joong Ki and Won Bin who grabbed 20% and 17% respectively.  In the women’s section, IU and Suzy received 25% and 12% respectively.

Which celebrity do you want to give chocolates to the most?  Share your picks below!

Source + Photos: mydaily via Nate

CNN says, “South Korea’s K-Pop takes off in the West”

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 06:28 AM PST

With Girls’ Generation‘s recent visit to two major talk shows in the States, westerners are finally starting to take more notice of the Hallyu Wave.

After watching performances of “The Boyson the ‘Late Show with David Letterman and Live! with Kelly, a handful of Hollywood celebrities have praised the nine beauties on TV and through social networking sites, such as actor Daniel Radcliffe and singer-songwriter Simon Curtis.

K-Pop music videos have also been sweeping views on the Internet, and they’ve made frequent appearances on the homepage of globally recognized video sharing site, YouTube. This craze for K-pop has transformed the Hallyu Wave into a recognizable force that’s even grabbed the attention of major cable news outlets in the States like CNN.

On February 11th, CNN released an article about the explosion of the Hallyu Wave on their Business segment. The international news provider mentions several things including Korea’s export expansion; how Korean films, soap operas, and K-Pop music have taken over Asia; and the rigorous training process of K-Pop idols.

You can check out the article in its entirety here.

Source + Photos: CNN

SHINee’s Taemin surprises with an unexpected dance routine on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 05:50 AM PST

SHINee‘s Taemin has put on yet another impressive performance on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘!

On the February 11th broadcast of ‘Immortal Song 2′, the honorary legend of the day was singer Cho Young Nam, who’s just celebrated his 45 years in the business.

Lim Tae Kyung sang “Now“, Lee Jung sang “My Hometown Chungcheong Province“, Brown Eyed Soul‘s Sung Hoon sang “Delilah“, Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung sang “Rolling Down the River“, ALi sang “Hwageh Marketplace“, 4men‘s Shin Yong Jae sang “I Can’t Live Without Love” and SHINee’s Taemin sang “Goodbye City“.

Although Taemin focused solely on his vocal performance last week, he’s decided to show off his dancing skills for this week’s episode. Taemin sang the song as a ballad at first, before quickly transitioning into a dance break, shocking both the audience and his fellow singers.

Meanwhile, a new rule was put into play for this episode. The 500 audience members will now place a vote right after each performance. Therefore, rather than voting for one of two singers after both performances, the total number of votes would follow each singer until the end and the two singers’ number of votes would determine the winner of each round.

If two singers receive the same number of votes, they are able to win as a tie. This new change will now make the competition fairer for the singers who sing at the beginning and end of the show.

Check out Taemin’s performance below.

Source: TV Report via Naver

Video: Youtube

B.A.P opens up about their mission and what sets them apart

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 05:16 AM PST

“We have come to conquer Earth!”

It’s a strange phrase to be sure, as it’s mostly heard in sci-fi movies from evil villains or aliens from outer space. But being extraordinary is something that rookie group B.A.P (‘Best Absolute Perfect’) is determined to become, and so the phrase has turned into their personal mission statement.

The six member group — comprised of leader Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Himchan, Youngjae, Jongup, and Daehyun – sat down with Star News recently to discuss their dreams and goals.

The interview began with the reporter’s observation that the rookie group’s start has been as bold as their ambition. So far, B.A.P managed to draw 3,000 fans to their debut showcase and ranked in the top 10 on Billboard‘s ‘World Album Chart’ — all indicating that their debut has not been like that of a typical idol group.

Leader Bang Yong Guk stated, “Our six members’ unified dream is ‘world domination’. We really want to become a world group. Although it’s a goal that’s far into the future, the dreams we currently hold are to stand on MTV’s World Stage in Malaysia as the representatives of Korea. Since our debut album is now out, we want to show everything that we’ve been preparing.”

Their debut album, Warrior, contains the title track of the same name, in addition to ‘Burn It Up’, ‘Unbreakable’, and ‘Secret Love’ (featuring SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun). The representative track of the album, “Warrior”, contains lyrics critical of society, a move that steps away from the ‘love song trend’ found in other male idol groups.

Himchan explained the process of how their album came to life. “When we work, we consult each other. While figuring out our first musical direction, we told ourselves to not do the same music as everyone else. That’s why we wondered how it would be if we incorporated a weighty topic like one that criticizes society; that is how ‘Warrior’ was born. I want to keep singing songs that have morals to them.”

Bang Yong Guk added, “All six of us all hate following what others do. Rather than following someone else, we want to be a team that is followed by others. We practiced day and night before our debut to be noticed as such a group.”

Were the ‘six aliens’ able to meet their target goals? If the number of fans is any indication, they’ve already attracted over 18,000 registered members onto their official fan cafe. Their album has also sold 10,000 copies within two days.

B.A.P’s performances have shown a charisma rarely seen from other idol groups, leading many to question if this group called B.A.P is truly a rookie. From their powerful choreography to their intense gazes, the boys sing and rap their way through a climactic performance.

Their powerful energy has even caused the stage to give way. During their pre-recording for SBS ‘Inkigayo’, the stage was unable to withstand Bang Yong Guk’s “step performance” and gave way beneath his feet.

Jongup stated, “Whenever we stand on stage, something always breaks. In a recent recording, two mic packs were damaged, and we even cut open our hands. We never realize that our bodies have been hurt until the performance ends. When we’re up on stage performing, we’re so focused that we aren’t able to feel that we’ve been hurt.”

The members revealed, “When we stand on stage, rather than being nervous, we shiver with excitement.”

Although the group has already proven themselves as quite capable of accomplishing their mission, they still hold onto a humble mindset.

Himchan acknowledged that they still have ways to go. “Since all six of us are blondes, even fans get confused about our names. So we should probably get our names out there first before we’re able to conquer Earth. (laughs) We want to become a team that leads the trends in areas like fashion, music, and dance. For 2012 in particular, we hope everyone will become blondes and use B.A.P’s choreography to diet.”

Bang Yong Guk described the versatility of their musical style with, “We are currently a white canvas that any picture can be drawn on.” He continued, “All the members love African-American music filled with soul. If I can be born again, I’d like to be born as an African-American and do music.”

Source + Photo: Star News

f(x)’s Sulli takes Heechul to the nail salon

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 04:40 AM PST

f(x)‘s Sulli has done the near impossible by managing to get an older brother figure to not only come with her to the nail salon, but get his nails done as well.

On February 11th, the idol revealed that she “took Heechul oppa to get [our] nails done“. Of course, the post required a proof shot, and so the two idols posed with their new nail art for the camera.

Sulli opted for a bright crimson in solids and polka dots, while her ‘older brother’ Heechul decided to go with a moustache on a single nail. The SMTOWN siblings often draw envious comments for their close relationship, as they try to hang out whenever they can despite the difference in age and their busy schedules.

Fans commented, “I can’t believe Heechul got his nails done there too! What a good older brother”, “You guys act like a real brother and sister!“, and “I can’t even convince my oppa to come shopping with me… Sulli unni, you’re so lucky.

Heechul is currently serving in the military as a public service personnel, while Sulli has been taking some downtime after last year’s hectic promotions.

Source + Image: Sulli’s me2day

Kim Hyun Joong’s debut Japanese album achieves ‘Gold’ status

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 03:47 AM PST

Kim Hyun Joong is proving to be quite a force to be reckoned with in Japan, as his album has reached ‘Gold’ status in just two weeks!

According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)’s ‘Million Singles/Albums’ list, Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Kiss Kiss/ Lucky Guy’ has achieved ‘Gold’ after being released on January 25th.

The RIAJ reviews the sales of various albums and awards different rankings depending on the amount of album sales. ‘Gold’ status is awarded to those who have sold over 100,000 copies, which Kim Hyun Joong was able to surpass easily as he sold 71,812 copies on the first day alone and 100,000 copies in the first week.

With such high figures, he easily clinched the #2 spot on the Oricon chart, and also set a new record for an overseas artist for the amount of first day sales. Talk about impressive!

In related news, Kim Hyun Joong held a concert commemorating his debut on February 5th and met with 20,000 fans. He expressed, “Thank you for giving me, a rookie, such a great outcome.”

Source + Photo: Star News

KARA achieves ‘Triple Platinum’ status with ‘Super Girl’

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 03:13 AM PST

KARA has added another feat to add to their impressive list of achievements in Japan.

According to the Record Industry Association of Japan’s ‘Million Singles/Albums’ list for the month of January, KARA’s second official album, ‘Super Girl’ (released on November 23rd) has reached ‘Triple Platinum’ status!

The prestigious status is only awarded to albums that have sold over 750,000 copies, while ‘Platinum’ goes to those that sold at least 250,000, and 500,000 for ‘Double Platinum’.

‘Super Girl’ contains KARA’s hits like “Jet Coaster Love”, “Go Go Summer”, and “Winter Magic”, in addition to Japanese versions of songs from their third official Korean album and other hit songs.

In related news, KARA is currently in the midst of preparations for their Asia tour, ‘KARASIA’. The girls will be kicking off with their first concert on February 18th and 19th at Seoul Olympic Park.

Source: Star News

Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo to star in ‘The Miracle’

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 02:15 AM PST

Actors Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo will be starring in a new movie called ‘The Miracle‘.

‘The Miracle’ has been receiving widespread attention, as it boasts a unique fantasy thriller scenario.

Kim Kang Woo will be starring as Yang Chun Dong, a criminal investigator who also sells water purifiers. Being a passionate detective, Yang Chun Dong is especially interested in cases involving missing children and believes it has something to do with kidnapping and murder.

On the other hand, Kim Bum plays the role of a young graffiti artist who Yang Chun Dong suspects of being the criminal. Kim Bum’s character has painted various art works from his toddler to adult years, all portraying different concepts and ideas.

‘Miracle’ was directed by Kwon Ho Young, who’s famous for his 2009 film, ‘Parallel Life‘.  ’Miracle’ will be released some time in March this year.

Source + Photos: Osen

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Donghae to release “Oppa, Oppa” in Japan

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 01:26 AM PST

After sweeping hearts in Korea with their funky single, ‘Oppa Has Arrived‘, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Donghae will aim to do the same thing in Japan come April.

According to Super Junior’s official Japanese site, ‘Oppa Has Arrived’ will be released on April 4th in Japan under the title, ‘Oppa, Oppa‘.

The unit performed this song for the first time during their world tour, ‘Super Show 4′, back in November of last year, and even promoted the track through music programs briefly.

With its retro-disco vibe and entertaining lyrics, the song is bound to get fans in Japan to scream “Oppa Oppa” as well.

In related news, Super Junior will be holding their concert at the Tokyo Dome in May.

Source: Star News
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Jewelry’s Yewon almost became a member of Dal Shabet?

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 12:49 AM PST

Jewelry‘s Yewon has revealed her connection to Dal Shabet during a recent shoot for Y-Star‘s ‘God of Food Road’.

On this week’s episode, Dal Shabet’s Subin, Ga Eun, and Jiyul made an appearance as this week’s guests.

Yewon, who is MC-ing for the program alongside Jung Jun Ha and Hyun Young, revealed, “Before my debut with Jewelry, I went to go to see Dal Shabet, as I was friends with a staff member from their agency.” “At the time, I could have become a member of Dal Shabet,” she said – surprising the three Dal Shabet members. However, once getting over their initial  shock, the members were quick to show their affection for Yewon as they responded, “It could have been great if you had joined us.”

Jiyul brought about laughter by lamenting,  “If Yewon unni had joined, then I wouldn’t be the shortest member of the group.”

What do you think? Could you imagine Yewon singing “Hit U” along with the other members of Dal Shabet?

Source + Photo: Osen

Performances from February 11th’s episode of ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 12:18 AM PST

MBC's 'Music Core' is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

Today’s special MCs were TEEN TOP‘s Chunji, Niel, and L.Joe!

Aside from the usual performances on tonight's episode, rookie soloist Ailee continues promotions with Heaven with her third debut stage today. Girl group SPICA also makes their debut with Russian Roulette.

Furthermore, Sweet Sorrow makes a comeback with VIVA!, Davichi takes the stage with their newest release titled I’ll Think Of You, and Buga Kingz with “Don’t Go“.

Both Boyfriend and Rainbow Pixie bid farewell today by performing their goodbye stages with “I’ll Be There” and “Hoi Hoi“, respectively.

Check out the adorable MC cuts below!



Performances from today's show includes MBLAQ, T-ara, TEEN TOP, Boyfriend, Rainbow Pixie, F.T. Island, B.A.P, Block B, Dal Shabet, Nine Muses, CHAOS, Fat Cat, Chocolat, Wink, and X-5!

Check them out below, and be sure to check out the debut/comeback stages for today by clicking the artist/song name above!


< Block B >


< X-5 >


< Chocolat >


< Wink >




< Fat Cat >


< Nine Muses >


< B.A.P >


< Buga Kingz >


< Rainbow Pixie > ***Goodbye Stage***


< Dal Shabet >


< Boyfriend > ***Goodbye Stage***


< F.T. Island >




< T-ara >




Davichi says “I’ll Think Of You” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 12:13 AM PST

Power vocalist female duo Davichi has recently made their way back into the music scene once more with a beautiful new track titled "I'll Think Of You".

Back on February 6th, the girls unveiled the sweet and simple music video, which partially showed the girls working closely together on the recording of the track itself.

On today's episode of MBC 'Music Core', Davichi returned to the stage to perform their new single.

Check it out below!


SPICA makes their debut with “Russian Roulette” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 11:37 PM PST

Girl group SPICA have finally launched their debut by releasing their latest single titled "Russian Roulette"!

SPICA quickly became one of this year's most highly-anticipated rookies, as they decided not to adopt the usual girl group formula of aegyo combined with electronic pop music. Instead, the girls have delivered a powerful song that truly lets their vocal colors shine, along with a video that's provocative yet fresh.

With that said, the ladies of SPICA continued to put on a wonderful debut performance for today's episode of 'Music Core'.

Check it out below!


Sweet Sorrow rocks the stage with “VIVA!” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 11:33 PM PST

The four boys of talented vocalist group Sweet Sorrow return to the stage on MBC's 'Music Core' to perform their new title track titled "VIVA!".

The jazz-based track acts as a refreshing change from the norm that viewers are used to seeing, especially on the popular weekly music programs.

Check it out below!


Ailee makes an angelic debut with “Heaven” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 11:32 PM PST

Rookie singer and former YouTube sensation Ailee has finally made her way into the Korean music scene with the release of her first digital single titled "Heaven"!

Composed by the one and only Wheesung, the song allows for Ailee's stunning vocals to shine through which instantly made the track a big hit.

On today's episode of 'Music Core', Ailee takes the stage for the third time to perform "Heaven".

Check it out, the beautiful Ailee!


Yoo Ri Ah on her dating rumors with Lee Jun Ki, “I’ve only had one or two meals with him”

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 11:22 PM PST

Moments ago, news about Lee Jun Ki and Yoo Ri Ah‘s relationship took the web by storm, keeping media outlets busy as they scrambled to dig up the latest.

Up ’til now, we’ve only heard from Lee Jun Ki’s side, as they asserted that two stars were not dating. Following up, Yoo Ri Ah’s representatives have finally come forward to release their official statement.

On the afternoon of February 11th, a representative of the actress had a phone interview with OSEN.  They shared, “After confirming with Yoo Ri Ah herself, she said the story was not true. She goes to the same beauty salon as Lee Jun Ki, which is how she met him. However, she’s only had one or two meals with him. It’s not a serious relationship.”

Earlier today, Lee Jun Ki’s agency also gave a similar explanation.  ”The two only have a sunbae-hoobae relationship. They are not lovers.”

For those who didn’t know, Yoo Ri Ah debuted in the entertainment industry back in 2009 when she became the winner of the ‘Miss Korea’ pageant.  She is also an actress who’s starred in SBS‘s ‘If Tomorrow Comes‘.

Source + Photos: Osen

[Spoiler: Salamander Guru] Taeyeon falls for Minho, but how does Minho respond?

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 10:45 PM PST

On the latest episode of SBS‘s ’Salamander Guru and the Gang‘, Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon made a cameo appearance as the daughter of a wealthy family. Taeyeon literally falls into ‘Minhyuk’ (SHINee‘s Minho)’s life when she lands on top of him after a failed escape attempt from arranged marriage discussions.

After going on a date with Minhyuk, Taeyeon realized that Min Hyuk was indeed the soulmate she was looking for all her life.  She was determined to reveal her feelings, and so she confessed, “I like you a lot.  Let’s get married.”

While normal guy would have jumped up and down with excitement, slapping himself a couple times to make sure it wasn’t a dream, Minhyuk wasn’t so amused and rejected the offer without hesitation.

Stunned with disbelief, Taeyeon tried to give him a second chance as she shouted, “You will regret all your life if you give up on a perfect woman like me.” In response, Minhyuk said, “Regret?  Maybe I’ll do it once..“, before smoothly walking away.

Hilariously, ‘Won Sam‘ (Lim Won Hie) approached Taeyeon right after to make a proposal of his own. Taeyeon made a 180-degree personality change and screeched, “Get out of my way!“.

You can check out this exchange and more in the episode below:

Source + Photos: TV Report via Nate

2PM’s Nichkhun transforms into a dating coach on ‘Masquerade’

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 10:08 PM PST


2PM‘s Nichkhun appears to have be an expert when it comes to dating advice.

During the shoot for the February 11th episode of SBS E!’s reality dating program, ‘Secret Date Show Masquerade‘, Nichkhun transformed into a knowledgeable dating coach.

A personal trainer to the stars made a special appearance on the show, and invited the 2PM members to offer their expertise to the men who needed to win the hearts of the ladies.

The 2PM boys shared their ideas, but the male contestants seemed to agree that Nichkhun offered the best ‘romantic’ idea. The singer suggested the men try drinking warm and frothy hot cocoa with the ladies and attempt a romantic ‘foam kiss’.

Fellow 2PM members Taecyeon and Wooyoung also offered their know-hows on how to successfully win a date with the ladies, and their expert advice will be revealed on the February 11th episode.

Is Nichkhun’s romantic idea fool-proof? Toss us your thoughts below!

Source & Image : KoreaTimes via Naver

IU gets appointed as an ambassador against bullying in school

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 09:27 PM PST


Singer IU is stepping up to join the fight against bullying in shcool.

On January 10th, Cho Hyun Oh from the National Police Agency appointed IU as an official ambassador to advocate against school violence.

IU was chosen thanks to her friendly and wholesome image, which the National Police Agency believes would help them raise national awareness about school violence prevention.

As an ambassador against school violence, I feel more of a need to be responsible now,” the singer remarked. “As a celebrity, there were times where it was really hard for me at school but my friends were a good support system. I will do my best to serve as a bridge between the police and schools, making sure that students study in a safe and fun environment.”

Cho Hyun Oh expressed that he has high expectations for the new ambassador.

We need a school violence prevention spokesmodel who the students could relate to, to help them reach a collective consensus that bullying and violence is wrong,” he said. “We hope that you will actively serve as an ambassador so that victims feel that they are free to report incidents without being afraid of retaliation from the bullies. This way, second and third offenses will not occur in the future.”

The members of the National Police Agency are taking measures to eradicate school violence by locally placing 306 policemen, and specially promoting 40 others.

Source & Image : StarNews via Naver