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"INFINITE releases their Valentine’s Day gift, “INFINITE JAPAN STORY” for their fans" plus 19 more

"INFINITE releases their Valentine’s Day gift, “INFINITE JAPAN STORY” for their fans" plus 19 more

INFINITE releases their Valentine’s Day gift, “INFINITE JAPAN STORY” for their fans

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 09:05 AM PST

As a special Valentine’s Day gift for their Inspirits, the boys of INFINITE have released a video of the members making their debut in Japan!

The “INFINITE JAPAN STORY” video includes footage of the boys performing on stage, attending press conferences, and sharpening their Japanese skills!

It looks like the boys are already a huge sensation in Japan. Check out the clip below!

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B2ST wraps up a successful show in Berlin

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 08:39 AM PST

Ich liebe dich, Berlin (I love you, Berlin)!”

B2ST wrapped up a successful show at their second ‘Beautiful Show‘ tour performance which took place at ‘Columbia Halle’ in Berlin, Germany.

Their agency Cube Entertainment stated on February 13th, “There were 3,000 fans in total at this show, including fans from not only Germany, but also France, Switzerland, England, Spain, the Czech Republic, and more. There were over 20 fans that waited outside the venue since the night before, even though the weather was below freezing. Because of this, the police and paramedics were standing by at the location, in case of an emergency.”

B2ST performed a variety of songs that night, including their hits “Special“, “Breath“, “Shock“, “I Knew It“, and more, and the fans responded by showing their explosive support with loud cheers.

A fan by the name of Jennifer (19) who traveled four hours from Düsseldorf to Berlin in order to see the boys perform remarked, “I have been a fan of B2ST since their debut, and I have waited a long time for this day to come. I have gotten to know K-pop through B2ST, and I had no idea they would come to Germany so quickly through their World Tour. I’m so happy.”

Alexandra (26) who traveled from Hungary could not hold back her excitement as she said, “It was the greatest performance ever. B2ST’s strength is being able to sing so well while never missing a step of the dance.”

Sharla (19) was the lucky fan selected to participate in B2ST’s special propose event, and in between tears she managed to say, “I will never be able to forget this day for the rest of my life.”

B2ST member Yoon Doojoon remarked, “I’m so glad we were able to put on an independent concert in Europe through our world tour. This is only the beginning, but I hope that we will eventually be able to travel to all the different countries where our fans reside.”

There were a lot of local media outlets that were present at the venue, including German television channel ZDF, and German news agency DPA. They analyzed the appeals of boy group B2ST who is at the forefront of the current Hallyu wave, and asked in-depth questions regarding the outlook and strategies of K-pop.

In related news, the boys will be heading to Shanghai next to perform on the 25th.

Where would you like them to come to next?

Source & Image: SportsSeoul via Nate

Kim Jaejoong’s tweet causes fans to grow with concern

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 08:03 AM PST

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong expressed that he was afraid of growing older.

The singer wrote via his Twitter page on February 13th, “Growing older makes me feel anxious. Time goes by so fast, and the number of days I can never get back continue to increase. I feel like I’m growing further apart from the person I was when I was  younger. I don’t like the part of myself that continues to think like this. What I hate the most is that I’m afraid my heart will become distant as well.”

I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but I feel so many different emotions today,” he continued. “I don’t want to simply continue to live life by just existing, I need to work hard.”

Fans grew concerned after reading his tweet and asked, “Something the matter?”, “Is everything okay“, and “Be strong.”

Source & Image: MyDaily

EXID reveals second teaser for “Whoz That Girl”

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 07:36 AM PST

Shinsadong Tiger‘s girl group, EXID, has just released their second video teaser for their debut single, “Whoz That Girl“.

Though they kicked off their promotions with a video of a single member, it looks like EXID decided not to release individual teasers. Instead, they came out with an actual music video teaser, complete with scenes from the MV as well as dance shots.

The video begins with the six girls taking down a mannequin with various power tools and baseball bats. It looks like the mannequin is supposed to represent a philandering boyfriend, since the rest of the video contains scenes of the girls pushing the cheater to his limits.

“Whoz That Girl” promises to be a fun and colorful video with tons of sass. The full version is scheduled to drop on February 16th.

Check out the teaser below:

GP Basic returns with new single, ‘Edge Ta’ + MV

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 07:12 AM PST

Girl group GP Basic has returned with a new single entitled ‘Edge Ta‘.

Released on February 14th, the single is described to carry sounds that fuse southern rock, hip hop, and dance. As for its music video, it focuses on a futuristic concept, with the girls being physical manifestations of soundwaves (or so we’d like to think).

Check out the music video below, and tell us what you think about GP Basic’s new single.

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Wonder Girls share photos from “Like Money” MV shoot

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 06:48 AM PST

Recently, fans got a sneak peek into the Wonder Girls‘ new music video through this backstage snapshot. Reportedly, the girls are filming for their new American song, “Like Money“, which was played in their TV movie, ‘The Wonder Girls‘.

Judging by the above snapshot, it looks like the Wonder Girls are going for a futuristic warrior look, as seen by their shiny costumes and dark makeup. Several members also dyed their hair to a jet-black color, thus creating a more mature vibe.

Netizens commented, “I want to hear the full song right now!”, “From a retro concept to a futuristic concept…?”, and “Just from listening to the first part, it sounds like it’s going to be a big hit!”

20120213_wondergirlslikemoney1 20120213_wondergirlslikemoney2 20120213_wondergirlslikemoney3

Source: Star News

KARA’s Jiyoung admits she doesn’t like her graduation photo

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 06:20 AM PST

KARA‘s Kang Jiyoung admitted that she didn’t like her graduation photo.

On February 13th, talk show “Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah and Jo Hyung Gi’s Good Morning” aired footage from Jiyoung’s high school graduation ceremony from the 8th.

When the reporters asked Jiyoung about her much-talked about photo, Jiyoung said, “I didn’t know it was a big deal at all. To be honest, I don’t like my graduation photo very much.”

Fans disagreed, however, as Jiyoung looked picture perfect with her long hair, deep bangs, and shy smile.

Guess not even celebrities feel all that confident about their graduation pictures!

Source: My Daily via Nate

Hong Soo Ah transforms into a lovely bride

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 05:50 AM PST

Actress Hong Soo Ah has transformed into a lovely bride for a wedding magazine.

Dressed in elegant white gowns, the actress reclines in a lush bed of flowers, invoking the effect of a romantic spring bride.

Netizens commented, “She looks amazing in these photos“, “Her expressions are so regal!“, and “She looks as if she could get married right now.

In related news, Hong Soo Ah has been cast for the upcoming fantasy film, ‘Alice‘.

Source + Images: Naver

Shin Min Ah pulls a crazy face in a past photo

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 05:26 AM PST

Fans are cracking up over a past photo of actress Shin Min Ah‘s.

On February 13th, an online community board shared this photo under the title, “Shin Min Ah’s Humorous Past“.

The original poster wrote, “Please pay attention to Min Ah’s eyebrows. After saying she could make her eyebrows go up and down, she did this to her face. Min Ah has many other funny faces. The other ones were too scary and sadly got cut.”

Netizens wrote, “Her eyebrows are crazy”, “How…can her eyebrow go up that high”, and “I never imagined that Shin Min Ah had this side to her!

Source: Star Today via Nate

Daniel Choi to make a cameo appearence on ‘High Kick 3′

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 05:04 AM PST

It looks like Daniel Choi will be making a cameo appearence on ‘High Kick 3‘.

Daniel was seen taking part in a shoot at a hospital in Kangwon on February 7th.

The actor had previously starred in ‘High Kick 2‘ as a doctor, but in this cameo, he’s said to portray a former college rival of Yoon Kye Sang‘s. The explanation attached to the photo revealed, ”Yoon Kye Sang and Daniel Choi are rivals, but have a strange, unexplainable relationship with each other.”

Naturally, fans of the popular series are excited to see Daniel Choi’s (brief) return — especially if there’s a heated rivalry with Yoon Kye Sang in tow.

Netizens commented, “Everyone from the previous seasons has appeared on the show now except Hwang Jung Eum“, “I can feel the tension just from the picture“, and “He must be busy with his movie, but he stayed loyal to the show.

So far, many actors from season one and season two have made a cameo appearence in the series, such as Jung Il Woo, Yoon Shi Yoon, and Shin Se Kyung.

Source & Image: Ilgan Sports via Nate

F.T. Island has a little too much fun with their new camera app

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 04:38 AM PST

F.T. Island members Lee Hongki, Jaejin, and Minhwan have come across a rather amusing camera app.

On February 13th, the three band members began to flood Twitter with their selcas, delighting fans with this unexpected treat.

Minhwan was first to tweet, saying things like “Looks like it popped right out of an animation” and “This is me keke~ Cute right?

A few hours later, Hongki tweeted some crazy-looking photos and wrote, “Ah!!!!!! This is so much fun! Gotta make facial expressions like an animation too kekekekeke~ I like I like! Off to Jeju Island.” Later on, he shared a few more photos and apologetically explained, “I’m posting these because they really do look like an animation.

Jaejin was the last to join the fun, but he left a few simple shots along with the notes, “Hello ^^?” and “So scary…

These idol stars are definitely not afraid to show off their goofy sides. Check out some of their crazy pictures below!

20120213_ftisland_01minhwan 20120213_ftisland_02minhwanhongki 20120213_ftisland_03minhwan 20120213_ftisland_04minhwan 20120213_ftisland_05minhwan 20120213_ftisland_06minhwan 20120213_ftisland_07hongki 20120213_ftisland_08hongki 20120213_ftisland_09hongki 20120213_ftisland_10hongki 20120213_ftisland_11hongki 20120213_ftisland_12jaejin 20120213_ftisland_13jaejin

Source: Lee Hongki, Jaejin, and Minhwan‘s Twitters

Gummy reveals her thoughts on ending ‘I Am a Singer’

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 03:42 AM PST

Singer Gummy has posted an update on me2day expressed her thoughts after ending her run on ‘I Am a Singer‘. This popular singing program casts many of Korea’s under-appreciated artists, who are then challenged to sing clever covers.

Gummy wrote, “It’s over now… I got really excited for the last stage. I feel regretful and dissatisfied, since I put so much effort into creating that performance.”

She continued, “After recording that final stage, I went to the hospital for a week to get treated. My throat wasn’t working, but it was an honorable injury haha~ Thank you everyone for supporting me

Netizens commented on her post with, “You were so great! I hope to see you in ‘I am a Singer 2′“, “Your performances were always great“, and “I will be looking forward to your awesome performances elsewhere!”

For her final performance, Gummy sang “You Inside my Dim Memories“.

Source + Image: Gummy’s me2day

Sung Yuri’s flawless skin draws widespread praise

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 03:09 AM PST

Actress Sung Yuri is drawing widespread envy for her flawless skin.

On February 13th, Sung Yuri shared this photo through her me2day and wrote, “Did you guys watch ‘Feast of the Gods‘ today? It’s been a while since I’ve said goodnight here ^^ Everyone, goodnight.”

The former Fin.K.L. member-turned-actress can still whip out her aegyo for the camera, as seen by her wide puppy-dog eyes and slight pout. More than her cute expressions, however, it was Sung Yuri’s clear skin that stole the show.

Netizens complimented, “You can’t even get this type of skin unless there’s Photoshop. Sung Yuri, daebak” and “With those looks, she could still be in girl group”.

Sung Yuri is currently starring in the MBC drama, “Feast of the Gods,” where she’s received many compliments for her acting.

Source + Image: Sung Yuri’s me2day

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Yoon Gun release mini interview clip for “Don’t say no”

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:45 AM PST

Earlier, we revealed the full audio for Girls' Generation's Seohyun and R&B singer Yoon Gun‘s collaboration single, "Don't say no".

Following up, SM Entertainment has released a mini interview clip with the two artists through their official YouTube channel. Seohyun began by introducing her sunbae, reminding fans that he is currently playing a music teacher on the popular sitcom, ‘High Kick 3‘. She also complimented Yoon Gun’s talents by saying that “Don’t say no” was composed by Yoon Gun himself.

The R&B singer returned the kind words by revealing that Seohyun possessed a clear, pure voice — a quality he’s been looking for in a musical partner for a long time.

He also described the track to first-time listeners, saying, “‘Don’t say no’ uses a guitar, strings, and a piano — simply put, it’s ‘unplugged music’. The lyrics are about a heartfelt confession to one’s love, a pop serenade, if you will. Please love our passionate track, ‘Don’t say no’”.

You can purchase their collaboration single on iTunes and watch their short interview below:

Michelle Lee snaps, “Don’t talk to me” on SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:25 AM PST

The latest episode of SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star surprised viewers with its many unexpected situations.

First and foremost, Michelle Lee, who is one of the strongest contestants on the show alongside Park Ji Min, did not secure a spot in the top ten.

This week’s episode contained different rules. Remaining contestants who passed the previous round were sub-divided into groups of three, with the top winner from each group being guaranteed a spot in the next round. Runner-ups avoid elimination, but must face another competition later amongst themselves; third place contestants get kicked out of the show entirely.

Michelle Lee lost first place to Baek Ah Yeon, who was able to deliver a more solid performance with her cover of Big Bang‘s “Haru Haru“.  Michelle, on the other hand, messed up quite a bit due to her sore throat, which made her voice crack many times during her performance.

The judges did not accept her sore throat as a legitimate excuse and criticized Michelle for not taking care of her body like a professional singer. J.Y. Park stressed that if she was really serious about this competition, she shouldn’t have greeted the judges when she stepped onto the stage in order to protect her voice. Fellow judge BoA also expressed disappointment, saying that she saw Michelle talking continuously with the other contestants at the SM building despite her bad condition.

After placing second, Michelle headed to a waiting room designated for runner-ups who were instructed to wait before launching into another round of auditions. Oh Tae Suk, who was already waiting in the room, tried to greet Michelle when she entered, but was stopped when she snapped, “Don’t talk to me“.

Michelle’s behavior drew mixed reactions from netizens, ranging from “She has to protect her voice. She did the right thing” and “That was very rude of her.

Do you think Michelle was being rude or was she just focusing on the next audition?

<”Don’t talk to me”>



Source + Photos: Donga via Nate

Lee Min Ho collaborates with Eider to produce a fashionable outdoor line

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:20 AM PST

Photos from a collaboration line with actor Lee Min Ho and Eider, an outdoor brand, were recently revealed.

In one of the revealed photos, Lee Min Ho is sporting a hooded sweatshirt while staring into the camera with a confident look and pose. The bold, blue color of the sweatshirt fits well with Lee Min Ho’s image. In another photo, Lee Min Ho is wearing an all-black outfit, displaying more of his chic charms.

Lee Min Ho’s collaboration line will include five items including a jacket, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, pants, and a backpack.

It was reported that even amidst his busy schedule, Lee Min Ho directly collaborated with the company to help design the line. It was also said that his wide variety of ideas and his meticulous work ethic reflected strongly on his interest in fashion.

This collaboration line will be available nationwide starting February 16th at Eider stores.

Source: eToday via Nate

Baek Ji Young boasts about her boyfriend’s rock-hard abs

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:57 AM PST

While guesting on a variety show, ballad queen Baek Ji Young boasted that her boyfriend, Jung Suk Won, owns rock-hard abs.

On the February 12th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Qualifications of Men‘, Baek Ji Young went into Jun Hyun Moo‘s dressing room with a bowl of ramyun. The delicious smell caused the comedian to drool, especially since he was forced to eat mainly chicken breasts for his six-pack diet project.

Though he was tempted by the smell, Jun Hyun Moo remained firm and said “My goal is to make abs like Jung Suk Won”.

Baek Ji Young smiled and boasted, “That person’s stomach is not just a stomach — it’s a machine, an ab machine”.

Jeon Hyun Moo then bragged about his own abs and told her to touch his stomach. “The abs are hard, right?” he said. After feeling his stomach, Baek Ji Young replied, “This is just your stomach being bloated,” causing Jun Hyun Moo to feel embarassed.

Let’s take a look at Jung Suk Won’s abs and see why his girlfriend called it an “ab machine”.

Source + Image: Naver + Mydaily via Naver

Tickets for Shinhwa’s concert to go on sale February 13th

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:31 AM PST

Tickets for Shinhwa‘s upcoming concert, “The Return“, will go on sale on February 13th at 8:00 p.m. KST!

It’s expected that these tickets will sell out like hotcakes, as it’s been four years since the members last held a concert together. Shinhwa will put on a massive concert on March 24th and 25th at Seoul’s Olympic Park Stadium. Fans can choose between six different sections, ranging from 143,000 Won (~$127.00 USD) to 66,000 Won (~$58.80 USD).

Shinhwa’s representatives stated, “Shinhwa has finished practicing their old songs for this concert. In order to show a special performance unique to Shinhwa, they have been getting together whenever they have free time for meetings and rehearsals.”

“The Return” marks both Shinhwa’s comeback to the music scene and their 14th anniversary concert.

If you plan on going to Shinhwa’s epic event, be sure to check out Interpark for tickets!

Source: OSEN

Chinese actress Tang Wei reveals, “Hyun Bin acts too cool around people”

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:05 AM PST

Chinese actress, Tang Wei, has recently revealed some interesting info about actor Hyun Bin‘s personality.

According to a Chinese media outlet, Tang Wei spoke about Hyun Bin during a press conference for the movie, ‘Manchu‘, in Beijing.

When I first met Hyun Bin, I was a little overwhelmed by his presence.  However, after getting closer to him from filming, we became good friends.”

She continued, “Hyun Bin usually acts too cool around people. I wanted to get rid of this image of him. I wanted him to be more like himself.”

The actress then told a funny story involving her photoshoot with Hyun Bin. “During a photoshoot, we had to face each other and I playfully pulled on his chin [to kiss]. He was very startled and glared at me afterwards.”

Tang Wei’s movie, ‘Manchu’, revolves around the love story between a woman who was imprisoned for seven years (Tang Wei) and a runaway man (Hyun Bin).

Source + Photos: My Daily via Naver

Baek Ah Yeon outperforms Michelle Lee with “Haru Haru” on SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 12:38 AM PST

On the latest episode of SBS‘s ’K-Pop Star‘, contestant Baek Ah Yeon outperformed Michelle Lee with her re-arrangement of Big Bang‘s ‘Haru Haru‘, allowing her to score first place in her group.

This recent event marked a huge turning point for Baek Ah Yeon on the audition show. Baek Ah Yeon has been in a major slump for the past couple rounds, receiving harsh criticism from the judges for her inability to deliver a rich sound in her songs.  She was nearly eliminated in the previous episode, but Yang Hyun Suk decided to give her another chance.

Grateful for the second opportunity, Baek Ah Yeon stepped up her game with her cover of Big Bang’s ‘Haru Haru’. The song, which normally  emits a rough and fast-paced beat, was softened by Baek Ah Yeon’s piano and her delicate voice.

Yang Hyun Suk, who trained the contestant under his label, didn’t hold back on his compliments and praised Baek Ah Yeon in a separate interview. “Baek Ah Yeon knew she had a malicious case of lymphoma. She overcame that. She had to be strong.”

Michelle Lee, who was placed in the same group as Baek Ah Yeon, was the first to perform that day. Many were expecting Michelle to claim first place since she’s one of the strongest contestants on the show alongside Park Ji Min. However, she made quite a few mistakes in her performance of Yoo Young Jin‘s “Your Fragrance“. The judges were unimpressed, and handed Michelle the second spot.

After watching today’s show, viewers commented, “Her performance was above Michelle Lee’s. Talent is important, but modesty is also an asset” and “I’m seeing Baek Ah Yeon in a new light! So proud of her~

Top winners of today’s round will automatically advance to the next round with the top ten, while runner-ups in each group will have to face off in another battle to secure a spot.

Check out the performances of these two below.  Do you think the judges’ decisions were correct?

<Baek Ah Yeon>


<Michelle Lee>

Source + Photos: Osen