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"[INT] 2ne1-SuperSataK-Five Girls' Spica Interview" plus 24 more

"[INT] 2ne1-SuperSataK-Five Girls' Spica Interview" plus 24 more

[INT] 2ne1-SuperSataK-Five Girls' Spica Interview

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 08:24 AM PST

'2ne1-SuperSataK-Five Girls' Spica Interview

Lee Hyori's affiliated company's new girl group is out.Even the group's name is the 'shiniest' of all in the Virgo stars: Spica.

Spica's debut song, large number of experience etc, plus Lee Hyori appeared in Spica's debut song MV. These reasons made Spica became a most discussed rookie group.

All of the members of Spica had faces like pretty dolls, they all smiled and welcomed the reporters. At February 8th, they released their album and started activities for promoting the album, also Lee Hyori's appearance in their song's MV 'Potently', made them the hottest discussion in town. Their talents are also recognised by everyone.

'At February 8th, we released our first album. 'Potently' brought us a lot of fans that like our music, and it lowered our stress level. But still, we still have a bit stress. Our senior Lee Hyori gave us a lot of guidance, she told us about how to mange our style, actions, minds and feelings.' (Kim Boa)

The youngest member of Spica is already 24 years old, this can prove to us that all of the members are well trained and went through a long period of practice. Though it may be a bit late for them to debut, but this also made them had more preparation of their age.

'Though the 'trainee' times were long and brought many hardship to our life. But now as we are going to debut, I think the practicing times gave us a lot of experience. This is what I truly feel. We are not engaged in the young career, and we think having enough experiences is really important. I am trembling with excitement these days.' (Yang JiWon)

Spica's average age might be higher than other groups, the reason is that that had gone through more training times and gathered more experience. They will receive recognition if they used these experienced in their stage performances.

'Please don't prejudge that idol groups' music always have the same tune and melody. Also, pretty or sexy images always bring people a concept of compulsion. We didn't follow the trend. We performed according to our tone and experience to show our charm. We don't want a particular theme, we want to be a group that changes.' (Park JuHyun)

'The name of 'debuting the last of the group Five Girls' brought me a lot of pressure. Every girl from Five Girls had really good development, which also brought me pressure. At the two years of being a trainee, there are many stories and news about me. These led to many audience monitor me. I hope my modifier word is Spica, and I can conduct activities naturally.' (Yang JiWon)

'I used my identity of guiding lead singer in the music industry for many years. I have a lot of friends in the industry, but I chose to join Spica. My talent should be recognised, every member here can be a vocalist. When all the members are in doubt, I think I can take the lead to help them.' (Kim Boa)

'About using Mnet 'SuperStar-K' as my modifier, I think I am quite sensitive about it. At the beginning I thought, if I join Spica, I will have this modifier word for myself. But I discovered that this word brought our group some help, but we still need people to recognised our talents. I am trying to make people to forget this modifier word.' (Park NaRae)

'Everyone knows that I am a 2ne1 ex-member. Everyone used this phrase to describe me without considering my feeling. Everyone in our group have the same thing, but we all want to be more outstanding through Spica.' (Kim BoHyung)

All the members have brilliant experience, which made them became the distinctive Spica. They are all working on to make people replace their former titles as Spica.

'I hope people will remember us as Spica. No need too much or less, we want to have the popularity like Kara. It would be better, of course, to be more popular, hope we will get rookie group prizes in the end of the year to prove our hard work. Spica will bring a lot of brilliant performance this year, it is also a wonderful and lucky year for us. We are working so hard, hope we will succeed. Haha.' (Spica)

CREDITS/SOURCE: Nate + Spica Baidu+


[INFO] 2012 KPOP Group Comeback

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 08:19 AM PST

March: 2AM , B1A4 , 4 MINUTE , GIRL'S DAY



June: SON DAM BI , X-5






Source: Kpopers_family@twitter + + DSPBoys PH + yuuriSTAR&Joy07 @spicaworld


[NEWS] X-5 says “We want to be recognized for our skills rather than our looks”

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 08:17 AM PST

X-5 continues to attract attention with their distinct features, tall handsome looks and well defined statures which has earned them the nicknames of 'tall-dols' as well as 'model-dols' . But, their looks aren't everything. In order to show a complete performance with powerful dance moves, they practiced with sand-bags tied to themselves and practiced without hesitation as hard-working idols.

We met up with X-5, who are currently actively promoting their follow up song 'Going Crazy' from their second mini-album, in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. They seem to have more composure compared to when we first met them after their debut. The X-5 members didn't hesitate to smile and show their natural selves throughout the interview.

"Performing makes us very happy. Compared to the first mini-album promotions, we all feel that we've gained more confidence in ourselves. We still feel nervous as ever when we think about making eye-contact with our fans or staring into the camera but I think that we've learned to enjoy the stage more" (Taefung)

"I think X-5 is constantly happy. I think all the members got brighter in personality during this promotion cycle. I think that pleasant feeling is now visible to others as well. I think I gained more confidence when I hear the words "You guys did a really good job" after the end of the performance" (Zin)

X-5's follow-up song 'Going Crazy' was a co-production between hit Producer Rhymer who produced Mighty Mouth's 'Toktok', T-ara's "TTL" and Producer Master Key who produced Verbal Jint's "You Look Good". As much as the trendy hip-hop rhythm and powerful electronic sound is the point in 'Going Crazy' X-5's stage performance attracts attention with their masculinity and powerful choreography.

"Truthfully saying, comparing the title track 'Dangerous' and 'Going Crazy', 'Going Crazy' suits X-5 better as a group. The choreography is very powerful with some sexy moves which the fans react to well and seem to enjoy it. We think it's because of our tall heights that the powerful song and intense choreography suit us well" (Ghun)

"Truthfully, we thought a lot about whether we were showing too much of a strong image while preparing for this album. We also thought about doing a more bright and lively song but we believe that there is a style that everyone fits. Rather than going with the trends, we wanted to show everyone more of our own color" (Zin)

No matter where X-5 goes, they attract attention. With their exceptional appearances as well, but because of their physical stature of being an average height of 186cm. Even after debut, X-5 was known for their looks rather than their skills, which also caused misconceptions by netizens. "We heard of being kids of rich parents who put us 5 together as idols in a group. We were really hurt because of that. But, because it isn't the truth and we know it isn't, we just passed over things like that." (Ghun)

"We are very thankful for the nicknames 'Tall-dols' 'Model-dols' but we feel as if we're only being judged by our looks which is really disappointing. We want to be recognized for our skills. In order to do so, we'll have to work even harder and show a much better side of us." (Zin)

What could be the most pondered thing by the X-5 members? All of the members answered with one voice. To quickly find a place. Because of the newer rookie-groups that are debuting, which in numbers cannot be counted with our hands, X-5 also seems to have hoobaes even though it hasn't been a year since they have debuted.

"We have this greed to find a place a little quicker. In a blink, it seems, a lot of idols have debuted. But, I believe that working hard is more important than anything. And when we do that, I have this anticipation that our chance will come by also. If you don't give up your dream and continually pursue it, I believe that it'll be fulfilled." (Ghun)

Although their age, personalities, and images differ, they are working towards the same goal and performing together under the name of X-5. "To get the rookie award is every rookie group's dream. But, while performing we realized how hard that is. First, our goal is to let our name be known to the public. Then, we really want to get 1st place within this year."


[Audio] Miss A unveiled tracks from new album Touch!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 07:54 AM PST

Miss A unveiled the tracks from their latest mini album Touch,check out all the songs below.

Like their new album?

[Trans] Hayato Blog Update!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 07:52 AM PST

Speculations-Let it be alone
What was Jaejoong worrying about?…It was quite a worrying tweet wasn't it?
I am also worried but…sadly I don't know the reason
I think at this time, people around him is holding him tightly and warming his heart (t/n: cheering him).

For all we know he probably was whining about a certain accomplishment.
If it's like that, then let's let him whine…those things are also important right
He had always flood us with courage… We too should hold tightly, and for a while, let's silently watch over him.
Maybe now isn't the time for us to pry and investigate the reason for that (reason for his tweets)

Apart from that, about yesterday's trial, the source of speculation seems to stand alone…but the judgment didn't seem to be okay? Kind of speculation, so it seems to stand alone but…just because of that, I would say it definitely didn't happen.

I cannot write the content of the trial here but please do not worry.
Also, there's a possibility that the wrong speculations carelessly propagating into a negative chain (more illogical rumors) could become a hindrance for the guy's (JYJ) activities. Please be very careful of stories you

The best thing to do at negative rumors is 'ignore'
Source: JYJ2011
Translation by: Helly for JYJ3

[News] 'Goddess' IU arrives at fansign event, fan kneels down in respect!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 07:29 AM PST

Singer IU experienced the heat of her popularity at the venue of the fansign event today.

On Feb 19th, IU took part in a fansign held at a large mart in Gimpo and some fanphotos of the event surfaced on the Internet.

IU was wearing a lovely pink knit sweater, smiling adorably and showcasing her star quality as she gave out her autographs sincerely to fans. In particular, an enthusiastic fan even went down on his knees in front of IU and the image of the flustered staff rushing forward to pick him up brought laughter to everyone.

IU's popularity is evidenced by the hundreds of fans that flocked to the venue. Despite her busy schedule, IU didn't stop smiling throughout the event, for her fans who had been waiting for a long period of time.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, "IU looks really pretty in the pink top", "I want IU's autograph too", "IU shines whereever she goes", "The way she keeps smiling is her special charm".

IU will be releasing her Japan debut single 'Good Day' on March 21st. (Note: Reporter made a typo here. It is March 21st.)

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Sports Chosun 

[News] Lee Seung Gi gave IU a branded bracelet, but the 6 Teen Top members were disappointed?

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 06:58 AM PST

On an episode of MBC 'Section TV Entertainment News', which was aired on Feb 19th, Lee Seung Gi revealed that the branded bracelet he gifted IU awhile back, "might have caused Teen Top members to be disappointed", raising questions as to why that may be so.

It was revealed on a recent variety show, that IU received an expensive bracelet from Lee Seung Gi, which became a hot topic. It turned out that he bought it for IU to thank her for guest performing at his concert.

Lee Seung Gi revealed another behind story today, saying, "Initially, I was going to pay for the presents for the guest performers out of my own pocket, but the total amount stays the same. Therefore, since IU is a solo singer and by herself, she might have felt it was rather expensive, whereas the 6 Teen Top members were probably disappointed."

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: Newsen via Nate 

[Interview] T.O.P 's Interview from ''HIGH CUT'' Vol.71!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 06:30 AM PST

PART 1:~ Joint interview with Soh CD & TOP)

Q: Last year, a lot of things happened to BIGBANG. What did you do during these blank periods? 
We went to Europe to participate in the 2011 EMAs. Since I had CF shooting schedules during the day so I didn't have much rest time for myself. When there were no schedules planned, I was in the studio creating music overnight. I haven't rested after I debuted so I don't anticipate nor regret if I have holiday time or not (laughs).

Q: What do you say to your members to encourage them? 
I'm the eldest hyung so I always talk to my dongsaengs and we always dine together. Besides myself, I feel that they've all matured and become sensible. I should be more mature too..

Q: After 8 months, all 5 members stood on stage again with activities in Japan as well…but was the feeling a bit different this time? 
I've never felt sad while standing on stage before. Compared to the emotion of feeling sad, winning the award had a different feeling. How should I say this - it's quite unusual but it was extremely emotional for me (This made him silent for a few seconds as if he was reliving that moment again). I could find myself on stage again.

Q: Whilst working together with FUBU, did you also get any power from TOP and BIGBANG? 
Soh CD: My aim was to not only give FUBU a fresh new look, but to also fully grasp the new theme. I wanted to transform the brand from a hip hop standard to one that fits in to the new era. During this process, BIGBANG was the most talked about. BIGBANG can show hip hop through their music and their culture and is favorable towards the general public. They are a good example.

Q: Why did you choose TOP from a mass of idols? 
Soh CD: Because G-dragon is the face for Beanpole, haha. I'm just kidding. From a designer's perspective, Seunghyun (TOP) is very popular right now. I've seen him a few times outside of work. He likes clothes a lot. He enjoys fashion so all the clothes look good on him and I'm not saying this as a clothing sponsor. As a designer, I think that he is the musician in Korea that can choose a comfortable style in 2012.

Q: What do you think is the reason why FUBU or designers like Soh CD and fashion brands want you? 
TOP: How should I even answer this…haha
Soh CD: I think that it's not only because TOP is good looking or has a good body, but it's more about that TOP knows fashion well enough and that's why I have so much confidence in him.

TOP: Like what Soh CD said, people are never perfect. One photo can last for a lifetime so you want to present the best. My personality is that I want to show my best impression in the photoshoots that other people the same age as me can't.

Q: Continuing from that, Soh CD…what is TOP's charisma? 
Soh CD: I've felt regret to TOP before because usually when TOP is invited to be the model, he is asked to show off his charisma and masculinity in his fashion photoshoots. I saw other charismatic features in TOP too - someone that is full of curiosity, and who who withstands challenges in a healthy manner. This FUBU photoshoot therefore presents his sunshine boy and casual look.

Q: We've heard that TOP has a distinct fashion philosophy so you're the hardest member to style. Is that true? 
I'm a little bit picky (laughs), because my occupation is to present myself to the general public. I want to always show my best image, but I think my persistence is too much sometimes.

Q: How does it feel wearing Soh CD's exclusively designed FUBU clothes? 
Actually I've liked hip-hop since I was young and I've asked my relatives and friends in the U.S. to help me buy clothes from FUBU before. I personally love the FUBU Platinum line the most, and I have a lot of clothes from that line in my closet. When the idea of being a model for FUBU began and hearing that Soh CD would be designing, I was anticipating it a lot. To wear his exclusively designed clothes…and I'm not saying this because he's sitting next to me, but I'm really surprised. It feels like all the clothes have been upgraded. 

PART 2:~ Joint interview between Soh CD & TOP)

Q: Not long ago, TOP made a surprise appearance at Gummy's 'I am a Singer' stage. How was it like being on the show? 
I was on the show because I heard that Gummy noona didn't get number 1 in the previous competition, so I had a "I must make her number 1" thought. In the end, she got a really good score (number 1) so I felt satisfied. Actually if 'I' am a Singer' was my own stage, I would be very nervous but since I was there only to help so I told myself not to worry. After I finished the stage for 'Rascal', I really did end up becoming one. 

Q: Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim said on 'Healing Camp' that she would like to act with you. When will you make your comeback as an actor again? 
It's not like that, but the after I finished recording for 'I am A Singer', I randomly saw Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim on 'Healing Camp'. As a matter of fact, I said on a variety show before that "it's tiring having photoshoots with Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim" as a way to be funny, but it became too exaggerated and I regretted saying that. It will definitely be an honor to act with Lee Mi-Suk sunbae-nim. As for my acting, I have a few projects on hand but because BIGBANG's album release has been pushed to an earlier date, so my entire focus is on the album right now. If there are any other good projects and if our timing is the same, then I definitely want to act together no matter what.

Q: Do you have any intention of releasing a solo album? 
There's nothing much to say about my solo album. I will release it when I think I'm ready. To be honest, I have already created lots of songs but I think I should work on them a bit more. I'm working on my confidence too and it's slowly increasing. If I can't produce an album that will make people surprised, then I don't think there's a need to produce one. First of all, I want to worry less starting from January, 2012 (laughs).

Q: What was the combined effect of meeting FUBU and TOP for the first time? 
Soh CD: I've always worked on my own brand and have presented my collection before but there's a lot of restrictions on a personal brand. There's a limit on how many people you know and what kind of level they're on. Since I wanted to know more people to exchange ideas, that's why I was determined to work with FUBU. TOP is a very popular celebrity and because FUBU wanted to try something new so I wanted to work with TOP to create that image.

Q: We've already heard that you'll be working with Hello Kitty in May. It seems a bit surprising? 
Soh CD: It'll be my first time working with Hello Kitty in the clothing aspect. As of now, a lot of people still have a biased perception on what is hip-hop. In Korea, many people think that baggy pants represent hip-hop culture but nowadays, not a lot of hip-hop stars wear clothes like that anymore. I want to change this perception as soon as I can, so I think this collaboration will have a completely different meaning. Hopefully this will raise FUBU's popularity in the spring time.

TOP: Collaborating with pop art is become a world trend and this will produce a lot of different elements. I wouldn't have this thought if Soh CD wasn't collaborating with Hello Kitty. CD & TOP will transform FUBU, haha.

Q: I've wanted to ask this in the beginning already, but you two seem quite close? 
Soh CD: I've met him once by chance and we said our greetings to each other. G-Dragon came to my fashion show before, and TOP's good friends - Lee Hyuk soo and 2NE1's stylist, Yang Seung Ho were models for my runway show too so we met like that.

TOP: Actually I'm not the type of person to watch runway shows. I only heard about (Soh CD). I met him in a surprising environment. The first time I said hi to him was 3 months ago at a wine bar that I always frequent (they both laugh). We kept talking and talking and that's how we became so close. The problem is I don't really remember what we talked about. Just now, hyung (Soh CD) looked at me and said "It's a bit embarrassing seeing each other during the day".

Q: You always change hairstyles and the fans love it, but is your hair getting scarce? Doesn't your hair and scalp get damaged? 
This just proves that I'm still at a healthy age. I still have a lot of hair but surprisingly I can't grow a mustache. It feels like I haven't passed puberty yet (laughs). It's only started to grow a bit these days….I usually shave my mustache once every 2 months.

Q: Finally, say something about your plan for 2012. 
TOP: BIGBANG will hold its world tour soon so the plans for the rest of the year have already been scheduled. It looks like we'll be very busy. We're now preparing some surprising and happy news that can't be revealed yet, so please look forward to it.

Soh CD: FUBU and Hello Kitty is preparing their collaboration and my aim is to transform FUBU to a brand full of liveliness.

Source: 마네임G@BBVIPZ + BIGBANGFAMILY//Trans: jwalkervip.tmblr

[Picture] T-ara's Boram tweets new selcas as her schedule ends!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 06:21 AM PST

T-ara's Boram shared new selcas on her Twitter.

She mentioned that her schedule for today has ended.

She poses cutely as usual in the selcas above,showing her cute charm.

Do you like her new selcas?

[Picture] Nicole poses with her "fans" Key and Nana!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 06:12 AM PST

Nicole unveiled a new photo on her Twitter.

She is seen posing with After School's Nana and SHINee's Key in the photo above.

Key is seen holding KARA's Step album.Nana and Key attended KARA's concert to show the girls some support.

The girls have ended their concerts successfully too,congratulations to KARA!

[Interview] ‘Alien warrior’ B.A.P “Blonde, it doesn’t suit…”

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 05:57 AM PST

"Warrior gives courage as a highlight of the song. It gives courage to the one in their 10′s and 20′s."
Tough rookie group B.A.P has arrived with six members, Bang Yongguk(22), ZELO(16), Himchan(22), Daehyun(19), Youngjae(18), Jongup(17).
Their first single album '워리어(Warrior)' was released on the 26th last month sold out 10,000 copies two days after release. Hitting the World Billboard chart at number 10, having a crowd of 3000 for their debut showcase stage and broadcasted for 1 hour on a cable show. Fan-cafe has exceeded 20,000 members just 3 weeks after debuting.
Deserved to be called 'Super Rookies'. Group name stands for 베스트(Best)-앱솔루트(Absolute)-퍼펙트(Perfect).
▶ Underground HipHop Musician, Traditional Music… all joined together
"Hello. I am Bang Yongguk. I participated in making the lyrics for this album." and the other members introduced themselves after that.
"My hobbies are rap beat-boxing, and I like to go skateboarding as well. I think that it will give strength to your thighs." (ZELO)
"Majoring in traditional music. Knows how to play the guitar, piano and drum. Into korean traditional music(恨). But I like both traditional music and African-American music." (Himchan)
"Is from Busan. Trying a lot to fix my accent. It was hard at first but at the end, getting used to the Seoul dialect."(Daehyun)
"I'm going to show an impersonation. I will follow what appeared in Gag Concert by Choi HyoJong-ssi. Ae-mae-hab-ni-da-ing~!" (Youngjae)
"I like to dance and, my hobby is listening to music. My favorite type of dancing is street dancing. Among them, I like b-boy. Have been dancing since first year of middle school." (Jongup)

Bang Yongguk was part of a famous hiphop musician in Hongdae. Was the first B.A.P member introduced through Untouchable sunbae a year and a half ago. Then was joined by traditional music and model Himchan, Daehyun from Busan, dancer Jongup, Emotional vocalist Youngjae and maknae ZELO. B.A.P practiced together for about a year. They've been practicing 16 hours in a day prior to their debut.
This album's title track 'Warrior' has an intense beat and talking about social criticism in their lyric. Bang Yongguk's bass rap that blends in with ZELO's high-speed rap, Jongup's splendid dance, vocalist Daehyun and Youngjae and Himchan's unexpected level of vocal ability.
Reminding us of 1990′s popular group H.O.T.'s 'Warrior's Descendant'. Kangta, Moon Heejun, Jang Woohyeok, Tony Ahn, Lee Jaewon who were representating the Korean wave.
"It's an honor to be compared with H.O.T. Idols nowadays have a sweet-boyfriend images. We want to be different from other group and not include ourselves in the same plot."(Bang Yongguk)
When asked if they can go beyond H.O.T., Himchan said "It would be more than enough to go beyond them". Bang Yongguk added "So we want to work harder".
▶ The stage collapsing incident, "Come one more time"
In the chorus part 'Warrior' there is a part where they stomp. Once during a music program pre-recording, the stage floor could not handle the dance and collapsed.
"The sound of the foot was like the New Zealand Maori warrior. It was really powerful and I would like the stage to collapse once more in the future. I didn't mean to do it but the dance is meant to have a powerful strength in it."(Bang Yongguk)
The secret to the powerful dance is "bapsim (A traditional Korean meal which consists of rice and side dishes)," said Youngjae.
"We practiced for the showcase at 4:00AM the day before it. The boss gave us meat and rice to eat then went to sleep till the morning. It's not that we don't want to eat the meat but, since it came from the boss it's precious."(Youngjae), "A person eats in about 2-3 minutes."(Bang Yongguk)
Called the 'Big Rookies' as soon as you debuted. Do you feel pressured.
"At first, it was the burden to think of how the 3000 seats to be filled for the showcase." (Daehyun)
"I was surprised. I was touched to see that there was that much people who wanted to see us. We felt good after knowing that all our efforts would be put into a good use. We will show you a better image from us. The press have also showed interest in our efforts" (Bang Yongguk)
Right now we have successfully got through our debut stage safely but, a singer has gone through a tough road and obstacles.
"At first, I went to a local broadcasting talent show(Jeollanam-do, Mokpo). I formed a team with my friends and we wanted to do both rapping and dancing. We joined in as the Game Item. It was in my 4th year of elementary school. The stage literally exploded. My parents was against it at first but later see the passion in me later on."(ZELO)
"I wanted to join Music Academy but they needed a 30 point average grade or more. I had a bet with my mom about the test scores. In my 3rd year of Middle School, I scored 43 points for my mid-term and 80 points for my finals." (Youngjae)
"I am a part of a Hongdae Club since my 3rd year of Middle School, performing hip hop in the streets. I went from being a hip hop artist to being an idol singer, I was determined to take up such a sight. Even if I change little by little, I will prove to you." (Bang Yongguk)
"Right now near the company in Hannam-dong a 'luxurious' 4-floor villa is where we live." (Himchan), "On the 4 floor villa we used to live in the basement, I was glad that we live on the 4th floor. That's why it's luxurious." (Bang Yongguk), "Living underground was fun. All of it was good memories."(Himchan)

▶Fashion of the alien warrior…"The face is too dark showing sadness"
B.A.P's blonde hair is the focus, and wore army suits as they go on stage. They look like they've come out from a Japanese manga Dragonball with an alien warrior atmosphere. They've showed a concept of an alien ready to conquer the earth through their showcase.
"For a cable program, we appear as aliens. Our hairs are dyed to give a more alien look." (Youngjae)
"As rookies, our hairs were dyed blonde to show an atmosphere that we are one team." (Daehyun)

But with 'Power of Blonde', the members of the team feels like they don't have an individual personality.
"Sometimes fans cant tell who is who. Music broadcast camera director also gets confused."(Youngjae), "I knew I was supposed to dye my hair. Looking in the mirror, I wanted to say 'This dye doesn't suit me. There is also a black Korean!'."(Himchan)
Because of the blonde color it makes the skin looks darker to the hyungs and unlike ZELO who is smiling brightly. "Everyone says it is me who suits the blonde. I believe I do too."(ZELO), "Back then, I don't see it suits anyone." (Himchan)
To give a feeling of warrior, your eyes are covered in dark make up. "It's hard to wash away the eye-make up. I'm learning how to erase them." (Himchan)
Members who wants the group to specialize in music, fashion and dance.
"Our dream is to be a global group. There is where we came out with 'Conquer the Earth', so we are going to work hard. In 2012, our wish is to win the Rookie Award in the Award Ceremony. Please cheer on us." (All)

translations by minchu @


Posted: 19 Feb 2012 05:23 AM PST

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[Video] Shindong transformed into Hyun Ah the sexy goddess!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 04:50 AM PST

Fans were surprised to see Shin Dong's special performance on SS4 in Singapore.

Shin Dong performed Trouble Maker and Bubble Pop specially for Singaporean ELFs,check out the fancam below,pretty impressive right?

[Pictures] Miss A's individual concept photos for TOUCH!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 04:27 AM PST

 Check out some new photos of Miss A's upcoming album Touch,do you like the girls' new concept??

[Video] BTS video of Davichi's Kang Min Kyung for DHC!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 03:53 AM PST

Min Kyung flaunts her perfect figure for the cosmetics brand,check out the video below!

[Video] Lee Hyun did a impressive cover of Miss A's Goodbye Baby!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 03:20 AM PST

Check out Lee Hyun's cover for Miss A's popular song Goodbye Baby.

Like his version??

[Video] NS Yoonji chose Lee Joon as her partner on Dream Team!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 02:47 AM PST

NS Yoonji selected MBLAQ's Lee Joon as her partner on Dream Team,she gave him a hug after choosing him.

Check out the video below!

[Video] Miss A's comeback teaser on Inkigayo!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 02:04 AM PST

Miss A will make their comeback on inkigayo next week,check out their teaser on Inkigayo!

[Video] T-ara's practice video for Roly Poly Musical!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 01:36 AM PST

The girls of T-ara including Hyomin,Jiyeon and Soyeon practice really hard for Roly Poly musical,check out the video clip below!

[Video] BTS video of Miss A & Nichkhun Spring EDWIN CF!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 01:03 AM PST

Check out the BTS video of Spring Edwin CF featuring Miss A and 2PM's Nichkhun!

[Videos] Se7en won first place on Inkigayo + other performances!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 12:16 AM PST

Congratz to Se7en for winning on Inkigayo!

JYP performed with him on the show today,check out their amazing collaboration below!

[Video] SPEED performed Lovey Dovey Plus on Inkigayo!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 12:06 AM PST

Check out SPEED's debut stage on Inkigayo!

[Video] EXID made their debut on Inkigayo!

Posted: 19 Feb 2012 12:01 AM PST

Check out new girls EXID's debut stage on Inkigayo,the girls performed their debut song Whoz That Girl on the show,like their new song?

[Video] K.Will said "I Need You" on Inkigayo!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 11:58 PM PST

Check out K.Will's comeback stage on Inkigayo!

[Info] Noizu Productions Announcement related to JYJ’s Concert in Lima, Peru!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 11:23 PM PST

Greetings ….. First of all we want to thank all the fanclubs who attended the meeting yesterday; these are some of the points we all agreed  and as we communicated days before, this would be released to keep everyone informed.
With regards to the entry [to the concert], we agreed with the fanclubs that, one day before the Concert, they will be able to queue, and we agreed to an exact time, to prevent others to queue days before the concert, because we must also remember that many fans from overseas will arrive early and the costs to come here is high, so some people will start queuing to avoid spending more than they already have spent here; we are seeking  the best security for everyone to be in better conditions and to avoid problems, so the queue will begin at 8:00 pm on March 10th.
Noizu, in gratitude to all, will add portable toilets and provide security for those who will camp out a day before the concert, so everyone can can go in peacefully . We must remember that the fans must stay calm and not make noise, as we want to avoid problems with the authorities and neighbors.  Fanclubs will help in giving tickets in order of arrival, to monitor the queue and not have problems because someone keeps a place in line; we all need to help to maintain order. The only open item is, if you will be able to carry tents, which we will announce days in the coming days.
Banners and Posters: We speak very clearly that this concert is called "JYJ in Lima",  so we will only allow to let in everything that has to do with JYJ and the individual artist members (Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun). Just like we reported yesterday, this concert will be recorded and we want nothing to do with other bands that will not have a performance that day, so  please avoid  problems at the door/entry.
All products to be sold  and authorized by the band will be announced next week with more details.
The Gifts: it was agreed that it is better that not all fans bring gifts because it is impossible for the band to take all of these gifts, so we thought it's the best to give one good gift from a fanclub and those who are not members [of the fanclub] can communicate on their facebook to reach an agreement with the fanclubs. It' s the best way they [JYJ] can carry it faster without being overloaded.
There will be no autograph signing  or fan meeting.
Security: We have the best security for the event day, ambulances, firefighters, police and an agreement with the nearest clinic in case you have any problems at the concert.
Each area has a fence, so this way, the security can act quickly against any problem. It's very important to know that all areas are separated, so those who try to move from one place to another will automatically be removed from the concert for disorderly conduct, this we want to make it very clear,  so please avoid problems.
Scenario: We already discussed, in previous days, that the stage extension  will reach to the area of "In Heaven (Super VIP)" similar to many other shows that are made here, so please don't ask again if this will reach to Javier Prado…
There will be very important people at the concert, authorities, consulars, ministers, etc, you must stay in calm and be well-mannered.
All that you have seen in [other JYJ] concerts will be made here, but we can't tell you everything because we  don't want to kill the surprise.
About the airport arrival, we can't assure you that they will come out from the same exit area, because this is a very private matter from the embassy. We don't want to have the same problems that happened the last time when a korean artist came to Peru (T/N: MBLAQ). But we know everyone want to see their artist,s so we can advise you how to see your artists before the Concert.
More details about whether you can bring cameras and others will be announced one week before the Concert.
Greetings ..
Source:  Noizu Facebook

Translated and Shared byJYJ3