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"MBC airs Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’" plus 19 more

"MBC airs Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’" plus 19 more

MBC airs Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 09:05 AM PST

Hit variety program ‘We Got Married‘ has been cancelled for the past three weeks due to MBC‘s union strike, and as the strike continues, MBC has instead aired an episode of the Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ on February 25th.

The Chinese 'We Got Married' launched back on February 14th in celebration of 20 years of diplomatic relations between China and Korea. It was co-produced by both MBC and SMG (Shanghai Media Group) and has already aired through SMG. The special features the couples of Super Junior's Kyuhyun with Chinese actress Lou Yi Xiao along with T-ara's Hyomin with Chinese artist Fu Xinbo.

This “We Got Married” is a bit different from the one that aired through SMG as it was edited in the typical MBC ‘We Got Married’ fashion. In case you missed it on SMG, you can check out the MBC one below.

B1A4′s CF for Thai Cosmetic company ‘Wuttisak Clinic’ revealed

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 08:13 AM PST

The boys of Super Junior have been endorsing Thai cosmetic company 12 Plus for quite some time now and now it seems another Thai cosmetic company has recruited a K-Pop boy group to endorse their products.

The company is named ‘Wuttisak Clinic‘ and they’ve recruited the boys of B1A4 as endorsement models. On February 25th, a commercial film (CF) featuring B1A4 was revealed on the official Wuttisak Clinic YouTube channel. In the CF, the boys can be heard speaking some Thai to the backdrop music of their hit song ‘OK‘.

Check out the CF below!

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Big Bang reveals teaser for “Ain’t No Fun”

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 07:08 AM PST

As previously reported, the boys of Big Bang are doing it big for their 5th mini album by promoting six tracks at once.

Big Bang’s 5th mini-album, ‘Alive‘, is scheduled to hit shelves on February 29th, but the boys will release previews from each track every day prior to the release date.

Fans were treated ”Blue” first, ”Love Dust” next, and Bad Boy third, now “Ain’t No Fun” has entered the scene!

The lyrics were written by G-Dragon with additional rap by T.O.P. The track was produced by G-Dragon, D.J MURF, and PeeJay.

Check out the preview for “Ain’t No Fun” below:

Han Ga In looks like Thomas the Tank Engine?

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 06:27 AM PST

Han Ga In of MBC‘s popular drama, ‘The Moon the Embraces the Sun‘, has recently drawn attention for having a humorous resemblance to Thomas the Tank Engine.

Recently, an online community post titled, “Han Ga In and Thomas the Tank Engine’s synchronization” has surfaced with the above picture.

The post has become popular among netizens as they humored at the uncanny resemblance in expression between the beautiful actress and the animated train character. The caption on the last picture reads, “Who is Thomas? Is that my twin brother? I cannot remember. I am highly confused.

Netizens responded to the post by writing, “Thomas looks like Han Ga In’s twin” and, “If Kim Soo Hyun sees Thomas, he will probably think it is Han Ga In“.

In related news, Han Ga In is currently playing the role of Heo Yeon Woo in ‘The Moon the Embraces the Sun‘, which has recently surpassed the 40% ratings mark.

Source & Image: Josun Illbo via Daum

Eru’s dad Tae Jin Ah chooses f(x)’s Amber as his ideal daughter-in-law

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 05:24 AM PST

Trot singer Tae Jin Ah revealed he would like f(x)’s Amber to become his daughter-in-law.

Tae Jin Ah guest-featured on the most recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ and selected Amber as the person he would like to see marry his son, Eru.

This surprised everyone, as Amber is more of a tomboy and showcases fierce and powerful dance moves on stage.

I’ve always wanted a daughter,” he said. “Seeing the G8 members who are lovely and upbeat makes me want a daughter even more.”

The G8 members tried to come up with ways to make his wish a reality, and SISTAR‘s Hyorin who gets along well with the singer shot her arm into the air and volunteered, “I’ll be your daughter!”

In the end, the G8 members concluded that the best thing to do would be to find his son Eru a wife who could give Tae Jin Ah a granddaughter.

And of the G8 members, he selected Amber as the person he would most like to welcome into his family as his daughter-in-law. He explained his choice by saying that her appearance was most similar to his own wife’s.

The girls were quick to mention that Amber had always said she wanted to marry early, and Amber did not deny the truth.

Amber was then talked into sending Eru a video message, and her face grew bashfully red.

Source & Image : XportsNews via Nate

HyunA uploads a playful ‘Super(wo)man’ photo

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 04:17 AM PST

4minute‘s HyunA has drawn fans’ attention once again after she uploaded photos to her Twitter account on February 24th.

Her Superman pose drew quite a bit of reaction from fans, as they just completely ate up her playfulness.

Fans who saw her selcas showed various reactions, such as “What are you doing?”, “Cute“, and “Unni, you look like you’re having so much fun~“.

Source + Image: Hyuna’s Twitter

2NE1′s Minzy uploads cute photos with a beret on

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 03:40 AM PST

2NE1′s Minzy tweeted a cute photo of herself with a beret on.

Along with the photo, she posted on her twitter,  ”Painter Minzy, finished my photo shoot~~^__^“.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “She has really matured,” “Good job on your hard work,” and “What photo shoot?

We wonder if this is from an upcoming photo shoot or if she’s just being playful?

Source & Photo : Minzy’s Twitter

Oricon’s CEO discusses Girls’ Generation, B2ST, T-ara, & K-pop

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 02:42 AM PST

CEO Koike Koh of the Oricon Corporation experienced something completely new on February 22nd. At the first ever Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards that took place in Seoul that night, Koike himself stepped onto the red carpet. How did it feel to be in front of 150 reporters and a combined number of 300 Korean & Japanese fans?

It was the first time in my life I felt like that,” he said.”I said to myself,So this is what it feels like for the stars who step out on the red carpet.’ I was also surprised at the loud cheers of the Korean fans.”

Oricon is the holding company at the head of a Japanese corporate group that supplies statistics and information on music and the music industry in Japan. The Oricon chart is a respectable and reliable source, and can be compared to the UK Chart in England, as well as the US Billboard.

Launched in 1968, the Oricon also served as the model when the format for the Korean Gaon Chart was created.

As someone who has closely observed the influence of K-pop grow over the years, CEO Koike sat down for an interview, and discussed what he sees as the charm of the fast growing world of K-pop, as well as the philosophy behind the well-respected Oricon chart.

Q. At the Gaon K-pop awards, you presented Girls’ Generation with the ‘Oricon Special Award’. What do you think is the secret to Girls’ Generation’s success in Japan?

A. Girls’ Generation debuted in Japan with their showcase at the Tokyo Ariake Colosseum. Although it was just a mini live performance for the fans who had purchased their CD, I was very surprised at how intensely young Japanese women responded to Girls’ Generation. None of other industry professionals, nor I, had ever imagined that young women could respond to a girl group like that. The marketing strategy of SM Entertainment and Universal Japan that targeted young female fans, was very effective.

Q. Between Taeyeon, who was the MC of the ceremony, and YoonA, who was the award presenter, do you like more?

A. For me, it would be YoonA (laughs). However, all nine members possess the talent and looks. It’s something I had felt before at their mini live performance, but I once again asked myself, ‘How were they able to bring together members like these into one group?’ It’s very surprising. In Japan, it would be no easy task bringing together nine people like them. To be honest, I met Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment in Japan two years ago and pondered, ‘How much of this would become reality?’ as he explained to me about the concept of Girls’ Generation. It seems that dream has been achieved now.

Q. Besides Korean artists who are already well known in Japan like Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, KARA, and BoA, are there any artists or groups that you are anticipating?

A. I was so surprised at last night’s ceremony. It seems artists possessing a variety of talents are being born endlessly in Korea. I was able to feel the depth of K-pop. Specifically, I saw B2ST‘s live performance for the first time yesterday, and felt that their performance level was very high. It was very memorable how the members used [every part of their body] down to the tips of their fingers to express themselves. T-ara‘s visual concept and techno pop dance tracks were unique. I believe that T-ara will continue to gain much popularity in Japan.

Q. Japan’s representative girl group is AKB48. What is something that AKB48 possesses that Korean girl groups do not?

A. Even during their debut period, they were still amateurs. However, Japan has a unique culture in that we enjoy watching idols grow and improve [with time]. I’m referring to the enjoyment of watching each member’s dance or vocal skills, or visuals improve gradually. Also fans [in Japan] hold an election once a year, in which they participate in determining the  next activities of the artists. Through this kind of process, the amount of fans grow as well. AKB48′s producer explained that the beginning concept was ‘an idol you feel as if you can meet up with anytime’. Even now, if you buy seven of their CDs, you can shake hands and talk with the girls for 10 seconds.

Q. Oricon Chart is one that is respected and reported about almost daily by the Korean media. It is one that lives up to the name it stands for (‘Original Confidence’). What is the secret?

A. ‘Oricon’ has one more meaning, which is ‘Consumer Oriented’. It means to look at things from the consumer’s perspective, and help them see things that they weren’t able to before. ‘Accurately investigating into the overflooding and distortion of information to provide reliable data’ – this is Oricon’s philosophy.

Source & Image : MoneyToday StarNews via Nate

Park Ha Sun’s middle school picture revealed!

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 02:20 AM PST

Park Ha Sun‘s photo from her middle school days has recently drawn much attention.

On February 23rd, she created a post on her me2day with the words, “Recently, there has been a picture of me circulating on the internet, and rumor has it that it is my middle school graduation photo. However, it is actually a picture from a newspaper interview that I took when I debuted with ‘Love Needs a Miracle.”

She then uploaded her actual middle school photo and wrote, “When I was looking for my childhood picture for ‘High Kick’, I found this picture of me from the first year of middle school! Here it is. Although I have to say, this picture and the other one are both pretty tacky^^

Netizens who viewed the photo responded, “You look almost the same” , “You were originally pretty!” and, “So cute! You with your short hair!

In related news, Park Ha Sun is currently receiving much love for her role in MBC‘s popular sitcom, ‘High Kick 3′.

Source + Photo: Park Ha Sun’s me2day

G.NA snaps a few shy selcas for her fans

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 01:57 AM PST

Singer G.NA recently uploaded a set of yet another gorgeous selcas.

These photos appeared on her Twitter with the description, “Although I am tired, I am doing well with this ribbon on my head. After finishing two schedules I’m heading to record! Lets get energized.

The selcas showcased the various images of the singer from bashful and adorable, to pensive and mysterious.

With her flawless skin and defined facial features, it’s no surprise she is the subject of envy for many girls!

Fans commented, “I want to see G.NA on stage” and “Gorgeous as always!

Source + image via G.NA’s Twitter

Vocal trainer Jang Jung Woo appears as a contestant on Mnet’s ‘Voice Korea’

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 01:32 AM PST

Vocal trainer and singer, Jang Jung Woo was one of the contestants that stood on stage for the blind audition on the February 24th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘.

Jang Jung Woo introduced himself to the judges saying that he’s a vocal trainer who debuted as a singer back in 2003 through the SBS drama ‘Stairway to Heaven‘. He also revealed that as a vocal trainer, he has trained famous musicians as well as idols, one of them being Shayne from ‘Birth of a Great Star’.

Jung Woo continued, “A lot of people have been talking about me auditioning for the program when I’m already a vocal trainer. Although I have been a singer for 10 years, I’ve never been able to show my mother my performance on stage.”

After seeing his outstanding singing ability, Kangta selected Jung Woo to be part of his team and caused viewers to laugh by calling him “teacher”, as well as asking for advice, stating,”I have been on a five year hiatus but would like to release a new album with a new voice soon. Please give me some advice, teacher.

Source & Image: Star News via Nate

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Mir, and G.O take a hilarious photo together

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 01:13 AM PST

Fans were able to get a good laugh after MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon, Mir, and G.O released a comical photo of themselves that looked as if it was straight out from a webtoon.

On February 24th, G.O tweeted along with the photo above, “This is how hard the Run choreography is.

It seems the boys had a bit of fun playing around on the computer as a special effect was applied to the photo making it look as if it was directly taken out from a webtoon. G.O, Lee Joon, and Mir are all posing playfully, yet with exasperated expression on their faces.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “I got a good laugh, thanks to MBLAQ“, “It looks like a webtoon“, “It must have been really hard to put on that expression.”

Source + Photo: G.O.’s Twitter

K.Will reveals a story about his never-changing looks on ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 12:49 AM PST

K.Will (30) revealed a story behind his never-changing young look on the recent broadcast of ‘Sketchbook‘.

Host Yoo Hee Yeol commented, “K.Will’s looks never change. You looked like this when you were a trainee in Lee Seung Hwan‘s company, Dream Factory. Strong and steady.”

K.Will responded, “I’ve had this steadiness since junior high school. There are a lot of people who think I’m young because of my late debut.”

The singer revealed that in the past, he was often thought of as being much older than he actually was by most people. He stated, “The world was generous to me for there weren’t many people who talked informally to me. Even during middle school, I was frequently mistaken for a soldier in the army,” - causing the set to laugh burst out in laughter.

Do you think K.Will looks his age?

Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate

Performances from February 25th’s ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 12:17 AM PST

MBC's 'Music Core' is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

Today's show was guided by none other than SNSD's Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun who displayed their fun and dorky aeygo as always.

Aside from the usual performances on tonight's episode, both miss A and Brave Girls held their comeback stages for “Touch” and “Nowadays You“, respectively.

Check out the adorable MC cuts below!



Performances from today's show includes F.T. Island, TEEN TOP, B.A.P, K.Will, LEDApple, EXID, Dal Shabet, Chocolat (with TEEN TOP’s C.A.P), SPICA, Ailee, Wink (with K.Will), AXIZ, Yeon Ji Hoo, TAKE HYUN, SPEED, CHAOS, and WE!

Check them out below, and be sure to check out the debut/comeback stages for today by clicking the artist/song name above!


< AXIZ >


< WE >


< Yeon Ji Hoo >


< X-5 >






< Wink (with K.Will) >


< Chocolat (with TEEN TOP’s C.A.P) >


< LEDApple >


< EXID >






< Ailee >


< B.A.P >


< Dal Shabet >


< K.Will >


< F.T. Island >




miss A takes the stage with “Touch” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 12:10 AM PST

miss A is back with a fierce new album entitled 'Touch'!

Comprised of six tracks, miss A has drawn top producers to help work on their album, such as Fuego, Ursula Nancy, and Billion Dollar Baby.

The girls continued promotions by holding their comeback stage for today's episode of 'Music Core' with their title track "Touch", composed by none other than J.Y.Park himself.

Be sure to check out miss A's epic performance below, which includes another track off their album titled "Over U"!

The rest of today's 'Music Core' performances can be viewed here.


Brave Girls make a fierce comeback with “Nowadays You” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 11:32 PM PST

The Brave Girls are back with a new single entitled, 'Re-Issue'!

Their title track "Nowadays You" shows off a new side to the Brave Girls. Fierce and confidently sexy, these ladies won't be taking any prisoners for this promotion.

Check out the girls perform their catchy track on today's 'Music Core' below, and catch the rest of today's 'Music Core’ performances here.


Jang Jae In shows off her abs

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 11:12 PM PST

Jang Jae In has surprised netizens by showing off her hidden abs through her latest participation in the fashion magazine ‘Sure‘.

In the pictorial that has recently been released, Jang Jae In is seen wearing short jeans and a short top that exposes her abs. She especially stands out with her orange-colored lipstick and thick eyebrows.

Despite her thick makeup and revealing outfit, what caught the attention of fans was the singer’s abs which she had kept hidden until now.

Fans who caught a glimpse of the photo commented, “She sure does have a great figure“, “What great abs!”, and “She looks the prettiest when she’s wearing casual outfits.”

Meanwhile, Jang Jae In released her single album on the 8th entitled ‘None other than You.’

Source & Image: StarN via Naver

Kim Greem’s new wavy hairstyle sparks interest

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 11:07 PM PST

Singer Kim Greem changed her hairstyle to a new wavy look, drawing much attention from netizens.

On February 23rd, she posted on her twitter saying, “Don’t you think my natural hair was better? I don’t think this wavy hairstyle matches with me.“, along with a cute picture of her new ‘do.

In the picture you can see her usually straight hair has now changed and has been dyed brown. She shows off her beautiful eyes and her v-line face wearing stylish makeup making her even more beautiful.

Netizens who have seen this post commented, “You got so much more prettier!” and “Kim Greem’s wavy hairstyle is as good as her natural’s“.

Also, Kim Greem recently released her new single album, ‘To You‘, on the 17th.

Source and picture: Naver

Donghae and Eunhyuk to hold a special event to celebrate the release of ‘Oppa Oppa’

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 10:59 PM PST

Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk will be holding a special fan event to commemorate the release of their upcoming Japanese single “Oppa Oppa“.

To thank the fans who purchase their album, the boys will be setting out to create memories with their Japanese fans through a special event on April 11th.

As reported earlier, the boys have announced their plans to release ‘Oppa Oppa’ in Japan on April 4th. The single will be released in the form of a CD as well as a DVD, and will also contain footage of their performance during their concert.

The track has a retro disco feel, and has received already much positive response during their ‘Super Show 4‘ world tour concert in Japan.

Source + Photo: Osen

M-Flo releases ‘She’s So (Outta Control)’ featuring 2NE1

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 10:41 PM PST

Japanese hip hop group, M-Flo will be releasing their ‘Square One’ album in March 14th, which will include a track featuring 2NE1!

Although the album hasn’t officially been released yet, Tokyo FM 80.Love aired a preview of some of the tracks, including ‘She’s So (Outta Control)’ featuring popular female idol group 2NE1.

The song features a sound that is definitely different from the girls’ style, but the girls still manage to help give the track some of 2NE1′s distinct flair.

Member Minzy also shared the link to the song and tweeted, “We hope for your interest ^^!!”

Without further ado, check out the track below and show Minzy your interest!

Source: Minzy’s Twitter

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