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"[ME2DAY] Daesung, "This is the moment"" plus 24 more

"[ME2DAY] Daesung, "This is the moment"" plus 24 more

[ME2DAY] Daesung, "This is the moment"

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 08:24 AM PST

UPDATE: "This is the moment…!!"

[Video] 2PM sang “Tian Mi Mi” at Nanjing!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 07:56 AM PST

Last night, Korea's popular boy group 2PM held their first Asia Tour concert in China at Nanjing Olympic Stadium. The six members put on an exciting performance for the fans that flew in from all over the world. Although the song list were generally in Korean and English, 2PM has diligently practiced their Mandarin and showcased them during the show with frequent Chinese greetings such as "Hi Nanjing", "Thank You", "Do you understand?", "Together". The crowd went wild when they said "I love you" in Mandarin. The fans also displayed their Korean skills when they sang along to 2PM's hits such as "Hot", "Electricity", "Hands Up", etc. Highlight of the night was the surprise segment 2PM prepared for the fans. They sang "Tian Mi Mi" without accompaniment and the fans joined in. The concert was filled with dance songs and the sophisticated dance choreography was stunning. The six Korean pretty boys captured the hearts of the fans with their outstanding performances and loud outfits. The concert was a visual and audio feast coupled with a live performance of swordsmanship. There's only one phrase to this describe the concert, "Time flew past and it's not enough!"


[Video] Big Bang unveiled teaser for Daesung's solo Wings!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 07:48 AM PST

Check out the teaser above!

[Daum] One month after debuting with the first single ‘WARRIOR’!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 07:40 AM PST

On February 27th, boy group B.A.P shared a group photo on Daum Cafe.

It's been one month since the group debuted with their first single entitled "WARRIOR". To reminisce, the group posted the photo above and wrote "A month after B.A.P's First Single 'WARRIOR' debut. The last stage of 'WARRIOR' was aired on February 26th on 'Inkigayo', we hope you will give continuous love for the activities on their follow-up song as much love and interest as you give to 'WARRIOR'."

They continued "Their follow up song '비밀연애 (Secret Love)' will show a transformation from the six tough warriors so please look forward to it and cheer on it a lot.
Thank you."

In the picture, the boys show their cuteness by posing with various expressions. 

The boys seem happy for their first month in music industry. Let's support them and watch over them until they meet their dream.

source: Daum Cafe
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[News] 2PM drives fans crazy at concert in Olympic Stadium!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 07:26 AM PST

Last night, superstar South Korean boyband 2PM opened their concert at Nanjing Olympic Stadium. The six boys' first time holding a concert in Mainland China marks their impressive crowd-pulling power, and have caused intense excitement among the Kpop fans here. Despite the fact that the fans don't understand Korean, and 2PM didn't speak much Chinese, the group managed to passionately rouse the crowd, with loud screams and cheers at everything the group members said.

Although yesterday's 2PM concert was only slated to begin at 7.30pm, many fans arrived at the venue in the afternoon. The fans that attended the concert were approximately 90% female. When the screen in front of the stage falls to reveal the flashing silhouettes of the six members of 2PM, the atmosphere in the stadium escalated to explosive levels, with ear-piercing screams coming from every direction. 2PM's excellent dance skills and super cool styles helped to bring the atmosphere of the concert to a climax.

After a few performances, a perspiring 2PM uses the unfamiliar Chinese language to say hello to their fans. Whenever the big screen shows a certain member of the group, fans would immediately begin to move and scream. The speeches that followed were almost entirely in Korean, but this did not dampen the fans' moods in the slightest. Every gesture and expression was enough to drive fans crazy. During the faster dance songs, 2PM changed into prim suits to perform a few ballads, while the fans began to sway to the tune in their seats. Some fans held up LED signs with the Korean names of their favorite members, loudly screaming the members' names, almost making it look like an actual concert held in Korea. A noteworthy performance was by member Hwang Chansung who displayed his impressive skills in sword-fighting as he duels with a projection of a shadow silhouette in front of a screen. The performance was exciting, interesting and novel.

After the entire concert ended, hordes of fans were still reluctant to leave the stadium, once again proving that the charisma of the Hallyu wave is not to be underestimated.

[Photos] CNBLUE’s Thailand concert attracted 10,000 enthusiastic fans!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 07:16 AM PST

Korean band CNBLUE successfully completed their BLUESTORM in Thailand.
CNBLUE performed at the Impact Arena, Bangkok on the 25th of February. The Thailand leg of CNBLUE's "BLUESTORM" Asia Tour was supposed to be on November 19th last year, but it was postponed due to  flood in Bangkok.
Take a look at the pictures from the concert.

Source: TopStarNews
Shared by: CebuNuna + fizzy @ cnbluestorm +

[News] Ratings increase for ‘Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys’

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 06:38 AM PST

On February 27th, according to the data by AGB Nielsen Media Research, JTBC's 'Girls' Generation and Dangerous Boys' aired on February 26th recorded a viewership rating of 0.952%, which is an increase of 0.225% from February 19th's episode which recorded 0.697%.

In this episode, Girls' Generation attended and watched the boys' performance at the 'Street Jam Dance Competition' which was their final goal of the show. Seohyun and Sooyoung who could not hold back their emotions, burst into tears. As they watched the boys giving their all on the stage, Girls' Generation members cheered for them tirelessly.

Credit: fanwonder

[News] Yuri and Shin SeKyung showcase glamorous beauty through ‘Fashion King’

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 06:16 AM PST

On February 27th, a post with attached pictures taken from the making video of SBS 'Fashion King' was published on a portal site forum. In the photo, Yuri and Shin SeKyung showcased their glamorous beauty through their strong and bold poses together with the male actors.

Yuri put both her hands on Lee JeHoon's shoulder with a rather faint expression in her eyes. Shin SeKyung on the other hand, leaned against Yoo AhIn with a captivating pose. With their own unique poses and styles, the two gorgeous women looked as if they were competing against each other in between the short instances of the camera shutters.

The new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fashion King' will be aired starting March 19th at 9.55pm KST.

Source: fanwonder

[Video] 2AM releases comeback teaser

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 06:04 AM PST

Ballad group 2AM will finally release its first Korean album in over 18 months on March 12. Ahead of the launch of the album, which will be the band's second EP, the group revealed a short teaser through their official Youtube channel.

2AM's second mini album, titled Fitzgerald's Love Story, will contain a total of five new tracks. It includes 1초만더 (Just 1 More Second), 내꺼였는데 (You Were Mine), 너도나처럼 (You're Just Like Me), 잘이별하기 (Break Up Well) and 추억다지워 (Erase All Memories).

Meanwhile, 2AM will also release their second Japanese single on April 11. The single will feature the Japanese version of their 2010 hit song "You Didn't Answer My Call", "Like Crazy" and a cover of Ken Hirai's "With My Eyes Closed."

Check out the teaser below. Are you excited for their comeback?

[Videos] IU performed on SBS You & I!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 06:01 AM PST

IU performed You and I and Child Searching For A Star on the show,enjoy her performance here!

[Photo] Tiger JK and IU snap a photo together

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 05:45 AM PST

Hip hop legend Tiger JK and teen singer IU showed their father-daughter relationship through a sweet selca.

On February 26, Tiger JK updated his me2day and wrote, "Uncle fans please don't click ke Pretending to look cool, while supressing my smile.^^"

Attached the update is a photo of the stars. IU flaunts her hip hop fashion, dressed in black hoodie and white top. Tiger JK, as usual, looks cool with his pair of black eyeglasses and leopard-printed scarf.

Netizens commented, "Hip hop IU!" "Tiger JK is definitely an uncle fan", "Didn't expect Tiger JK will take photo with IU" and "Now, I'm surprised!"

In related news, IU and Tiger JK will be making a special cameo appearance on SBS's sitcom "Salamander Guru" to be aired on March 2.

Source: WehearIU

[News] 2NE1 celebrates CL's birthday

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 05:22 AM PST

On February 26, 2NE1's leader CL celebrated her birthday. Fellow members Dara, Bom and Minzy along with the staff prepared a fun-loaded party for CL. To share the fun with the Blackjacks, the girls went on an updating frenzy with a few snapshots.

Dara updated her me2day and shared a photo of CL's birthday cake. She wrote, "Waaahhh~! A really delicious cake! ^0^ Now the members are arriving one by one~! Yehey~!!!"

She continued, "The members have all arrived!!! Meal, start~! ^_^ Very cute hamburger steaks with fried quail eggs on top!!! +.+ Tacos and nachos! Kya~! Really delicious! This is Chaerin's food choice~! Nyam nyam nyam!!!"

Dara then uploaded a photo of the birthday celebrant, CL happily holding her present, "Today's star, Chaerinnie, who is holding her favorite teddy bear, which is her aunt's gift to her~! ^.^ Happy birthday~! +.+"

Dara's update frenzies continue and wrote, "Measuring tape Darong who appeared at the birthday party dressed in sweats straight from the dorm! Ke ke ke This year.. Is already the 5th year we celebrated Chaerinnie's birthday together ^_^ Now that I think about it, the first tiime we celebrated her birthday together was during our trainee days.. All the members together, and suddenly the thought that we've been together for quite a long time came to me.. It's amazing ^.^ Looking forward to more birthdays together in the future!" and uploaded the photo below.

Park Bom joined the fun and updated her Twitter. She wrote, "Now at Chaerin's birthday party!! Arrived!!, along the photo of CL and Dara.

The maknae Minzy also shared few snapshots from the celebration. "CL Birthday party!!! Oooh!!"

Happy Birthday CL!

Credit: BlackjackBelle@OhDara / SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

[Video] MaskOT unveiled practice video!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 05:20 AM PST

New girls MaskOT unveiled the practice video of their debut song,check out the video below!

[Video] SNSD Jessica's Coming Step photoshoot video for Dazed & Confused!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 04:58 AM PST

Check out the BTS video of SNSD's Jessica filming for Dazed and Confused Magazine.

[News] Kim Jang Hoon announces plans for charity businesses

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 04:52 AM PST

Singer Kim Jang Hoon announced on Saturday that he will launch several businesses in association with his fund-raising activities.

Before performing his ceremonial "Flower Concert," Kim, a renowned social activist and avid donator, held a press conference at Blue Square Hall in Hannam-dong, central Seoul, on Saturday to announce his upcoming plans to prolong his donation activities.

"When I suffered from panic attacks last year, I thought it would be a big problem if support for children were cut off," Kim said. "But if there's revenue coming from businesses, then a strong foundation will be established to steadily support children."

Kim said his flower delivery business will start this Thursday to help fund his billboard in Times Square, New York, that will be used to advertise his position on the disputed Dokdo islets. Profits from the business will also go toward funding the construction of a hospital for severely disabled children.

Source: Koreajoongangdaily

[News] Tony An & Smash reveal album jacket for "Get Your Swag On"

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 04:35 AM PST

Tony An, the 33-year-old CEO of TN Entertainment, recently made the shocking announcement that he will join Smash, an idol group under his company's management, as its sixth member. After 8 years, this is the first time Tony An will be working in a group.

Prior to their official comeback, Tony An and Smash recently released the music video teaser for their comeback track, "Get Your Swag On," which was produced by Tony himself. In addition, the project group has unveiled the album jacket for the single.

Meanwhile, Tony An and Smash will kick off their first performance on March 1st on "M!Countdown". Are you excited for their comeback?

[Video] CN Blue arrived at Taiwan airport!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 04:19 AM PST

CN Blue arrived in Taiwan earlier today for their concert on 28th February.

The members received a lot of love from Taiwanese fans and mentioned that they like Taiwan very much.

Check out the video below!

[News] C-Real to release new mini-album "Love Diary"

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 04:16 AM PST

Rookie girl group C-Real will be making their comeback with second mini album!

On February 26, C-Real's agency, N.A.P. Entertainment revealed the album jacket for the upcoming album via official Facebook and Twitter. Titled "Love Diary," the album is set to hit the shelves on March 6. C-Real will soon be appearing on music programs on a later date.

C-Real debuted in October 2011 with their single "No No No No No." They also participated in the OST for tvN's "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen." The group shot to the top of media headlines after being labeled as the "five-member IU."

[News] ZE:A Park Hyungsik cast in new SBS drama

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 04:03 AM PST

Following the step of his fellow member SiWan's success, ZE:A Park Hyungsik will be expanding his career into drama and has been cast in the SBS upcoming weekend series.

A representative from Star Empire Entertainment, Hyungsik will be making his drama debut through SBS drama tentatively titled "Stupid Mom." He will play the rebellious younger brother to actress Yoo In Young's character.

"In the series, Hyungsik's charater rides around in a motorcycle and so he's been getting motorcycle lessons. He was quite scared at first but he's getting the hang of it," the representative added.

"Stupid Mom" focuses on the subject of love, forgiveness amongst generation of women. The series also stars actors Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Tae Woo and Kim Jung Hoon, and is slated to air on SBS on March 17th.

[Video] A Pink's graduation clip

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 03:38 AM PST

On February 27, A Pink's agency A Cube Entertainment uploaded a video via its official Youtube channel. The video shows behind-the-scene footage and highlights from the graduation ceremony of A Pink members Bomi, Hayoung and Eunji.

Hayoung graduated from middle school on February 3 at Seoul Yang Cheon Gu's Shin Wol Middle School. Bomi graduated from Korea Arts High School while Eunji graduated from Busan Hyehwa Girls' High School on February 9.

Check out the clip below.

[Video] Brave Girls made their comeback with Nowadays You on K Wave!

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 03:35 AM PST

Check out Brave Girls' comeback performance on Wave K!

[News] Lee Hyori responds to the "belly fat" issue

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 03:22 AM PST

Sexy diva Lee Hyori shared her thoughts about the controversy over her belly.

The singer seemed unaffected by the issue and tweeted on February 27, "What's so alarming about the fact that things begin to sag a bit as one ages? It seems many reporters were only focused on drawing criticism to my belly from yesterday's episode of 'You & I'. I'm just a girl with the flu laughing while receiving an IV."

Netizens responded to the tweet, saying, "That's the Hyori unnie we know!" "Of course! That's a given" and "Hyori unnie, you're so cool."

Earlier, screen captures from the first episode of SBS "You & I" surfaced online. Lee Hyori is seen wearing a black-and-white pattered dress which exposed her belly and back.

[Photo] Park Bom shares fresh selca

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 03:08 AM PST

2NE1's Park Bom shared a fresh no makeup picture after the collaboration performance with labelmate Se7en on SBS "Inkigayo."

On February 26 Park Bom tweeted, "I'm home now~ Se7en and I worked very hard for the performance. How was I today?" and uploaded the photo above.

She took a picture after removing her heavy stage makeup. She showed off her natural looks and innocent charms. It was a totally different look from her SBS "Inkigayo" performance.

Netizens who viewed the post responded, "Your performance today was great!", "Park Bom looks better with no makeup", "A beautiful voice and envious body", "I hope 2NE1 also makes a comeback soon!"

[News] 2PM wraps up "Hands Up" concert in Nanjing

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 02:55 AM PST

Korea's "Beastly Idol" 2PM successfully wrapped up their first concert in China.

On February 25, 2PM met their Chinese fans at their concert titled "Hands Up Asia Tour," which took place at the Nanjing Olympic Stadium in Nanjing, China. With all of its 9,000 tickets sold out, the concert was given wholehearted support from the Chinese fans of all ages.

The concert promoter was quoted as saying, "The local fans have eagerly awaited 2PM's performance. Everyone was able to feel the energy of the Chinese fans."

As a result of the high level of interest, 2PM ranked second on Chinese search engine Weibo's real-time hit list, and number of people swarmed to 2PM's promotional event, hotel, and the airport to see 2PM members.

Besides this being their first concert in China, 2PM also performed a meaningful act of donating part of the concert proceeds to the "Change the Tables and Chairs for the Children" event on Weibo, changing school furniture for over 200 students. Just recently, 2PM also donated some of the proceeds from their Thai concert towards "Red Cross Thailand."

JYP Entertainment stated, "We really thank you for your love and support to 2PM's first Asian tour. 2PM members are still touched after interacting with you at the concert. We'll try our best until we finish the tour in Hong Kong."

[News] SM Entertainment launches travel agency

Posted: 27 Feb 2012 02:39 AM PST

SM Entertainment, the agency that houses to top artists like TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls' Generation, will launch a travel and tourism business.

On February 27, SM Entertainment announced, "We decided to take over 'Happy Hawaii', travel agency that specialize in Hawaii, under the name of 'SM Town Travel'. We will launch new business that regards travel and tourism."

"SM Town Travel will combine SM Entertainment's renowned brand with the global popularity of K-pop and Hallyu in order to invent various travel packages. It will also strive to become a cultural exchange business through education and culture exchange," the agency added.

President of SM Town Travel Kang Jung Hyun stated, "SM Town Travel will provide customers unique services which are combined with entertainment, travel, and tourism. We will also combine global entertainment and lifestyle with entertainment business to create the maximum synergy effect with SM Entertainment."