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"[Trans] Boyfriend on International Chinese Edition Vol. 12!" plus 24 more

"[Trans] Boyfriend on International Chinese Edition Vol. 12!" plus 24 more

[Trans] Boyfriend on International Chinese Edition Vol. 12!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 10:38 AM PST

Boyfriend has been featured on International Chinese Edition Vol. 12 and Boyfriend's part has been translated.

Read it below.

I think that a place where it snows makes people feel blessed already!
A boy with pretty collarbones  [himself]
I'm actively working out lately. When I see myself in the misty mirror after taking a bath and saw a fitter body and beautiful collarbones, I feel so manly, haha!

Little boy Youngmin-ah! Youngmin was still a little kid when we first met, but now he knows how to consider the hyungs' opinion first before taking action, he doesn't express his feelings, maybe he wants the hyungs to be happy, he made me feel very surprised. Although Youngmin is working hard and keeps his feelings to himself, he is still so cute!
GLOBAL IDOL hope that through overseas activities , they can let the overseas fans to feel Boyfriend's charms , but to be able to have this achievement they have to learn the different foreign languages…haha…they know to speak Japanese a little so they will start from learning Japanese first and slowly learn the other foreign languages to become a world star .
WANNA BE DATE I don't want anything special , walking in a slient road , holding hands naturally … I hope I have the chance to experience this kind of feelings. Wow ! Just by thinking about this makes my heart beat faster ! Under this feeling of happiness I wish that I can hold or hug my girlfriend during our date , because I love skinship . hehe.
MINWOO ! I am so envious of you ! Minwoo he … ( doesn't know when he came beside me ) why are you here ? Leave here quickly ! ( Minwoo quickly get out of the room ) Minwoo is very popular among girls ! Isn't it surprising ? hahaha ! Minwoo isn't the type of mature guy and he is very good at acting like a spoiled child and very cute , and not to mention popular among girls . I heard that girls like boys that are full of charm … I guess minwoo must have a kind of attraction to attract the attention of the girls . I really want to know what kind of attraction he has ! Unlike me , I do not have any special kind of attraction to attract the girls .
WANNA BE DATE Wish to watch a movie or strolling in a park during our date.
WANNA BE DATE I wish that I can hold her hand and walk in a park , or watch a movie together like those ordinary dates a couple will have , because I love to walk . If I could ride a bicycle like how I ride in the music video , the feelings might be great too ! When filming the music video ,  the scene of me touching the head of my girlfriend is very unnatural, and I get one of the noona to demonstrate the scene for me .
YOU'RE MY LADY I like girls who act like a spoiled child . Have you seen the drama «SIGN» ? In the drama Kim Ah Jong sunbaenim's role is similar to my ideal type of girl. Although she is very spoiled but sometimes doesn't make sense , serious when doing her work and it make me feels that she is very beautiful . I don't like people who are rude . No matter where or who you are talking to , people who have their manners towards the person , I will unconsciously feel attracted to that person .
I am so envious of Jeongmin . I am very envious of Jeongmin's personality , because he is always very optimistic , always think of the positive side . This are the personality I do not possess . That's why I am very envious of Jeongmin's personality .
WANNA BE DATE I wish that I can go outing with my girlfriend . Lunchbox…. I think it's better to prepare ourselves ! It's okay for me to prepare a two person lunch box .
WANNA BE DATE I wish that I can hold my girlfriend's hand and walk to the amusement park and play . Wearing animal mask or cute headbands and play together . Ever since junior high first year , I didn't go to any amusement park anymore . If I can go there again , I wish I can go with my beloved girlfriend, and i will be much happier !
Just for the sake for the noonas , in the song I had a pelvis dance part that will let the noonas love this performance more ! hahaha … I even received comments from people that I twisted too hard during the pelvis dance , and since then I recently work very hard to shake my pelvis [hahaha] !
Credits: honeyoung on weibo

[Picture] T-ara's Boram with a new set of lovely selcas!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 08:54 AM PST

T-ara's Boram shared a set of new selcas on her Twitter although she was a bit sleepy.

She is seen posing in various cute expressions in the selcas above.

Like her new set of selcas?

[Pictures] Secret unveiled individual concept photos for So Much For Goodbye!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 07:36 AM PST

 Check out the individual concept photos of Secret for their latest Japanese single So Much For Goodbye.

[Video] Teen Top snapped a group photo at Inkigayo backstage!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 07:00 AM PST

Teen Top shared a new photo on Teen Top's official Twitter account.

The boys won first place with Crazy on the show today,congratulations to them for winning.

[Picture] 4Minute's Nam Jihyun poses like a goddess in new selca!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 06:30 AM PST

4Minute's leader Nam Gyuri shared a new selca on her Twitter!

She poses cutely in this selca,fans are impressed with her porcelain skin.

Like her new selca?

[Video] Lee Joon performed It's War on Dream Team 2!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 05:58 AM PST

Check out Lee Joon's short performance on Dream Team 2!

[Picture] 4Minute's Sohyun shared a cute selca!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 05:28 AM PST

4Minute's Sohyun revealed a cute selca on her Twitter.

The maknae carves an angelic smile while posing confidently to the camera,check out her selca above!

[NEWS] 'Dream Team 2' Brian Joo misunderstanding with MBLAQ's new song 'This Is War'

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 05:14 AM PST

Source: Nate

Vocalist Brian Joo admits misunderstanding MBLAQ's song 'This Is War', drawing laughter.

Broadcasting the upcoming 5th, KBS 2TV 'Dream team 2' Brian Joo and MBLAQ's Lee Joon each had made appearances to promote their newly released songs.

While Brian Joo, "The stage performance was a somewhat of a misunderstanding," and "The first time I heard the song 'This Is War' was in a beauty salon and I've heard the song lyrics 'This Is War' being said." And the appearances of the lyrics was startling. He added, "I laughed after I learned the point."

Meanwhile 'Dream Team 2' Brian Joo, Jo Sung Mo, Lee Sang Min, Han Min Kwan, Park Jae Min, and MBLAQ's Lee Joon appeared as the invincible team in the middle of the Marine ski slope "Snow Triathlon" to play a head-to-head strong man show.

[Picture] Kang Min Kyung and Hyomin snap a pretty selca!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 04:54 AM PST

Davichi's Kang Min Kyung and T-ara's Hyomin snapped a selca together.

They look as lovely as usual,like their new selca?

[TWITTER] Se7en Tweets About Daesung Coming to Support his First Comeback Stage

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 05:14 AM PST

Translation: "Big Bang's representative Daesung & Gummy Noona came to support my first comeback stage today!!! I'm so, so grateful and thanks to them I was so pumped up~!! Here's a picture for proof~!!!! Ah.... I forgot it... *gasp* ㅡㅡ;"

Source: @officialSe7en
Translation: @big_seunghyun


[TWITTER] Jang Hyunseung tweets photo of Big Bang's congratulatory flowers for Beast's concert

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 05:14 AM PST

Translation: BIGBANG BROTHERS, JANG HYUN SEUNG JJANG! Hwaiting Bro! Best Cheekbone!

Source: @doublev89
Translted by @HuisuYoon


[Picture] Yunho visits Rain in the army!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 04:26 AM PST

Yunho paid Rain a visit in the army despite his busy schedule.

He poses with Rain with an unknown third person.

Fans noticed that Yunho dyed his hair caramel blonde color,Rain and Yunho show the victory pose in the photo above!

[Video] Block B performed on YeoSu EXPO D-100 Concert!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 03:59 AM PST

Check out Block B's performance on YeoSu EXPO D-100 Concert!

[Picture] OMG,BEAST's Dong Woon unveiled his chocolate ABS!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 03:53 AM PST

BEAST's maknae Dong Woon unveiled a new photo on his official Twitter.

He poses half naked confidently in the photo above showing off her muscular chest and chocolate ABS.

Do you have any comment after seeing his well-trained body??

[Video] B1A4's Baro performs SNSD's The Boys???

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 03:21 AM PST

Check out Baro's cute performance below,he dances to SNSD's The Boys!

[Video] Dal Shabet performed Hit U on Love Request!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 02:59 AM PST

Check out Dal Shabet's performance on Love Request!

[Video] Many KPop idols will visit Taiwan in 2012!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 02:16 AM PST

Besides Super Junior,BEAST,CN Blue,FT Island,Kim Kyujong,Boyfriend and Shinhwa will visit Taiwan very soon,check out the video below for more details!

[Audio] Suzy sings for Dream High 2 OST!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 02:08 AM PST

Miss A 's Suzy sings for Dream High 2 OST,check out her new song You're My Star below,like this song?

[Video] Super Junior show off their Chinese + Ryeo Wook wanna be in love!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 01:35 AM PST

Super Junior performed in Taiwan for 4 consecutive days,some members showed off their Chinese speaking ability,Ryeo Wook even confessed that he wanna have a girlfriend this year,check out the video below!

[Picture] Nicole,Mir and Jaejin snapped a photo!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 01:00 AM PST

KARA's Nicole shared a new photo on her Twitter.

She is seen posing with MBLAQ's Mir and FT Island's Jaejin in the photo above.

3 of them were born in 1991,other idols who were born in this year including SHINee's Key,Minho,BEAST's Dong Woon and 2AM's Jinwoon!

[Videos] 120205 Teen Top won first place + other Inkigayo performance clips!

Posted: 05 Feb 2012 12:04 AM PST

Check out performance clips of Inkigayo aired today,Teen Top won first place on the show,congratulations to them for the victory.

[Videos] Se7en made his comeback on Inkigayo!

Posted: 04 Feb 2012 11:59 PM PST

Solo singer Se7en made his comeback on Inkigayo with When I Can't Sing and Somebody Else,check out his performance below!

[Info] 25 Things You Don’t Know About Wonder Girls!

Posted: 04 Feb 2012 11:59 PM PST

The Wonder Girls -- Yubin, Yenny, Sun, Sohee and Lim -- share the 25 things you don't know about them with Us Weekly. Their TeenNick special, The Wonder Girls, airs Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on TeenNick.

1. We just became global ambassadors for Korean Food! Yum!

2. Nick Cannon produced our TeenNick Movie The Wonder Girls -- we all think he's such a gentleman.

3. When we filmed out movie we tried soul food for the first time and we love it!

4. We record some of our songs in English, Chinese and Korean. . . We get so confused sometimes.

5. Yenny gets annoyed when people call her Jenny. It's "Y"enny! YEA-NNY!

6. Our favorite American slang term is "fo shizzle." We learned it when filming The Wonder Girls.

7. We are obsessed with all things fashion! Sohee is the fashionista one. We love going to fashion week in New York!

8. Sohee wears socks when she goes to sleep.

9. Yubin regrets never going to prom.

10. Sun has a boyfriend!

11. We're all obsessed with Beyonce! And Katy Perry!

12. We love trying new food and discovering new restaurants!

13. We have traveled the world but there is no place like home.

14. We love to Skype with our families back home.

15. Yenny loves Glee and wishes she could perform an Aretha Franklin song on the show one day.

16. Lim has seen The Parent Trap and The Princess Diaries more than 10 times.

17. Sun's favorite day of the year is Christmas.

18. We opened for Justin Bieber's L.A. show and now we all have Bieber fever! (Lim absolutely does!) We watched his movie, too!

19. Yenny never believed in Santa Claus.

20. Sun prefers sneakers over heels.

21. Lim use men's perfume!

22. We love bright colors, right now we are all about neon!

23. Our favorite thing to do is perform live for our fans. There is nothing better.

24. Sohee loves lemon! She loves the taste, smell, color, everything!

25. We hope you all watch our movie The Wonder Girls on February 2 on TeenNick! (OK, maybe that's not a secret.)

Source: US Weekly

[Video] Block B made a Nanrina comeback on Inkigayo!

Posted: 04 Feb 2012 11:50 PM PST

Check out Block B's comeback performance on Inkigayo today!

[Video] FT Island made their comeback on Inkigayo!

Posted: 04 Feb 2012 11:48 PM PST

FT Island performed their comeback stage on Inkigayo today,enjoy their performance!