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"[Trans] JYJ on Vietnamese magazine for teenagers !" plus 24 more

"[Trans] JYJ on Vietnamese magazine for teenagers !" plus 24 more

[Trans] JYJ on Vietnamese magazine for teenagers !

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 10:21 AM PST

You have so many places to "date" 3 JYJ flower boys!
Our Yoochun is destined to play in historical drama. His latest role is the Crown Prince. The drama which tells a story about a prince living in rooftop not only makes JYJ fans wait in anxiety, but also makes Korean drama-aholics excited this month.
The stories about a woman or a man travelling time caused a fever in China but it's quite new in Korean dramas. Let's imagine! A young prince from Joseon period who travels in modern life would certainly be very "dumbfounded" to this modern technology world. This drama is a rom-com, therefore, there are so many funny scenes that Prince Lee Gak is stuck in, which make teens fell of chair laughing. Also, Yoochun is going to pair up with Han Jimin, a natural beauty with no aged face. This couple is ready to be crowned "The most desirable couple in 2012 ". The first episode of Rooftop Prince will be aired on SBS on 14th March.
Junsu - the new prince of Korean musical stage has taken part in Elisabeth. Although he has honestly admitted, "The first musical I saw was the musical that I was starring," now our Junsu has found his passion in musical.  Junsu had to go on diet for 6kg weight loss to have the fragile, fantasy, yet seductive beauty Death, who makes female fans be lost in mind.
There are many interesting things in Junsu's performance. For example, all women's restrooms are overloaded during break because almost 100% of Elisabeth's audience is female. The Theater had to turn men's restrooms into women's restroom to meet the demand. Also, tickets for Junsu's performance have been sold out as fast as lightning and a lot of fans had to buy ticket from black market. Elisabeth musical is still going on until 13th May.
After so many difficulties, JYJ's The Day documentary can finally be screened in theaters. From 23rd Febuary, The Day will be screened at 20 complexes of Lotte Cinema in Korea.
Fans at Seoul were extremely lucky to not only watch the footage of JYJ's life but also to see JYJ for real. It's not hard to imagine the chaos at cinemas because there are a lot, a lot of JYJ's fans in Korea. Overseas fans who can't watch The Day in theaters are waiting for the DVD version of <The Day>.

Extremely enthusiastic in social activities, JYJ fandom in Vietnam has done so many charitable activities in a row such as visiting and helping unprivileged children at Village of Peace, Ha Cau Orphanage (Hanoi), Dieu Giac pagoda orphanage or Tan Quy Elders Center (HCM City) for a year.
To celebrate the 1st anniversary (3rd March), JYJ Family members in the South are planning to organize a charity trip to Ngoc Quang monastery where helps and takes care of the elders. This meaningful event will be held by JYJ Family members on Sunday 4th March in hope of contributing to spread JYJ love through practical and social activities, just like what JYJ Jaejoong said: "Love is like Boomerang, if we give love, we will receive love in return." Log in http://jyjfamily.vn, access JYJ Charity Foundation section for more related information and event!
Scan + Translation by: black_autumn of JYJ Family Vietnam

[Photos/Trans] CNBLUE in B-Pass Magazine April 2012 Issue!

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 08:26 AM PST

Q What's your essential item at live performance?
Water! I drink 4 or 5 plastic bottles of water at live, and 4 more bottles after live. I used to wear rings on stage, but these days I don't like it. Maybe because I became old? (laugh). In the past, I hoped to make my fingers on guitar look cool. But I sweat a lot in playing, so lately I rarely wear them.

Q What's the first CD that you bought?
Back Street Boys' CD. Maybe around 2nd year in elementary school?

Q What's the first live concert that you attended?
The first concert that I attended was Yim JaeBum's concert that I went with my friends, in junior high school. I remember that I managed to get the ticket since there were not many concerts held in Busan. Since I was a big fan of him, I was so moved to watch him in the flesh.

Q What's the first instrument that you tried?
I started learning piano at 6, and kept it till I was in 2nd year in junior high. That helps my band activity in the musical aspect. I got a good ear for music thanks to learning piano for a long time. It's like, I can catch the sound when I play.

Q Didn't you get tired of piano as a boy?
Not at all. I had a lot of fun. Once I started music, I would concentrate on it and keep playing piano all night. There are not so many differences between that time and now, in that I love music.

Q Tell us your musical roots
Bon Jovi! The first time I watched his live performance, I got shocked. The performance, songs, his voice, all of them were very cool. Until that time, I didn't have many chances to listen to western music. I watched it for my first time on MTV western music channel. Also, my big (cousin) brother used to be a western music fan, so I listened to it with his iPod. The person who made me want to do band is Bon Jovi, too. I definitely can say that my music roots = Bon Jovi.

* * *
Q As the graduation season is coming soon (March in Japan), tell us an impressive episode relating to your graduation or your school life.
I don't remember

Q Tell us a recommendable CNBLUE's song for "graduation" season
"Lets Go Crazy"

Q What item are you into lately?
Handphone. I play the game in holiday.

Q Tell us an artist or a song that you are interested in lately
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Q What's your favorite "mom's home cooking"? Or what's your specialty dish?
Miso chigae

Q What made you laugh out loud lately?
Jungshin's headbanging

Q If you got anything you want for a single day, what would you want?
I don't want anything

Q If you had a pet, what animal would you have and what would you name it?
Dog. The name would be "Chin-chan"

Q Please predict your previous life
I think there's no such thing as a previous life

Q If you were not an artist, what would you be?
Trainee and always work hard

Q If you watch a movie on a date, what genre do you choose?
Horror movie. Paranormal activity.

Q If you could be a member of another band, in what band, what part would you like to take?
None I guess

Q If you could bring only three things to uninhabited island, what would you bring?
Hand phone

Q If you go private traveling only with (CNBLUE) members, where will you go and what will you do there?
I want to go to hot springs

Q What idea that you want to try for B-PASS do you have?
"The way of Summer Sonic", something like that.

Q What's your essential item for live performance?
This bracelet? I got this from fan(s) and wear it other than at live, too. Before I didn't  wear accessories, but once I started wearing, I came to feel that something was missing without it. And, at live, I put about 15 extra picks on mic stand. I never use all of them, but I feel uneasy without them. I can give the picks that I don't use to the audience as present.

Q What's the first CD that you bought?
Eric Clapton's best album that I bought at the first year of senior high. That's rather late. But that album is still my treasure.

Q What's the first live concert that you attended?
L'Arc~en~Ciel's first concert in Korea. This is at senior high, too. Because they're few concert of foreign artists in Busan, I hadn't had chance to see till I came to Seoul. Since it was the first time to see band's live performance, I had a lot of fun and thought they were cool.

Q What's the first instrument that you tried?
Acoustic guitar that I bought at the first year of senior high. Till that time, I had wanted to do music by singing, and sung Korean songs. But since I found Eric Clapton, I thought that singing with playing guitar is super cool, then I bought a cheep guitar and practiced.

Q Tell us your musical roots
As a turning point, all in all, that would be Eric Clapton? I have been good at sports since I was a child, and I achieved good results at judo too. But while I was looking for something that I could get involved in, I began to sing. After that I became into guitar thanks to Eric Clapton, and I got interested in band in the influence of Richie Sambora (the guitarist) from Bon Jovi and Mr.Big, that's why I'm here. That's my musical strides.

*  *  *
Q As the graduation season is coming soon (March in Japan), tell us an impressive episode relating to your graduation or your school life.
At the graduation from junior high, we had a party. It was a lot of fun.

Q Tell us a recommendable CNBLUE's song for "graduation" season

Q What item are you into lately?

Q Tell us an artist or a song that you are interested in lately
RADWIMPS "One Man Live" "いいんですか?"(Iindesuka?/Is it okay?)

Q What's your favorite "mom's home cooking"? Or what's your specialty dish?
Stir-fried Kimchi

Q What made you laugh out loud lately?
With just watching JungShin, I always can't help but laugh

Q If you got anything you want for a single day, what would you want?
I want to be an invisible man or I want wings

Q If you had a pet, what animal would you have and what would you name it?
Dog. Its name is "Kon chan"

Q Please predict your previous life
Shogun (principal of samurai)

Q If you were not an artist, what would you be?

Q If you watch a movie on a date, what genre do you choose?
I watch a movie that she likes.

Q If you could be a member of another band, in what band, what part would you like to take?
I don't mind whatever band it is, but I want to try being a bassist.

Q If you could bring only three things to uninhabited island, what would you bring?
Convenience store, house, and ship

Q If you go private traveling only with (CNBLUE) members, where will you go and what will you do there?
I want to try going to hot spring

Q What idea that you want to try for B-PASS do you have?
Interview in the form of conversation with other artists

Q What's your essential item for live performance?
A metronome. If there's no metronome, it's dangerous (laugh). The sound would be good. And then, special shoes for playing drum. The sole part is harder and not as slippery as common shoes. But that  doesn't mean all drummers must wear it, but to me, I feel more comfortable wearing it while performing.

Q What's the first CD that you bought?
I think it was Maroon 5 CD that I bought when I was in middle school. Because I was influenced by my sister, I listened to many CD that my sister bought such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Westlife etc. As for Korean singer, I really like Shin Si Kyung and Seo Taeji. I even had all Shin Si Kyung  albums. I really liked ballad songs back then.

Q What's the first live concert that you attended?
I really like to see live stage. Since I was a kid, I watched many performances like musical, but I forgot what was the first one I watched.

Then, which was the live stage that impressed you?
L'Arc~en~Ciel performance in Korea back in 2009. I've watched ballad and pop rock live stage before, but nothing like Laruku did.

Q What's the first instrument that you tried?
Piano. I learned piano since I was in elementary school, from 1st grade until 5th grade. But I got tired of it (laugh). So, I learned flute since elementary school 5th grade until middle school. The first time I learned drum was when I was in middle school because of my friend who had a band.

Q Tell us your musical roots
By watching my middle school friend's band performance, they were not only singing. I think singing while playing instrument is cool. It became my turning point, from classical music to band. At that time, I realized Maroon 5's existence.

*  *  *
Q : It will be graduation season soon. Please tell us about your school and graduation story!
MH : During my middle school graduation, I played together with friends all day long.

Q : Please recommend a song that describe about your graduation or trip.
MH : Speaking about trip, it's "Let's Go Crazy"

Q : What are the things that you are addicted to recently?
MH : Drum and sport

Q : What is the song that you are interested in recently?
MH : Tongue Tied by Grouplove

Q : What's your favorite "mom's home cooking"? Or what's your specialty dish?
MH : Miso chigae. I'm not good at cooking.

Q : What was the funny thing that make you laughed a lot recently?
MH : It's not a big laugh, but I was just happy to found someone that looked like YUMA SARMAN (cast of Kill Bill).

Q : If it's a day that you can get  anything you want, then what is it?
MH : Time

Q : If you're able to have a pet, what will it be? And what's the name?
MH : Cat. The name is Ceko.

Q : Please imagine your previous life!
MH : Bird?

Q : If you weren't an artist, what would you be?
MH : Student then become a salary man.

Q : If you go on a date, what movie will you watch? Romance? Comedy? Horror? Anime?
MH : Love comedy. I think it will let you enjoy the time.

Q : If you were in other band, what band is it? What position?
MH : Maroon 5's keyboard.

Q : If you go to unpopulated island, what are the 3 things that you want to bring?
MH : Music player, friend and mattress.

Q : If you get a private trip for only the 4 members, where will you go? And what will you do there?
MH : Wherever is okay. I want to go for a long time.

Q : Lastly, what's your hope for B-PASS?
MH : Please sell a lot~ ^^

Q What's your essential item for live performance?
There's no essential item in particular. Except bass (laugh). In the meaning of "essential", what is essential before live is to eat enough and to go to restroom just before the performance without fail.
Q What's the first CD that you bought?
Probably that is Mr.Big's CD that I bought in junior high. Since before I bought CDs, I had listened to CDs that I borrowed from friends or to cassettes.
Q What's the first live concert that you attended?
I think it is when I went to an orchestra concert with my family in elementary school. When I went on my own is… I don't remember.
Q Then, what live concert was impressive?
Last year, Maroon 5's concert in Korea. They were very cool and there were a lot of things to learn as a musician.
Q What's the first instrumental that you tried?
Piano. In early elementary school years, I learned piano for one or two years. But I forgot all and I can't play at all (laugh). I met bass in junior high, and officially started playing in senior high. Now I'm in a band and I'm glad to have chosen bass.
Q Tell us your musical roots
Mr.Big. In elementary school, I had a friend who was a big fan of Mr.Big and let me watch their live DVD. At the moment I watched it, I got totally hooked on. Though I had listened to other bands or hard rock before that, I didn't see band music the best. However, Mr.Big's music was too shocking for me to compare, and they opened my eyes to band music. That's why they are my roots!
* * *
Q As the graduation season is coming soon (March in Japan), tell us an impressive episode relating to your graduation or your school life.
During high school graduation day, I didn't have much time to take photos.

Q Tell us a recommendable CNBLUE's song for "graduation" season
"Now or Never" and " Try Again, Smile Again"

Q What item are you into lately?
Japanese hamburger and omelet & rice

Q Tell us an artist or a song that you are interested in lately
Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Jovi's songs

Q What's your favorite "mom's home cooking"? Or what's your specialty dish?
About mother's taste, it's Korean friend rice.

Q What made you laugh out loud lately?
A lot!

Q If you got anything you want for a single day, what would you want?

Q If you had a pet, what animal would you have and what would you name it?
Cat. The name is Hey Man or Hey Girl

Q Please predict your previous life
Someone from royal family.

Q If you were not an artist, what would you be?
Maybe I will still involve in the art field.

Q If you watch a movie on a date, what genre do you choose?
Romance. More Than Blue (Kwon Sangwoo movie in 2009)

Q If you could be a member of another band, in what band, what part would you like to take?
Mr Big's bassist.

Q If you could bring only three things to uninhabited island, what would you bring?
Gun, light and tent.

Q If you go private traveling only with (CNBLUE) members, where will you go and what will you do there?
England (UK), because all 3 members said they want to go there.

Q What idea that you want to try for B-PASS do you have?
50 pages of CNBLUE photos and interview special edition

More pictures below.

Credit|Scans by by: BOICE @risamin_329
Translation by: ketch, T & N @ cnbluestorm

[News] Suzy's outfit for Over U attracts attention!

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 07:53 AM PST

Miss A's maknae Suzy's outfit for "Over U" attracts netizens attention.

On February 23rd, episode of Wide Entertainment News featuring South Korean girl group miss A was aired. Suzy wore tights on the show and it caused an optical illusion as she seemed to be wearing a pair of boots but actually she's not. 

After seeing what Suzy wore during the show, netizens expressed their jealousy by saying; "It's just because Suzy wore them. If I wear them, they will be just regular tights," "They look nice because of Suzy." etc.

Source: TV Report 
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

[Video] Big bang unveiled Bad Boy MV!

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 07:46 AM PST

Check out Big Bang's Bad Boy MV !

[News] miss A, "We put a lot of effort into this album."!

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 07:39 AM PST

From the powerful performances of Bad Girl Good Girl to Goodbye Baby, the girl group miss A has finally returned after 7 months of hiatus, with their fourth project album Touch. miss A's fourth album Touch has become an instant sensation and with their music video for Touch at close to 3,000,000 views, you can definitely see that their popularity has been increasing.

Their first main track Touch has received an explosive reaction after it dominated the no. 1 spot on various real time music site charts. They raised up on the charts to no. 1 on China's famous music video charts Yin Yue Tai as well.

miss A commented "Our group's performances are different from other groups' performances and we're looking forward for comeback. We're looking forward to see our fans again after a long time. We put a lot of effort into this album from the hair and make up to the clothes to show our new image."

miss A's Chinese members Jia and Fei didn't get a chance to home to China, even on the last day of Chinese's Lunar new year because of they were preparing for their comeback. They had to cancel their tickets at the last minute. Fei explained that the new song Touch is very powerful and strong to meet up with the fans' requests, as they are used to miss A's fierce and powerful image. Fei continued to explain that their new look is very risky because they are unsure of how the responses are going to be.

She said, "You will feel that the emotions are clear in the song and drama performances as it is different from our previous performances. Compared to younger fans, the elders will probably love it more."

miss A's Suzy replied and said, "The dance and the lyrics are focused on the emotions of the song and it is different from our previous performances. To express these lyrics and emotions we have to watch every movement as well as our finger gestures."

Touch is written and composed by one of Asia's top producers Park Jinyoung, also known as JYP. The song is about opening a wounded heart that should never be opened again, with a warm, kind touch. The song starts out in an addictive melody and lyrics that each member sang repeatedly.

On the cover of the mini album Touch, the members of miss A are lying under rose petals with a seductive, fascinating charisma gives you the remarkable feel of the atmosphere and exquisite mixture of the song.

The choreography for Touch was made by Jonte (He also made Beyonce's Single Ladies & Wonder Girls' Be my baby). miss A members learned his choreography from a video he sent them. Although they have never met him before, they feel that they know him a bit, from watching his movements. Suzy revealed the expectations, "We have to express our sad feelings through our singing, but while dancing this choreography - it is difficult to breathe so we have to restrain ourselves."

Jia added, "How to love again with a wounded heart, we have no experience in this. So how to express ourselves in facial expressions in detail was hard. We had to understand and act out the lyrics to express our feelings. The lyrics and expressions are different from their previous performances as they were straight forward, but here we have to perform a drama like stage for the song where we have to focus on how it looks to the end of their gestures. The dance performance is slower yet it seems faster with the sudden arm movements. The choreography is very different from the other groups' because the dance feels the sorrow and the sadness as the performances continues."

miss A's album Touch is comprised of six tracks; Lip, Rock & Rule, No Mercy, Over U, including their main track Touch and the Newport mix. Suzy said, "The fifth track Over U is a dynamic and pop dance track that is much different than Touch. It has good lyrics and rhythm and also a story that many fans can relate to."

Last year, miss A made their first debut in China and Taiwan with their special edition of their full studio album A Class. At an autograph event in Taiwan, miss A only expected about 500 fans to participate, but when 3000 fans showed up at the event, miss A was surprised. They never imagined so many people would meet up especially for an event near the subway. Even through it all, miss A was very thankful to those who took their time to see them.

Source: Segye
Credit: Mya
Reported by: FYMinyoung

[Photos] T-ara for Vogue Girl Magazine!

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 07:25 AM PST

Girl group T-ara is being featured on various magazines.

Earlier, we just shared the photos of these girls from PIA, a Japanese magazine. This time, they are on Vogue Girl magazine.

Check out the scans from the said magazine below.

Sources: TCN + candy_floss + tiaradiadem.com  
Shared by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

[News] Seohyun talks about Girls’ Generation’s appearance on French talk show!

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 07:14 AM PST

Seohyun revealed a behind story about Girls' Generation's appearance on a French talk show.
During the recent recording of SBS 'Strong Heart', Seohyun said, "Girls' Generation was the first Korean artist to have appeared on France's popular program 'Le Grand Journal'. Beyonce, Usher, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and other Hollywood stars had also attended this program in the past and it was a great honor to have gone on the program."
She added, "The thought of being in France as the representative of Korea was not the only joy as we were surprised and amazed to hear the audience cheering and chanting in Korean."
Girls' Generation made their appearance on Canal+'s 'Le Grand Journal', which is the no.1 talk show in France on February 9th.
Besides Seohyun, this episode of 'Strong Heart K-pop Star' which will be aired on February 28th also features Se7en, Park EunHye, Park KyungRim, miss A's Min and Suzy, Kim HakChul, K.Will, Lee HyunI, etc.
Credit: news.sbs.co.kr + fanwonder.com

[News] 4minute pushes back comeback to March

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 06:40 AM PST

After the group rescheduled their comeback from January to February, 4minute pushed back their comeback date yet again to March.

According to the group's agency Cube Entertainment on February 28, "Originally, 4minute was scheduled to make their return in February but it was pushed back to late March because we wanted to perfect the tracks for their upcoming album."

"The girls are working hard to put the final touches to their songs as well as their choreography," a representative added.

4minute is currently known as one of the girl groups with the most powerful and charismatic performances. Every one of their comebacks have offered unique music and style along with bold choreography. Last year, their "Mirror Mirror" performances firmly set their status among the large number of girl groups.

At the moment, everyone is interested in what kind of comeback these girls will have and their phrase "we want to be the 'only' instead of the 'best'" surely gives a forewarning.

120228 Channel A's K-Pop Con Performances

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 06:25 AM PST

Channel A's own weekly music program, "K-Pop Con", has aired another episode this week full of amazing performances.

For this week's lineup, top artists showcased their talents including Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls), Block B, Brave Girls, Spica, SPEED, Jiggy Dogg, X-5, Teentop, K.will and Dal Shabet.

Watch the performances below:



Teen Top

Brave Girls

Block B

[Video] Brave Girls made their comeback on KPop Con!

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 06:23 AM PST

Check out Brave Girls' comeback performance on KPop Con.

The girls performed Nowadays You on the show!

[News] Yoon Mi Rae to perform at Buga Kingz upcoming concert

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 06:10 AM PST

Rapper Yoon Mi Rae will be performing at the 10th anniversary concert of the Buga Kingz!

Yoon Mi Rae, also known as Tasha, will participate at the '2012 Buga Kingz′ White Day Hip-Hop Concert - Buga Land' which will be held at Samsung Hall at Ewha Womans University on March 10.

Buga Kingz′ frontman, Bobby Kim said, "It means a lot that so many hip hop musicians will be on one stage for Buga Kingz' 10th year annivesary concert. I want to give thanks to my colleagues who accepted despite their busy schedules. It'll be an amazing performance."

Buga Kingz debuted in 2001. The upcoming hip-hop concert will commemorate the group's 10 year anniversary. This will be their first concert for four years since their last concert held on July 2008.

[News] Yun Jung Hoon, "I've never seen the drama my wife is in"

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:55 AM PST

Actor Yun Jung Hoon revealed that he didn't watch the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon", which his wife Han Ga-in is currently starring in.

He mentioned this at the press preview of the MBN weekend drama, "Can Love Be Money?" on February 27th in Seoul. During the event, the actor was asked how he felt about her drama.

Yun Jung Hoon answered, "I've never watched it. We usually don't watch each other's work. But I'm happy she's doing well and so is the drama". He then continued, "I am busy to watch it. I do the housework then".

He also revealed that he was worried about running into his wife since the drama's are being produced by the same company.

Meanwhile, "Can Love Be Money" is about Ma In-tak (played by Yun Jung Hoon), who thinks money is everything, getting involved in a scam because of his greed. The cast also includes Eom Ji-won, Wang Bit-na, Jo Yeon-woo and more and is coming on the 3rd of March.


[NEWS] Big Bang chosen as "Sunny10" models

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:45 AM PST

On the 28th, Coca Cola announced that BIGBANG will continue to endorse Sunny10 Sparklingade.

Last year, Sunny10 had G-Dragon and T.O.P as their main advertisement models and they did a re-make of Sunny10's CF song, which was a big hit.

This year, with BIGBANG's comeback, all the members of the group will be working as Sunny10's Sparklingade models.

Coca Cola said, "Idol group BIGBANG's trendy and stylish character matches Sunny10's Sparklingade's image. Because of this, we decided to go with BIGBANG for Sunny10's new CF. BIGBANG making a comeback to the public after a long a break and Sunny10's Sparklingade are both fresh and we believe that Sparklingade's 10% fruit juice will grab younger consumers' attention and love."

BIGBANG recently shot a TV CF with the message, "FRESH SWITCH" to Sunny10's Sparklingade. It will start airing this March.

Source: DONGA
Translated by MICHELLE @ bigbangupdates.com

[NEWS] "Entertainment Relay", broadcast that was made for answers they want to hear

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:44 AM PST

Several articles on the "Entertainment Relay" controversy were posted already but here is a commentary piece from 10Asia about the recent broadcast. 10Asia is famous for its fair articles and straight-to-the-point commentary.

The broadcast was aired with Reese Witherspoon's interview, DJ DOC's court details and Block B's apology. It was followed by "BIGBANG's comeback timing controversy". The BIGBANG special was separated from all the other issues in the broadcast. It was argued that BIGBANG's comeback was too soon because of couple of members being involved in different incidents. The broadcast pointed out that G-Dragon's and Daesung's incidents still have few suspicions and doubts that are not yet clearly sorted out.


WORST: Entertainment Relay titled the report related to BIGBANG as "A Forgiven Comeback?" Each incident has been legally disposed (meaning the case or proceeding is completed) to the parties. The word, "forgiven" is a moral/ethic issue. This objectification cannot be a relative concept, but the broadcast surveys and street interviews tried to prove that the public is against BIGBANG's comeback. This broadcast was opinionated all throughout. The question now isn't to whom this broadcast was targeted. It was just irresponsible for a show to send out an opinionated report to the public.

G-Dragon's explanation about his incident was proposed and then the broadcast interviewed for an individual's opinion to cast serious doubt on the case, without further scientific basis presented in the report. After the interviews, they presented a chart with relation to other artists who were involved in similar cases and their comeback timing. They summarized the chart but without interpretation, which leaves the confusion to the public.

The broadcast also used emotional rhetoric to urge the consent about how G-Dragon went ahead with his schedule after the incident was revealed. In addition, the interview of the victim's family in Daesung's accident only seems to appeal emotionally to the public rather than stating facts about the incident. The interview did not focus on the nature of the incident.

The broadcast/media can be a great starting place to raise suspicion. But, this should not be the case. How much effort will this broadcast show for forgiveness, to raise an issue without new discoveries or using a logical approach, but only to get answers that they want to hear.

Translated by MICHELLE @ bigbangupdates.com
(Thank you Janet for the tip!)

[NEWS] 3 attractions of Big Bang's comeback

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:43 AM PST

Immediately after the anticipated song 'Blue' was released on 22nd, it has already become a big topic on Youtube and music sites. Moreover, it is a comeback which is the biggest, the best and the company has spent most money on. We can also see a variety of colors in the album. The revealed song has already received a lot of love before Big Bang releases their mini album. We can feel the love even more if we look at the album from several perspectives.

#1 There are 6 title songs
Big Bang will come back with an unprecedented 6 title songs. In this album, the six title songs are BLUE, FANTASTIC BABY, AIN'T NO FUN, LOVE DUST, BAD BOY and Daesung's solo, WINGS.

Before Big Bang has made their comeback, each member was featured in CF teasers which were released one by one at the midnight of every day. From the short clips, we can see that each of them gives out different feelings and it might be an indicator that the album will show the varied colors of Big Bang.

It is expected that Big Bang will have a round of unusual promotions by looking at the title tracks of the 5th mini album. Other groups choose only 1-2 songs to focus on promoting in order to bring out a consistent feeling. However, the songs which Big Bang are going to promote carry different feelings. It is expected that we will have a wide multitude of music styles to hear from Big Bang and that their performances will be fun to watch.

A representative of YGE said, "The music videos and performances will be conducted under different concepts. The promotions won't be easy for them but the songs of various styles which Big Bang has paid a lot of efforts in producing will then be delivered well."

#2 How much they have matured

Around the release of 'Blue', the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon said in a recent interview, "We want to release good music soon and show you the performances." We can see his serious attitude there and he also said at the YG Family concert last year, "While reflecting on the mistake that I committed, I devoted so much time on making good music. I will repay you by consistently producing good music."

After the series of incidents that happened last year, there was a period of time for Big Bang to digest what had happened. A member said, "We felt the importance of music and of course, we have thought about how desperate things have become." They are seen being attached more to music.

It can be said that this album contains more sincerity than any other albums. aA staff of YGE commented, "Big Bang has spent almost all of their time on making the 5th mini album. Music and the love of the fans towards their music have matured Big Bang and it is the reason why this album is very much anticipated."

#3 A springboard for them to transform into a global group

Among the activities that Big Bang will do to promote their 5th mini-album, the most eye-catching point is their world tour. The collaboration between Big Bang and world-class musicians is expected to position them as a global group.

'BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012' will be kicked off with the concerts held at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium from 2nd to 4th of March. Besides Asia, the destinations of the world tour will also include North America, South America and Europe. They will visit a total of 25 cities in 16 countries.

Such a big scale (holding the concerts in 16 countries) is eye catching but their collaboration with the world's leading entertainment company, Live Nation, is another talking point. In the past, Madonna and U2 have worked with this company and it is known for its world-class performance skills.

YGE said, "It is the first long-waited meeting of Big Bang with their fans all around the world and we are ready to show you the best concerts in all of the aspects. With the release of the new album and the start of their world tour, you can see the more matured skills of Big Bang in their performances."

Source: Osen
Translated by: RICE @ bigbangupdates.com

[News] M.I.B to perform the opening act for Black Eyed Peas Will.i.am's party

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:40 AM PST

Jungle Entertainment's rookie hip hop group, M.I.B has been chosen to perform the opening stage for Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am's upcoming party.

According to the group's agency on February 28, M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) will perform five to six songs at the event which will take place at the Club Answer in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul tomorrow night.

Will.i.am will host a special deejay event party tomorrow, February 29. Special guests scheduled to have a go at the turn table include DJ Poet and DJ Ammo. The 19-and-up event will cost 44,000 won ($39) when booked in advance and 55,000 won at the door.

Meanwhile, M.I.B is currently busy preparing for their comeback slated in mid-March.

[Video] T-ara releases PV for Japanese "Lies"

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:33 AM PST

Girl group T-ara finally unveiled the full PV for their Japanese version of "Lies"!

T-ara's classic song "Lies" was first released in 2009, as part of the group's "Absolute First Album". The group remade the song for their next Japanese promotion.

The girls recently concluded their "Lovey Dovey" promotion, and are currently gearing up for the release of their next Japanese single "Roly Poly." "Lies" will be available on T-ara's 3rd Japanese single Limited Edition A. Limited B will include the Japanese version track "Apple is A," and the regular version of the single will include the Japanese version of "Roly Poly in Copacabana."

"Roly-Poly" Japanese single will be released on February 29th. In the meantime, check out the PV below!

[News] KARA to release new Japanese single on March 21

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:25 AM PST

Girl group KARA, one of the Hallyu representatives in Japan, will continue to take over the country through a new Japanese maxi single to be released next month.

According to the group's official Japanese website on February 28, KARA will release their 6th Japanese single, "Speed Up/Girls' Power" on March 21st.

"Speed Up/Girls' Power" will be available in three different versions. Version A (Single + DVD, DVD contains various PV's of Speed Up), Version B (Single + DVD, DVD contains various PV's of Girls Power), and Version C (Single + Bonus Track of "Step").

Earlier, KARA has unveiled the official album covers, as well as two music video teasers for the songs "Speed Up" and "Girls' Power."

Meanwhile, KARA is currently in the midst of preparations for the second leg of their "KARASIA" tour, which will take place in Japan starting April 14. The group several cities including Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo.

[Photo] Sandara and Thunder showcase their abs

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:10 AM PST

The Park siblings, 2NE1's Sandara Park and MBLAQ's Thunder displayed their white chocolate abs and King Kong abs.

On February 28, Sandara updated her personal me2day account with an extra-sexy photo of Thunder. She wrote, "Waaaahhhhh~!!! +.+ I bought Harper's Bazaar magazine to see our Gaettongie! +.+ Waaahhh~ He's still a baby! But abs! 0.0 Cheondoong white chocolate abs! Ppabam! Ke ke ke Proud eldest noona mode! ^_^v There are as many as 8 pages! Kya~! Really~ Pictorial-dols!!! ^0^v"

She added, "Where are my 11-shaped abs??? Ke ke ke", hinting to show her own abs.

Couple of hours later, Sandara uploaded a hilarious photo showing of her '11-shaped abs'. She wrote, "Here are my abs!!! King Kong Dara! Transformation~!!! Ke ke ke ke It's an Adidas jersey! It's cute, right?!? ^_^ Practicing really hard right now~~~Busy, very busy!!!"

Netizens commented, "Superior genes!", "Thunder's abs are sexy, but sorry noona's abs are more defined!", "Silly Dara", "I'm spazzing crazily over thunder's pic" and more.

Credit: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

[Video] INFINITE's L unveiled Samsung Galaxy Player CF!

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 05:06 AM PST

 Check out INFINITE's L's latest CF for Samsung Galaxy Player.

He shows off his dancing ability in the CF,check out the video below!

[News] JYJ's Jaejoong Awarded Shorty "Celebrity" Award 2nd Year In A Row

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 04:55 AM PST

JYJ's Jaejoong's popularity is showing no signs of waning.

The young singer was awarded a Shorty Award for the Celebrity category.

The Shorty Awards recognizes some of the most popular figures on Twitter in 26 different categories, including government, health, politics, music, celebrity, etc.

The finalists are selected through the Shorty Awards website and the Shorty Awards twitter account. Then the final winners are weeded through by the members of The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences.

The New York Times had once in the past wrote, "Hollywood has the Oscars, Broadway has the Tony's, and now Twitter has the Shorty Awards."

The finalists were revealed last February 23rd, where Jae-oong was among the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez. The Korean idol was chosen as the winner despite such big names for the second year in a row.

He'll be invited to attend the actual Shorty Awards Ceremony in New York, scheduled for March 3rd. Similar to Twitter, he'll be allotted 140 characters for his thank you speech.

Source: KBS World

[News] "Dream High 2" Jiyeon wears eyeliner even while sick in bed

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 04:40 AM PST

"Dream High 2" Rian (T-ara's Jiyeon) wears eyeliner even while sick in bed.

On the ninth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Dream High 2", aired on February 27th, Rian was taken to the hospital after being hit in the head with a soccer ball.

Jin Yoo-jin (Jinwoon) carried her to the hospital right away. JB took them in his car. Rian was told to take some rest in the hospital when she woke up.

After a long time, Rian woke up and worried if she looked sick when she heard that her mother was coming. Yoo-jin said, "What are you getting so worked up for, it's your mom" to which Rian replied, "I'm not getting worked up, my mom is the best at nagging".

The scene where she wakes up after a long time of sleeping should make her seem thin and worn but her strong eye make-up was still there.

After the broadcast, netizens said, "Jiyeon would look pretty without the eyeliner but she always wears it so thick. Her make up should change to fit the scene", "I know she's an idol but that's too much make up for a high school student" and more.

Source: hancinema

[News] Boom and Se7en meet after 12 years on Strong Heart

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 04:25 AM PST

Se7en met his high school senior Boom first time in 12 years.

On the episode of "Strong Heart" to be shown on 28th February where Se7en appears, MC Lee Seung Gi says to him "Hearing that Se7en was to appear on Strong heart, director Boom was the most excited." To this, Se7en replied "Boom was a senior 2 years above me at Anyang Performing Arts High. After graduating, this is the first time we have met in 12 years."

Boom "Even though we had an awkward Senior-junior relationship in high school, all the misunderstandings have been resolved and I want to get along well with him from now." When he said this, he avoided Se7en's gaze showing that the two were still awkward with each other which made people wonder how their relationship was like in the past.

On this day, at the request of Lee Seung Gi, Boom and Se7en shook each other's hands. The awkwardness of their exchange created lots of laughs on the set.

Source: ceciliase7en

[News] “Happy Together 3” celebrates 10th year

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 04:10 AM PST

What do entertainers Lee Hyori, Shin Dong-yup, Yoojin and Tak Jae-hoon have in common? The answer is that they were all once hosts of the KBS variety show "Happy Together."

To mark the show's 10th anniversary, the former hosts of the program made a special appearance on the show, currently hosted by comedians Yoo Jae-seok, Park Myeong-soo, Park Mi-sun and Shin Bong-sun.

KBS released some preview screen shots from the recording of the special episode on February 27.

In the episode marking the show's first decade, popular segments such as "Sauna Talk," "Tray Karaoke" and "Happy Together Friends" will be reenacted by the guests of honor. Plaques of appreciation will also be awarded to the former hosts.

The hit talk show was first broadcasted in November 2001 and still remains one of the most popular talk shows on Korean TV. The program is a pioneer in the talk-show genre for its innovative use of props and games, generating many raucous laughs.

The special episode will be broadcast in two parts; the first is slated to air on March 1 while the second will be shown on March 8.

Source: Koreajoongangdaily

[Video] M-Flo releases ‘She’s So (Outta Control)’ PV ft. 2NE1

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 03:59 AM PST

Japanese hip hop group M-Flo will be releasing their 'Square One' album in March 14th, which will include a track featuring 2NE1!

Prior to its official release, M.Flo has unveiled the music video for the title track "She's so (Outta Control)" featuring popular female idol group 2NE1. Although the girls don't make an appearance in the video, you can still hear the familiar voices of the girls on the track.

"She's so (Outta Control)" features a sound that is definitely different from the girls' style, but the girls still manage to help give the track some of 2NE1's distinct flair.