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"U-KISS reveals PV for “Forbidden Love”" plus 19 more

"U-KISS reveals PV for “Forbidden Love”" plus 19 more

U-KISS reveals PV for “Forbidden Love”

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 08:53 AM PST

Via tokyohive:

After having success with their first Japanese single, Tick Tack, the boys of U-KISS are ready to build on their momentum in Japan with the release of their second Japanese single, “Forbidden Love“.

Although the single is scheduled for release on leap day, February 29th, the PV was released earlier today.

In addition to “Forbidden Love”, the boys of U-KISS are also scheduled to release their first Japanese album, “A Shared Dream” on February 29th. Shortly after these two releases, U-KISS will embark on their first nationwide tour in Japan, “U-KISS 1st Japan Live Tour 2012” in March.

Check out the PV for “Forbidden Love” below!

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Final member for second season of ’1N2D’ revealed

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 08:38 AM PST

The ‘1N2D (1 Night 2 Days)‘ staff have been working to finalize the cast for their new season, and they recently unveiled the identity of their newest ‘hidden card’ member.

The new member is none other than ‘My Sassy Girl‘ star Cha Tae Hyun.

During a phone interview with TVReport on February 14th, a Cha Tae Hyun representative remarked, “He’s just worried that he will be an inconvenience on a major television program.”

The representative continued, “He received the offer to be on the second season of ’1N2D’ approximately two weeks ago, but has only made his final decision about 2 or 3 days ago.”

Different from the way the show unveiled new members such as Kim Seung Woo, Joo Won, and singer Sung Si Kyung, ’1N2D’ released an official press release to announce that Cha Tae Hyun would be joining the lineup.

His representative continued, “It had only been 2 or 3 days since he decided to join, and although it had been a while since he received the offer, it was only right to keep quiet until everything was finalized… Even though he is worried that he may be an inconvenience on a major television program, he is determined to work hard.”

Meanwhile, the ’1N2D’ staff members stated, “The new season of ’1N2D’ which will be led by PD Choi Jae Hyung will feature members Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Seung Woo, Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Soo Geun, Sung Si Kyung, Kim Jong Min, and Joo Won. We have decided to keep the original title ’1N2D’ for the second season.”

The first filming is scheduled to take place on the 24th, and the first broadcast will air on March 4th.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate

2AM’s Jinwoon sends his Valentine’s Day love

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 07:56 AM PST

2AM‘s Jinwoon has been busy filming for his lead role in KBS 2TV‘s “Dream High 2” opposite actress Kang Sora.

On February 14th, he took some time out of his busy schedule to share a fun picture with his fans. Along with the picture, Jinwoon tweeted,

Happy Valentines! Let’s watch ‘Dream High’ together while eating chocolate~^^

Looks like Jinwoon isn’t going to share his chocolates with his fans. In the picture, Jinwoon is found wearing his “Dream High 2″ Kirin Arts School uniform with a bar of chocolate in his mouth.

Fans commented, “So cute~ Especially in that uniform” “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “I wish I had chocolates“.

Did you get your fair share of Valentine’s Day chocolates today?

Source: Jinwoon’s Twitter

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun releases “Hello To Myself” for ‘Dream High 2′ OST

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 07:18 AM PST

Wonder GirlsYe Eun has just unveiled another demonstration of her musical talents!

On February 15th, Ye Eun released a new self-composed single entitled ‘Hello To Myself‘. It’s a beautiful ballad with a hint of rock influence that works perfectly with Ye Eun’s soft voice. While the song was created for the Dream High 2 OST series, it’s also a great Valentine’s Day gift for Wonderfuls all over the world.

Check out the single below, and don’t forget to support the artist by purchasing her music!

MBLAQ is already preparing for their next album

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 06:32 AM PST

MBLAQ‘s Mir has revealed that MBLAQ is already working on their next album.

On February 13th, Mir tweeted,

G.O.-hyung [is] completely absorbed in recording the guide [vocals] for our next album.

The members have just completed promotions for “This is War” on ‘Inkigayo‘ this past Sunday, but it looks like they’re already back in the studio for their next musical project.

Fans expressed their excitement for MBLAQ’s next album with comments like, “Kya~! I’m looking forward to it!” and “I’m so excited!

Stay tuned to allkpop for more info on MBLAQ’s upcoming album!

Source: Mir’s Twitter
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SPICA member Kim Boa impresses with her extensive background in music

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 06:07 AM PST

Rookie girl group SPICA has been gaining a lot of attention thanks to their charisma and undeniable talent. Member Kim Boa in particular has become hot topic, as it’s been revealed that she was heavily involved in the music industry behind the scenes before her debut.

Kim Boa holds an impressive career record. She’s been involved in an idol singer’s chorus and was also a vocal director.

But that’s not all.
Kim Boa is the composer of SPICA’s debut song, “Russian Roulette“, and she was the guide vocal in nearly all of the songs created by SweetTune. Additionally, she’s participated in the chorus of all of INFINITE‘s songs. You can hear Kim Boa’s voice in songs like KARA‘s “Jumping” and INFINITE’s “Be Mine” and “White Confession“.
Netizens were floored by Kim Boa’s achievements, and left glowing comments on community boards. Several comments included, ”She showed us impressive vocal skills on stage and turns out there was a reason for that” and “She’s a rookie but her record is that of a pro”.

Source & Image: Newsen

Moon Hee Jun shares a story about his gold digger ex-girlfriend

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 05:10 AM PST

Singer Moon Hee Jun has revealed a story about a gold digger ex-girlfriend.

On a recent episode of OBS‘s ‘Kim Gura and Moon Hee Jun’s Search Girl’, Moon Hee Jun revealed, “I had a girlfriend who put a price on love.” He continued, “I used my credit card, but after swiping it so many times, the magnetic strip got damaged.

The thing that made me decide this was the end was when she made a demand,” he said. “This demand was that she wanted me to give her some money so she could build her own building.”

Moon Hee Jun then decided that he had to end the relationship. “At this point, I realised that I couldn’t take this anymore so I told her. She replied by saying, ‘You’re not as much of a big shot as you seem’, and then she left.

The show will air a Valentine’s Day Special on February 16th.

Source & Image: Xports News via Naver

Naver reveals ‘Big Bang is Back’ teaser

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 04:23 AM PST

Naver has unveiled the first video teaser for Big Bang‘s upcoming album!

The teaser is less than 20 seconds in length, but fans were given an audio sample to go along with the slideshow of T.O.P and Daesung‘s concept images. The teaser also focused on two titles from Big Bang’s 5th album, “Fantastic Baby” and “Wings“.

Undoubtedly, Naver will release more teasers for Big Bang’s comeback, so stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!

Big Bang will make their comeback on February 29th.

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IU becomes an endorsement model for cosmestics brand, The Saem

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 03:48 AM PST

Singer IU has become the exclusive model for makeup brand, ‘The Saem‘.

IU has already begun filming her CF for The Saem, and she was reportedly nervous on set since it was her very first cosmetics shoot. As the filming progressed, however, IU gained confidence and was able to deliver dazzling shots.

The idol drew compliments from staff for maintaining a bright attitude and creating a fun atmosphere on set, even though filming lasted until dawn. IU will be promoting The Saem’s new products for 2012 with her loveable charm, and officials from the brand have expressed high expectations from IU’s endorsement.

In related news, IU will be releasing her Japanese debut single ‘Good Day‘ on March 21st.

Source & Image: Newsen

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun to release a new song at midnight

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 03:05 AM PST

It’s just been revealed that Wonder Girls Ye Eun will be releasing a new song at midnight on February 15th.

On February 14th, J.Y. Park tweeted,

Passion and self discipline overflows in a rookie. But, many singers lose some of these things as time goes by. From that point, it is no longer enjoyable to work with them. That is why I begin to want to work with the next rookie.

A song that Ye Eun, who has still remain unchanged from her rookie days, made will be released at midnight tonight!

A post was also posted on the Wonder Girls’ twitter with a teaser picture saying,

At 12 midnight Korean time!! Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun’s new song!! Find it at Melon.com~!! Go as soon as Dream High 2′s 6th episode ends~!! ^-^

Fans expressed their excitement saying, “Self disciplined Ye Eun’s self composed song? I’ll be anticipating” “I liked all of Ye Eun’s previous songs. I’m getting curious about this new one” and “A rookie-like mindset, but you aren’t lacking in anything“.

Ye Eun had released a couple of her own works through the Wonder Girls’ albums. Her most recent release, “G.N.O“, received a lot of attention during the Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” promotions.

Stay tuned to allkpop for updates!

Source: Newsen via Nate, J.Y. Park & Wonder Girls‘ Twitter

B2ST releases special music video for ‘Mystery’

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 02:28 AM PST

Although B2ST‘s hit song “Mystery” was originally released in 2009, the group had never released a music video for this song — until now.

B2ST premiered this special MV during their ‘Beautiful Showworld tour concert in Seoul. The video was played in lieu of the group’s actual performance of the song, ending with the word “EASY” as the introduction to their next song in the lineup.

The video features clips of the boys fingerbreaking and fingerboarding. (Yes, fingerboarding.) Is B2ST trying to revive the great trend of the late ’90s?

In any case, it’s resulted in a great gift for fans — just in time for Valentine’s Day. Check out their music video below!

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JYJ’s documentary to be shown through Lotte Cinema

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 01:35 AM PST

Fans who were disappointed by CGV Cinemas‘ decision to pull JYJ‘s documentary will now be able to watch the film through Lotte Cinema!

On February 14th, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said, “JYJ’s documentary, which couldn’t be shown due to CGV suddenly canceling the contract, will be screened by Lotte Cinema starting from February 23rd. The documentary was edited to be appealing to fans and will be filled with real stories and scenes from their daily lives.

They continued, “Due to conflicting schedules, it is not likely that JYJ will be able to come greet fans at each of the premieres. However, they are planned to attend the opening day and weekend in Seoul. JYJ has prepared a special video for their fans in the cities that they will not able to go to.

JYJ’s documentary, ‘The Day‘, will be shown through Lotte Cinema in 17 theaters; it will have its first screening on February 23rd. The specifics will be released on February 17th through C-JeS Entertainment’s official website and on Lotte Cinema’s homepage.

Source & Image: Newsen

‘Clio’ transforms Lee Hyori into Andy Warhol’s muse

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 01:02 AM PST

Singer Lee Hyori has channeled the colorful style of iconic artist Andy Warhol for her latest pictorial with ‘Clio‘.

On February 14th, the cosmetics brand released this still-cut from their 2012 Spring/Summer collection. Bright, vivid colors seem to be the mainstay of the collection — emerald greens, cerulean blues, canary yellows and bubblegum pinks work together on a canvas of peach tones for a brilliant effect. The makeup artists for this shoot were careful to leave Hyori’s cheeks untouched, since she already carried loud nails and eyes.

Interestingly, her lips were painted two different shades: the upper lip had a layer of Barbie pink lipstick, while the bottom exhibited a softer coral in gloss.

What do you think of Clio’s 2012 S/S trend? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source + Image: Star News via Naver

Big Bang to use TV ads for their comeback promotions

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 12:31 AM PST

YG Entertainment has announced that they will be heralding Big Bang‘s grand comeback through TV commercials!

Big Bang has been causing a stir by releasing individual concept photos of each members everyday. Beginning on February 17th, they will be airing TV ads to fulfill a promise made days ago by YG about how Big Bang’s comeback “will be YG Entertainment’s biggest promotion yet.

TV ads are a huge promotion technique usually used by large corporations, and cost at least a few billion won to produce. Due to the staggering receipts, TV ads have never been thought of for actual use in a singer’s promotions.

So far, Big Bang has produced 13 ads that will be aired for 13 days, with a new commercial being broadcasted every day. The ads will reveal a teaser clip of “Blue” (a track from Big Bang’s upcoming album), in addition to short interviews with the members, who will reveal their candid thoughts on their comeback.

Big Bang will also unleash a Naver application with many features, such as ‘Big Bang’s Talk’, ‘Big Bang’s Playlist’, ‘Big Bang’s TV’ and more. Fans will get to hear snippets from Big Bang’s album through this smartphone app, so it’s expected to become one of the hottest apps on the market.

Stay tuned to allkpop more updates on Big Bang’s promotions!

Image: Mydaily

Cha Tae Hyun to join ’1 Night 2 Days’

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 11:42 PM PST


Earlier, a six member cast list for ‘1 Night 2 Days (‘1N2D‘) was revealed to the public. Following up, the show has released the full and official cast list for the new season.

Season two of ’1N2D’ will consist of members Kim Seung Woo, Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Soo Geun, Sung Shi Kyung, Kim Jong Min, Joo Won, and their newest recruit, Cha Tae Hyun.

The show’s new director, Choi Jae Hyung PD, said, “Being the oldest, Kim Seung Woo will take lead and work well with the younger members. Universal entertainer Cha Tae Hyun already has a bright personality and a knack for variety shows, so he will be the energy of ’1N2D’. Sung Shi Kyung is preparing for the show by exercising and monitoring previous episodes of the show, and it will be Joo Won’s first time being a member of a variety show. He is currently preparing for his role as the maknae of the team.

The new season will be keeping the same elements as the previous show, including its specials such as  ’Viewer’s Tour’ and ‘Special Guest Special’. After the program settles in, the cast and staff will prepare for the ‘Antarctic Project’. They will also be embarking on the ‘Exploration Project’, where they will try to find endangered species, and also the ‘Global Project’ where they will inform the world about Korea.

The new season with its seven members will begin on March 4th.

Source & Image: Osen via Nate

Yoon Jong Shin confesses that he has an incurable disease

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 11:25 PM PST

Singer Yoon Jong Shin has confessed that he has an incurable and rare disease.

On February 13th’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Healing Camp‘, the singer surprised the cast when he revealed that he had Crohn’s disease. He also admitted that that he would say he had hemorrhoids instead of this disease in his previous television interviews.

As Yoon Jong Shin revealed his story, his wife Jeon Mira began to cry, causing a solemn atmosphere to settle on set.

Netizens commented, “I can’t believe it. I hope it’s nothing serious“, and “He’s always so cheerful, what an inspiration“.

Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that typically infects the intestines, but may occur anywhere from the mouth to the end of the rectum.

Source & Image: Chosun via Naver

B1A4′s CNU gets cast in KBS’s “I Need a Fairy”

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 10:44 PM PST

B1A4‘s CNU (real name: Shin Dong Woo) will be stepping into the acting scene through KBS 2TV‘s new sitcom!

CNU’s agency WM Entertainment reported on February 14th that he will be playing the role of ‘Shinwoo‘, the handsome and popular high school student/trainee on KBS 2TV’s ‘I Need a Fairy‘.

CNU has been taking part in script-reading sessions starting last December. He commented, “I want to learn as much as possible from the senior actors. Since my character and I share a similar name, I want to play my part in the sitcom with enjoyment, thinking that the character is actually myself“.

“I Need a Fairy” follows the story of a mother and daughter fairy pair who lose their heavenly garments, and thus they must adapt to the human lifestyle. The show will premiere on February 27th.

Source: Yonhap via KBS

JYJ unveils a Valentine’s Day surprise for their fans

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 10:05 PM PST

JYJ‘s representatives had hinted that something special would be shared on Valentine’s Day, and now the surprise has finally been unveiled!

On February 14th, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun each recorded video messages for their fans. In his segment, Jaejoong said, “I love you“, before bursting into embarrassed laughter. He admitted that it’s something that’s normally difficult for him to say, but he wanted to express his love for JYJ’s fans.

He then gave way to “JYJ’s ‘Y’, Yoochun“, who asked their fans to please love and support their individual projects, such as his upcoming drama and Junsu’s musical, ‘Elizabeth‘.

The video finally turned to the “the last J, Junsu“, who talked a bit about his musical before concluding with a cheerful message, saying he wished for everyone to be happy and that he loved them very much.

Check out JYJ’s Valentine’s gift below!

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miss A’s Jia shows off her new black hair

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 09:29 PM PST

Earlier, we reported on the concept images for miss A‘s comeback, where Jia‘s new hairstyle was unveiled.

On February 13th, Jia posted a rare update on me2day with a snapshot of her new look. “This time I went with black hair!!“, she wrote. “This photo was from when I was dyeing it. Does it suit me!??? Let’s look forward to miss A’s comeback together!”

Jia’s hair has always been an indicator of miss A’s new style. When miss A debuted with “Bad Girl Good Girl“, Jia’s hair was a cherry blossom pink, while “Breathe” saw a platinum blonde transformation. For their last single, “Goodbye Baby“, Jia rocked a copper red color. Now it looks like she’s gone back to black for a more mature look.

Fans commented, “This really suits you~ It’s so pretty~”, “I couldn’t recognize you at first!“, and “Love the one highlight near the ear, keke. Maybe I’ll do the same!

What do you think of Jia’s new look?

Source + Image: Jia’s me2day

Wonder Girls Giveaway: Winners Announcement!

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 09:24 PM PST

The Wonder Girls' TV movie, ‘The Wonder Girls’, premiered via Teen Nick on Thursday, February 2nd at 5:00 p.m. PST/8:00 p.m. EST.

To celebrate their grand movie debut, allkpop prepared an amazing giveaway for our wonderful readers, courtesy of the Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment!

Prizes included:

- Wonder Girls "UNRELEASED" 'THE DJ IS MINE' single CD
- Autographed Wonder Girls Movie Poster
- Laptop case
- Diamond Tears Headphones (Not yet released!)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab

1st prize: 5 winners will win EVERYTHING
2nd prize: 5 winners will win Diamond Tears Headphones, the CD, the poster and a laptop case
3rd prize: 10 winners will win the CD, the poster, and a laptop case
4th prize: 10 winners will win the CD

And the winners are…

1st prize winners

Emily K. - Gainesville, Florida
Nayoung L. - Astoria, New York
Katherine H. - Tampa, Florida
Bryan W. - Brooklyn, NY
Yeji K. - Evans, GA

2nd prize winners

Eric M. - Clermont, GA
Sarah K. - Collierville, TN
Arianna H. - Elverta, CA
Hyunjee I. - Kirkland, WA
Christina G. - Evans, GA

3rd prize winners

Alex, M. - El Sobrante, CA
Gloria C. - Ann Arbor, MI
Heather Farley - Marietta, OHIO
Shanika L. - Memphis, Tennessee
Sam V.H. - Killeen, TX
Eryca R. - Bronx, NY
Reka K. - Cheverly, MD
Ashley B. - Hephzibah, GA
Alice L. - Elk Grove, CA
Martha N. - Warren, Michigan

4th prize winners

Salyna K. – Stockton, CA
Jia Min H. - Sacramento, CA
Belle H. - Westland, MI
Raymond C. - Olney, MD
Naomi N. – Portland, Oregon
Teresa H. - Brooklyn, NY
Jasmine H. - San Jose, CA
Jenny H. - Garden Grove, CA
Krishna C. – Sunny Isles, Florida
Allyn G. - Bowling Green, Kentucky

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for supporting the Wonder Girls!

Winners will be contacted by a JYPE representative via e-mail within a week to confirm your information.