Saturday, February 18, 2012

"[Videos] Music Bank in Paris performance clips!" plus 24 more

"[Videos] Music Bank in Paris performance clips!" plus 24 more

[Videos] Music Bank in Paris performance clips!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 08:02 AM PST

Check out the performance clips of Music Bank in Paris!

[Pictures] KARA's Karasia concert photos!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 07:49 AM PST

 Some photos of KARA's first ever concert KARASIA,check out the photos here!

[Pictures] SHINee's Minho & Jonghyun,BEAST's Dong Woon and 4Minute's Sohyun attended KARA's concert!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 07:17 AM PST

 Do you have any idea which idols attended KARA's Karasia concert??

They are none other than BEAST's Dong Woon,4Minute's Sohyun,SHINee's Minho and Jonghyun.

They were there to show their sunbaes some support!

[Video] Wonder Girls' Yeeun unveiled Hello To Myself MV!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 06:58 AM PST

Wonder Girls' Ye Eun sings for Dream High 2 OST,check out her new song Hello To Myself MV below.

Do you like this song?

[Picture] Eun Hyuk is injured??

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 06:51 AM PST

Eun Hyuk shared a new photo on his Twitter.

It seems that his finger is injured,he shows his innocenet expression in the photo above.

Let's wish him a quick recovery,the boys will have 2 days concert in Singapore starting today.

[Video] Music Bank in Paris unveiled its official trailer!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 06:26 AM PST

Music Bank in Paris will air on KBS really soon,for the time being,check out the trailer below!


[Picture] After School's UEE flaunts her sexy legs!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 05:45 AM PST

After School UEE's photos from a recent photoshoot garnered attention!

Fans who have seen the photos praised that UEE does not need photoshop for her perfect figure.

She is seen posing confidently with a white t-shirt and short pants,the photos are not photoshopped at all.

Do you have any idea to share regarding UEE's perfect figure??

[Video] MBLAQ performed Lie and It's War on Beautiful Concert!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 05:22 AM PST

MBLAQ performed G.O.D's popular song Lie on Beautiful Concert.Besides,they performed their latest hit song It's War on the show too,enjoy their performance~

[Video] Davichi performed on Sketchbook!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 04:50 AM PST

Check out Davichi's performance on Sketchbook.

 The awesome duo performed 8282 and I'll Be Missing You,enjoy their performance here!

[Picture] T-ara's Ji Yeon unveiled pretty selca on Twitter!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 04:18 AM PST

T-ara's Ji Yeon shared another new selca on her Twitter.

She mentioned about "Eye Contact" together with this photo.

It seems that she wanna have eye contact with you.

Do you like her latest selca?

[Video] SHINee's Taemin performed I Don't Know on Immortal Song 2!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 04:15 AM PST

Check out Taemin's latest performance on Immortal Song 2,he performed Uhm Jung Hwa's I Don't Know,are you impressed with his performance??

[Trans] Girl’s Day Minah Fancafe Message!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 03:49 AM PST

Girl's Day Minah left a message on their fancafe for their fans.

Read the translation of her message below.

Hi, Minah here!!^~^
Did you enjoy eating the chocolate I sent you through your eyes?? heeheehee
If I ever make a lot~~ of money later in the future, then I'll send a real one to you!!

I'm very very thankful to dai5ies & Angelic Smile who came to the filming set of Vampire Idol hours ago in order to provide me with support.
I really ate it all up that my stomach almost bursted heeheehee. ^___________^
Not only the other actors, but also all the staff gave thanks to me for the support.
So I dropped in here to tell you about their gratitude to our fellow dai5ies~~
ㅠㅠ Me thinks they must have been burdened with buying meals for those many people… Despite that they bought us really really delicious meal boxes and it filled my stomach and also filled me with happiness heeheehee.

Spring is coming up~~however don't be off your guard yet!! It's still cold outside~~
I guess I was wearing a long padded jumper all winter long.. like a caterpillar heeheehee.

Everyone be careful of your health and don't skip your meals and always be happy!!! Take it as my wish… kkk
Aha, and remember that I read every single mention of yours all the time. kkk
Please don't sulk over the absence of my reply~~ now I've got to go, bbyong. *0*

Translated by Sen


[Video] #KARASIA2012 press conference!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 03:32 AM PST

Check out the Press Conference video of KARA's 2012 KARASIA concert!

[Picture] Do you like blonde hair Nicole??

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 03:28 AM PST

KARA's Nicole surprised fans with her new hair color on the press conference of KARA's first ever concert KARASIA in Korea!!!

She's officially blonde now,many fans left some positive comments regarding her new hair color,how about you,do you like her new hair color or prefer to see her in darker hair color??

[News] T-ara supports SPEED through a video message call!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 03:18 AM PST

T-ara members support SPEED through video messages.

On the 17th, SPEED successfully made their first broadcast performance of "Lovey-Dovey Plus" on KBS 2TV "Music Bank". T-ara members had a schedule in Japan, but today (18th) T-ara members caught SPEED's "Music Bank" stage through replay.

After watching the performance, T-ara members joined in a video call with their juniors SPEED. Hyomin tried to give advice to SPEED on their choreography and facial expressions.

T-ara members commented about SPEED, "They did a good job on their first stage. 5dolls Hyoyoung was also full of charm during the stage."

SPEED said, "We want to work a bit harder for our next performance on SBS "Inkigayo" so we can show a perfect image of ourselves."

T-ara placed #1 on "Music Bank" this week, but could not attend because of their Japanese activities.

Meanwhile, SPEED's "Lovey-Dovey Plus" music video was and is topping GomTV's music video charts.

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem 

[News] Girls’ Generation Plays Games at Retreat With ‘Dangerous Boys’

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 02:48 AM PST

With fluttering hearts, Girls' Generation and the "Dangerous Boys" took a retreat from the city.
This week's episode of jTBC's "Girls' Generation and Dangerous Boys" draws a picture of a cheerful and moving MT (Editor's note: MT stands for membership training, a time to bond with one another through various activities) scene with the boys, who are tired from the dance practices they had in preparation for the Street Jam competition.
During the day of recording, the boys' mothers visited as special guests. When asked about their first impressions of Girls' Generation, the mothers praised the members' beauty by saying, "As the boys always say, you look like dolls." They also did not hesitate to express their gratitude towards the girls, who did their best as their sons' mentors.
During the MT, the members of Girls' Generation and the boys played a game of "Yut" (Editor's note: A traditional Korean family game) to create a warm atmosphere, with a massage chair as a prize. The mothers and sons also had a meaningful time talking to one another and understanding each other better.
The MT scenes with Girls' Generation and their mentees will be aired on February 19th at 7:30PM KST.

Sources: Nspna
Translated by: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: LetsGo@soshified, bhost909@soshified

[News] Eunjung and Hyomin "We're like a couple who came for our honeymoon"!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 02:22 AM PST

T-ara's Eunjung and Hyomin had a fun time last night to release their stress after finishing their schedules.

The two had a fun playful time and here's Hyomin who shared, "Taking a rest on the bed after completing schedules. Passionately took pictures for me since I looked like a leopard from Kilimanjaro today. We're like a couple who came for our honeymoon, had a fun time honghong~~~^^".

Eunjung took Hyomin photos and in the return she also took a photo of Eunjung and labeled it "the look of passionate photographer Ham..." to with Eunjung replied with "found my purpose in life yesterday... the fun of taking pictures with you since trainee days.. quite pleasing kyaaaa ♥ "

Hyomin looks like a leopard from kilimanjaro? its up to you to decide because she also share a photo of the leopard saying 'this?" and Eunjung replied "i told you. i thought i was taking pictures of an animal at first ..0.0 worked so hard.. kekekekek "

Sources: taraworld and Eunjung and Hyomin's Twitter

[Pictures] Yuri's photos from the filming of "Fashion King" in New York!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 02:21 AM PST

 SNSD Yuri's debut drama Fashion King will air its first episode on 12th March.

Check out some photos of Yuri filming for the drama here,do you anticipate the airing of its first episode??

[Interview] B.A.P. "All six members have different colors"

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 01:50 AM PST

Rookie 6-member group B.A.P (Bang Yongguk 22·ZELO 16·Himchan 22·Daehyun 19·Youngjae 18·Jongup 17). Debuted in 3 weeks and already gaining members on their Internet Fan-cafe for over 20,000, debuted with the song 'Warrior' which is already topping on various daily music charts. "The team was formed with a goal to conquer the earth. We want our music to reach all over the world".
- Lately we heard you guys are becoming more popular. Did you realize.
"I don't know. When we perform and saw our fans cheering, it makes us feel stronger. Leader Bang Yongguk hyung and ZELO had debuted earlier and it was very helpful for the rest of us. The members had to give their handphones during trainee days, I don't know how to respond to that. There is almost no contact with the outside world."(Daehyun)
- So the handphones were taken by the company.
"It's not that. The members volunteered to to give them away. We dont really need handphones in practice room and the dorm except to call parent and members' family only. The aim is to focus on practice and the members only have one handphone for later use but then lost it. We'll borrow from manager-hyung if needed"(Yongguk)
- A little pre-debut story.
"Since middle school I play dae-gum (flute-like instrument)·Janggu (drum-like instrument)·ggwaeng-ga-ri etc as a major in traditional music. Then suddenly, I got into black music like hip hop and R&B. Naturally, I have the dream to be a singer and was street-casted and later was able to join the team. "(Himchan)
"There was a talent show on my Middle School campus and I sang to SG Wannabe's song. Standing on stage having friends shouting and cheering is overwhelming that I cant put into words. Since then, I've been knocking to audition hoping to be a singer. "(Youngjae)
"Since 3rd year in junior high school, I've been working with underground hiphop artists. When my parents found out about it they strongly opposed on the idea. Then I got to vocational school (Yuhan Technical High School) and said that they would allow me to be a singer if I did well so I studied hard. Then a scholarship was offered from a named college and in the end got my parent's permission. Passed to college but have not attend."(Bang Yongguk)
"I fell for dancing eversince I was a kid. In middle school, my friends and I created a dancing clubs and entered dance competitions. The show was by a casting manager. I was really lucky."(Jongup)
"I joined a dance academy in my 5th year of elementary school. Watching DBSK and Super Junior brought me up to be a singer. Joined the team after passing the academy's audition."(ZELO)
"I dream of being a singer eversince I was little. I worked hard to audition and sing professionally to learn more skills and I had to also study hard in school. Auditioned last summer and joined the team at last. I dream to be a great vocalist like 4MEN's Shin YongJae."(Daehyun)
- The title track 'Warrior' has an intense dance which is often compared to H.O.T's debut song 'Warrior's Descendant'.
"It is an honor to be compared with the seniors. But the seniors were from the 90s and at that time, we were too young to know anything properly."(ZELO)
-How is it like living in one dorm.
"We live together in a villa in Hannam-dong, Seoul. There are a total of 3 rooms and we use one room together. Another one is the closet-room, and the other one is a music studio. We have the chores divided thoroughly. Maknae ZELO does the laundry, Jongup does the dishes, Himchan throws the garbage, Youngjae keeps everything organized, as a leader I am in charge of managing (what goes around) the dorm. haha"(Bang Yongguk)
- You are in the same company with SECRET. Are you familiar with each other.
"The sunbaenims took care of us eversince we were trainees. They make us food on Chuseok (Thanksgiving)·Lunar New Year and brought it to the rehearsal studio for us."(Youngjae)
-B.A.P's competitiveness.
"All six members have different personality. Six members each with different colors to show you a different side and image of ourselves. "(Himchan)
-B.A.P's goal.
"A week before debuting, we had a meeting in the dorm and had the goal to 'conquer the earth'. We not only want our music to stay in Korea, but also looking forward to stretch to a larger global market. Starting next month in March, we'll be going to Singapore and Malaysia for a first fan-meeting overseas."(Bang Yongguk)

source: Ilkan Sports
translated by minchu @

[Trans] After ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’, appearance in ‘Elisabeth’!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 01:11 AM PST

JYJ's Kim Junsu may not be unfamiliar to you, but he has a new title – musical actor Kim Junsu. It has been 2 years since his debut in 'Mozart!'. When news of his debut in 'Mozart' broke, we thought that he was just venturing into another field, but he went on to act in 'Tears of Heaven' and 'Elisabeth' and became one of the leading respectable musical actors with star quality. Days before the premiere of 'Elisabeth', we met up with a passionate Kim Junsu.
To Kim Junsu, his debut in the musical "Mozart!" was a risky challenge. While experiencing strife with his management company in 2009, he chose the musical 'Mozart!' as his first step after eight months of vacuum. He had never been interested in musicals. "In the end, the first musical I saw was the musical that I would act in," he laughs. But, he emphasized: "If I were to count my biggest challenge in life, it would be acting in musicals." 
"I like the music so I challenged musicals, but I was feeling vague about the unfamiliar genre. After a long time since their last official activity, he was the first member in JYJ to start his activities so he felt very burdened about it. Will I do well when I start acting this art piece? I was very worried. I calmed myself and thought that I have to do well since I had already started."
However, his worries were unfounded. Tickets of the musical, which starred other musical actors, were sold out early and he was reborn as a musical actor in 'Elisabeth'. As time goes by, Kim Junsu receives more favourable comments for being a musical actor. "The amount of hardship that I had experienced at that time and the decision to act in musical was difficult, I was able to gain confidence and make a comeback thanks to the support and concern of many people," he laughed.

"I have never once watched a musical. I must have been roped by musicals since I like them this much. In order to learn about musicals, I have to be fully immersed in them. I want to do my best till the end to reach my ideal since I have already started. It is my task to look at the art piece until I dislike it every time I act in a musical."
'Elisabeth' is Kim Junsu's third musical and it is one that has received a lot of love for 20 years since its first performance in Vienna, Austria in 1992. It is a musical about the story of 'Death' and an Empress who fell in love.
In the play, he transforms again to the role of 'Tod', which is also the transcendental 'Death'. 'Death' is a character who seduces the Empress beautifully and sweetly. "As 'Death' is transcendental and immaterial, its first appearance on stage is special. You can feel it wherever you are seating at. It is not ordinary," he said.
As there are almost no lines for his role and he has to use expressions and gestures to express himself, it is the biggest difficulty. "Since there are no lines, it is hard to express my intention of wanting to speak. However, it is difficult as there are no correct answers. I want to know how to view the ability to express unrestrictedly as a strength. It seems that I can enjoy myself on the musical stage now," he said with gleaming eyes.
As a musical actor and gaining explosive popularity as a JYJ member with many activities, he smiled and said, "I want to grow old in a cool way."
"I don't want to be at the top of public interest. Won't popularity end ultimately? Instead of getting the most popularity, I want people to remember that I am a singer even after a long time has passed. Until I feel that 'I have done well'".
The peculiar connection between Kim Junsu and Jo Seung Woo is eye-catching. Both of them are consistent stars who are also South Korea's musical ticket powers. Coincidentally, Kim Junsu's 'Elisabeth' premiere falls on the same day as Jo Seung Woo's 'Doctor Zhivago' premiere. In reality, both of them exchange messages and support each other's performances, thus they have a senior-junior relationship. "I got closer to Seung Woo-hyung after watching his performance in 'Zorro'. Although we talk a lot about musicals, we also often confide in each other. He is a cool and comfortable hyung to be with," he said.
These are Junsu's words about them being rivals. "Hyung is the best musical actor and I am just a newcomer who started now. I am honored to be compared to hyung, but I also feel burdened. Please do not compare the two of us from now on (laughs)!"
Source: Clubcity
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3

[Video] SNSD's Taeyeon and Seohyun debuted as Music Core MCs!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 12:22 AM PST

SNSD's Taeyeon and Seohyun made their MC debut on Music Core today,check out their MC clips below,did they do their job well??

[Video] K.Will made his comeback on Music Core!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 12:16 AM PST

K.Will made his comeback on Music Core with "I hate Myself",check out his flawless performance here!

[Video] EXID debuted on Music Core with Whoz Tha Girl!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 12:04 AM PST

Check out EXID's debut stage on Music Core,the girls performed their debut song Whoz That Girls on the show,do you like their debut song??


[Audio/Trans] Daesung's Interview on Naver!

Posted: 17 Feb 2012 11:51 PM PST

Q: Daesung-shi How have you been? 

Daesung: We had received the award 'World Wide Act' on EMA last year. It was a first that an Asian got a prize on EMA. We saw that award ceremony when we were still just a trainee. So it felt like a dream. I had YG Family Concerts in Korea and Japan with YG Family. These days, I'm doing my best for this album, ALIVE.

Q: Daesung-shi What is BIGBANG to you?
Daesung: BIGBANG is my family. We are so close to each other. We have so many good things. When we have problem, I want to say sorry to them. When we are happy, I want to say thank you to them. We are five but I feel that we are also one. 

Q: Tell me about ALIVE's meaning.

Daesung: We are not really old but we have been BIGBANG for 6 years now. We have already shown various performances. People got accustomed to our music. So we want to show them, our talent, musical trial and passion are still ALIVE. Not dead.

Q: Someone says that it's too early to come out. How do you think about it?

Daesung: I was so worried about that. I told Yang Hyunsuk, who is my boss, about my worries a lot. I gave a lot of thought about that matter. BIGBANG is a singer. We always tell them everything we want to express through our music. People express their feelings through crying or anger. We express it through music. Of course we need to have time for self-restraint and self-reflection but that period is not permanent. I want to share them about my emotion but care/worry sits heavily on me. I know it's early to come out but it's also right tim. I know that everyone can't agree on the same thing. We have a burden that we have to share. We want to share our good music to them.

Q: Tell me about BLUE.

Daesung: 'Sky Blue' gives us good feelings but our'BLUE', it is more like dark blue. It symbolizes longing, sorrow, pain and so on. We miss someone who's already gone in this song. First lyrics are "Winter is gone, spring is come…" I think that Blue's lyrics are really good. I felt that the same when I sang this song. Blue have two sensation; Hope and loneliness. Its melody is really lyrical and sad. I think it is also the right song to come out this time.

Source: DCBB//Audio Source: Naver App//Translated by yeonpop @DCBB

[News] Laurieann Gibson tweets about Big Bang!

Posted: 17 Feb 2012 11:26 PM PST

From March 2nd to the 4th, Big Bang will open their world tour in the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium. Following these shows, the group will tour 16 countries, 25 cities, in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

The producer 'Laurieann Gibson' will be taking the lead position as director.  'Laurieann Gibson' is a well-known director, choreographer, actress, and creative director. She is known most recently for directing Lady Gaga's 'The Monster Ball Tour', in addition to choreographing "Poker Face", "Judas", and "Telephone". She has also worked with top stars like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, and Katy Perry.

Source: @TheRealboomkack