Sunday, February 26, 2012

"[Videos] Performance clips from the Tokyo KPOP Fashion Music Show!" plus 24 more

"[Videos] Performance clips from the Tokyo KPOP Fashion Music Show!" plus 24 more

[Videos] Performance clips from the Tokyo KPOP Fashion Music Show!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 07:38 AM PST

Check out some amazing performances brought to you by popular KPop groups such as SNSD,KARA,T-ara,BEAST,CN Blue and to name a few!

[Video] Big Bang unveiled teaser for Fantastic Boy!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 07:32 AM PST

Check out Big Bang's teaser for Fantastic Boy!

[Pictures] Miss A thanked fans for sending them food!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 06:52 AM PST

 Miss A made their comeback on various music shows this week with their latest hit song Touch.

Members Jia and Suzy unveiled some photos on their Twitter to thank fans for their kindness.

It seems that the girls had some really good time enjoying the food sent by their fans.

But wait a minute,where is Fei??

[Picture] Park Shin Hye unveiled red hat selca!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 06:19 AM PST

Actress Park Shin Hye uploaded a new selca on her Twitter.

It has been a while since we saw her appeared on TV.

Fans left some positive comments after seeing her selca and praised that she is such a cute girl.

[Video] Big Bang to appear on Running Man!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 05:42 AM PST

Check out the trailer of the upcoming episode of Running Man,Big Bang will make their special appearance on the show as guests,anticipate its airing?

[Video] INFINITE's Dongwoo and Hoya to appear on Dream Team 2!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 05:12 AM PST

Check out the preview of the upcoming episode of Dream Team 2.

INFINITE's Dongwoo and Hoya will appear on the show,check out the trailer below!

[Video] U-Kiss' Eli show soff his funny face on Twitvid!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 04:47 AM PST

Check out Eli's funny video on Twitvid.

[Videos] Davichi performed on P.S I Love You!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 04:13 AM PST

Check out Davichi's performance on P.S I Love You.

[Video] Se7en performed When I Can't Sing with Park Bom!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 03:55 AM PST

Check out Se7en's performance for When I Can't Sing on Inkigayo.

Park Bom of 2NE1 joined him on the stage today,enjoy their performance!

[Video] IU made a cute mistake on Inkigayo!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 03:15 AM PST

IU made a cute mistake on Inkigayo today.

FT Island won first place on the show today but IU announced Se7en as the winner,Hara and Nicole who noticed the mistake quickly announced FT Island as the winner,check out the video below!

[News] Chinese version of "We Got Married" to be officially aired on Korean channel on the 25th!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 02:53 AM PST

The Chinese version of the programme "We Got Married" has officially been aired locally yesterday (14th February), and the programme has been scheduled to air on the Korean channel MBC TV on the 25th. It is bound to trigger a new craze. The Chinese version of "We Got Married" is a program which has been specially created by Korea's MBC TV and China's SMG in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Korean and Chinese relations. 

The program has made it onto the "Shanghai Entertainment" magazine, earning the attentions of a large number of fans in China. Before the broadcast of the program, SMG began their fervent promotions through their online video portals in order to increase the hype on the program. Both parties also hoped that through this opportunity, they would be able to increase the cultural exchange between the young artists of both countries when the 20th anniversary of the Korean-Chinese relations rolls by. 

In the Chinese version of "We Got Married", the celebrities from Korean and China crossed the country barriers and became a pair of made-up couple. Super Junior's member Kyuhyun was paired with Lou Yixiao, while T-ara's member Hyomin was paired up with Fu Xinbo. It is highly anticipated how the differing cultures and values of both countries would spice up their 'married life'. 

On the other hand, because of the worker strike going on at MBC TV, "We Got Married" was forced to go off air for two weeks (4th and 11th), and this caused concern among viewers whether the strike would be prolonged with the addition of the Chinese version of "We Got Married". 

Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[Video/Trans] CNBLUE’s Interview on Nine Entertain!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 02:19 AM PST

Group CNBLUE had a short interview on Nine Entertain.

The interview has been translated.

Check it out below.

CNBLUE greeting
JS : Sawasdee krub, I'm Jungshin, bass
JH : Sawasdee krub, I'm Jonghyun vocal and guitar. Rak Khun Krub (I Love You)
YH : Took Khon! (Every body). [laugh~~~~] Sawasdee krub, I'm Yonghwa vocal and guitar. Kid Theung Phom Mai Krub (Do you miss me?) Khob Khun Krub (Thank you)
[Yonghwa action made everybody in studio laugh hahaha ~~]
MH : [still laugh] Sawasdee krub. I'm Minhyuk, drums. Phom Kid Theung Khun Mak Mak Krub (I miss you so much)
MC ask them to write Thai word.
YH wrote the word "Phom Rak Khun" (I Love You) 3 times in different sizes of consonant. [his handwriting is cute ^^]
MC : What do you think of when talking about Thailand?
MH : Floating market that we saw in City Hunter. Me and Yonghwa want to go there.
YH : I like Thai dish "Pat Thai" (a kind of Thai noodle)
JH : I want to go to Night Bazar. I like to go to Nigh bazar when going abroad.
JS : I want to go to Wat Prakaew & Grand Palace.
MC : How does CNBLUE prepare for Blue Storm In Bangkok?
YH : We have practice hard. Everyone will surely enjoy our live performance.
MC : Do you have a plan to go to Europe, America as other Korean Artists?
YH : We will have a concert with FT Island in L.A. soon. We are so glad to show our performance to fans in America.

Video from: sariyacsr@youtube

Translated by: nok1892@twitter
Re-posted by:  J@cnbluestorm

[News] 2PM arrives in Nanjing, surrounded by 300 fans!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 01:49 AM PST

Korean boy group 2PM, who is popular through Asia, held their first concert in China at the Nanjing Olympic Stadium. After arriving in Nanjing yesterday afternoon, the six members attended a Hi-Touch session which allows 300 fans to be in close proximity with their idols. Besides this being their first concert in China, 2PM also performed a meaningful act of donating part of the concert proceeds to the "Change the Tables and Chairs for the Children" event on Weibo, changing school furniture for over 200 students.

Fans exclaim, "It feels like a dream"

Korea's "Beastly Idol" 2PM held their first concert of 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour in Thailand. The members' passionate performances ended the concert on a high. Before the concert, 2PM held a Hi-Five event and 300 fans braved the hot weather to catch a glimpse of their handsome idols. The Nanjing concert is the 2nd stop and 2PM also held a Hi-Touch session yesterday which was slated to start at 5pm. Fans, locally and overseas, were already gathered around the hotel lobby in the morning, but due to venue constrains, there were only 300 lucky fans chosen for the event. Many fans that did not managed to win the Hi-Touch event were gathered outside the hotel, hoping to buy tickets from the lucky ones. Before the start of the Hi-Touch session, fans sang along to the 2PM hits in fluent Korean despite the language constrains. The minute 2PM appeared on stage, the crowd went crazy. Besides simple greetings in Chinese, 2PM also said that they hope the fans will have fun at the concert tomorrow and due to the high ticket sales, there will be a huge crowd so please take care of their own safety. During the Hi-Touch session, the members displayed their Mandarin skills by replying "Hi" and "Thank You" to the fans. There were boxes labeled with the members' name for the fans to deposit their gifts. Overseas and China fans flew into Nanjing for the concert and many shed tears of happiness after the Hi-Touch session. A girl who flew into Nanjing from Dalian, China, exclaimed, "Oh my god! It feels like a dream!"

The six members said they like Ziyi Zhang

"This is our first trip to Nanjing and the fans are really enthusiastic. We were touched when we saw so many fans at the airport." 2PM were excited for this trip to Nanjing. They have received fan presents in Korea and the Roufu** (fried pork crisps) fans sent were really tasty so they hope to try the delicious Chinese cuisine during the trip. Preciously they tried some duck cuisine in Thailand and having heard that the duck cuisine is famous in Nanjing, they mentioned they hope to have the chance to try them. With an average age of 23, 2PM is famous throughout Asia at such a young age, so how do they normally relax and de-stress? The members exchanged eye contact and smiled, "By eating. Eating and exercising at the same time." This is their first concert in China, when asked if they know or like any Chinese artist, Wooyoung said with a smile, "We like Ziyi Zhang very much." Nichkhun and the other members nodded in agreement.

While preparing for the concert, to better grasp the Chinese culture, 2PM interacted with their fans on Sohu Weibo and discovered the "Change the Tables and Chairs for the Children" online event started by Ju Jianfu, a reporter at Yangtse Wanbao. At the press conference yesterday, 2PM passed the donation to the organizer and they even brought 2 big bags of books, notebooks and other stationery for the children. They said, "We heard that the children have a lack of study items and they are in a tough environment, so we wished to help them change their school furniture in hope of improving their conditions." They also said they will not hesitate to participate in other charitable activities. Ju Jianfu in return handed a letter of gratitude written by the children to thank 2PM for their donation.


[NEWS] Blue MV now has 7 million+ views, gets "Youtube Medals"

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 01:22 AM PST


[NEWS] T.O.P jokes, “Break up expiration date is 5 years? There’s always a possibility”

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 01:19 AM PST

Big Bang revealed their thought on passing the 5 year mark where most idol groups disband.

On the 26th broadcast of MBC 'Entertainment Section', Big Bang made their appearance to reveal their thoughts on the new album comeback.

On this day, Big Bang answered the reporters question on what their thoughts were on passing the 5 year mark. TOP commented, "There's always a possibility", making everyone laugh.

Dae Sung took the joke to another level. He commented "I hope we get through this year well".

Source: Newsen
Translated by: kpopstarz


[News] Yoochun shows only his face while inside a box!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 01:15 AM PST

The newly revealed posters of SBS's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Rooftop Prince' starring Park Yoochun and Han Jimin are attracting attention.
The poster photographs were revealed together with the drama'ss preview and characters' introductions on the homepage of 'Rooftop Prince', which opened on the 23rd. In the photograph, Crown Princess Park Ha (Han Jimin) gives the Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) a back hug.
Besides this, the photograph of Park Yoochun and his subjects in training attire and another photograph of him in a box caused laughter.
Netizens who saw the photographs responded with, "Are you a pet? If there is a such Crown Prince, I will raise him my whole life",  "I am already anticipating it" and "It is the historical fusion drama that I anticipate the most".
Meanwhile, 'Rooftop Prince' is a romantic comedy about a Crown Prince who lost his Princess and he is transported 300 years into the future, where he finds his lost love. The rest of the cast includes Jung Suk Won, Lee Min Ho, Choi Woo Shik and Jung Yoo Mi.
Source: Enews24 via Nate
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3

[Videos] FT Island won first place on Inkigayo with Severely!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 12:57 AM PST

Check out FT Island's performance on Inkigayo today.

The boys won first place on the show with their latest hit song Severely.


[Video] Brave Girls performed Nowadays You on inkigayo!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 12:08 AM PST

Brave Girls performed their comeback stage for Nowadays You on Inkigayo,enjoy their performance here!

[Video] Teen Top performed the remix version of Crazy on Inkigayo

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 12:06 AM PST

Teen Top performed the remix version of Crazy on Inkigayo.

Check out their performance here!

[Videos] Miss A made their comeback on Inkigayo!

Posted: 26 Feb 2012 12:04 AM PST

Check out Miss A's comeback stage on Inkigayo!

[News] JYJ’s lives arouse audience’s curiousity!

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 11:58 PM PST

First place: 'The Day'
The honest story about the lives of three JYJ members (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu) aroused movie fans' curiousity. The small-scale movie was scheduled for screening in 19 cinemas and it held the record of a sellout as soon as tickets were up for reservation. Last year, plans for 'The Day' to be shown on television misfired and it was re-edited to a 90 minutes 'extract' for theatrical release. The movie is expected to gain much anticipation as it was difficult to confirm its screening.

Second place: 'War with Crime: Era of the Bad Guys'
Third place: 'Howling'
Fourth place: 'Man on a Ledge'
Fifth place: 'Dancing Queen'
Sixth place: 'Underworld 4: Awakening'
Seventh place: 'Legends of Valhalla: Thor'

Credit: isplus
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3

[Video] Miss A sings the Low Carbon Song on Inkigayo!

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 11:37 PM PST

Check out Miss A's Low Carbon Song on Inkigayo!

[News] Idol group’s friendship meeting

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 11:29 PM PST

What are the famous idol group friendship meetings? The introduction of these celebrity meetings definitely makes people envious of the celebrities' relationships with one other.
The subject of MBC Every1 'Weekly Idol' was 'The Most Desirable Idol Private Gathering'. 'Real Chart! Idols' Self-ranking' corner, which idols personally voted in will be shown at 2pm on the 25th. In the result for the poll 'The Most Desirable Idol Private Gathering Best 7', 'FC Men' emerged as the most popular idol gathering.
'FC Men' is a soccer team that centers around JYJ's Kim Junsu. The team members include B2ST's Doojoon, Gikwang and Yoseob, Kim Hyun Joong and 2AM's Jinwoo, Seulong and Changmin.
Credit: joongang
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3

[Video] Park Bom and Park Taeyang's Kiss Video!

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 10:51 PM PST

Chaos' leader Park Taeyang and 2NE1's Park Bom's kiss video has become a topic.

Recently on popular video site Youtube, a video of a kiss shared between Park Taeyang and Park Bom was shown and gathered much attention.

This scene was for the music video of Jieun, a past YG solo artist. In the music video for "Tell me once more", the two act as lovers. Their images in this video is before both have debuted as singers, and their past images have a different allure.

Netizen's have commented "Wow this is so nice to see", "Would we recognize these two people?" "The more we know about Park Taeyang's past, its daebak".

Here is the subbed video.

Translated by KRISTINEKWAK

[News] YG, “I don’t have the courage to make another group like Big Bang anymore.”

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 10:21 PM PST

YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk (43), has revealed, "I don't have the strength or courage to create a group like Big Bang anymore."

When CEO Yang recently held an interview at the Seoul Mapo-Gu YG Building, he stated, "Although I will be producing more groups in the future, I don't think I will ever be able to find new group members that could harmonize with each other as well as Big Bang does. All of them match up to each other perfectly like a man and woman would do when they are in love."

According to his explanation, Big Bang may not be the best looking and may not be the best dancers out there, but each member holds a distinct individuality as a weapon that allows them to perform freely, which is the main reason why they receive so much love from their fans in and out of our country.

"Usually in both Korea and Japan, group dancing (synchronized dancing) is the most popular characteristic people look for in groups. However, Big Bang shows a lot of free moves and dances within their performances. That is why I think they receive a lot more response from different countries outside of Korea and Japan."

Considering these factors, Big Bang's new mini-album 'ALIVE' holds many different genres of music to appeal to fans outside of Korea as well.

CEO Yang also stated that, "Aiming to make a musical change and living up to the focal point, this is an album with comprehensive genres" and that "in order to let each of these songs shine it's own special light, we have decided to make all six songs the title song."

Currently, to let the world know of these songs, Big Bang has been undergoing multi-directional promotions.

On the past 22nd, one of their songs titled "BLUE" was the first to be released and has taken over the #1 spot on all music charts and the rest of the song's teasers have been planned to be revealed through TV advertisements starting on the 24th.

The order of these releases are as follows: 24th 'Love Dust', 25th 'Bad Boy', 26th 'Ain't No Fun', 27th 'Fantastic Baby', and the 28th 'Wings'.

CEO Yang elaborated, "Having all the songs from the album be title songs might be, needless to say, the first to set precedent within the country" and that, "Choosing only one song to perform on music show programs to win the #1 spot is meaningless now, in my opinion. What's more important is that we need to let everyone know of this brand called Big Bang and let everyone know of every song on their album."

Big Bang's new mini-album will be released on the 29th, as well as the group's comeback concert (on March 2-4) at the Olympic Sports Stadium.

Source: Nate//Trans: swaggalevel-1000.tmblr