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"2PM’s Taecyeon wishes his fans a Happy Merry White Day" plus 19 more

"2PM’s Taecyeon wishes his fans a Happy Merry White Day" plus 19 more

2PM’s Taecyeon wishes his fans a Happy Merry White Day

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 09:04 AM PDT

2PM‘s Taecyeon treated his fans to a previously unseen photo for White Day.

On March 14th, Taecyeon shared the above photo and tweeted,

Everyone~ Happy Merry White Day~~~ Have a happy time with the person your love (if you have one)~ Though the season has past, here is a picture present~ kekeke

It seems as though Taecyeon has revealed a sweet 2PM Christmas photo in exchange for the usual White Day candy & chocolates.

Fans commented, “Santa 2PM is so cute” “What if I don’t have someone I love, I only have you” and “Thanks for the present!

What do you think? Is this picture sweet enough to take the place of a chocolate gift?

Source: Taecyeon’s Twitter

NU’EST releases debut single, “Face”

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 08:52 AM PDT

Just minutes ago, the much anticipated rookie group, NU'EST released the music video for "Face". Now, you can check out the tracks from their debut single.

NU'EST stands for NU’ Established Style Tempo and consists of 5 members. Leader JR, Minhyun, Baekho, Ren, and Arron. Their debut single contains 3 tracks in total including “NU, Establish, Style, Tempo“, “Face” and “I’m Sorry“.

“NU, Establish, Style, Tempo” serves as an intro track which like it’s namesake, establishes the style and tempo of what they bring to the table. “Face” is the title track and incorporates the trendy genre of dubstep. The message and lyrics of the song speaks of being a representative of teenage youth. Their third track “I’m Sorry” slows things down a bit and is more of a smooth ballad track. This track gives them a platform to showcase their vocals.

Check out the three tracks below and share your thoughts on which one is your favorite. Remember to support by purchasing the music.

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NU’EST releases MV for “Face”!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 08:21 AM PDT

The much anticipated rookie group, NU’EST has released the music video for their debut single, "Face".

The music video showcases the four members (minus Ren) with powerful masculinity and superb dance moves.

Check out the music video below and share your thoughts on this new group!

TVXQ debuts at #1 on Oricon with “STILL”

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 08:15 AM PDT

TVXQ has catapulted their 34th Japanese single to the top of the Oricon chart!

The boys of TVXQ unveiled their latest Japanese single “STILL” on March 14th and according to the latest results of the Oricon Daily singles chart, TVXQ claimed first place by selling 84,029 copies. In second place was mega popular group Arashi with “Wild at Heart” which sold 9,096 copies and was released back on March 7th.

Congratulations to TVXQ on this achievement!

Source: Oricon
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Big Bang’s G-Dragon sends a candy kiss for White Day

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 07:56 AM PDT

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon joins the growing list of stars greeting their fans for White Day.

On March 14th, G-Dragon posted via me2day a photo of 2 candy lollipops covering his eyes and also shared,

Happy White Day

In Korea, the concept of Valentine’s Day is split into two days. On February 14th (the original Valentine’s Day) the females give chocolates to their loved ones. Then on March 14th for White Day, the boys return the favor and give chocolates to their loved ones. Since G-Dragon isn’t able to hand deliver candy to his fans, he has sent them a photo kiss instead.

Fans commented, “Those lips, I want to kiss them” “GD, who did you give candy to? and “Who can resist your cuteness?

Source: G-Dragon’s me2day

Which celebrity do you want to ‘Candy Kiss’?

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 07:12 AM PDT


In light of White Day, Social dating site, ‘‘ held a survey asking, “Which celebrity do you want to ‘Candy Kiss’ the most?

318 participants chose their biases and according to the results, Kim Soo Hyun came out as the top recipient with 39.6% of the total votes.  His explosive increase in popularity due to his recent drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” was probably one of the main factors that contributed to his win.  The drama has melted the hearts of countless women all over the country and even obtained over 40% in TV ratings at one point.

Actor Kang Dong Won(27%) and Won Bin(23%) came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Under the women’s segment, Kim Tae Hee came out on top with 26.3% of the total votes, while runner-up was singer IU(22.8%).  Actress Lee Min Jung(13.2%) came in third.

White Day is the Korean version of Valentines Day and is celebrated annually on March 14th.  Men who received chocolates from their love partners on Valentines day usually pay them back on White Day with candy instead of chocolates.  Ironically, there is also Black Day, which is celebrated by singles who gather together on April 14th to eat jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce).

For those who have never seen a ‘Candy Kiss’, check it out in this excerpt of IRIS.


In fact, the ‘Candy Kiss’ became so popular that it was parodied by many comedians such as Kim Gu Ra.



As you expected, here is our question to you– Which celebrity do YOU want to ‘Candy Kiss’?

Source + Photos: etoday via Nate

Lee Hyori shows off her ant waist

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 07:08 AM PDT

As we had reported previously, sexy star Lee Hyori had come under criticism for her belly fat. It seems however, that the criticisms may be unwarranted as Hyori recently showed off her ant waist.

On March 14th, Hyori uploaded the above pictures on her Twitter account in a post that read, “Good afternoon~“.

In the photos, Hyori playfully strikes poses for the camera in a hot red top. Netizens marveled at her ant waist and sexy figure that Hyori is so well known for.

Netizens and fans alike uploaded various comments in response such as, “Who says she got fat when she is this pretty?” , “Look at her cute expression~ Unnie must be anti-aging!” and “I can’t believe she is still this cute. It must be because she is in love!“.

In related news, Hyori recently made a comeback in broadcast activities through SBS‘s “Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung’s You & I“, and is currently preparing for her artist comeback this summer.


Source & Image: Nate

2BiC’s ‘I Made Another Girl Cry’ kicks off with a bang!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 06:11 AM PDT


On midnight of March 14th, rookie duo, 2BiC released their title track, “I Made Another Girl Cry” and the response from viewers has been explosive!

The music video in particular sparked much interest for featuring actor, Lee Minho who is known for his role in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and actress Joo Won who played in “Ojakgyo Brothers“.

What sets these rookie artists apart from their counterparts are their rich vocal sounds that immediately hooked the audience.  The audio showed off what these boys were capable of and proved that 2BiC could sing higher notes than IU, who has always been known as the ‘three level octave’.  Furthermore, the deep emotion that was poured into the song was felt and understood by many listeners including international audiences who don’t understand the lyrics.

Netizens commented, “These guys are true singers.  This song is daebak!“, “Their voice is unique, but the song is also good“, and “I wonder if their live performance will be good as their recorded audio“.

To answer the question regarding their live performance, allkpop met these singers back in May of 2011 prior to their debut and got a chance to listen to them sing live. Trust us, they are amazing!



Check out their new music video, if you haven’t already!

Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin’s dating scene draw the envy of fans

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 06:04 AM PDT


Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin‘s fairytale-like dating scene has drawn the envy of fans.

On the set of TV Chosun‘s ‘Project Propose‘, the two stars filmed the ideal dating course on the beautiful island of Jeju-do. From taking a romantic walk on the beach to having a lovely time together at the pension, both actors filmed numerous scenes that any couple would love to recreate for their own.

The staff of the drama commented, “I don’t know if it is because Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin are longtime friends, but their chemistry is building as the drama progresses. In fact, many people on the staff often say that the two are really cute together and they would make an excellent couple“.

'Project Propose' is a drama about a man who has a chance to go back in time to win back his first love, and airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:50 p.m KST!


Source & Image: Daum

Title of CN Blue’s comeback track revealed

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:51 AM PDT


As popular Hallyu band CN Blue prepares for a Korean comeback, the title for their teaser track was revealed.

The track, which had previously gathered attention on the internet as “Jung Yong Hwa‘s self-composed track“, was revealed to be titled “I Still Love“. On March 16th, the single and an accompanying video clip will be officially released through CN Blue’s official Youtube page and the main page of Korean portal site Nate.

Furthermore, March 19th will kick off the gradual release of promotional posters featuring each individual member.

Currently, CN Blue is simultaneously preparing for a musical comeback as well as forays into the acting arena. Member Kang Min Hyuk will star in KBS 2TV‘s “You Rolled in Unexpectedly” as a loveable playboy. Also, Lee Jong Hyun will star in SBS‘s weekend drama, “Gentleman’s Dignity“.


Source & Image: Nate

2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun to collaborate for ‘Music and Lyrics’

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 04:50 AM PDT


A new couple is set to appear on MBC Music’s ‘Music and Lyrics‘!

2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun were chosen to be the new couple.

They are now the second couple to be chosen for this program. ‘Music and Lyrics’ is a variety show that is similar to MBC’s ‘We Got Married’. It shows an actress and a male artist forming a relationship while making songs.

Junho and Kim So Eun will try to make an OST for MBC’s weekend drama ‘Feast of the Gods’ through this program. This song will be for actress Song Yu Ri’s love theme in the drama.

One of the staff members of ‘Music and Lyrics’ stated, “The music director of ‘Feast of the Gods’ will personally decide if the song made by Junho and Kim So Eun is eligible for use in the drama. The song made by the two will be shown to the director without any modifications.

The first couple on ‘Music and Lyrics’ is actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoon Gun. Junho and Kim So Eun are set to appear sometime in April.

Are you excited about the new couple?


Source and Picture: Nate

Hyuna to launch her own fashion brand, ‘Hyuna x SPICYCOLOR’

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 04:24 AM PDT


Hyuna from 4minute, will be launching her own fashion brand called, ‘Hyuna x SPICYCOLOR‘.

Hyuna x SPICYCOLOR will be a ‘retro, chic, and sexy’ concept, pulling inspiration from the vintage looks of the 50′s and 60′s.

Since Hyuna is putting her name on the line, she will be extremely involved, starting from the concept development, design, as well as directing the photo shoots.

Hyuna stated, “Although as an artist I did show a lot of sexy concepts, for this brand which will be launching at the end of March, I worked very hard to delivers styles that are not only sexy, but also fashionable and stylish. For this spring, if you own a single item mixed with lace, anyone can easily complete a trendy look.”

Soon you’ll all be able to pull off a retro, chic and sexy look, just like Hyuna!


Big Bang featured on

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 04:06 AM PDT

Looks like Big Bang has found their way onto the website.

A photo of the group performing in Seoul was featured on the main page of the site with the title “K-Pop Explosion” and caption, “South Korean quintet Big Bang go kaboom during a performance in Seoul, Korea, on March 11.”

Big Bang is surely moving on up the ladder of fame, congratulations and hopefully Big Bang can stand on the Grammy stage one day.


Thanks to Joanna for the tip!

Past photo of Shin Se Kyung draws attention

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 03:59 AM PDT


A past photo of actress Shin Se Kyung recently surfaced on an online community board with the title, “Shin Sae Kyung at church”.

Compared to her current glamorous slim figure and mystical charms, the photo displays Shin Se Kyung’s “country girl” image, as she is seen wearing a casual outfit without any makeup.

Upon seeing the photo, netizens reacted by commenting, “Bare face that still shines“, “She’s still pretty“, “Her nose looks different“, “Who’s that?“, and “Her eyes are different as well.”


Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate

Kim Tae Woo gives out candy to fans for White Day

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 03:55 AM PDT


Kim Tae Woo uploaded a picture of himself with candy for White Day.

On March 14th he tweeted, “Today I give this bear family as a gift to my fans. When opened there will be lots of sweet candy. Don’t eat too much. Merry White day. I hope everyone is overflowed with love.

Netizens who saw this commented, “Ahh so cute“, “There are three bears“, and “Give me some candy too.”

Who else wants to receive candy from Kim Tae Woo?


Source and Picture: Kim Tae Woo’s Twitter

2NE1′s Minzy uploads candy pictures for White Day!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 03:51 AM PDT


2NE1′s Minzy uploaded a picture of herself eating candy for White Day.

On March 14th she tweeted, “Happy White Day! Received a lot of candy~^^“, along with the pictures above.

Netizens commented, “You too!” and “That candy looks yummy.

How much candy do you think Minzy got for White Day?


Source and Picture: Minzy’s twitter

B.A.P sends a warm White Day greeting to fans

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 03:44 AM PDT


Concluding their promotional activities on Inkigayo last week, the boys of B.A.P recorded a special video for their fans to celebrate White Day!

On March 14th, B.A.P released a “Whiteday message (To. BABY)’ for their fans on their Daum fan cafe. In the video, the members give their own White Day greetings and thank fans for supporting them all through their 1st album promotions. In addition, the boys hinted at a comeback in April.

Fans responded to their White Day message, commenting, “I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight” and “I love you so much. Thank you so much <3.”

Meanwhile, B.A.P is currently recording for their next comeback which is schedule to be sometime in April!

Stay tuned as we bring you updates on their comeback!


Ladies want Kim Soo Hyun’s back hug and Park Tae Hwan’s swimming lesson for White Day

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 02:53 AM PDT


A recent survey showed that ladies desired Kim Soo Hyun‘s back hug and marine boy Park Tae Hwan‘s 1:1 swimming lesson the most for a White Day date.

Samsung launched this survey featuring two of their newest models for their new laptop ‘Series 9‘, Kim Soo Hyun and Park Tae Hwan.

For Park Tae Hwan, most voted that they would like a 1:1 swimming lesson, and many also voted they wanted a chance to be back hugged with his broad chest. For Kim Soo Hyun, most ladies wanted a rather tough back hug from him, and many wanted to have a date on a flower wagon through the Korean palace.

Other popular votes included a candy kiss with Kim Soo Hyun and a chance to touch Park Tae Hwan’s six pack.

After voting, the netizens commented, “Just the thought of Kim Soo Hyun’s back hug is exciting“, “I’m a guy so I want to do a 400 meter race with Park Tae Hwan” and “The candy kiss will be so romantic.


Source+Picture: Star News via Nate

Rainbow’s Jaekyung to make acting debut in upcoming drama

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 02:16 AM PDT


Rainbow‘s Jaekyung will transform into an actress for upcoming JTBC‘s drama, ‘Monster‘.

With the first episode set to air on March 31st, Jaekyung will play the main character of Nah Yoomi along with other actors such as Ahn Yong Joon and Ji Il Joo.

Jaekyung commented, “It’s my first try at a real drama so I’m nervous and making many mistakes. However, I’m learning a lot from my co-actors. I hope you guys will give support for ‘Monster’ and my acting debut.

An associate of JTBC shared, “Jaekyung is sexy on stage but funny and lovable on variety shows. She was perfect for the role of Nah Yoomi. At the filming, she’s the maker of a happy atmosphere and is actively participating in the shooting of the drama.


Source+Picture: Star News via Nate

So Ji Sub is hungry for strawberries in his magazine “SONICe”

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 02:10 AM PDT

So Ji Sub‘s magazine ‘SONICe‘ was released today in offline bookstores just in time for White Day in Korea.

The newly released ‘SONICe’ featured a ‘greed’ themed photoshoot of So Ji Sub. The photoshoot that shows him pulling on a model’s wrist and reaching to eat the strawberries in her hand was actually So Ji Sub’s idea.

The model who was blessed(?) by So Ji Sub’s touch is the same model in his arms on the cover of the magazine. When this was told, many of the fans were jealous of her.

The day before the release of ‘SONICe’, So Ji Sub released a song from his upcoming album ‘Corona Borealis‘, titled ”That Day a Year Ago.” The song is a mix of Bobby Kim‘s soft tone and So Ji Sub’s sorrowful rap that tells the story of a man who can’t let go of his love that left him one year ago.

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub will be starring as a cold detective, Kim Woo Hyun, in a new SBS drama, ‘Ghost’ that is set to air this May.


Source+Picture: Star News via Chosun