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"[Audio] Orange Caramel unveiled the Japanese version of Shanghai Romance!" plus 24 more

"[Audio] Orange Caramel unveiled the Japanese version of Shanghai Romance!" plus 24 more

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Check out the Japanese version of Shanghai Romance by Orange Caramel!

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Check out the sweet collaboration of BEAST's Yoseob and A Pink's Eunji!

Do you like their new song "Love Day"?

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South Korean boy group 2PM is featured on another Japanese magazine called Syukan Josei.

Take a look at the photos of these handsome guys.

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Top security for 2PM Left by secret exit

Hong Kong has been hit by the Hallyu Wave recently. Following Girls Generation, 2PM comprising of Taecyeon, Junsu, Junho, Wooyoung, Chansung and Thai member Nichkhun has arrived in Hong Kong for their concert at the Asia World Expo. The trip to Hong Kong was filled with tension as the organisers were worried that 2PM will be harassed by crazy fans (info about Block B omitted) therefore top security measures were enforced and 2Pm left by a secret exit to prevent accidents from happening.

Feeling unwell

300 fans, including male fans, gathered at the airport the night before and some of them have been there since afternoon. Airport security set up barricades at the B gate in the Arrival Hall, misleading the fans to believe their idols will appear there, when in fact the six boys were escorted through the VIP passageway to the car park, causing fans to be disappointed. A large number of fans got wind of the news and flocked to the secret exit, causing a huge crowd extending to the road. The police sent for two more patrol cars and instructed the fans to be careful and not overspill onto the road.

At 11.30PM, 2PM was escorted by over 30 security personnel through the secret exit. The fans went hysteric screaming for their idols. Wooyoung, who was wrapped top to toe in a hat, shades and mask, seems to be feeling unwell. Nickhun wore a mask to mask his fatigue but was really friendly and kept on waving and smiling to the fans. As for Taecyeon, he glanced at the fans before boarding the car and Junho drew the curtains on the car and waved to the fans. The six boys took a small tour bus to their hotel.

Showing some skin at the concert

After a night's rest, 2PM appeared at the press conference stylishly. It was attended by more than 50 media and the six boys introduced themselves in Cantonese. When asked which Hong Kong food they would like to try the most, Junsu said he would like to try the long thing he saw and the interpreter said he would like to try rice noodle rolls. Taecyeon replied in Cantonese that he would like to try bubble tea and Wooyoung wanted to try the meat jerkies. They also let slip that they will be showing some skin at the concert, urging the fans to anticipate it. 

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TEEN TOP Lunatic asylum 

TEEN TOP's life is like a reality show, whenever the director shouts "Cue", they become serious and meticulously show off their idol charisma. But when the director shouts "Cut", they immediately return back to their crazy nature, with all kinds of far-fetched thinking and sloppiness, with lots of embarrassing things happening, preventing them from gaining much attention. That is why the name of "prince" wasn't used on them.

A group that has been in the palm of SHINHWA since debut, should have been grateful. However, this scene say that they aren't emotional, because after achieving their first win, ANDY complained that " Why did i cry and yet you all didn't cry on stage?" a group of emotionless children. And saying that they are strange, was due to the other side of them that people can't see through.

C.A.P Good Guy, Bad Guy, Big Guy

Ha! Hip-Hop priest~ Know as the group's big brother, members pillar of support. Though being the oldest, he loves to show aegyo~ When hoping to stop practicing in between practices, does not know when is the correct time to stop. Feeling that removing make-up is troublesome, opening up more opportunities for him to become lazier. Feeling that the difference of him between being overseas and korea itself was that when he was is South East Asia, his popularity is higher. The reason? It's because he is handsome! However, only CAP thinks this way. Once, there was a fan that exclaimed that CAP looks like a squid, so as a result, he kept endlessly asking why... Of course CAP is still a very competent leader, he always plasters on a dad smile on his face, like a brother who can understand anything, like a friend to play with. In his view, none of the member is disobedient, but also he won't allow much freedom for them. Although he has a right to make the decisions himself, he always seeks the opinion of every members, occasionally using "rock paper scissors" to decide, reflecting the fairness of democracy.
However Niel claims that : CAP always uses his point of view to convince the other members! Although being tested to be the No.2 play boy of the group, but he received more recognition by the members and exceed beyond the champion Changjo. Although he wants to be in love, "the manager will still look after us" as of the rising career, he will still have to give up. The most important thing is that CAP felt that having his own personal time is important, previously he did crack jokes that are annoying in front of his friend ( Got hit by friends too), and also find it troublesome when his friends wants to meet up thus rejected, but this is because he recognize those people as his true friends. As due to the inability to arrange time to meet up with his friend independently, CAP begins to gain the conscious of being better to his friends. Since his debut, CAP has made the decision of becoming a producer, knowing that laying a good foundation is very important, he reserves the challenge of writing lyrics and put his focus on the text. His daily diary is not simply like writing an account, but to try to make it like a poetry, like art. Of course, a man's ambition is not just that little bit, the groups' fashion king CAP unconditional dedication to caps , resulting the choreography action of " removing of the hood" on stage, however L.Joe was not able to gasp well the strength and angle, leading to CAP's sunglasses to get hook onto the hood and turns into a funny gagshow...

Chunji Facial .Face

Although being modest towards the praise made by others, Chunji has always been conscious that he is the face of the group, till the fact that he become narcissistic, making the members' fist unable to take it anymore. However, when Chunji crossdress as girl , his beauty gain much jealousy even from girls. The photo led to lots of screenshot, originally thought that under the conscious of pretty boy, that scene is a nightmare that has to be forgotten. However, Chunji said that if there is opportunity again he won't reject, "If i try dressing female-clothing again, i would like to transform into a pure and sexy, long hair with double eyelid types like - Kwon Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Hee Sonbaes (Laughs)". Even though Chunji's face is fair, his body is certainly a man, with a shoulder that god gaves causes envy from the members, Ricky even claim that his shoulder wideness is about 60cm~ Like cars, houses, watches those luxurious items has been regarded by him as a man's romantic. This precocious state of mind of chunji has never been a secret. At a small fanmeeting that time, he shouted as he lost during a game, but immediately took off his coat and start dancing "crazy" without the music. He did say that he hopes to be closer with SHINEE's taemin, but when finally their schedule overlaps that day, the member strive to push him to taemin, yet he run back due to shyness.... super afraid of insects, Once seen a locust and he started screaming and running about. This is actually not embarrassing, what's embarrassing is that the sister next to him calmly trampled the locust to death... At this point, bid farewell to his masculinity.

Same as the other members, the height problem is the most sensitive matter to him. Wearing the pure white formal dress, standing in the freezing water for photoshoot that time, everyone wish to end it as so as possible, only for him to bother to find two irregular shape stone, enduring the foot massage and stand on it. Towards the reality of Chunji's incompetent in art, everyone seems to have reached a consensus. When heard that he wants to draw a potraits, members would immediately turned around and fled. But if like Niel when you couldn' t escape, you can only suffer the pain of a small curly-haired handsome chap becoming a instant noodles hair ahjumma trauma... Graduated, Became an adult, Chunji felt that he should have become more cautious and set a good example for many of his younger fans. But as for the members, he would only like to ask for gifts when he turn into an adult. But of course, L.Joe with same age can be exempted. Like a fish in water on stage, however due to the graduation performance which is his first time singing in front of his friends cause him to be at loss. Even with his packed schedule, his immense longing for university life would not stop him from his enrollment!

L.Joe Little Chick Flys~

Not as Lee Byung Hun but L.Joe, He's finally famous! Please forget the no brain thinking, dangerous comment of " Between man even when bathing it's okay to hug". Not anymore of the foul face king, less speech king, no longer the hair that has not dye any color, almost comparable to the beauty salon's color palette, he has really become everyone's focus of attention! Except for the rap and standing in a row part of the "Crazy" stage performance, we could hardly spot him during the choreography, causing much anxiety from fans. Though he consider himself to be a third-class dancer in the group, in TEEN TOP's many choreography dances, he is most proud of the "knife dance". Even though we couldn't really spot him on stage, in the MV his outbreaks of tears acting is very amazing. However this evaluation was given by others, to him, he said that if he was to watch again he will still cry...
Don't get bind by the usual Chic looking L.Joe, he's a master of those clingy love relationship, frequently post a "meong" looking selca, then say " Our Angel, I miss you" or something. But if this put L.Joe in a position of being a shy outside but wild inside person, then you're wrong. Every time when it comes to appearance topic, he becomes super sensitive. If a person praise him right in front of him, he may kept quiet or roar to cover his overwhelming good mood and shyness. To be accurate, L.joe has already established his thinking of being a charming guy due to the other members praises of his any expression being charming, although it seems unreasonable when this comes out of his own mouth, but there's comment like L.joe is handsome and Ricky is ugly. In addition, L.joe is truly a mommy's boy. When sleeping, he is always seeking for his mother... as he grumbles and stretched out his devil kiss towards Ricky, causing him to flee instantly!
L.Joe is very stubborn, regardless of how he stress his philosophy of life to "enduring three times", he also has his unbreakable L.joe's principles. Though his desire for acting, but music has always been in his first place. His desire of having his own studio has not never been eliminate. Also, L.joe is always the same "BIGBANG's Sunflower", "Lies" is his favorite song, where he sing everywhere he goes. What makes L.Joe excited is that the recent increase of TEEN TOP's male fans, though they all are shy, but when they went for fansign and tell the members that their song is nice cause led l.joe to be overjoyed!

Niel My tenderness you will never understand~

Vocal's golden voice is in fact not the need for Niel to show off, with the accumulate stage experiences, the ability to overcome stage phobia is what makes him proud of. Niel says that he is ambitious towards variety, eventhough of his ambiguous speaking tone which cause him to get the alias of "Speech fool", during variety show, he won't allow the opportunity for the other members to speak. But in the age of desire for love, he received the confession from Go Young Wook sonbaes cause Niel's heart to tremble, followed by his generating fear towards variety. Orignally in "WEEKLY IDOL", he wants to show the proper football skills yet never thought that he would invent a new way of playing football, in exchange he receive showers of laughter and disregard.... Sometimes when facing the pure white studio, Niel excitement gets a bit carried away, saying that here is Southpole, and in his command, Chunji, Ricky and Changjo becames Penguins, Seal and Polar Bear, with strange noise produce continously. But does penguins live in south pole?! However that has a limit, commanding non-stop leads to the consequence of animals retaliation. Little Curly-hair cause many loves, but the time when becoming the smooth straight hair, ah, national sister hairstyle shown up again!
White seems to be the best compatible color to Niel. Many people hopes to do a profound analysis of him due to his unpredictable actions, and draw out an accurate structural brain map of his. Not sure whether it's from the bottom of his heart or he's smart enough to use Andy to create effects for the show. Andy said that because of TEEN TOP didn't visit him during his army days, he was very sad. But Niel said that it was their revenge to him for abandoning them and went for army. This guts, either due to Andy's pamper or he's out of his mind. No wonder he will receive Andy's "blame"! Able to step on mines and cause the good temper Niel to outbreak , there's only 2 point. First, His lips. Second, He's thin. Despite the reality, being thin has actually been a problem for him. What should he do if he can't seems to eat fat himself during his developmental stage?! If there's dissatisfaction of his appearance, it is definitely not his lips. That is Niel's pride. If you look at the past photos, that sexy lips doesn't really changes... In fact what bothers him is his eyebrows, though not knowing if Niel is proud of his young skin thus doesn't wish to remove his make-up as a result of laziness or perhaps due to the threat to his appearance that his eyebrows might disappear!

Ricky High Kick! Counter attack from the short legged

Upright, Weak in withstanding emotion, Strong self esteem, if there is thing he is good at, he will definitely show off. Born in 1995, when Ricky debuted that time, he's still the youngest singer, going everywhere to capture the hearts of older noonas. But now the children born in the year of 1996 have been active in the circle. Even so, Ricky still holds the best child face looking. But also for this reason, regardless of how hard the member tries to put on stage handsomely, in the end, they will still hear comments such as cute or so. For stage effect, he puts on high insoles, resulting his waist and the members chest to align. When standing at side to make wave, there's always a bit of uncoordinate feeling... Lots of people suggest to him to find resoultion. However, having doing the same thing as changjo everyday, still couldn't solve this problem! But not sure whether the other members are particularly jealous of his advantage of being cute, and so became everyone's alert, if he make a minor mistakes, he would get punishment from all.
Undoubtedly, Ricky will always get chosen by the members to be the most problematic one. CAP will be worried if he gets into trouble, and Ricky always uses practical action to prove that their concern is useless. Absolutely no resistance towards food. If he spot food, his mouth will open immediately. The show continues? The interview is still on-going? Anyway, he just unconcern. Also, Ricky is simply L.Joe's little tail. Regardless of how L.Joe yelled at him or punished him, in the blink of an eye, he will still follow him. When in times of shooting or interview, if L.Joe didn't speak, Ricky will also follow and show only gestures. This result in representational by l.joe: You'll have to talk, I'm not talking as my mouth is filled with biscuits, why didn't you speak too! Of course if there is a brother that bully there will be a brother that dotes on him. Chunji's pamper towards Ricky since debut had cause the other members hair to stand on end. Even though he will still complains about him being clingy, but he still hugged Ricky when he cried. Ricky always yell that he is the face of the group, but every time when he saw Chunji he will step back and drag his voice saying the main lead is back~ In fact, to some extent, the member is grateful of Ricky's good temper, Even when they flare at him, he won't bear grudges. Although he has desire to sing, but dancing is Ricky's main love. Dream is to become RAIN's successor, if there is an opportunity on stage, he will still perform RAIN's item. But reality is hurtful, Ricky is still too young, his body is still fill with scent of baby's smell, pure smile, frown without wildness and a total shield of sexiness.

Changjo wants to exalt!

"Changjo's miracle", or was it miracle changjo? This is just a mouthful of problems. In fact what happens on Changjo's body is not that he has grown 10cm tall in a year that is miraculously but his correction of : 179cm and 180cm difference, why it ain't round up?! With the evaluation from fans of being cute have violated the original intention of the group to change their temperament. Then is it important to have hear it from older fans or younger fans? Why is it inconvenient to have heard it from older fans? Have not experience love before, thus the question of " Why do girls behavior is totally different when with the same gender and of the opposite?" where should he get the answer from? Originally make a promise to fans that they will perform the pyramid on stage to celebrate their 1st win, but unable to complete due to his hand injury, causes him to be very regret and sorry. If there is a chance, he would like to perform the pyramid once again in front of the fans! Having grown up, the older brother desire to see his aegyo seems far-fetched! Clearly that he and Ricky is still the youngest! If Ricky were to cling on him and does aegyo, he would have turn stern immediately!
But do not think that Changjo is a mature kid because of that! His pranks is continous. Taking advantage when their manager is deeply asleep, he will enthusiastically play the game of fishing.... However his height of 183cm is what makes the member mad. He is also determine to exercise his body for his desire for perfect body. (CAP finally has accompany!) As an artist he is not sensitive to certain topics, saying that he hope to try out being a solo artist or carry out unit activity on shows. Thanks to the steel make up, Changjo went through a period of life not worrying about his facial expression during pre-debut era, but this causes the other not recognizing him when he took off his glasses. The fact that if we talk about changes, we do not have to date back the time when Changjo's a kid. The Changjo that has just debuted still have a little swollen eye-bag and baby fats, though he looks cool with glasses, after all, he still can't get away from the cute atmosphere. But after the changes, not just the body, his facial lines become more cool and tough up. But the tough is not that easy to obtain, in order to achieve the wish, Changjo completely get rid of his beloved supper! (Tears)

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Lotte Card mentioned that they will be inviting 10,000 members on 20 April to Kim DaeJoong Convention Centre for MOOV with Music in Gwangju filled with popular artists and a variety of events.

The artists that will attend the event are:
  • PSY
  • Cultwo
  • Miss A
  • Boyfriend and others
It will be the heart of the performance starting from 8pm. This performance is planned to commemorate the opening of deferred payment of JeonNam province Lotte.
Translation by: @makwangboi for @BoyfriendUpdate | Boyfriend-Deluxe.tumblr.com
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Singer John Park, who is currently receiving love with his debut single "Falling", will attempt to capture the hearts of women with his basketball skills.

On March 14th, John Park will be making his shooting appearance on women's pro basketball game. He will open the game for the 2011-2012 semifinals playoff game between Shinhan Bank and Samsung Life at Wadong Gymnasium in Ansan.

As a Chicago native who grew up idolizing basketball icon, Michael Jordan, John Park has been a basketball maniac in his younger days. With his upcoming shooting appearance, John Park will be able to show off his basketball skills that have kept hidden due to his obligations and music activities.

Meanwhile, John Park made his official debut in February with his first mini album "Knock" and his title track "Falling". Just recently, he has also worked with actress Song Hye Kyo for their duet single "Switch".
Posted: 13 Mar 2012 07:12 AM PDT

After recently concluding their endorsement contract with Girls' Generation, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co. has chosen the original nation's little sister, Moon Geun Young, as its new endorser!

Moon Geun Young has signed a new contract with Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co. for the vitamin drink, Vita500. The actress started off by first featuring her voice in the new Vita500 commercial, but soon a commercial featuring the star will begin airing.

A representative from Moon Geun Young's agency stated, "She's currently started school again with her final year at Sungkyunkwan University. She only needs eight credits in order to graduate, which is not a heavy workload. Please wait for how she'll come back to her fans with a great piece."
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Check out Rainbow's new song Hello.

It is included in their latest single Gonna Gonna Go,do you like this song?

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miss A member Suzy recently admitted that she was excited to experience the 90s for the first time.

On March 13th, the press screening of the romantic movie "Introduction to Architecture" took place at the Lotte Cinema in Seoul in the Gunkuk University area. Suzy, who is one of the lead casts of the movie, talked about having experienced the 90s.

During the event, Suzy revealed, "Actually, I still haven't experienced my first love and I've never experienced the culture from the 90s. It was the first time seeing a beeper and also the first time to use a CD player."

"To experience the '90s for the first time was really amazing", she added.

Suzy also talked about co-star Lee Jaehoon, who plays her character's first love. "I thought it might be good to have a sweet boyfriend like Jaehoon for my first love."

"Introduction to Architecture", helmed by Lee Yong Joo, is a love story between architect Seung Min (Uhm Tae Woong) and client Seo Yeon (Han Ga In). Years before, they met in college and fell in love. Fast forward to the present, they meet again when she visits his office as a client. Suzy and Lee Jaehoon play the student counterparts of Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong.
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Fans are more than ready for their favorite rookie group B1A4 to return as full-fledged sophomores of the K-pop industry. After revealing their individual teaser photos, the group has unveiled the full tracklist for their upcoming first full length album "IGNITION".

"IGNITION" consists of 11 tracks, including the title track "Baby I'm Sorry" and the pre-released track "This Time Is Over". The album also include the solo track "Crush" by Sandeul and the collaboration "We're Alone" with rapper Baro and miss A's Min.

B1A4's new album is set to be released on March 14th, while physical releases will be shipped starting March 19th. It includes a 68-page photo album, as well as a 60-page MV making booklet.

Meanwhile, B1A4 will give their comeback performance this week starting on Mnet's "M! Countdown". After a very successful 2011, releasing two mini albums and various singles, B1A4 is ready to capture fans' heart with their new album "IGNITION".


5. 둘만 있으면 (바로 SOLO - FEAT. 민 of MISS A)
6. 웃어봐
8. 짝사랑 (산들 SOLO)
Posted: 13 Mar 2012 06:23 AM PDT

Following the photos from his daily practice, Lee Jun Ki has just unveiled a short clip during dance practice. Filmed just a few days back, fans can see just how much effort he puts in order to prepare for his upcoming fan meeting.

Lee Jun Ki is working hard to prepare for his upcoming fan meeting "Coming Back" in Japan, in which he will showcase songs from his new single album "Deucer". With the event approaching closer, Lee Jun Ki has been practicing choreography for 9 hours a day.

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 06:10 AM PDT

Idol group MBLAQ, who currently promoting their follow-up track "Run" off of their "100% Ver" album, will be releasing a new album titled "BLAQ% Ver."

J.Tune Camp recently updated MBLAQ's official fancafe and revealed that the boys will be releasing the special and upgraded version of "100% Ver", titled "BLAQ% Ver" on March 21st. The new album will contain eight tracks including "100%", which is a strong candidate to be a title track.

"100% Ver" also includes new tracks "BLAQ%" and "Love Is Coming". The album will be available both online and offline.

J.Tune Camp stated, "Please support and love MBLAQ members who are trying hard to approach the fans in new and various ways."


01. BLAQ%(Theme)
02. 100%
03. 사랑이 온다 (Love is Coming)
04. Run
05. 전쟁이야 (This is War)
06. 낙서 (Scribble)
07. 아찔한 그녀 (Breathtaking Lady)
08. Hello My Ex
Posted: 13 Mar 2012 05:57 AM PDT

After having been released their individual teaser images, the boys of B1A4 are all geared up for their much-awaited comeback. Following the very successful 2011 with the release two mini albums, the boys are ready to capture fans' hearts with first full-length album "IGNITION".

According to the group's agency, WM Entertainment, B1A4 will give their comeback performance this week starting on Mnet's "M! Countdown" on March 15th. The group will be promoting their new title track, "Baby I'm Sorry", marking their return to the music scene.

Ahead of their first comeback performance, B1A4 will release their first full-length album "IGNITION". The album will be available physically as well as digitally through online music websites.

"The title of the album IGNITION refers to the group's official start," a representative stated, adding that the previously-released teaser photos of members showed their manliness.
Posted: 13 Mar 2012 05:45 AM PDT

JYJ had a busy start to 2012. The guys just wrapped up their world tour, including a performance in Peru for 6,000 fans. All in all, the tour consisted of stops in 15 difference cities for a total audience of 210,000 people. 12 of their 15 stops were sold-out shows.

With their tour behind them, the members will now shift their focus to solo activities. JYJ's agency CEO Baek Chang Joo stated that the group will focus on their individual activities until the second half of this year, which is when they will release their second official English album. He added that with their popularity, he's even looking forward to another world tour next year.

Source: KBS World
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Singer and actress Eugene recently revealed her flower-filled honeymoon home.

On the recent episode of KBS 2TV program "Star Life Theater", Eugene bought a bunch of beautiful flowers and headed home. And for the first time, Eugene has revealed her home to the public.

After setting her favorite roses in the bedroom she said, "My husband doesn't say anything about me and my flowers. I thought he might say something like I'm spending too much money but he actually likes it". She then showed the camera around the house and showed the crew her wedding and honeymoon pictures.

She then showed off a bear she said she received along with chocolates and said, "We met through the drama "Creating Destiny" and my name on that show was Sang-eun, so this bear is also called Sang Eun".

Source: hancinema
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DJ DOC's Kim Chang Ryul showed his close friendship with the members of Shinhwa.

On March 12, Kim Chang Ryul updated his Twitter, "Wow who's this?? My love, the Shinhwa boys ^^ Having a beer party at Minwoo's shop ㅎㅎ Shinhwa's comeback this time is gonna be daebak, everyone must support them, ok?? ^^", and attached the photo above.

In the photo, Kim Chang Ryul poses along with Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo, Jun Jin and Shin Hye Sung. The boys are giving their thumbs up poses while showing their bright smiles to the camera.

Shinhwa is making its highly-anticipated return to the music industry after a four-year absence. The group will release their 10th studio album and will hold their anniversary concert at the Olympic Park on March 24 and 25.

Credits: @doc0102 + Absolut Shinhwa
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For the March 13th installment of SBS "Strong Heart", After School's UEE talked about her first kiss.

During the episode, UEE shared, "When I was a rookie, I filmed a kiss scene with Yoo Seung Ho for Jo Sung Mo's music video." She continued, " I was waiting for the articles about the kiss scene, Yoo Seung Ho's kiss with T-ara's Jiyeon became a bigger issue and my kiss scene didn't get any attention."

She surprised everyone when she added, "Although my kiss scene did not become a huge issue, the kiss with Yoo Seung Ho was actually my first kiss."
Posted: 13 Mar 2012 05:04 AM PDT

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'Shut up Flower Boy Band' L Crying for 3 Hours.. "Afraid He Would Faint"Idol group Infinite's L filmed a crying scene filled with storm-like rage.

In the 13th episode of "Shut up Flower Boy Band" that will air on the 12th, Eye Candy's first showcase became a mess because of Kwon JiHyuk(Song Joon) and Im SooAh(Jo Boa)'s relationship. After this incident causes division and conflict within Eye Candy, Lee Hyunsoo(L) cries and struggles to bring out the truth.

Truthfully, the staff had a lot of worries about L's ability to film a crying scene because 'Shut up Flower Boy Band' is his first attempt at acting since his debut. The scene required him to be immersed in memories of the difficult things he was enduring and cry really hard, but the predominant feeling was that it might be too hard for L who has had no other acting experience.

Currently, 'Shut up Flower Boy Band' is barely getting by with their schedule. It isn't a live show, but they are filming overnight every night. L carefully went onto set and started gathering his emotions without even saying anything to the production crew. The director was preparing eye drops, but as soon as he saw L shedding tears on set, he started shooting without even giving L any directions.

The rumor is that the filming lasted for 3-4 hours and the staff were really concerned that L would "faint if he continues like that." After filming, L said, "Even during our trainee days for Infinite I didn't cry, I didn't know I would cry like this either."

The reaction from the staff was warm. "Today's episode ends with L sobbing," the PD said as a hint, "After seeing L gather his emotions and burst into tears on the first try, the set erupted in surprise. I'm thankful that he went that far to work so hard."

The PD thought L was just a pretty face, but in episode 13 you can see his emotions and the love line with 'L lover' Kim YeRim picks up. He laughed and said, "YeRim is very nervous. I hope L's fans will be understanding."

Meanwhile, there are only 4 episodes until the end of 'Shut up Flower Boy Band." This friendship and romance drama is about a rock band who might be prettier than flowers, but they are rough around the edges and have to stand together. Episode 13 will air on the 12th at 11pm.
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Big Bang just kicked off their Big Bang Alive world Tour last weekend with three sold-out concerts in Seoul in front of more than 30,000 fans. As this is a Korea-focused technology and design blog we dispatched our secret K-pop loving staffer to the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in southern Seoul to check out the show.

Here's what she had to say:

Music: Big Bang is always a high energy band to watch. This year they brought in an elite group of instrumental musicians from overseas to liven up their back-up track, the first Korean band to do so at a solo concert. Having live musicians playing behind the band really set this concert apart from other K-pop concerts I've been to. While "Hands Up" is still my favorite Big Bang song EVER, I really loved their acoustic performance of "Haru Haru". Sigh!

Technology: I love Big Bang but I think even people who aren't fans of the band had a good time at this show. It was pure entertainment. The pyrotechnics were the biggest I've ever seen at a concert in Korea and must have required precision planning. The stage extended out into the audience bringing the band closer (YES!) to their fans. And, for people who like the band as much for how it looks as for how it sounds, there were giant Full HD screens on either side of the stage. I've never seen screens like that at a concert anywhere before, apart from the Beyoncé concert held at the same venue two years ago.

Design: Fan faves G Dragon and TOP came out, with TOP rocking his blue (!) hair, utilizing 4 different elevator platforms that went up from and down into the stage floor. Daesung even flew above the packed stadium audience's heads on wires with angel wings! So many costume changes, I couldn't even count and Taeyang at one point even ripped his shirt OFF! You could tell they invested a lot of time and effort into the creative design of the concert, employing giant beach balls with the members inside and rolled over the audience in during the encore – something I've only ever really seen at concerts back home in the US.

Overall: The entire experience was incredible, the fans singing along in the glow of their flower-shaped "BB" (for Big Bang!) fluorescent sticks, and the combined energy of the group and their band was really a sight to behold.

And great news for the ever-growing K-pop fan base around the world, as concert production company Live Nation will be promoting and producing the world tour, which will take Big Bang through Asia, North and South America, and Europe, performing in 25 cities in 16 countries.

Here's hoping Big Bang makes it to YOUR city, as this was a feast for the eyes and ears you will not want to miss!

Source : advancetechnologykorea (via @hancinema)

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Posted: 13 Mar 2012 04:55 AM PDT

Rookie group MYNAME, who just debuted a short while ago, aims to become the next big Hallyu stars and will make their first advancement in Japan.

On March 14th, MYNAME will hold their first official fan meeting in Japan at the Astro Hall in Harajuku, Tokyo. The event is prepare themselves for their Japanese debut, and was created as a special event due to fan requests.

About 6,000 fans showed up when the tickets went on sale in February, making tickets sold out in mere minutes. Fans who couldn't buy tickets requested additional performances and continued to look for available tickets online.

After the fan meeting, MYNAME plans to release its new album and launch promotional activities sheduled this summer.
Posted: 13 Mar 2012 04:43 AM PDT

JYJ's Park Yoochun recently gifted his staff members with brand new sneakers.

On March 13, fellow JYJ member Junsu tweeted, "We went to an Adidas store. Our Crown Prince [Park Yoo Chun] told the staff members to grab a pair of sneakers," and attached a group photo. In the accompanying picture, Yoochun is seen surrounded by a group of smiling staff members holding shopping bags with their gifts inside.

Junsu continued, " I picked one out too. He looked at me and told me I'm not included. I didn't yield and continued to stare at him. He gladly included me too. Rooftop prince."

Netizens commented, "Park Yoochun must be rich," "Buy me a pair too!" "The staff members are so lucky" and "Did you get one for Jaejoong?"

Meanwhile, Yoochun's upcoming drama SBS "Rooftop Prince" is set to begin airing on March 21.
Posted: 13 Mar 2012 04:30 AM PDT

As previously reported, G-Dragon is working on his next solo comeback which features collaborations with well-known artists, including world-renowned rapper Ludacris.

On March 13th, music industry insiders have revealed more information regarding G-Dragon's upcoming solo album. According to sources, G-Dragon will release his new solo album in August. With his first solo album "Heartbreaker" having been released around his birthday on August 18th, 2009, it seems he may be following suit with his second album.

An insider commented, "During the time that Big Bang was not promoting, G-Dragon was busy with preparing both Big Bang's album and his own solo album. G-Dragon will most likely release his album and start promoting around the time of his birthday, just as before."
Posted: 13 Mar 2012 04:22 AM PDT

Check out After School's latest Japanese single Rip Off.

Do you like this song?

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Idol group 2AM prepared a special gift for members of their fan club I AM in celebration of their comeback.

Jo Kwon posted a couple photos on his me2day account with captions "to.IAM" and "Finally unveiling our puzzle gift for IAM". He also shared a photo of a 4,000-piece puzzle set completed by the 2AM members, a gift to expressed their gratitude to their fans who waited during their year and a half hiatus.

The puzzle will be revealed at 2AM's comeback showcase which will take place at the Ilji Art Hall in Seoul on March 13. The showcase will be stream live through the group's official Youtube channel at 8:00PM KST.