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"Big Bang presents “Ain’t No Fun” special ‘Alive’ stage for ‘YG On Air – Big Bang ALIVE’" plus 19 more

"Big Bang presents “Ain’t No Fun” special ‘Alive’ stage for ‘YG On Air – Big Bang ALIVE’" plus 19 more

Big Bang presents “Ain’t No Fun” special ‘Alive’ stage for ‘YG On Air – Big Bang ALIVE’

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 09:01 AM PDT

From March 20th through the 25th, YG Entertainment will be broadcasting full stages of Big Bang‘s fifth mini-album comeback, “Alive“, one stage per day through Naver and YouTube.

Today, the first stage for “Ain’t No Fun” was revealed!

These “Alive” stages were produced and edited by YG themselves with about 500 fans. The stages make use of techno crain cameras, as well as eight special effects cameras that are normally only used for producing music videos or movies.

Check out the stage for “Ain’t No Fun” below!

John Park & Ailee make their first appearance on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 08:26 AM PDT

Rookie singers John Park and Ailee made quite the impression on legendary diva, Patty Kim.

The latest episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘ featured a special on Patty Kim.

It was the first time the two rookie singers appeared on the show, and expectations for their performance were extremely high ahead of the show’s airing.

John belted out a new jazzy version of Patty Kim’s song “I Can’t Forget” from 1978, and as soon as he stepped on stage, Patty Kim along with all the female contestants backstage immediately began smiling with delight. Ailee also performed Patty Kim’s song “Light and Shadow” from 1967.

The song was a good choice, bringing out John’s unique vocals and Patty Kim sang the praises of John Park who was nervous for his first appearance. “Seeing her smile from on stage made me feel good,” he said.

Patty Kim also sang her praises for Ailee saying that she will be the next great singer.

This 'Immortal Song 2′ episode was Patty Kim’s first television guest-appearance after her official retirement.

Check out John Park, Ailee, and some of the other performances from today’s show below!

John Park:



Lim Tae Kyung:

Ali (Winner) :


Sung Hoon:

Preview for next week:

Jay Park & Taemin:

Source & Image: MyDaily + Nate

Kang Sora and Won Bin are a couple for Basic House

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 07:57 AM PDT

Actress Kang Sora who has been enjoying her growing popularity due to her appearances on KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘ and MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ was recently appointed as a new model for casual fashion brand, Basic House.

An official from the brand explained why Kang Sora was chosen as their next female model.  ”We believed Kang Sora’s bright and healthy image that is much loved by the public would be a perfect match with our own brand image and thus appointed her as an exclusive model.”

It was also reported that Kang Sora wrapped up shootings for the spring collection of Basic House last month with main male model, Won Bin as the brand’s latest couple.  Although it was her first project for Basic House, Kang Sora boosted the staff morale with her upbeat and cheerful personality.

Basic House’s Spring Collection pictorial will be released through their homepage and several other media outlets.

Do you think Kang Sora’s We Got Married spouse, Leeteuk will be a bit jealous about this?

Source + Photos: maxmovie via Nate

‘Infinity Challenge’ on its 8th week of re-runs

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 05:37 AM PDT


Following MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, popular variety program ‘Infinity Challenge‘ has also postponed its new episode for this week.

Viewers were left with another past episode of ‘Infinity Challenge’ on March 24th, due to the on-going labor union strike at MBC. With this, ‘Infinity Challenge’ has again broken its longest rerun record since 2010, with 8 weeks of past episodes and are already predicting another re-run for March 31st.

Viewers expressed their disappointment commenting, “How long is this going to continue“, “I hate Saturdays without ‘Infinity Challenge’“, “This is driving me crazy“, and “I may end up forgetting how they look like now.


Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

Brown Eyed Girls reveal ‘ugly’ selcas, want to know who the winner is

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 04:41 AM PDT


Girl group Brown Eyed Girls revealed a set of rather crazy selcas.

Brown Eyes Girls’ member JeA recently tweeted, “Who’s the winner?” along with these four pictures.

The pictures were of the four members making funny faces, morphed with Apple’s photo booth.

After viewing these funny pictures, the netizens commented, “Did they throw away their image all together?“, “Funny girl group as expected“, “So charming“, and “I wonder who the winner is.

Who do you guys think the winner should be?


Source+Picture: Star News via Nate

miss A’s Suzy poses with a not so ordinary lollipop

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 04:33 AM PDT


miss A‘s Suzy shared a cute selca featuring a giant lollipop.

Earlier today, Suzy tweeted, “Confirmation! I kept my promise,” along with the picture above.

Fans commented, “Compared to the lollipop, her face is really small” and “Aegyo filled confirmation shot! So cute.


Source+Picture: Star News via Naver

‘K-Pop Star’ finalist Park Jae Hyung reveals his admiration for BoA and J.Y. Park

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 03:17 AM PDT


Park Jae Hyung, who is currently appearing on SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star‘, recently sat down for an interview with SBS. He began by explaining how he grew in love with k-pop saying, “When k-pop gradually became popular in the States, I started listening to k-pop with my noona who was 10 years older than me.”

The reason why I first loved k-pop was because of the group, G.O.D. I visited Korea when I was little and planned on attending one of their concerts, but I wasn’t allowed to go because I was too young, so my uncle only took my noona. I ended up crying all day that day.” He continued, “A few years later, I fell in love with SHINee‘s music and that’s when I uploaded my first Youtube cover video of ‘Replay‘.

Park Jae Hyung previously participated in one of SM Town‘s concert events with his cover of SHINee’s “Replay” and achieved 2nd place. He also performed a different rendition of the song, this time with fellow contestant Yoon Hyun Sang on ‘K-Pop Star’.

The interviewer asked, “We heard you attended one of the Korean Music Festivals in LA and was enamored after seeing BoA‘s and J.Y. Park‘s performance. How did you feel at that time?” to which Park Jae Hyung replied, “Their songs were very sophisticated. When I saw BoA noona, she was very pretty and I thought to myself how someone could dance and sing live at the same time so well. I was very impressed.”

He then expressed his admiration for the two saying, “The fact that I was able to personally meet these two sunbaes through this audition program still amazes me. I brought the pictures I took with them during the LA concert with me to Korea and I hope to get them autographed by them.”

Meanwhile, Park Jae Hyung has safely made it through the top 8 and will be performing for the March 25th live broadcast of SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’.


Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

Can Lee Hyun Woo’s popularity surpass Yeo Jin Goo’s?

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 03:05 AM PDT


People are interested to see if Lee Hyun Woo can gain more popularity than Yeo Jin Goo.

Lee Hyun Woo displayed his incredible acting skills by playing a young Kim Seon Woo on KBS drama, ‘The Equator Man’ and viewers are wondering if his popularity can surpass Yeo Jin Goo’s, who played the younger Lee Hwon on ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’.

Lee Hyun Woo has been receiving much attention since he starred in IU‘s music video for her title track “You and I”.

In the video, IU and Lee Hyun shared a back hug that spiked jealousy in her uncle fans and IU expressed her feelings about the hug saying, “It was like first aid CPR for choking.”

Lee Hyun Woo’s acting experience is not short. He has played large and small roles since 2004 and in 2008 he played the young Sejong on KBS ‘Sejong the Great’, where he won the Best Young Actor Award at the KBS Drama awards.

Other hit dramas that he displayed his acting skills in, include ‘The Legend’, ‘God of Study’, ‘Gye Baek’, and ‘Brain’.

On top of acting, he is currently an MC for JTBC’s ‘Music On Top’ with BEAST‘s Yoon Doo Joon.


Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

T-ara’s Boram shares an adorable doll-like selca

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 02:56 AM PDT


A recent selca uploaded by T-ara‘s Boram has melted the hearts’ of male fans.

On March 23rd, the singer wrote, “Play with me…” and shared the doll-like photo above.

Boram is seen pouting her lips while gazing adorably into the camera. Fans in particular, noticed her doll-like features from her milky white skin and her large, round eyes.

Fans commented, “She really looks like a doll“, “She has such a small face“, and “You can play with me.”


Source: Boram’s Twitter

Legendary singer Patti Kim steals John Park’s breath away

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 01:53 AM PDT


John Park met with the legendary singer Patti Kim.

On March 12th’s recording of KBS’ ‘Immortal Song 2′, John Park met with Patti Kim and snapped a photo together. He confessed that her charismatic words of encouragement momentarily took his breath away.

On this Patti Kim special, John Park sang “I Can’t Forget” while adding in his own style.

He said, “I know that Patti Kim’s ‘I Can’t Forget’ came out in 1978. It is a great honor that I will be singing a song that has been loved by the nation for 34 years.

John Park has proved his popularity with his debut album selling over 20,000 copies in 20 days and viewers are greatly looking forward to his version of the classic “I Can’t Forget”.

This Patti Kim special showing John Park passionately singing “I Can’t Forget” will be aired on March 24th and 30th.


Source & Image: Star Today via Nate

Performances from March 24th’s ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 01:15 AM PDT

MBC's 'Music Core' is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

Today's show was guided by none other than SNSD's Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun who displayed their fun and dorky aeygo as always.

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, Taw & Haha held their second collaboration stage together with "The Person By My Side".

The boys of popular boy group SHINee also took the stage to perform their newest release titled "Sherlock", along with "Stranger".

Cube Entertainment's newest boy group BtoB made their debut today with two title tracks, titled "Insane" and "Imagine".

Lastly, MBLAQ unfortunately bid farewell with a sweet performance of their ever so catchy hit "Run".

Check out the adorable MC cuts below!



[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< Shinhwa >



Performances from today's show includes 2AM, B1A4, miss A, NU’EST, MBLAQ, Shayne, K.Will, Ailee, EXID, Lyn, Nine Muses, C-REAL, X-Cross (ft. Sori), and LEDApple!

Check them out below, and be sure to check out the debut/comeback stages for today by clicking the artist/song name above!


< MBLAQ > *Goodbye Stage*


< Shayne >


< C-REAL >


< X-Cross (ft. Sori) >


< Lee Tae Kwon >


< LEDApple >


< EXID >


< Nine Muses >


< NU’EST >


< Lyn >


< B1A4 >


< Ailee >


< K.Will >


< miss A >


< 2AM >


The boys of SHINee return with “Sherlock” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 01:14 AM PDT

Calling all Shawols, the five talented boys of popular group SHINee have finally returned with their latest album release titled 'Sherlock'!

SHINee's new mini album has gained a lot of interest due to the high quality of all seven songs. SM Entertainment stated that SHINee's comeback is 'world-class' and that, "they are proud to present the best quality in music, style, and performance."

Having topped various charts just hours after the album release, the boys are now back to take the stage for a charismatic performance of "Stranger" and "Sherlock"!

Be sure to check it out below, and the rest of today's 'Music Core' performances here!


BtoB makes an “Insane” debut with “Imagine” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 01:04 AM PDT

Cube Entertainment's newest face, BtoB, just released their debut title tracks!

As previously announced, the group will be promoting double title tracks: "Insane" (a dance track), and "Imagine" (a ballad).

The rookie group left fans speechless with their recent release of the two tracks. The boys continued to impress on today's episode of 'Music Core,' where they performed both "Insane" and "Imagine".

Check out their live stages below, and be sure to check out the rest of today's performances from 'Music Core' here!


Seo Tai Ji celebrates his 20th anniversary

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 12:50 AM PDT

In celebration of his 20th anniversary, Seo Tai Ji left a thoughtful message for his fans on his official homepage.

His message read:

“I’m so thankful and happy that so many people have congratulated my anniversary like this. When I debuted, I never thought that I’d be able to pursue music for this long, so even now, I’m both amazed and grateful that I’m able to live with music this long.

I’d like to thank everyone for listening to music and for giving me the support needed to continue making music for this long. To the world’s most amazing people in this world, I want to tell my fans that I love them and that I thank them.

Today, I feel excited as if I’m 20 years old again, releasing my debut album. I hope that I can keep these feelings for the rest of my life. I dream of music being a source of happiness and consolation in a world of hardships.”

Seo Tai Ji is currently in the States working on new productions.

Source + Photos: OSEN

Taw & Haha collaborate with “The Person By My Side” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 12:48 AM PDT

Comedian Haha and rapper/ballad singer Taw recently united to drop a brand new track titled, "The Person By My Side".

Although news of the collaboration made its way to the public last month, the two will finally commence with promotional activities for the catchy song.

Continuing with today's episode of 'Music Core', Taw & Haha take the stage to perform "The Person By My Side", featuring special guest K.Will!

Check it out below, and be sure to view the rest of today's 'Music Core' performances here!


2AM Seulong throws Jinwoon’s guitar?

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 12:25 AM PDT

2AM‘s Seulong‘s action shot is grabbing fans’ attention.

Earlier today, Seulong tweeted, “Ong lost his mind when he arrived in Japan. Playing shot put with Jinwoon’s guitar with no make up on“, along with three pictures.

The picture shows Seulong in casual clothing, looking as if he’s about to throw a guitar with one hand.

The netizens replied with, “Ong why are you doing this… Is something wrong?, “Oh no, Jinwoon isn’t going to be happy!”, “Oppa, why have you lost your mind?”

Meanwhile, 2AM is sweeping the charts with their new single “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me.”

Source+Picture: Seulong’s Twitter

2AM’s Changmin discusses his 30 kg weight loss

Posted: 23 Mar 2012 11:52 PM PDT

On the March 23rd episode of KBS‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, 2AM‘s Changmin sat down for an interview and honestly discussed his experience with weight loss.

After spending the day with 2AM, reporters noticed that while the other members freely ate ramen as snacks between meals, Changmin would insist on snacking on chicken breasts or sausages.

Changmin explained, “I used to weigh over 100 kg. I lost 18 kg in three weeks and about 30 kg in six weeks. I only ate two blocks of tofu and ran six hours a day. After that, I ate healthily and exercised often to keep the weight down.”

He continued, “As a singer, showing myself to the public is a part of the job. The stage is not just about your song, as it’s actually a combination of visuals and sounds.”

For the past four years, Changmin wakes up at 6:30 a.m. on his own and makes sure to get daily exercise into his busy schedule.

Netizens commented, “30 kg in six weeks? He must’ve worked really hard,” “He could accomplish anything with that determination, makes me reflect on myself.”

Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver

Lee Jang Woo becomes a tough biker for ‘ELLE’ magazine

Posted: 23 Mar 2012 11:31 PM PDT

Actor Lee Jang Woo‘s new pictorials that display his rugged charm has just recently surfaced.

The actor posed for the March edition of ‘ELLE‘ magazine, transforming into a tough rebellious biker.

Lee Jang Woo who has charmed viewers with his sweet and thoughtful image on ‘We Got Married‘, channeled his inner homme fatale to capture the hearts of his female fans with a new ‘bad boy’ image.

Netizens who were pleasantly surprised to see his new image remarked, “I want to become that motorcycle,” as well as “The tough and rugged image suits him,” and “I want to escape with him on that bike.”

Lee Jang Woo is a multi-talented entertainer, acting in dramas, featuring in variety programs and serving as an MC on music programs.

He is currently also preparing for his new MBC drama, ‘I Do‘.



Source & Image : AsiaToday via Nate


Jungshin shares his excitement for CNBLUE’s comeback

Posted: 23 Mar 2012 11:06 PM PDT

CNBLUE‘s Jungshin has shown fans that he is ready to rock ‘n’ roll for the group’s upcoming comeback with a new sel-ca update!

On March 22nd, Jungshin wrote on CNBLUE’s official Twitter, “Hello, this is Jungshin! Our comeback is really coming up now! I’m reminiscing about our ‘First Step’ promotions, which were going on last year right about now.”

He continued, “Since it is our first comeback in nearly a year, we’ve worked hard to prepare a lot of things so it won’t be awkward. Please give us your interest and support~ See you next week, good night.”

Fans commented, “Pit-a-pat, a comeback!” “We’ve been waiting”, “Still as handsome as ever,” and “I’m sure it won’t be awkward at all!”

The boys will be having their comeback showcase, 'Enjoy Lunch PARTY for EAR FUN', as well as releasing their album on March 26th.

Source + Photos: CNBLUE’s Official Twitter

Se7en to wrap up Korean promotions this week

Posted: 23 Mar 2012 10:54 PM PDT

Se7en has revealed that he will be officially wrapping up his Korean activities this week!

His performance on the March 25th episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ will be his last, as he’ll be concluding a few months’ worth of successful promotions. His comeback lived up to expectations and more, especially with it being a collaboration between YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Not only did he sweep the charts, but he also won on music programs, ranking on iTunes and in the top five on the Billboard chart.

Starting April, he’ll be promoting all over Asia in Japan, China, Singapore, and other locations.

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver