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"Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon releases ‘King 2 Hearts’ OST, “Missing You Like Crazy”" plus 19 more

"Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon releases ‘King 2 Hearts’ OST, “Missing You Like Crazy”" plus 19 more

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon releases ‘King 2 Hearts’ OST, “Missing You Like Crazy”

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 08:47 AM PDT

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon is known for her masterful vocals, and most recently, the singer lent her voice to sing a track for the OST of new MBC drama series, ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.

The new track titled, “Missing You Like Crazy” is actress Ha Ji Won‘s theme song in the series, and the track consists of both modern rock and a little bit of punk.

Taeyeon helps the song overflow with emotion, effectively delivering the sincere and earnest heart of Ha Ji Won’s character in the story.

The track will air for the first time on episode 3 scheduled to broadcast March 28th.

Source & Image: Melon
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JYJ performs for the First Ladies of the World at the ‘Blue House’

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 08:23 AM PDT

Idol group JYJ performed for many of the First Ladies of the world.

On March 27th, JYJ was invited to the ‘Nuclear Summit First Ladies’ Event‘ at the Blue House, and performed their hit songs, “Be My Girl” as well as “In Heaven“.

The First Ladies came from Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, India, Indonesia, China, Chile, The Philippines, countries in the United Nations, the European Union and more. The First Ladies reportedly enjoyed the performance, maintaining a smile on their faces throughout the event.

According to JYJ’s representatives, the first ladies from Switzerland, Vietnam, The Philippines, Chile, and South Africa stayed after the performance was over to take a photograph with JYJ.

Korean First Lady Kim Yoon Oak greeted Park Yoochun personally, saying, “I am enjoying your new drama ‘Rooftop Prince.”

The publicist of the event planning committee remarked, “All the First Ladies, including Kim Yoon Oak responded positively to the performance. This has been another opportunity to spread more K-POP awareness all over the world.”

The JYJ members remarked, “We are so glad we have been invited to such a meaningful event, sharing Korea’s excellence with the first ladies of the world. We are proud that we had a chance to promote the glory of our nation after our world tour came to an end, and though it was a short performance, we hope that this offered the first ladies a cherished memory of Korea.”

In related news, the JYJ members are juggling a busy schedule with roles in drama series, musicals, amongst other individual activities.

Source: OSEN

[SPOILER] Girls’ Generation member Yuri shares a deep kiss with … on ‘Fashion King’

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 07:51 AM PDT

Fashion King‘ co-stars Lee Jae Hoon and Girls’ Generation member Yuri shared a ‘deep kiss’.

On the fourth SBS ‘Fashion King’ episode that aired March 27th, Jung Jae Hyuk (played by Lee Jae Hoon) planted a kiss on his former flame, Anna Choi (Yuri).

Anna who was scarred by Michael J’s cold attitude went to visit her ex-boyfriend, Jung Jae Hyuk at his home. She was ready to receive his offer to scout her.

Would you like something to drink?” he asked Anna. “Do you have Soju?” she asked in response. “If not, anything strong will do.”

After a few sips, Anna asked Jae Hyuk if he still loved her, and Jae Hyuk responded by pulling her in for a kiss. Anna welcomed his affection, but the two were rudely interrupted by uninvited guest, Shin Jung Ah (played by Han Yooee).

Get out now,” Jae Hyuk demanded, but Jung Ah who is in love with Jae Hyuk did not listen, and Jae Hyuk resulted to grabbing Anna’s hand and running out the door.

Shin Jung Ah who was left alone after having to witness the two kiss shrieked with fury.

Check out the kiss scene below!

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica sees herself in Krystal

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 07:38 AM PDT

Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica showed some public affection for her younger sister Krystal of f(x).

On March 27th, Jessica uploaded screen shots of Krystal onto her personal me2day along with the post, “Wow, Ahn Soo Jung you’re the best! I see myself in you! I love you Jung Soo Jung.

The screen shots Jessica uploaded were of Krystal’s scene from MBC‘s highly popular sitcom ‘High Kick 3‘. Krystal is seen posing cutely while wearing a large red ribbon on her head. Viewers are commenting that the younger sister is starting to resemble Jessica more and more the older she gets.

Fans responded to the picture saying, “I really see Jessica“, “It’s nice to see the sweet sisterly bond“, and “Their parents must be so proud.
On another note, ‘High Kick 3′ will be concluding with their 123rd episode on March 29.

Source & Image: Osen

IU looks like Puss in Boots from Shrek?

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 07:10 AM PDT

IU has become a hot topic for looking like the character Puss in Boots from the animated movie ‘Shrek.’

A set of IU’s photos were uploaded to an online community board along with the title “IU making the face of the cat from ‘Shrek,’ 3-level high notes in Japan. Happy Music.” In the photo, IU is indeed captured making a facial expression that looks like the adorable cat from ‘Shrek’ on the March 23rd broadcast of Japanese music show ‘Happy Music.’

The screen caps were taken from IU’s performance of the Japanese version of “Good Day.” Her sad, innocent look, which reminded viewers immediately of the wide-eyed cat, reportedly incited the protective instincts of male fans everywhere.

Netizens who saw the photos showed their love for IU with comments like, “IU’s ‘cat expression’ is so lovable,” “IU’s ‘cat expression’ makes me want to hug her,” “Japanese men must be melting at IU’s ‘cat expression’,” and “IU’s ‘cat expression’ is cute and also profound.”

Source + Image: Seoul Newspaper via Nate

Nell releases first ‘Musicgraphy’ episode for “Slip Away”

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 06:53 AM PDT

allkpop previously reported that Nell would be releasing a four-part episodic series for their new single “Slip Away“.

The first episode of the series, entitled ‘Musicgraphy‘, has now been released! ‘Musicgraphy’ will detail the band’s album preparation process, and give Nell fans a closer look into the members themselves.

Check out the first episode of the beautifully put together ‘Musicgraphy’ below:

Video with English subtitles:

IU reaches 80,000 Twitter followers in 2 days

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 06:29 AM PDT

Singer IU has reached 80,000 followers on Twitter in a matter of 2 days.

IU created her Twitter on March 26th and posted her first tweet saying, “I have started Twitter. Start~.” Since then, the star has been leaving occasional short and sweet tweets for her followers to read.

Her Twitter’s popularity soared when she jokingly rejected miss A‘s Suzy‘s follow request, leading many curious people to visit her page to check out their interaction. The singer reached a total of 80,000 followers in only two days.

Fans responded to IU’s popularity on Twitter commenting, “IU really is the trend,” “She’s a woman that succeeds in everything she does,” and “Please update your twitter often.

Follow IU’s Twitter here!

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

Kang Jiyoung vs Lee Min Ho: Who wore it better?

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 06:05 AM PDT

KARA‘s Kang Jiyoung (18) and actor Lee Min Ho (19) set off the antennas of netizens after photos of the two wearing the same long-sleeved t-shirt appeared online.

The photos were first uploaded on a portal site on March 27th with the title, “Kang Jiyoung & Lee Min Ho, Rather than a coincidence, the two are suspicious”.

Kang Jiyoung is seen wearing the long-sleeved t-shirt with shorts during a photoshoot for a clothing brand, whereas Lee Min Ho is seen casually wearing the t-shirt as everyday wear. They both look adorable, but who wore it better?

Netizens responded to the photo commenting, “The two are around the same age and they look good together“, “If I wore it, then would it be a couple look with Kang Jiyoung?“, and “The two would be a great couple.

Kang Jiyoung is currently actively filming for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, while Lee Min Ho has taken the role as Song Man Bo on SBS‘s new drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘.

Source & Image: Daily Sports via Naver

Shin Se Kyung glams it up behind the scenes of her latest endorsement shoot

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 05:40 AM PDT

Namoo Actors Entertainment has revealed new behind-the-scenes photos of actress Shin Se Kyung on the set of a new as-yet undisclosed endorsement photoshoot!

Despite the actress currently handling a busy schedule with her new drama, ‘Fashion King‘, she didn’t let it get to her on set, where she displayed her trademark sweet and innocent charms for the camera.

Dressed in a hot pink dress, she definitely looks feminine as she checks out the various props and gets her make-up adjusted by staff on set. Shin Se Kyung has been on a roll for the past few years, taking on movies and dramas back to back, so it’s no wonder she’s been receiving so many “love calls” from endorsers as well.

Netizens commented, “I’m falling in love with her charms”, “So charming”, “How can her skin be so clear”, and “I’m loving her drama lately, it’s different yet still charming seeing her like this as well.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Nate

JYJ’s Yoochun is a “script genius”?

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 05:15 AM PDT

JYJ‘s Yoochun is being described as a “script genius”.

The star currently plays Prince Lee Juk in ‘Rooftop Prince‘, and apparently, he’s caught the attention of fellow actors and staff for his amazing ability to memorize lines.

According to the staff, Yoochun has a lot of lines because he plays one of the main characters, but he barely makes any mistakes when it comes to memorization. Not only does he remember his lines well, but he also memorizes them quickly, which resulted in the nick name “script genius”.

Yoochun commented, “No matter how late filming ends, I read the script for the next day’s scenes before I go to bed. Then I calmly draw the scenes out in my mind. After this, it becomes easier for me to memorize the script the next day.

He continued, “I watched the second episode five times. The second episode is when I started my comical acting so I keep on watching it to set a foundation for my future comical scenes. The second episode was also really funny so I laugh every time I watch it… I didn’t know how those scenes would turn out after filming, but the staff’s skills really are amazing for bringing those comical elements to life.

The third episode of ‘Rooftop Prince’ will air on March 28.

Source & Image: Asia Today via Nate

SPEED’s Shin Jongkook to make a cameo on MBC’s ‘Light and Shadow’

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 04:53 AM PDT

Co-Ed‘s male sub-unit group, SPEED‘s, Shin Jongkook will be making a cameo appearance on MBC‘s drama, ‘Light and Shadow‘.

According to Co-Ed’s agency, GM Contents Media, Jongkook will be playing the role of a power vocalist, showing viewers his talent as a singer.

Jongkook, the newly recruited SPEED member from ‘Superstar K3‘, participated in the group’s promotion of their remake of T-ara‘s “Lovey Dovey“, “Lovey Dovey Plus“.

The singer mentioned his cameo on his Twitter posting, “I’ll work hard on my activities as an actor! Please tune in to MBC’s ‘Light and Shadow’ airing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55pm KST. I’ll be appearing on it today. Please show lots of love to ‘Light and Shadow’ and to me as well. I’ll work hard.

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate, Jongkook’s Twitter

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In reveals several sets of photos from their trip to Hong Kong

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 04:28 AM PDT

Brown Eyed Girls‘ maknae Ga In recently shared several photos of their latest trip to Hong Kong.

On March 26th, Ga In simply posted, “Hong Kong,” on her Cyworld and uploaded several photos of her and her fellow members.

Ga In posed for the camera wearing a black fedora as well as displaying a playful side to her with a large candy in her mouth like a rose. Ga In also revealed photos of the rest of the Brown Eyed Girls members under the post, “Unni~“. Narsha stared straight into the camera , Jea calmly sipped her drink, and Miryo, dressed in all black, gave off a “cold city woman” vibe.

Fans commented, “Did you all have fun at Hong Kong?“, “You guys all give off a ‘celebrity feel‘”, and “You all look so pretty!

The girls left for Hong Kong back on March 22nd for the ‘2012 Asian Pop Music Festival‘. Other Korean celebrities that attended include TVXQ and Ali.

Source: Ga In’s Cyworld

Jang Hyuk receiving special training for his new big screen role in ‘Cold’

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 04:02 AM PDT

After capturing the hearts of many female viewers on dramas like  ’Midas‘ and ‘Tree with Deep Roots‘, Jang Hyuk will be making a comeback on the big screen with ‘Cold‘.

It’s been recently reported that the actor has been receiving special rescue and emergency training for his new role as a firefighter in the upcoming film. Sidus HQ stated, “Jang Hyuk has been receiving special training before the start of their first filming. They will begin filming for the movie on April 7th.”

The movie ‘Cold’ is about a firefighter and his wife, who are searching for the cure to a deadly and contagious cold virus.

Source + Image: TV Report via Nate

Dal Shabet’s Ahyoung and Jiyul grace the cover of ‘Maxim’

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 03:41 AM PDT

Beneath their cute and fresh image has always been an underlying sexiness in Dal Shabet‘s concepts, so it comes as no surprise that the members were able to pull off something “racy” for ‘Maxim‘!

For the April edition of ‘Maxim’ magazine, members Ahyoung and Jiyul graced the covers with their sexy yet natural and playful looks. Dressed simply in sequined tank tops, the girls made the outfits sparkle even brighter with their long, flowy hairstyle, amazing bodies, and innocent-yet-mature  facial expressions.

A representative on set revealed, “They’ve shed the cute image they’ve always been known for in their fourth mini-album, ‘Hit U‘, where they made a charismatic transformation. Ahyoung and Jiyul have come back with a new photoshoot done under the concept of ‘girl friend’. They have skills on par with any professional model and were praised by staff on set.”

Source + Photos: OSEN

Psy confirmed as new judge for ‘Superstar K4′

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 03:17 AM PDT

Singer Psy will be replacing Yoon Jong Shin as the new weekly judge on the audition program, ‘Superstar K4‘.

According to numerous broadcast representatives, Psy has been confirmed for the role and will be joining Lee Seung Chul as a judge on the yearly audition program.

Having debuted in 2001, Psy is not only a singer, but is known as one of Korea’s hit composers, rising in stardom with hit songs such as “Champion“, “Bird“, and “Entertainer“.

Psy will be judging alongside Lee Seung Chul, leaving one more spot for another judge. As Mnet has done the same in its previous seasons, the third judge is expected to be female. It’s being said that Mnet is currently in the last stages of reviewing candidates for its female judge.

Stay tuned to allkpop to find out who will take the last spot as judge on ‘Superstar K4′!

Source & Image: TV Report via Nate

Yoo Ah In vs. B.A.P’s Himchan: who wore it better?

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 02:55 AM PDT

Actor Yoo Ah In and rookie group B.A.P member, Himchan, went head to head to win the title of “fashion king”.

On March 23rd, a photo titled “Yoo Ah In and B.A.P’s Himchan: same outfit, different feel,” showing a side-by-side comparison of Yoo Ah In and Himchan wearing the same outfit, was uploaded to an online community sites such as Daum and Nate.

The two stars were both dressed in the same checkered suit with a cropped pants, but each star was able to make the suit fit his own style with his unique hairstyle and gaze, making it impossible for fans to choose one as being superior over the other.

Yoo Ah In’s photo, which was taken in black and white, made viewers focus on the image as a whole, while Himchan’s photo, which was in color, was accentuated by his platinum blond hair which added tonal depth to the photo and showed off a different charm. What was interesting about the post was that it not only had a side-by-side comparison of the two stars, but it also included a photo of the model who originally modeled the outfit at the 2012 Spring/Summer fashion show, showing that the two stars were able to stylishly pull off the outfit as well as the model did.

The original poster who uploaded the photos of Yoo Ah In and Himchan from their photoshoots with ‘Esquire‘ and ‘Elle Girl,’ respectively, wrapped up the post with words of encouragement for Yoo Ah In, who is currently acting in the drama ‘Fashion King,’ and Himchan, who is set to make a comeback in April.

Netizens who saw the post, which has received over 100,000 views, could not decide who pulled off the outfit better as they left comments such as, “They’re both handsome,” “They’re both long,” and “I’m Yoo Ah In’s fan, and this oppa always looks stylish so I was going to say that Yoo Ah In is the best, but Himchan also pulled off the look very well.”

JTBC to stop airing ‘Music on Top’

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 02:32 AM PDT

It’s been reported that JTBC, following the lead of fellow new cable channels Channel A and MBN, will not be airing their weekly music show, ”Music On Top’ indefinitely due to consistent low viewership.

Since the launch of the Joint Organization Channel on cable comprising of sub-channels: Channel A, MBN, JTBC, and TV Chosun, the trio, with the exception of TV Chosun, all launched their own music shows. ‘K-Pop Con’, ‘Show! K Music’ and ‘Music On Top’ were born as a result.

The addition of 3 music shows was inevitably a strain on singers’ schedules, as there were already 3 major music shows from KBS, MBC, and SBS plus another one on cable channel, MNET weekly.

It was obvious it would be difficult from the start to get decent ratings as the channels were relatively new. Although the new music shows allowed more rookies to perform, the end result was that it didn’t bring in ratings as it lacked star power. Factoring in the low ratings that cable channels usually draw and that not many viewers watch music shows lately, it was apparently inevitable that something had to give.

The first cancelation began with MBN as they decided to cancel ‘Show! K Music’ after just 9 episodes on February 13th. They cited that difficulties in getting singers and groups to appear and consistent low ratings contributed to their decision to axe the show.

Related personnel from MBN revealed, “We are actually in preparation to restart ‘Show! K Music’ in a brand new direction. We haven’t finalized our plans in detail yet though. But we are definitely moving away from targeting teens as our main viewer group.”

This was followed by Channel A who ended ‘K-Pop Con’ on March 6th with its 13th episode, having only just debuted on December 3rd, 2011. The reason cited was consistent low ratings.

And finally, JTBC gave in by putting ‘Music On Top’ on indefinite hiatus (last episode was on March 14th) and confirmed that it won’t make a return, at least for the first half of 2012. A JTBC representative revealed on the 26th, “We are definitely going to come back, but it will take time. We are still in discussions regarding changing the show’s format, direction and maybe a name change.”

‘Music On Top’ debuted on December 12th, 2011 and was a major concern for singers’ and viewers as it aired in the same time slot as existing music show, ‘M! Countdown’ on Thursday evenings. The show swapped to a Wednesday evening time slot from February 22nd, but eventually had to be canceled.

Source: Newsen via Nate

IU rejected Suzy’s follow request on Twitter?

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 02:12 AM PDT

A recent conversation between IU and miss A‘s Suzy has become a hot topic.

On March 26th, IU, who recently opened her Twitter account, tweeted to Suzy with an assertive attitude, “I’m rejecting your follow request, Bae Suzy.”

Shortly after, Suzy replied with a playful threat saying, “I’m unfollowing you,” to which IU immediately apologized, “I’m sorry.

Upon seeing the cute conversation between the two singers, fans commented, “The two must be very close with each other. How cute“, “The two are so cute!“, and “I’m so happy that IU started Twitter.”

Not only did IU chat with Suzy, but she also tweeted many other celebrities such as 2AM‘s Seulong, T-ara‘s Jiyeon, and Yoo Hee Yeol. As this is her first time in the world of Twitter, some of her tweets were questions such as, “How do I reply to somebody’s tweet?”

Source: IU’s Twitter, Suzy’s Twitter

Lee Hyori was not originally a member of Fin.K.L?

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 01:51 AM PDT

It was recently revealed that Lee Hyori was not originally planned to be a member of Fin.K.L.

On the March 25th broadcast of SBS’Jung Jae Hyung & Lee Hyori’s You & I,’ Eun Ji Won, who promoted back in the day with Lee Hyori, appeared as a guest with his team Clover and revealed some news about the former Fin.K.L. member.

During the show, Eun Ji Won was asked about his first impression of Lee Hyori. He responded, “Lee Hyori was not originally supposed to be a member of Fin.K.L.  She was somewhere else.  The original member was supposed to be Annie of Tashannie.

Lee Hyori confessed, “I wanted to become a hip hop legend so at that time I was a trainee at the same agency as Yoon Mi Rae.“  She also took a shot at Eun Ji Won saying, “I was an H.O.T fan, not a Sechskies fan,” which drew laughter from the audience.

She continued, “When I was a student, I had a part time job at a restaurant, and people would come just so they could see me.  As my popularity grew, a staff member from the agency came and suggested that I go meet the CEO, and that is how I became a member of Fin.K.L.“ Lee Hyori also revealed tidbits from her Fin.K.L days on the same episode.

Would we still have been able to meet the sexy queen of K-pop if she had taken a different path?

Source: New Daily

Lee Kwang Soo reveals that Kim Jong Kook is the sulky type

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 01:31 AM PDT

Lee Kwang Soo has revealed that in reality, Kim Jong Kook sulks when things don’t seem to go his way on ‘Running Man’.

Lee Kwang Soo, who has brought many laughs with his witty comments and dorky behavior on ‘Running Man’, was featured on March 27th’s broadcast of SBS ‘Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Cho Hyung Ki’s Good Morning’.

On this day, Lee Kwang Soo was hard at work filming a commercial with Baek Jin Hee and Kang Seung Yoon. He impressed viewers with his passionate acting, despite there being no music, as well as with the makeup he was seen wearing for the occasion.

Lee Kwang Soo brought laughter to the set when he revealed, “I didn’t tell the hyungs that I was filming a commercial today because I was afraid they were going to ask me to treat them out.

He revealed a hidden trait about Kim Jong Kook saying, “If you attack Kim Jong Kook on ‘Running Man’, he’ll actually sulk.

Source & Image: TV Report via Naver