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"INFINITE reveals teaser for ‘Second Invasion – Evolution’ encore concert, to be streamed live on YouTube" plus 19 more

"INFINITE reveals teaser for ‘Second Invasion – Evolution’ encore concert, to be streamed live on YouTube" plus 19 more

INFINITE reveals teaser for ‘Second Invasion – Evolution’ encore concert, to be streamed live on YouTube

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:32 AM PDT

INFINITE has revealed the teaser for their encore concert!

On April 1st, the boys will be holding the ‘Second Invasion – Evolution‘ at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium in Seoul.

INFINITE has been a hit with every activity they’ve participated in lately, as not only did they sell out their first Korean concert, but also two concerts in Japan, as well as their encore concert.

As this encore concert, the boys will unveil a new song off of their May release, officials have put up high security measures to ensure that the song cannot get leaked prematurely. The members stated, “We’re practicing as if this is another of our first concerts, not an encore.”

To fulfill what lacked at their first concert last month, the boys are going above and beyond to come back with even more spectacular stages.

UPDATE: Woollim Entertainment has stated to allkpop that the event will be streamed live on YouTube on April 1st.

Check out the teaser for the Second Invasion below!

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Seohyun’s short hot pants sparks attention

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:05 AM PDT

A recent paparazzi photo of Girls’ Generation maknae member, Seohyun is getting a lot of attention due to her “revealing” airport fashion.

On March 24th, Seohyun’s photo was uploaded onto an online community board along with the caption, “Seohyun’s micro hot pants“.

The photo may be alarming to some, mainly because the revealing shorts were worn by Seohyun who has a reputation for being a very conservative and modest person.  She is known by Girls’ Generation fans as the most quiet and cautious member among her group mates which makes this recent post all the more surprising.  All the talk of her shorts aside, Seohyun definitely rocked that armless, safari jacket very well. She managed to look classy and elegant, yet modern at the same time.

Upon seeing the capture photo, fans commented: “The maknae has become confident!” and “Here comes the goddess“.

Source + Photos: MyDaily via Nate

Kim Soo Hyun comments on acting with Han Ga In and miss A’s Suzy

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 07:19 AM PDT

MBC‘s ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘ and KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High‘ actor Kim Soo Hyun commented on actresses Han Ga In and miss A‘s Suzy, who are now playing one role in the movie ‘Introduction to Architecture‘.

When asked to reveal how he felt after seeing the film, Kim Soo Hyun replied, “This is a movie about the memories and pains of a first love, but I thought it was a movie that could ‘recharge emotion’. Just like this, I feel like I have recharged my emotion, thanks to (Han) Ga In noona and Suzy.”

Kim Soo Hyun was then asked how he felt about Han Ga In and Suzy in ‘Introduction to Architecture’.

“Switching from a historical role to a modern role, I felt like Ga In noona looked luxurious. She looks classy. In the historical drama, she only wore shabby clothes. She must’ve been pained (laughter). The tone of her acting was different and I enjoyed watching her very much. Because of her, I was able to immerse myself into the movie.”

Kim Soo Hyun then proceeded to talk about Han Ga In, who he met through ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’, and Suzy, who he met through ‘Dream High’.

“When I acted with Ga In noona, truthfully, there were many times when I depended on her. It was my first attempt at a historical project and my first role as the leading character. Because of this, everything felt hectic and I was lacking in many aspects, but being able to follow Ga In noona’s lead was huge. This also goes to Jung Eun Pyo senior and (Song) Jae Rim hyung. I felt that I was lucky to be able to rely on all the actors around me.”

“This goes the same for Suzy. Suzy already possessed very good elements and abilities. I think that is why she was able to get cast in the movie, and she did very well. I think when we were filming ‘Dream High’, it came to the point where I felt greedy (of Suzy’s abilities), and I wanted to bring out her acting skills. That was Suzy’s first attempt at acting, I had no idea that she would completely transform in her second project.”

Kim Soo Hyun, who had kiss scenes with both actresses, was asked to compare the two scenes. He quickly let out a laugh after the awkward question.

“During the kiss scene with Suzy in ‘Dream High’, I wanted to express the innocence of Samdong, and with innocence as the base, I wanted to show the love on top of that. I think it is because of this that the kiss scene was very short and fast. For my recent role as Hwan in ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’, I wanted to focus on the pain. Because he was able to come together with Yeon Woo, it was able to feel like he was being comforted. Also, it was also able to feel like compensation for all the pain that he went through. Both kisses were very meaningful. Hahahaha.”

20120326_hangainsuzy 20120326_kimsoohyun1 20120326_kimsoohyun2 20120326_kimsoohyun3

Source: MyDaily via Nate

2AM’s Seulong says “I love you” to Park Ji Min

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 07:08 AM PDT

2AM‘s Seulong recently expressed his admiration to Park Ji Min by saying, “I love you.”

The singer wrote those three words on his Twitter March 25th, hoping to get the message through to the ‘K-Pop Star‘ finalist.

The idol member was actually expressing his thoughts on Park Ji Min’s performance of “Over the Rainbow” on the March 25th live broadcast of SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star’ when she received high praise from all three judges and earned a total of 299 points.

Not only has Im Seulong expressed his affection towards Park Ji Min, but actress Jung Si Ah also admired the finalist saying, “I wish I had a daughter like Park Ji Min.”

You can check out this week’s performances by the Top 7 finalists here.

Souce & Image: Korean Ilbo via Naver

Park Yoochun’s graduation photo sparks talk among fans

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:55 AM PDT

A recent online post that revealed a high school graduation photo of JYJ‘s Park Yoochun has been melting the hearts of fan girls left and right.

The photo was posted along with the caption, “Park Yoochun’s high school graduation photo”.  What’s surprising about his photo is the fact that Yoochun hasn’t changed much all these years. Aside from his hazel hair dye, everything else seems pretty much the same!

Fans praised Yoochun’s baby face with numerous comments: “His graduation photo is indeed legendary among legends“, “He looks like Taoist Mutul“, and “Cute and handsome *O*“.

Taoist Mutul was a very popular Korean cartoon show that aired during the 1980s. Watch a clip of the show below! Does Mutul bear a resemblance to Yoochun during his high school years?

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

Lee Hyori takes a photo with friend and Fin.K.L. groupmate Ok Joo Hyun

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:52 AM PDT

Lee Hyori recently posted a photo with Fin.K.L. group mate Ok Joo Hyun.

The photo, which was taken after Lee Hyori went to see Ok Joo Hyun’s musical, was uploaded to Lee Hyori’s Twitter on March 25th. Hyori captioned the photo, “After watching the musical ‘Elizabeth,’ when Joo Hyun came out to bow to the audience, I got teary-eyed for no reason. It felt kind of like I was looking at a daughter who I raised well. Good job, Ok Joo Bal!

In the photo, Ok Joo Hyun is still wearing her costume from the musical, while Lee Hyori is in everyday wear with a bare face and horn-rimmed glasses. The two showed their affection and closeness by hugging each other tightly, which drew the attention of netizens.

Netizens who saw the photo were delighted with the two stars’ photo together, leaving comments such as, “Lee Hyori, Ok Joo Hyun together is heartwarming,” “Lee Hyori and Ok Joo Hyun’s deep friendship is good to see,” and “Lee Hyori and Ok Joo Hyun, just looking at them makes me smile.”

Source & Image: Lee Hyori’s Twitter

Se7en posts cute selca to mark the launch of promotions in Asia

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:41 AM PDT

Hallyu star Se7en has signaled the start of his promotional activities throughout Asia with a cute selca.

On March 25th, he posted the above photo on his Twitter account and wrote, “From now on, I’m going to meet my fans all over Asia! including Japan~ Plz give me ur support! C ya soooon!“. In the photo, Se7en strikes a cute pose with a touch of smokey makeup. Fans are complimenting his cool look and style.

Fans who saw the post commented, “We’ll be waiting!” and, “Asian activities, Hwaiting!

In related news, Se7en will begin activities all across Asia in countries like Japan, China, and Singapore, starting with a Japanese single release on April 25th. He plans to begin promotions for the as-yet unreleased single by holding showcases in May in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Source & Image: Se7en’s Twitter

After School’s UEE shows off her defined jawline and sunglasses

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:40 AM PDT

After School‘s UEE posted a fresh selca showing off her newly-found weight loss and stylish sunglasses.

On March 25th, UEE posted the selca on Twitter, tweeting, “I woke up early in the morning and went for a walk! With my pretty sunglasses. Today, another day to excitedly attend to my schedule! Wow~~~!”

In the picture, UEE is sporting a brown jacket with a pair of leopard-print sunglasses, showing off her chic fashion sense. Even though the quality of the picture was not perfect, fans were still able to tell that UEE’s recent weight loss definitely had an effect on her jawline.

Fans commented, “You definitely got prettier after losing weight”, “It’s because you are UEE that you can pull off those kinds of sunglasses”, and “The jacket and sunglasses look good on you~.”

Aside from her activities as a member of After School, UEE recently completed her participation in the hit KBS 2TV drama, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘ successfully.

Source: UEE’s Twitter

CN BLUE’s Yonghwa reveals his dream to reach #1 on American Billboards

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:30 AM PDT

CN BLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa revealed his ultimate goal as a musician.

On March 26th, CN BLUE held a showcase and press conference, ‘Enjoy Launch Party for EAR FUN‘, at the Eltower in Seoul. During the press conference, Yonghwa confessed, “I don’t know if you will laugh when I say this, but since I was young, my dream was to place 1st on the American Billboard chart.”

He added, “I’m happy because I feel like, little by little, I’m fulfilling my dream. During our hiatus, I think it was good that we were able to have an overseas tour and even perform in the United States.”

Yonghwa then stated confidently, “From now on, I want us to reach the top with our abilities.”

CN BLUE released their 3rd mini-album, ‘EAR FUN‘, on the 26th KST. The album contains six songs, including their title song ‘Hey You‘, and harbors a modern-rock feel as well as displaying the band’s versatility with rock & roll.

Source: eToday via Nate

Jang Nara is a fan of INFINITE?

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:11 AM PDT

Jang Nara, who returned with “I Only Think of You” after 4 years, revealed in an interview on March 26th KST that her favorite idol group is none other than INFINITE.

The singer and actress stated, “These days a lot of idols have debuted, and I think their talents are pretty impressive. Among [the idols], I find myself looking at INFINITE the most.” She added, “Whenever I see INFINITE on stage, they’re always overflowing with energy. I like that kind of manly image,” making it obvious that the star is indeed a fan of the group.

Jang Nara plans on promoting her new album and performing actively.

Source + Photo: Osen

Yuri gets friendly with male actors from ‘Fashion King’?

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 05:43 AM PDT

On March 26th, a public showcase for the production site of SBS‘s new drama, ‘Fashion King‘ was held in Ilsan, South Korea.

The drama’s staff was present at the scene including Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri, actor Yoo Ah In, Lee Jae Hoon, and actress Shin Se Kyung.  There were many photos taken on site, but some of the more noticeable photos were the ones taken with Yuri and her male co-actors. It appears that Yuri is comfortable with the natural contact with her co-stars, indicating that the cast may have gotten closer during filming. Some viewers found the photos adorable and heartwarming while others questioned if they were all really just friends.

‘Fashion King’ broadcast its first episode on the 19th and reach 10% in viewership, but fell to 8.9% the next episode.  The drama revolves around a couple of young designers who battle their way from the streets to become globally recognized fashion designers. A hot love triangle is expected to be in the works.

It’s a little early to consider since the drama has only broadcast two episodes, but which two make a better on-screen couple?

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate (1), (2), (3)

Netizen makes an “ideal type” program

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 05:22 AM PDT

An “ideal type” flash program has caught the attention of many after it was first posted on an online community board.

The principle of the program is very simple. Once you click on the faces of your ideal celebrities, their faces will fuse together and will result in one beautiful face. This idea seems to stem from the face compilation photos that other netizens have previously made, in which faces of the members of idol groups, or the most beautiful actresses, were “averaged” out.

The flash program currently offers selections such as Shin Se Kyung, IU, Sulli, Go Ara, Han Seung Yeon, Son Dam Bi, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Tae Hee, Suzy, Goo Hara, Seo Hyun, Tae Yeon, and YoonA.

Netizens who came across the program commented, “They should make one for male celebrities“, “It looks weird when you combine their faces“, and “I see Kim Tae Hee.”

Who’s your “ideal type”?

Source & Image: Maxmovie via Nate

Shindong parodies G-Dragon’s hairstyle on me2day

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 05:02 AM PDT

Super Junior member Shindong has caught people’s attention for his comic parody of Big Bang‘s G-Dragon.

On March 25th, Shindong uploaded a photo of himself to his me2day along with the caption “Wow! Fantastic, baby! Dong-Dragon!(GD SORRY)“.

In the photo, Shindong is wearing a baseball cap with the bill folded back and has a long piece of toilet paper hanging off of one side, parodying G-Dragon’s current trademark hairstyle. Shindong attempted to mimic G-Dragon’s serious expression, drawing laughs from his followers.

Fans who saw the photo showed a positive reaction, leaving such comments as, “If G-Dragon were to see this picture, he probably wouldn’t be able to contain his laughter,” “Shindong’s sense is the best. He is really cute,” and “G-Dragon this time? Please show us a real transformation.”

Shindong is currently busy acting as a host for various programs, such as Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code: Season 2,’ and MBC‘s ‘Show! Champion.’

Source + Image: Shindong’s me2day

Sulli shows support for SHINee’s comeback

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 05:02 AM PDT

f(x) member Sulli came out to show support for her label mate SHINee‘s recent comeback.

On March 26th, Sulli uploaded the above photo on her Twitter with captions that read,I’m so curious yea~. As expected, SHINee oppas shined on ‘Inkigayo!’ ‘Sherlock‘ is daebak!The photo, taken in the lobby of the Inkigayo studio, reveals a very happy Sulli surrounded by the five handsome SHINee boys.

Fans and viewers alike praised the ‘sibling love’ between the two groups, commenting, “It’s good to see your friendship with the SHINee members!” , “Sulli is so cute!” and, “I hope Sulli makes a comeback too“.

In related news, SHINee is currently making waves across the K-pop world with their fourth album ‘Sherlock‘, which was released on the 19th.

Source & Image: Nate

After School’s Lizzy celebrates her two year anniversary since debut

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 05:01 AM PDT

In celebration of the two year anniversary of her debut as a member of After School, Lizzy has updated with a new set of sel-cas!

On the morning of March 26th, she wrote, “Second anniversary since debut! Thank you so much for allowing me to reach where I am today. Tada~ my present for everyone. These sel-cas are my presents!

Although Lizzy’s considered one of the newer additions to After School, her charming Busan personality and cute looks were able to warm the hearts of old and new fans alike, quickly helping her career climb to new heights with After School and Orange Caramel.

Netizens commented, “Congratulations on your debut anniversary“, ”You get prettier by the day”, and “Aegyo Lizzy!

Source + Photos: Lizzy’s Official Twitter

Shayne Orok to be new radio DJ for ‘Shayne’s Music Magic’ on TBS

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 04:54 AM PDT

Shayne Orok is the new DJ for TBS‘s eFM (101.3Mhz) radio show entitled, ‘Shayne’s Music Magic‘.

‘Shayne’s Music Magic’ is planned as an English only radio program that will play K-pop as well as have Shayne feature stories from listeners who write in.

The radio show will also receive SNS messages, incoming text messages, and phone calls. Shayne plans to surprise listeners who share good news through the corner titled ‘DJ Shayne Makes Your Day‘ by giving them a phone call on air.

Up until now, Shayne has only guested on radio stations, but the star has steadily captured the hearts of noona fans with his glib manner of talking and his cute characteristics. DJ Shayne will probably reveal more of his charms through his new show.

Shayne commented, “I’ve always wanted to be a radio DJ so I’m very happy for being chosen. I hope to communicate with fans and talk not only about music, but I hope to share and talk about various of things with them through this program as well.”

In related news, Shayne released his 2nd mini album, ‘Shayne’s World‘, on March 13th.

Source & Image: Daily Economy via Naver

IU finally joins Twitter

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 04:32 AM PDT


IU has finally crossed over to the world of Twitter by opening her very own official account!

On March 26th, Loen Entertainment announced, “IU has finally started Twitter! Please follow her!” To date, IU had only updated her Me2day and official fancafe, so fans are hoping that she’ll be using Twitter more frequently as a vehicle for her thoughts and pictures.

To celebrate the launch of her Twitter, she shared a bizarre photo of her hair tied up in horns, recently taken while at Tokyo Disneyland.



Her latest Twitter update says, “Starting Twitter. Start!”

Welcome her to Twitter at @lily199iu!

allkpop TV Guide: Shut Up Flower Boy Band Ep. 15-16 (Finale)

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 04:15 AM PDT

Official Synopsis: 'Shut Up Flower Boy Band' is centered around a high school band known as "Eye Candy", whose members are comprised of good looking delinquents who face varying personal problems. The drama depicts their friendships, love, and youthful passion — all tied together by the unifying force, music.

Recap of Ep. 15: With Eye Candy officially disbanded, the individual boys try to pave their own future, only to meet a hopeless dead end. Ha Jin (Yoo Min Kyu) participates in acting training sessions, but does not have the heart to succeed, and calls Kyung Jong (Kim Min Suk), who is imprisoned by his mother in her fish store. Meanwhile, Do Il (Lee Hyun Jae) locks up his pool room, while Hyun Soo (INFINITE‘s L) continues recording for his solo album. Ji Hyuk (Sung Joon) is cut off from his friends, as he wanders aimlessly to Byung Hee’s memorial vault.

Ha Jin, still furious that Hyun Soo had left for his solo career, engages in a fist fight with him, which Do Il breaks up as he finally reveals the truth of Ji Hyuk’s sacrifice for Hyun Soo and how he had sent Hyun Soo off for his solo career. Kyung Jong finally escapes his mother’s grip over him, and although the boys reunite sans Hyun Soo, Ji Hyuk is still downtrodden despite being acknowledged for his heroic sacrifice. Later, Hae Ri, HR’s CEO, reveals the truth to Hyun Soo that Ji Hyuk had made a deal with her to allow Hyun Soo his solo career.

Angrily confronting Ji Hyuk about the sacrifice, Hyun Soo asks how he could sacrifice the band this way. Ji Hyuk counters back furiously, relieving all his pent up frustrations with how the boys of Eye Candy, the media, and society had opposed his relationship with Su Ah (Jo Bo Ah), as well as how the boys had easily abandoned him, leaving him all alone while the rest of the band members had family members to go back to.

After his diatribe, a disheartened Ji Hyuk meets Rock Kim, who gives him a ‘pep talk’. Opening the light to Ji Hyuk, Rock Kim relates himself to Ji Hyuk and the life he’s led. He helps Ji Hyuk realize the sole thing Ji Hyuk can rely on is music, and questions Ji Hyuk’s dreams, asking “What kind of music do you want to make?”.

Meanwhile, Eye Candy’s manager break good news for the boys: a Japanese agency is interested in establishing the idol career for Eye Candy. Although the boys are elated, there is a hitch to the agreement. Hyun Soo must give up his solo career to join Eye Candy again. The boys shout down the offer, but Hyun Soo stands up defiantly and says it’s not up to them to decide.

Recap of Ep. 16: Hyun Soo agrees to think about giving up his solo career to join the boys in their promotion for Eye Candy. As he remembers Ji Hyuk’s heartfelt words to not endure everything alone, he rushes over to Ji Hyuk’s home, and the two friends sit together, thinking about their friendship.

Hyun Soo confesses he’s always been jealous of how Ji Hyuk left him for Byung Hee, to which Ji Hyuk replies that Hyun Soo had done the same when Da Som, Hyun Soo’s sister, was born. The two boys divulge all their painful secrets of their families and friendship together, culminating in a more enjoyable ramyun snack session, ultimately healing their strong friendship together.

Although their practice room is demolished, the boys are joyful over the offer of their Japanese contract, as Hyun Soo cuts off his solo career with HR Entertainment. Upon hearing about the concept of their band, which would capitalize upon their handsome looks, and the similar idol life they would have to pursue, the boys are left pondering over the deal.

Meanwhile, Ji Hyuk intervenes in Su Ah’s plan to leave for China and confesses to her. Su Ah replies by moving back into her rooftop room, becoming neighbors again with Ji Hyuk. The boys of Eye Candy meet up again and Ji Hyuk announces that they should begin paving their own individual dreams and paths, much to the boys’ shock. After thinking about all the tribulations and joy they had in the past as Eye Candy, the boys agree to find their own dreams, cheering, “Shut up and run!”.

Ji Hyuk drops out of school and begins to find his own music style with Rock Kim in his club, writing the title song for Hyun Soo’s solo album. Ha Jin begins to pursue his acting career, Kyung Jong plans out his business and saves money, while Do Il finds he enjoys studying and decides to go to college. Despite their separate futures and dreams, the boys join together and perform “Jaywalking” with the passion for their friendship and love for music.


kdramacrazy's Thoughts:

[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of allkpop ]

Someone want to find me friends like these boys? No, someone needs to find me a heartwarming, agonizing, poignant, and energetic drama like this because there is an empty void the boys of Eye Candy left with the finale episode. Beautifully painting the boys, who are searching for their identity, dreams, on the harsh background of reality, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ holds the power of emotionally moving viewers, painting a cracked self-reflection of society, in addition to inspiring viewers to find dreams of their own.

I loved the unique step the boys of Eye Candy took with their friendship. Most Korean dramas love the fairy-tale endings and would have presented the last episode as the boys reuniting as Eye Candy, gaining world fame, and being friends and best buddies as they undertake the dream of music. Although the writers capitalized on the passion the boys poured into music, the authentic focal point of the drama is the friendship. Rather than music being the binding force of their friendship, it is only a small portion, as music was just a hobby for the boys to enjoy their time together. While in the beginning of the drama, Byung Hee, music, goals to win the competition, and becoming the music kings, had control over their friendship, the boys learned to free themselves from the restrictions and boundaries to create their friendship on their own grounds.

Which brings me to the fact that I loved how the title meshed into the drama so perfectly. Although the boys’ band name is Eye Candy, the band concept that agencies and media are placing on them as the ‘flower boys’, the pretty, well-behaved boys society adores, is rejected by the boys as they shout rebelliously, ‘Shut Up’. It was also symbolized when the boys reject the offer made by the Japanese agency. We see this kind of energetic rebellion, the courage as the boys struggle against the stuck-up rich adults, the harping media against Su Ah, and all these extraneous forces. When the boys skip school to visit Byung Hee, it just exudes the energy of youth, youth who are willing to step over the lines society places upon us. It’s so refreshing to see these boys find their identity without anyone paving the path for them and see them still carry that youthful spunk that we lose later in our lives.

The writing does so well on multiple levels, with the flow of the plot, the character development, the moving dialogue, and the figurative undercurrent. Each major plot movement or even little details hold significance. The destruction of the basement room symbolizing the end of their career as the idols, as the boys only began practicing there to win the band competition. The arc of Eye Candy, as idols, not only presented the first obstacle to the boys’ friendship but showed their genuine resistance to society.

While I hoped for some more character development on Su Ah and Seung Hoon (Jung Eui Chul), whom I wished to see make amends with his friends and face the same tribulations the main characters did, I actually loved how the lovelines and the family background of Ji Hyuk was left open. Rather than trying to tie everything up in the last two episodes, they left it unresolved, problems for another day to solve. Because that’s what reality truly is.

All in all, this was one of the most heartfelt, youthful drama that I could truly connect to. I hope the main cast shoots to stardom and hope to see them all in upcoming dramas, especially Sung Joon.

What are your final thoughts?

Narsha snaps an “adult-idol-like” sexy photo

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 04:13 AM PDT


Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha recently took a photo of herself wearing a sexy black dress, living up to her nickname, “adult-idol”

The singer shared the photo above and wrote a short post on her Twitter, saying, “Good afternoon.” Although the photo gave off a mature feel, Narsha also wore a cute, matching black headband to add a retro spin on the overall look.

Fans responded with a variety of comments like, “Adult-idol Narsha, fighting!“, “What’s your secret in having such a nice figure?“, and “Please tell your mom that I love her.. For having such a beautiful daughter“, and “You’re so beautiful!


Source: Narsha’s Twitter

miss A’s Suzy reveals her favorite and least favorite members on ’1 Night 2 Days’

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 03:48 AM PDT

Singer Kim Jong Min was a bit disappointed by miss A Suzy‘s personal taste when it comes to the members of ’1N2D’.

On the March 25th broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘1Night 2Days Season 2‘, the second part of the Kangwon-do expedition was aired. Comedian Lee Soo Geun stated, “I should call Suzy. I’m her absolute ideal type,” causing envy in the other members.

Suzy didn’t answer the first call, however, causing Lee Soo Geun to stare at his phone and ask, “Suzy, are you unable to answer the phone right now?

When he redialed her number, Suzy answered and was asked a few hilarious questions. She was asked who she liked the most out of the seven members, and Suzy confessed that she most liked actor Cha Tae Hyun. Suzy was also asked, “Which person is a definite no?”, to which she replied, “Jong Min,” drawing much laughter from the members.

Disappointed, Kim Jong Min responded, “Not even Jong Min oppa, how can you just say Jong Min?” Suzy quickly explained her reasoning, stating, “Because he doesn’t speak well, I don’t think we would have very good conversations.”

Source: TV Daily via Nate