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"JB and Park Seo Joon release final track for ‘Dream High 2′" plus 19 more

"JB and Park Seo Joon release final track for ‘Dream High 2′" plus 19 more

JB and Park Seo Joon release final track for ‘Dream High 2′

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 08:17 AM PDT

Although ‘Dream High 2‘ aired its last episode last week, it left a final gift to its many fans and viewers with an OST track by JB and Park Seo Joon.

The boys who were part of the idol group, I:dn, released “New Dreaming“, which viewers will recall the boys performing in the first episode.

While we all bade ‘Dream High 2′ goodbye, enjoy the final track by the two talented vocalists.

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Kim Tae Hee looks heavenly in photoshoot preview

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 07:34 AM PDT

Actress Kim Tae Hee showed off her unbelievable beauty during a photoshoot, drawing the envy of women everywhere.

A photo of Kim Tae Hee was posted through an online community bulletin along with a caption that stated, “Kim Tae Hee, recent appearance.”

In a recent photoshoot, Kim Tae Hee channeled her inner goddess appearance. She is wearing a nude color dress while covering her lap with a bathrobe. With the rich accent to her hair, netizens assumed that Kim Tae Hee was posing for an advertisement related to hair. Her unwavering beauty proved that Kim Tae Hee is just ripening with time.

Netizens commented, “This kind of thing makes her the top goddess of goddesses”, “Her beauty is really unbelievable”, and “She is exuding brightness from her face.”

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

Wonder Girls’ Hyerim shows a picture of her 13 year old self

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 06:52 AM PDT


Wonder Girls’ Hyerim recently revealed a picture of herself when she was younger.

On March 25th she posted on her twitter, “When I was 13 years old :)“.

Her picture shows her unchanged pure image she has right now.

Netizens left various comments saying, “She was pretty since she was young“, “She seemed mature for a 13 year old” and “She looks younger now.

What do you guys think about the image of 13 year old Hyerim?


Source and Picture: Hyerim’s twitter

2NE1′s Minzy tweets a cute picture of Dara wearing a bunny ear beanie!

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 06:48 AM PDT


A cute picture of 2NE1′s Dara wearing a hat with bunny ears was posted by fellow member Minzy!

On March 24th, Minzy tweeted a photo that said, “Sweet and lively Dal-ong. Galbi (Korean BBQ)“. In the photo, Dara is shown eating Korean BBQ while making a very cute pose. What also drew attention from netizens was her unique beanie with bunny ears.

After viewing this photo, netizens commented, “Dara can surely pull off any kind of clothes“, “Is 2NE1 having an all-member dinner?“.

In related news, 2NE1 is currently practicing and preparing a lot for their Japanese comeback on March 28th.


Source: Minzy’s Twitter

Big Bang’s T.O.P and Se7en show their dangerous(?) friendship on ‘Strong Heart’

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 06:45 AM PDT


Big Bang‘s T.O.P and Se7en seem to have a very affectionate and intimate(?) friendship.

On March 24th, pictures from the ‘YG Family Special‘, which will be broadcasted on the 27th, were uploaded on the main website of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘. What gained a lot of attention from netizens were pictures of T.O.P and Se7en showing a lot of affection for one another by hugging and lovingly looking at each other. Also, a picture of Se7en happily leaning on T.O.P’s shoulder brought netizens to wonder if their relationship was perhaps something beyond friendship.

The two stars who are both part of the YG Family have been well-known for their close friendship. The photos seem to clearly show their closeness, but it also does seem to show their excessively affectionate and dangerous(?) side of their relationship!

After viewing these photos, netizens commented, “Why do they look so intimate? I’m getting jealous…“, “Too much touching! There should be a sign that says ‘keep off!’“, “The two seem to look alike“, and “I hope they reveal a lot of secrets about each other during the show!“.

In related news, this episode will be the last recording for Lee Seung Gi as the MC for ‘Strong Heart’ and YG Entertainment label mates Big Bang, 2NE1, Gummy, Psy, Tablo, and Se7en will be featured as guests. Check out the preview below!



Check out the affectionate photos of Se7en and T.O.P, as well as other YG Family guests from the show here!

Source + Photo: Star News via Nate

Photoshoot face off: Sooyoung vs. Park Bom

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 06:15 AM PDT


Idol group members’ every moves are a hot topic. Especially for girl group idols, their every move from what they eat to what they wear becomes a target for people’s attention. Their most eye catching factor are their slim figures. We compared two idols, Girl‘s Generation‘s leg representative Sooyoung and 2NE1‘s ‘doll legsPark Bom.

Sooyoung is the ‘wanna be star‘ for many ladies today for her slim leg lines. Her legs boast of doll like legs with virtually zero fat. Her tan skin and toned muscles accentuate her healthy looking legs.

Sooyoung showed off her beautiful looks in a recent solo photoshoot. She showed a different side of her than the ones shown on stage. The revealing clothes and her beautiful lines created an alluring charm for the photos.

Meanwhile, 2NE1′s Park Bom is also famous for her ‘mannequin body.’ Her legs are known for their slim lines even when she wears flat shoes. Park Bom recently showed off her slimmer S-line figure and shook the male fans’ hearts. For the ladies, her pictures were enough to motivate them to go on a diet for the upcoming summer.

A recent post on an online community board revealed some pictures from Park Bom’s photo shoot. Park Bom flaunted her doll like figure in a short mini skirt. Netizens especially took note of her toned thighs and calves, as well as her nano ankle that looks as if it can be grabbed with only one hand.


Source+Picture: Star News via Naver

Girl groups need to watch out for SHINee’s Taemin?

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 01:51 AM PDT


Recently a ‘Taemin Warning‘ for idol girl groups has come about, and it’s due to SHINee‘s Taemin being ‘prettier than a girl’.

SHINee officially made their comeback through ‘M! Countdown‘ on the 22nd. The members grabbed fans’ attention with their image transformations.

Taemin received the most interest for his transformation however. The pre-released album jackets showed Taemin with long, straight hair, looking like a mythical beauty. Taemin has long been praised for his ‘prettier than a girl face’, but this new image concept accentuated it even more. His small face, slim figure, and shiny looks are comparable to girl group members.

Netizens commented on Taemin’s comeback image with, “As expected, looks of a girl group“, “Taemin’s looks are better than average girl group members“, “Next to Taemin, the girl group members better be careful not to get embarassed“.


Source+Picture: Star News via Naver

HaHa reveals Son Ye Jin as his ideal type, and that he dated Shin Se Kyung?

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 01:44 AM PDT


Musician and entertainer HaHa has recently caught people’s attention for revealing his ideal type.

HaHa appeared on the March 23rd broadcast of cable channel tvN‘s ‘Important Show- Unbelievable Interview‘ and participated in an ideal type World Cup.

HaHa was faced with the tough choices of choosing between Lee Yeon Hee, IU, Lee Min Jung, Shin Se Kyung, Suzy, and other beautiful female stars for his ideal type World Cup.

He rejected IU, saying, “IU is too young,” which made everyone laugh. When choosing between Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Min Jung, he contemplated a while before finally choosing Lee Min Jung, expressing his regrets saying, “I like Lee Yeon Hee as well, but I’m sorry.”

When Son Ye Jin was added to his choices, HaHa expressed a special interest for her, saying, “Son Ye Jin has a tomboyish charm. Korean women are the prettiest.”

For the last big match, HaHa was faced with the choice between Son Ye Jin and Shin Se Kyung. HaHa complimented Shin Se Kyung, saying, “Shin Se Kyung is a well-rounded actress who is full of charm. Whether she’s acting or doing something else, she shows a surprising transformation. We used to date. In my mind…” but he eventually ended up choosing Son Ye Jin as his ideal type, which had both the interviewer and the viewers laughing at his wit.


Source + Image: TV Report via Naver

Park Bom celebrates her birthday in a dark theater

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 01:39 AM PDT


2NE1‘s Park Bom‘s birthday party was recently revealed.

Earlier today, 2NE1′s Minzy tweeted, “Now I need to go to Bom unnie’s birthday party~ Please look out for live picture updates,” letting the fans know about Park Bom’s birthday.

A few minutes later, Minzy posted “It’s dark since it’s a theater,” along with the above picture.

The picture showed Park Bom receiving a candlelit cake. Although it’s dark, due to the candles on her birthday cake, we can make out some of the guests and the back of Park Bom in a mini dress showing off her flawless legs.

The netizens celebrated Park Bom’s birthday with, “Bom unnie, Happy Birthday“, “Birthday party in a movie theater? On a whole different scale“,”Please share other pictures“,”I want to be invited too“, and “Bom unnie’s extraordinary legs even in the dark.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will be releasing their first Japanese album “Collection” on the 28th.


Source+Picture: Star News via Naver

Big Bang wins ‘Inkigayo’ triple crown + performances from March 25th!

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 01:22 AM PDT


SBS's 'Inkigayo' is back once again with a new show full of exciting performances from the artists you adore, brought to you by the lovely IU, and KARA's Goo Hara and Nicole.

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, Taw & Haha held their third collaboration stage together with "The Person By My Side".

The boys of popular boy group SHINee also took the stage to perform their newest release titled "Sherlock", along with "Stranger".

Cube Entertainment's newest boy group BtoB made their debut today with two title tracks, titled "Insane" and "Imagine".

Lastly, MBLAQ unfortunately bid farewell with a sweet performance of their ever so catchy hit "Run".

Artists from this week's 'Take 7′ include: Ailee, B1A4, K.Will, Se7en, miss A, 2AM, and Big Bang!

As for today's mutizen winner, it was Big Bang for "Blue". Congratulations to Big Bang and all V.I.Ps on their triple crown achievement!



[ MC Cuts ]

< MC + Take 7 >

< MC + BtoB >

< MC + SHINee >


[ Public Service Announcement ]

This week's PSA from 'Inkigayo' guest-featured B1A4, who helped promote awareness on the importance of traffic safety!


[ Next Week's Teasers ]



[ Take 7 ]

As for the 'Take 7', check out their performances below:

< Ailee >


< B1A4 >


< K.Will >


< Se7en >


< miss A >


< 2AM >


< Big Bang >


Other performances from tonight included: LEDApple, EXID, Jay Park, NU’EST, and MBLAQ!

Check them out below!


< MBLAQ > *Goodbye Stage*


< LEDApple >


< EXID >


< Jay Park >


< NU’EST >


The boys of SHINee return with “Sherlock” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 12:36 AM PDT


Calling all Shawols, the five talented boys of popular group SHINee have finally returned with their latest album release titled 'Sherlock'!

SHINee's new mini album has gained a lot of interest due to the high quality of all seven songs. SM Entertainment stated that SHINee's comeback is 'world-class' and that, "they are proud to present the best quality in music, style, and performance."

Having topped various charts just hours after the album release, the boys are now back to take the stage for a charismatic performance of "Stranger" and "Sherlock"!

Be sure to check it out below, and the rest of today's 'Inkigayo' performances here (coming soon)!


Taw & Haha collaborate with “The Person By My Side” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 12:13 AM PDT


Comedian Haha and rapper/ballad singer Taw recently united to drop a brand new track titled, "The Person By My Side".

Although news of the collaboration made its way to the public last month, the two will finally commence with promotional activities for the catchy song.

Continuing with today's episode of 'Inkigayo', Taw & Haha take the stage to perform "The Person By My Side"!

Check it out below, and be sure to view the rest of today's 'Inkigayo' performances here (coming soon)!


BtoB makes an “Insane” debut with “Imagine” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 11:56 PM PDT


Cube Entertainment's newest face, BtoB, just released their debut title tracks!

As previously announced, the group will be promoting double title tracks: "Insane" (a dance track), and "Imagine" (a ballad).

The rookie group left fans speechless with their recent release of the two tracks. The boys continued to impress on today's episode of 'Inkigayo,' where they performed both "Insane" and "Imagine".

Check out their live stages below, and be sure to check out the rest of today's performances from 'Inkigayo' here (coming soon)!

2AM’s Jokwon reveals his thoughts about his 1st ‘Dream Team’ experience

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 11:13 PM PDT

2AM‘s Jokwon revealed how he felt about participating on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream Team‘.

Jokwon, along with fellow members Changmin, Jinwoon, and Seulong, guested on the March 25th broadcast of ‘Dream Team’, competing against Dream Team members Marco, Choi Sung Jo, Sung Woong, Han Min Kwan, Shawn Lee, and Kim Dong Joon. During the recording, Jokwon stated, “This is the first time participating on ‘Dream Team’ after my debut. I am very thrilled.”

MC Lee Chang Myung then asked, “When you watched Dream Team Season 1, who did you like?” Jokwon revealed, “I liked Jo Sung Mo.”

On this day, Jokwon participated in the obstacle challenge with Changmin, but unfortunately was eliminated.

Source: TV Report via Nate

Haha and Jay Park have an awkward relationship

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 10:23 PM PDT

Singer Haha left Jay Park one another a funny message recently.

On March 25th Haha posted on his twitter, “Jay why are you awkward around me. Should we go out and eat? Jay I am right next to you.”

Jay Park replied, “I already ate at home before I came out. Let’s eat together next time!” causing an awkward atmosphere between the two.

Netizens commented, “This awkward atmosphere. What to do.“, “What a pity. Jay you shouldn’t have eaten before you came out.“, and “I hope Haha and Jay become closer.

In related news Haha is busy promoting “The Person By My Side” with Taw!

Hopefully Haha and Jay Park will become closer in the future!

Source and Picture: Haha’s Twitter

2PM’s Taecyeon takes proof-shot of his public bus ride

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 09:45 PM PDT


A recent proof-shot uploaded by 2PM‘s Taecyeon has caught the attention of fans and left many curious to know of his whereabouts.

The singer wrote on his Twitter at around 3pm on March 24th, “I see the price of bus fare went up. Since when? I got on without having any change and was showered with a bunch of coins.”

With side swept bangs covering one of his eyes and dressed warmly in a large coat and woolen hat, it must have been difficult for fans to recognize the star.

After seeing his post, fans commented, “Daebak! Oppa, where are you and which bus number are you on?“, “Did anybody recognize you? Well, no one would guess 2PM to take the public transportation“, and “Where are you going?“.


Source: Taecyeon’s Twitter

Who is currently the hottest celebrity?

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 09:11 PM PDT

Fifty celebrity ‘experts’ recently picked out celebrities who they believed were the current ‘Hottest Stars’.  The number one recipient came out to be none other than actor Kim Soo Hyun.

The group of experts include various professional critics such as music, movie, drama, and television officials.  It’s a tough crowd to please, unless you’re Kim Soo Hyun at the moment.  Out of the 50 participants, thirty three experts picked out Kim Soo Hyun without a second thought, making him the ‘Hottest Star’ according to the survey.

Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity has skyrocketed after his role in MBC‘s ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘.  He is probably the most favored actor currently which has lead him to an endless line of endorsement deals.  Kim Soo Hyun will be busy for a while, raking in all that cash.

Aside from Kim Soo Hyun, Big Bang followed behind by a big margin with only five votes while Girls’ Generation and actor Ha Jung Woo were tied for the third spot with just three votes each.

The experts also picked out celebrities who they deemed worthy of the titles, ‘Most Handsome Star’ and ‘Most Beautiful Star’.

Under the ‘Most Handsome Star’ category, actor Won Bin topped the list with seventeen votes, followed by Kim Soo Hyun and Jang Dong Gun.  Meanwhile, in the ‘Most Beautiful Star’ segment, Kim Tae Hee grabbed first place with 14 votes while Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Jung tied in for second.

Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee who are both in their thirties are still regarded as the most attractive stars in South Korea.  Their age doesn’t seem to have a negative affect on their appearance.

Hottest Stars Full List

  1. Kim Soo Hyun
  2. Big Bang
  3. Girl’s Generation
  4. Ha Jung Woo
  5. Lee Seung Gi
  6. Hyun Bin
  7. IU
  8. Han Ga In
  9. Yoo Ah In
  10. Ali

Most Handsome Star Full List

  1. Won Bin
  2. Kim Soo Hyun
  3. Jang Dong Gun
  4. Jo In Sung
  5. Lee Min Ho
  6. Lee Byung Hun
  7. Kang Dong Won
  8. Nichkhun (2PM)
  9. Park Yoochun
  10. So Ji Sub
  11. Song Seung Hun
  12. Song Joong Ki
  13. Lee Seung Gi
  14. Alex
  15. Yoo Ah In
  16. Jang Geun Suk
  17. Cha In Pyo
  18. Taecyeon (2PM)
  19. Hyun Bin

Most Beautiful Star Full List

  1. Kim Tae Hee
  2. Son Ye Jin
  3. Lee Min Jung
  4. Kim Hee Sun
  5. Han Ye Seul
  6. Ha Ji Won
  7. YoonA (Girl’s Generation)
  8. Jun Ji Hyun
  9. Suzy (Miss A)
  10. Shin Min Ah
  11. Song Hye Kyo
  12. Shim Eun Ha
  13. Han Ga In
  14. Moon Chae Won
  15. Lee Young Ae
  16. Jung Yoo Mi
  17. Han Ji Min
  18. Shin Jae Yi

Do you agree with these ‘experts’?

Source + Photos: Donga via Nate

Lee Hyori reveals So Ji Sub donated items for Charity Bazaar

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 08:10 PM PDT

A few days ago, we shared photos of Lee Hyori showing off donated fashion items from several top celebrities.  The items will be included in a special Charity Bazaar Lee Hyori will hold in Cheongdam.  Earlier today she posted photos of donated items once again; this time from actor So Ji Sub!

On March 23rd, the fashion diva posted So Ji Sub’s fashion items onto her Twitter with the caption, “So Ji Sub’s items ~^^”.

Both the denim jeans and formal shows were worn by the superstar actor and contain a price tag along with So Ji Sub’s autograph.  The black enamel dress shoe is priced at 250,000 KRW (~$220USD) while the sand-blasted jeans are worth 150,000 KRW (~$132USD).

The items drew lots of interest for being personal items of a famous actor.  Netizens commented, “This is very heartwarming“, “I wish I could purchase them“, and “I bet these will sell fast“.

The charity will be aired on cable broadcaster OnStyle‘s new 12-week reality program, ’Golden 12‘. ‘Golden 12′ is  aimed at turning the focus away from Lee Hyori’s celebrity activities towards her social activism.

Source + Photos: Lee Hyori’s Twitter


MBLAQ’s Mir receives ‘miracle’ cure on ‘Star King’

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 06:59 PM PDT

MBLAQ member Mir continues to see some health improvement on SBS‘s ‘Star King‘!

Mir became one of the most search people on Korean portal sites after being on last week’s episode of ‘Star King’, and he continued to show drastic health improvements on the most recent airing.

Mir who constantly suffered from back problems surprised everyone on set by suddenly becoming two times more flexible after meeting contestant Lim Hyun Suk and completing his one-minute self-cure exercise during last week’s episode.  Check out the amazing results:

This week, the singer also had a torn ligament in his wrist and therefore could not move it very well, but after completing another self-cure exercise, Mir was able to impressively complete 10 push ups!

The segment begins at roughly 2:43

Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate

Tory Burch and Vincent D’Elia share their thoughts on working with ‘Fashion King’ cast

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 05:43 PM PDT

Fashion designer Tory Burch and musical actor Vincent D’Elia recently made cameo appearances in SBS‘s new drama, ‘Fashion King‘. The pair took the time to share their thoughts on working directly with Korean stars.

Aside from a one time appearance on the popular American drama, ‘Gossip Girl‘, Tory Burch is known for staying out of excessive spotlight. Surprisingly enough, she’s already made two cameos in ‘Fashion King’ alone, though. She appeared twice as the dean of a fashion design school Shin Se Kyung‘s character attends.

Vinlent D’Elia, who’s known for his playing in popular broadway musicals like ‘Grease‘ and ‘The Little Mermaid’, was right by her side as designer ‘Michael’.

The two expressed, “It was a unique experience. We both had a lot of fun. It was good to be able to connect with the Korean actors through the level of passion they have for their work and art. Upon first impression, the actors seemed like they were reserved and quiet, but after working with them directly for a few days, the ‘big stars of Korea’ are so humble and respectful that you can’t help but feel close to them.”

When asked about the drama, they said, “We weren’t able to read the entire script, but it’s a lot of fun because it shows the fierce competition behind the fashion world, which looks glamorous only on the outside.”

20120323_fashionking_toryburch_vinlent_3 20120323_fashionking_toryburch_vinlent_2 20120323_fashionking_toryburch_vinlent_1

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Naver
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