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"[News] 2PM's hot performance in Hong Kong, a stripped finale bidding farewell to fans!" plus 24 more

"[News] 2PM's hot performance in Hong Kong, a stripped finale bidding farewell to fans!" plus 24 more

[News] 2PM's hot performance in Hong Kong, a stripped finale bidding farewell to fans!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 09:00 AM PDT

Korea's superstar idol group 2PM held their concert last night in Hong Kong for the first time, with the hall fully-packed of fans. The 6 members had fun in the concert with; sword-fighting, human pyramids, cartwheels, blowing kisses and giving flowers to the fans. Just before leaving, Taecyeon even took off his shirt whilst shaking his backside, saying goodbye to their fans half-naked.

Last night, 2PM held their final concert in Hong Kong Asian Expo Arena, the 6 boys successfully performed <Heartbeat> and <Again&Again> alongside 20 other hit songs. When singing to <Hands Up> the whole atmosphere was sizzling hot; the fans put their hands up and sang along with their idols. The group then performed a sexy dance with the female dancers, where Taecyeon deliberately tore open his shirt collar gathering much attention with his chest muscles, earning ear-piercing screams from every direction.
When the 6 members, passionately sang to <Only You>, they blew kisses to the fans, and walked towards the crowd giving out roses and shook hands with them. In Chansung's solo stage, he performed a sword-dance whilst Junsu sang to a few lines of Jacky Cheung's <My Heart Is Hurt> in a cappella. The boys also performed cartwheels, human pyramids and such difficult moves, demonstrating their skills.
Finally, with the song <Thank You>, they thanked their fans for their support; each member approached the crowd, taking photos with the fan's Polaroid cameras and tossed their towels towards the audience. At 2PM's curtain call, they repeatedly announced that they will be coming back to Hong Kong very soon. Just before leaving, Chansung and Taecyeon took off their shirts, bidding farewell to the fans shirtless, fulfilling their promise of a shirtless performance.
Taecyeon celebrates in Lan Kwai Fong 
That night, Janice Wei , Jason Chung , Lesley Chiang and other artists from the entertainment industry had also went to show their support, Louis Cheung also brought his son to watch the show. Janice Wei even went backstage and took a photo with the 2PM members. In addition, Taecyeon was photographed celebrating in Lan Kwai Fong after the performance ended and through Twitter, Chansung and Junsu expressed that the performance in Hong Kong was fun and exciting. Yesterday in the afternoon, 2PM flew back to Korea, with an estimated 50 fans seeing them off at the airport. Before departing through the special passageway, they even turned around and waved goodbye to their fans. 

CREDIT: QQ News (SOURCE) ; x_tiffany_x@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS) 

[News] CNBLUE’s new song “I’m Still Loving You” set to be released on March 16!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 08:49 AM PDT

The title for CNBLUE's new song that will be released on March 16 has been decided.
The upcoming new song, "아직 사랑한다 (I'm Still Loving You)", composed by leader Jung Yonghwa which has aroused  interest from fans will be released online on March 16. The recording video of the song will be published on CNBLUE's official YouTube channel and also Nate's main website.
Following the song release, fans would gain more of anticipation  as the teaser images for all members will be updated starting on March 19.
Meanwhile, aside from the new mini album, CNBLUE is also planning to have more domestic activities this year.  Drummer Kang Minhyuk is currently acting in KBS weekend drama "My Husband Got A Family" and as recently reported, lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun will also be acting in SBS weekend drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" in May.

Source: Asiatoday
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

[Video] NU'EST unveiled Face MV!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 08:48 AM PDT

Pledis' new boy group NU'EST unveiled the full MV of their debut song Face,without further ado,check out the MV here!

[News] At the end of world tour, JYJ captivates in Chile!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 08:39 AM PDT

 SANTIAGO, Chile – The Teatro Caupolican in Santiago was packed with screaming fans from all over Chile and abroad, cheering on K-pop group JYJ last Friday.
As the crowd shouted, "La colita [Shake your booty]! La colita!" the three members of JYJ – Jae-joong, Yu-chun and Jun-su – turned around and did a short booty dance in response.
"It is amazing that JYJ is in Chile performing and also amazing that you guys even know about us," said Yu-chun. "After receiving such great enthusiasm from you all this time, I don't think we can exclude Chile from any future world tours."
The concert was a first, not only for the group, but for any Korean pop group to perform as a solo act in Chile.
The group's agency, CJeS Entertainment, said that JYJ's 14-city world tour is the first solo concert for any Korean musical act in Spain, Germany or South America.
"The members of JYJ are the first Korean artists to hold a solo concert in these parts of the world and also the first Korean act to complete a world tour of this scale," CJeS Entertainment said in a press release.
The 3,000 available seats at the Teatro Caupolican were sold out for last Friday's concert. Fans wore red T-shirts, for JYJ's official color, and many were wearing handkerchiefs decorated with the Korean flag on their wrists. Signs reading, "I will keep you safe Jae-joong" and "Will you marry me?" in Korean could be seen amidst fans yelling out, "Mi hijito rico [My love]."
During the show, JYJ performed hit songs including "AYYY Girl," "In Heaven" and "Get Out," as fans from around the world sang along in English and Korean.
The concert went on for an hour and 50 minutes, but the crowd was reluctant to leave the stadium even after it was over.
Camelia Rodriguez, 19, who is a member of two JYJ fan clubs in Chile, including JYJ Chile and Cassiopeia Chile, said that she was almost in tears to see JYJ perform, after waiting to see them live for more than seven years.
Ana Maria, 54, said that she became a JYJ fan six years ago when her 19-year-old daughter, who accompanied her at the concert, introduced her to the group.
"JYJ is a fantastic group, and the members have beautiful voices and sing and dance really well," she said, adding that in her opinion, there is no pop act that can compare with JYJ.
To secure good seats at the stadium, some hardcore fans even camped outside the venue starting last Monday.
Andrea Briceno, 19, said she had saved up all her money from doing part-time jobs in order to fly 10 hours from Sweden to Chile, just to see JYJ in person.
"My dream is to sing with JYJ before I die," she said.
Another 19-year-old, Carolina, said she came to the concert in Chile with two other friends from Bolivia and that she gets a sense of hope whenever she watches JYJ concert footage.
"It is like a dream to see them perform in real life instead of through the Internet," she said.
JYJ's world tour, which started last April, has been a hot success.
Besides the sold-out concert in Santiago, its concert in Lima, Peru, the last city on the group's world tour, was sold out as well. And with requests from fans pouring in for more seats, the organizers sold an extra 1,000 tickets on top of the original 5,000 available.
The tour was attended by more than 200,000 fans, and the band played an average of 18 songs per concert.
Influential Peruvian newspaper El Comercio wrote a big feature story on the group's success, writing, "It wasn't Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus, but the Korean group JYJ that saw record sales of concert tickets in Peru."

Written by: Song Ji-hye of Koreajoongang Daily 

[News] JYJ’s South American Tour: Peru airport paralysis – 5,000 seats sold out!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 08:22 AM PDT

On the 9th in Santiago, Chile JYJ spent a fantastic 2 hours with over 3000 fans at the 'Teatro Caupolican' stadium. This time, in Lima, Peru as well, JYJ received an enthusiastic welcome.

On the 11th, when JYJ arrived in Peru's 'Jorge Chavez' airport, they caused a state of paralysis at the airport. (There were so many fans.) At the airport there were around 3,000 people surrounding the airport that were JYJ fans, screaming for JYJ—verifying the amount of positive response from fans. JYJ's management CJES said "Upon arriving at the airport, there were 10 airport staff with serious faces, telling us that for the safety of JYJ, all the staff had to go through VIP exit-way." A staff further said that considering the situation at that given time, greeting fans was an inconceivable situation. He said that Peruvian fans were willing to follow JYJ's vehicle on their motorcycles or via mini-busses. 

Before the concert, on the 10th, JYJ held a press conference at the Marriot Hotel. El Comercio, TV Peru, etc, a total of 30 national newspapers and broadcasters attended, showing the hot coverage for JYJ's visit in Peru. In the large square in front of the hotel where the press conference was taking place, 2000 fans gathered.  Traffic was blocked and the police were called in. In answer to the reporters' question of whether they had expected this high popularity in Peru, JYJ said, "It's surprising. We were surprised in Chile too but we couldn't imagine that we were this popular in Peru. It's surprising and amazing that we can see the image that we could see in Asia in South America. We feel thankful and also sorry that we could only come to see them just now because of the long distance. We must return that long wait with good performances." When asked what they thought as K-pop leaders, they expressed their high expectations, "The word 'first' itself is thrilling. However, since this is the place that we, as representative of Korea, take the first step in, the responsibility is big. We must finish the concert successfully. We'll create wonderful memories in Peru before going back to Korea."  

Miritza llanos of Peruvian leading newspaper El Comercio said, "They were welcomed much more than U.S pop stars. There is about 30.000 K-pop fans in Peru and most of them are JYJ's fans. In Peru, JYJ's music is not just at mania level but is mainstream pop music. JYJ's music can be heard everywhere in Peru."
VICTOR (the promoter) stated, "In comparison with the tour concerts of U.S pop stars like Britney Spears, the reaction is much greater. All the local staff were surprised by their popularity. Even after the press conference, the reporters still held their cameras, on standby."

After the press conference, JYJ had a fan greeting from the 4th floor balcony of the hotel. The fans cheered and shouted Koreans words such as 'JYJ I love you. Thank you, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu!' JYJ expressed their feelings, "We felt like we were the princes. We were unspeakably touched when we came out in the balcony and saw our fans filling the space in front of the hotel. We're happy and thankful that there are many fans who love our music in Peru. Tomorrow we'll deliver a great concert in order to return this enthusiastic welcome."
In addition, JYJ's Peruvian fans made a special advertising bus. A week before the concert, they began to camp outside the Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental concert hall. Hundreds of tents could be seen near the entrance. A JYJ fan, Camila Gonzales (23), said, "I have come here since Thursday and have been queuing up. It's hard to belive that I'm going to see JYJ. It's such a miracle that they came here and will sing. I don't know if I'm breathing properly. It's like a dream and I can't stop crying."

Meanwhile, all 5000 seats for JYJ concert in Peru were sold out and an additional 1000 tickets were also quickly sold out. JYJ's management company, C-JeS Entertainment said, "This concert of JYJ is the first concert of a Korean artist in South America. It's not a concert of many artists from a company but a solo concert of the artist, which is very meaningful. The concert was held at Lima's Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental, which is located in the second-largest football stadium in South America. Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne…all held concerts there before." 

Source: Top Star News
Translated by: Buniustyle + The_Little_Pear of JYJ3

[Info/Video] Rooftop Prince Releases Character Descriptions in English and Third Trailer!

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 08:09 AM PDT

Rooftop Prince finally revealed the English description of the characters and its third trailer.

You can check it out below.

Watch the trailer below.

Credit: Koalasplayground
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[News] Eunhyuk and Donghae release album jacket for Japanese "Oppa Oppa"

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 07:50 AM PDT

Hallyu group Super Junior members Donghae and Eunhyuk will be releasing their hit duet single "Oppa Oppa" in Japan on April 4. "Oppa Oppa" was first performed by the duo during the Super Junior's world tour, 'Super Show 4', back in November of last year and was promoted briefly through weekly music programs.

Donghae and Eunhyuk unveiled the album jacket photos for their upcoming Japanese release. The two idols don bright red and yellow suits once again while having their snazzy poses.

The Japanese version of "Oppa Oppa" will be available in three different editions. The album will include the Japanese and Korean version of the title track of the same title, as well as their B-side duo track, "First Love."

[News] "The King 2 Hearts" Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won in Jejudo on altitude 380m

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 07:35 AM PDT

Actor Lee Seung Gi and actress Ha Ji Won are in Jejudo.

The two main leads are currently filming at the Eco Land Resort for the royal family vacation home scene in the new MBC drama "The King 2 Hearts".

They are in an altitude of over 380m with the cold weather but the team is working hard on the shoot. The Jejudo shoot will continue until the 14th and there are about 50 or so staffs and casts including Lee Jae Gyoo the director, Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi.

"The King 2 Hearts" is about the love story between a North Korean female sergeant and South Korean prince based under the setting of a constitutional monarchy. To be aired after "The Sun and the Moon" on the 21st.

Source: hancinema

[Video] 120314 Big Bang wins Music On Top + Performances

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 07:20 AM PDT

On March 14th, jTBC's new music program "Music On Top" has aired its new episode full of amazing performances from the hottest K-Pop artists.

Today's episode includes performances from FT ISLAND, Jay Park , K.will, Brave Girls, TONY&SMASH, Nine Muses , Fat Cat, C-REAL, Brian Joo, Chocolat, Dal Shabet, EXID, Stellar, WE and Hadami.

And for the highlight of the show, Big Bang won tonight with their latest hit single "BLUE"!

Fat Cat *Comeback Stage*

C-REAL *Comeback Stage*

FT Island


Jay Park


Dal Shabet

Brave Girls


Kim Greem



[News] Big Bang appeared on

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 07:05 AM PDT

Big Bang has once again proved their status as global K-Pop representatives and extends their influence beyond Asia to the world. The five talented members of Big Bang recently appeared on famous website.

A photo of Big Bang from their recent 2012 Big Show/ Alive Tour concert in Seoul was featured on the main page of the website with caption, "South Korean quintet Big Bang go kaboom during a performance in Seoul, Korea, on March 11."

After having recognized from the 2011 MTV EMA's Worldwide Act, Big Bang continues to make an impact make their way onto Grammy. Grammy is known for recognizing the most outstanding achievements in the music industry.


[News] 2PM Junho teams up with Kim So Eun for "Music and Lyrics"

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 06:50 AM PDT

Following actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoon Gun, 2PM's Junho and actress Kim So Eun have been chosen to be the new couple for "Music and Lyrics".

"Music and Lyrics", which will be featured on MBC Music, showcases top female actress pairing up with a male singer-songwriter to create and present a unique love song.

In the program, Junho and Kim So Eun will try to make an OST for MBC's weekend drama "Feast of the Gods". The song will be used for actress Song Yuri's love theme in the drama.

A representative stated, "The music director of 'Feast of the Gods' will personally decide if the song made by Junho and Kim So Eun will be used in the drama. The song made by the two will be shown to the director without any modifications."

[Photo] Big Bang's Seungri shows off his aegyo

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 06:35 AM PDT

Big Bang's Seungri recently drove fans crazy after displaying his aegyo.

Leader G-Dragon shared the photo of Seungri above on his me2day with captions, "Seungri Bbooing Bbooing". In the photo, Seungri appeared in between G-Dragon's feet, making the bbooing bbooing fad pose.

Fans left comments like, "Seungri looks super cute!", "Am I supposed to focus on the shoes or on Seungri?" and "My little cuties. How could I live without you."

The expression 'Bbooing Bbooing' became popular after Lee Jong Seok and Krystal used it in MBC's sitcom High Kick 3. The expression is used when someone has a favor to ask or when someone wants to avoid awkward situations, acting cutesy.

[News] Kang Hye Jung returns with "Marriage Plot"

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 06:20 AM PDT

Actress Kang Hye Jung will be making her small screen comeback with upcoming drama "Marriage Plot."

This tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama is about a trickster mother who tries to get all four of her daughters married and four guys who just happened to live with them. Kang Hye Jung's character is a career woman who has no plans of getting married anytime soon.

The upcoming comedy series will mark Kang Hye Jung's return to the small screen in a year after starring in MBC's TV drama "Miss Ripley."

Earlier today, character cuts of Kang Hye Jun from "Marriage Plot" was revealed. In the photos, Kang Hye Jung presents herself in a lovely a romantic way.

Meanwhile, "Marriage Plot" will be aired after "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" on the 2nd of April at 11PM KST.

[Audio] NU'EST Minhyun's White Day Love Song

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 06:05 AM PDT

Just a day before their official debut, NU'EST has released a snippet of member Minhyun singing a White Day Love Song. The song is the group's special gift for their fans in celebration of the White Day.

White Day is a day that is marked in South Korea on March 14th, one month after Valentine's Day. It is the day when the men pay back women who have given them chocolate on Valentine's Day with usually candy instead of chocolate.

Meanwhile, NU'EST released series of individual teaser for the past few days. The group will release their debut single "Face" and kick off debut performance on M! Countdown on March 15th.

[News] ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ remade into a made-for-TV movie

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:50 AM PDT

The ever so popular drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" has been transformed. into a made-for-TV movie!

After winning several awards in 2011 at the Korea Drama Awards, it became the first Korean mini-series to show at the 2012 New York Film Festival. Now, it has been edited to become a two-part movie made for the small screen.

The TV movie will mainly differ from the drama in that the main focus will go to the relationship between Park Yoochun and Park Min Young's characters.

The movie will air March 14th.

Source: KBS World

[News] Lee Seung Gi to bear the torch at London Olympics

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:35 AM PDT

The triple threat entertainer, Lee Seung Gi can add another accomplishment to his resume: London Olympics Torchbearer.

Lee's agency, Hook Entertainment, confirmed on March 14th that the star was chosen as a torchbearer for the London Olympics in July. No other details were revealed.

The reason for Lee's selection was mainly because of the internationally-renowned company Samsung's sponsorship of the event. The Korean conglomerate reserves the right to recommend a certain number of torchbearers, and Lee was chosen as he is the face for Samsung's kimchee refrigerator line.

The singer-actor-MC will take off for London after he wraps up the shooting of the drama "The King 2 Hearts" and his concert in Japan in June.

On a related note, rumors have indicated that another Korean torchbearer for the sporting event may be Han Ga In. Samsung addressed these rumors saying that nothing has been decided yet.

Source: KBS World

[NEWS] Big Bang Will Carry out Promotional Activities in Japan and Korea Concurrently

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:26 AM PDT

On the morning of March 13th,a staff member of YGE made a phone call with OSEN news. They stated "When Big Bang makes their comeback in Japan on the 28th, they will promote in Japan and Korea at the same time. Big Bang will start their Japanese promotions in the following week, but they will also continue to carry out their promotional activities in Japan, Korea and several other countries at the same time."

Big Bang will be releasing a Japanese album which consists of 9 songs (those from the "ALIVE" album as well as 2 new ones). All of the lyrics and melodies were composed by G-Dragon.

G-Dragon shared his feelings through the local press, "We are back to producing good music and are focused on improving our stage performance. Big Bang members are expected to develop their own colors. Last year, there were several things that hapened, and now we can realize the importance of fans, the stage and music. We are grateful and sorry to the fans. Now, we will try to not make them worry and hope that they will be able to find us through our albums and concerts."

After the release of their album, Big Bang is going to start their concert tour from 17th of May in 5 Japan cities and a total of 130,000 people are expected to participate.

On 31st, they will participate in 'Spring Groove' Hip Hop festival in Japan with 2NE1.

Translated by: Rice

[NEWS] G-Dragon and Jung Jae Hyung's Fashion Connection

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:24 AM PDT

Did G-Dragon and Jung Jae Hyung Use The Same Stylist?

The pictures of fashionista and singer Jung Jae Hyung and Big Bang′s G-Dragon donning similar pink suits and black eyeglasses have been getting a lot of buzz lately.

A picture titled ′G-Dragon and Jung Jae Hyung′s Fashion Connection′ was posted in an online community forum on March 13.

G-Dragon′s image came from his appearance on SBS′ Healing Camp in February, while Jung's image was from his pictorial with singer Lee Hyori for Harper′s Bazaar.

In the picture, G-Dragon and Jung can be seen wearing the same light pink colored suit and black horn-rimmed glasses. The only thing that was different was the checkered necktie worn by G-Dragon, as opposed to the bowtie on Jung - and of course, the faces and bodys inside the clothing.

Netizens who saw the picture said, "Did they use the same fashion stylist?" and "The two fasionistas have similar tastes," and "They both look fabulous," and "The only difference is the presence of Hyori [in one of the images]."

Meanwhile, Jung is currently the co-host of SBS′ You and I, while G-Dragon′s group, Big Bang, is busy with album activities, after making a successful comeback on SBS′ Inkigayo on March 11.



[NEWS] YG Opens 2nd Global Event for Big Bang’s "Fantastic Baby"

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:24 AM PDT

After previously opening a cover contest for Big Bang's tracks "Blue" and "Bad Boy" off its new mini album "ALIVE", YG Entertainment has surprised fans with another cover contest.

This time, fans get the chance to strut their moves for the dance cover contest for the track "Fantastic Baby".

From now until March 26, 11:59 pm (KST), fans from all over the world can upload and submit a YouTube video of a dance cover of "Fantastic Baby". The recipient of the grand prize, (the Fantastic Baby Award), will receive roundtrip airfare to Seoul, accommodation, a tour of the YG headquarters and more.

Ten other lucky winners will receive a Big Bang Alive goods gift box, signed CD and a
personal message from Big Bang. All winners will be announced on May 1.

For more information and specific details on how to enter, head over to the event's homepage.

And if you need some inspiration check out the official music video again!

Source: eNewsworld

[News] Shinhwa's Jun Jin recalls how he almost lost his life in an accident

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:20 AM PDT

Shinhwa member Jun Jin recalled how he almost lost his life in a scary accident.

On the March 13th installment of KBS2 "Win Win", all six members of Shinhwa were guest-featured and Jun Jin talked about his tumbling accident on a variety program during Shinhwa's early days.

Jun Jin revealed, "On a variety program in the past, I fell on my head on a cement floor so badly that I lost consciousness for a while."

He failed at pulling off a full acrobatic tumbling, and fell to the ground foaming at the mouth. "Though I do remember falling at the time, my mouth went haywire and my arm wouldn't move. I tried hard to get up, but I can't remember what happened after that," Jun Jin continued.

Shin Hye Sung then added, "We went to the hospital and the doctor said he might not survive the night because he had gotten a cephalhematoma. Everyone cried a lot after hearing that."

Eric revealed the group's famous close bond adding, "I think that was the first day I cried because of a member."

[NEWS] Big Bang and Girls Generation donate items for charity auction

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:20 AM PDT

Hallyu stars have stepped forward to lend a helping hand to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Sankei Sports reported on March 14 that the Korean Cultural Center of the Korean Embassy in Tokyo would be holding an exhibition of items donated by hallyu stars from March 13-25.

The exhibition will have Girls' Generation's tote bags, a guitar that Big Bang actually used onstage and a range of 50 other items including costumes, signed CDs and umbrellas. Most of the items will be auctioned off for a fund which will be donated to victims of the earthquake. Meanwhile, Girls' Generation revealed the music video for its first Japanese ballad piece Time Machine on March 13, and Big Bang will be returning to Japan with a new album on March 28.

Source: Mnet Global

[NEWS] Billboard Korea: Big Bang is unstoppable

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:18 AM PDT

Debuting at No. 1 last week, with their lead single "Blue," BIGBANG -- as predicted -- has gone on to dominate the top of the chart taking no less than half of the spots of the Top 10 on this week's K-Pop Hot 100 chart.

The excitement around the new EP "Alive" has translated elsewhere from just digital downloads as the music video for "Blue" racking up over 14 million views so far. Capitalizing on these successes, the boys just kicked off their world tour, titled "ALIVE TOUR 2012," in Seoul which drew more than 30,000 fans to the three-day event. BIGBANG will hit 16 different nations and 25 cities in Asia, North and South America, and Europe.

While every track from the EP charted with "Bang," a track featuring only member Daesung, missing the Top 10 at No. 13 and the EP's "Intro (Alive") at No. 19, we look into three singles from the album that landed at the top of the chart.

While "Blue" spends its second week at the top, "Love Dust" shot up to the No. 2 spot, pushing miss A's, "Touch" down to No. 4. "Love Dust" is a collaboration between producer Teddy and BIGBANG member G-Dragon. In this song, they put a rock twist, over the electro-pop, sample-heavy beat to compliment the soothing vocals and rap.

Looking down one spot on the chart one finds "Bad Boy," debuting at No. 3, is a concoction of R&B melodies, hip-hop beats and little bit of jazz piano. The track was produced by G-Dragon and Choice 37, an in-house YG Entertainment producer. In the accompanying video, the boys stride down the streets of Brooklyn while adding in some free-flowing raps and sensual vocals. The members each get their own turn in the spotlight with G-Dragon and TOP's singing/rapping combinations, Taeyang's charismatic tone, and Daesung and Seungri's melting voices all flow well together.

Unlike, "Blue" or "Bad Boy," the next highest charting single, "Fantastic Baby," is a big-time head-banger, with its catchy beats and infectious chorus verse, that is sure to make all types of pop fans happy. With a breakdown that sounds similar to the Jennifer Lopez/ Mick Jagger collaboration " T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" and a catchy chorus ("I wanna dan- dan- dan- dan- dance") the song is perhaps the most accessible to American audiences. In the music video, the boys flaunt their over-the-top personalities that made them famous in Korea with some eye-popping outfits, props, and hairpieces.

BIGBANG's big splash on the charts this week is obviously creating waves and a big shake-up in the rankings. Ailee (No. 5 - No. 6), K. Will (4 - 9), John Park (6 - 11), all slipped down the chart. An interesting note does come for the four-week chart topper Lyn, however, who debuts at No. 20 with her new single, "Let it Rain." But for now, BIGBANG rules.

Thanks for Zura Dzukhie for the tip!

[News] John Park wins Show! Champion -- Will he dance ballet?

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:07 AM PDT

Singer John Park, who recently made his official debut with "Falling", has reached number one on the music program, "Show Champion".

On March 13th, John Park updated his Twitter, "Won the 'Champion Song' award at 'Show Champion'. Thank you to all the fans who showed their support!", and uploaded the photo above.

The win stirred interest from his fans, wondering whether he would keep the pledge he had previously made on a radio program. During his guest-appearance on SBS Power FM's "Park So Hyun's Love Game", John Park promised to perform a ballet if he reach first place on music ranking programs.

Are you looking forward for his ballet performance?

[News] Yoo In Na cast in her first lead role with "Queen Inhyun’s Man"

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 04:55 AM PDT

Actress Yoo In Na has been confirmed for the female lead in tvN's new Wednesday-Thursday drama "Queen Inhyun's Man."

Yoo In Na will play the role of Choi Hee Jin, who finds love through a man that transcends space and time. Choi Hee Jin is a struggling actress who hasn't been able to obtain a serious role since her debut 5 years ago. She than meets and falls in love with scholar named Kim Boong Do, who time traveled from the Chosun era to the present.

Kim Boong Do will be played by actor Ji Hyun Woo. Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo will start filming next week, while the drama will premiere sometime in April.

[Video] B.A.P sends White Day message for fans

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 04:43 AM PDT

Rookie group B.A.P released a special White Day video message for BABY (official fanclub name of B.A.P). Each members including Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Himchan, Yong Jae, DaeHyun and Jong Up sent out their individual messages.

White Day is a day that is marked in South Korea on March 14th, one month after Valentine's Day. It is the day when the men pay back women who have given them chocolate on Valentine's Day with usually candy instead of chocolate.

Meanwhile, after 6 long weeks of activities following the release of their debut single "Warrior", B.A.P wrapped up their debut promotions. The group is now currently preparing for their comeback slated for April.