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"[News] The Success of U-KISS 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 + July Concert Info!" plus 24 more

"[News] The Success of U-KISS 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 + July Concert Info!" plus 24 more

[News] The Success of U-KISS 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 + July Concert Info!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:54 AM PDT

The K-POP group with true ability, U-KISS, has attracted the most attention in 2012 and gathered around 25,000 for their first Japan nation-wide tour, "U-KISS 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012", which was brought to a close with a big success on March 25th at Zepp Tokyo. 

The minute that the members, dressed in their white suits, entered the stage, the whole hall got very excited at the same time. From the start of the live, the fans were very enthusiastic with the uptempo numbers, it started with their 2nd single "Forbidden Love" that they released last month on the 29th, their big hit "Neverland" that released last September in Korea, the Japanese versions of "Bingeul Bingeul" and "Shut Up!!", which are their popular songs from their Korean activities and others. To have fun with the fans, during "Show Me Your Smile", the members showed a comical dance that they thought of themselves.

In the middle of the show, they entered the stage wearing monotone clothes to match the concepts of the songs, and showed their unit's parts one by one. Both Kevin & Hoon's vocals were showcased in "Take me away", AJ & Kiseop's fascinating number "Obsession", the impressive "Orion" which was based on the vocal team Soohyun・Kevin・Hoon・Kiseop's beautiful harmonies, the highlight "Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Moe" which was based on the rap team Eli・AJ・Dongho's trio, they continued with their first song they sang in Japanese, "0330", which was fully charming.

Approaching the end of the live, they entered the stage in a rock styled black leather and red pants, they did the powerful "Man Man Ha Ni" with their representative "Kangnam (manly)
Dance", the members showed what kind of singing skill they have with "Someday", then their beautiful ballad number "A Shared Dream" the title song from their 1st Japanese album, after softly listening to this was the U-KISS styled "Every Day", and they brought it to a finish with their Japanese debut single "Tick Tack", an uptempo number.

For the encore, they re-entered the stage wearing their remade tour t-shirts. They enthusiastically sang "Believe" for everyone in Japan that experienced the earthquake disaster. Overcome with emotion, the members tears came out, and also had to shorten the song. Also, in the audience were member Hoon's parents and brother, who came running from Korea as a surprise, the MC segment was wrapped in a kind atmosphere when they were introduced on the stage. The last was their bright pop number, "Lifetime", and became one with the fans before ended the live. 

Bringing the nation-wide Zepp tour to an end, leader Soohyun commented, "We, U-KISS performed our first nation-wide tour, it became lives with very happy and fun memories with the many people who came. Thank you. We're thankful to the many staff who lent us their strength to carry out these lives. And above everything, we're thankful to all the fans who always give us their support. Thanks to everyone, we're able to have additional lives, and we're also thankful for that. We're doing great effort, without forgetting our initial goal, we'll do our best in order to be recognized as a J-POP artist. I love you."

In July, hoping to receive the same great success as this tour, there will be 15 lives in 9 cities, they have also decided to scale up by changing the venues to a hall (Hall can hold more people than Zepp)
, and are working to have their (fanclub)
membership exceed 35,000 people.

2012.3.25 sun
@Zepp Tokyo

M1. Forbidden Love
M2. Neverland
M3. Bingeul Bingeul
M4. Shut Up!!
M5. Show Me Your Smile
M6. Take me away
M7. Obsession
M8. Orion
M9. Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Moe
M10. 0330
M11. Man Man Ha Ni
M12. Someday
M13. A Shared Dream
M14. Every Day
M15. Tick Tack
EC1. Believe
EC2. Lifetime

■ Live Information


July 7th (Saturday) @ Hiroshima ALSOK Hall
[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:30PM & 6:30PM
Capacity: 1,730

July 8th (Sunday) @ Osaka International Convention Center Main Hall, Grand Cube Osaka
[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:30PM & 6:30PM
Capacity: 2,754

July 14th (Saturday) @ Sendai Sun Plaza
[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:00PM & 6:00PM
Capacity: 2,054~2,710

July 16th (Monday) @ Nagoya's Chukyo University Center for Culture & Arts, Aurora Hall
[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:30PM & 6:30PM
Capacity: 2,291

July 18th (Wednesday) @ Fukuoka Sun Palace
[ONE SHOW] @ 6:30PM
Capacity: 2,316

July 20th (Friday) @ Nagasaki Civic Auditorium
[ONE SHOW] @ 6:30PM
Capacity: 1,922

July 25th (Wednesday) @ Sapporo Citizens Hall
[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:30PM & 6:30PM
Capacity: 1,500

July 27th (Friday) @ Niigata TERRSA
[ONE SHOW] @ 6:00PM
Capacity: 1,510

July 28th (Saturday) @ Tokyo NHK Hall
[ONE SHOW] @ 6:00PM
Capacity: 3,800.

July 29th (Saturday) @ Tokyo NHK Hall
[ONE SHOW] at 1:00PM
Capacity: 3,800.



Source: U-KISS Official Website
Credits; + candleshu@tumblr + UKISS_JapanENG@twitter + 

[Trans] SHINee's Sherlock Photo Card Messages!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:46 AM PDT

Have you bought SHINee's Sherlock and got a photocard but you do not understand what they/he wrote at the back of the picture? Then check out the translation of the Photocard messages below.

Finally, the mini album that you've been waiting for has come out~
Please love it a lot ^^
Ahem geez..
I'm gonna listen to the songs~

Let's run~!! Go~!

Sherlock! Thank u <3
Freezeeeee ~!!
I'll catch you~~~

A comeback after 1 year and 6 months….
We will show you good promotions and performances that compares to the amount of time you've waited. I am always thankful over and over again^^

The Korean promotions I've really been wanting to do.. finally starts~!

Translated by kimchi hana @  

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[News] Taemin's beauty causes "Girl groups watch out for Taemin" to trend on Korean search engines!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:38 AM PDT

A humorous 'Taemin Warning' directed at idol girl groups has surfaced on account of SHINee's Taemin being 'prettier than a girl'. During SHINee's recent Inkigayo performance, a hot search term on Korean search engine websites was "Girl groups watch out for Taemin".

Taemin seems to have left the biggest impression on the public with his newfound style. Viewers first caught a glimpse of this style in his album jacket photos -- Taemin was presented with long, straight hair, giving off an air of mystical beauty. Taemin has always been recognized for this aspect, but the recent album teaser photos coupled with his overall performance style as of late seem to emphasize his beauty that much more. His small face, slim figure, and bright looks seem to rise above even members of girl groups.

Netizens commented on Taemin's comeback image, saying, "As expected, the looks of a girl group", "Taemin's looks are better than average girl group members", "Next to Taemin, the girl group members better be careful not to get embarrassed".

Source: Star News 

[News] Canadian teenage girls’ craze - “I love you, Teen Top”!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:25 AM PDT

Teen Top realized their popularity even in Canada. Last 21 March many North American fans gathered from different areas just to see Teen Top perform at '2012 Canadian Music Festival' that was held in Toronto, Canada.  

At this year's 30th Anniversary of Canadian Music Festival, '2K12 Korea Night' performances started from 8pm consisting of Teen Top and the 7 other teams from Korea. On that day, performances from Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan and many more continued to stretch till the following day's 1am at Toronto's biggest night club 'Kool Haus'. 
Besides Teen Top, there were Brian, GNA, APink, along with K-Pop artist were Crying Nut, Line 3 Butterfly, Yellow Monster and many other indie bands who participated in such a huge performance. 
For this performance a total of more than 10,000 tickets were sold and 3 hours before the K-Pop stars' performances, already there were more than 70 fans forming a queue to wait. 1 hour left before the performance, over 1500 people formed a line surrounding the venue building. 

The organizing committee of Canadian Music Week (CMW) was shocked by the turn out and said " Among the festivals 'Korea Night' received the hottest response. A lot of work aroused at the concert venue but it consisted of the most successful performances"
A large portion of 7 participating teams including Teen Top was their first time performing at such a festival. Even GNA who was originally from Canada, to attend at such a huge scale festival for earnings was her first. 
The main performances during the festival was APink followed by Teen Top. Canadian fans of Teen Top who knew of them through Youtube, went all the way to the airport to pick up the boys as soon as they heard news of them coming to Canada, and even queued really early to secure a front standing view of the stage. 
Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) the management of the Korean artistes who participated in the "Canadian Music Festival" brought tentatively 200 Teen Top CDs and within a few minutes at the venue there weren't many CDs left. Fans who couldn't get the CDs were left with a grudge. 
After the event, the 500 posters pasted outside the concert venue were all torn off and taken away by KPop fans. 

CREDITS: oursupaluv 
SOURCE: Nate News

[News] 'SHINee truck' parades around Seoul in promotion of SHINee's comeback

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:25 AM PDT

A SHINee promotional truck has been spotted around various districts of Seoul! Citizens strolling around Seoul may have encountered this vehicle, decked out with SHINee pictures from the 'Sherlock' era. The truck frequents all sorts of places, from the classy district of Gangnam to the trendy streets of Hongdae.

The truck is especially attractive on account of the giant screen rising out of the upper area. Using this apparatus, the truck plays the 'Sherlock' music video for all who are lucky enough to encounter it.

Fans often collect around the truck, singing along to the music video and attempting to follow the truck wherever it goes.

It was also present in the background of SHINee's recent fanmeeting after their Inkigayo performance (shown below), entertaining fans before SHINee came out to greet them.

Source: SHINee Forums International (, Chosun
Article by: SHINee Forums International (
Photo Credits: BCBANA

[News] SHINee's comeback with a humble attitude has captured the hearts of music representatives

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:22 AM PDT

According to the news report, SHINee went to each and every waiting room of other artistes to give them their signed cds and greet them. Even the juniors and newbie-juniors. So the media and other related personnel are praising them for having a modest attitude. And that upon seeing SHINee go to them first, the juniors feel more at ease with SHINee. (t/n: as in like, cos they are friendly and doesnt put on airs)

The reporter also mentioned that this seems like it is not unrelated to SM Entertainment's personality education (t/n: so they're saying it IS related to SM Ent.'s education, am i right? lol). SHINee is personally practising the old saying - 'The boughs that bear most hang lowest.'

English Translations: byulbit
Source: Heraldm News

[News] Hyomin and Eunjung are Teen Top fans!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:13 AM PDT

T-ara's Eunjung has become a Teen Top fan. 
Eunjung is partnered with Lee JangWoo on MBC's We Got Married and in the latest episode of the show, Eunjung that she is a fan of boy group Teen Top and how they caught her attention.
On the March 24 broadcast of the show, Eunjung and Lee Jangwoo went to a nail parlor to have her nails done. The employee mentioned about girl group Miss A and Lee Jangwoo showed interest which made Eunjung jealous and asked the employee with the question 'Teen Top doesn't come here?".  Lee Jangwoo replied  "Oh so now you've changed your heart towards Teen Top?"
Eunjung answered Jangwoo's question, "Didn't I already said it last week too? I like Teen Top~" 
In the past, T-ara's Hyomin was asked if who's male idol she wants ti treat a meal which she replied "I think Teen Top is doing really well" and Hyomin added "I think Niel is cute".
Seems Teen Top is being popular in female singers.

CREDITS: oursupaluv
 SOURCE: Naver News
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[Video] SNSD's Yuri shows off her English in Fashion King!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 08:01 AM PDT

Fashion King aired its 2nd episode earlier today,check out the video clip below where SNSD's Yuri shows off her English!

[Videos] CN Blue unveiled BTS videos for Hey You MV!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 07:46 AM PDT

Check out the BTS videos of CN Blue's Hey You MV!

Do you like their new song?

[Videos] BEAST unveiled BTS videos for Shin Ramyun!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 07:25 AM PDT

Check out the BTS videos of the BEAST boys for Shin Ramyun!!

[Video] Wonder Girls performed Nobody on Shake It Up!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:53 AM PDT

Wonder Girls performed their popular hit song Nobody on Chinese show Shake It Up,enjoy their performance here!

[NEWS] Gayoon: "The first time I've cried in a TV station"

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:47 AM PDT

In a recent interview with Vogue Girl, Gayoon opens up about her broadcast incident on Inkigayo during her performance with Mario.

Gayoon says, "Many unexpected accidents have happened, just recently I had one myself. I was scheduled for a broadcast just two days after Music Bank in Paris, but I only received the lyrics and music a day before the performance. I didn't have sufficient practice. The day of the accident was the first time I've cried in a TV station since my debut 3 years ago. As 4minute's main vocal, I was worried that people would misjudge our group's singing skills because of me."

Korean to Chinese Translation: 44444minutegirls @ Weibo
Chinese to English Translation + Editing + Reporting: applemango @

[NEWS] YG Family on Strong Heart: "Physical appearance is not important"?

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:46 AM PDT

Big Bang recently explained the three rumors about YG Entertainment.

In the March 27 episode of SBS's Strong Heart, 13 singers, including, Big Bang, 2NE1, SE7EN, Tablo, Psy, Gummy, and Sean from YG Entertainment will appear together. Since the show is a YG special, the stars will talk honestly about the agency that they have never talked on TV before.

The YG stars will explain the tree rumors about the agency. The first rumor is, "Physical appearance is not important for YG." Big Bang's Daesung says, "Why are you looking at me?"

He also says, "YG also cares physical appearance too. But the average score is around 3.5."

The second rumor is, "YG stars are hard at play." But they say that the rumor spread because of Psy. Seungri says, "After Psy became one of our family members, an atmosphere has changed."

Source: en.korea

[Exclusive Pictures] SNSD performed on ‘Twin Towers @Live 2012’ concert!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:30 AM PDT

Some extremely HQ photos taken by our friend Jon YKT during SNSD's performance at Twin Towers 2012 Concert in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

The members of SNSD performed a total of 6 songs icluding The Boys, Genie, Hoot, Run Devil Run, Mr. Taxi, Gee.

Member Yuri was not able to perform with the other girls as she was busy with Fashion King schedule.

However,SNSD promised that they will return to Malaysia soon with all 9 members performing on the stage,Malaysian Sones,anticipating SNSD's return??

Photos Source:!/JonYKT

[Picture] Narsha snaps a sexy photo!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:22 AM PDT

Brown Eyed Girls' very own Adult Idol Narsha shared a new photo on her Twitter!

She poses in a black mini dress together with a pair of shades in the photo above,living up to her nickname "Adult Idol"!

Like her new photo?

[Video] MBLAQ unveiled official video regarding their goodbye stage!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 06:12 AM PDT

MBLAQ will end promotional activities for 4th mini album and the boys recorded a video to thank fans support!

[Picture] T-ara's Qri shows off her beauty in recent selca!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 05:53 AM PDT

T-ara's Qri unveiled a pretty selca on her official Twitter.

She said,"Thought of a great idea at the filmset,bettter not save it for later".

She poses cutely to the camera in the photo above.

Like her new selca?

[Pictures] SNSD's Yuri flaunts her perfect figure at SBS Ilsan Studio!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 05:33 AM PDT

 Came across some photos of SNSD's Yuri taken at the SBS Ilsan Studio.

Yuri attended an event for Fashion King and she is spotted in an elegant outfit as shown in the photos attached here.

Like her fashion taste?

[Videos] G Dragon's BTS video for G Market + Interview!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 05:24 AM PDT

Check out the BTS video as well as the interview clip below!

[Video] SHINee unveiled BTS video for Ceci!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 04:54 AM PDT

SHINee's BTS video for Ceci,check out the video below!

[Info] IU joins Twitter!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 04:44 AM PDT

Korean nation sister is officially on Twitter now!!

Feel free to follow her to interact with her directly,what are you waiting for??

[Video] Wonder Girls' Sohee unveiled BTS video for Vogue Girl!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 04:24 AM PDT

Check out the BTS photoshoot video of Wonder Girls' Sohee Vogue Girl!

[Picture] KARA's Goo Hara unveiled doll-like selca!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 04:10 AM PDT

KARA's Goo Hara unveiled a doll-like selca on her official Twitter!

Together with this selca,she added,"What are you guys doing??I'm Looking at you now so tell me what you are up to!"

She is seen posing closely to the camera,showing off her cuteness,like her new selca?

[Videos] BEAST unveiled Red & Black CFs!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 03:53 AM PDT

Check out BEAST's latest CFs for Red and Black!

[Photos] BEAST World Tour ‘Beautiful Show’ in Yokohama!

Posted: 26 Mar 2012 02:59 AM PDT

Boy group BEAST successfully completed their very first arena performance in Japan. On March 21st and 22nd, they held their 'Beautiful Show in Yokohama' at the Yokohama arena.

The official pictures fhave been revealed. Check it out below.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Credits :, @B2STera 
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