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"[News] YJ/TVXQ: Plagued By Sasaeng Fans" plus 24 more

"[News] YJ/TVXQ: Plagued By Sasaeng Fans" plus 24 more

[News] YJ/TVXQ: Plagued By Sasaeng Fans

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:57 AM PST

After yesterday's story about JYJ's sasaeng fans became a hot topic, sympathy towards JYJ from the fans and public have been pouring in.
One fan even alerted Top News about pictures that have been taken over the years by Sasaeng fans.
Though media is to be unbiased and show all sides of a situation, unilateral attacks against JYJ were made by a "D media source" and aroused the anger of many fans.
Sasaeng fans hinder the privacy of the idol stars and stalk them to the point where they are not able to have a properly functioning private life because of harassing behavior. The deep damage inflicted on idols is caused by these sasaeng fans.
JYJ and DBSK, both who have been plagued by sasaeng fans for years, have experienced uncomfortable events in which they were abused both physically and emotionally.
Under the pseudonym "JYJ number 1 honorable fan" a sasaeng posted a stalking picture of Jaejoong sleeping in which she wrote "Jaejoong is now sleeping in a sauna". She also posted this photo to international boards and it became widespread.
After the news of the sasaengs came out, real journalists searched the internet and found many photos and videos created by these sasaeng fans that infringed on the very privacy of these idol stars.
Informers have stated that "under the guise of saying that they care and love for these idols, sasaengs constantly stay in front of the houses where the idols live and pass information between each other of where the idols eat and who they meet at all times".

As shown in this picture, for idols there is always someone who is constantly monitoring them and invading every aspect of their privacy. Even when authorities are notified there is not much action taken, so the idols are forced to suffer great anxiety every day. 
Because of the nature of their professions, stars already have little freedom to be able to enjoy a private life away from work, and the presence of sasaeng fans make it even more impossible and deprive these stars of the freedom that every human being should be able to have.
JYJ's Kim Jaejoong expressed his anger at sasaeng fans last year via twitter.
He talked about sasaeng taxis, which fans hire to follow the idols around wherever they go. The sasaengs either chase the idols 24 hours a day or wait at their house for them to return. Such actions as these create a great psychological stress for the star.
Sasaeng Taxis are hired to pursue an idol and it has been known for there to be many taxis that chase after idol cars all at the same time in order to help young fans follow them.
Last year in March, Park Yoochun posted on his twitter in the early hours of the morning "ah, the frustration…the people in front of my house right now…please go. It's just too much. Please Go", complaining about sasaeng fans who stayed in front of his house and yelled up to him in the early morning.
These sasaeng fans, however, not only know the idol's residence location but also their social security numbers as well as their handphone numbers, both of which they use to track their idols' every move.
JYJ fans have recently brought up an interview of Kim Jaejoong from 2007 in which he states "I was spending time alone at the Han River so I texted Yoochun to ask if he wanted to come out with me". He said that after he sent the text message immediately he received one back saying "Who are you and why are you asking Yoochun oppa to come out to meet you?"
Fans even go to the lengths of stalking their idols and stealing personal items such as house keys. These days it is not unusual for sasaengs to make copies of their idols' house keys and spread them amongst each other, which creates a scary atmosphere for the stars.

In the past Kim Jaejoong has posted messages about sasaengs on his twitter saying: "All five of us have had experiences where we cried on the streets or were invoked in car accidents because of sasaengs" as well as "Do not do this kind of method of showing your love because all it does is shorten our lives", earnestly trying to stop sasaengs from invading his privacy further.
This type of infringement of privacy against stars is not only illegal, but could also be life threatening to the idols because of serious accidents that could be caused and also from the misery that the fans inflict on these stars.
The recent debates surrounding JYJ have brought up thoughts on the nature of sasaengs themselves; how they do not fit into the category of fans, and the miserable relation that exists between these sasaengs and the idols whom they stalk.
Those who have joined in this debate all seem to hope that an end to these sasaengs will come soon.

SourceTop Star News
Translation by: Yule @

[Scans] After School Shows off Angelic Charm for Japanese Magazine ‘BLENDA’!

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:47 AM PST

South Korean girl group After School who is also active in Japan is being featured in Japanese magazine called BLENDA.

The girls show their angelic charm by wearing white dress. They look really beautiful with their outfit.

Take a look at the scans below.

What do you think? They stun with white dress, right?

Stay tuned to DKP for  the translation of the article.

Credit: spicecandy
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[Twitter] Min supports Stop Kony 2012!

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:35 AM PST

On March 7, people all over the world trended #stopkony on twitter, not to make this "Kony" guy famous. But known to the public eye so that we all know who he is and what his crimes are.

Joseph Kony is no. 1 on the Worlds' most dangerous criminal list. He created the LRA army to gain power, abduct children and give them guns so they can murder others, including their own family. Children in Uganda are afraid of getting abducted, rape or worse killed. No children should live in fear of getting abducted or killed.
The man has not been stopped for 26 years, and he is continue on his mission to gain power and murder others.

#stopkony is a campaign created by Invisible Children, their goal is to make him known for his crimes all over the world and set precedent for justice. So that the US or other countries can help out Uganda in the future to capture Kony. So children can return safely to their home with their family.

To make this campaign known, they have to make famous people and politics known of this matter. Use your voice, as you have. Or express your worry and concern through words, help tweet #stopkony.

The video below is a movie created by Invisible Children has over 26 million views.

So far, many famous people in the world have regretted this matter, among them are Stephen fry, David Archoulette, Ricky Martin and many more. For Korean celebrities, Choi Siwon and miss A's min as well. 

Many fans have tweeted Min earlier to watch the Kony 2012, to support a very important cause. Curious as she probably was, she watched it. A fan shared his experience about tweeting Min:

"So I tweeted to Min earlier today after watching the Kony 2012 video on youtube and she actually WATCHED IT!!! She's so cool, I sent it to her first since I don't have a Korean keyboard (Not that I can type in Korean anyway). I sent it to her asking her to help us and share it with the other members and ten minuets later she tweeted:
@missA_min "Stop Kony Campaign Galvanized by Invisible Children Video on Slate" 
If you guys haven't watched it yet you should do so and support the cause along with Miss A and everyone else!!

Thanks SO MUCH MIN!!
Say A!!"

Video source: invisiblechildreninc
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[Scans] Han Geng Featured in Seventeen Thailand Magazine!

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:24 AM PST

Han Geng who is having a solo career in China is featured in Seventeen Thailand Magazine February issue. 

Take a look at the scans from the said magazine.

Do you like his pictures?
Han Geng didn't change, he is still handsome . However, we will post the translations of the interview once they are up so stay tuned to DKP.

In related news, Han Geng will be recording 天天向上 (Tian Tian Xiang Shang) on Monday the 19th of March~"

Source: Seventeen Magazine
Cr: Twelfs
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[Video] INFINITE unveiled music trailer for their May comeback!

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:08 AM PST

Check out the trailer of INFINITE for their upcoming comeback in May!

[Interview] JYJ Spoke With El Regarding Their Record Sales in Peru!

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:08 AM PST

The Korean K-Pop group never imagined that the concert tickets for their show would be sold out within the first day.
This piece of news even found its way to South Korea. Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun, members of the group JYJ, have made music event history in Peru by selling out their tickets for their show in Lima in about half an hour after the tickets went on sale. These three, whom may not seem like much if you are not an active follower of K-Pop, one of the most popular music genres in Asia, will arrive this saturday to our capital, to the delight of thousands of fans that they have on this part of the world. Without a single song on the radio or never having appeared on television, this trio is capable of unleasing more hysteria than Justin Bieber, something that has surprised the members themselves, as we were told by one of their very own, Junsu, in an exclusive interview with
Your Visit to Lima will be remembered for its record sales in ticket. Did you anticipate this?
In reality, we did not anticipate this. I mean, we are from from a country far from yours and it will be our first time there. Obviously, we never could have imagined this would happen. It has been a pleasent surprise to know that we are welcome in South America  and we are very thankful for such. Recently, we had seen a Peruvian television program interviewing our fans there. It really touched us. We are sincerely thankful for this. We know that it must not be easy to be a fan of singers from so far away.
Have you heard or know anything about Peru?
We have heard that it is a great civilation of people that extends throughout all of South America and we were also told that the people are known to be happy, kind and passionate. Exotic dances come to mind.
I came to learn that you have perviously visited Brazil. What were your initial thoughts of our continent?
I felt the culture shock, but I enjoyed it. The people know how to truely enjoy life and were very kind. I became enthusiastic to learn I was returning to South America. We know that there are marvelous countries there, but unfortunately, we will only be able to visit two at this time.
Several girls have studied Korean in order to be able to understand your music. Have you considered returning the favor with a song in Spanish?
We definitely have. We we would like with this world tour to convey raw emotions and feelings. Just like our fans, we too have become interested in their culture and language.If we are given the opportunity, we will do it. But, in reality, we believe that we are currently not capable to do it well just yet.
You have recorded several songs in English. How important is the North American market to you? 
We do not want to enter the US market. What I mean to say, when we thought about the US market, we thought of our followers there and the excellent artists there. What is important to is us is not the market as a whole, we only think about the ability to create amazing material and how much we can learn from the US.
Do you anticipate having the same success you had at the time you separated from TVXQ?
I think it would be more appropriate to say that we have separated from the company we were with at the time. TVXQ, as five members, will always be significant to us. When we separated from the company I spoke of, we thought that our careers had ended. To our fortune, that was not the case. There were many people who kept their love for the three of us that left and who wait for our return. It was them who motivated us to create even better music and better shows for our return.
Have you been working on new material?
During the second half of the year, we will be releasing a new album in English which will follow with a second world tour. The shows will have a completely different concept and vibe from this tour. In addition, each of us, have different  individuals schedules: Yoochun has been filming for his new tv drama "Crown Prince of Rooftop House", Jaejoong was casted for an MBC drama and I have been working in a musical.
Have you considered translating that individuality in your music, as to say, creating solo careers as singers. 
As of now, we only have plans as JYJ.
Translated by: eternally_by_your_side of JYJ3

[Videos] Exo M & Exo K unveiled History MVs!

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:06 AM PST

The long awaited full MVs of Exo's dance track History have been unveiled,check out the MVs here!

[Video] Mezamashi TV airs preview for FT Island's “Neverland” MV

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 06:52 AM PST

Rock band FT Island is gearing up for the release of their Japanese single "Neverland". Ahead of its official release in April, Japan's Mezamashi TV aired a preview of the music video for the song.

In contrary to their latest ballad track "Severely", "Neverland" is a fast rock song composed and written by band member Choi Jonghun. The song has been chosen as the opening theme song for the Japanese anime "Ozma," which will start airing on March 16th.

"Neverland" is set to be released in Japan on April 18th.

[Videos] MBLAQ performed Baby U & It's War on Music Island!

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 06:46 AM PST

Check out MBLAQ's latest performance on Music Island,the boys performed It's War as well as their popular Japanese song Baby U on the show.


[News] Ji Hyun Woo to play the lead in new tvN drama

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 06:30 AM PST

Actor Ji Hyun Woo will star in the new tvN drama "Queen In-hyun's Man."

According to tvN on March 7, Ji Hyun Woo is slated to play the role of Joseon-ear scholar Kim Boong Do.

In the drama, Kim's family is massacred in a conspiracy and Kim, as the male protagonist, time travels 300 years into the future. In the future, Kim meets queen In Hyun –- to be played by a newbie actress --and falls in love.

The 27-year old actor made his debut in 2003 through the KBS network. Since then he has appeared in the movie "Mr. Idol" (2011) and dramas such as "Old Miss Diary" (2004) and "First Kiss" (2011).

As well as acting, Ji Hyun Woo has diversified his talents into the realm of singing, having performed for the first time on MBC's "Beautiful Concert," which aired on March 6.

[News] INFINITE to make comeback this March?

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 06:15 AM PST

Woollim Entertainment's CEO, Lee Jung Yeop recently left a mysterious message on his personal Twitter. He tweeted, "Infinite's comeback in March? Check it on Woollim's Youtube channel at midnight."

Fans are ecstatic over this hopeful message as they try to figure out if INFINITE is really making their comeback this month. Members Sungyeol and Woohyun also retweeted the message and added, "What is it?" and "What could it be?"

INFINITE members have been busy with their Japanese promotions and solo concerts. After scoring big with their song 'Paradise' and winning several awards in the past year, fans have been waiting for quite some time now for their comeback with a brand new album.


[News] Kim Yuna to take control of classroom

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 06:00 AM PST

Figure skating star Kim Yuna will work as a teaching assistant at a middle or high school for a month in May, her management company All That Sports said Wednesday.

Kim Yuna, who is majoring in sports education at Korea University, must complete a four-week teaching assignment as part of her course. The Olympic medalist can either choose the school herself or be assigned to one by the university.

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna plans to hold an ice show in Korea in May. During the show, she will unveil her new programs to her fans.

Source: The Chosunilbo

[News] Big Bang dominates Gaon Chart

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 05:45 AM PST

Big Bang has achieved a 'Perfect All-Kill' as soon as the group released their 5th mini album 'ALIVE' on February 29. After sweeping the Korean online music charts, to no one's surprise, Big Bang dominated the Gaon's singles and album chart.

On the updated rankings released by Gaon on March 8th, Big Bang's six title tracks concurrently placed in the top eight on Gaon's singles chart between February 26 to March 3.

'BLUE', which was the first song released by Big Bang, cemented its top position for the second week in a row. The five other tracks from the album, 'BAD BOY', 'LOVE DUST', 'FANTASTIC BABY', 'NOT FUN' and Daesung's solo 'WINGS' all nabbed the top eight spots of the chart.

Meanwhile, for the Gaon's album chart, Big Bang's 'ALIVE' still secured the top spot once again, proving the group's powerhouse status in the music industry.

Check the full Gaon Chart rankings here.

[Photo] S.E.S members reunite

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 05:30 AM PST

The girls of S.E.S., Bada, Eugene and Shoo, recently got together to catch up and show off their undying friendship.

On March 8th, Eugune uploaded the photo of the trio via Twitter and wrote, "Bada unni shows that she is a true Twitterian and Shoo doing her odd poses as always." In the photo, the first generation girl group members are seen hanging out together at the cafe.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, "I feel like I've returned to my school days", "You all are so pretty" and "It's so nice to see how they are still close."

[News] Evan to hold special concert for album release

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 05:15 AM PST

Former member of 90s boy band Click-B, Evan, will be holding his special concert to commemorate the release of his new album. The concert will take place at the V-Hall in Seoul's Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong on March 17th. Evan will be singing his old and new songs as well as special cover songs.

Evan released his new EP album "Trying Not to Remember" on February 14th, and marked his return to the music since since being away for two years. The piece is a ballad accompanied by a piano recital and was co-produced by Evan himself and Kim Wan Soo.

The 28-year old singer made his debut in 2007 with the album "Hard to Breathe." Since then he released his second album "Pain Reliever" in 2008 and third album "Anew" in 2010.

[INFO] Gaon Chart rankings for 1st week of March

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 05:00 AM PST

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts

The Gaon Chart released its rankings for the first week of March.

[Week of February 26 - March 3, 2012]

Weekly Singles Chart

1. Big Bang : "Blue" : 47,052,223

2. Big Bang : "BAD BOY" : 40,667,230

3. Big Bang : "LOVE DUST" : 37,580,321

4. Big Bang : "FANTASTIC BABY" : 34,523,967

5. miss A : "Touch" : 32,775,091

6. Big Bang : "NO FUN" : 30,853,636

7. Ailee : "Heaven" : 27,698,805

8. Big Bang's Daesung : "WINGS" : 26,890,792

9. John Park : "Falling" : 23,888,410

10. K.Will : "I Need You" : 22,828,253


Weekly Album Chart

1. Big Bang : "ALIVE" [5th Mini Album]

2. Jay Park: "New Breed" [1st Album]

3. T-ara : "Funky Town" [5th Mini Album]

4. IU : "Last Fantasy" [2nd Album]

5. Teen Top : "It's" [2nd Mini Album]

6. INFINITE : "Paradise" [1st Repackaged Album]

7. John Park : "Knock" [EP]

8. Girls' Generation : "The Boys" [3rd Album]

9. Various Artists : "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" OST

10. Block B : "Welcome to the Block" [2nd Mini Album]

[News] Big Bang reaches #1 in Taiwan

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 04:45 AM PST

Big Bang has once again proved their status as global K-Pop representatives after reaching the number one spot of Taiwan's music chart.

According to Taiwan-based online music sales website, Big Bang's new mini album 'ALIVE' reached first place on the Asia album sales chart. 'ALIVE' is available in six different versions, and in addition to the top spot, all six versions of the album are occupying spots on's top 20 ranking.

Following the "Big Bang version" on the top spot, "T.O.P. version" ranked #2. "G-Dragon version" and "Seungri version" claimed #5 and #7 respectively while "Taeyang version" and "Daesung version" hit #11 and #13 spots respectively.

[News] So Ji Sub offered leading role in upcoming drama "Ghost"

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 04:30 AM PST

According to So Ji Sub's promoter 3HW on March 8th, the Hallyu star may return to TV acting after being offered the leading role in SBS's upcoming drama "Ghost."

A representative from 3HW stated, "So Ji Sub was offered the lead role for the drama. The producers have explained that he is a strong candidate for the series although nothing has been finalized."

"If So Ji Sub decides to take the role in 'Ghost', it will mark his first television role in two years since starring in MBC's 'Road No.1' in 2010", the representative added.

The series "Ghost" is helmed by producer Kim Hyungsik, the man behind the TV series "Sign", "I am a Legend" and "Cain and Abel." The drama is set to premiere in May after the conclusion of "Rooftop Prince."

[News] MBLAQ Thunder, "The rumor that I dressed up as a girl at young age is true"

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 04:17 AM PST

MBLAQ's member Thunder did a self-destruct confession about his chldhood.

For the next episode of KBS Joy's 'MBLAQ's Hello Baby', MBLAQ members are set to confess some of their childhood secrets, as well as answer to rumors regarding their past.

Thunder has clarified himself about whether he really liked to dress up as a girl when he was little. Without hesitation, Thunder stated, "I grew up receiving the love of my sisters. I was often mistaken as a girl because I have been passed down with older sisters' clothes in childhood, along with my pretty looks which is above most girls."

He also surprised his fellow members and risen as the new dirty idol by revealing that he only used to shower once a week as a kid.

Lee Joon's mother will also make an appearance as a special guest to check up on her grandchildren as well as share a bit about Lee Joon's childhood.

Source: MBLAQAttack

[Photo] B1A4 reveals teaser still from MV

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 04:05 AM PST

Ahead of their comeback, B1A4 has released a sneak peek from their upcoming music video.

On March 8th, a still cut from B1A4's music video shooting was published online. In the photo, Sandeul is caressing a girl's hair and the girl is touching Sandeul's face while sitting on his lap. The couple are looking at each other affectionately with big smiles.

According to the production staff, "The girl and the group members were shy and awkward around each other at first but since they are of the same age, they soon became good friends and finished the music video shoot smoothly."

B1A4's agency WM Entertainment stated, "You will see a different side of B1A4 through the video. Please keep an eye out for the video."

B1A4 will release their first studio album "THE B1A4 - IGNITION" on March 14 with their title song "Baby I'm Sorry".

[NEWS] Prime Minister Kim Hwangsik, compliments group BEAST why?

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 03:58 AM PST

"BEAST is the name of the group with members who were eliminated from 2PM, 2AM. Were these people defeated? No. Instead, they used their failures as a basis to work harder and now they have become one of Korea's top groups. If all of you don't give up and work hard, you will definitely be happier."


The Prime Minister was doing a seminar at a middle school about happiness and mentioned BEAST.

So proud of our boys ;-; <3

[NEWS] Big Bang: "YG is on a diet"

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 03:50 AM PST

Singers Big Bang revealed a shocking news about Yang Hyun Suk (YG).

In SBS 'TV Entertainment at Night', Big Bang came out as guests and said "Boss Yang is all of a sudden taking care of himself. I think he's on a diet."

In addition, Seungri showed his impersonation of Yang HyunSuk that is currently working in 'K-pop Star', bringing laughter.

Seungri also said, "He always talks to not hurt the young contestants. He wasn't like that to us."

During the 'TV Entertainment at Night' the concert site of Big Bang's world tour was also revealed.

Related Video: HERE!

Source: KpopStarz & topramel@youtube


[News] No Min Woo prepares snack cart for "Full House Season 2"

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 03:50 AM PST

Actor Noh Min Woo made a thoughtful gesture and presented a mobile coffee and snack cart to the crew of "Full House Season 2" who are working hard in the cold weather.

Noh Min Woo, who is currently in the middle of shooting the drama "Full House Season 2", called for a mobile coffee and snack cart. A drama staff stated, "We were worried about the weather getting too cold but a hot cup of tea from the car helped a lot".

Based on an original story by writer Won Soo Yeon, Noh Min Woo is taking on the character of Lee Tae Ik in the drama. Lee Tae Ik is a young and caring person who is a member of the boy group 'Take One', but he appears to be an uncaring and selfish spendthrift on the outside.

"Full House Season 2" has been pre-sold to China and Japan and is due to be aired on the Japanese TV channel TBS.

Source: hancinema

[NEWS] Big Bang in Singapore's Magazine (8 Days)

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 03:49 AM PST

Big Bang's Big Year
Comeback kids, Big Bang, are back with a new disc, Alive.
Here's why it's a career milestone for the Korean hip-hop maestros.

2011 was a rough year for Big Bang - Daesung was charged and later acquitted of running down a motorcyclist in a hit-and-run; G-Dragon was caught smoking pot. Instead of being damned to obscurity, both earned sympathy points for braving through the scandals. They returned to the studios like industrious idols and churned out the aptly-titled Alive.

Okay, so singing about being bad boys in 'Bad Boys' on your redemptive return doesn't exactly sound like a good idea. But scratch beneath the surface of the R&B-driven Alive and you'll hear that the boys are a little more sombre and grown up.

They're embarking on their very first world tour - yes, their solo concert will travel out of Seoul for the first time in their seven-year career. There are whispers that they might make a pit-stop here, so fans should keep their fingers crossed.

Source: 8 Days & twinklelovee

[NEWS] Billboard K-Pop 100: Bigbang & Miss A Unseat Lyn

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 03:48 AM PST

As predicted last week, BIGBANG and miss A were the two acts to watch as both their new singles made big strides up the K-Pop Hot 100 at the No. 1 and No. 2 spots, pushing four-week chart topper Lyn and her soundtrack single, "To Turn Back Hands of Time," to No. 3.

The eclectic boy group BIGBANG (who beat Britney Spears for the MTV European Music Award for "Worldwide Act" last year ) released their long anticipated 5th mini-album, "Alive," recently with the first track from the project, "Blue," immediately jumping to the top spot on the chart, beating Lyn's quest to stay atop for her fifth week and tie IU's chart record set in January. After staying away from the spotlight for a year, and going through some controversies with the law, the group has returned stronger and more mature. "Blue" is a collaborative effort of YG Entertainment producer Teddy and the group's flamboyant leader G-dragon. The electronic ballad's (which sees a departure from their usual poppy club bangers) NYC-based music video has garnered over 11 million views since its release on February 21st. With six unique title tracks that they will be promoting from the mini-album, one can expect to see more of their singles to chart in weeks to come.

(Parts omitted)