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"[Trans] JYJ featured in the Argentinian Newspaper “Blue News”!" plus 24 more

"[Trans] JYJ featured in the Argentinian Newspaper “Blue News”!" plus 24 more

[Trans] JYJ featured in the Argentinian Newspaper “Blue News”!

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 09:02 AM PDT

Group of Kpop "JYJ" end with success their concert at Teatro Caupolicán in Santiago de Chile, the last Friday 9th.
About 3000 people filled completely the place and sang along the phrase "Mi Hijito Rico" that in Spanish means "My pretty boys". There were dozens of fans that were camping in front of the Theater and there were some that kept waiting until 4am.
The ones related with JYJ said "Chilean fans were the most euphoric of all the 13 cities of the World Tour that take places in Asia, North America and Europe".
That day were not only Chilean fans, but people from Brazil, Argentina, Perú, Bolivia, and Venezuela as well. There were also people that traveled 16 hours from Spain to see the trio of JYJ.
Also, in that concert were four people that fainted because of the craziness generated by JYJ, they sang 14 songs like "Empty", "Pierrot", "Ayyy Girl", and others.
Even, after the concert, because of the huge popularity of Kpop, Korean Journalists were covering the concert, getting a lot of love and kisses from the fans, just because of the thing that they were Koreans.

Source: BUE NEWS
Translated by: Duddley5

[Audio] MBLAQ unveiled repackaged album ‘BLAQ %Ver’!

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 08:49 AM PDT

Check out some new songs from MBLAQ's newly repackaged album!

[Photos] Nickhun for Woongjin Coway CF!

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 08:49 AM PDT

2PM's Thai member Nickhun pictures during the filming of Coway CF have been shared online by Coway staff.

Take a look at the charming photos of Nickhun.

Shared by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

[News] Junsu vs “Gag Team”?

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 08:36 AM PDT

On the 18th in the afternoon, Gagman Park Song Gwang wrote on his personal Twitter "'GagCon' Baseball team… is there a team we can practice with? Find one! We aren't that good. Find a team that we can create good memories with!" To this, Kim Junsu responded, "Let's play together, that sport you call baseball."
To this, the gagman responded, "Hey Junsu, for real let's play baseball together. Once, we used to be very enthusiastic." However, Junsu responded "Go, go! Gagconcert Team, why not play soccer?" To this, the gagman replied, "We already play soccer on Tuesdays all the time though."
Currently, Kim Junsu and singer Kim Hyun Joong, B2ST's Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang, 2AM's Changmin, Seulong, Jiun, etc play for the soccer team, FC Men, on a regular basis.
The netizens who heard the news replied, "Will Kim Junsu have a soccer showdown with "Gagteam"? and "Will he really play? I want to see it" as well as "I anticipate Kim Junsu and 'Gagteam's' soccer match," etc.

Source: Nate News
Translated by: Buniustyle of JYJ3

[News/Video] Big Bang's Sunny 10 Sparklingade CF "30s" + Making Film!

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 08:27 AM PDT

Watch the CF below.

Making below.

Big Bang chosen as "Sunny10″ models 
On the 28th, Coca Cola announced that BIGBANG will continue to endorse Sunny10 Sparklingade. Last year, Sunny10 had G-Dragon and T.O.P as their main advertisement models and they did a re-make of Sunny10′s CF song, which was a big hit.

This year, with BIGBANG's comeback, all the members of the group will be working as Sunny10′s Sparklingade models. 


Coca Cola said, "Idol group BIGBANG's trendy and stylish character matches Sunny10′s Sparklingade's image. Because of this, we decided to go with BIGBANG for Sunny10′s new CF. BIGBANG making a comeback to the public after a long a break and Sunny10′s Sparklingade are both fresh and we believe that Sparklingade's 10% fruit juice will grab younger consumers' attention and love."
BIGBANG recently shot a TV CF with the message, "FRESH SWITCH" to Sunny10′s Sparklingade. It will start airing this March.  

Source: bbvipchannel@YT//@sungminyi//@jungyonghwaa //nyxtim3@YT//bbvipchannel@DM
Trans: @bbupdates//@krcocacola//@negimax 

[Scans] MBLAQ on Marie Claire !

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 08:12 AM PDT

The boys of boy group MBLAQ are featured on another magazine, this time, on Marie Claire magazine.

Members of MBLAQ showed their cold and dorky image as they posed for the magazine. You can see their photos from the said magazine below.

Source: ㅅ at MBLAQ's DC Inside Gall, shoko 
Shared by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

[Video] CN Blue unveiled 2nd Ear Fun MV teaser featuring Jong Hyun!

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 08:03 AM PDT

CN Blue unveiled 2nd MV teaser of Ear Fun featuring member Jong Hyun,check out the teaser below!

[Video] Shinhwa reveals 10th album BTS video

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 08:00 AM PDT

Prior to their long-awaited comeback, the longest-running idol group Shinhwa has been unveiling series of teasers. In addition to music video teaser for title track "Venus" and individual concept photos of members Eric and Kim Dong Wan, Shinhwa released making-of film of their 10th album "The Return."

On March 20th, Shinhwa's agency, Shinhwa Company shared a video on its official Twitter. The video reveals how the concept was planned out as well as gives a glimpse from behind-the-scene on the recording of title track "Venus."

Meanwhile, Shinhwa, who will be celebrating their 14th anniversary this year, will be releasing their 10th album "The Return" on March 23. The group will then hold their comeback concerts on March 24 and 25.

[News] B.A.P transforms into princes for "Elle Girl"

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 07:53 AM PDT

Rookie group B.A.P strikes their modern chic image and transforms into charismatic princes for Elle Girl magazine.

The members pulled off the "prince" concept, giving off a British royal flair with the European look and unique hair decorations. Striking softer poses for the camera, the six exuded boyish charm with a tinge of manly elegance, a complete transformation from their fierce image from the stage.

An editor revealed, "They're not at all like rookies that debuted just a month ago. They have professional poses and gazes that surprised the staff on set."

[News] INFINITE Sunggyu's past SM audition video surfaced

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 07:45 AM PDT

The SM Entertainment audition video of INFINITE's leader Sunggyu, recently resurfaced and is currently becoming a hot topic.

The video was posted on a online community website titled, "INFINITE's Main Vocal SM Audition" and featured SungKyu prior to his debut.

In the video, Sunggyu shows off his simple yet fresh charms with his white T-shirt and shortly-cut hair and showed a rocker's spirit by passionately singing Eve's "When I Picture You."

The uploaded video was found to have been from an audition in the summer of 2007, but SungKyu had only received 61 votes and ended up not passing the audition round.

Netizens commented, "His singing style is very different now", "He went through an audition for SM! Then or now, he's so loveable" and "He looks so different from now! I think he practiced singing really hard."

Source: endlesslimits

[NEWS] Yoon Eun Hye and Andy Lau snap a photo together at the Asian Film Awards

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 07:32 AM PDT

Actress Yoon Eun Hye and famous Hong Kong actor Andy Lau recently met and got together for a photo at the Asian film awards. On the 19th of March, Yoon Eun Hye updated her twitter account saying, "At the Asian Film Awards Best newcomers sector, cool~" .

Along with her update she shared a photo, in her photo she can be seen posing with Andy Lau. On the 19th of March, Yoon Eun Hye attended the 6th Asian Film awards which was held in South Korea and was one of the presentors. Netizens commented, "Wow its Andy Lau!", "They look good together", "wow such great actors". 

Source http://tvreport.co.kr/cindex.php?c=news&m=newsview&idx=208149 

[NEWS] Lee Hyori chosen and her dog chosen as the new models for Puma

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 07:30 AM PDT

Singer Lee Hyori and her dog was chosen to be the new model's for sports brand Puma. A representative of the brand said on the 20th of Marhch, "We have chosen Lee Hyori to be our model and campaign representative for this year 2012".

This is a unique collaboration as Lee Hyori will not only model for the brand but also be the representative for the campaign. Lee Hyori can be seen wearing baseball shoes, pants, jacket and shirt with her dog. Puma Korea said, "Lee Hyori has a healthy image and also a bright personality, we find her the perfect model for the brand and for our campaign. We will be having various CF's and variety of activities for our social campaign. Her being an animal lover, it was a perfect match to be the model of our brand." 

Source http://tvreport.co.kr/cindex.php?c=news&m=newsview&idx=208299

[News] miss A Suzy reveals true physical measurements

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 07:30 AM PDT

miss A member Suzy reveals her true height, weight and shoe size.

In the upcoming episode of MBC Every1's "Weekly Idol", members of miss A were featured as the main guests for the week. During a segment, the MCs and members reviewed their official profiles, as well as given an opportunity to rewrite their information.

Suzy, the youngest yet the tallest one in the group, confessed, "I'm actually a bit taller than what's listed on my official profile. I'm 168 cm (about 5'6"), and I'm still growing", and admitted that her weight increased as well.

She also addressed her "big feet" nickname, saying that her shoe size isn't as large as Boom made it seem.

MBC Every1's "Weekly Idol" will be aired on March 21st.

[News] Kim So Eun transforms into angel for Chinese drama

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 07:15 AM PDT

We previously revealed that actress Kim So Eun, alongside singer and actor Jang Woo Hyuk have been cast as leads in the upcoming Chinese drama "Secret Angel."

On March 20, the drama revealed still cuts of Kim So Eun from the filming. The pictures show the actress donning a white dress and angel wings to complete her role of a likable and cute angel named L.

According to the production crew on the set, Kim So Eun practiced for her midair wire acting by doing a couple simulations beforehand. Once the filming started, the actress was able to adjust to the wires and completed her acting without a hitch.

"Secret Angel" is a ten-part series and is set to air its pilot episode on March 21st. It will be broadcasted in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and around 27 main cities through major TV networks and Chinese portal website sohu.com.

[News] YG Family joins Sean's donation project

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 07:00 AM PDT

YG Entertainment artists' series of donations to campaign for a good cause are currently making a stir amongst netizens.

On March 20, rapper Sean tweeted, "Members of Big Bang have each signed up for the '10,000 Won Miracle'. They became the protagonists of the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th miracles", and included a picture of Sean and the group.

Soon after, Sean tweeted with the 20th protagonist Se7en and the 21st protagonist 2NE1. He wrote, "Se7en wanted to sign up for 7 accounts like his name and I barely convinced him not to."

He added, "'′10,000 Won Miracle' project's 21st main character, 2NE1 has taken part to help fund the construction of a children's hospital. Our 2NE1 cuties whose hearts are pretty too~ they even went to volunteer with me."

Sean and the Pureme Foundation are behind the '10,000 Won Miracle' project which asks for a donation of 10,000 won a day for 365 days to help fund Children's Rehabilitation Hospital construction project.

[News] Ha Ji Won dazzles for "Elle"

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 06:45 AM PDT

Actress Ha Ji Won of MBC's upcoming drama "The King 2Hearts", has displayed her innocent and splendid beauty in the recent photo shoot conducted by cosmetic brands Olay and Elle Korea magazine.

Ha Ji Won breaks away from her tough North Korean drill instructor character in the drama, baring a little shoulder and unleashing a lot of glam for a spread in the magazine's April issue.

With her hair up and wearing an off-shouldered dress, she looked just like the elegant actress that she is with a emotional smile on her face. It's like she's trying to show that her beauty doesn't age so much that she makes no difference acting next to Lee Seung Gi who is 9 years younger than her.

Elle Korea said, "Ha Ji Won is an outstanding actress who takes very good care of herself. She is no different 10 years ago and today and I feel age just goes abide her."


[News] Jo Kwon opens up about his painful past

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 06:30 AM PDT

On March 19, 2AM leader Jo Kwon, showed a more serious side to his cheerful personality when he spoke about growing up under difficult conditions on the KBS 2TV show "Star Life Theater".

In the episode dedicated to 2AM, the 22-year-old entertainer revealed that his family went through a tough time when he was in his teens.

"Looking back on my teenage years, all I remember are hurts, slump after another and depression," said Jo Kwon.

The boy band member, best known for his comedic and witty disposition, said that despite the fact that viewers think he must have been spoilt, his family was always strapped for cash. He said that he had about 5,000 won ($4.45) to spend on food and transport each day.

He said that he would cry in the corner watching his mom and dad being roughhoused by debtors.

Jo Kwon broke down on the show as he reminisced about one time trying to steal some money from his parents and finding just 10,000 won in their pockets.

The singer's mother also appeared on the program and said that she always felt bad that she wasn't able to buy all the food that Jo Kwon wanted while he was training to become a singer. Previously, Jo Kwon had revealed that most of his childhood was spent training for his debut with JYP Entertainment.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[News] Song Hye Kyo volunteers at animal shelter

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 06:15 AM PDT

Actress Song Hye Kyo secretly participating in volunteer work has been revealed and making a buzz online.

Several photos of Song Hye Kyo volunteering at a stray animal shelter have been posted on an online community board recently. In the photos, the actress is seen wearing a working gown and a mask while holding up the dog.

Also included was a group shot of Song Hye Kyo took back in 2008 during a beach clean-up effort from the 2007 Taean peninsula oil spill, indicating Song regularly took part in volunteer activities.

Netizens commented, "Her inside is as pretty as her outside", "What an angel", "I'm so touched by her generosity" and "I'm now a Song Hye Gyo fan!"

[NEWS] Park Hee Soon and Park Si Yeong,the veteran Korean actors confessed their love to Big Bang

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 06:12 AM PDT

Park Hee Soon and Park Si Yeong have revealed their love to the singers of YG Entertainment.

The actors of 'The Scene' (a movie which will be aired on 11th, April), Park Hee Soon and Pak Si Yeon said Big Bang are their favourite singers on Choi Hwajung's Power Time.

When the DJ asked them,'among the idols and singers, which is the one you like most?' Park SiYeong shouted , 'Big Bang!' immediately and Park Hee-Soon answered, 'Big Bang and 2NE1.' Their answers have drawn attention from the public.

(Omitted irrelevant information)

Source: nate
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com

[News] Shinhwa reveals tracklist for "The Return"

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 06:00 AM PDT

The longest-running idol group Shinhwa, who will be celebrating their 14th anniversary this year, has gotten back together after a 4-year break to release their 10th album "The Return." In addition to the teaser photos of members Eric and Kim Dong Wan, Shinhwa revealed the tracklist for their comeback album.

"The Return" consists a total of 11 tracks including the title track "Venus." Shinhwa's new title track is a pop-electro song, produced by Andrew Jackson, who has worked with global super stars such as Britney Spears and Leona Lewis. The heavy beats of the song follows the current global electronic trend in music and the lyrics are the revelation of a man's heart towards one woman.

Full tracklist:

1. On the Road
2. Hurts
3. Venus
4. Red Carpet
5. Move with Me
6. Let It Go
7. Stay
8. Welcome
9. Be my Love
10. Re-love
11. Breathin'

Shinhwa's "The Return" will be released on March 23rd. The group will then hold their comeback concert at the Seoul's Olympic Park on March 24 and 25.

[Audio] 2NE1 unveiled Like A Virgin full song!

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 05:47 AM PDT

Check out 2NE1's version of Like A Virgin,like this version?

[News] Jo Kwon's naughty mousepad revealed

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 05:47 AM PDT

2AM's Jo Kwon was recently caught off guard regarding using a naughty mousepad.

On the March 19th episode of KBS "Star Life Theater", 2AM's dorm room that used to belong to girl group Wonder Girls was featured. The show also aired Jo Kwon's room and drew a lot of attention from the audience by giving a tour of his clean and well-kept room.

But what really caught viewers eyes was his unique and naughty mousepad. The mousepad resembles a female character from a Japanese anime with her breasts serving as the wrist rest.

Jo Kwon explained, "Japanese fans gave me this as a present. Let's pretend like that you didn't see this. I'm a man too", expressing her embarrassment.


[News] Ha Ji Won to dance T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep" in "The King 2Hearts"

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 05:35 AM PDT

Actress Ha Ji Won, who will be playing the lead role in the upcoming MBC drama "The King 2Hearts" with Lee Seung Gi, has been practicing her dance moves to T-ara's hit song "Bo Peep Bo Peep" for the drama.

The news was quite peculiar as Ha Ji Won will play a North Korean officer and dancing and singing to a hit girl group's song does not seem to fit. The reason her in-drama character dances to "Bo Peep Bo Peep" is to assimilate South Korean style and culture. For that very scene, Ha Ji Won has been working in 1-2 hours everyday into perfecting her dancing and singing skills.

A representative stated, "There were a lot of songs we considered. However, they ended up choosing 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' because of the cute cat dance. Although Ha Ji Won is already well-known as an exceptional dancer, she is practicing hard to receive recognition from anyone who watches the drama."

[Video] Jang Nara releases MV teaser for "I Only Think Of You"

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 05:23 AM PDT

We previously reported that singer and actress Jang Nara will be making her comeback to the local music scene with her new digital single.

The single, to be released on March 26, consists of two tracks including the ballad title track "I Only Think Of You" as well as a duet with Alex titled "It Was You."

On March 19, Jang Nara revealed a music video teaser for title track "I Only Think Of You."

Meanwhile, Jang Nara has been focusing her career in China through TV series and Chinese albums. She debuted as singer in Korea in 2001. Her last local album was her single "Figure Style" in 2009 and recorded OST for MBC drama "Dongyi - Jewel in the Crown" and KBS "Babyfaced Beauty."

[News] So Ji Sub release first mini album "Corona Borealis"

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 05:10 AM PDT

Following the release of the first edition of his personal magazine "SONICe", Hallyu star So Ji Sub has released his first mini album "Corona Borealis."

"Corona Borealis" was produced by popular songwriter Kim Kun Woo, who has written songs for Supreme Team, Jewelry and SG Wannabe. The album album portrays a variety of aspects, including break ups between lovers and it also includes songs that the public can easily relate to.

The mini-album also features known and talented artists such as Huh Gak, Mellow, and Bobby Kim. So Ji Sub also garners the help of Soprano vocalist Han Kyungmi, who is a jury member for tvN's Opera Star, to make the album perfect.

Huh Gak and Mellow lends their vocals to the title track, "Some Kind of Story" while Bobby Kim also sang the duet "A Year Before on That Day" with So Ji Sub.

Some Kind of Story

A Year Before on That Day

Corona Borealis