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"[Trans] SHINee Key - Japanese Mobile Site Update" plus 24 more

"[Trans] SHINee Key - Japanese Mobile Site Update" plus 24 more

[Trans] SHINee Key - Japanese Mobile Site Update

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 09:18 AM PST

After individual members, Minho and Taemin's Sherlock Teaser was released, SHINee member Key updated their Japanese Mobile site update on March 9. He is working very hard now as he is not only starring in a musical but also working on SHINee's new comeback album, "Sherlock" which would be released on March 21.

With 2 Selcas, he left 2 simple message for the fans.

I am now in the midst of preparing for concert and Musical, and putting a huge effort in SHINee's new song. This time again, (I think) we are going to be delivering a splendid song, so everyone, please look forward to it.

Please also look forward for the beginning of SHINeeWorld 2012 very soon!

Well then ~ Until we meet again

ByeBye ~

Are you looking forward to SHINee's new album?

source: minoutshine
translations by: NINGZzhi

[Trans] U-Kiss Interview with KOOL Magazine

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 09:13 AM PST

U-Kiss made their Japanese debut in December. This interview was conducted during the hot summer weather in September. The seven members were divided into three groups. We asked them to talk to us about "group love" [a love / special relationship that one can only make in a group or team], "love of fans" and "love of a man/woman".

You two get along together well, but your approach to girls is the exact opposite?

Hoon : First, we will try to talk about "group love". Among U-Kiss, we can feel strong agreement and support between the members, and at what moment can we feel it the most? For me, it is during rehearsals with all the group members. When we work hard, when we repeat our choreography, we can really feel it.

AJ : As for me, it is when we dance together on stage. We can show it to everyone. And also, lastly, this bond is visible when we record TV shows. And can we say that we are still evolving as a group?

Hoon : Except Soohyun and Dongho, all of U-Kiss is the same age, and we all take care of each other. Each member has his difficult times, and moments where he isolates himself. There are also moments without any particular reason, when he is very attentive and helpful. When one of us has a problem, we know just from seeing the expression on his face. And in those certain moments, we will sit down beside him without saying a word, or we will ask, "did something happen?", or simply we will just talk to him. We do this naturally for one another.

AJ : Yes, we take care of each other in different ways. Finally, we care more for each other than ourselves; there is a true affection among us.

Hoon : Next, let's talk about "love of our fans". I really like shaking hands with my fans. We don't have the opportunity to do this during our performances… But, rather than shaking our fan's hands who are directly right in front of us, I prefer to clearly see the faces and eyes of each fan. I like to feel little by little than I am becoming closer with my fans! I feel that a personal link is created with each one of them.

AJ : For me, it is when we are on stage and our fans chant for us all together in unison. That really makes me happy. I realize then that U-kiss exists thanks to the fans.

Hoon : Exactly! U-kiss can live thanks to the fans. We do our best everyday to show beautful things to our fans, in everything that we do, we do in thinking about our fans.

AJ : Everything we do, we do it for our fans.

Hoon : Now, let's go on to "love of a man/woman". Let's try to first describe the type of girl that we like. I am the type that doesn't embrace a girl in my arms unless I really like her. When I was young, I liked cute girls. But when I like a girl, I can't address her directly. I cannot get myself to say to her "I love you" because it's embarrassing… But once we have passed a certain stage, I am really capable of doing everything for her.

AJ : I like intelligent girls. I am the straightforward type, I don't hesitate to approach the girl I like directly.

Hoon : Strangely, I would have thought the opposite. For me, I am the type to move slowly, to look for and to know her feelings before I engage myself…

AJ : Even if I don't know her feelings (towards me), I follow my feelings. With the other members of U-Kiss of the same age, we talk a lot about love.

Hoon : That's true. Us two are the ones who give the most advice. For example, "what do we have to offer her?" we talk a lot about this subject.

AJ : I want to give her everything that she wants. The most important, is that it comes from (my) heart.

Hoon : I want to sing on stage for her. And as I sing, since what I can do best is sing, I want to sing her a song that will touch her to the point where she will have tears in her eyes. At then, I'd play her some pieces on the piano and the guitar…

AJ : All that sounds expensive.

Hoon : I will do my best.

AJ : I really like as well creating all sorts of things. Good food, or songs, or even cakes… I'd like to offer her things that I made with my own hands, I'd like to present these to her at the first opportunity.

Hoon : And the most romantic between all of us is Kiseop.

AJ : Agreed. Kiseop is a genius on this subject..

Hoon : I'll start thinking now about what I could offer to the girl I like in the future.

Kiseop and Dongho don't like horror films and Kevin cries easily.

Kevin : Let's start with the "group love". When we are all together on stage, the support and love among U-kiss is very present. I am really grateful to the other members for all the help they give me.

Kiseop : For me, actually it is when we watch movies all together at the dorm. It's because we seem like a real family.

Kevin : We like all action movies. Sometimes, we watch horror movies as well…

Dongho : When the others watch horror movies, Kiseop and I go to bed first. It's scary, so I don't want to stay and watch.

Kevin : We are a family in these moments, and also when we prepare and share our meals.

Dongho : It's Eli who is the most talented at cooking among us, and it is he who makes us food.

Kiseop : He is great at making pasta, kimchi stew, and his dishes made with beef are the best!

Dongho : In the morning, I can't wake myself up. The other members always come to wake me. It's in these moments when I truly feel their love.

Kevin : Because of Dongho, we are always tired in the morning. Our manager has given us a curfew, we must all be in bed before 1AM, but even after curfew, Dongho hides to go play.

Kiseop : Yeah, and because he stays up late, he can't get up in the mornings.

Dongho : ……Hmm, don't you think we've become good at Japanese ?

Kevin : That has nothing to do with this.

Kiseop : Yes, our level has improved. The next theme is "love of the fans". I am happy when the fans make efforts to understand us when we speak Japanese. And when I see fans with tears in their eyes overwhelmed with emotion, it warms my heart.

Kevin : I am happy when the fans sing together in unison. It touches me to see them cry and I end up crying too.

Dongho : For me, it is the encounters with the fans. We can see them really closely and that makes me happy. Sometimes, we can even chat a little with them.

Kevin : The fans are our life !

Kiseop : Yes, and now over to the last topic, "love of a man/woman". I like cute girls. And also girls who have lots of charm!

Kevin : I like pure girls who smile and laugh a lot.

Dongho : I like both cute and beautiful girls. And also those who listen well. However, I am absolutely incapable of saying "I love you" face-to-face.

Kevin : Ah really ?! That's true ?

Dongho : It's embarrassing… So I start by being her friend and little by little I get closer to her.

Kevin : Neither can I, I can't say it ("I love you") to her face.

Dongho : You're not like that, huh Kiseop ?

Kiseop : Indeed, I'm not like that at all.

Dongho/Kevin : Haha…

Kiseop :I will tell her directly, "go out with me!"

Kevin : Oh ! Kiseop really knows what to do to make a girl happy. He is a master in love!

Dongho : This is a real man, this is our god!

Kiseop : (embarrassed laugh)

Dongho :We talk a lot about love, but since we are so busy, we don't have time for stories of love…

Kiseop : If I could have a girlfriend, I would take her on a trip.

Kevin :I would sing for her. Just her.

Kiseop : They call that karaoke, no ?

Kevin : Karaoke~~ ?! That's not romantic at all !

Dongho : If I could have a girlfriend, I wish I could speak out about it. If we have a secret relationship, we can't go out in public. And I prefer to enjoy it and have fun.

Soohyun and Eli, our two romantics who have lots of wishes !

Soohyun : We will start with "group love". We are like a family, so it is necessary that there is much love among us. We encourage, we give advice, there is a real solidarity.

Eli : And also, before gong on stage, when we join hands and shout "fighting!!!" all together. If one of us has a problem, he can confide in us and we can all together try to help him find solutions, this is another good aspect of U-Kiss.

Soohyun : We have no pre-established rules, however, we are careful to always be respectful, this is fundamental. As well, we ensure each other, we move forward together and become more successful artists. We have all become more like adults. I am the leader, and before I say anything, the other members already thought about the question I would ask.

Eli : We always do everything with enthusiasm.

Soohyun : Next is "the love of fans". What I enjoy the most, is when I can see fans from the stage. In facing them, their feelings converge to us. Especially when we sing "0330", we feel that it really touches the hearts of the fans and it makes me so happy. It's as if our hearts are all connected.

Eli : Me, I like fan-service, like throwing my towel and my water bottle in the crowd. On stage we dance and sing, so we need to drink often and also wipe our sweat. As for fans, it is the same, they encourage us a lot and need to cool off too.

Soohyun : Hey, hey, do you know what the most important part of the human body is?

Eli : Um, the heart ?

Soohyun : Exactly. The fans are our heart, and their existence is precious to us. If the fans were not there, we would not be here any longer. We can only live thanks to their love.

Eli : Since Soohyun said that the fans are our heart, I will say that they are our oxygen. The fans are the essence of U-Kiss. Without the fans we would not sing, we would not dance. We would not do any TV shows or any of our activities.

Soohyun : Absolutely. Okay finally let's talk about "love of a man/woman". Eli, what kind of girl do you like?

Eli : Hmm. I like girls who are sweet and nice. And also tall, with big eyes, and a cute smile. And also girls who are a bit sexy.

Soohyun : I like girls who are respectful and very polite. Respect is essential. And also, I love girls who have pretty eyes and a cute smile. I prefer pure girls more than sexy girls.

Eli : Would you confront her head on? Me, I can't, it's too embarassng…

Soohyun : Yes, I will directly go to see her. I would like to know everything about her and for her to know everything about me.

Eli : We are very busy though, so we do not have time for romance…

Soohyun : If I could have a girlfriend, I would love to offer her many things. I would write her a unique one-of-a-kind ballad. And we could have matching rings! And matching bags and matching cell phones! Everything in pairs! And then we would spend Christmas together. I would do lots of things !

Eli : I would like to travel with her. We would go to South Africa or a place very far away, I haven't really decided where yet, but I want to travel with her. I would make a lot of effort to increase our love. In fact, it doesn't really matter what we do together, everything will be okay for me as long as we are together.

Soohyun : You seem to love giving gifts to your girlfriend.

Eli : Yeah. Even if we just wander around, I want to buy her something…

Soohyun : We really are two great romantics.

Interview trans cred Kame_Jun & FuckYeahUkiss.

[News] Comedian Park Jisun tweets about her mother’s reaction to Minho’s "Sherlock" picture teaser

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 09:01 AM PST

(Shawols should be familiar with Park Jisun as she appeared on an episode of Yunhanam. She's done a radio segment with Jonghyun on Sukira in the past and are on pretty close terms. Jisun has also done a few skits on Gag Concert with SHINee)

Comedian Park Jisun's mom expressed her affection for SHINee's Minho after viewing his picture teaser for upcoming album "Sherlock".

On March 10th, Jisun tweeted, "My mom saw SHINee's teasers and has on an expression as if time stopped. That's right, after the idol sports competition, my mom started to see Minho as a man. She says dad and Minho are nothing alike."

Park Jisun's mother, resembling her daughter in wittiness, caused much laughter amongst fans by voicing her feelings for Minho. Various responses were sent back to Park Jisun, saying, "Park Ji Sun's mom seems to have a good sense for these things" and "I agree 100%. Should we sign your mother up for the fan club?"

Source/Credits:@shiningtweets, TV Report

[Picture] B1A4 unveiled CNU's teaser photo!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 08:47 AM PST

B1A4 unveiled the teaser photo of member CNU!!

He is seen holding a bulb while winking in the photo above.

Like his concept photo?

[Picture] Nine Muses' Hyemi snapped an adorable selca at Music Core backstage!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 07:36 AM PST

Nine Muses' Hyemi snapped an adorable selca on Music Core backstage.

Nine Muses made their comeback on Music Core with their latest song Ticket earlier today.

The girls had an impressive comeback stage on the show,Hyemi snapped a cute selca to share with fans on Twitter after the show.

She looks cute pouting her face,agree?

[Picture] How does Hyun Ah keep her body slim?

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 07:12 AM PST

4Minute's Hyun Ah shared a new selca on her Twitter.

She mentioned,"After practice ended", and shared a photo showing herself exercising on the treadmill.

As you know,Hyun Ah has been garnering much attention with her flawless figure,i guess this is the secret behind her perfect body.

You should try out the same way and see whether it works or not!

[News] 2PM Weekend Fever - Battle with SJ across the border!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 06:53 AM PST

First performance in Hong Kong, wildly enthusiastic airport reception by fans!

The group that is wildly popular in Asia, 2PM has flown into Hong Kong in preparation for their first Hong Kong concert, causing many Hong Kong fans to arrive at the airport very much in advance to secure a spot to welcome their idols. 2PM member Nichkhun waved hello to the fans as he left the airport, stoking up the excitement amongst the fans for their coming concert.

Korea's popular group 2PM arrived in Hong Kong last night for the first time. Many Hong Kong fans arrive at the airport very much in advance to welcome their idols. 2PM member Nichkhun completed his CF filming in Thailand and rejoined his members in Korea yesterday morning. He updated his Weibo yesterday with," Hong Kong are you ready???2PM is coming to rock your world!! See you tomorrow" and both Taecyeon and Junho left messages greeting the Hong Kong fans prior to their departure.

Yamada Yui is a fan

2PM's concert will be held on Saturday and it coincides with Super Junior's concert in Macau. Members Taecyeon and Chansung attended the premiere of French film "Untouchable" the night before with Super Junior's Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk, Kara's Goo Hara, Lee Dong Wook and 3 members of Girls Generation, making it a star-studded event. In addition, Junsu left a message for his father the day before. He has burnt the relics and hopes his late father rest in peace. 2PM has swept Asian girls off their feet and Yamada Yui is also a huge fan. She was discovered to be excited to meet the boys and had sneaked into their resting room.

CREDITS : Oriental Daily (SOURCE); dimes and serrling @2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

[News] G-Dragon: "I would only bring hurt to others if I keep hiding!"

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 06:37 AM PST

Big Bang's leader G-Dragon talks about what he feels about Big Bang's comeback on Alive Big Bang.

On 9th March 2012, SBS broadcast a one hour comeback special "Big Bang Comeback Show - Alive Big Bang" and through the broadcast, G-Dragon expressed his feelings regarding the comeback for the first time. He said, "(After the incident) I can't keep hiding. Because this would bring hurt to many others, I can't do so."

G-Dragon explains, "Rather than saying hundreds and thousands of reflective words, why not come out as a changed person for all to see and gain forgiveness from them in this way. Because of such thoughts, I have thus took out the courage to step forward."

He continued, "Once confirming the determination I have for this comeback, I felt more pumped up and therefore is more sure of what I should be doing."

Source: BBNUS@weibo
Shared and Translated by Eliza@BIGBANGWORLD

[News] Fans Celebrate Taeyeon’s Birthday with Newspaper Advertisement!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 06:00 AM PST

On March 9th, members of Girls' Generation's fan cafes CISTUS and Hwa Soo Eun Hwa, and Taeyeon's Naver fan cafe, Hwaitaeng, celebrated Taeyeon's birthday through a newspaper ad.
For Taeyeon's 23rd birthday, fans created the words for the ad by linking the titles of songs that Taeyeon sang as a solo artist.
Fans that are part of Girls' Generation's fan cafes each donated approximately 1,000,000 won in happy beans to the Green Umbrella Child Fund, and they also did volunteer work.
They named the day "TaengTanJeol" (the day Taeyeon was born) and posted their happy birthday messages online.
Netizens commented, "Wow! Happy birthday, Taeyeon. Taengoo goddess~" and "Taengoo noona, the entire world focuses on you! I give you congratulations. Taeyeon's birthday is TaengTanJeol".
The advertisement reads:
"If' you weren't born into this world
We probably wouldn't have been able to meet

Because you who shines "Like A Star" exists
we can smile and be happy

'Can You Hear [Me]' our precious feelings that we are delivering to you
the thanks that can not be expressed in words

While it's difficult delivering
the simple words "I Love You"

You laughing, you crying, every one of those moments
are always living and breathing in our hearts

To us, 'It's Love'.
March 9th is Girls' Generation's 'Taeyeon's' 23rd birthday.
The girl who puts her heart into sound, 'Taeyeon', happy birthday.

'Let's remain as fans and a singer who is not embarrassed of one another forever^^'"
Fans around the world celebrated Taeyeon's birthday on Twitter, as "#TaeyeonBDay" trended at fourth place worldwide.

In response to all of the love that she recieved, Taeyeon posted a heartfelt message for fans on SMTown's website.

The full message reads:
"Wassup sone?^^ Hi hi.
How are you all? This is Taeyeon!!
That day has come back. hehehe~
According to the time, it has passed already. But i'll post even though it's late!!
I don't know what to do, because I feel like I receive so much every year, so I'm a bit embarrassed, too ^^.
Today, no yesterday, I had a good day, happy as ever.
I had a party with the people I love the most, ate, and took pictures. Hehehehehe.
It wasn't a full gathering, but even if we don't say anything, even if we can't reach one another, we all know and feel the same. Hehe.
My loving members, thank you and I love you. I love SONEs, too.
I have a lot to say right now to be honest. I have a lot to say about this and that.
None of my thoughts are organized, because I'm trying to think of it all at once. Darn.
You're worried because of my hurt toenail, right? It's actually taking some time for it to become fully healed. I'm getting better, so no worrying… nonono^^.
Please look forward to our flashy upper body movements on Music Core. Heheheheh.
To all our loving SONEs. We're very very thankful and touched. We feel happiness every year, because you all wish us a happy birthday and give us love every year.
I really think I'm rich…. rich on love +_+ kkya kekeke. I will return all of it.
So love me some more…… love me… r i g h t … n o w………… chwaha (Editor's note: imitation of Lee Hyun Woo's laugh).
Anyways, everyone, let's communicate some more ^^.
Soon, we will make that chance for us to talk a little more often and get closer.
Thank you, and I love you ^^. SONE jjang! Me jjang! Hurray SoShi jjangjjangjjang!"

Translated by:
Written by:
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified

[News] Release Of JYJ Jaejoong & Ji Sung’s “Protect The Boss” Sale & Rental DVDs Decided!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 05:35 AM PST

It has been decided for the DVD of drama which Ji Sung and JYJ's Jaejoong star in, "Protect The Boss", will be released for sale and rental.
★ Highly-anticipated milestone, Jaejoong's first Korean drama!
Jaejoong, who has always been very popular as a K-pop artist, finally made his appearance in a Korean drama for the first time, following his appearances in the movie "Heaven's Postman" and the Japanese TV drama "Sunao Ni Narenakute". He effectively takes on the role of a cool male boss, who is good at what he does, and is highly trusted by the company!

★ A big break in Ji Sung's acting, where he shows a different side of him!
Jisung, who starred in a series of hit dramas, including "Swallow The Sun" and "Royal Family", plays the role of a willful, good-for-nothing son from a distinguished family, who fares poorly in his job. With his acting, Ji Sung brings to life the character of a good-for-nothing, a big break for him in Korea!!

★ Much interest in the cute competition between Jaejoong and Ji Sung!
Jaejoong, who plays the role of a competent cool-guy, and Ji Sung, who plays the role of a good-for-nothing son of a wealthy family, create much laughter when they act out comical and cute scenes where they physically fight over, the female protagonist, a newbie secretary. A romance-comedy that is both romantic and hilarious unfolds in the office and in the secretary's office!!

★ First time in history! Simultaneously broadcast by two broadcasters in Japan!
A highest viewing rate of 20.5% was recorded in Korea! (The drama) became a topic of discussion when the broadcast was extended at the last-minute with 2 episodes added, and it was quickly decided for it to be broadcast in Japan! It became an exception, when DATV and KNTV both began broadcasting it simultaneously in November 2011!!

★ Luxury benefits included in each DVD-BOX!
Each DVD-BOX is bundled with a luxurious photobook and postcard set with Jaejoong and Ji Sung as the focus! In addition, in DVD-BOX II includes a special disc with NG clips will feature the honest sides of the cast, as well as other (related) programmes that were broadcast in Korea!!

◆Original Release: SBS Contents Hub
◆Distributor: Media Factory
◆Official Homepage:
Korea – From 3 August 2011 (18 episodes broadcast by SBS)
Japan – First to be broadcast simultaneously!
From 10 November 2011 (Thursday) (by KNTV)
From 12 November 2011 (Saturday) (by DATV)

【11 May 2012 (Friday)】
●「Protect The Boss DVD-BOX I」 On Sale (ZMSY-7621) 17,955 yen (tax inclusive)
Includes episodes 1 – 10/ This volume includes 5 discs / This volume is approximately 700 minutes long (tentatively)

1. Luxurious photobook
2. Postcard set
※Rental available from the same day Vol.1 – 5 (Each contains 2 episodes)

【8 June 2012 (Friday)】
●「Protect The Boss DVD-BOX II」 On Sale (ZMSY-7622) 17,955 yen (tax inclusive)
Includes episodes 11 – 18 + special footage / This volume includes 4 discs + 5 special discs / This volume is approximately 560 minutes long + 120 minutes of special footage (tentatively)

1. Luxurious photobook
2. Postcard set
3. Special disc (includes NG footage + related programmes never shown in Japan)
※Rental available from the same day Vol.6 – 9 (Each contains 2 episodes)

【Both Sale & Rental】
Korean drama produced in 2011 / Single-sided, double-layer / Colour / Display size: 16:9 / Sound: Dolby Digital 2ch / Language: Korean, Japanese / Subtitles: Japanese

Source: K Star News
Credit: PrinceJJ
Trans by: dongbangdata

[VIDEO] Big Bang's Sunny10 CF (20 sec.)

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 04:58 AM PST

Source: DCTOP via LMCHU728@youtube

[News] Daesung, "I can't meet eyes with fans" + Behind the story of "Wings"!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 04:52 AM PST

During the SBS "BIGBANG Comeback Show - Alive Big Bang" that was broadcast on 9 March, Big Bang's G-Dragon has expressed that "In this new mini album we've included a solo song by Daesung. We know that Daesung can't sing a medium tempo song and also he wouldn't be able to meet eyes with fans hence we really felt distressed." 

Daesung state "I still feel really sorry towards my fans. When we first made our comeback on stage during YG Family Concert, I felt really scared. I wasn't scared of the others's ling of sight but actually am scared of my fans'". He explained "When I am performing on stage, I can't look into the eyes of my fans and the only thing I could do was to stare at the fence and walls as I sing." 

The place that he found back his missing confidence was the stage. When Daesung was performing his solo song "Wings" in BIGSHOW 2012 that was broadcasted through Alive Big Bang, he mentioned that "the performance was really good" as he let out his charismatic smile, thanking fans for their response and said that he felt blessed.

Source: BBNUS@weibo
Shared + translated by Eliza@BIGBANGWORLD

[News] Seungri:"Not going to pull the parachute open until the last moment!"

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 04:22 AM PST

On the SBS comeback special "BIGBANG Comeback Special - Alive Big Bang" broadcast on 9th March, Seungri stated that Big Bang seems to be in a situation where they are skydiving and try really hard not to pull open the parachute until the last moment just to enjoy the joy ad thrill of it. 

He mentioned that he wants to feel the feeling of not pulling the parachute open until the last moment. To others it might look as if they are "falling" but they, Big Bang are actually "enjoying". That is what Big Bang is to him. 

Source: 小王子的lego房@WEIBO
Shared + translated by Eliza@BIGBANGWORLD

[Trans] Hyoyeon's message and selca on Japanese fansite!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 03:47 AM PST

Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon left a message along with a picture of herself on Japanese mobile fansite.

Hyoyeon posted the photo above on the fansite and wrote "Hello everyone. This is Hyoyeon. It started to become warmer and I'm looking forward to spring! I went to Bali with my family! I always go to various countries with the members but this time I went with my family since a long time. The weather is good, the scenery is pretty and I'm feeling great! Being able to spend time with my family is very relaxing and now I can continue working hard!
It would be nice if I could go on a vacation with the members next time!"

So Hyoyeon revealed that she and her family visited Bali for a vacation. Most of the time, Hyoyeon visits other countries with Girls' Generation members but it is great that after a long time, she had the opportunity to have a vacation with her family.  The photo above was taken in Bali and we can see the Hyoyeon is riding on a bicycle and shows a big smile in her face.

credit translation:
source: kush1205@twitter, Japanese mobile site 
Written by:

[News] Girls’ Generation spotted in ‘Love Rain’!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 03:24 AM PST

The recent photos from the shooting session of new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'Love Rain' in Hokkaido, Japan have indeed garnered a lot of attention and interest from fans.
From a photo taken by a netizen at a shooting set in Hokkaido, YoonA and Jang GeunSuk can be seen standing beside a building with Girls' Generation's poster pasted on it. Since the photo was published, there has been a huge interest and anticipation of Girls' Generation's 'appearance' (the poster) on 'Love Rain'. From the angle it was captured, it was as if the girls were watching YoonA and Jang GeunSuk's acting. The fact that Girls' Generation's poster was captured so randomly at the shooting set further indicates the girls' huge popularity in Japan.
Meanwhile, as soon as the teaser video of 'Love Rain' was released online, it receives explosive response and has recorded about 30,000 views since. 'Love Rain' will be aired starting March 26th after 'Dream High 2′.

Credit: +

[Picture] KARA's Ji Young unveiled new selca on Twitter!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 02:48 AM PST

KARA's maknae Kang Ji Young uploaded a new selca on her official Twitter.

She mentioned,"Style my hairstyle in a very confusing state,eat in the car and have arrived at the filming set,it's already 11:30pm now,the shoot begins" and uploaded the photo above.

Fans praised her huge eyes and cute expression,like her new selca?

[Videos] SPICA performed Russian Roulette and Stand Up For Love on Cultwo Show!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 02:18 AM PST

Check out SPICA's live singing ability on Cultwo Show!

[Video] Check out the MR removed video clip of Nine Muses' Ticket performance!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 02:15 AM PST

Check out the MR removed video of Nine Muses' Ticket performance on M! Countdown,did they impress with their live singing ability?

[Video] Preview of KARA's Seung Yeon and Jewelry's Eunjung cameo appearance on Salamander Guru!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 01:45 AM PST

Check out the preview of the upcoming episode of Salamander Guru featuring KARA's Seungyeon and Jewelry's Eunjung!

[Picture] MBLAQ's Mir thanks fans for sending him Birthday presents!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 01:19 AM PST

MBLAQ's maknae Mir shared a new photo on his Twitter.

He celebrates his birthday today and many fans are generous enough to send him some birthday presents.

Mir thanked fans for their love as well as everyone who celebrated his birthday!

[Picture] Music Bank's MCs UEE and Jang Woo snap a lovely selca!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 01:15 AM PST

After School's UEE shared a new selca on her Twitter before the airing of Music Bank on 9th March.

The amazing duo snapped a lovely selca at the backstage showing off their close friendship.

UEE said,"Fighting for today's Music Bank too,will you watch till the end??"

[Video] C-Real's Interview clip with Melon!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 12:15 AM PST

Check out the interview clip of C-Real with Melon!

[Video] Nine Muses found the "Ticket" to Music Core!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 12:11 AM PST

Nine Muses made their comeback with Ticket on Music Core,check out the girls' comeback stage here!

[Video] C-Real made a Joma Joma comeback on Music Core!

Posted: 10 Mar 2012 12:01 AM PST

Enjoy C-Real's comeback performance for Joma Joma on Music Core!

[Video] Fat Cat made a "Like A Dream" comeback on Music Core!

Posted: 09 Mar 2012 11:59 PM PST

Solo singer Fat Cat promotes her new song Like A Dream on Music Core,enjoy her performance here!