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"[Video] After School's Nana walks the runway of Tokyo Girls' Collection!" plus 24 more

"[Video] After School's Nana walks the runway of Tokyo Girls' Collection!" plus 24 more

[Video] After School's Nana walks the runway of Tokyo Girls' Collection!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 07:53 AM PST

After School's Nana transformed into a super model on Tokyo Girls' Collection.

Check out her catwalk clip on the show below,impressed with her amazing figure?

[Picture] Davichi's Kang Min Kyung shows off her S-line figure!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 07:28 AM PST

Davichi's Kang Min Kyung unveiled some new photos on her official Twitter.

The photos were taken during the filming of Miero fibre CF.

Min Kyung flaunts her perfect figure during the filming,impressed with her flawless S-line?

[TWITTER] DJ Murf Twitter Update from "Big Show 2012"

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 07:14 AM PST

@ BigBang Alive Concert
@Realtaeyang TAEYANG On the stage now!

Source: @djmurf_official


[Picture] T-ara's Boram shares a lovely photo on Twitter!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 06:47 AM PST

T-ara's cute member Boram unveiled a new photo recently.

She is seen posing cutely in the photo above.

Fans commented that she looks cute and sexy at the same time her latest photo,do you have any opinion to share?

[Picture] Does Victoria look like a panda?

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 06:12 AM PST

f(x)'s leader Victoria uploaded some new photos on Me2day.

She mentioned that she has not been eating bamboo for some time already,she asked fans whether she looks like panda or not??

Do you have any opinion to share?

[Video] TVXQ performed Still on Music Station!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 05:52 AM PST

Check out TVXQ's performance on Music Station!

[Audio] Super Junior Kyuhyun sings OST for MBC drama Musin

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 05:38 AM PST

In the recent episode of MBC drama Music, Super Junior Kyuhyun's voice played in the end of the episode.

The official OST sang by Kyuhyun will be released, further information will be posted here.
For the meantime, listen to the audio below.

Credits: beloved1106@Youtube
Written by KYUriShana

[Video] Donghae and Siwon unveiled new 12Plus CF!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 05:21 AM PST

Check out the latest 12Plus CF featuring Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae!

[News/Video] IU sings her 3-level high note at Tokyo Girls Collection

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 05:22 AM PST

"Who is that? Isn't this lip-synched?"

IU's 3-level high note left the 30,000 strong Japanese in awe.

Prior to the release of her Japanese debut single 'Good Day', IU began her Japan promotions starting with her performance at the "Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 S/S" fashion event held at Yokohama Arena today.

The moment IU appeared from behind a dark screen, cheers from Japanese fans who had been anticipating her performance could be heard and shot of her fan holding up a placard appeared on the screen.

Dressed in a cute black and white mini-dress, IU sang the Japanese version of "Good Day". Even Japanese fans who hadn't heard of IU before became interested and were asking, "Who's that?", "Was that live?", after IU sang the 3-level high note in 'Good Day'.

IU gave a steady performance in front of an audience of over 30,000, showcasing her unique charm. Furthermore, after the song, she made an appearance on the runway, alongside other top Japanese models, and receiving a warm applause from the audience.

Prior to her debut, the Japanese media has reported that, "IU, the female solo singer who shares the status of the nation's little sister with Kim Yuna, has arrived" and is a rising Hallyu star in the spotlight.

Also, during the time when more than 200 media gathered in the press room, cries of "IU", "IU" could be heard everywhere.

Meanwhile, at this year's Tokyo Girls Collection, other than IU, Kara also appeared as a special guest and After School's Nana also made another appearance on the show as a main model.

Good Day

Walking the runway

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: JP News

[Video] Jay Park dances to I Am The Best,The Boys,My My and more on Weekly Idol!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 04:52 AM PST

Jay Park shows off his dancing ability on Weekly Idol.

Check out the video below!

[Video] Dong Hae and Son Eun Seo to appear in the upcoming episode of We Got Married!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 04:21 AM PST

Here is the preview of the upcoming episode of We Got Married,check out the video below!

[Video] T-ara performed on Billboard Japan Awards!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 03:58 AM PST

Enjoy T-ara's latest performacne for the Japanese version of Roly Poly on Billboard Japan Awards!

[Video] IU performed the Japanese version of Good Day on Tokyo Girls Collection!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 03:25 AM PST

IU performed the Japanese version of Good Day for the very first time in Japan,enjoy her performance!

[Audio] Preview of the Japanese version of After School's Shampoo!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 02:56 AM PST

Check out the Japanese version of Shampoo below.

Do you like this song??

[Video] KARA unveiled new Palty CF!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 02:14 AM PST

Check out KARA's latest CF for Palty!

[Video] Teen Top said goodbye with Girlfriend on Music Core!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 01:52 AM PST

Teen Top performed their goodbye stage for Girlfriend on Music Core,enjoy their performance here.

[Video] B.A.P performed follow-up song Secret Love on Music Core!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 01:48 AM PST

Enjoy B.A.P's performance on Music Core!

[Video] Tony & SM☆SH performed “Get Your Swag On” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 01:46 AM PST

Check out Tony and SM☆SH performance on Music Core!

[Video] MBLAQ performed follow up song Run on Music Core!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 01:44 AM PST

Check out MBLAQ's performance for Run on Music Core!

[News] U-ie Debuts a New Hair Style on Music Bank!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 01:25 AM PST

Three years after debut, U-ie finally presents a new look.
On the recent episode of Music Bank, fans noticed that U-ie's usual long wavy styled hair was missing. Her hair has been cut shoulder length which resulted in a fresh eye-catching hairstyle. In addition to the new hairstyle U-ie also showed off a neat appearance by wearing stylish school uniform attire. Fans have expressed excitement and responded positively to U-ie's new look.

Sources: TVDaily + Blurb: AfterSchoolDaze

[Video] Elisabeth Musical - Kissing Scene of Tod and Prince Rudolf!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 12:42 AM PST

Watch the kissing scene of JYJ's Kim Junsu during the Elisabeth Musical.

Source: live2lovemusicc via @DoctorJaee
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[Trans] Nana’s Special ‘Q&A’ with Tokyo Girls Collection!

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 12:19 AM PST

Read the short interview of After School's Nana with Tokyo Girls Collection.

Special Q&A

Is there a fashion item you are focusing on this Spring?

--The colors Orange and Purple. このカラーで一つにだけポイントを入れることに注目しています。(Something about paying attention to those colors/being a 'point' in the outfit)

Always beautiful and nice what is the secret?

--Think positively and always be cheerful, that is the secret.

Do you believe it was good to have been born a girl ♥ (Shaky Trans)

--Always!! I feel that it was good to be born as a girl.

What are you currently addicted to?

--I am addicted to listening to sad songs

What would you like to try this Spring?

--I want to try wearing very high heels 

 Message for TGC
Please expect more growth from AFTER SCHOOL's Nana 

Credit: via AsFan + Bad Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

[Video] NU'EST unveiled first teaser!

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 11:22 PM PST

Pledis' male group Nu'EST unveiled their first teaser,check out the video below!

[Photos] Aron’s “Paparazzi” Photos!

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 11:14 PM PST

Take a look at the handsome photos of Nu'Est Aron that are posted on Daum Cafe.

Aron is really handsome in the pictures. Don't you agree?

Credit: as tagged via nuestfan
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[News] Suzy can be a good farmer?

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 10:48 PM PST

Miss A's maknae Suzy should be a farmer ?

Suzy is cast on the second season of KBS2's Invincible Youth.

On the recent episode of KBS2's Invincible Youth 2, Suzy turned into a hardworking farmer from sexy diva who sings and dances Touch. Suzy still a high school student but she can drive a tractor well..

In this episode, One of the village farmers taught Suzy how to drive a tractor. Even though it was her first time driving, Suzy did well by going forward, backwards and turning. Her driving skills surprised the village residents and because of that she was chosen as the best tractor driver on the show.

This episode will be aired on March 3, at 11:05 PM KST.

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