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"[Video] C-Real unveiled Joma Joma MV!" plus 24 more

"[Video] C-Real unveiled Joma Joma MV!" plus 24 more

[Video] C-Real unveiled Joma Joma MV!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 08:08 AM PST

Check out the full MV of C-Real's new song Joma Joma.

[Photos] Nu’Est in ‘JUNIOR’ Magazine Vol.03!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 08:00 AM PST

Nu'Est who will be having their debut stage soon is featured on JUNIOR magazine volume 3.

They are really good looking and they prove it in the pictures for the said magazine.

Check out the photos of these handsome guys below.

What do you think of their pictures? They are really charming, right?

Who's excited for their debut stage?

Credit: pledis-elites + nesthaeyo + Yesasia + kunlt
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[photo] Sojin is now a lady!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 07:50 AM PST

Girl's Day Sojin said that she looks like a lady now.

On March 5, a new photo was shared on Twitter by Girl's Day Sojin and she "I guess my hair has grown fairly long. Now I look quite like a lady. :) Like a lady, there comes the warmth of spring into my mind huhu!!" as the caption of the picture she tweeted.

In the picture, Sojin's wavy hair has grown and make her look like a lady. But Sojin's beauty didn't fade away even with that long wavy hair.

translated by Senavix
source; Sojin's Twitter

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[News] Joo Younghoon and Suzy's mom have the same age!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 07:38 AM PST

Songwriter Joo Younghoon (43) just found out that him and Miss A's Suzy's mom have the same age.

On the 6th of March, he uploaded a new photo on his twitter, and labeled it with "Wow! miss A is the best! Suzy's mom and I are of the same age." 

In the picture that he tweeted, he and the girls of Miss A posed with V.. He caught netizens attention by revealing that him and Suzy's mom have the same age.

In related news, miss A is currently promoting their new hit single, Touch.

Source: TV Report
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[Info] SHINee Will Perform at KBS Open Concert!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 07:23 AM PST

It has been revealed that boy group SHINee will perform at 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit (Live) that will be held on March, 25th 2012. T location is KBS Hall it is usually called as KBS Open Concert. Aside of SHINee, Tenor Park Hyunjae, Baritone Go Seonghyun, Soprano Lee Jomi, Baritone Gang Hyejeong, Cho Yeongnam, Lena Park, World Vision Choir, Kim Deoksu on Percussion, Pianist Lim Dongchang, Cheongdong Theater "Miso" Team will also be there.
Wait for more information about this event.
source: kbs.co.kr
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[video] Big Bang releases Fantastic Baby music video!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 07:20 AM PST

The King's are back! this midnight, YG entertainment released the music video for "Fantastic Baby". The music video is indeed high in graphics. It's very unique and indeed visual. Check out the music video:

[Photo] Baro shows his cuteness!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 07:06 AM PST

B1A4's Baro shows his cuteness through various facial expression.

In the night of March 6, Baro shared a new photo of himself on his personal Twitter account. The photo above was the picture that he tweeted.

In the picture, Baro posed with various facial expressions. He looks really adorable in every shot he took and there's a kind of fierce expression in every shot.

Don't you think he is cute?

Source: Baro's Twitter
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[Photo] Min Hyorin for NII spring pictorial

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 07:01 AM PST

As previously reported, actress Min Hyorin along with JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu appeared in a pictorial for the spring collection of clothing brand NII.

With the concept "Feel Good In N (Nature or NII)", Min Hyorin channeled the youth and innocence of a freshman college student. In the revealed cuts, the actress revealed her pure and youthful charms through her casual outfits and short shorts, highlighting her smooth and milky-white legs.

[Video] Super Junior unveiled new Kyochon Chicken CF!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 06:38 AM PST

Check out the latest Kyochon Chicken CF featuring Super Junior's Eun Hyuk,Siwon and Kyuhyun!

[Video] Fat Cat releases teaser for new single "Like A Dream"

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 06:34 AM PST

Solo artist Fat Cat, who recently wrapped up promotion for her single "Is Being Pretty Everything", will be releasing a new ballad track "Like A Dream".

On March 6th, Fat Cat released a 1:41 long music video teaser for her upcoming track which features an endearing and bright concept.

[News] G.NA celebrates 600th day

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 06:00 AM PST

Singer G.NA recently celebrated her 600th day since her debut.

On March 5th, G.NA updated her Twitter saying, "Today is my 600th day since debut! Congratulations to everyone who has been with me..I'm really grateful!~^^Please give me lots of love and support until the very end!^^ I just released an update to the public! FIGHTING!^^G.NI's love u!"

G.Na debuted with her first mini album "Draw G's First Breath" on July 2010 under Cube Entertainment. She since then released several singles and albums including "Black & White" and "Top Girl."

Currently, G.NA is busy filming for the KBS "Birth of a Family" with 4minute's HyunA and ZE:A Siwan.

[News] Min Kyung Hoon enters military

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:40 AM PST

We previously reported that former rock band Buzz member Min Kyung Hoon will be serving as an active-duty soldier starting today, March 6th.

Min Kyung Hoon checked in at the Uijung-bu Yonghyun-dong 306 Drafting Center in Gyeonggi Province early in the morning.

After releasing his 2nd album "Outing" in June of 2010, Min Kyung Hoon was in the process of recording for his new single album when he received his draft notice. He decided to quietly enroll to serve his mandatory duties without causing a big media fuss.

A few days ago, on March 2nd, Min Kyung Hoon released his digital single "Looking Back". He teamed up with songwriter Lee Sang Joon, a partnership that dates back to Min's Buzz days.

Min Kyung Hoon first debuted as the frontman of Buzz in 2003, switching gears to redebut as a solo singer in 2007.

Source: KBS World

[News] Choi Won Young returns with "Father and Daughter"

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:25 AM PST

Actor Choi Won Young will be making his comeback to the small screens.

Choi Won Young will be taking on the role of Kang In Chul, a talented surgeon in the Hanguk Hospital in the SBS upcoming weekend drama "Father and Daughter". He is very definite about his private and public life and is going to create a romance line with Yoon Jung Hee.

Choi Won Young stated, "I am looking forward to coming back in just 5 months but this is character I've never tried before".

"Father and Daughter" is a family drama about a father, who was a former detective but a current restaurant owner, and his four daughters. The drama is set to premiere on April 21, after "If Tomorrow Comes."

Source: hancinema

[Video] 120306 Channel A's K-Pop Con Performances

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:14 AM PST

Channel A's own weekly music program, "K-Pop Con", has aired another episode this week full of amazing performances.

For this week's lineup, top artists showcased their talents including MBLAQ, FT Island, Miss A, Miryo, Tony & Smash, B.A.P, Spica, Stellar, Chocolat and EXID.

Watch the performances below:


miss A


FT Island




[Pictures] After School's Nana unveiled adorable selcas!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:09 AM PST

Nana snapped some selcas at the backstage of the 2012 Tokyo Girls Collection.

The selcas above were shared by Nana's company,Pledis.

She shows various expressions in the selcas above,it seems that she was confident before the show.

Like her new set of selcas?

[Video] 2PM's Wooyoung and Taecyeon unveiled BTS video for Evisu!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:04 AM PST

Check out the BTS photoshoot video of 2PM's Woo Young and Taecyeon for fashion brand Evisu!

[News] 2AM seulong & Son Eun Seo chosen as ambassadors for Jeonju film fest

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 04:50 AM PST

2AM's Seulong and actress Son Eun Seo have been chosen as the honorary ambassadors for the 13th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF).

According to the organizing committee on March 6th, Seulong and Son Eun Seo will fullfill their duties as promotional ambassadors during the annual event from April 26 through May 4, starting with the first press conference on April 3.

The chairman stated, "As actors, the two have shown new possibilities. We believe that these two fit in with the image of the Jeonju International Film Festival which is diverse and dynamic."

Seulong stated, "I'm bursting with high expectations in being the ambassador for JIFF following the footsteps of Lee Je Hoon, Song Joong Gi and Jung Il Woo. I will do my best in bringing more awareness for the fest."

Son Eun Seo said, "I hope to create memorable moments with the audience and I'm going to watch as many movies as possible during the festival."

[Video] Tony An & SM☆SH release practice video of "Get Your Swag On"

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 04:35 AM PST

On March 6th, Tony An & SM☆SH released a dance practice video of their collaborative track "Get Your Swag On." The video features Tony and SM☆SH members along with backup dancers, showcasing their synchronized and smooth moves in the rehearsal studio.

"Get Your Swag On", the single that marks former H.O.T member Tony An and his own group SM☆SH's comeback, is consist a total of 4 tracks including the title track of the same title, "I'm Stuck," "Flash Back" and an instrumental of the title track.

[Video] MBLAQ performed Run on KPopCon!

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 04:25 AM PST

Check out MBLAQ's amazing live performance for their follow up song "Run" on KPopCon,impressed by their live performance?

[News] Jung Suk Won brags about Baek Ji Young

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 04:25 AM PST

Actor Jung Suk Won didn't hide his affection for singer Baek Ji Young.

MBC TV program "Come To Play" carried on the talk under the concept, "I Am An Action Star" with Jung Suk Won, Kim Bo Sung, Lee Sang In and stunt director Jung Doo Hong.

During the episode, Jung Suk Won mentioned his publicly announced lover, Baek Ji Young.

"I became close with a stylist during one of my advertisement shoots, and I happened to meet Baek Ji Young by chance." He continued, "She was so different from the image of her I had in my head."

Jung Suk Won said, "She has the heart of a girl. She always has a book in her bag and makes effort to read it."

He also said that he fell for her because of her toughness and shyness at the same time, "I thought she would be really outgoing, but rather she was really shy," he continued. "After that, I started seeing her as a woman."

When she told him she wanted to break up with him for his own good, he told her, "I have confidence that I can do well without being afraid." He said, "When I said that, Jiyoung shed a few tears."


[News] 2AM to stream their showcase on Youtube

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 04:10 AM PST

Big Hit Entertainment previously announced that 2AM will be holding a showcase to commemorate their upcoming comeback. The event, titled "A Year and a Half Since We Broke Up, The Letter Written Through Song", will take place at the Ilji Art Hall in Seoul on March 13th, same day of 2AM's second mini album's release.

Fortunately, fans outside Korea will be able to enjoy the showcase as well. 2AM announced that event will be streamed live through the group's official Youtube channel at 8:00PM KST.

2AM's second mini album "Fitzgerald's Love Story", which will contain a total of five new tracks, will be released on March 13th. Earlier, the ballad group has announced to release a LP version of the album, which will only have 1,000 copies and will cost 5 times more than the CD.

[NEWS] SuJu's Kyuhyun rendered speechless, thanks to ZE:As Siwan

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 03:56 AM PST

ZE:A's Siwan, who has gained much popularity thanks to his portrayal of teenager Yeom in the popular drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun, guested on MBC's Radio Star on February 22nd, where he was asked questions about his sexuality.

Super Junior's evil maknae, Kyuhyun, who is an MC on the program, brought up the subject and asked Siwan, "If you search 'Im Si Wan' online, the search term 'Im Si Wan Gay' comes out as a related search phrase." Siwan was unfazed by such a question and he calmly replied, "I've seen it too. However I don't think it's a topic worth addressing. I don't pay attention to it. There's never even been a male that's approached me believing I was gay. It's not true."

Not satisfied by this answer, Kyuhyun continued to prod Siwan, hoping to elicit a response. Kyuhyun asked, "Is anyone in ZE:A gay?" Siwan responded to this question by firing back one of his own, "Was there in Super Junior hyung(older brother)'s group?"

This question naturally surprised Kyuhyun, who was rendered speechless by the awesome comeback.

Oh Kyuhyun. You best watch your tongue at times – looks like someone can match up to you!

Source : k-popexpress , enewsworld, Ningin

[NEWS] Siwan bombarded with new drama offers

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 03:56 AM PST

Si Wan of ZE:A is enjoying the newfound fame given him through MBC's The Sun and the Moon.

In The Sun and the Moon, Si Wan appeared as Heo Yeom, Crown Princess Heo Yeon Woo's big brother and teacher of the Crown Prince. Although it was his first acting feat, he managed to bring about a storm of praise and attention with his acting and delivery.

After his appearance in The Sun and the Moon, Si Wan is being bombarded with offers for appearances in films and commercials. He has been cast for the KBS2 drama The Equator Man, and he's also considering an appearance in the piece to follow MBC's High Kick: The Short Legs Strike Back.

He was in Saipan from March 2-3 to shoot a commercial for Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note. Considering how electronic commercials have usually been taken up by top stars such as Hyun Bin, Won Bin and Shin Min Ah, this is an outstanding achievement for a newcomer to the acting scene.

A rep from Si Wan's agency Star Empire told enews, "Since he appeared in The Sun and the Moon, we believe Si Wan is being seen with a positive eye by broadcasting and advertisement officials. Please look forward to the charms he'll be showcasing after The Sun and the Moon."

ZE:A is currently promoting in Okinawa, Japan, and will return to Korea on March 6.

Source : http://thesunandthemoon2012.tumblr.com

[News] Jung So Min to comeback in new MBC sitcom

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 03:53 AM PST

Actress Jung So Min will be making her comeback through MBC's upcoming sitcom.

According to MBC on March 6th, Jung So Min has been cast in the new sitcom tentatively titled "Standby". She will be playing the role of an independent woman who works part-time jobs in order to become successful.

"I have also had quite an interest in sitcoms and I am really excited to show my fun and unpredictable side through my role," Jung So Min stated.

"Standby will focus on the everyday stories of producers, writers and announcers working at the broadcasting company, TV11. The sitcom is set to air early in April after the current show "High Kick 3" ends its run.

[News] K-Pop idols attended the launching party of ‘marni at H&M’

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 03:50 AM PST

In the evening of March 6th, several hottest K-Pop stars attended the congratulatory party for the launching of 'marni at H&M' at the H&M outlet in Noon Square, Myeongdong.

Idol stars and celebrities who attended the event include  Girls' Generation's Sooyoung, Super Junior's Leeteuk, Donghae and Eunhyuk, Jay Park, Se7enPark SiYeon, Ko JoonHee and more.

Ahead of its global launching and in conjunction with the collaboration with 'marni', this event which is attended by many participants from the fashion industry, also aims to provide previews of the collection from 'marni at H&M'.

Starting from March 8th, the collection will be available online and in more than 260 stores worldwide on a limited basis.

Source: fanwonder