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"[Video] CN Blue unveiled 4th Ear Fun teaser featuring Yong Hwa!" plus 24 more

"[Video] CN Blue unveiled 4th Ear Fun teaser featuring Yong Hwa!" plus 24 more

[Video] CN Blue unveiled 4th Ear Fun teaser featuring Yong Hwa!

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 09:11 AM PDT

Check out Yonghwa's teaser for Ear Fun!

Enjoy watching him showing his guitar skills?

[News] SHINee to release full Korean album after their Japanese Arena Tour!

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 08:57 AM PDT

Boy group SHINee will be making their comeback through M Countdown after 1 year and 6 months. Once they made their comeback, SHINee will begin and continue their promotions in Korea. They will promote their comeback song Sherlock for 4 weeks, after that, they will start their Japanese Arena Tour which is on April 25 in Fukuoka, Japan. Once the Japanese tour is done, SHINee plans to comeback again but this time, they will release a full Korean album in the second half of the year.

Seems this group will be active this year and 2012 will be SHINee's year.

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[News] T-ara to help children with disabilities!

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 08:43 AM PDT

On March 22nd, girl group T-ara has volunteered with the Seoul Main Customs as the promotional ambassador to help children with disabilities in a welfare facility.

Along with Custom staff members, T-ara helped to prepare potting plants with the kids and assist with meals for children and adults with disabilities.
A volunteer dentist and hospital staff also was there assisting people with dental diseases.
The Custom's Kim Kiyoung said, "This year we want to rebuild society by expanding our activities and spreading warm and bright love."

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[News] Sooyoung Talks About Fashion and Cooking in ‘InStyle’ Magazine!

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 08:30 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung is featured in the April issue of "InStyle" magazine. During the shoot, she talked about her thoughts on Girls' Generation's worldwide success, her fashion, and even her new-found love of cooking.
"Honestly, the color I like the most is black." Showing expert poses while wearing visibly showy colors of red, green, and blue, Sooyoung's words were unexpected. "But today, there are a lot of colors other than black that I want to start liking," she said, "especially the color of my lips (laughs)", pointing at her lips. She then started puckering her lips while looking in the mirror, as if the dark crimson color looked awkward on her. "Because my skin color is on the dark side, I don't wear items with bold colors. If I don't match it well, it can look dowdy. But now that I've tried them on, there are a lot of colors that suit me, so I feel good."

Girls' Generation has become a pop icon after surpassing Korea and Asia and going on the American talk show, the "Late Show with David Letterman", this past February. Like the lyrics to their song, "The Boys", the world focused on them, and Sooyoung was always amongst them. "When we got word of appearing on a show that I usually watched on YouTube, I was speechless (she said she went 'kkyak' and yelled inside at the time). I didn't imagine we would be entering the US market just five years after our debut. I was just as nervous as during my debut." However, as much as she has experienced and earned thus far at the young age of 23, that much more burden and responsibility have been following her around. Rather than getting to the greatest position, having to maintain their spot now is even more difficult, and it is something that Sooyoung and Girls' Generation members know better than anyone else. "As time goes by, we've been able to realize that 'being together, not alone' gives us a lot of strength, as well as the fact that we're able to be in the position we are today because we're 'Girls' Generation'." 

Sooyoung, who has never had any interest in cooking, has been spending a lot more time in the kitchen lately. When asked what the reason was, she gave a random cute reply, "Because I really want to eat red velvet cupcakes that I had in New York." She made it following a recipe she found in a video online, and they turned out better than expected, so she's been attempting other things, too. "A few days ago, the spaghetti carbonara I made was a huge success. My mom said it tasted better than what they sell at restaurants (laughs)." When you look at her in this light, she is nothing more than a 23-year old young lady. Sooyoung had a happy smile on her face while she said, in an excited tone, that she would be making nine cupcakes for each of her members. 

"Kate Moss said before she leaves to go out, she looks in the mirror to see what items she should take off. I completely agree with her. Taking away, rather than adding onto your style, is a lot more important and difficult." 

"Now that I've tried on a colorful item, I feel really good. I will have to choose a color that suits me this Spring. I'm getting excited already. "

"Whatever I do, I'm the type that trusts and leaves things up to the person who has an expertise in that area. I was a bit worried if short hair would suit me, but, as expected, an expert's touch is different!" 

"I want to have a talk show that carries my name. Of course, the first guests of that talk show would be Girls' Generation members." 
"The person who influenced my fashion the most is my mom. She attempted various styles and color items on my sister and myself when we were little (laughs)."

Source: Withsosi, InStyle Magazine
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[News] T-ara to go to Europe together and become first girl group insured for 10 billion won!

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 08:38 AM PDT

All the members of girl group T-ara will go to Europe for 9 days and 8 nights, and while on vacation, will be insured for 10 billion won.

T-ara members will fly to Milan and Venice, Italy then go to Austria and Switzerland and go back to Milan. On the 22nd, their agency announced that while on their trip, they'll be insured for 10 billion won in case of the situation that an abrupt event occurs.
T-ara will take a plane to Europe for 9 days and 8 nights with Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwangsoo and actresses Hwang Jihyun, Choi Sooeun, Lee Haein and supermodel Kim Hyeji, who are all part of a new seven-member girl group. With the girl group, they'll travel across Europe filming a music video.
The seven-member girl group's music video is directed by the "Music Video King" Cha Euntaek. They'll also be joined by Song Saehyun, who is a popular fashion photographer. Accompanying them will be 20 staff members. All in all, the trip will cost around 1 billion won and is all for the new girl group.
Even before their debut, music industry officials have been anticipating them.
T-ara members will also help Cha Euntaek and Song Saehyun by assisting them. T-ara will be able to add in their own personality into the shoot.

The seven-member girl group will release seven different music videos shot overseas. Their music videos will be different from regular music videos, and will be the same as a visual CF.

The seven-member girl group will be debuting in May.

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem 

[News] Jessica Appeared in SHINee’s Sherlock Music Video!

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 08:05 AM PDT

Boy group SHINee will be coming back this week with their new song 'Sherlock'. The music video for the said song has been unveiled and Girls' Generation's Jessica made a cameo appearance in the music video.

The title song Sherlock a hybrid remix, has a unique and distinctive style, and is choreographed by Tony Testa. The album also includes Clue and Note, which create Sherlock

The video is set in an old museum where the members of SHINee are looking for some clues. Jessica is portraying the role of a ghost who is mysteriously walking in the museum and suddenly disappears. Her picture is in the old newspaper with the headline "1910, The World's Most Beautiful Girl and Jewelry".
If you haven't watch the music video, you can watch it below. 

What do you think of this music video?

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[Photo] BoA dazzles for Marie Claire

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 08:00 AM PDT

Singer BoA showcases the timeless beauty of a mature woman for the pages of the April issue of Marie Claire Korea magazine.

Being the queen of K-Pop and the SBS's audition program "K-Pop Star", BoA has risen as a new fashion icon with her sophisticated and elegant style. In her recent pictorial, the singer models a number of exquisitely made handbags.

BoA takes charge in a spring-inspired outfits, donning simple jeans, one-piece elegant dresses and strappy gold heels, giving a diva glam twist.

[News] IU visits Disneyland

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:47 AM PDT

Singer IU recently took a day off and visited Tokyo Disneyland.

On March 22nd, IU updated her official homepage saying, "Where could this place~~~be?" She attached the photo above and revealed, "Disneyland!!!! Standing in the queue for 3 hours.. Let's wait and see how fun this will be.."

In the photo, IU is seen in her usual adorable image. She sports an 'antenna' hairstyle and casual clothing, while doing her trademark V-sign pose. Her innocent charms once again captivate the hearts of the fans.

On March 21st, IU debuted in Japan with "Good Day". She recently visited the Tower Records Shibuya outlet. During her interview, she revealed that she wanted to visit Tokyo Disneyland on her day off.

Source: WeHeartIU

[Photo/Video] Shinhwa reveals teaser images of Hyesung and Andy + MV BTS for "Venus"

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:37 AM PDT

Prior to their long-awaited comeback, the longest-running idol group Shinhwa has been releasing series of teasers, boosting up anticipation. Few hours ahead of the big day, Shinhwa unveiled the last batch of teaser images featuring members Hyesung and Andy.

Continuing the previous concerpt, the two members can be seen wearing blood orange suits with black top hats. Both Hyesung and Andy have put on make-up to accentuate their eyes and pale their lips for the modern day vampire look.

In addition, Shinhwa also released two new videos on its official Youtube channel. The video features behind-the-scene footage from the music video filming for title track "Venus".

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will be dropping their 10th album "The Return" on March 23.

[News] Ex-Trax member Min Woo holds concert for earthquake victims in Japan

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:25 AM PDT

Actor and singer Noh Min Woo appeared in the fan meeting and concert entitled "Global Peace With Music 2012 – Our Bond," which was held at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo on March 20. He presented his excellent talent at playing the piano and guitar, and composing music during the concert, which enraptured the audience. The concert was organized by the non-profit organization UN's Friends Asia-Pacific to help the earthquake victims in Japan.

Roh Min Woo, who used to play the drums in the rock band Trax, presented a splendid drum performance during the concert that was held to commemorate the first anniversary of the earthquake. He sang a total of 14 songs including his own song "Come On," the new song "Greeting Spring," and Japanese rock band Luna Sea's representative song "I for You."

Noh Min Woo said, "These days, I am very busy filming the drama 'Full House 2,' but I personally planned this event. I have received bananas and banana toys from many Japanese fans, so I named this event 'Rohnana Land.'" He also revealed his feelings about the great east Japan earthquake, saying, "I made the song 'The Precious You' to express the feelings I had when the earthquake struck. You may have experienced a sad moment and suffered from the disaster, but I hope that you can take heart from this concert and feel happiness." He delivered encouraging messages to his fans.

Noh Min Woo received a letter of appreciation from the president of UN's Friends Asia-Pacific. Besides the concert, a fund-raising event was held by selling accessories that he personally designed, and the profits from the fund-raising will be donated to the earthquake victims.

Source: KBS World

[Audio] Kim Jang Hoon releases "Spring" ft. ALi

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:15 AM PDT

Singer Kim Jang Hoon, who is known for his jaw-droppping concert performances, will be making his comeback next month with his tenth full-length album.

Ahead of the album's release, Kim Jang Hoon released his new single titled "Spring" off of his upcoming album on March 22. The song also features the vocals of solo singer ALi.

Kim Jang Hoon's upcoming tenth album, to be released on April, will include featurings by singer-songwriters Yoo Hee Yeol, Yoon Jong Shin and PSY and band Revival's guitarist Kim Tae Won.

[Video] Miss unleashed the Chinese version TOUCH MV!

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:06 AM PDT

Check out the full MV of the chinese version of Touch!

Do you like this version?

[Guess] Who is this good-looking young boy?

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:00 AM PDT

Do you have any idea who the cute-looking young boy in the photo above is??

A hint here,he is the leader of a rookie,make a smart guess then!

[Video] Fans of YoonA and Jang Geun Suk donate rice to celebrate "Love Rain"

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:00 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's YoonA and Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk's fans made headlines after donating rice wreaths to congratulate both stars on their KBS' upcoming drama "Love Rain."

Ahead of the scheduled press conference for the drama, various fan clubs of Yoona and Jang Geun Suk from all over the world dropped by at the conference site to perform a kind act by donating rice.

"Love Rain", starring YoonA and Jang Geun Suk, is about a man and woman who meet in college in 1970 and their love story. It is a fantasy melodrama and Jang Geun Suk and Yoona will play dual roles. Jang Geun Suk plays '70s art student named 'Seo In Ha', and his son in the year 2012, a free-spirited photographer named 'Seo Jun'. YoonA, on the other hand, will be playing the innocent '70s campus goddess 'Kim Yoon Hee', as well as her daughter in 2012, 'Ha Na'.

The drama will premiere on KBS on March 26 at 9:55PM KST.

[News] JYJ's Junsu shows some love for Yoochun's "Rooftop Prince"

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 06:45 AM PDT

Not only fans, but JYJ's Kim Junsu as well is anticipating for the premiere of his fellow member Park Yoochun's drama "Rooftop Prince."

On March 22, Junsu tweeted, "Looks like Yoochun's drama will premiere tonight. I can't wait to see it tomorrow when I come back. I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun!"

Netizens left cheerful comments like, "Junsu oppa, you should watch it live", "Looking forward to 'Rooftop Prince' as well" and "Junsu oppa, make a cameo!"

"Rooftop Prince" depicts the romantic story of a prince from the Chosun dynasty Lee Gak (played by Yoochun), who travels 300 years through time to the modern day, to fulfill a love from his past life.

[Photo] Moon Geun Young takes a selca.. in a restroom?

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 06:30 AM PDT

The popular shot these days!

Actress Moon Geun Young took a photo of herself through the mirror in a public restroom. Uploaded through her mini homepage on March 22, Moon Geun Young snapped a black-and-white shot featuring the actress casually dressed in a black furry-jacket.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young is currently working hard in her studies as a Korean language major at Sungkyunhwa University. With one semester left and taking 8 credits currently, the actress draws the line clearly between school and work.

[INFO] Gaon Chart releases rankings for March 11-17

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 06:15 AM PDT

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts

The Gaon Chart released its rankings for the week of March 4 - March 10, 2012.

Weekly Singles Chart

1. 2AM : "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me" : 49,471,660

2. Kim Soo Hyun : "One Person Back Then" : 34,284,770

3. Big Bang : "FANTASTIC BABY" : 28,624,368

4. 2AM : "It Was Mine" : 26,502,186

5. Big Bang : "BLUE" : 22,445,037

6. Ailee : "Heaven" : 21,911,703

7. Big Bang : "BAD BOY" : 20,648,535

8. B2ST's Yoseob & A Pink's Eunji : "Love Day" : 19,561,350

9. 2AM : "How To Break Up Well" : 18,529,533

10. CNBLUE : "I Still Love You" : 18,332,754


Weekly Album Chart

1. 2AM : "F.Scott Fitzgerald's Way of Love" [2nd Mini Album]

2. Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra & Chung Myung Whun : "Mahler: Symphony No.1 'Titan'" [Special Album]

3. Big Bang : "ALIVE" [5th Mini Album]

4. Monday Kiz : "Nostalgia" [Single]

5. Shayne : "Shayne's World" [2nd Mini Album]

6. CNBLUE : "FIRST STEP" [1st Album]

7. Kim Kwang Seok : "Best of Kim Kwang Seok" [Special Album]

8. Yoo Siyeon : "Passion, Amore & Piazzolla" [Special Album]

9. Shayne : "Shayne's World" [2nd Mini Album Limited Edition]

10. Girls' Generation : "The Boys" [3rd Album]

[Photo] NU'EST charms for "Elle Girl"

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Following the prince transformation of B.A.P, Pledis Entertainment's rookie group NU'EST has also participated in the new pictorial for fashion magazine "Elle Girl."

NU'EST pulled off unique and colorful outfits for a dandy concept. In contrast to their strong and fierce debut image, the members had a complete transformation and showed a fresh boy-next-door style.

[News] "Dream High" to be remade into musical in Japan

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 05:45 AM PDT

Popular drama series "Dream High" made its way beyond South Korea and will now be getting its own musical adaptation in Japan.

According to the official blog of Japanese singer Matsushita Yuya, the musical "Dream High" is set to start on July 3rd to July 20th at the New National Theater in Tokyo. The musical is based off the Korean drama and will be the first to hit the theatrical stage.

Matsushita Yuya is set to play the leading role as a Japanese version of Kim Soohyun's popular role Song Samdong. Girl group BRIGHT's Nanaka will portray Go Hyemi, who was originally played by miss A member Suzy. Also starring with Mizuta Kouki, Joey, Juria Kawakami and Anna Santos.

"Dream High" musical will be directed and choreographed by Masuda Tetsuharu.

[Audio] Baek Ji Young and ALi release OST for "Rooftop Prince"

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 05:31 AM PDT

The queen of OST, Baek Ji Young, participated in the OST for the new drama "Rooftop Prince."

Baek Ji Young released the single "After A Long Time", the new OST which will be used as the song that describes the love relationship of "Rooftop Prince" between JYJ's Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min.

The singer expressed her gratitude by saying, "I participated in the OST production because of the OST producer from the 'Secret Garden'. I also find the script interesting with a cheerful story, so I am confident with my choice. It's different from other dramas. I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to sing an OST for a drama that is both moving and interesting."

In addition, singer ALi, who rose to fame through KBS2's TV show "Immortal Song 2", also participated in the OST and released the single "Hurt."

Check out the tracks below!

[News] Se7en celebrates 9th anniversary

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 05:18 AM PDT

R&B solo sensation, Se7en, celebrates his 9th anniversary since his debut as a singer. On March 22, Se7en updated his Twitter with a personal message and thanked his fans for all the support throughout the years.

The singer tweeted, "Se7en's 9th anniversary since his debut, Thank you to all my fans who have shown support for Se7en's voice. I will work hard to become a 10-year artist now and show a better side of myself. It will be good to have high expectations. I love you all."

Se7en also attached a photo of himself wearing a pair of sunglasses and giving out a V-sign pose.

Netizens sent out their congratulatory messages saying, "Congratulations Se7en on your nine years", ""I hope you will have a long, long career as a singer", "I'll be with you for the next 20 years, 30 years!" and more.

[Photo] 4minute's Jihyun and Sohyun take a selca from MV set

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 05:05 AM PDT

After the year and a half hiatus, 4minute will finally made their long-awaited return. Though their comeback has been continuously delayed, fans were glad after Cube Entertainment's CEO Hong Seongsung revealed that the group is finally shooting their comeback music video.

On March 22nd, Cube Entertainment's KakaoTalk provided proof-shots from the music video set. The agency revealed a couple photos of 4minute member Jihyun and Sohyun.

In the photos, fans are able to get a glimpse of 4minute's concept. Although it is mostly covered by their jackets, fans can slightly see the girls' clothes for their music video.

[Photo] miss A Suzy's pre-debut photos revealed

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 04:52 AM PDT

Past photo of miss A's Suzy has been revealed, and is currently creating a stir online.

Recently, a pre-debut photo of miss A's Suzy titled "Suzy Before Debut" surfaced on various online communities. In the photo, Suzy stares at the camera expressionless, wearing a pink makeup and knitted dress. Although she looks quite a bit different, her pretty and innocent charms still shine.

Netizens commented, "Is this really Suzy?", "She looks very young because it's before debut", "Suzy looks great now, and she looked great then" and more.

[MISC] About "Alive" albums rusting

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 04:42 AM PDT

From HMV Singapore:

"We have just got an official announcement from YG Entertainment that the rusts and scratches on Big Bang Alive packaging are intended to make the album to look vintage."


[NEWS] What Exactly Has TOP Done to Me?

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 04:41 AM PDT

Q. The second TOP came on stage, "winter ended and spring found us." I love all the parts and tunes of "Fantastic Baby", but I lost conscience when TOP's "Boom Shakalaka Boom Shakalaka" part came on. You know the feeling when your whole body feels like a spell has cast on it and you can't move at all? Like a lagging computer, all day I am yelling Boom Shakalaka, Boom Shakalaka. What in the world has "TOP God" done to me?

Close your eyes and think about it. What do you feel when TOP says in "Blue", "I feel like my heart stopped/ The war has ended and you and I are frozen here"? Don't you wish you were left with only TOP at the end of a war. In "Bad Boy", he says "The me that you love/ Sorry I'm a bad boy", but how do you feel about this? I don't care if you're a bad boy or a good boy, if you're really sorry please just stay by my side. Is that what you think. Sometimes we shake our heads to TOP's rapping voice, sometimes we kneel down to his voice. Everyone does that. TOP isn't rapping, he is always persuading. He endlessly digs underground with his voice and says each character with strength. That is why we are captivated by the meaningless "Boom shakalaka." Because it's not just any man, but handsome TOP. Not a different facial expression, but just the confident expression he has while Shaking his body slowly. Not just his color, but his bright Mint hair. Nothing else is relevant, because its TOP.

TOP's presence so captivating even without his rap and his sexy dancing. We feel like we can be slit with his sharp chin line, and his eyes look deep without drawing heavy eyeliner. We are forced to follow his every move and watch him point to the camera with a finger. It's the same case in dramas. In KBS' , he made noonas unable to sleep with one verse, and in as killer Vic, he shoots lasers out of his eyes, making us thankful every time he appeared. He also is good in variety shows, where he copies "Yangssa" with Seungri, and also copies JK Kim Dongwook and Yoon Moonshik. We will speak the truth. If he is this perfect of a man, you can easily understand without much explanation, right? This is the talk of a girl who lives under the same sky as TOP.

Al Point: [Choi Seunghyun, is alive!]

Fingers, alive: Do his fingers have magnets? Or are they dipped in honey? He isn't doing an intense dance or singing, but in "Lies" when he twirls his fingers, I feel like I'm being hypnotized.

Rhyme, alive: He showed us a freestyle rap in MBC's <10000 Won Happiness> in a corner called "TOP, who is the head of rap in the Big Bang dorm." "Whatever you say, my voice is pretty/The style that I'm rapping is a real rapper/ The things you say about me/So I'm really your helper." Who allowed him to rap like this so cutely in a red backwards hoodie?

Fan Service, alive: TOP, who was just wandering around with no expression during the concert goes to the fans and receives a yellow crown headband. He was shaking around and went back to the stage. We saw his backside and wanted to pet him. If you are lucky you could wipe his sweat off.

Producing skill, alive: Before debuting, he wrote on Lee Hyori's mini homey saying "I live for you and I rap for you so I will debut" and at the 2008 MKMF, he rapped for Hyori, wrapped her face in his two hands, and headed towards her lips. He has confidence now. He has no problems seudcing now. With a short hair wig while riding a segway, he said "Boys who want to date me, please contact me."

BinguTOP, alive: He is very funny and silly with his amazing visuals. He does Rakugo out of nowhere with Daesung while wearing a shower gown, and he'll be rapping in the studio and suddenly sing the theme song to "Quiz to Explore the Mysteries of the World, and dances dances that are hard to label. With that he got the nickname he dislikes of "Bingu TOP." He even asked to be not called that, but he Bingu TOP doesn't fade away. The charm that flows in his body is the undeniable Bingu TOP.

Source: Naver
Translations by: @kristinekwak