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"[Videos] Bluestorm in Bangkok Press Con Interview!" plus 24 more

"[Videos] Bluestorm in Bangkok Press Con Interview!" plus 24 more

[Videos] Bluestorm in Bangkok Press Con Interview!

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:54 AM PST

Band CNBLUE went to Bangkok and had a Press Conference.

Watch the interview with the boys of CNBLUe below

Credits: veeranphat@youtube
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[News] Music critic Kang Heon praises Taemin's performance!

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:39 AM PST

SHINee's Taemin will show his performance of Mapo Terminal by Silver Bell Sisters.

Taemin received good responses after performing his fresh version of Mapo Terminal on KBS Immortal Song 2′s episode to be broadcast on March 3rd at 6:15 PM.

Music critic Kang Heon smiled pleased after watching Taemin's performance and said, "He made a splendid performance of Mapo Terminal. It was the most splendid on Immortal Song 2 performances I've ever seen."

Mapo Terminal is a song released in 1967. Taemin, born in 1993, revealed his ambitious goal saying, "The song released even before I was born felt unfamiliar, but it was rearranged in a swing style. I made one win last week but would like to make two wins."

Source: Osen
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[Photos] Se7en for Asian Place!

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:27 AM PST

Singer Se7en is featured on another Japanese magazine called Asian Place.

Take a look at the scans from the said magazine.

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[Video] T-ara at Shibuya 109 for Moussy Event!

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:12 AM PST

Girl group T-ara performed in Shibuya 109 for Moussy event. Moussy is Clothing Brand 

The show was stopped in the middle because many fans attended the show and caused heavy traffic. It supposed to be a 1 hour show but the girls end up performing only one song which is Roly Poly and had to stop.

Check out their performance below.

Source: JIJIPRESS @youtube
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[News] Wheesung takes first vacation from the army

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 06:51 AM PST

After being away for his mandatory military duty since November of last year, singer Wheesung finally been given a vacation.

A photo was recently posted on an online community site with the title, "Wheesung Out on His First Vacation". Wheesung drew attention after he personally commented on the photo saying, "I'm healthy~ not to worry. I love you guys."

Seeing his photo, fans were delighted and commented, "You look more manly", "What are you going to do during your vacation?" and more.

[News] Yoon Jung Hee to make comeback with SBS "Father and Daughter"

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 06:30 AM PST

Actress Yoon Jung Hee has confirmed to her comeback with leading role in SBS upcoming drama "Father and Daughter".

She will be taking on the role of the first daughter and neurosurgeon Jang Seung Joo whose father is a former detective and current restaurant owner. She will be the sister to Jang Mi Hyun which will be played by Girl's Day Hyeri.

Yoon Jung Hee was abroad in America studying after her drama "Smile, Mom" last year. According to her agency Crea Works, she came back to Korea to see her family and while looking through her next work, she decided on "Father and Daughter".

Having shown the elegant side of her until now, she is going to portray a woman who stands boldly for her love.

According to a spokesperson, the love line in the drama will be the main episode in the drama.

SBS weekend drama "Father and Daughter" will be aired on the 21st of April and is directed by Woon Goon Il and written by Kim Jung Eun.

Source: hancinema

[Photo] Eugene takes a selca with her cat

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 06:15 AM PST

Actress Eugene recently introduced her pet cat.

On March 2nd, Eugene tweeted, "Our Brandon is growing a lot of fur. He's so cute~ He gets more lovable as he ages~", and she attached the selca above.

In the photo, Eugene smiles warmly as she poses next to her cat Brandon. The actress' flawless skin and beauty glow even without her makeup, captivating the hearts of netizens.

Netizens commented, "The cat is so cute!", "One of the best looking faces without makeup", "Eugene doesn't age" and so on.

[Audio] Dalmatian & Navi release songs for "The Romantic" OST

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 06:00 AM PST

In addition to Two Months and Jung Yeop, idol group Dalmatian and Navi have released two new OST for the reality dating program, "The Romantic".

Navi released "I Think Love is You", which features an R&B upbeat rhythm and catchy melody. While Dalmatian, who temporary halting their activities, released an acoustic remake of Two Month's "The Romantic".

tvN's "The Romantic" is a dating reality program about 10 average men and women who seek out places they've never explored in an attempt to find true love.

Check out the songs below!

[INFO] Gaon Chart releases 4th week of February rankings

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 05:40 AM PST

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts

The Gaon Chart released its rankings for the fourth week of February.

[Week of February 19 - February 25, 2012]

Weekly Singles Chart

1. Big Bang : "Blue" : 69,941,965

2. miss A : "Touch" : 52,495,585

3. Ailee : "Heaven" : 30,729,043

4. John Park : "Falling" : 30,473,882

5. K.Will : "I Need You" : 29,183,332

6. Davichi : "I'll Think Of You" : 24,036,741

7. Kim Bum Soo : "I Have a Lover" : 22,635,230

8. FT Island : "Severely" : 21,947,424

9. Lyn : "Back in Time" : 21,946,271

10. Lee Seung Chul : "Did You Forget" : 20,679,816


Weekly Album Chart

1. Jay Park : "New Breed" [1st Album]

2. miss A : "Touch" [EP]

3. John Park : "Knock" [EP]

4. K.Will : "I Need You" [EP]

5. BEAST : "Fiction and Fact" [1st Album]

6. Jang Geun Suk : "He's Beautiful" OST [Jang Geun Suk Edition]

7. FT Island : "GROWN-UP" [4th Mini Album]

8. Trouble Maker : "Trouble Maker" [1st Mini Album]

9. Park Ji Yoon : "Dreaming of Becoming a Tree" [8th Album]

10. Various Artists : "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen" OST

[Video] Making-of film from YoonA and Lee MinHo's EIDER pictorial

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 05:25 AM PST

In addition to their recently-released TV commercial, Girls' Generation's YoonA and actor Lee MinHo are back with another special treat for their fans.

YoonA and Lee MinHo, who have been chosen the new faces of French outdoor brand 'EIDER Friends', released behind-the-scene clip from their recent pictorial. The shoot is for the brand's 2012 Summer/Spring collection. Check out the video below!

[News] Kim Yoo Jung enjoys first scuba diving experience

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 05:10 AM PST

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung enjoyed her first scuba diving experience. Kim Yoo Jung, who rose to fame after playing Han Ga In's childhood role on MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon", will be appearing on a children's reality program "Mak Ee Rae Show: Just Do It Expedition."

The actress went to the Philippines and was given an under-water mission. She tried scuba diving for the first time to complete this mission and thoroughly enjoyed the new experience.

In the revealed still cuts, Kim Yoo Jung is seen having lots of fun just like any other children which gave a little peek into the starlet's natural self.

The reality show was filmed in the Philippines and it will feature 6 child actors including Shin Dong Woo, No Tae Yup, Kim Gura's son, Kim Dong Hyun, Kim Hye In and Nancy.

"Mak Ee Rae Show: Just Do It Expedition" will premiere on March 2 at 7PM KST.

[News] Lee Seung Gi's teaser stills from "The King 2Hearts" revealed

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 04:55 AM PST

MBC TV drama "The King 2Hearts" revealed more teaser stills of its male lead Lee Seung Gi. Dressed in military uniform, Lee Seung Gi expresses his character Lee Jae Ha, a shameless and scatterbrained Crown Prince. The images show him getting training in uniform, doing the salute and more.

Lee Seung Gi expressed Lee Jae Ha very well in the shoot that took place in Paju, Keyonggido on the 1st of February. Despite the cold weather, which is said to have been the coldest day of the year yet, Lee Seung Gi encouraged the staff and continued with his work.

Kim Jong Hak productions said, "Lee Seung Gi is doing well to put on the mask of Lee Jae Ha, an old fox who isn't hesitant when it comes to expressing something. Lee Seung Gi's humor is always effective on set and you can hope to see him like never before."

Source: hancinema

[News] Girl’s Day’s Hyeri to make acting debut in new weekend drama

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 04:40 AM PST

Girl's Day member Hyeri is about to undertake a new challenge and will make her acting debut.

According to her agency Dream Tea Entertainment, Hyeri has been cast in the upcoming SBS weekend drama "Father and Daughter". The girl group member will play the youngest daughter and high school student Jang Mi Hyun.

"Father and Daughter" is centered on a father and his four daughters who fall in love, marry and go through the ups and downs of life. The drama will also star actors Im Chae Moo, Yun Jung Hee, Yoo Da In and more.

SBS' "Father and Daughter" will premiere on April 21st.

[News] Park Si Hoo to start his Asian tour

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 04:25 AM PST

Park Si Hoo will start his Asian tour with Japan first to go. This is the first time in 2 years he's meeting with Asian fans since the promotion of drama "Prosecutor Princess" in 2010.

According to Eyagi Entertainment on the 2nd, Park Si Hoo will start a fan meeting on the 29th in Osaka, 31st in Nagoya and 3rd on Tokyo. He has prepared a special stage for the Japanese fans and will also perform something on his concert in Tokyo which is also his birthday.

Locals are excited about the fan meeting. It has been told that fans were gathered early to be chosen to get a ticket as that's the way the system works this time. His agency is getting continuous calls about additional concerts.

Park Si Hoo is apparently getting ready to pay back the attention he's been getting. His agency said, "He is working hard on the movie and in the fan meeting. He's shown passion by adding his own ideas and thoughts into the event planning".

Meanwhile, Park Si Hoo is currently in the making of the movie "Confession of Murder".

Source: hancinema

[News] Big Bang makes grand entrance on 'Running Man'

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 04:10 AM PST

The boys of Big Bang will be making a grand entrance on the upcoming episode of popular variety program, SBS 'Running Man'.

The regular cast of "Running Man" arrived at the venue first. As they heard the sounds of a helicopter, one member couldn't hide his shock and remarked, "No way, are these guests coming in a helicopter?"

The helicopter landed and out hopped all five Big Bang members each donning an orange leather jacket. Unable to hide their excitement, 'Running Man' members shouted, "It's really Big Bang!"

This week's battle will be between the seven regular members and the five members of Big Bang. The 'Running Man' members warned, "We have gained much know-how having gone through countless races." Big Bang countered "We will use our youthfulness to stand up against you."

SBS's 'Running Man' featuring Big Bang will air on March 4th!

[News] Yoon Jong Shin to step down as judge on 'Superstar K'

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 03:55 AM PST

Yoon Jong Shin will be leaving his post as a judge on Mnet's "Superstar K".

The singer was adored during his stay on the Mnet's talent show series. One of his song, "By Instinct" became a hit after Kang Seung Yoon performed it during Superstar K2.

On March 2, Yoon Jong Shin revealed that has decided to step down as a judge for Superstar K in order to focus on his music and other activities. He added that he felt it was time for fans to assess him on his music and broadcast activities as well as thanked everyone at Superstar K for the memories the last three years.

The 4th season of Superstar K will begin in early March, however there is no information on who will replace him.

[News] miss A holds first official fan meeting

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 03:20 AM PST

miss A has sucessfully completed their first official fan meeting.

In the fan meeting titled "miss A & say A are one", the girls performed their past hits as well as the track "Rock N Rule" from their new album. In addition, Fei and Jia performed a special dance number that they had performed in their overseas concerts. Min and Suzy sang a song for which they rewrote the lyrics for their fans.

The members were able to have some more quality time with their fans. The girls participated in games, talk sessions and other events, creating a comfortable family-like atmosphere that helped bring the fans and the group together.

miss A expressed, "We had a great time at our first fan meeting and it was really touching. We'd like to thank all of our fans who gathered here for us. We hope to spend more time with fans in which we can come together ike this in the future."

[Video] EXID makes debut with "Whoz That Girl" on Music Bank

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 03:00 AM PST

Already garnering attention as the group formed by the renowned producer Shinsadong Tiger, the six talented ladies of the rookie girl group EXID finally delivered their debut performance of "Whoz That Girl" on this week's episode of Music Bank.

"Whoz That Girl" is the title track of their debut single "Holla", which also contains the song "I Do". In the meantime, watch their performance below!

120302 K.Will wins Music Bank's "K-Chart" + Performances

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 03:07 AM PST

KBS "Music Bank" is back this week full of amazing performances!

For this weeks's line up, EXID made its official debut, while B.A.P and MBLAQ returned with their follow up tracks.

Other great performances from artists including miss A, FT Island, K.will, Bye Bye Sea, Hadami, J-symphony, Yeon Ji Hoo, LAY-T, Lim Ju Yeon, Six Bomb, WE, Stellar, Chaos, SPICA, Jiggy Dogg, Brave Girls, AiLee, Davichi, Brian, Dal shabet and John Park.

And for the highlight of the show, K.Will claims his first win on Music Bank K-Chart tonight with his latest track "I Need You."

Congratulations K.Will!

Watch the winning moment and performances below:


miss A

FT Island

John Park

Brian Joo



Lim Joo Yeon


Yeon Ji Hoo

Bye Bye Sea




Six Bomb




Jiggy Dogg

Brave Girls

Dal Shabet

[Video] MBLAQ follows up with "Run" on Music Bank

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 02:42 AM PST

After wrapping up promotion for their edge-of-the-seat comeback track "It's War", the furious boys of MBLAQ are back with their follow-up song "Run" on this week's episode of Music Bank.

"Run", a mid-tempo track off their 4th mini album "100% Ver", features a strong beats and powerful choreography. MBLAQ members have been touching up their dance routine and constantly rehearsing to perfect their follow-up activities.

Watch their performance below!

[NEWS] FTIsland Takes Legal Action Against Cosmetic Company For Infringement of Portrait Rights

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 02:38 AM PST

FTIsland has taken legal action against a cosmetic company for infringement of portrait rights.

According to the Seoul Central District Court on 27th, FTIsland claimed that they were used in cosmetic advertisements without any authorization and requested for a claim of 200 million won from DEREON Cosmetic.

Their complaint stated that, "The model contract with DEREON in Korea had already been concluded last April. But DEREON continued to use FTIsland as models without authorization in Japan and recently, even in Malaysia and other Asia regions."

"After the expiry of the contract, they are still using FTIsland as models in the country even in recent cases. We are requesting for a compensation of 200 million won for the infringement of portrait rights."

Credit: Money Today + ying1005@withtreasures

[Video] "B Class Life" MV for "Dream High 2" released

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 02:28 AM PST

On March 2nd, JYP Entertainment released a music video for the track "B Class Life", from the Dream High 2 OST.

Created by Park Jin Young, "B Class Life" music video features lead cast Kang Sora, 2AM's Jinwoon and more and showcases highlight scenes from the drama.

[CAFE] Yoseob's Post - B2UTY @helloimys

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 02:28 AM PST

[NEWS] 4minute's Official Mini-Album Group Order to Begin Soon

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 02:25 AM PST

This is Cube Entertainment.

For all the fans who love 4minute, Cube Entertainment has planned to conduct international group order for 4minute's new release.

In order for us to estimate the quantities for international purchases, we would like to receive pre-order form from each fansite.

Please check the below for details:

<4minute 3rd mini-album pre-order instructions>

[Submission Dates] March 5th,2012 ~ March 9th, 2012

For each fansite, please figure out the number of fans who are willing to buy 4minute's new release and the quantity they wish to purchase.

Should any new information regarding CD release arises, we will share it with all the international fansites. Hence, we would truly appreciate it if you could hold on to any inquiries relating details on CD releases at the moment.

We appreciate your love and support and get ready for 4minute's HOT comeback!

Thank you,

Source: 4MF's E-mail

[TWITTER] Taeyang Updates his Twitter for Korean Independence Holiday

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 02:23 AM PST

Source: @RealTaeyang