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"Big Bang selects Japanese comedienne Watanabe Naomi as their ideal type" plus 19 more

"Big Bang selects Japanese comedienne Watanabe Naomi as their ideal type" plus 19 more

Big Bang selects Japanese comedienne Watanabe Naomi as their ideal type

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 08:57 AM PDT

Big Bang‘s ideal type is becoming a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens.

Big Bang recently filmed for TV Asahi‘s hit variety program ‘Onegai! Ranking‘. They guest-featured alongside actresses Nagasawa Masami, and Oshima Mai, as well as comedienne Watanabe Naomi.

After the boys were praised for their impressive “Fantastic Baby” stage performance, the members were asked which of the three female guests came close to their ideal types.

The audience members assumed that the boys would choose one of the beautiful actresses on set, but Big Bang surprised everyone by selecting comedienne Watanabe Naomi.

The others on set with Big Bang could not believe their ears, and continued to ask the members if they were truly being honest.

‘Onegai! Ranking’ starring Big Bang will air on May 3rd at 12:20 am.

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate

Aziatix releases the MV to new single, “Speed of Light”

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 08:30 AM PDT

After concluding their very first 2012 US Tour, the boys of AZIATIX have returned with their new single, “Speed Of Light“!

The song was written and composed by both JayFlowsikPak and producer Jae Chong who remarked, “This song is our way of sending a message of hope to all those who suffered tragedies in the recent years…natural disasters, downward spiral of the economy, personal losses, etc. It’s an introduction to our new upcoming EP. It will be an album that gives hope and strength to the new generation. The actual single for the new album will follow this intro song along with bunch of new tracks…It will blow ya mind! AZIATIX ALL DAY!!!

Check out the MV below!

Girl’s Day reveal MV for “Oh! My God”

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 08:22 AM PDT

After unveiling the album jacket cover and teaser for their 2nd mini album 'Everyday II', 5-member girl group Girl's Day have just revealed the MV to their title track "Oh! My God"!

The MV is full of funky colors and great comedy.

Check out the video for "Oh! My God" below!

Spend a day with 2PM and miss A in Korea!

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 08:00 AM PDT

Do you want to visit Korea? Do you want to hang out with 2PM and miss A?

If you’ve answered yes to either of those questions, or to both, then you’re in luck, for the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has partnered up with popular idol groups, 2PM and miss A, to hold an exclusive contest with prizes you won’t want to miss out on!

As mentioned before, seven winners will receive a Korea-tour package consisting of a five-day tour of Korea (airfare, lodging, and transportation all paid for), and will also get a chance to hang out with the members of 2PM and miss A, while visiting hot tourist spots and solving assigned missions together. Could it get any better than that?

Yes it can, for KTO is also providing the winners with a Korea Pass gift card worth 5 million KRW. This gift card is accepted by over 7,300 affiliates including museums, select tourist spots, as well as duty free shops, and can also be used for public transportation.

With the previous announcement of the contest, some have already uploaded their videos expressing their love for Korea or K-pop, or even remaking the “Touch Korea Tour” song by 2PM and miss A, which you can check out on their homepage here.

The deadline to submit a video is May 2nd, and online voting will take place from May 8th through the 11th to narrow down the top seven entries. The winners will be announced on May 18th for the tour that will take place in June.

Joining the contest is simple, just record a video using one of the ideas below:

- Watch the commercial or listen to the "Touch Korea Song" above, and make your own version of it (the song can be downloaded through the homepage)

- Introduce Korean dishes, shopping districts, activities to do, etc. highlighting Korean cultures, or enter a video of your previous Korean travels, if you’ve visited before

- Show why you would like to visit Korea, or why you are the ideal candidate to star in a video with 2PM & miss A

- Or just express your love for Korean culture and/or K-Pop!

and enter your submission by clicking the [SUBMIT A VIDEO] button.

That's it! All videos deviating from the original purpose of this event and those with copyright problems will be deleted without prior notice. All entries must be submitted by May 2nd 2012, and contestants may submit more than one video.

Be sure to also visit the official site often, as you'll be able to receive constant updates on the campaign, as well as teaser videos and music featuring 2PM and miss A.

T-ara’s Soyeon updates fans with photos from Switzerland

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 07:33 AM PDT

T-ara member Soyeon posted on Twitter April 17th, ”Finished transforming into a Swiss snow girl! Ah, it’s cold. Everything is really clean and clear.

In the photos, Soyeon poses next to a reindeer curtain wearing a faux fur vest and blue top, exuding a winter glow. With her round eyes, small face, and innocent smile, fans are commenting that she truly does look like a Swiss snow girl. The selcas were taken while T-ara stopped in Switzerland during their stay in Europe.

Followers on Twitter responded, “You’re so pretty just like a doll,” “Soyeon’s beauty continues to shine all the way in Switzerland,” and “She’s pure just like [the snow in] Switzerland.

Source & Image: Soyeon’s Twitter

[Spoilers]YoonA proves too cute to be sexy in ‘Love Rain’

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 07:00 AM PDT

On the April 16th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Love Rain‘, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA charmed viewers with her adorable antics.

The episode focused on Hana (YoonA) accepting Suh Joon’s (Jang Geun Suk) offer to become a model, and her subsequent visit to his studio. After coming upon the photo shoot of model “Goo Eun Ae”, Hana becomes intimidated by her professionalism and sneaks out back to practice her own poses.

Because of her cute image, Hana’s attempts to pull off sexy poses only served to make her look cuter than ever, achieving the opposite of what she had hoped. No matter how much she pouted her lips or winked for an invisible camera, Hana was unable to fool anyone with the act. The cafe staff, who were watching through the window, were not convinced. Embarrassed after being caught, Hana immediately planted herself down on a seat, acting as if nothing happened.

Although short, the scene was enough to squeeze an “awww” out of viewers.

Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver

‘Quiz to Change the World’ to wait for Kim Gura

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 06:29 AM PDT

MBC‘s ‘Quiz to Change the World‘ has announced that Kim Gura will not be replaced on the show.

Due to controversy, comedian Kim Gura will be halting his broadcast activities. ’Quiz to Change the World’ responded with their support of the former co-host by disclosing that his position will not be handed over to anyone else.

On April 17th, ‘Quiz to Change the World’ released a statement expressing that there is no one fit enough to replace him, and the show will continue with current hosts Lee Hwi Jae and Park Mi Sun. The staff of ‘Quiz to Change the World’ have also commented that they will keep Kim Gura’s seat open until his return.

On April 16th, Kim Gura announced through a press release that he will no longer be appearing on television, and that he plans to use the hiatus to reflect on his past actions.

Source & Image: EToday via Nate

BoA takes a photo with TVXQ after attending ‘TVXQ’s Live Tour 2012-TONE’ concert

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 06:03 AM PDT

BoA displayed her close friendship with TVXQ in a recent photo with the members after their concert in Japan.

On April 16th, BoA tweeted, “Yoondol and Changdol’s Tokyo Dome concert! Face stamp bam!” and shared the above picture. She then added, “My swollen face and the two handsome men! Next time I’ll come with makeup on.

The picture showed BoA making a peace sign between Yunho and Changmin who followed suit. She smiled brightly for the camera in a casual grey cardigan and black hat.

After seeing the photo of the three super stars, followers commented, “The agency’s family [members are] close,” “How many peace signs is that?” “She looks like a dongseng because she’s in the middle,” “Her face looks a little swollen?” and “She looks different than she does on ‘K-Pop Star.”

Source+Picture: BoA‘s Twitter

‘Giraffe’ Lee Kwang Soo is “a man who wears eyeliner”

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 05:32 AM PDT

Actor Lee Kwang Soo, nicknamed “giraffe on SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘, uploaded a picture that showed a different side to him than his usual goofy image on variety shows.

On April 17th, Lee Kwang Soo tweeted the above picture with the caption, “Man who wears eyeliner“.

Different from his usual passive, scaredy-cat image on the reality program, the actor, wearing smokey makeup and a wild hairstyle, was styled like a model. The star initially started in the modeling industry before moving onto acting.

Lee Kwang Soo is receiving much love from viewers as “Kwang-vatar and “giraffe on ‘Running Man’.

Source+Picture: Lee Kwang Soo‘s Twitter

BtoB members talk about their passion for music in an interview with Kuki Media

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 05:00 AM PDT

When BtoB first emerged at their debut showcase on March 21st, it wasn’t just their impressive dance skills or vocal talent that floored the reporters gathered at the scene, but the honesty in which they talked about their dreams.

Leader and main vocalist Eunkwang stated, “I never thought that I’d be dancing. I started music because I loved singing, and I thought for sure that I’d be singing for the rest of my life. To come to where I’m standing today, I had to dance. I hated it at first since it was so hard, but now that I’ve debuted as an idol dance singer, I’m able to enjoy it more. I’m happy with the end result.”

Unlike idols who give the same recycled answer saying that they’ve wanted to become a singer since they were young, the boys were honest and straightforward. In fact, the members of BtoB weren’t chosen to become idols at first. Eunkwang, Hyunsik, and Changsub first joined as trainees for a band project under Cube Entertainment.

An official stated, “We chose the members of BtoB according to their vocal talent, not their visuals.”

Eunkwang continued, “I said this before at the showcase, but I mean it when I say that I didn’t think I’d be dancing. I was always under the impression that a singer must move the hearts of people through his voice only, and that’s the path that I wanted to walk. I thought about it a lot and realized having to dance and sing at the same time wasn’t an easy task, and definitely something that I had to overcome at my level. And just because I’m in an idol group doesn’t mean I still can’t move the hearts of people.”

When the members were asked to name a characteristic unique to their group, they unanimously replied, “All of the members have strong vocal talent.”

Hyungsik had dreamed of becoming a singer-songwriter and producer, while Sungjae had dreams of becoming a ballad vocalist. Peniel, who grew up in the States, enjoyed rock music, while Changsub always imagined a stage where he stood as a solo singer. Ilhoon wanted a freestyle stage despite being in a group.

It’s hard to believe that such a vocally ambitious bunch came together as an idol group focusing primarily on dance music, but the boys knew what their advantages and disadvantages are as well as what they hoped to achieve.

They concluded, “Before our debut, we discussed at length about what it meant to be a live dance singer. You can’t deny that there is a negative stereotype attached to idol groups, but we figured that if we showed our vocal talent through our live performances, they’d come through. We pay special attention to our live singing, and our goal for this album is to have our talents recognized. Of course, our future goals also include showing different images and succeeding, which we’ll work towards little by little.”

Source + Photos: Kuki Media via Naver

T-ara’s Boram updates fans with photo from a shoot in Italy

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 04:28 AM PDT

T-ara‘s Boram showed off her adorable figure in a mini-dress during a photo shoot in Europe.

On April 17th, Boram tweeted, “As usual, posing is hard,” along with the above pictures taken on the streets of Verona, Italy.

The posted photos show Boram in a refreshing mini-dress that flaunts her cute figure. Her beautiful legs and sexy charm captured the attention of fans as the T-ara member is known to have a more innocent image.

Followers responded with, “So photo shoot worthy,” “Innocent but sexy,” “Leg line is daebak,” “Seems like she’s getting prettier by the day,” “Her beauty shines even in Italy,” and “Surprisingly sexy.

The members of T-ara departed for Europe on April 10th to help with a photo shoot and music video project for their agency’s new girl group.

Source+Picture: Boram‘s Twitter

Teaser for 2nd DSP Boyz member Yunyoung released!

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 03:57 AM PDT

The teaser for the second DSP Boyz member, Yunyoung, has been released!

allkpop previously reported the announcement of the group’s first member, Jaehyung.

The official site for the DSP Boyz has also shared the release dates for the remaining 5 members as well. The identities of the other DSP Boyz will be revealed on April 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

DSP Boyz is a 7-member group that will appear on the April 24th first airing of MBC's music reality program, ‘Making The Star-DSP Boyz‘. “DSP Boyz” is reported to be a temporary name, and the group will make their official debut in May.

Watch the teaser for Yunyoung below, and stay tuned to allkpop for updates:

Source: DSP Boyz
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Supernova’s album jacket photos for “Stupid Love” released

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 03:31 AM PDT

Supernova‘s album jacket photos for “Stupid Love” have been released.

The group returned after a year and a half with “Stupid Love” and recently came out with the full music video for the single featuring Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung. The ‘Stupid Love’ mini-album came out in stores April 17th KST.

Check out the photos and track list from Supernova’s mini-album below:

20120416_supernova_stupidlove_1 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_2 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_3 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_4 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_5 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_6 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_7 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_8 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_9 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_10 20120416_supernova_stupidlove_11

1. Stupid Love
2. Saturday
3. Stop Girl
4. Stupid Love (Inst.)
5. Saturday (Inst.)
6. Stop Girl (Inst.)

Source: Daum
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Lyricist Kim Eana updates fans of Brown Eyed Girls with new photos of Ga In

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 03:00 AM PDT

Lyricist Kim Eana, the writer behind many popular tracks by Brown Eyed Girls, shared two photos of the group’s maknae, Ga In.

On April 15th, Kim Eana, who pretends to be her cat “Bongsam” on Twitter, posted photos of Ga In and wrote, “I see that there are many people curious to know how Ga In is doing. Ga In has been busy these days, but we have frequently been sending each other selcas. I’ll share a lovely photo of her with her eye-smile that came out looking good.

Instead of a normal photo, “Bongsam” shared a comical photo of Ga In’s morphed face. “Bongsam” then posted the second photo above with the message, “Nobody can surpass Ga In’s bright and cohesive smile.” This time, Ga In’s face was morphed to such an extent that she is almost unrecognizable.

Fans seemed to have gotten a good laugh as they commented, “This is too hilarious,” “I thought it would be a decent photo…,” “Thank you, Bongsam,” and “Daebak!

Source: Kim Eana’s Twitter

Will HaHa be getting married in six months?

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 02:31 AM PDT

On April 16th, HaHa guested on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘ and revealed that he hoped to get married soon.

HaHa made a visit to his best friend Park Geun Sik‘s newlywed home for the show. He and Park Geun Sik apparently have a very close friendship as HaHa punched in the password to the lock and waltzed in without even ringing the door bell. He commented, “Whenever I visit Geun Sik’s house, there’s always a lot of delicious food like galbi and radish soup.”

While enjoying a meal with his manager and friend, he stopped to express, “Ah~ I want to get married. When we were little, we promised that if one of us was to get married first, the other would have to get married as well within six months. Geun Sik got married on March 4th.”

Netizens who watched the episode couldn’t help but wonder, “Does he have someone special in mind?” “I hope he meets someone nice and starts a family soon,” and “It’s nice to see him so comfortable with his friend.”

Source + Photos: Segye via Naver

Super Junior Siwon’s friendly photo with world-famous designer Karl Lagerfeld

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 02:03 AM PDT

Siwon has once again proven the global reach of Super Junior in one of his latest tweets.

As allkpop reported earlier, Siwon worked with world-famous designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld when Super Junior was in France for their first solo concert in Paris.

On April 16th, Siwon uploaded a shot of their meeting to Twitter with the caption, “In Paris with Karl Lagerfeld“. The Super Junior member, who had completed his photo shoot for the fall issue of an American fashion magazine, is seen in a friendly pose with his arm around the world-famous designer.

Karl Lagerfeld is known as a virtuoso in the fashion world, and is known globally as the resident designer at luxury fashion house Chanel.

Labelmate and senior BoA expressed amazement at Siwon’s seemingly endless network, replying, “Where is the end of Siwon’s network? You’re kind of the best.”

Followers who saw the photo could not hide their surprise, leaving comments like, “Paulo Coelho wished him a happy birthday, and now he’s taking pictures with Karl Lagerfeld,” “His network is seriously crazy,” and “How and why did they meet?

Source & Image: Siwon’s Twitter

Fans awed by Solbi’s feminine beauty

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 01:32 AM PDT

Singer Solbi posted a photo on Twitter April 16th KST with the message, ”Breathing in good air while sight-seeing with good people and eating good food. I think that is the greatest happiness. My warm and dream-like trip. Ah~ I was so happy!

Solbi's light makeup and neat ponytail highlighted her feminine beauty, and netizens could not stop complimenting her current look.

Followers on Twitter commented, “Solbi seems prettier,” “You look so pretty~ hope you had a great trip,” and “Solbi has gotten more feminine.

Source & Image: Solbi’s Twitter

IU introduces upcoming ‘Real Fantasy’ concert tour

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 01:04 AM PDT

IU has an official video message introducing her upcoming ‘Real Fantasy‘ concert tour.

‘Real Fantasy’ is IU’s first solo nationwide tour since her debut. The tour will begin at Kyunghee University in Seoul on June 2nd and 3rd, and will move onto 5 other cities in South Korea.

Tickets to IU's ‘Real Fantasy’ concert begin going on sale April 17th at 8:00PM KST.

Check out IU’s video message from her official Youtube channel below:


IU: “Hello, I’m IU. Yes everyone, I’m finally having my first solo concert after three years. Woo! Yes, my first solo concert called ‘Real Fantasy’ will start on June 2nd and 3rd at Seoul, before the nationwide tour is planned to move onto 5 other cities. I’m of course, really happy and excited about it. There’s a diverse repertoire prepared to reveal a side of myself you haven’t seen on television broadcasts as well as [to entertain concert-goers around my age] so please look forward to it and be sure to attend! Thank you.”

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‘Rooftop Prince’ to air three episodes this week

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 12:35 AM PDT

In an attempt to secure its newly-acquired #1 position in the Wednesday-Thursday primetime drama war, SBS has decided to air 3 episodes of ‘Rooftop Prince‘ this week!

‘Rooftop Prince’, MBC‘s ‘The King 2 Hearts‘, and KBS‘s ‘Equator Man‘ all started airing in the same week, but ‘The King 2 Hearts’ came out on top in the ratings war within the first few episodes. However, in the last fortnight, ‘Rooftop Prince’ has managed to edge in front to claim the top spot.

Last week, despite failing to keep its promise of broadcasting back-to-back episodes due to the general elections coverage, ‘Rooftop Prince’ still managed to hold onto first place.

To solidify their lead and reward viewers, ‘Rooftop Prince’ will air Episode 8 on April 18th as scheduled, followed by back-to-back episodes (9 & 10) on April 19th.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

‘Music & Lyrics’ couple Park Jin Hee & John Park get friendly

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 12:01 AM PDT

Singer John Park and actress Park Jin Hee, who teamed up for new reality program ‘Music and Lyrics‘, seem to have warmed up to one another after an awkward first encounter.

Park Jin Hee recently shared the above photo via her official Twitter page with the message, “John Park, Park Jin Hee. We are currently [watching ourselves on television]“.

The two look more comfortable with each other and appear to have become closer as the beer on the table in the photo suggests they had a friendly drink together.

John Park then shared his own photo of the two together on Twitter, posting, “With Jin Hee nuna“.

Despite the fact that John Park and Park Jin Hee are ten years apart, followers commented, “They kind of look good together,” and “Can’t tell Park Jin Hee is 10 years older.”

In related news, Park Jin Hee and John Park are working on a new song to be included in Clazziquai‘s Alex and Horan‘s new album.

Source & Image : Park Jin Hee‘s Twitter, John Park‘s Twitter