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"E.Via releases her new mini-album, ‘E.VIAGRADATION’" plus 19 more

"E.Via releases her new mini-album, ‘E.VIAGRADATION’" plus 19 more

E.Via releases her new mini-album, ‘E.VIAGRADATION’

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 09:07 AM PDT

Talented female rapper E.Via has returned to the K-Pop scene for the first time in a year and a half with a new mini-album. Her newest release proves that she has tossed aside her youthfulness and has transformed into a alluring, mature woman. Her change is most obvious in the way she raps with her bold new voice, and E.Via proves that she has returned as a much more developed musician.

MC the MAX‘s ISU is featured in “Crazy Fate“, helping her round out the sound to the title track. E.Via also expresses her own painful breakup experience in the song, and it is being coined her best project yet.

Check out a few of the tracks below!

Title Track (Crazy Fate)

Roses Blooming in the Night

Source & Image: Melon
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Big Bang to conclude ‘ALIVE’ promotions with a final performance on ‘Inkigayo’

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 08:42 AM PDT

Idol group Big Bang is preparing to wrap up promotions for their mini-album, ‘ALIVE.

Their agency YG Entertainment remarked, “Big Bang will be wrapping up promotions for their mini-album ‘ALIVE’ with a final performance on April 29th’s SBSInkigayo‘ and will be focusing on their Japan Tour.”

Big Bang began their activities for this mini-album by kicking off their first World Tour performance in Seoul this past March, and the boys have broken numerous records since.

The group coined each track on their album as title songs, and all the tracks claimed the #1 through #7 spots on various music charts, receiving an explosive reaction from the fans.

Their track “Fantastic Baby” has proved to be a fan favorite, as it still remains within the top 10 on the charts, even after 2 months of being released. Their album has sold an impressive number of over 270,000 copies, more than any other album released this year.

‘ALIVE’ also broke the top 200 on Billboard without participating in any separate promotions or releasing an English version of the album. Big Bang also became the first Korean artist to have a photo of their performance be showcased on the main page of the Grammy Awards website.

Big Bang also visited Taiwan for the very first time, and their songs climbed to the #1 spot on 8 different Taiwanese music charts, and during their Seoul concert, Big Bang also broke a record for drawing the most Japanese attendees in the history of concert performances.

Once Big Bang conclude promotions for ‘ALIVE’, they will be shifting their focus on their World Tour which will first take them to five cities in Japan this May, performing for 150,000 of their Japanese fans.

What was your favorite moment from their ‘ALIVE’ promotions?

Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate

Electroboyz release MV for “Should I Laugh or Cry?” featuring Baek Ji Young

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 08:20 AM PDT

Earlier, we reported that Brave Entertainment's hip hop trio Electroboyz had announced that they will be making a comeback at the end of the month! After revealing a teaser, the group has just unleashed the music video for “Should I Laugh or Cry?”

Their comeback single album, ‘Electrify’ contains a total of three songs, including the title track “Should I Laugh or Cry”, which is a mellow piano looped track and features the beautiful voice of diva Baek Ji Young.

Check out the MV for "Should I Laugh or Cry?" below!

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2NE1 maknae Minzy looks unrecognizably mature in new photo

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 07:56 AM PDT

2NE1‘s maknae Minzy surprised everyone with her most recent Twitter photo.

On April 25th, Minzy shared the above selca via her Twitter page and wrote, “Hello!! Arrived in Korea~ T_T Flop… Going to go pass out now, goodnight!”

Minzy’s face looked a lot thinner than fans remembered, which made her trademark ‘Mulan’ eyes appear a bit larger. Her short and dandy haircut made her look more mature, and fans could not deny that Minzy looked unrecognizably beautiful.

Her fans overseas especially seemed to like the new look, as they commented, “That smile is so cute, I could die,” as well as “Maknae is so pretty.”

Source & Image: Minzy‘s Twitter

Lee Sang Soon to make acting debut in film ‘The Heaven is Only Open to the Single’

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 07:29 AM PDT

Musician Lee Sang Soon, who’s been in the media lately for being Lee Hyori‘s boyfriend, will be making his film debut!

Lee Sang Soon will be appearing in the film ‘The Heaven is Only Open to the Single!‘, which will be his first attempt at acting. The movie is planned to be released at the 13th Jeonju International Film Festival.

‘The Heaven is Only Open to the Single!’ is directed by Jo Sung Gyu, who’s previously worked on the film ‘Second Half‘, and tells the story of a top actress who gets caught in a scandal with a comedian. After getting dumped by the gagman, the actress’ agency sets dating restrictions. The top actress, played by Choi Yoon So of ‘Secret Garden‘, will then meet a starving musician, who will give her life a little shake.

Besides Lee Sang Soon, other musicians who will be appearing in the film are guitarist Lee Neung Ryong, singer-songwriter Lim Ju Yeon, bassist Jung Joong Yup, and others.

Source & Image : My Daily via Nate

MC Shin Dong Yup reveals the ideal type of woman for all men on ‘Strong Heart’?

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 06:56 AM PDT

MC Shin Dong Yup caused laughter on the set of the most recent episode of ‘Strong Heart‘ by revealing the supposed ideal woman of men everywhere.

During this episode, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany stated she was a fan of co-host Lee Dong Wook, calling him: “Our chief“.

Lee Dong Wook responded, “I’m also a fan of Girls’ Generation.” Shin Dong Yup then quipped, “Men usually like women who are strangers.

When Lee Dong Wook asked Shin Dong Yup, “What kind of women do you like?” Shin Dong Yup promptly answered, “Women I’ve never met. Brand new women,” causing the studio to burst out with laughter.

Check out the clip below! (Tiffany’s confession begins at 2:32)

Source + Image: Nate

Yoo Jae Suk shows his support for Noel

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 06:25 AM PDT

“The nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk showed his support for ballad group Noel.

On April 24th, a video of Yoo Jae Suk leaving a message for the group was posted onto several online community boards with the title, “Video of Yoo Jae Suk supporting Noel”. The filming seemed to have taken place before the recording of the April 23rd episode of MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘.

The host introduces the four members saying, “Hello, this is Yoo Jae Suk. The talented members of Noel have finally returned with their new single. We have waited for so long since their previous hit ‘I Miss You‘. Please show lots of love to their new song ‘Leaving’.”

Yoo Jae Suk has once again showed his warmth to his juniors as he was seen patting their backs as he spoke. Netizens responded to the video commenting, “As expected from Yoo Jae Suk, he’s the best,” “Yoo Jae Suk is so kind,” and “He’s such a good sunbae.”

Noel released their new single album titled ‘Leaving‘ on April 19th, and are actively promoting not only on music shows but on variety programs as well.

Source & Image: TV Report via Nate

ElectroBoyz’s Maboos goes from little boy to muscle man

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 05:56 AM PDT

ElectroBoyz‘s Maboos turned the heads of many female fans with his perfect back muscles.

On April 25th, fellow member Chakun posted pictures on their official Twitter page with the message, “Ma leader’s muscular back^^ I hope you forget his embarrassment as a little boy…”

The revealed pictures of Maboos that Chakun posted were taken at the gym while Maboos was working out his back. Maboos’s muscles were smooth and free of any fat or cellulite, showing off his toned body and masculine sexiness as well as drawing the attention of many.

Fans commented, “No more embarrassing him about being a little boy~,” “First Chakun, now even Maboos…,” “His back muscles are as awesome as his rap,” “Joined the elite body club,” and “I can’t believe this unexpected side of Maboos.”

Meanwhile, ElectroBoyz was created by hitmaker Brave Brothers. On April 26th, their third single, “Electrify” will be released, and starting the 27th, they will start promoting their title song, “Should I Laugh or Cry” featuring Baek Ji Young.

20120425_electroboyzmaboos1 20120425_electroboyzmaboos2 20120425_electroboyzmaboos3

Source: ElectroBoyz’s Twitter

Ivy makes funny faces on ‘Strong Heart’

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 05:22 AM PDT

Ivy made some incredibly hilarious expressions on the April 24th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, completely tearing down the image that people had of her.

The star debuted with a sexy image, but she confessed, “I was actually born in the countryside of Choongnam,” and shared that one of her hobbies was making funny faces. Comedian Jung Juri shocked the crowd when she said, “When I take a picture with Ivy, she looks worse than me.”

Ivy said, “The muscles in my face move very well. Even if I have to compete against comedians, I am confident that I will not lose.”

With this, the competition to make the funniest face on ‘Strong Heart’ began. All the guests were asked to make funny faces, but nobody could hold a candle to Ivy.

Ivy continued, “I have been practicing for 15 years. In junior high school I tried to make the person sitting in front of me laugh by making a monkey face and found out the muscles in my face move well,” and once again made a face that brought everyone to laughter.

Source: NEWSEN via Nate

2PM’s Junho & Vanness’ ‘Invincibility’ MV out!

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 04:49 AM PDT

2PM Junho‘s and Taiwanese-American superstar Vanness collaborated on a track for Taiwanese drama ‘Tiamo Chocolate’.

The teaser for the song “Invincibility” was released last week, and now the full music video is out!

Vanness claimed his fame through the Taiwanese version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, and has garnered immense popularity throughout Asia. Junho showcased an impressive command of the Chinese language in the song as well.

Check out the music video for “Invincibility” below!

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New ‘CCM’ artist Grace to debut with ‘Miracle’

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 04:22 AM PDT

Upcoming singer Grace will debut as a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) artist under the agency Kiro Y Group with her first album titled ‘Miracle‘ on April 26th.

Singer turned producer, Yang Jung Seung, produced “Miracle“, while Grace helped to write the lyrics to the track, which has a ballad and funk version.

To produce a holy feeling for the ballad version, they tried to retain the delicacy of Grace’s vocals as much as possible. To deliver emotions of both joy and tears, the funk version of “Miracle” includes a captivating groove. It also features Grace singing 3-octave high notes, which add a refreshing and fun intensity to the track.

Grace commented, “I’m so happy and thankful to release my debut album. I want to be a singer that spreads the gospel through music to lots of people.

Grace is currently serving as a worship leader for MME Ministry, a group of young Christians dedicated to culture, media, and entertainment. She’s reported to be the younger sister of actress Kim Ye Rang.

T-ara’s Eunjung reveals her drama dilemma

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 03:50 AM PDT

T-ara‘s Eunjung recently revealed that she is watching MBC‘s Wednesday/Thursday drama ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.

On April 24th she tweeted, “It’s a war between the Wednesday/Thursday dramas…’The King 2 Hearts’, ‘Equator Man’, and ‘Rooftop Prince’ are all so fun! It’s so hard to decide which channel to turn to. Because of my schedule, I am not gonna be able to watch for two weeks. So sad. I’m currently watching ‘The King 2 Hearts’ with my mom.

In related news, MBC’s ‘The King 2 Hearts’, KBS2 TV‘s ‘Equator Man‘, and SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘ are in a war over viewership numbers. Last week ‘Equator Man’, which was in last place, rose to first by their 9th episode. However, ‘Equator Man’ and ‘The King 2 Hearts’, which was third, only differ by a 1.2% viewer rating. These three dramas are definitely in a heated battle for first!

Which drama do you guys prefer?

Source and Picture: Eunjung’s Twitter

HaHa wishes Kim Jong Kook a happy birthday

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 03:21 AM PDT

Singer HaHa wished his closest senior, Kim Jong Kook, a happy birthday.

On the 25th, HaHa shared on his Twitter, “My hyung! I’m wishing you a really happy birthday. You are the best! I love you from the bottom of my heart!” He also shared a photo taken with Kim Jong Kook.

The two are seen wearing clothes appropriate for the summer with matching bandages wrapped around their legs. Kim Jong Kook’s funny facial expression along with HaHa’s bright smile warmed the hearts of his Twitter followers.

Kim Jong Kook and HaHa have been participating together in SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ for over a year. HaHa was also known for his “follow Kim Jong Kook” gags on the variety show ‘X-Man‘ in the past.

Source + Image: HaHa’s Twitter

f(x)’s Victoria impresses with her new slim figure

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 02:47 AM PDT

A recent snapshot of f(x) leader Victoria has become a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

An online community board posted several photos of the singer with a caption that read, “f(x)’s Victoria lost even more weight, looks like a model.”

The photos reveal a much leaner Victoria at the airport wearing a black dress and sunglasses. All eyes were immediately drawn to her long, thin arms and legs as she walked, exuding the look of a professional model.

These photos drew more attention as Victoria has received criticisms in the past for looking a bit chubbier than she did when she first debuted, but her recent figure is sure to shut critics up.

Netizens have been showing their support commenting, “She is really beautiful and has an amazing body,” “Has she been on a diet as she filmed a drama? She is really skinny,” and “It is good to be healthy, but Victoria really looks good when she is skinny.

In related news, Victoria has recently been cast to star in the drama ‘The Prince Who Lost His Castle‘.

Source: Hankook Ilbo via Nate News

Kang Kyun Sung and Nam Bora look like siblings?

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 02:17 AM PDT

Noel‘s Kang Kyun Sung shared a selca he took with actress Nam Bora.

Kang Kyun Sung tweeted on April 23rd, “With Nam Bora, who participated in our music video!!

Fans took notice of how similar the two look with their large eyes, straight nose, and cheek bones. Apparently, they look similar enough to be siblings.

Followers responded, “You look really alike,” “You guys look like siblings,” and “What a cute two shot!

On another note, Nam Bora received a lot of attention for participating in the music video for Noel’s title track “Leaving“.

Souce & Image: Kang Kyun Sung’s Twitter

Lee Hyori shares a photo taken with boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 01:45 AM PDT

Singer Lee Hyori shared an intimate couple photo.

On the April 23rd episode of SBSHealing Camp‘, Hyori revealed a photo she took with her current boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon.

The black-and-white photo drew much attention as the two, who were labeled as “Beauty and the Beast” upon going public with their relationship, looked rather good together. Dressed comfortably and posing affectionately, the couple looked to be extremely close. Hyori’s flawless profile shot as well as Lee Sang Soon’s muscular build earned the high praises of ‘Healing Camp’ viewers.

Hope the two will be happy together,” fans commented online. They also added, “Hyori is so pretty,” and “Envious of Lee Sang Soon!”

Source & Image : MoneyToday StarNews via Nate

F.CUZ reveals teaser for new single “No. 1″

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 01:16 AM PDT

F.CUZ is finally making a comeback after 1 year and 5 months of inactivity!

The group revealed a teaser for their comeback for the first time on Cyworld Music on April 25th at 5 PM KST.

NO. 1“, the title track off of their 3rd mini album ‘F.CUZ‘ (For Century Ultimate Zest), features a unique blend of dubstep, which seems to be a worldwide trend, and an electronic sound. Through the teaser for the single, F.CUZ reveals a more mature image to their fans.

For their performance, F.CUZ, who have been known to express their individuality through choreography, are set to capture people’s attention through the use of EL Wire suits as well as their synchronized dance routine.

The single is a collaboration between Monday Kiz‘s leader Lee Jin Sung and composer Melodin Jun Hyung, who wrote the song just for F.CUZ. The track is also gaining attention because it’s a dance track composed by Lee Jin Sung, who is a ballad group leader.

F.CUZ will kick off their comeback with a performance on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank‘ on April 27th.

Check out the teaser for “NO. 1″ below!

Source + Image: Newsen via Nate

SECRET’s Hyosung gives a shout out to fans before leaving to Japan

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 12:45 AM PDT

SECRET member Hyosung gave a shout out to fans before leaving for Japan this week. has revealed a new selca revealing her forehead with a bangs-free hairstyle.

On April 24th, Hyosung tweeted, “I’ll have a good trip to Japan. SECRET Time and Superstar! I hope you’re doing well. I miss you.”

“SECRET Time” and “Superstar” are the names of SECRET’s fan club and Hyosung’s fan cafe.

Fans took notice of Hyosung’s flawless skin and her slim “V-line” (jaw line) as well as her bangs-free, forehead revealing hairstyle.

They commented, “It’s not easy to look pretty with bangs pulled back,” “She has a small face even with her forehead revealed,” and “Have a good trip to Japan.

Source + Photo: Hyosung’s Twitter

Actor Lee Hyun Jin used to resemble the current North Korean leader?

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 12:24 AM PDT

Viewers were surprised by actor Lee Hyun Jin‘s pre-diet photo after his before-after photo was revealed on ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the April 24th episode of the talk show, the actor explained the reason behind his dramatic weight loss as well as how he currently kept in shape.

Up until I was in my 1st year in high school, I weighed 108 kg (238 lbs).” It turned out that the reason behind his dramatic weight loss was due to his former girlfriend as he explained, “After I broke up with my girlfriend, I began to shed a lot of weight.”

When questioned how he maintained his figure, he replied, “My two meals a day were always tofu. I used to run 20 laps around a field and lost 60 kg (132 lbs) in six months.” The actor then revealed that the first thing he did after losing weight was trash all photos he had taken with his friends.

Upon seeing Lee Hyun Jin’s graduation photo, MC Shin Dong Yup caused the studio to burst into laughter as he remarked, “The photo reminds me of the person in the North,” referring to North Korea’s current leader, Kim Jong Un.

Meanwhile, the April 24th episode featured other guests such as Ivy, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany, Park Kyung Lim, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon, Han Ji Woo, Kim Na Young, Seon Woo, Kim Hwan, and more.

Source & Image: TV Report via Nate

Ivy releases jacket photos for ‘Interview’!

Posted: 25 Apr 2012 12:03 AM PDT

Innocent yet sexy.

Ivy released two jacket photos for her comeback portraying polar sides of herself.

On April 25th, Ivy’s agency excited fans with teaser photos for her first mini-album ‘Interview‘, in which the singer exudes a comfortable yet mysterious aura. In one photo, Ivy is showing off her beautiful and innocent smile, while in the other photo, the singer made a 180 degree transformation with smokey makeup. In the mysterious and sexy teaser photo, Ivy’s crown is reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty.

Ivy will be releasing her new ballad song “Torn Heart” on April 27th. Check out the MV teaser!

Source + Photos: Star News via Nate