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"Fans celebrate Rain’s 10th anniversary with a subway advertisement" plus 19 more

"Fans celebrate Rain’s 10th anniversary with a subway advertisement" plus 19 more

Fans celebrate Rain’s 10th anniversary with a subway advertisement

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 08:51 AM PDT

A congratulatory plaque was put up in the subway stations, celebrating singer Rain‘s 10th anniversary.

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) who is currently enlisted in the military, debuted on April 24th, 2002 through a cable channel music program. Afterwards, he released his first formal album ‘Rain‘ to officially kick off his promotions as an artist.

Once he established himself as a singer, Rain also tried his hand at acting in both dramas and films alike. He received praise for his roles in Korean dramas ‘Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School‘ and ‘Full House‘. He was even offered a role in Hollywood project ‘Speed Racer‘ and later starred in ‘Ninja Assassin‘, being labeled a ‘World Star’ by fans all over the world.

To celebrate his ten years in the industry, his fans put up an advertisement on the front of a screen door in a busy subway station in Seoul. “Rain, congratulations on your ten year anniversary,” it read, also written in Japanese for his Japanese fans.

The advertisement will be up for another month, and fans remarked that with the ad, they would be able to “rain down on Rain when he exhausts himself in the military,” and “We hope that he will feel proud after seeing our efforts.”

In related news, Rain enlisted in the military on October 11th of last year, he is scheduled to be discharged around July of 2013.

Source & Image: IlganSports via Naver

U-KISS releases 6th mini album ‘DORADORA’!

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 08:23 AM PDT

Idol group U-KISS is finally back with the release of their 6th mini album ‘DORADORA‘!

Their title song “DORADORA” is a powerful dance track that lays a funky beat as the foundation, and well combines a bit of Dubstep. The melodically charismatic beat of the song will be sure to display U-KISS’ unique masculine charm that sets them apart from other idols out there.

Additional pop dance track “For You (4 U)” was composed by Jay Park, and it is an exciting, up-tempo song that is easy to sing along with, thanks to the repetitive lyrics and easy melody.

Remember to support U-KISS by purchasing the music or on iTunes and check out some select tracks from the album below! Which is your favorite?


4 U

When Love Stops

Doradora - EP - 유키스 (U-Kiss)

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is scared to greet Girls’ Generation?

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 07:52 AM PDT

MBLAQ Lee Joon‘s honest confession concerning Girls’ Generation has become a hot issue.

The MBLAQ member recently appeared on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ and confessed, “I am embarrassed to greet Girls’ Generation.”

Lee Joon went on to say, “I was afraid that they might think I’m weird if I greet them while smiling. I also get embarrassed when I can see myself in another person’s pupil,” and explained why he could never greet Girls’ Generation in the past.

Girls’ Generation member Tiffany also appeared on this broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’ and commented, “Whenever we see Lee Joon on music programs, he doesn’t even make eye contact with us,” and spoke about Lee Joon’s fear of greeting the beautiful nine ladies of the group.

This episode of ‘Strong Heart’ also featured Ivy, Oh Yoon Ah, Park Kyung Lim, and more.

Source: Hankook Ilbo via Naver

Daniel Henney’s new ‘scary’ hairstyle?

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 07:30 AM PDT

Actor Daniel Henney revealed a new photo of a rather unique hairstyle. He tweeted the above photo, and joked on April 24th, “Bit of a bad hair day.”

In the photo, the usually dashing and handsomely styled Daniel Henney has a long hair extension covering his face and flowing all the way down to his chest. His one uncovered eye is opened wide, giving a sense of terror to those who saw it.

Fans who saw the photo responded, “Has he transformed into long haired Henney,” “Did he do this because of a project?  He looks scary,” and “I think he will look good even if he really grew his hair out.  He has a very playful side.”

Source: Daniel Henney’s Twitter

Lee Hwan Hee releases her debut single, “Secret”

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 07:11 AM PDT

We recently reported that Girls' Generation member Seohyun's best friend, Lee Hwan Hee, would finally be launching her solo debut.

Seohyun may soon be able to stand on stage with her good friend, as Lee Hwan Hee or ‘Fwany‘ recently released her medium-tempo debut single "Secret" on the 25th.

Fwany has a long background in music, as she has trained underSM Entertainment for seven whole years, in addition to 3 more years with Worthy Entertainment!  The lyrics to "Secret", composed by Hwang Jae Woong, are of a shy girl who tries to express her feelings of love. The delicate and soft melody will remind you of your first love, and it is the perfect song to fit in with the spring season!

The main actress, who will be featured in the music video, is none other than actress Yoo Shin Ae, who is famous for her role in the movie, 'Whispering Corridors 5'.  She will be portraying an innocent and shy girl.  In addition, the music video has been directed by Park Byung Hwan, who is responsible for filming numerous music videos for many singers and idols along with a line of commercial films.

A representative of Worthy Entertainment shared that Fwany “will be debuting as a solo artist, but plans to participate in various activities in the future."

Let us know what you think of her debut song below!

‘Love Rain’ full-length OST album released!

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 06:50 AM PDT

KBS‘ ‘Love Rain‘ released the drama’s full-length OST album on April 24th KST.

The album contains the song “Because It’s You by Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany, whose fellow member YoonA plays a lead role. The ‘Love Rain’ OST album is reported to have had a record 20,000 pre-orders, showing the incredible popularity of the drama.

The ‘Love Rain’ OST features 12 tracks in all including ”Love Rain“, which is the theme song for Jang Geun Suk‘s character Inha, “Because It’s You”, and Na Yoon Gun‘s “Love Like Rain.

Netizens who heard the news of the album’s release commented, “Finally ‘Love Rain’ OST released!! I waited so long, and I’m for sure going to put it on repeat,” “Like the songs’ atmosphere, I feel my heart get a little teary as well,” and “High quality OST just like the drama! It’s an OST that fits in perfectly with the lead actors’ skills.”

The 10th episode of ‘Love Rain’ will be broadcast on April 24th KST.

Source + Photo: Osen

Girls’ Generation’s weekly facial expressions

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 06:21 AM PDT

A photo collection of Girls’ Generation‘s “daily facial expression changes” has become a hot topic online.

The photo shows Girls’ Generation and a related facial expression for the members, each day of the week. On Monday and Tuesday, the members look tired, but as the week moves on, they start to look a little more cheery. Friday and Saturday, they are smiling brightly. One thing that netizens noticed was that maknae Seohyun stays consistent, smiling throughout the entire week.

The collection definitely reflects the difference between what most people feel when the week starts and when the weekend begins.

Netizens who saw the post commented, “Girls’ Generation’s daily facial expression is hilarious,” “I burst out laughing looking at Sooyoung,” and “I think I am most similar to YoonA’s expressions.  I completely agree.”

What do you guys think?  Does your expression change depending on what day of the week it is?

Source: Donga Ilbo via Naver

DJ Tukutz of Epik High to become a father

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 05:52 AM PDT

Epik High member DJ Tukutz has announced that his wife is pregnant!

DJ Tukutz uploaded a photo on Twitter, and wrote on the afternoon of April 24th, “I am receiving the greatest present that any person can receive. I am going to be a father. Everyone, please send me your blessing.”

The photo that he tweeted shows what must be he and his wife sitting on a bench, lovingly looking into each others’ eyes.

Seeing the tweet, Gaeko of hip hop group Dynamic Duo responded, “Congratulations and blessings. Jung Shik, you now have to sell your expensive clothes.

Fans who saw the tweet responded, “I can’t believe that Tukutz is now a father,” “I am curious if he will have a son or a daughter,” and “I hope you have a beautiful child who looks like his parents.”

DJ Tukutz got married in 2009 to his first love, a woman two years older than him, just two days before he enlisted in the army.

allkpop congratulates DJ Tukutz and his wife!

Source: Star News via Naver

Idol group trainee Oh Jung Suk enters cooking competition show ‘Master Chef Korea’

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 05:19 AM PDT

On O’live‘s ‘Master Chef Korea‘, which is set to air its first broadcast on April 27th, an idol group trainee who dreams of becoming a “cooking idol” will appear.

Oh Jong Suk is 21 years old and known as the “Cooking Rapper” on the show. He is currently a trainee under SidusHQ, and is set to debut under a 4-5 member group. He was born in the U.S. and has lived in South Korea for the past eight years. He possesses skills in not only rapping, singing, and dancing, but apparently, cooking as well.

Although most hopeful singers enter singing audition programs to fulfill their dreams, Oh Jung Suk chose to enter into a cooking survival program, which captured the interest of netizens.

While wearing his father’s uniform during the show, Oh Jong Suk revealed, “When I was going through a rough time, my father taught me how to cook. Cooking helped me to get through my hardships.” Oh Jung Suk also showed his self-produced rap and song dedicated to his father in front of the panel.

In response to the judges’ concerns, Oh Jong Suk stated, “I love cooking as much as I love music. I want to win and open up a restaurant for my father. If I get accepted, I will inform my company CEO to delay my debut so that I can focus on cooking.”

‘Master Chef Korea’ is a survival reality program to find South Korea’s next “Food Culture Icon” among amateur chef contestants.

Source + Image: Star News via Nate

Go So Young is a femme fatale for Harper’s BAZAAR magazine

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 04:47 AM PDT

Actress Go So Young recently went to Milan with fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR for a photo shoot at Duomo Square. She showed that her beauty did not fade over the years, and that she still remains gorgeous and youthful even after her marriage.

Go So Young exudes elegance as she carries a classic sophisticated look in her pink dress, showing a luxurious charm.

A staff member associated with the photo shoot said, “The photo shoot was held in Milan and took a lot of work, but Go So Young did not even show that she was tired and finished the shoot like a pro.  Even in the fashion capitol of the world like Milan, Go So Young’s beauty shined through, showing she truly is one of the loveliest ladies of our time.”

The photos of Go So Young’s recent shoot in Milan can be found in the May issue of BAZAAR.

Source: Star Today via Nate News

Mighty Mouth snaps photo with Hollywood actress Jessica Alba

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 04:16 AM PDT

Mighty Mouth ran into Hollywood star Jessica Alba, who recently paid a visit to South Korea.

On April 24th, Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu left a tweet that read, “Mighty Mouth With Jessica Alba!! what a gr8 time! Goddess Alba with double M! having fun,” and uploaded a photo he and Shorry took with the star. The lucky duo is seen posing closely for the camera with Jessica, who was friendly enough to put her arms around them.

Upon seeing his tweet, 2PM‘s Taecyeon expressed his jealousy by replying, “Hyung… I’m jealous.

Jessica Alba and her family flew to the country on April 21st after their visit to Japan. It has also been reported that the Hollywood actress had reserved a table at Club Octagon in Gangnam upon her arrival.

Fans commented, “You guys are so lucky,” “I bet Shorry won’t be able to sleep tonight,” “She’s so beautiful,” and more.

Source: Sangchu’s Twitter

Jung Ryeo Won shares her artistic talent

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 03:45 AM PDT

Actress Jung Ryeo Won recently revealed her amazing artistic talent.

On the 23rd, the actress wrote on her Twitter along with photos of her drawings, “Watercolor painting is too intimidating for me still, but I decided to draw with my pen with the newfound energy I had. I stayed up all night to finish this drawing, and now my hands are about to become numb. What do you think?“ Her self-made drawings show women with elaborate hair accessories.

Fans responded, “There’s nothing she can’t do,” “The drawings are so cool,” and “She could be a professional painter.”

Jung Ryeo Won has previously published an essay on her artwork and has also sold pieces at charity auctions.

Source + Image: Financial News via Naver, Jung Ryeo Won‘s Twitter

Singer Yun Hyun Suk to be married in May + comeback in June

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 03:15 AM PDT

Singer Yun Hyuk Suk, who received much popularity for his song “Love“, will be getting married on May 5th at the Imperial Palace Hotel.

He was introduced to his fiancée by a lyricist he’s close to, and the couple has been together for seven years. It has been revealed that the woman he will be marrying is an average company employee who participated in the creation of the art work for the single and EP Album of his project team SCAR702.

The wedding will take place in a Christian church, and his soon to be sister in law, announcer Kim Suk Ryu, will be presiding. The wedding song will be performed by Y2K‘s Go Jae Keun and musical actor Song Yong Jin.

Yun Hyun Suk established his new home in Ilsan, and for his honeymoon, he’ll be going to Hawaii. He is to start his solo activities with the release of his single album after a four-year hiatus soon after.

The new single to be released in May has already been recorded and the two songs in his single were written, composed, and arranged by him. One will be a rock ballad and the other will be an exciting rock song with a fast beat. This single will feature the powerful drumming skills of Next and Novasonic drummer Lee Soo Yong as well as Lee Tae Yoon‘s bass session.

Agency M.Creative stated, “The recording for the music to be released in June and at the end of year is almost finished, and he will be performing at many events and rock festivals. Along with the rock band album, he is also preparing music for a movie and a drama. We hope for your love and support.

Big Bang’s photo shoot taken by Terry Richardson to be released through their official fan club and YG official app

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 02:42 AM PDT

Big Bang has reunited with famous American photographer Terry Richardson.

On April 24th at 4PM KST, YG Entertainment revealed that Big Bang’s photo shoot taken by Terry Richardson will be revealed through Big Bang’s official fan club and YG’s official application.

Terry Richardson sparked curiosity when he recently posted a picture that he took with Big Bang on his homepage, and now the full photo shoot will be officially released.

He’s known for photographing many famous stars including Justin TimberlakeLady GagaJay-ZBrad Pitt, and David Beckham. Not only does he take photos for celebrities, but he has also done fashion pictorials for brands like GucciSisley, and Diesel, giving him international fame as a fresh fashion and cultural icon.

This isn’t the first time Big Bang has worked with the famed photographer. Big Bang’s 2009 pictorial for Arena, in which he perfectly captured Big Bang’s sexy charm and received a lot of praise for his work, was also taken by Terry Richardson.

At the Arena photo shoot, Terry Richardson complimented Big Bang saying, “I don’t think I can forget Big Bang’s innocence.“ Terry Richardson is known for not inviting just anyone into his studio, but he personally invited Big Bang to his private studio in New York. It is said that when Big Bang came to America to film their music videos for “Blue” and “Bad Boy” that the boys and Terry Richardson worked together on the shoot like they were friends. It might be because they are more familiar with each other, but this time around, Richardson was able to capture Big Bang’s natural image.

You can check out these photos through the official YG phone application and Big Bang’s official fan club.

Links: iTunes; Google Play Store

BANA prepares a special advertisement for B1A4′s first anniversary

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 02:11 AM PDT

Group B1A4‘s special gift that they received from their fans BANA has been drawing attention.

BANA prepared a special advertisement that was shown on a large electronic display in downtown Seoul for the group’s first anniversary.

To congratulate them on their one year anniversary, a 20-second advertisement was shown until midnight of April 24th in 5-minute intervals on the electronic display located at the intersection between a movie theater and a mall in Kangnam.

B1A4 expressed their gratitude to their fans by writing a message on their official fan cafe saying, “We are so happy that we have created countless memories with our fans this past year. Thank you for always supporting us and giving us so much love that we don’t deserve.

The group debuted on April 23rd last year and since then have released three CDs. The B1A4 members displayed their unique fashion sense and their own style of music while promoting their songs “O.K.“, “Beautiful Target“, and “Baby I’m Sorry“.  With their dorky personalities and robust-sounding music, the boys have gained a lot of interest from teenage fans and are receiving praises for their individuality.

Despite being rookies, the group has accomplished a lot in 2011, winning the best rookie award at various awards ceremonies and gaining a fan base of over 80,000 members.

On another note, B1A4 is currently promoting their song “Baby I’m Sorry”, and member Baro is a regular on the program ‘God of Cookery‘ while member CNU is appearing on ‘I Need a Fairy‘.

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

SISTAR enjoys eating awesomely delicious fatty foods

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 01:40 AM PDT

A photo of the SISTAR members feasting on a meal high in calories is causing quite the stir among netizens online.

On April 22nd, the above photo surfaced on an online community site with the title, “SISTAR speedily inhaling food“.

The photo is of the four SISTAR members seated at a cafeteria table at SBS, feasting on foods high in calories and fat. The girls looked busy inhaling the food, which included burgers, ramen, french fries, soda, and more.

The photo came as a surprise to most as the girls have consistently maintained amazing figures. Member Dasom even recently revealed the diet plan she adhered to in order to drop 15 pounds, causing this photo to draw further attention from fans.

They seem so much more human now,” their fans wrote in response. Others added, “Why are my eyes more drawn to the food than to the people,” and “Dasom unni be careful! Your hard work will go to waste.

In related news, SISTAR is sweeping the music charts with their new song, “Alone“.

Source & Image : KoreaTimes via Nate

allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 9-10

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 01:13 AM PDT

Official Synopsis: A prince from the Chosun era, Yi Gak (JYJ's Yoochun), along with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho), Do Chi San (Choi Woo Shik) and Woo Young Sul (Jung Seok Won), are catapulted 300 years into the future. As he attempts to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the princess he loved, he unexpectedly finds himself in the city of Seoul in the year 2012, where he comes across a woman who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess…

Ratings: KBS‘s ‘Equator Man‘ was able to keep its first place position with a high of 13% rating, widening the gap a bit between the two other dramas. SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘ was able to keep its second place with a respectable 12% rating, while MBC‘s ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ fell back a little in its ratings with a 10.5%. ‘Rooftop Prince’ broadcast additional episodes due to the elections a few weeks ago, achieving a 10.4% rating for the following episode. While ‘Equator Man’ has finally achieved its spot at the top, we’ll have to see how well it’ll keep its position.

Recap of Ep. 9: After Grandmother declares that she saw ‘Tae Young’ and Park Ha together, Yi Gak confesses that he liked Park Ha, protecting her from Grandmother’s wrath. Explaining to his grandmother, he declares his love for Park Ha and confesses that she was the reason he had wanted to stay in the same house as her. After Yi Gak endures spending the whole night on his knees to ask for forgiveness, and asking her to allow him and Park Ha to continue living together as well as for Park Ha to continue working at the company, Grandmother finally consents after being reassured that Yi Gak has no plans to marry Park Ha.

While Park Ha and Yi Gak return to the company happily, the three courtiers notice a surprising sight. After scaring Park Ha’s eager blind date, who came to congratulate her on her birthday with a cake, the three boys began to work on creating the most lavish celebration for her birthday. They bake a tall cake, in addition to going to Lady Mimi and Becky for tidbits on birthday celebrations in 2012 Korea. Meanwhile, Se Na (Jung Yumi) finally meets her rival in Tae Mu’s father, who tells her outright that he wants her to leave the company quietly and to step out of Tae Mu’s life. She surprisingly agrees, only to blackmail Tae Mu’s father that she could reveal all the backstabbing secrets Tae Mu and his father are planning against Tae Young’s grandmother, the chairman.

After Se Na and Yi Gak return from squash practice together, Yi Gak invites her into his house, making Park Ha jealous. Yi Gak hands her the handkerchief with the butterfly sewn into it, telling her to be careful of it. However, Park Ha drops it, allowing Se Na to take it home and leaving Yi Gak furious. Park Ha vows to find it, only to realize the difficulty of it as she is faced with a mountain of clothes. She returns home downtrodden and sick, softening Yi Gak’s anger. While Park Ha recovers, Yi Gak buys a hair accessory for her and writes a note telling her to meet him at the Han River at 7. However, an angry Se Na, who believes that Park Ha had told Tae Mu’s father about her poor family, discovers the note and meets up with Yi Gak first. When Park Ha comes a little bit afterwards, she catches sight of Se Na hugging Yi Gak and confessing that she had fallen for him.

Recap of Ep. 10 Although heartbroken, Park Ha puts on a cheerful exterior as she plays a game of basketball with the three courtiers, and is later joined by Yi Gak. After Park Ha successfully wins the game and punches Yi Gak in the stomach, the entourage and Park Ha return home to celebrate her birthday, but Yi Gak does not give his present to her. As Tae Mu’s father threatens Se Na more, Se Na decides to make her next move on Yi Gak by joining his company team.

To prove Yi Gak’s resourcefulness in the company, Grandmother sets Yi Gak on a task to promote a product. Yi Gak and Se Na become closer as they work to promote the product. In the meantime, Park Ha joins the three men out on a dinner as they treat her with their newly earned salary. The three men and Park Ha get closer as they talk about their time in the Chosun era, and their inevitable return to the past. Man Bo relays to Park Ha the reincarnation tale and how Secretary Hong, Se Na, is the reincarnation of the dead princess Yi Gak is married to. Confused about her own feelings with Yi Gak, Park Ha becomes even more distant with him.

While the three men prepare a BBQ for Se Na, Park Ha decides to take a bike ride instead after hearing that her stepsister was coming. Yi Gak, worried about her whereabouts, leaves the preparations and searches for her. Upon meeting her, he complains to her how much she keeps intruding upon his thoughts and how he keeps thinking about her (but really, we all know that he loooves her). Yi Gak tells her he won’t care about her anymore and leaves Park Ha brooding over her feelings and sending a text confessing her love for him. Belatedly she realizes she hadn’t meant to send the text and tries to erase it, but to no avail. When Yi Gak returns to discuss the issue more, she tries to erase the text from his cellphone and hide it underground. However, a dog discovers it, and while Yi Gak is reading the text, Park Ha escapes. However, he appears in front of her path on his bike a few moments later.


kdramacrazy's Thoughts:

[Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of allkpop.]

First of all, I wanted to thank the writers for leaving us at episode 10's cliffhanger with the blooming of Yi Gak-Park Ha loveline, rather than having my anger boil over with Se Na. In addition, I appreciate how the loveline is progressing, with Yi Gak giving his quasi-love confession, while Park Ha does the same but in a more direct form. I hope, and I suspect, that the writers are not going to go backwards in having Park Ha reject her confession. Because if she is, then Yi Gak and the viewers would question why she had put up all that fuss in trying to hide the cellphone. While this confession might have cost some of our cute lovely moments between the couple in the immediate following episodes, it might be enough of a push for Yi Gak to tread towards Park Ha, because we can totally see he's falling for her. Let's hope Yi Gak discovers Se Na's ugly nature.

I also like how the side characters are developing, especially the Chosun trio. While the three have been established as the comical characters, the clowns, they're given character and emotional depth with their painful pasts. In addition, I love how these boys are able to substitute, even for a little bit, the vacant position left by Yi Gak. While most female protagonists spend their heartbroken moments drinking, wandering around like a ghost, crying, making viewers want to shake some sense into the girl, I love how cheerful Park Ha is or at least she is able to proceed in life with energy. And the boys' role in creating the happiness for her is invaluable.

And can I say thank you for hitting two birds with one stone? While I cannot stand either slimy Tae Mu's father or bitchy Se Na, seeing the two go at each other is finally a gratifying moment. Two evil forces going against each other with equal evilness and power. Now just waiting for the moment for the two to knock each other out of the drama.

Presale begins for KARA figurines

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 12:50 AM PDT

Presales of girl group KARA‘s figurines have begun!

The final product of the figurines will be based on the concept of their hit song “Mister“.They’ll be available for purchase starting on April 24th. The first still cut of the figures was released online in March, and these dolls have been gaining attention since then because they’ll be the first of their kind to be created and sold in Korea. No other idol group has sold figurines of their members.

Presales of the limited edition dolls began on April 24th in South Korea, and they’re planned to be sold overseas in the near future. The figurines available for presale are the “combination pack”, which includes the figurines of all the members, and individual dolls in “single packs”. These dolls are expected to be a must have for all Kamilia. They’re 12 inches in height, and feature realistic facial expressions.

People are wondering what kind of reactions these KARA figurines will have in the Japanese market as well as with the many fans KARA has in the nation and abroad.

Source & Image: Sports World via Naver

2AM’s Seulong gets lucky with K-pop card pack

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 12:30 AM PDT

It looks like 2AM‘s Seulong got lucky with his random pack of K-pop cards. On April 23rd, member Jinwoon tweeted, ”We ended up buying it somehow and our card came out! ^^ Seulong-hyung is lucky!!! ke.

According to Jinwoon’s tweets, 2AM bought a pack of K-pop cards, which usually hold a set of random collectable images of famous K-pop stars. It appears that Seulong’s pack included a photo of his very own group, 2AM.

Fans commented, “You found 2AM,” “You look so young,” and “Wow that’s awesome.

Source: Jinwoon’s Twitter

[Updated] SM Entertainment releases “Dear My Family” track + MV for ‘I Am’ OST

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 12:07 AM PDT

SM Entertainment has revealed a track for their upcoming movie,I Am, titled “Dear My Family”.

On April 24th, the OST track was released through various music sites, and is already gathering much attention as the artists of SM Entertainment, including Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO-K, and EXO-M, have taken part in the recording of the song.

“Dear My Family” is a ballad featuring heart felt lyrics and the melodic vocals of the SM artists. Although the song has been released previously before, it has been re-recorded for the movie OST.

In addition to the track, a music video containing behind-the-scenes footage of the recording session as well as highlight clips from the movie itself, has also been released. “Dear My Family” as well as its instrumental version is now available on iTunes.

Check out the track and MV below!

Source + Photo: Sports World via Naver