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"Hyori’s mom shed tears when she saw her daughters boyfriend Lee Sang Soon" plus 19 more

"Hyori’s mom shed tears when she saw her daughters boyfriend Lee Sang Soon" plus 19 more

Hyori’s mom shed tears when she saw her daughters boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 09:16 AM PDT

Singer Lee Hyori revealed that her mother shed tears after seeing her current boyfriend Lee Sang Soon for the very first time.

On the April 23rd broadcast of SBSHealing Camp‘, Lee Hyori began opening up about her boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon.

When my mom saw him for the first time, she shed tears because of his unattractive appearance,” she admitted. “Meanwhile, Sangsoon’s mother also shed tears after she saw an upsetting article that remarked that he was ‘ugly’.”

After we went public with our relationship, all people could talk about was his appearance,” the singer continued. “I was so upset.”

If you look carefully, my boyfriend is handsome,” she added.

Source & Image: StarNews via Nate

B2ST’s Dongwoon releases “In the Cloud” for Shinsadong Tiger’s ‘Supermarket_another Half’

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 08:46 AM PDT

Talented producer Shinsadong Tiger drew much attention for his first project album ‘Supermarket‘. Now, he’s set to expand on that project album with ‘Supermarket_another Half‘.

‘Supermarket_another Half’ will include tracks “Hub” by 4minute, “Stop” by G.Na, and “In the Cloud“, a solo track by B2ST member Son Dongwoon. The songs are scheduled to be released one after the other, starting with “In the Cloud” which was released at midnight on April 24th (KST).

With this new medium tempo ballad, B2ST’s maknae Dongwoon shows the fans what he can bring to the table as a soloist, singing the joys of a man that’s helplessly fallen in love. The pop-style track brings out Shinsadong Tiger’s classic electronic sound, and the repetitive trendy melody line is sure to capture the fans with just one listen. This solo track by Dongwoon serves as a sweet gift to the B2ST fans that are eagerly awaiting the boys’ comeback scheduled to take place next month.

Check out the song below!

Source & Image: Melon
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B.A.P. releases MV trailer for “POWER”

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 08:21 AM PDT

B.A.P. is back!

After leaving quite the impression on the K-pop scene with their debut track ”Warrior”, the 6 boys of B.A.P. will be making a comeback with their sophomore single “POWER“.

After unleashing a teaser for “POWER”, they’ve now revealed the MV trailer. The trailer shows the boys in a doomsday scenario in a desolate landscape. You can also hear the chant, “We’ve got the Power“. While not much of the song is revealed, the brand new concept will be sure to captivate fans and the like once more.

Until their official release on April 27th, check out the trailer below!

SM Entertainment establishes their new restaurant corporation, ‘SM KRAZE’

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 08:13 AM PDT

As one of Korea’s leading entertainment companies, SM Entertainment recently expanded their business by starting a travel and tourism business. Now it seems there will be even further expansion, as the agency will embark on their very own dining business.

On April 23rd, SM Entertainment revealed that they have partnered with Kraze International to launch a new joint venture business, ‘SM Kraze‘.

SM Kraze will build upon the current Hallyu phenomenon and develop itself as a global business by advancing overseas, creating a steppingstone into the international dining market.

SM Kraze will reflect upon the demands of the consumers and create a new culture of dining by grafting various E-factors, creating a new business model in the restaurant business by fusing entertainment and fine dining.

SM Kraze will be launching their very first ‘new style of PUB’ flagship store in Chungdam-dong within the first half of the year.

In related news, SM Entertainment has also acquired a large portion of shares from BT&I, South Korea's fifth largest travel management corporation that is listed on KOSDAQ.

Source & Image: MoneyToday StarNews via Nate + Kraze

2PM’s Junho hops on the K-Pop diet bandwagon

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 07:39 AM PDT

2PM member Junho revealed his own diet plans.

On April 23rd, Junho shared the photo above (right) via his official Twitter page and wrote, “My daily meal. I may soon become nothing but a skeleton. This is even more difficult for me because I am big boned.”

Junho’s small meal consisted of cabbage, sweet potato, and chicken breast- foods that are low in calories. Netizens who saw his photo showed their concern saying, “You don’t need to lose any weight,” as well as “That’s such a meager meal,” and “You will seriously become nothing but skin and bones.”

As the warm weather approaches, many celebrities including Junho are working to drop a few more pounds. J.Y. Park recently revealed his own diet plan consisting of fruit and nuts, while comedienne Kim Shin Young also drew attention for dropping 35 pounds, eating low-calorie foods including vegetables and fruit.

Source & Image: MoneyToday StarNews via Nate

Seohyun’s best friend, Lee Hwan Hee to mark her debut with “Secret”

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 06:50 AM PDT


Girls’ Generation member Seohyun‘s best friend, Lee Hwan Hee is finally launching her solo debut!

Lee Hwan Hee is scheduled to release a teaser for her debut single, “Secret” on April 23rd before the official release on the 25th.

According to Hwan Hee’s company, Worthy Entertainment, Lee Hwan Hee’s new single, “Secret” is a medium-tempo, ballad song.  Lee Hwan Hee has a long background in music, as she has trained under SM Entertainment for seven whole years, in addition to 3 more years with Worthy Entertainment!  ”Secret”, which was composed by Hwang Jae Woong contains lyrics involving a shy girl who tries to express her feelings of love.  It contains a soft melody that will remind you of your first love; a perfect song that befits the spring season!

The main actress who will be featured in the music video is none other than actress, Yoo Shin Ae who is famous for her role in the movie, ‘Whispering Corridors 5‘.  She will be portraying an innocent and shy girl.  In addition, the music video has been directed by Park Byung Hwan, who is responsible for filming numerous music videos for many singers and idols along with a line of commercial films.

A representative of Worthy Entertainment shared, “Lee Hwan Hee will be debuting as a solo artist, but plans to participate in various activities in the future.”



Check out her past times with best friend, Seohyun below!


Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate (1), (2)

Ivy gears up for her comeback with a sexy pictorial for ‘Esquire’

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 06:32 AM PDT


Ivy is definitely marking her return with a sexy new pictorial for ‘Esquire‘ magazine!

Released on April 23rd, the pictorial shows off Ivy’s voluminous body to the fullest in a deep pink dress, cut in all the right places. Ivy was known as a ‘sexy icon’ before her long hiatus, and that image certainly hasn’t gone anywhere during her time away from the industry.

Staff on set expressed, “We felt that she was a true professional from the way she confidently posed in front of the camera despite her long hiatus. She’s been working out consistently, which shows in her stunning and healthy body, which earned the praise of everyone on set.”

Ivy is currently gearing up for her first mini-album, ‘INTERVIEW‘, on April 27th.


Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

Lee Jun Ki’s first impression of Shin Min Ah, “I felt like I was looking at a celebrity”

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 05:34 AM PDT


It seems as though 2AM‘s Seulong isn’t the only celebrity who’s a huge fan of Shin Min Ah. Actor Lee Jun Ki guested on a recent episode of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘ and revealed his first impression of Shin Min Ah.

Reporter Park Seul Ki began by discussing his drama comeback. “I heard you’ll be making a comeback through the upcoming drama, ‘Arang and the Magistrate.”

After being officially discharged from the military back on February 16th, Lee Jun Ki landed a role for upcoming MBC historical drama, ‘Arang and the Magistrate’.

In response to the reporter, he nodded and spoke up about his first impression of actress Shin Min Ah, who would be playing the lead female role in the drama. “I felt like I was looking at a celebrity,” he said, bringing much laughter on set.

When we first met, I continuously praised her which caused her to say a few words.” As the reporter and viewers were left curious to know her response, Lee Jun Ki finally revealed, “She said ‘you’re making me feel uncomfortable’,” causing viewers to burst into laughter.

In addition to the segment, footage of Lee Jun Ki recently celebrating his 31st birthday with fans was aired.


Source & Image: TV Report via Nate

Fans publish a bus advertisement for T-ARA’s 1,000th day anniversary

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 05:28 AM PDT


On T-ara‘s 1,000th day anniversary, fans surprised the group with a bus advertisement.

The bus advertisement will appear for one month starting April 23rd and can be seen on bus lines #262 (Yeouido – Jongno - Myeonmok-dong) and #721 (Bukgajwa-dong - Jongno – Konkuk University Station).

T-ara made their debut on July 29th, 2009 with their hit song, “Lies“. They continued to rise to fame with their following hit songs, “Bo Peep Bo Peep“, “Why Are You Being Like This?“, “I Go Crazy Because of You“, “Roly-Poly“, and “Cry Cry“.

The members of T-ara stated, “It’s hard to believe that it is already our 1,000th day anniversary. We want to thank our fans for their love and support and we will continue to do our best.”

T-ara departed on the 23rd for their promotional activities in Japan.


Source + Image: Star News via Nate

B2ST’s Lee Kikwang is surprised over shirtless photo of himself

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 04:41 AM PDT


A shirtless photo of Lee Kikwang managed to surprise both Lee Kikwang and his fans at the same time.

On April 22nd, popular Hallyu group B2ST held their second official fan meeting. This marks the one year anniversary since their first ever fan meeting, which was held on April of last year.

On this day, all of the fans were treated to a special present, which was a USB drive that was filled with photos and video clips of the B2ST members. The photos depicted never before seen shots of the daily lives of the boys. These included photos of them playing a game to decide who gets the better rooms in their dorms, to selca shots that were taken on planes as they traveled.

During the fan meeting, the fans were treated to quite a surprise as a shirtless photo of Lee Kikwang was broadcast on the big screen for everyone to see. Lee Kikwang himself was highly shocked and lamented, “How is it that I am the only one with that kind of picture?

MC and popular comedian Kim Shin Young joked, “I see that your development is quite extraordinary!” and caused the place to burst into laughter

In related news, B2ST will be preparing for a long anticipated Korean comeback.


Source & Image: Nate

Jay Park to be named honorary ambassador for ‘R-16 Korea 2012′

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 03:49 AM PDT


On April 23rd, singer Jay Park will be appointed the honorary ambassador for the ‘R-16 Korea 2012‘ b-boy competition by the ‘Korea Tourism Organization‘.

Jay Park’s crew, Art of Movement, had attended the same competition as guest performers the previous year. When asked how they came to choose Jay Park as an honorary ambassador, the ‘Korea Tourism Organization’ explained, “As someone that is a b-boy dancer turned Hallyu star, we felt that he would be the best figure to promote and represent this competition all over the world.”

The ‘R-16 Korea 2012′ is sponsored by the ‘Korea Tourism Organization’ and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. This year marks the competition’s sixth year.


Source + photos: Sports World via Naver

U-KISS’ Dongho and Hoon attend ‘Holyland’ production conference

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 03:16 AM PDT


On April 23rd, U-KISS‘s Dongho and Hoon attended the production conference for their cable TV super action drama, ‘Holyland‘.

Dongho revealed, “I read the Japanese comic first, so I was well versed with the drama’s scenario. It felt amazing to receive a casting offer from a drama I already knew so well. Since it already had an original series, I felt more confident with taking the role.”

Dongho plays the role of a student who is intially weak and introverted, thus regarded as a loner in society. After picking up boxing, he finds a new strength within himself and goes after the wrongfully rebellious.

He continued, “It’s true that I felt pressured because I had so many scenes. I figured that if the drama didn’t do so well, it’d be my fault. During the preparation process, however, I grew and matured, and I’m confident that a great product has emerged out of it. A lot of seniors helped and gave me advice, but there were a lot of scenes that I had to accomplish on my own. I worked hard to express it in my own way where help couldn’t reach, which is why there might be misinterpretations or lacking aspects in the final product. I will continue to grow, however, and show improvement.”

Hoon added, “I was really worried about acting with Dongho. There are a lot of scenes in ‘Holyland’ where Dongho and I converse with just our gazes alone. Considering that we burst out into laughter by just looking at each other normally, it was hard, but also a unique experience.”

Dongho also stated, “Whenever I went to film dramas, the other member hyungs would worry for me a lot. I could tell that they were a lot more comfortable with me being with Hoon hyung for ‘Holyland’ since the two of us can take care of each other and work on our teamwork.”


20120422_ukiss_holyland_8 20120422_ukiss_holyland_7 20120422_ukiss_holyland_6 20120422_ukiss_holyland_5 20120422_ukiss_holyland_4 20120422_ukiss_holyland_3 20120422_ukiss_holyland_2 20120422_ukiss_holyland_1


Source + Photos: Kuki Media + OSEN

KARA’s Nicole and Seungyeon are twins for ‘Elle’

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 03:11 AM PDT


KARA‘s Nicole and Seungyeon have participated in a new pictorial for ‘Elle‘ magazine.

Despite the pictorial’s theme being done under a ‘twin look’ concept, the girls show distinctly different styles while sporting identical hair styles and make up, all while still carrying the same air of mysterious beauty.

The girls had previously stated that no matter how alike they dress on stage, all of the members of KARA have such unique, individual charms that let them stand out amongst each other. The pictorial definitely proves just that in a simplistic manner.

When asked what their favorite beauty items were at the moment, Nicole replied, “I’m into lipsticks these days.”

Check out the rest in the May edition of ‘Elle’.


Source + Photos: TV Daily

B2ST’s Junhyung releases a BTS look into his recording for Prepix

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 02:52 AM PDT


On April 23rd, a behind-the-scenes look into the recording studio of B2ST‘s Junhyung rapping for Prepix‘s “What I See” was released online.

Previously, it was revealed that Junhyung would be featuring for Prepix’s new song as a rapper out of loyalty and friendship for Ha Woosin, who choreographed B2ST’s “Shock“, “Soom“, and “Fiction“.

Junhyung certainly looks like he’s in his element in the recording booth and looks a lot younger without any stage make-up on.

Netizens commented, “I want to hear the music soon, really looking forward to it“, “Junhyung is so loyal“, “A pretty boy even without make-up“, and “He’s so cool!“.

Check out the teaser here if you haven’t already. “What I See” will be released on April 24th.


Source Photos: Star Today via Naver

Legendary veteran singer, Cho Young Pil permits Bobby Kim to remake his song!

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 02:26 AM PDT

Legendary veteran singer, Cho Young Pil has permitted Bobby Kim to remake one of his hit tracks!

On April 23rd, a representative of Bobby had an interview with Osen and revealed, “Cho Young Pil has given permission to Bobby Kim for the first time to remake one of his songs.  Bobby plans on inputting his remake version of Cho Young Pil’s ‘Reunion in the Memories‘ in his next special album.”

In the past, Bobby has even done a rendition of ‘Reunion in the Memories’ through MBC‘s ‘I am a Singer‘.  Cho Young Pil who attended as a guest judge, highly praised Bobby’s breathtaking performance.

This is the first time that Cho Young Pil has allowed any junior singer to remake his songs, which makes this whole offer all the more important and meaningful.  Cho Young Pil has expressed that if it’s Bobby Kim, he wouldn’t mind having his songs remade.

Bobby Kim plans to release his special album in June.

Source + Photos: Osen


JYJ and Min Hyo Rin get colorful for ‘NII’

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 01:39 AM PDT

The members of JYJ and actress Min Hyo Rin have donned colorful preppy looks for their summer photoshoot with endorsement brand ‘NII‘.

Held at the end of March, the photoshoot was completed under the concept of ’4EPLE 4COLOR’, where four unique models brought together four different colors into a bright and summery combination.

Jaejoong took on red while Yoochun took green. Junsu went with blue and Min Hyo Rin chose pink. Jaejoong and Junsu’s blonde hair styles look especially refreshing combined with all of the colors while Yoochun’s bright facial expression adds a care free touch to the photo.

A making-of video will be released on NII’s homepage, Facebook, and Twitter at the end of the month along with fun new events.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

Fluxus Music reveals concert video of Urban Zakapa

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 12:50 AM PDT

Music label company, Fluxus Music has recently revealed an HD video of Urban Zakapa‘s concert, ‘Spring of Urban Zakapa‘ that was held on March 30 through March 31.

On April 22nd, Fluxus Music uploaded a concert footage video onto their official Youtube channel, which features Urban Zakapa singing the first track on their first album, titled, “My Love“.  My Love is one of the two main tracks that is currently representing the group.  The other main song is “Coffee“.

Aside from My Love, the band performed other notable songs such as “Coffee”, “I will be there“, and more.

Without further ado, check out the videos below and don’t forget to purchase their album in the sites listed below!

Itunes, Naver Music, Melon, Cyworld Music, and Bugs Music.

<My Love>


<I will be there>

Source: Fluxus Music Youtube Channel



Superstar K3 winner Ooh La La Session releases MV for first single “Happy Day”

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 12:20 AM PDT

Mnet‘s ‘Superstar K3‘ winner, Ooh La La Session have already had an exciting year with concerts, marriages, and even a baby. Now they are releasing their first album unrelated to the show that made them stars.

Both the single and title song is called “Happy Day“, and from the happy-go-lucky music video the song is true to its title.  The group has compared their music to instant ramen: music that’s always easily accessible and approachable. “Happy Day” definitely keeps in line with their approachable style that won them oodles of fans during Superstar K.

Check out the delightful MV below!

Tip: Jae

Electroboyz to make a comeback with third single, ‘Electrify’

Posted: 22 Apr 2012 11:48 PM PDT

Brave Entertainment‘s hip hop trio Electroboyz have announced that they will be making a comeback at the end of the month!

Through their official Twitter, the boys revealed, “Having received much love through ‘Ma Boy 2‘, Electroboyz will be releasing their third single on the morning of April 26th.”

Titled ‘Electrify‘, the single contains a total of three songs written and produced by the boys themselves.

Check out the tracklist below, and stay tuned for more updates!

1. Just

2. Should I Cry or Laugh (Feat. Baek Ji Young)

3. Will You Marry Me?

Source + Photos: Electroboyz’s Official Twitter

CNBLUE shares that their “pre-debut trainee days were like being in jail” on ‘You & I’

Posted: 22 Apr 2012 11:22 PM PDT

A band that brought on a new hallyu wave, CNBLUE, guest starred on April 22th’s airing of ‘You & I‘ and gave an awesome performance and entertained the audience with their witty remarks.

On this episode, CNBLUE members shared about the hardships during their trainee days and commented, “Before our debut, the five years of training felt like being in a music jail.” They lightened the mood by sharing about their embarrassing moment of being arrested while performing in the streets of Harajuku when they were playing as Japanese indi-band before their debut.

Jonghyun revealed, “I ended up taking over the vocals when Yonghwa left Japan early to film the drama ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and because of that my skills grew.” The studio erupted in laughter and Yonghwa commented, “And that’s why I was nervous.” Watch the hilarious clip below:


CNBLUE chose their acoustic performance of “In My Head” on MTV‘s Unplugged as their most memorable performance in Japan.  They showed a live performance of the song on the spot.

The group also performed of “Tattoo” and “Hey You“, clips are provided of both performances.

On the episode, singer Im Jung Hee also guest starred and performed with Jung Jae Hyung to his song “A Love like Me“.  He received much love from the audience when she cooly admitted that she sang well from the moment she was born.

Source+Picture: Entertainment News via OSEN