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"[INTERVIEW] [My Love My Club] The man who is crazy for his Suwon uniform, BEAST Doojoon @beeeestdj" plus 24 more

"[INTERVIEW] [My Love My Club] The man who is crazy for his Suwon uniform, BEAST Doojoon @beeeestdj" plus 24 more

[INTERVIEW] [My Love My Club] The man who is crazy for his Suwon uniform, BEAST Doojoon @beeeestdj

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 10:16 AM PDT

"Whoa! This is this season's Suwon new uniform? It's really pretty. Ah~ I want to go to the soccer field."

Suwon's new 2012 season uniform shows the acceptance admiration of the 'blue fever'. Looking around for awhile it seems that he's busy like crazy. As he saw his name 'DUJUN' engraved in English, instantly, he wore an ear-to-ear smile. He looked excited as soon as he saw the Suwon's new blue uniform, he the one who's in charge of midfielder, the official celebrity soccer player from male idol group, BEAST. When he was a kid, he had this soccer audition. It's not an easy test process to be selected into the Iho team. "I really like soccer. I do like to play as one of the Korea representative players…. Ever since I was a kid, I will work hard in playing soccer so that I have no regrets after that(?)." One of his unforgettable memories is when they were having a friendly match against Bud, while wearing the Suwon uniform as a player. I dream to be a soccer player and this has been a really unforgettable experience and it's quite an honor. There are a lot of Grand Bleu (Suwon supporters) that came and cheer for your name. I wish for that to happen again."

He has his current most favorite Suwan player though it's not just limited to locally. Park Jisung and Lionel has this animal-like instinct that has this strong Best 11'. "It's difficult to choose since I have a lot of favorite players." he said, somewhat embarrassed. He is embarrassed around captain Kim Namil who typically uses the 4-3-3 formation(?). Shin Youngrok is an inspiration to him who has carefully made his way up to the top.

To fans also, he did not forget. "Nowadays, the weather seems to be at the best for relaxing, especially when watching a game at the field. Come with good people around. It will guarantee to make your stress go away."


[NEWS] Big Bang-2NE1 music videos break 500 million views

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 10:10 AM PDT

As hallyu idols are overwhelmingly entering the foreign markets YG artists are showing off their overwhelming power worldwide through the music video market.

Big Bang has received a total of over 50 million views through music video of 'Blue,' 'Fantastic Baby,' 'Bad Boy' in their 5th mini-album. According to YouTube the record received until April 25 for 'Blue' is 19,280,000 views, 'Fantastic Baby' received about 17,800,000 views, and 'Bad Boy' received about 11,850,000 views. Considering that these music videos have only been released two months ago the number are quite astonishing. Also the first music video of the title song 'Blue' broke through 10 million views within 10 days of its release.

2NE1 along with Big Bang is recording massive views of 40,350,000 through one music video 'I Am The Best' released last year. The video has continuously been receiving one million views a day shortly after its release predicting its sensation. 'I Am The Best' was awarded second place for Most Viewed Music Video and Top Favorited Video of the year in 2011 according to worldwide views. And recorded a total of over 1.6 million views in over two days also was placed in the top 10 most viewed in France, Hong Kong, Sweden, Taiwan and Mexico revealing their worldwide influence.

The information that was gathered at the time of Big Bang-2NE1 alone of various videos showed that total YouTube views have already broke through 500million. The total YouTube views last May recorded a total of 430 million views and if we included Big Bang's 5th mini-album and 2NE1's 'Lonely,' 'I Am The Best' then the total number of views will already swept beyond 500 million views.

Just as YouTube video site view proves their rising popularity beyond Korea reaching all over the world. Such result is possible through Big Bang and 2NE1's musicianship that is acclaimed to be beyond idol's limit and the fact that their music and performance videos have been recognized as worth noting by the worldwide music fans. The fact that YG's music genre based off of hip hop is noted to be closest to the global trend has also played a large benefit as well.

Source: Osen
Translated by: Kpopstarz C:BIGBANGUPDATES

[INFO] Big Bang's Manager: I watched "The Avengers" with Big Bang

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 10:09 AM PDT

Translation: With the BIGBANG members, I watched The Avengers. This movie is so so fun^^ Everyone must watch it^^ And thank you to Kim Taeyoung who works for Walt Disney for helping us watch the movie comfortably!

Translated by @hood_bang

[News] SHINee’s Key and Minho Talk about Their Big Fight on “Taxi”

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 09:58 AM PDT

SHINee appeared on the most recent episode of tvN "Taxi" and talked about their lives from the trainee days to life as a K-Pop sensation. When asked, "Has there been fights or arguments among the members?" Key confessed that he and Minho used to argue a lot.

Their arguments stem from Key's strong "Kyung Sang Do" (Southern state in South Korea) dialect. Because of Key's accent, Minho mistakenly thought that Key gets argumentative without good reasons. Moreover, their relationship as senior and junior trainees added more tension to their relationship. Key commented, "I didn't understand the whole senior-junior thing. Minho and I are the same age. So when he got authoritative and senior-ly, I acted up. Then one day, things went out of control when we got into a big argument. Everyone around us were involved to stop us."

After this big argument, Key and Minho never really resolved the problem and their awkward relationship continued. Even after their debut, they could not overcome the difference. However, after five years of cohabitation, they have become best friends. Minho said, "We are really good friends now. After five years of living together, we've become a family, or something more than that." Key agreed, "Now, nobody wants to argue. We know what each other likes and doesn't like."

Also in this episode of "Taxi," SHINee had a chance to talk about their opinions on romantic relationships by answering questions like "How a man kisses a woman," and "Why does a girl contact a guy first?"

Remember to catch the full episode!

Credit: Soompi
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[VIDEO] SNSD’s Hyoyeon on “Dancing with the Stars”

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 08:43 AM PDT

SNSD's Hyoyeon is participating on MBC's "Dancing With the Stars Season 2″. In this program, we will see difference side of SNSD's dancing diva. She will show freestyle moves which is apparently different from SNSD choreography.

On the first airing day which is April 27, Hyoyeon shows a stunning performance wearing a sexy orange costume.
Watch her cut below:

If video doesn't load, here's the link Hyoyeon Cut Dancing with the Stars 2

[VIDEO] B.A.P releases album jacket BTS for “Power”

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 08:00 AM PDT

The warriors of B.A.P are back, causing quite a stir with the release of another explosive single, "Power"! After the release of their music video earlier, the power rookies unveiled the making-of footage for the mini-album jacket.

[NEWS] Kwang Soo casts in upcoming drama “Nice Guy”

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 07:48 AM PDT

Kwang Soo, who rose to fame in SBS variety show 'Running Man', has been cast for the upcoming drama "Nice Guy".

According to sources, Kwang Soo is very likely to appear as the best friend of the main role and clumsy college student Park Jae Gul. Though only his role and availability has been confirmed, more details will be announced on the later date.

Writer Lee Kyung Hee is ambitiously preparing for this drama at IHQ. "Nice guy" is a mellow drama of a man who uses a woman who lost her memories to take revenge on a woman who betrayed him. Actor Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won have confirmed to play the main roles.

Meanwhile, "Nice Guy" will be aired in August on KBS 2TV.

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Lee Soo Kyung buys her manager a car

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 07:33 AM PDT

Actress Lee Soo Kyung has purchased a car for her manager of five-years to express her gratitude.

According to a source close to Lee, she purchased her manager a car worth around 30 million won ($26,366) because "she wanted to say thanks for sticking by her through thick and thin."

Lee has been busy filming the dramas "Come, Come, Absolutely Come" and "Color of Woman" since December last year until March this year.

The 30-year old actress was apparently touched by her manager's devotion to her during the last few months.
As Lee's manager didn't own a car, Lee thought it a befitting gift.

The actress is currently taking a well deserved break, and contemplating her next career move.

By Carla Sunwoo
Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] ‘Ugly Uncle’ Eric loses out in kids’ popularity poll on Shinhwa Broadcast

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 07:18 AM PDT

During the latest recording for the Kids Channel episode for jTBC's 'Shinhwa Broadcast', a poll was done among 12 kids aged from 4 to 8 years old to find the Shinhwa member most popular among kids.

The children, who have no idea at all about who Shinhwa is, were asked to pick the Shinhwa member whom they had the best first impression of. Member Eric was surprisingly assessed as the 'ugly uncle' and only managed to pick up just one vote, becoming the lowest-ranked member in the poll.

On the other hand, Junjin was very well-received by the children in all the segments, causing jealousy among the other members who complained, "We don't understand why Junjin is so popular".

The 'Kids Channel' special – featuring the Moon brothers (Mason, Mavin, Maden) – will be aired on 28 April at 9.55pm KST.

Credits: Newsen
Source: absolutshinhwa

[NEWS] SISTAR thanks fans for winning #1 on Music Bank

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 07:05 AM PDT

After making a strong comeback, achieving an all-kill on real-time music charts, girl group SISTAR continues its winning streak with a number one finish earlier on 'Music Bank' for "Alone."

Right after Music Bank, members Hyorin and Bora posted their 'thank you' messages on SISTAR's official Twitter.

Hyorin wrote, "I didnt know we would place 1stㅜ^ㅜ Am I dreaming or is this real? I was shocked that i forgot to thank some important people. I want to thank again to Brave Brothers DongChul oppa! STAR1Fans, thank you very much and I love you. I will forever sing for you guys."

Bora added, "1st place! So surprisedㅠㅠBrave Soung Oppa!!Thanks for giving us great music!! Most important STAR1s!!!Because you guys were in front of me, I forgot to mention you guysㅜㅜSorry~!!!>"

Accompanying the messages are two photos showing SISTAR members while posing with their 'Music Bank' trophy. In another cut, SISTAR gave a traditional bow to expressed their gratitude for their fans.

Source: World_STAR1
Written by: jhezwafu

[NEWS] Yoo Seung Ho confirms cast in Lee Jun Ki’s drama “Arang”

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 06:52 AM PDT

Actor Yoo Seung Ho has been confirmed to join the impressive roster of MBC's upcoming mini series "Arang".

According to his management on April 27th, Yoo Seung Ho has been earmarked to play the Great Jade Emperor, who is free and cheerful but unapproachable and will add weight to the drama.

Yoo Seun Ho is also the most important character that offers the key to the adventure Arang (Shin Min Ah) and Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki) embarks on.

His management conveyed, "Yoo Seung Ho felt a fresh kind of attraction to this character so he decided to make a special appearance."

"Arang" is a fantasy mellow historical drama based on an Arang legend about a virgin ghost named Arang (Shin Min Ah) who wants to prove her guilty death with a bad tempered magistrate (Lee Jun Ki) who can see ghosts.

The drama is set to air in July.

Source: Nate
Written by: jhezwafu

[NEWS] Shin Min Ah featured in American Vogue and New York Times Magazine

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 06:39 AM PDT

Actress Shin Min Ah's beauty has been acknowledged in the United States, being featured in the May issue of American Vogue magazine.

According to Shin Min Ah's agency AM Entertainment on April 26th, "Shin Min Ah just became the first Korean actress to be featured in 'Vogue US' without any official promotions or movie career in the United States."

Shin Min Ah was also featured in the New York Times Magazine. She was introduced as "Mina Shin Makes Her American Debut". It seems that more foreign fans responded positively to her cute and mysterious appeal.

Previously, Shin Min Ah has participated in the international fashion brand Rag & Bone DIY project for the first time for an Asian.

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Jang Geun Suk named most popular actor of the year

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 06:26 AM PDT

Hallyu force of nature Jang Geun Suk has again proved his popularity by taking home the Best Male Star award at the 48th annual Paeksang Arts Awards on April 26.

Jang took the award which is presented to male actors in the film category for his role in last year's hit movie "You Are My Pet."

Jang secured 49.4 percent of the votes in a popularity survey, taking the No. 1 spot. He overtook Hallyu actors Gong Yoo and Shin Ha-kyun to claim the prize.

This isn't the first time that the 24-year-old entertainer has been awarded a prestigious Paeksang award.
In 2010 he was awarded for his role in the movie "Itaewon Murder" (2009) and back in 2008 he took the prize for the Best New Male Talent for his role in the movie "Happy Life" (2007).

By Carla Sunwoo
Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] U-Kiss’ “DORA DORA” hits #1 on music charts

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 06:13 AM PDT

U-Kiss's new single "Dora Dora" topped various online music charts on Wednesday, the day of its release.

It was the boy band's first single in more than eight months and is the title track of the soon-to-be-released EP. The song snagged the No. 1 slot on Bugs Music Chart and was one of the most frequently tweeted words on Twitter.

The seven-member K-pop band has already begun promotions for its sixth EP, performing on "M! Countdown" at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan on Wednesday.

U-Kiss has been mostly overseas for the last seven months and the band members said they can't wait to reconnect with Korean fans.

The boy band has been asked to perform at the 2012 "Evento 40," an annual pop festival in Colombia on May 11 and 12, becoming the first-ever Asian artist to be invited to the South American event.

The group will be performing alongside the likes of Colombian starlet Shakira.

By Carla Sunwoo
Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Lee Hyori apologizes for comments after horrific video went viral

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:58 AM PDT

Singer Lee Hyori apologized for comments she made on Twitter regarding the owner of a dog who unintentionally dragged the pet down a highway. The dog had jumped from the trunk of his sedan with its leash attached to the rear.

When the video went viral, it was not clear whether or not the act was intentional. Outraged by the horrific footage, the singer posted her thoughts online.

"This incident testified just how far behind Korea is in dealing with animal abuse issues. I'm ashamed to be a human," she said on Twitter.

But after a series of rumors and miscommunication, the owner of the pet turned out to be an apologetic man in his 40s who was unaware of the viral video because he seldom goes on the Internet. Lee Hyori apologized on Wednesday.

"I let my emotions get the better of me," Lee tweeted. "Without knowing the full story, I attacked the owner who never intended the accident to happen."

By Carla Sunwoo
Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] After School's JooYeon has never revealed her forehead since her debut?

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:45 AM PDT

After School's JooYeon is known for her good looks and being an ulzzang before debut, however in all her photo's it seems that she hasn't revealed her forehead since? On the 27th of April a photo compilation of JooYeon was shared online from a curious netizen and titled it, "She looks beautiful with her hairstyle, but she always has her bangs".

Netizens collection photo's from JooYeon's twitter and minihompi photo's since her debut and in the compilation you can see that she has never changed her hairstyle since, she has kept her bangs and has covered her forehead. Netizens are now curious as to what she looks like revealing her forehead. Netizens commented, "I hope she'll have a hairstyle transformation one day", "She looks so youthful and cute in her hairstyle, it suits her perfectly", "I wonder how she looks without bangs, it makes me curious".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

[VIDEO] Block B releases teaser for “Close My Eyes”

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:43 AM PDT

After the short break following the conclusion of "Nanrina" promotions, hip hop group Block B will be making their comeback with a repackaged version of second album "Welcome to the Block".

Ahead of their return, Block has just released the teaser for their new track "Close My Eyes" as well as the full tracklist for upcoming album "Welcome to the Block Repackage", to be released on May 2nd.

Track List:

1. Close My Eyes
2. Action (RMX)
3. LOL
4. Synchronization 100%
5. Action
6. Nanrina (inst.)
7. LOL (inst.)
8. Synchronization 100% (inst.)
9. Close My Eyes (inst.)
10. Action (RMX) (inst.)

[NEWS] T-ara's Soyeon and 4minute's Hyuna looks like twin sisters?

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:30 AM PDT

T-ara's Soyeon and 4minute's Hyuna's resemblance to each other has caught the attention of netizens. On the 26th of April, Soyeon of T-ara updated her twitter account with a selca which marked their arrival in South Korea from their adventure in Europe, after she shared her selca, netizens compared it with a selca of Hyuna.

From the two selca's you can really tell their resemblance. At first you can mistake them as sisters or even twin sisters. Both have the milky white complexion, slender face, nose, mouth and big eyes. The two sure look's extremely beautiful. Netizens commented, "They sure look similar", "They can pass as sisters no doubt", "Both are so beautiful".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

[NEWS] Jessica and Tiffany surprise with twin-like looks

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:13 AM PDT

Girls' Generation members Jessica and Tiffany transformed into twin sisters.

On an online community forum recently, photos of Jessica and Tiffany at the opening of a Chanel Make-up Pop-up Store were published. In the photos revealed, Jessica and Tiffany were seen in pearl-decorated feminine white dresses and wavy brown-toned hair styles.

The two ladies, who gave out a strong scent of spring, have attracted the attention of many with their twin sisters-like loveliness and exotic feel. Netizens who saw the photos gave various reactions and commented, "They seem like twin princesses", "They gave me a feeling that they really are true sisters", etc.

Translation: fanwonder

[NEWS] 2ne1's Park Bom looks stunning with her slender legs and fashion style

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 05:00 AM PDT

Recently, the girls of 2ne1 was spotted at a release event for the camera brand Nikon where they are the advertising models and Park Bom showed up impressing the reporters with her slender figure and her casual yet sexy and chic fashion style.

Park Bom arrived with her hair in a pony tail, she wore a blue vest over her simple white top and wore black shorts and paired with black leggings and sky high platform heels. Looks like her diet really has paid off as she flaunts her perfect slender legs on the event and all in all she looks stunning with her simple yet popping outfit. What do you think?

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

[VIDEO] Teaser for TVXQ Changmin’s Japanese movie “Run with the Gold” released

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 04:46 AM PDT

As previously reported, TVXQ's Max Changmin will be making his big screen debut as one of the leading roles in the upcoming Japanese movie "Run with the Gold".

On April 27th, the teaser video for the movie has been unveiled, featuring a glimpse of the main characters including Changmin, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Asano Tadanobu, Nishida Toshiyuki and more.

"Run with the Gold" is based on the novel by best-selling writer Takamura Kaoru, and tells the story of how six men battling over to steal gold bars. In the film, Changmin will be playing a North Korean spy, Momo, who acts as an international student of engineering.

[NEWS] Girls’ Generation members were shocked to see Yoona and Jang Geun Seuk’s kiss scene

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 04:33 AM PDT

Yoona revealed her group members' reactions after seeing her kiss scene with Jang Geun Suk in 'Love Rain'.

On April 27th, during a recording of the Monday-Tuesday KBS 2TV drama 'Love Rain', which was held in Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, an on-location interview was conducted with the 'Love Rain' cast. Yoona was asked, "What is the reaction of the Girls' Generation members after seeing you in the drama 'Love Rain'?"

Yoona replied, "Not long ago there was a kiss scene with Jang Geun Suk, and after seeing that, the members were all shocked saying that the kiss was too deep". She carried on, "I was also shocked after seeing it too. It didn't seem so bad at the time when we were filming it, but actually seeing it on screen was quite different. It was quite deep."

She also added, "At the time of filming the kiss scene, because Jang Geun Suk's character was a playboy, it was his responsibility to 'lead' the kiss. This scene would have been harder and more embarrassing for Jang Geun Suk than me. All I had to do was stand still and get kissed."

Yoona also talked about the kiss scene between Yuri and Lee Jae Hoon on SBS's drama 'Fashion King' and how it caused a fun argument at the dorm. "Yuri and I would argue whose kiss scene was 'deeper'. But in the end, the other members would just close the argument with "both of your kiss scenes were extreme"."

Meanwhile, in the drama 'Love Rain', Yoona plays the character of a modern day girl of 2012 called Jung Hana, as well as a character based in the 70s called Kim Yoon Hee.

Translation: fanwonder

[NEWS] Jessica and Daniel Henney take a photo together from Burberry event in Taiwan

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 04:42 AM PDT

A friendly photo of Daniel Henney and Girls' Generation member Jessica has been revealed.

On April 27th, actor Daniel Henney uploaded a photo of him and Jessica together at the Burberry Fashion show in Taiwan, which was held on the evening of April 26th, to his Twitter account. He also included a comment, "Great event last night! Had fun w/Jessica from snsd…"

The released photo shows Daniel and Jessica being friendly and posing together, standing side-by-side. Seeing two good-looking people together has made netizens jealous.

Some of the netizens' responses to the photo were, "Wow, they look good together", "They are a good looking couple", "That's a good sight", "Seeing Daniel and Jessica standing together makes them look like a couple", and "I'm so jealous".

Meanwhile, Jessica also left a message at the official Girls' Generation website in the afternoon of April 27th, where she also uploaded a photo with Daniel Henney from the same event and she did not forget to thank the Taiwanese fans for their warm reception.

In her message, she said,
"Had fun with Daniel
I had fun on my Taiwan schedule ^^ I am very thankful to all the Taiwan fans that greeted me so warmly~
I ate lots of delicious bubble tea and pineapple cake!
See you all again! ^^"

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Translation: fanwonder

[NEWS] 2ne1's CL snaps a photo with famous designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 04:15 AM PDT

2ne1's CL snaps a photo with famous designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and being a fashion enthusiast you can tell CL is very happy with this meeting. On the 27th of April, CL updated her me2day accoutn and said, "I met Jean-Charles de Castelbajac today, Please come to his lecture today at Hongdae" and she shared a photo of her with the designer.

On the photo you can see fashionista CL looking stylish as ever with the famous designer smiling next to her with his hand on her shoulder. Pretty sure the two had a great time getting to know each other. Netizens commented, "CL looks so pretty, almost looking like a barbie", "I wonder when 2ne1 will be releasing a new album, I miss them", "I hope it was a good lecture".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

[NEWS] Park Jin Young and BoA to perform on the final episode of SBS K-pop Star

Posted: 27 Apr 2012 03:45 AM PDT

Two of the most iconic and influential stars in the entertainment industry will be making their own respective  performance on SBS K-pop star. On the 27th of April, a representative of the show revealed that BoA and Park will be singing their songs on their own stages for the final episode of the popular show K-pop star. Also, fans are to anticipate a special stage from the top 10 finalists of the show.

This final episode will be following the unique and stunning performance collaboration from SNSD's Tiffany and Taeyeon, Big Bang's G-Dragon and TOP and Miss A when they performed in the show on the previous episode. Meanwhile, the final episode of K-pop Star will be aired on the 29th of April and the winner will be receiving 3 hundred million Won cash price and the opportunity to release an album worldwide under the big 3 agencies.

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @