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"[NEWS] Gag Concert's Jung Bumgyun "Big Bang's T.O.P is a handsome grass doll"!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] Gag Concert's Jung Bumgyun "Big Bang's T.O.P is a handsome grass doll"!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] Gag Concert's Jung Bumgyun "Big Bang's T.O.P is a handsome grass doll"!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 08:57 AM PDT

Jung Bumgyun has made a nickname for Big Bang's TOP.

On the KBS 2TV April 15th episode of "Gag Concert- Mantis Preschool," Jung Bumgyun, Park Soyoung, and Hong Nayoung danced to Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby."

When the music stopped, Jung Bumgyun said "If you dance like this, you can become a handsome grass doll." This is when Jung Bumgyun took out a grass doll that has green grass hair, as Hong Nayoung took out a photo of TOP.

In the photo Hong Nayoung showed, one can see how TOP has the same green hair as the grass doll, bringing laughter to the audience. 

Watch the video below:

Source: Newsen
Trans @kristinekwak

[NEWS] Seohyun sings ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ for ‘Fashion King’ OST!!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 08:45 AM PDT

Seohyun's new solo song entitled 'I'll Be Waiting' was revealed on April 16th.
Seohyun showed her support for fellow Girls' Generation member Yuri who plays Anna in SBS's Monday-Tuesday Drama 'Fashion King' by participating in the OST 'I'll Be Waiting'.
Seohyun's 'I'll Be Waiting' is a song that blends a great sense of emotional expression and sad melody, which includes a 24-piece orchestra. The song with lyrics that describes the beauty of the love of a woman towards a man is well expressed through Seohyun's clear and pure voice.
In addition to that, the OST which was revealed at 12am KST on April 16th through various online music sites will be aired starting from episode 9 of 'Fashion King' (April 16th). 'I'll Be Waiting' is expected to garner huge interest among viewers and music fans.

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[INTERVIEW] Sandeul “HaHa senior, cried after my featuring stage—- possibly?”!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 08:32 AM PDT

Sandeul, a member from the group, B1A4, talked about the behind story after participating on Haha's stage.

During the recent meeting with enews, B1A4's Sandeul began to speak by saying, "I went on stage to feature for Haha senior. In order to not become trouble for him, I sang to the best of my abilities."

Sandeul added, "I put in a lot of effort to express the sad feelings in the song. But after finishing the performance, I saw Haha senior and his eyes were wet. After monitoring it later, I saw that he actually had tears in his eyes during the broadcast as well." He expressed what he felt at that time by saying, "I thought to myself, 'Did he possibly cry from my singing?'."

After hearing Sandeul's comment, the members brought out laughter by adding, "Although (Sandeul) told us that then, the members didn't really give any reaction, so he was embarrassed by himself."

After recently featuring in Haha & Taw's new song, 'The Person By My Side', Sandeul showed explosive singing abilities and an emotional voice, to the point where you wouldn't believe he is an idol group member, and garnered a lot of attention. 

Meanwhile, B1A4 recently revealed their first official full-length album, 'IGNITION', and are in the middle of receiving a large amount of love while actively promoting 'Baby I'm Sorry'. Once it was revealed that Jinyoung participated as a producer for this album and that the members' self-composed songs were in the album, they are quickly rising as the next skilled idols in the music industry.

trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans
Source cr; enews;

[NEWS] Ace Bed’s Offical Website Reveals ‘Behind Story’ of CF Filming!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 08:13 AM PDT

Ace Bed updated their official website on April 16th with a post on Girls' Generation's thoughts on filming for the CFs, which were recently released.
"'The bed is not a furniture~ Have a good sleep~'
We sang this song over and over again the whole time we were filming, so it's still stuck in our heads. I think we had a fun and comfortable CF film shoot thanks to the fun CM (commercial music) song and how nicely Lee Sun Gyun sunbaenim treated us.
It felt like a pajama party, because it was a bed CF. The concept itself was about being natural, so the only thing I really remember from the film shoot was playing around and chatting away with the members. Before we knew it, the film shoot was over.
I lied down on the bed to shoot a sleeping scene, and I actually dozed off. This is what 'The ability to let them sleep deeply even if they take a quick nap' means.
Since our lifestyle changes so often due to all the schedules we have to cover, we always thought, 'I'm tired. I should sleep'. Now we realize that it's not just 'I should sleep', but that 'I should sleep deeply'.
So, we all changed our beds to Ace Bed. What happens if we get prettier after sleeping on Ace Beds?
Have a healthy deep sleep on Ace Beds.
Bed is not a furniture, but a science."

Translated by: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified, bhost909@soshified

[VIDEO] U-Kiss is shooting for their new album covers!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 07:40 AM PDT

The 7 hot boys of U-Kiss are back in Korea to prepare for their comeback!

Arirang interviewed the boys at the set of their new album covers shooting,the boys have ended a very successful tour in Japan recently.

Do you anticipate their comeback?

[PICTURE] EXO-K's maknae Sehun is a certified Ulzzang!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 07:14 AM PDT

Some past photos of EXO-K's maknae Sehun have surfaced on the internet lately.

Fans compiled his predebut photos into one and fans commented that Sehun is undoubtedly a certified Ulzzang!

Ulzzang in Korean means a person with the best face or good-looking,does he make your heart flutters??

Photos Source:SMent_EXO

[PICTURE] T-ara's Hyomin poses like a goddess in Venice!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 06:47 AM PDT

 Have a look at the new photos shared by Hyomin on her Twitter.

She mentioned that these photos were taken in Venice.

She must have enjoyed the photoshoot very much,she poses like a goddess in the white laced outfit.

Scroll down for more photos!

[NEWS] Nana Receives a Scholarship from Seoul University

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 06:13 AM PDT

Nana has received a scholarship from Seoul National University of Arts.

Fellow scholarship recipients included Jia from the group 'Miss A' and other popular idols. An official from the University stated, "recently various auditions and various competitions are getting a lot of better-performing students…".

Because of this the university wants to show their support by giving help to "…students with outside activities in accordance with school policy to actively support skills and merit scholarships which increases the ratio [student body]".

With Nana a part of their roster Seoul University is steadily increasing their talent.

Credit: Chosun via fyafterschool + 'Eh' trans: AfterSchoolDaze

[VIDEO/PICTURES] T-ara unveiled promotional clip for G-Market + promotional photos!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 06:10 AM PDT

Have a look at the promotional clip of T-ara for G-Market,the girls shine brightly for their latest CF!

Some individual modelling photos of T-ara!

[VIDEO] EXO-M's interview with Wang Yi Interview subbed!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 05:50 AM PDT

Have a look at the subbed interview of EXO-M on NetEase!

[NEWS] Big Bang Takes Over Vietnam at "SoundFest 2012"

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 05:46 AM PDT

Big Bang takes over Vietnam!

On April 13, Big Bang arrived in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to promote, and were welcomed by about 2,000 fans. Since there was a lot of fans waiting at the airport till late into the night to see Big Bang's arrival at 11pm, Big Bang was escorted to emergency exit to prevent possible accidents.

Earlier on April 9, Big Bang was greeted by 1,200 fans in Taiwan on their first visit. Not only that, but local press in Vietnam were also bringing live updates about Big Bang to fans with great interests.

On April 14th, Big Bang performed with not only local Vietnamese artists but also with other overseas artists like Taio Cruz and Kimberly Caldwell. Big Bang performed in front of a crowd of 30,000, singing a total of 6 songs including "Tonight", "Hands up", "Bad Boy", "Fantastic Baby", "Lies", and "Last Farewell". Big Bang is the only Korean artist who was invited for 'SoundFest 2012' at 'Phu Tho Outdoor Stadium' to perform that day. The crowd cheered on Big Bang for their first live stage in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be opening the Japanese leg of their "ALIVE" tour this May; touring 5 cities in Japan, and then meet worldwide fans through the continuation of '2012 BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR'.

Source: BIGBANG Facebook Official

[VIDEO] SISTAR,Chocolat,C-Real and CSJH The Grace performed on Prime Concert!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 05:36 AM PDT

Check out the performance clips from the concert here!

[PICTURE] T-ara's Boram poses cutely in a mini dress!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 05:13 AM PDT

T-ara's Boram unveiled a set of new photos on her Twitter.

She said it is difficult to hold the same pose for whole day long.

It seems that she has spent a lot of time during the photoshoot section,anyway the photos turn out to be so amazing.

Like her new set of photos?

[VIDEO] Funny NG scenes of Fashion King!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 04:56 AM PDT

Have a look at the BTS video of Fashion King.

Laugh so hard at the kissing scene at the beginning of the video,Shin Se Kyung looks so awkward during the filming!

[VIDEO] Supernova unleashed Stupid Love MV teaser featuring Kang Min Kyung!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 04:22 AM PDT

Check out the MV teaser of Supernova's new song Stupid Love featuring Davichi's Kang Min Kyung!

[PICTURE] Dara and Onew transform into tennis players for ETUDE!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 04:36 AM PDT

A new poster of ETUDE BB Cream featuring Dara and Onew.

They look amazing as tennis players,agree?

[NEWS] BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk says he wants to get close with BIGBANG’s TOP!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 02:58 AM PDT

On April 13, 2012, an interview of BTOB's Lee Minhyuk with the star was out in the internet. In his profile there's a question "Close Celebrities" and he wrote "I want to get closer to BIGBANG's TOP, a college senior". Later on 2008, TOP enrolled at Dankook University and is also classmates with famous Korean Athlete Park Taehwan where they both gather a lot of attention.
BTOB's Lee Minhyuk is the group's visuals and is also part of the rapper unit with Peniel Shin and Jung Ilhoon. BTOB is from CUBE DC a sub label of CUBE Entertainment. BTOB is one of the best Rookies this Year~ There album has already ranked 3rd at Oricon Charts outranking their seniors in sales and even topped Hanteo Charts once.
So prior to this are we gonna look forward for future collaborations? It must be a one hot firing stage with these rappers on. 

photo + news: 철켄노

[NEWS] Park Bom is Becoming More and More Beautiful Because of Plastic Surgery?

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 02:48 AM PDT

There has been a list of stars who are suspected to be involved in plastic surgeries.

On the broadcast of KBS2 TV's "Entertainment Tonight" last April 14, they showed "before and after" photos of some artists whom they believe are involved in various surgeries.

SNSD's Hyoyeon and 2NE1′s Park Bom are definitely included on the list. Hyoyeon's photos unintentionally received suspicious stares. 2NE1′s main vocal, Park Bom too had so much improvement in her appearance which attracted the attention of the viewers and made them have the thought that she really is involved in various facial surgeries..

Source:  Nate News

[INFO] 2PM in April 2012 - Men's Uno Issue No. 109!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 02:33 AM PDT

Eyes of Beasts 2PM

Koreans have a knack for creating idols. Just JYP Entertainment alone can produce two different groups, 2AM and 2PM, which have their own distinctive style. For those who prefer the good boys can choose the ballad group 2AM. For those who prefer the beastly bad boys, it's 2PM. While 2PM was in Hong Kong for their first ever concert, we took the chance to interview them, identifying the "beastly group". This is also their first fashion magazine cover shoot in Hong Kong. Among the many K-pop idol groups who went by the cutesy and innocent image, 2PM stood out with their bad-boy image. As the saying goes, "All women loves bad boys", 2PM captured the hearts of women and even the gay population with their well toned and muscular bodies. Taecyeon's abs and Nichkhun's smile has surpassed cultural differences and captured Asia with their most natural qualities.

Visting Hong Kong again
This is 2PM's first visit to Hong Kong, as their interpreter and nanny, I mentally prepared myself to face and be swarmed by the many fans. From the airport, there were fans that travelled with them from Korea and for the many days after, it were as if we were in the movie "Initial D"**. After the concert, the members went clubbing at Central Hong Kong with dozens of fans waiting for them at the entrance. Fans arrived hours before the Hi Touch event at the mall, filling up all six levels and chanted "2PM I love you" in Korean, heating up the atmosphere. Their endless energy left a deep impression on me after the four days of interaction. Despite performing for hours, the members continued to club till 5AM after the concert, managing only 2-3hours of sleep before ending their Hong Kong trip. Nichkhun said, "We were really excited to come to Hong Kong. During the short stay, we managed to taste authentic Hong Kong cuisine such as Milk Tea and Dim Sum. It's a regret that our schedules are too packed and we didn't have the time to walk around. We're looking forward to visiting Hong Kong again during our break, enjoying the city with a slow and relaxed mood."

Challenging themselves
To an idol group, being busy is a good thing and they understand and are grateful for the blessing. With an average age below 25, their presence on stage is the result of their hard work. Off stage, they are surprisingly mature. They wish to extend to other fields in the industry and not just being confined as an idol. Taecyeon, "Besides singing and dancing, we also compose songs, such as Junsu who has been composing. The other members and I have acted in dramas and movies too. Since we are young, we should try out the different fields, constantly challenging ourselves. Satisfaction comes from overcoming difficulties."

As singing and dancing are not hard to 2PM, I asked what is the hardest, Taecyeon replied without a doubt it is acting. "I am after all too young. I haven't been through many things in life, so I'm lacking in life experience. Life as an actor, to me this contains a certain level of difficulty, I can only improve through experience."

The Korean music industry is currently flooded with newcomers; 2PM has evolved from the shy boys from years back to the confident group who holds their own today. When asked about their way of success, they displayed their true emotions. Chansung said with a smile, "I believe it's our performance and charisma on stage, as compared to other groups we are slightly better. We also have a unique image. The beastly image should be our advantage."

Body-building is a form of mental building
Speaking of advantage, what gives them a head start are their bodies, which are likely to be more built than a fitness trainer. No matter how packed their schedules are in Hong Kong, the six guys always have exercising in their mind. They enquired about the location of the gym the moment we got to the hotel, and before the cover shoot for men's uno, they were up as early as 7.30AM to train to show their best form in front of the camera. "No matter how busy, we spend half an hour exercising every day. Many asked us how we obtained our figures. The answer is simple, sustained daily training and regulation of diet. To us, exercising is not only training our bodies, it's a form of mental training. When we are stressed or feeling down, we exercise. Our mood will be more relaxed after exercising and we are able to face the problems with a more open mind." Junho said.

When asked about how they felt being labeled as "beasts", the six members of 2PM generally think "beasts" stands for the raw characteristics of man. "I look like a good boy but I am someone who likes competing. Healthy competition brings about positive energy." Nichkhun said. "Passion and persistent enthusiasm." Wooyoung and Junsu added. To Chansung, a beastly side stands for desire and ambition. Looking at their determined and confident look, behind the eyes of the beasts, I see men who know what they want in their lives. Just as their name 2PM goes, aim for the highest and brightest**, that's the target of these beastly guys.

**T/N: "Initial D" is a Hong Kong movie about car racing.
** T/N: The original article used a Chinese phrase that describes this and it's in reference to midday that's why the first line is "Just at their name 2PM goes".

Source: men's uno
Translation by: serrling@2ONEDAY.COM

[INTERVIEW] 23 Questions for 2AM: Changmin's Interview!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 02:20 AM PDT

2AM featured on NUMERO Tokyo Magazine and Changmin's interview has been translated. Wait for other members interview, we will post it once it is up.

Changmin's interview below.

23 Questions for 2AM: Changmin
Born May 1, 1986, blood type A. Interest is in computer gaming.

Q1: How has your life changed ever since joining 2AM?
A1: I performed music for my own enjoyment previously, but now that I have made my debut, many others have been listening to my songs hence I have developed a sense of responsibility and caution towards my music. There have been great changes to my environment as well. My life before finishing my military conscripting and debuting was difficult. That feeling of having to depend on my own strength to live has been strong ever since I have been discharged from the military. I was apologetic about receiving allowance from my parents so I left my home in Busan and did part-time jobs while living in my grandmother's house in Seoul. But I did not have much flexibility in my lifestyle then, I persevered at my part-time jobs although I wanted to have fun with my friends. It was a tough time. After debuting, I bought the food I wanted to eat and the clothes I wished to have and I was also able to do the things I had wanted to do. I was released from the desperate lifestyle that I had adopted in order to survive and am really comfortable and am having fun now.

Q2: Your dream(s) as 2AM?
A2: This dream of having many people listen to my songs is one I have had since I was young, and it is now realized! My next big goal is to get people to think of any song as being "a good song like what 2AM sings", a group that many people love.

Q3. The source of 2AM's creations?
A3: Daily life. Melodies surface as we capture inspiration from mundane activities such as meeting people and listening to music.

Q4: What was the happiest thing you have encountered in 2AM's activities?
A4: The day we made our debut. I am someone who rarely tears, even the first time we won 1st place, I was really happy but I did not tear up. However, many thoughts surfaced on the day we debuted, I cried then.

Q5: The happiest thing in your private life recently?
A5: I traveled to Osaka alone before we debuted in Japan. In order to be closer to the fans, I wanted to get to know Japan better before our promotional activities began properly. I put in much effort at learning Japanese; I have always wanted to travel as a test to see how well I could communicate in Japanese.

Q6: Tell us the allocation of roles in 2AM.
A6: Jokwon, as our leader, is the father who never fails to take charge of work. Jinwoon is the youngest child, a son who is a lively moodmaker. Seulong is a cool Grandpa who enjoys playing around a lot (laughs). I like cooking and I go to bed early and wake up early as well, so I guess I am the mother?

Q7: Your views on 'the ideal man'?
A7: I would like to always be a gentleman. There is a current trend in Korea for men to aspire to act tough as they think it is charming, I think that is not right.

Q8: The place you would like to go to most right now?
A8: Hokkaido! I would like to go skiing.

Q9: The thing you would like most right now?
A9: I like electronic gadgets very much; I would quite like new products such as mobile phones, gaming devices and computers. But I would like to be fluent in Japanese most right now. I would be happy if I can improve more and be able to smoothly convey what I would like to say to the fans in Japan.

Q10: The person you would like to meet most right now?
A10: My mother. We do not meet often as she lives far away. I would like to meet Japanese & Korean fans more frequently through concerts and other means.

Q11: The most precious thing to you right now is?
A11: It would be my own self. Although I have previously mentioned that I would like to treat myself with more care, I have not been able to do it up till now. This year, I would like to get in touch with myself properly.

Q12: The type of females you like?
A12: I prefer lovely, sweet girls than to those who go sexy. I would go for the gentle type who has a mild personality.

Q13: The kind of fashion you find to be most suitable?
A13: Casual fashion that is exquisitely designed, such as shoes, sunglasses, bracelets and other small accessories that I would like to use.

Q14: Japanese artist(s) you would like to work with most?
A14: Kubota Toshinobu-san and Shimizu Shota-san.

Q15: Your personal aspirations for the future?
A15: There are two of them. Firstly, as 2AM's Changmin, I would like to be recognized for my singing. I would like to become a singer who is able to make others think that "He is really good at singing. I wonder how he practices to be able to sing such a feeling song with such emotion." The other one is to open a wonderful restaurant that is full of all my ideas. I enjoy eating and cooking very much; if there is a dish that I happen to like, I will get the recipe and ingredients to put it together. It is not meant as a means to earn money, but just a shop for me to allow my modest dream to take form.

Q16: Spots in Japan that you like and the places you often visit?
A16: I like the Kansai region. The place I frequent… Recording studios I think (laughs).

Q17: What kind of songs do you have in your iPod?
A17: The lyrics and melodies in Shimizu Shota-san's songs are poetic, I have been listening to them quite a bit recently.

Q18: Products you find useful for beauty & health?
A18: I like food, so I have been careful to exercise properly. Appearing on television is my job, hence I exercise everyday as I feel that it is my duty to.

Q19: In romance, are you proactive or reactive? (T/N: Literally translated as "carnivorous or herbivorous?")
A19: I think I am an 'herbivore'. I do not assert myself strongly; I prefer to treat females gently.

Q20: The motto you abide by?
A20: There is this saying in Korea, "The debt of a thousand coins can be paid back in words" (meaning that glib talkers are good at getting by in life). A simple thing like words can be important; I take care to be careful to think while speaking.

Q21: At what kind of a moment did you feel that you have matured as compared to when you first debuted?
Q21: I was nervous when I stood on stage for my debut. Although I still get nervous now, I am able to overcome this pressure and even enjoy myself, which I think is a great transformation.

Q22: What is the thing that no matter if 2AM continues growing, "this will never change!"?
A22: All of the members love to sing and have chosen this path to be singers, even with the passage of time, this passion towards singing will never change.

Q23: A message to the fans in Japan, please.
A23: Whenever we release a new song, our goal is to reach the top position. In order to reach the No. 1 vocal group spot even in Japan, we are always putting forth our best effort; we will be really happy to see the number of fans we have continue to rise.


[NEWS] JYJ fans’ voting participation final confirmation: 1580 votes- Mayor Park Won Soon “moved”!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 02:07 AM PDT

"I'm moved. Great notion coming from the heart of fans, I cheer for them."
Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon was touched by JYJ fans' notion.
On the 12th, upon seeing JYJ fans' final confirmation proof of voting, the mayor went on his personal twitter (@wonsoonpark) and wrote similar words of his impression of JYJ fans' response to voting.
It all started when Kim Jaejoong wrote on his personal twitter the day before the election, "Everyone please vote during the general election and take a proof shot afterwards please~^^"-encouraging people to vote.
On the 12th there were a total of 1580 proof shots of fans who voted within the two days. On the 11th, 600 voted and that number more than doubled the next day.
"We voted on the 11th and along with the voting stamp that was on the back of our hands, @saku_hera and I took a proof shot with JYJ's First Worldwide album. We root for JYJ's 2nd Worldwide Album~" (@100thexxx)
Such spontaneity from JYJ fans such as the ones from above led many to upload proof shots on SNS and other Internet cafes. With such shots, a final mosaic of all the proof shots was made.
"On various television broadcast stations JYJ's fans were soon given the slogan 'the perfect notion of true/mindful fans'
"Everyone, you are all truly citizens of the Republic of South Korea~ I am touched…!"
It wasn't just JYJ's Kim Jaejoong that was touched by the fans' notion. Once photos and articles of the fans' proof shots of voting became known, the thoughtful voting touched Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon as well as various well-known stars and twitter users.

Source: Oh My News
Translated by: Buniu of JYJ3

[INFO] Music Essay Written By Jaejoong “Untitled”!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 01:54 AM PDT

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong wrote a music essay titled "Untitled".

The translation of the music essay can be read below.

Someone said this before:
There's a need for partings/goodbyes between people.
After these partings/goodbyes, you'll meet other people.
And perhaps then you'll be able to find your soulmate among those people you've met.
Someone also said this before:
Destiny and Love are unpredictable.
Which is why we are constantly like this, repeatedly going through goodbyes and hellos (T/N: meeting new people).
Isn't that so?
Credit: herojjbar
Translated by: Min @ PrinceJJ

[NEWS] 250K USD paid For Big Bang's 6 Songs at Soundfest in Vietnam!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 01:45 AM PDT

Soundfest is considered to be hugely successful in term of the first large-scale concert in Vietnam. Before, KAMA and Loresto Fest both tried to held the event annually however, advertisement and list of artists were less competitive. Only when Coca-Cola and Samsung took the event, the dream of bringing world-class artists to Vietnam came true. 

SoundFest organizers, themselves were very concerned about SoundFest turning into…Big Bang Show. Inviting the 5 boys at their peak in K-Pop could bring both advantages and disadvantages. Everyone could see the benefits in term of selling tickets and massive interest from press. However, K-Pop is a way of marking Teenage characteristics – very hard to be controlled. The evidence was that Coca-Cola had almost cancelled Big Bang's performances when they finished the 2nd song, before knowing that the audience could be under control.

As usual, Big Bang was supposed to perform only before Taio Cruz but in the end, their performance was pushed before other two artists.

In their 250 000 USD contract, Big Bang didn't attend any press conference nor interviews, only rehearsal once, sing 6 songs at exactly 8 pm and leave Vietnam, like keep moving shows between countries. Big Bang arrived at the stage around 7pm, with the managers and camera crews, without any security guards unlike other Korean artists. G-Dragon was holding one cigarette on his hand, putting it away before being taken photos (for the local press).

When singing at SoundFest's stage, Big Bang was not showy and had a relaxed performance. They performed and laughed at some pigeons used for previous performance. G-Dragon helped the MCs to repeat "Move Back" in Vietnamese to audiences who were pushing in the back. 30 min was short but it seemed that everybody was satisfied. The attraction of Big Bang was from absolute simply and not being showy.

250000USD for 6 songs: Lie, Fantastic Baby… – It's enough!

Trans: VIP Vietnam @littledevil1919 + @HaruKwon_

[NEWS] 4minute catches attention in China with comeback!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 01:34 AM PDT

4minute has attracted the attention of Chinese fans with their latest comeback. 'Volume Up' has consecutively been the #1 spot on the chart of the largest MV website 'Yinyuetai' in China. The MV of 'Volume Up' from the 3rd mini album, which was revealed on the 9th, gained the top place for the subsequent 5 days, surpassing other popular male idols such as Big Bang and C.N.Blue.

The V Chart of 'Yinyuetai' is affected by the number of views and is divided according to regions - Mainland China, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, South Korea, etc. It is a considerably accurate chart in China which indicates the popularity of songs.

Transforming into cold and sexy goddesses, 4minute came back after a year with a more mature and addictive stage. The intriguing beauty and clean choreography have reinforced the girls' position among girl groups.

Source: Baidu
Translating + Reporting:

[NEWS] Jia and Fei are having fun in China!

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 01:23 AM PDT

On April 13th, it was reported that Miss A members Jia and Fei left Korea for China.

After the release news of the Korean-Chinese collaboration drama titled, "Happy Noodle," will be featuring miss A's Fei and Jia, whereas they are making their first acting debut. Many fans speculated Jia and Fei's return to homeland whether it was for business or vacation.

Speculations ended as Jia and Fei updated their weibos with information about the trip. Jia wrote "I cannot say that tomorrow will be an exciting day hahah!!" the day before, making it sound like she's referring to Friday the 13th, but she was referring to travelling day back to her hometown, Hunan. 

They were tired after the travelling day, especially when Fei had to take two rides before arriving in her home town, Hainan, Guangzhou. It was raining there, while the weather in Hunan was good.

Last time, Jia and Fei had to cancel their tickets home at the last minute to prepare for the comeback. Chinese Lunar new year, they were attending schedules and spent the rest of the time with Suzy and Min. It's considered a reward for both Jia and Fei to return home after delivering fantastic dramatic performances for their promotion of "Touch" album.

Weibo updates from the singers, proves that they're spending every second of their time in China with family members. There were photos of Jia and Fei posing happily with their cousins & friends.

Source & Image: Weibo 孟MT, Tina203, 李乔派想要个victoria & as tagged