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"[NEWS] J.Y. Park’s comeback, refreshing transformation!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] J.Y. Park’s comeback, refreshing transformation!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] J.Y. Park’s comeback, refreshing transformation!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 08:56 AM PDT

The best producer in Asia, J.Y. Park, has announced his comeback in 2 years as a singer on 29th with his mini-album "Spring"

Previously, J.Y. Park has released "Someone else" a duet with Gain, and hit the 1st rank on the music site. On 29th after the release of his title song "You're the one", he has climbed to the top portion of the music charts such as Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld, Soribada, Naver, and Daum, etc. He has been competing with the idol groups, showing his power as a dance singer J.Y. Park.

J.Y. Park's mini-album "Spring" contains 5 songs that is to be delivered to a new love. Aside from the title song "You're the one", The track list includes "Feel so good", "Someone else", "Last love", and "Please". Each of those songs is filled with a true feeling for a longing for the beloved.

"You're the one" title song tells a story of a man living a fancy life, and a woman leading a normal life when their love is just getting started. It is a medium-tempo song that delivers the fear and love-tickle. The lyrics, which sings a longing and nervousness for the love, adds up its feelings with J.Y. Park's desperate-sounded voice. The suit and the color-pointed outfits make the unique choreography steps to stand out.

With the release of his album on 29th, J.Y. Park starts his singer activities.

Meanwhile, the mini-album "Spring" by J.Y. Park is available through music sites, Music video through YouTube Channel. (

Source: JYP's Facebook

[NEWS] Jeju Airlines Big Bang plane has taken off!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 08:43 AM PDT

Jeju Airlines' Big Bang Aircraft, a plane with K-Pop stars Big Bang's photo on it, has taken off on the 30th. 
For Big Bang's contract with Jeju Airlines, they put a photo of Big Bang on the outer surface of the plane and it took off from Gimpo to Jeju. Big Bang will be using Jeju Airlines for their Japanese tour, starting in May. 

Source: Mini Today

[INTERVIEW] NU'EST Vogue Girl Magazine Interview!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 08:31 AM PDT

Q.) What are the things that changed the most when you made debut?

*JR*However, Fans' responses had totally changed. Before, people saw us because we're on same stage with After School Sunbaes, but now we have our own stage. (V.G. You've received a lot of support from fans even before debut right?) We were very surprised because (the fans) shouts our names in the intervals of the song, There was even a time when I almost forgot the choreography!

Q.) It has now been 10 days since your debut (when doing interview) . When do you feel proud the most during that short period of time (after debut)?

*Aron*After our debut stage.

*Baekho*When we had our fanmeeting!

*Ren*When i saw my mother.

Q.) You're in midst of promoting your debut song 'Face'. The lyrics are about the violence at school, do you agree with the lyric?

*JR*Of course, because we are teenagers too.

*Ren*Although, we can't directly say it, I hope people can put concern about the violence happening in schools when listening to our title song 'Face'.

*Minhyun*I hope more people can be aware of this issue, and I hope there won't be any violence at schools anymore.

Q.) I heard that you also applied the message of the lyrics through your choreography. You must have practiced the 'Chair performance' a lot.

*Baekho*If we do a mistake when spinning the chair, we could fall down together. For example, When Ren did a mistake; he fell down with JR's chair that was in front. We kept practicing together as a group.

*JR*But as long as we get the point of the dance right, the rest can be helped personally so we don't have to worry. Because each of us has different personalities, so, when dancing each of the members has a little bit different vibe.

Q.) The follow-up song from the single album, 'I'm Sorry''s atmosphere (with face) is totally different?

*JR*It's a song that made our image reversed. Although it's a ballad song, we'll make it hard to imagine with 'Face's strong vibe and we can let people listen to our different voices.

Q.) Aron and JR wrote the lyrics for 'NU, Establish, Style, Tempo'?

*JR*Both of us likes rapping. We listen to the 'MR' and Hyung (Aron) wrote the English lyrics while I wrote with Hangeul. That's how we made the lyrics.

Q.)What kind of genre of music that you often listen?

*Minhyun*R&B Soul.

*Baekho*Hip Hop.

*Aron*R&B Soul and Jazz.

*Ren*I like all genre.

*JR*Because I like dancing, I mostly listen to up-beat songs. Sometimes, I connect the iPod(s) and play the music loudly. If a nice music played, I will ask about that song. And our vocal trainer doesn't only give us one song to listen to but he also let listen to the other song(s) of the singer(s). And then, the vocal trainer will ask us to practice the song.

Q.) JR is from Kangreung, Ren and Minhyun are from Busan, Baekho is from Jejudo, and Aron is from LA. There's a time when you talk with an accent of your own hometown and it's sounds like a foreign language, right?

*Minhyun*Aron hyung learned some of our hometown(s) accent(Laugh). (V.G. Ren's accent is a little bit obvious. But Baekho didn't use the Jejudo accent at all.)

*Ren*So..Sometimes, I do. But, I..I fixed it!

*Minhyun*If Baekho starts talking in Jejudo accent, we couldn't understand what he is saying. Jejudo accent is just like a foreign language.

Q.)Does Aron try to improve his korean skill? Before this photo shoot we distribute a question memo and he answered '첫 방상' (Chot Bangsang) instead of '첫 방송' (Chot Bangsong/1st Broadcast/Debut Stage).

*Aron*Ah, Sorry! Why did I wite that? (Everyone were laughing). Yeah, I improve a lot.

*Minhyun*When Hyung came to Korea, He can't speak Korean at all. He only says "응" (Eung/Okay), "알았어" (Arasso/I got it), "Yes".

*Aron*Not only the language, but the culture is unfamiliar to me, too.

*Minhyun*We cleaned the dorm together (except Aron) , early this year. Hyung is leisurely taking a shower by himself. When I asked "Hyung, What are you doing?" he just said "I'm taking a shower….?" (laugh).

*Aron*I didn't know that, Really!

Translation Credits: thenuest
Credits + shared: Iceprinceafterschool @ Elite-Rebels

[NEWS] Kim Myungsoo, Dr.Jin’s cast, talks about Jaejoong

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 08:16 AM PDT

Kim Myungsoo will play Kim Daegyun, Kim Kyungtak's half brother in 'Dr.Jin'. Kim Daegyun is the legitimate son while Kim Kyungtak is the son of a concubine.

Kim Myungsoo said, "I had the script reading with Kim Jaejoong. I think that he's good in acting. I'm very excited (about acting with him/acting in this drama)."

SourceTV Report
Translation by: Hannah for PrinceJJ

[INTERVIEW] INFINITE with Oristar Magazine!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 07:47 AM PDT

Read INFINITE's short interview in Oristar Magazine below.

Q: Your favourite Japanese singer ?

  • Hoya: SMAP, we admire them because they've been active for more than 20 years and still receive a lot of love from the fans.
  • Dongwoo: Otsuka Ai !!, there a song called "Sakuranbo (Cherry)" and in that song I think she acted like a cute girl so well.
  • Sungyeol: Takuya Kimura. I like all of his dramas, my most favorite one is "Mr.Brain".
  • Sungjong: Takuya Kimura. The way he always work hard is so cool.
  • Sunggyu: Takuya Kimura. He's manly and cool.
  • Myungsoo: YUI. I like her singing voice, and listening to YUI's songs brings a peaceful feeling to you. Her voice has that kind of power!!
  • Woohyun: Oguri Shun. I watched his dramas and movies, he's cool.

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- English translation credits to qhuong @

[NEWS] miss A, 2PM and 2AM show their support for JYP

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 07:40 AM PDT

JYP Entertainment's artists, 2AM, 2PM and miss A showed their great support for their talented mentor Park Jin Young (JYP), who recently made his comeback with "You're the One."

On April 29th, miss A's Suzy tweeted, "Producer Park Jin Young's song has finally been released. 'You're the One' sounds so good…The song is good and the choreography is also good. Ack, Producer you are jjang."

Fellow miss A member Jia added, "J.Y.Park PDnim~ "You're the one" killing style!!!!~~uhuu you're the one~uhuu~you're the one~~ kkkkk."

2PM member Junho also tweeted, "It's a song with very good lyrics! Please give lots of love to Park Jin Young hyung's 'You're the One'. Seriously, he always surprises everyone with a new concept."

Nichkun tweeted, "kekekeke I really really like it!!! ^^ Our Jinyoungie hyung, fighting!!!! <3<3"

2AM's Jo Kwon tweeted, "Congratulations on Park Jinyoung sunbaenim's comeback mini album 'Spring'! I still remember in the beginning of April when I met Jinyoungie hyung at the company and he confidently let me listen to 'You're the One'~! That happy face! I was made happy too! Please love "You're the One' a lot!"

Fellow 2AM member Changmin added, "Jinyoungie hyung..'You're the one' is indeed a big hit~ One who is acknowledged as 'God's hands' can write this song!!!!"

Credit: W2Dtranslations

[NEWS] JYJ Junsu reveals title of first solo album + teaser

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 07:30 AM PDT

Following the series of mysterious photos and video teaser, JYJ's Kim Junsu released the teaser poster for his first solo album through JYJ's official Facebook page.

The poster shows Junsu wearing a mysterious black cloak, showing a dark image. Also according to the poster, the album title will be "Xia" and the title track is named "Tarantallegra." The title track, which is written by Junsu himself, features a strong style and supposed to have meanings of magic spells that make people dance.

A representative stated, "We named this album 'Xia' because that's the most popular name that identifies Junsu. It also means a type of album that combines all the talents of Junsu."

"Xia" will start pre-sales on May 4 through various online and offline sites. Meanwhile, the second teaser video of Junsu's first solo album will be released on May 2 and the jacket photo will be released on May 4.

Source: Star News

[News] SME Documentary “I AM” Premiere Showing Cancelled Due to Data Error

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 07:21 AM PDT

SM Entertainment's new documentary film "I AM," featuring the lives of artists like Kangta, BoA, DBSK,Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, and f(x), cancelled its press premiere scheduled on April 30 without further notice. "I AM" was supposed to have its first premiere event for media and sponsoring companies on April 30 at 4pm.

The PR representative of "I AM" explained, "We've had a long and serious meeting regarding the quality of the movie last night until 11pm. All important officials from the distribution company CJ Entertainment, SME, and the director of the movie Choi Jin Sung got together and have concluded that we could make it better." This representative added, "The biggest reason of the cancellation of today's movie premiere is data error. We decided to cancel the scheduled premiere, because we wanted to reveal the movie when it is perfect."

Although the press premiere of "I AM" has been cancelled, the showcase featuring SME's artists will still continue at 7pm on April 30. The film "I AM" will be in theaters on May 10.

Credit: Soompi
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

[INTERVIEW] INFINITE with Women’s Weekly Magazine – Q&A Section!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 07:20 AM PDT

1. What is your role among the members?
—> The great leader.

2. How can you make-up when you have a fight?

—> Talking to the other party in a manly way so we can understand each other.

3. Which action of the members that make you feel touched or surprised?

—> Sometimes Dongwoo sleeps with his eyes opened and I cant tell the difference with when he's awake (laugh)

4. If you have a date in Japan?

—> I really want to go to Tokyo Disneyland.

5. Right now is there a thing that you want to try to do or you are working hard to do?

—> I want to go travel. Recently I've come to love traveling!

1. What is your role among the members?
—> A carefree hyung.

2. How can you make-up when you have a fight?

—> Speaking out all of your thoughts, and then feeling relieved and hurry up settling with each other.

3. Which action of the members that make you feel touched or surprised?

—> Woohyun when he clears up the places that the members don't notice.

4. If you have a date in Japan?

—> At Tokyo Disneyland or a hot spring. I also want to try a shopping date too.

5. Right now is there a thing that you want to try to do or you are working hard to do?

—> I want to try writing music, and also bungee jumping.

1. What is your role among the members?
—> Mood-maker.

2. How can you make-up when you have a fight?

—> Hugging (the other party)

3. Which action of the members that make you feel touched or surprised?

—> I feel touched because Sungjong works hard on doing all the cleaning for me/us.

4. If you have a date in Japan?

—> A date at a hot spring.

5. Right now is there a thing that you want to try to do or you are working hard to do?

—> Writing songs!!

1. What is your role among the members?
—> I'm the core of the group! My age is exactly in the middle too.

2. How can you make-up when you have a fight?

—> Through talking.

3. Which action of the members that make you feel touched or surprised?

—> I feel thankful when the members prepare a surprising party on the birthday of every member.

4. If you have a date in Japan?

—> I want to go to places which have beautiful scene and also eat the delicious foods.

5. Right now is there a thing that you want to try to do or you are working hard to do?

—> I want to learn to play the instrumental, right now I'm focusing on vocal practice.

1. What is your role among the members?
—> Comforting the other members when they have difficult times?

2. How can you make-up when you have a fight?

—> But I particularly dont fight…

3. Which action of the members that make you feel touched or surprised?

—> I feel touched when all the members worry about the other's problems as if they are their own problems.

4. If you have a date in Japan?

—> (with all the fans) I want to travel around Japan.

5. Right now is there a thing that you want to try to do or you are working hard to do?

—> Singing & dancing, to become better I want to work hard on everything.

1. What is your role among the members?
—> The one who's in charge of mediating.

2. How can you make-up when you have a fight?

—> I will settle the matter through talking.

3. Which action of the members that make you feel touched or surprised?

—> I feel surprised every time Woohyun-hyung makes a heart-throwing attack.

4. If you have a date in Japan?

—> I want to have a date on a street of Japan.

5. Right now is there a thing that you want to try to do or you are working hard to do?

—> I want all the things that I try to do will be acknowledged.
1. What is your role among the members?
—> Magnae
2. How can you make-up when you have a fight?
—> I will apologize first.
3. Which action of the members that make you feel touched or surprised?
—> When I have difficult times or sad times, Sunggyu-hyung is the first person who gives me advice.
4. If you have a date in Japan?
—> I want to go up to the Tokyo Tower, I want to see the beautiful view there.
5. Right now is there a thing that you want to try to do or you are working hard to do?
—> I want to practice playing piano more, because I want to play the piano while singing.

- Korean translation credits to
- English translation credits to qhuong@

[NEWS] JYP opens up about drug rumors on ‘Healing Camp’

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 07:10 AM PDT

On April 30th episode of SBS "Healing Camp", singer-producer Park Jin Young (JYP) opened up about his past drug rumors. JYP also confessed that after the rumors circulated, he had an emotional conversation with his tearful mother.

During the episode, JYP will also talk about interesting behind stories of "SBS K-Pop Star." He will also share his final goal in life, and discuss the very sensitive topic, "Who created mankind and earth?".

Catch the full episode on April 30th at 11:15PM KST!

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] SISTAR congratulates Electroboyz on their comeback

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 07:00 AM PDT

Hip hop group, Electroboyz, who recently made their comeback, received cheers and support from the hottest girl group, SISTAR.

On April 30th, SISTAR, who recently topped the charts with "Alone", sent a friendly message to the boys stating, They have released 'Ma Boy 2' and 'Should I Laugh or Cry' but I hope we can smile with your new album. Please remember that SISTAR are always supporting you all!"

In addition, a couple of photos were uploaded onto Brave's official blog, showing SISTAR and Electroboyz members posing and goofing around together.

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] Super Junior holds successful ‘Super Show 4 in Indonesia’

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 06:55 AM PDT

Hallyu group Super Junior successfully held their "Super Show 4 in Indonesia"!

Super Junior continued its "Super Show 4" world tour in Jakarta for three days starting from April 27th through 29th. The boys performed in front of nearly 25,000 fans at the Mata Elang International Stadium, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Being Super Junior's first exclusive concert in the country, several thousands of fans swarmed over to buy tickets on April 7th. Due to hot weather, 12 people even passed out as they waited in long line outside. Several Indonesian media sources also paid close attention to this situation.

After receiving an overwhelming response, Super Junior decided to hold additional show to the original two-day Jakarta concert. The group became the first Korean singer to hold three consecutive concerts and attracted the most audiences in Indonesia.

At the concert, Super Junior performed several hit songs including, "Sorry Sorry", "Bonamana", "Mr. Simple" other songs in the album as well as member's individual performance. Labelmate and rookie group EXO-M was also invited as a special guest and performed their debut songs "Mama" and "History."

Meanwhile, Super Junior will continue on with their next "Super Show 4" concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on May 12 and 13.

[NEWS] A Comparison of YG's Accommodations: "Shabby Big Bang VS Wealthy 2NE1"!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 06:44 AM PDT

A comparison of YG Entertainment's idol groups' accommodation has been a hot topic. 

Recently, an online community board posted an article entitled "When you can't live on YG" which was posted with an eye-catching photo comparison. On the photo, the boys of Big Bang were captured staying in a grubby and narrow dorm.

On the other hand, the girls of 2NE1 who are living in a house in which they are equipped with latest electronic products & pleasant environment caught the attention of netizens.

Various comments started popping out such as "I'm sure Big Bang's sleeping with the rats before" , "Thanks to Big Bang, 2NE1 became big-time."

Note: BIGBANG members aren't living in this "shabby" dorm anymore. This was during their rookie and trainee years. 

Translation: ilove2NE1girls@2NE1GLOBAL

[NEWS] Girl’s Day’s Hyeri debuts as an actress

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 06:42 AM PDT

As previously reported, Girl's Day maknae, Hyeri has officially kicked off her acting career.

Hyeri has been cast in the new SBS weekend drama "Tasty Life" (initially titled as "Father and Daughter") which aired its first episode on April 28th. In the series, Hyeri plays the role of Mi Hyun, a lively high school girl and the youngest daughter of Seung Jo (played by Im Chae Moo).

Hyeri stated, "I felt embarassed watching myself in the drama, but I told myself to gain confidence and work even harder. I want to make my name known as the actress Hyeri and receive a lot of love."

"Tasty Life" is a family drama about father and Korean restaurant chef Seung Jo, and his four daughters; eldest and doctor Seung Joo, college graduate Jung Hyun, adopted third daughter Joo Hyun and the youngest and high school student Mi Hyun.

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] IU holds special fan signing event for G by GUESS

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 06:22 AM PDT

Singer IU successfully held a special fan signing event for the clothing brand G by GUESS.

The 'nation's little sister' is now the official model for G by GUESS. On April 29th, IU held the signing event at the Lotte Shopping Mall located in Gyeonggi-do. Approximately 100 fans were in attendance including mothers, kids, and uncle fans.

Throughout the day IU met fans with a bright smile. She warmly greeted each fan, signed autographs and shook hands to show her genuine appreciation to everyone.

Source: Nate

[INFO] W Magazine May 2012: Taeyang's Color is Red!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 06:11 AM PDT


Taeyang's solo album released in 2010 has proven we can call him "Korea's representative R&B vocalist". First of all, his voice is sweet and he is good with dynamics. But the most important thing is that he has established a unique tone of his own. Is there a better color than the color of the sun for Taeyang?
- Kim Bonghyeon, Pop Music Critic

Scan from
Translated by ANNE @

[NEWS] IU's Korean comeback on May 11th, "Spring at the Age of Twenty"!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 05:48 AM PDT

Singer IU will be releasing her new single "Spring at the Age of Twenty" (스무살의 봄) on May 11th. Before that, her own self-composed song will be released on May 4th. (Note: English title is not confirmed yet)

The single, with a total of 3 songs, to be released 6 months after her last album, is a special gift prepared for her fans for their unwavering love and support all this while. In particular, IU will perform the title song from this single for the first time at her own solo concert.

Also, together with the release of this new single will be a short movie of the same title.

Unlike the usual music videos, this short movie was produced to emulate the style of a documentary, containing some of IU's personal thoughts that she has kept to herself all this while and conveying the experiences on life and love of the 20-year-old IU.

IU's agency, LOEN Entertainment, expressed, "Instead of releasing a song with a conventional style for IU's new single this time, we attempted a new approach to convey emotions and story behind the music through a short movie. Please look forward to IU's unique new single."

Meanwhile, IU's self-composition will be released on May 4th at 00:00 (12 midnight) through online music sites, while the single "Spring at the Age of Twenty" will be released on May 11th.

(Note: The short movie is probably the one that was shot in Venice earlier on.)

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: enews24 


Posted: 30 Apr 2012 05:26 AM PDT



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[INTERVIEW] EXO-K “I look like Song Joongki senior, so I was called his doppleganger"!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 04:56 AM PDT

From: H.O.T - Shinhwa - TVXQ - Super Junior - SHINee

All the boy groups produced by SM Entertainment, not one has failed. More than a hundred trainees have been training under SM Entertainment, hoping to be polished and grind into a star. And within one year, all of the hot rookies could become SM Entertainment's new rising star.

SM Entertainment's new boy group EXO-K (consisting of Suho, D.O, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, and Baekhyun) has debuted with their first mini album <MAMA>. As rising stars, they've topped the charts on different sites already, beating out their seniors. With their other half (EXO-M) aimed for the Chinese market, it has also caught a lot of attention from the media. In total, EXO consist of 12 members, but is separated into two groups EXO-K, whom are responsible for the Korean music industries and market, while EXO-M aims to pursue in the Chinese music industry. The twin group, whom both debuted on the same date, same time, with the same songs, just with the lyrical language difference are now promoting in two countries. The name EXO derived from a planet called EXOPLANET which is a planet in the outer space, basically meaning that they're the mysterious new born rising legends from another planet.

● Debuted just three weeks ago, already gaining fame?
Suho: During our first week of performance, we weren't able to find the cameras at all. We were really nervous so we had quite a few mistakes in the first few performances but then we became better. Of course we'll work really hard to show everyone a better, more improved, performance.

● Any memorable moments?
Baekhyun: It has to be the first stage we were able to stand on. With seven years of practice and training, this had to be the most awaited and anticipated stage for us, so it was a very meaningful stage. Before going up on stage, we always huddle together to chant a "EXO-K LETS LOVE!", it makes us stronger. When we finally get off stage, our legs were shaking like crazy, our parent's said that their hearts had popped.

● There must be a lot of pressure.
Kai: There was never once that SM Entertainment had debuted something and failed. There was a lot of seniors to give us pointers, so it made us comfortable knowing we have seniors to help us when we debuted. But there was also the question as to "will we ruin the image of the seniors" in our mind, however, when we started the "100 day online promotion", we've received a lot of good feedbacks, not just from the domestic fans, but from the international fans as well. So that's when we thought "we really can do this".

● Debut song was intense since the start.
Sehun: The producer of this song was Yoo Young Jin, whom is in charge of the SMP which is also known as SM Performance, its the style. The style of the song is very similar to TVXQ seniors, where their music is filled with intensity and charismatic performances, but there are also very fresh and colorful mixture in the music too. There are many boy bands out there who debuted with very fresh beats in the music, so with us having this much intensity from the start made us unique and interesting, especially the orchestra included in the tracks.

● The powerful performances too.
Suho: We put a huge emphasis on the stage to differentiate ourselves. Since the music is orchestrated with a very mysterious feeling, the dance moves and performances has to match, so it has to be big and bold. We've been practicing for more than a month or so, we didn't have time to eat or sleep at all, we spend so much time practicing. Especially Kai, who's in charge of center stage, he had to get a good balance and perfect his moves.

● The lyrics have been criticized on the internet
Kai: We are now aware and we accept the criticisms on a moderate level. But when there are harsh comments posted by 'anonymous users', it should disappear. But we haven't really faced any "internet bullying" at the moment, we've only seen cute fans who've written a lot of good things about us.

● Has there been any advices from Seniors?
D.O: TVXQ Senior U-Know Yunho have seen our first broadcast and immediately phoned us all the way from Japan. We opened up the speakerphone, and he carefully gave us pointers one by one including how we should have more facial expressions, and our body movements. I think he was the most caring senior.

● What's a positive advantage, training with SM Entertainment?
Sehun: First off, you get free food. HAHA. Honestly, the biggest advantage is that we get to train in a lot of different aspects. There are many talented dance and vocal trainers and teachers who teaches us different techniques, and we learn them slowly one by one. We are taught the basic manners and proper etiquette . We are also taught what is called a "Broadcast speech" which is trained verbally and teaches us the basic manners.

● You debuted as a twin group.
Chanyeol: When it was first announced, I thought that it was really neat. It was something we should really be proud of and take pride in, when I first heard it, I thought, wow we're really a team now. During dance practice, we'll take videos of one another and monitor it very closely, I think we really improved while pointing out mistakes for one another"

● Member's personal pride
Kai: People had always told me I was a good dancer, whenever I enter a competition I would always win. Ever since 2nd grade, I started learning Ballet. But I never took it seriously until I saw Shinhwa seniors who at that time was really popular and they made me build up my dreams.

Baekhyun: Because I look like the actor "Song Joongki" people started calling me the "doppleganger Song Joongki" , and I've even met him before. I was also in a band back in High school, I also won an award from the Bucheon Rock festival. I also like pop music such as Jamiroquai and Maroon 5.

Suho: During middle school I usually rank the 2~3rd, but ever since I started high school and started focusing on my trainee life, i had to put aside my studies and focus on what I really wanted to do. Even though I had to balance between training and studying, I still think I was doing better than my friends who focuses on sports and art.

● Goal for this year
Suho: We would really love to receive the best rookie award for this year, because being a rookie is once in a life time thing. Since all of our seniors had received this award, it really worries us whether or not we can get it as well.

credits: isplus + reen @ CODE:EXO
translated by: xiushipao @ CODE:EXO

[PICTURE] Boram unveiled cute selca on Twitter!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 05:08 AM PDT

T-ara's Boram poses cutely in her latest selca!

She mentioned that she was sick,she caught a cold and totally din't like it.

Hope that she recovers soon,hwaiting!

[NEWS] Junsu and FC MEN Recognized for Charitable Contributions!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 04:56 AM PDT

FC MEN leaves for Japan on the 27th, and has their game on the afternoon of the 28th. The team will be led by captain Kim Junsu himself and coached by actor Yoon Sang Hyeon. This is a charity match hosted for the purpose of the Japanese Earthquake anniversary. Kim Junsu plans to donate around 300 million won to Minamisoma, one of the cities that endured the most damage last year. The mayor of Minamisoma will attend the match and plans to give Kim Junsu an award that recognizes his effort in supporting the devastated Eastern Japan.
Japanese public expressed, "It means a lot to host a game in the National Olympic Statium, which is known to be difficult to rent out for purposes other than Japanese domestic competitions. This charity match will become an opportunity for deepening the friendship between Japan and South Korea".

Source: Mydaily

Korean to Chinese Translation: @Josie真喵喵 via Junsu Baidu Bar

Chinese to English Translation: g.fanns of JYJ3

[VIDEO} TaeTiSeo unveiled Twinkle MV!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 04:06 AM PDT

SNSD's subunit TaeTiSeo unveiled the full MV of their main song Twinkle,check out the much anticipated MV here!

[PICTURE] Hyomin is "Facial Masked"!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 04:00 AM PDT

 T-ara's Hyomin unveiled some photos of her putting on facial mask!

She mentioned that she received a pack of masks from her fans and she is applying one on her face.

 As a result...Hyomin's fresh face!

[PICTURE] SNSD's Hyoyeon shines brightly at the press conference on Dancing With The Stars!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 03:45 AM PDT

SNSD's dancing queen Hyoyeon attended the press conference of Dancing With The Stars too,she is spotted wearing a mini dress at the press conference showing off her perfect bodyline.

Check out some photos as well as the video from the press conference!

[INTERVIEW] Shinhwa's interview in Cosmo Korea PART2!

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 02:56 AM PDT

Honestly, I felt that you placed a large part of the focus on variety programs in the early part of your promotions. Or perhaps because variety programs are now considered a barometer measuring the success of celebrities, which is why it's important. Junjin-sshi, since you have the most variety experience among the members, you probably would have been quite troubled about this kind of direction you're taking.
Junjin: For the past 2 years I was really quite troubled about this. I thought long and hard about what we were going to do when we appear on variety programs, what kind of programs we should produce. Thinking about it now, I really put a lot of thought into this. I even thought in detail about what reactions to give and how to do it. It's still early on in our promotions but I have a really good feeling about it, and I think going forward, the members' strong points are going to keep emerging.
Oh yes, speaking of individual activities, I think Eric-sshi probably went through a difficult period because of 'Spy Myungwol', your first post-military service drama. When can we expect to see Eric-sshi in the capacity of an actor again?
Eric: At the moment, my greatest goal is to get Shinhwa activities fully on track. After that then I'll start thinking about individual activities. Actually at first when I was active as an actor, I think I wasn't fully prepared so I might have taken on something too big to manage. Now I'm feeling a bit more at ease and I think I will have to be more prudent in my decisions.

But after meeting you guys and listening to what you have to say, I am rethinking. What an amazing feat it is for you as one team to be together for 14 years. Countless idol groups have emerged and disappeared behind the stage, but for the past 14 years the team has stayed intact with no change of members, and that in itself is really special. The fact that Shinhwa is the only group among the first-generation idol groups to still be active, that's really something.
Andy: When I had my 100th day vacation while I was serving military duty, I went to Eric-hyung's home. Eric-hyung had told the other members, "Andy is out on his 100th day vacation, let's get together". And so we got together and chatted over drinks. Then we talked about how we had to meet everyone again as Shinhwa and that we must hold a concert. Everyone had slightly different thoughts about how we should do it but everyone shared the same thought of wanting to get together quickly again. This time, because we're getting together 4 and a half years later, there are many people who think, "They need performances that show off the unique color of Shinhwa', 'Shouldn't they go for a big breakthrough?' But I think that just the fact that the six of us are together is already of great significance. Actually living apart from my parents and participating in Shinhwa activities, to me the hyungs are just like my parents. I could have fallen into bad ways but there are many times when the hyungs held on to me. We have really deep affection for one another.
What do you think is the significance of this comeback, and this round of promotional activities? There are many singers who say that their goal is to get first place on music chart shows, is this the case for Shinhwa too?
Eric: For us, when we weren't singers yet, we didn't début to become chart-topping singers. We wanted to be singers, that's why we were grouped together. There was a goal at every point in time. When we made our debut, the goal was to get first place. When we got first place, the goal was to get the Daesang. We don't think of setting ourselves a goal that we have already achieved before. While we work hard on our Shinhwa activities as a team, whether it's the juniors or the general public, they'll look at us and say, "They're still able to work on activities together for such a long time in the tough showbiz world, they're really awesome!' – that's our goal now. As for things like first place and the Daesang, I think of them simply as gifts from the fans. We are not working on activities with the goal of achieving a certain status or position, but more to achieve the objective of keeping Shinhwa going strong.

I think I understand what significance the name of Shinhwa holds for the six guys. Junjin-sshi confessed on a talkshow that he was suffering from a panic disorder for a period of time and that it was a very difficult period for him, and this became a hotly discussed topic. It was a difficult period for you but you're able to laugh like this again, I guess the members must have given you great strength? Now that I'm seeing it for myself, you're looking like you're doing very well.
Junjin: All human beings are lonely creatures. It's the same for me. Back then, I went through a really difficult period of time. When I was alone, I would subconsciously think that I'm sick. I'm living alone now, and I'm suddenly thinking of getting married. But now that the six of us are together working and spending time together, my condition has improved and I'm feeling better. Back then during my rough patch, I would think 'why am I alive'; now I think, 'even if I haven't experienced life fully, at least I know why I'm alive'. Honestly I feel this way. To die is even more difficult than to live. Because I've arrived at such conclusions, I put even more effort into my work. These days I'm really happy. I'm happy from the moment I wake up.

Now that the topic of marriage has come up, since all of you are already in your mid-30s, you must have thought about marriage.
Junjin / Minwoo: I want to (get married)!
Andy: I want to, but I haven't found anyone yet.
Hyesung: But even if any member gets married, it won't hinder us from staying active as Shinhwa. We'll probably become the first idol group to continue with activities even with a married member.
Eric: When a man is able to tell the father of the woman he loves, 'Please entrust your daughter to me', isn't he ready to get married? Because entertainers aren't able to predict the future or give some kind of guarantee like regular people can, there are difficulties. Perhaps like what I think, when Shinhwa activities get fully on track, after that no matter how individual activities turn out, everyone can start thinking about marriage. In any case, I think your mind will be more at ease if you have something stable before you get married.
Dongwan: I'm not going to get married.
No, Dongwan-sshi, why aren't you going to get married?
Dongwan: I honestly thought about marriage with the last girl I was dating… Anyway I think I'm not at all prepared to get married yet. I told the members that I was really going to get married this year. In any case, I don't think I'll be getting married in the next 4-5 years. Ah, I don't think I can. I'm not going to, no.
Hmm, I get it. Ah Dongwan-sshi, while you were taking a break from Shinhwa activities, I think you've been very active in the domain of acting, participating in a movie, a drama, and even a musical. I'm curious about what kind of plans you have for your individual activities.
Dongwan: Whether it's a movie or drama or theatre play, I'm thinking things will probably kick off in autumn. I'm not going to just wait for the perfect movie script or the perfect drama offer to come in. I want to work hard to actively show what I can do.

You have individual activities to show off your individual talents and skills, in the case of Andy-sshi, you've started your career as a producer and it seems that we can look forward to seeing you take it one step further. How is it? You must be proud of Teen Top, the idol group that you've personally produced, since they are becoming very popular.
Andy: Yes, I was really proud. Like how Shinhwa was when we made our debut, I was excited and nervous. When Teen Top got first place on KBS, I knew they were in the running for first place but I was so nervous that I couldn't go into the studio. I parked my car in the carpark and watched them get first place via digital broadcast. I went to their waiting room to congratulate them but my tears kept on flowing. As I'm training these juniors, I see myself when I first made my debut with Shinhwa. Anyway, I think this is only the beginning. I'm looking forward to what I will experience in future.
Right, this is my last question. The members are almost all around the age of 34. It's been 14 years since you began as Shinhwa. If you continue until 40, you would have spent half of your lives as Shinhwa. What do you think you'll all be like at 40?
Dongwan: At 40, I really will be married. Married man!
Junjin: I'm dreaming of being a variety MC, and also of acting, although I'm not good at it. When I'm 40, having a talkshow is what I want to achieve the most. In any case, when that time comes, I think I'll be working hard like I am now.
Andy: I hope to be Shinhwa's Andy and a great producer.
Minwoo: I want to be a popular icon who's able to contribute to popular culture. If I have to give an example, like my (Yang) Hyun Suk-hyung whom I'm very fond of.
Hyesung: I'll of course be active as a Shinhwa member, individually speaking my dream is to become a concert singer*. (*as opposed to an album singer who concentrates on releasing albums instead of live concert performances)
Eric: My dream since preschool is to be a household head who's always happy. Though it may not necessarily refer to a married man. Whether it's at home or at work, I hope I'll be a happy head of the family.

Credits: Comsmopolitan Korea website + Absolut Shinhwa