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"[NEWS] “The Rooftop Prince” prince and the trio cut hair!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] “The Rooftop Prince” prince and the trio cut hair!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] “The Rooftop Prince” prince and the trio cut hair!

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 11:39 AM PDT

The four main males in "The Rooftop Prince" cut their hair.
Micky Yoochun, Lee Min-ho-I, Choi Woo-sik and Jeong Seok-won from the SBS drama "The Rooftop Prince" cut their hair.
Prince Lee Gak (Micky Yoochun) ordered Song Man-bo (Lee Min-ho-I), So Chi-san (Choi Woo-sik) and Woo Yong-sul (Jeong Seok-won) to cut their hair to adjust to the 300 years they've traveled into the modern times.
The trio who think preciously of what their parents gave them were stubborn and said no but the prince insisted.
The reactions to those four when they showed up on set with hair cut and dressed in black suits, was amazing. They looked different from when they had long hair and wore sweat suits.
The staff on site said, "When they were walking, they looked like The Beatles. I knew they were good looking but I didn't think it would make this much of a difference".
This new image of them can be seen on the 4th at 9:55PM.

Source: My Daily via Nate
Credit: Hancinema

Ladakh, Bluejuice, Shakuhachi and Finders Keepers on Zalora!

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 11:09 AM PDT is the burgeoning online shopping site for busy career makers and homebodies alike. The point is that it is convenient, and delivery is free! Joining its list of international brands are LadakhBluejuice,Shakuhachi and Finders Keepers. Zalora makes these brands accessible for Malaysians who thirst the taste of these small and unique brands. Here are some of our favorites:


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Deco Lace Dress RM1,371.95

Burlesque Borders Split Sleeve Dress RM1,143.95

Finders Keepers

Strawberry Kisses Dress RM443.95

Brilliant Adventure Maxi RM430.95

[PICTURES] T-ara on "FLASH" Japanese Magazine!

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 09:08 AM PDT

Girl Group T-ara is featured on another Japanese Magazine and it is FLASH magazine. The girls posed wearing sexy outfits and showed their fierce image. 

They stun in the pictures from the magazine. We will post the translation of the article once it is up but for now, enjoy the pictures of these gorgeous girls below.

In related news, T-ara will release their first Japanese album "Jewelry Box" and the Japanese version of Lovey Dovey. Their first photobook 'Sparkle' will be released as well. 

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[NEWS] Big Bang's Interview with Oricon Style Japan (Part 2)

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 08:45 AM PDT

(Part 1 Here)

Starting from "love at first sight" then becoming lovers…

Q: The album includes songs in various types/genres. Please describe them.

V.I: FANTASTIC BABY is the most energetic song in the album. You won't only see it in our outfits. We filmed the music video with a fantastic feeling too.

T.O.P: For this song's PV (MV), we held a few meetings to come up with a fantastic and crazy atmosphere. The video that comes with the Japanese version of the album and the YouTube version are completely different. I think it would be fun comparing the two.

V.I: In the song BLUE, there's a part in the lyrics that says, "the cold days have ended and now, the warm days are coming." This exactly portrays BIGBANG's current situation.

D-LITE: Like any ordinary love story, it has a cheerful representation about hoping. It's a sad song but it also presents a lovely image.

SOL: BAD BOY is a song composed by our producers CHOICE 37 and G-DRAGON. This is the song that I love the most from the album. The feeling of the song is like, I'm a very bad boy, but my lover is a good girl, and rather than staying with me, I want her to walk away.

T.O.P: The lyrics show BIGBANG's current state of mind. The song received very good response from Korean fans, so I'm really curious what the fans in Japan will say about it. Also, this doesn't mean that BIGBANG [members] are bad boys. (laugh)

Q: The popular song Haru Haru's Japanese version is also included in this album..

V.I: While recording, we thought of the song as a gift to the Japanese fans who have been waiting for us. We sang with feelings of gratitude and put a lot of emotions into it.

Q: The song EGO is about "love at first sight".

D-LITE: Yes, it is. It's like I'm trying really hard to make myself appealing to this girl.. I've fallen for her at first sight, but she's not turning around to look at me. Because of that, my pride is wounded. The song is about that kind of love. I do fall in love at first sight too, but I always end up not becoming lovers with the girl.

V.I: That's kind of lonely.

D-LITE: I always feel lonely because I can't confess my true feelings.

V.I: With Korean men, when we love someone, we directly go and tell that person "I love you".

SOL: But the other members are so shy...

V.I: Does that only apply to me? I'm sorry because if it's me, I won't spend time worrying about what I should do and all. I'll just immediately say "I love you". Isn't that much better? Since the girl is also waiting.

D-LITE: I'm envious...

V.I: So, the man should just say "I love you, what should I do now?" instead.

D-LITE: What's with "What should I do now"? (laugh)

V.I: If the answer is OK, you can say "yeay!" and be happy about it. If it's not, you just can find another person. Isn't that the right way? This is the "BAD BOY" kind of way!

T.O.P: But since you're honest with your own feelings, I think it's "GOOD BOY" instead.

If everyone could feel our passion and enthusiasm..

Q: You guys are always having so much fun even backstage.

SOL: Different from when we're on stage, we love to joke and play with each other. Sometimes, we do the "hamburger" where V.I. will lie down and the other members will climb and lie on him, while making some noise.

V.I: Since I'm the youngest, I always get bullied, but I feel happy about it. How do I explain this.. I feel like "I'm loved" by the others. Am I the 'masochist' type? No, I'm not masochist, but the 'very sadist' type.

Q: (Laugh) Let's go back to the album. G-DRAGON and D-LITE worked together for the lyrics of WINGS. How was it?

D-LITE: G-DRAGON created the framework for me and I just filled in the parts. The lyrics portray that even if the tiring days seem to never end, let's have some fun, even just for today.

G-DRAGON: This is my first time working with D-LITE, but I already have a vision for our future. We had so much fun working together.

Q: To G-DRAGON, with your role as a producer, did you face any hardship while working?

G-DRAGON: Music is not made out of struggle. Without inspiration, you can't create a good song, and you can't come out with an idea for an album. This time, all the members were one, and while playing catch ball, I feel that we've created a really good piece. We had a lot of fun working together.

Q: After this, BIGBANG will have a concert tour. Please give some message to the fans.

T.O.P: This time around, we released an album and announced the tour at the same time. For the stage, Laurieann Gibson (who worked with Lady Gaga before) is working together with us, as the director. I think the stage this time will be really different. You won't only enjoy BIGBANG's music, but also know the personality of each member better.

SOL: If we're successful with this tour, I think BIGBANG will be more upgraded, so please look forward to that happening.

V.I: Other than the concert tour, from now on we will also work hard to show the world how great Asian music is. Aside from music, we would also like to show our charm to the fans. For this year, we will do a concert tour and we want to appear on variety shows too. We really hope that the fans in Japan could feel our passion and enthusiasm.

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[INTERVIEW] B1A4 members look like foreigners? They’re actually ‘countryside-dols’

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 08:38 AM PDT

'B1A4', who revealed their first official full-length album, 'IGNITION'.  Wrote-composed-arranged 8 songs along with the title songThey want to show their talent rather than their visuals. Getting 1st on a music broadcast is their goal—Greed to get Bonsang during end-of-the-year award shows

"You need to meet us to know us." Their pleasant saturi (T/N: dialect) is affectionate. Seeing how saturi comes out from their looks that seem like they came from overseas, it's a twist.
All 5 of the members are 'countryside-dols' because they came from the countryside. The leader, Jinyoung, and CNU came from Chungcheong, Cheongju, Sandeul came from Busan, and Baro came from Gwangju. The hometown for the youngest, Gongchan, is Jeonnam, Soonchun.
Maybe it's because they were together for a long time since their trainee days, but they seem to be friendlier with each other than other groups. It was common to have someone add on two or three more things from the side when someone tried to say something. They said there was a time where they talked for 9 hours before and they were proud of it.

The group, 'B1A4', revealed their first official full-length album, 'IGNITION', and finished the ignition to rise as a 'Hallyu star'. 
"They seemed to misunderstand us a lot. The freshness we gave off when singing our debut song, 'O.K', or 'Beautiful Target', was a concept we showed to approach the public easily in an enjoyable manner.But there were a lot of comments saying that we were pushing through as visuals even when we had no talent, so I was upset. I wanted to show something. We're people whose passion for music is stronger than anyone else's. We took the initiative to suggest it to the company and we pushed forward with an official full-length album." (Jinyoung)

The displaying of their skills was done correctly. From the 11 songs in their album, the members participated in the lyric writing, composing, and arranging for 8 of them. Jinyoung was in charge of writing, composing and arranging their title song, 'Baby I'm Sorry'. Jinyoung also worked on joint producing for this album. The composers, 'Double Sided Kick', said, "It was scary how he would write the song by just his feel without even knowing the chords."
"I listened to it first. I knew he was working on it, but he didn't let anyone hear it. I was really surprised as soon as I heard it. I was like, 'how could there be a song like this'. We even finished all of the guide that night." (Sandeul)

"It's a song that fits with us. It's a song that could come out like this because Jinyoung hyung knows us well. As soon as I heard it, I felt that it was worthy to be the title." (Baro)

The 11 songs in their album are all different. There's 'This Time Is Over', which has an acoustic and vintage hip-hop rhythm as the base, the R&B pop song, 'So Fine', with a rhythmical and rich groove that stands out, the electronic house song, 'Super Sonic', which has a strong chorus that lingers in your ear, the hip-hop song, 'Just The Two Of Us', that Miss A's Min featured in, and others. These all show B1A4's own variety of colors.

"Only Sandeul's solo song (Crush) was put in this album, but we wanted to show each of our charms (T/N: …Not sure what the reporter was doing, but Baro has a solo song too;) Since the genre of music that the members like are all different and the songs we suggest are different, we were able to put in a variety of songs. And we also created it like this with the thought that even the public would think it to be better if songs from various genres were in it."

It's a risk for a rookie group who hasn't even reached their 1st year yet, to release an official full-length album during the time that massive groups like Big Bang, 2AM, SHINee, and others are making their comeback. However, they had a positive mind and said, "We can't help but do well." It's all thanks to their leader, Jinyoung. During the meeting time that they have every Saturday, the mind of Jinyoung, who brainwashes the members, is giving a large impact.
"It's the Jinyoung religion. If Jinyoung hyung says we're going to do well, I really feel like we'll do well. It's another type of 'a baseless confidence'."
Their goal is to get 1st place on a music broadcast. They also have the greed to get a Bonsang during the end-of-the-year awards ceremonies. They also want to open up their own solo concert.
"After making a strong base in Korea, we want to promote overseas. But Korea will be first."

Gongchan: The team's youngest that doesn't look like the youngest. Being the eldest son in his family, he's mature, but when he's with his hyungs, he has aegyo and does a lot of cute actions. He picks up the things that Jinyoung and Sandeul drop around well. He's also in charge of separating the garbage.

Sandeul: He's very social. I can guarantee you that no matter where he goes, he won't die of hunger. During his 3rd year of middle school, he was chubby because he was obsessed with 'Gamja-tang (T/N: Potato and pork rib soup)', however by making steady progress, he now occasionally hears that he looks like Jinyoung.

Jinyoung: The person who has the qualities in being a leader. Once he gets obsessed with something he likes, he's the type to put his all into it until he gets results. However, he is a bit clumsy.

Baro: He's been in the group for the longest time because he came into B1A4 first. He is also the energizer for the team. He is filled with fun and wit and he also has the positive drive as the team's only blood type B. However, he has a sensitive personality and has a lot of tears. He bursts out crying when watching sad movies.

CNU: By appearing on KBS' sitcom, 'I Need a Fairy', he is showing his talent in acting. As expected of someone from Chungcheong-do, he's slow but when his hidden talent explodes, he can't hold back. When assessing them realistically, he's in acts as the pivotal figure in the team.

trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans
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[NEWS] Marie Claire Korea to Ask Fans’ Questions to Sooyoung!

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 08:26 AM PDT

Earlier today, Marie Claire Korea's official Twitter announced that Marie Claire magazine will be interviewing Sooyoung. They stated that they will be accepting questions for Sooyoung via mentions to their Twitter account. If you wish to pose a question to Sooyoung, simply include it in a reply to the announcement. Questions covering dozens of topics have already been sent, and the interview promises to be entertaining and informative. Marie Claire, a world-renowned fashion and celebrity magazine, has long covered the lives and promotions of the girls, along with those of other artists, actors and other public figures.
This is not the first time that Sooyoung has been featured in the magazine. In May 2011, she, alongside the other members of Girls' Generation, graced individual covers of the issue, and also had a spread in the magazine.

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[PHOTOS] Haha, Sandeul's selca 'Uncle and nephew?'

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 08:12 AM PDT

Singer HaHa recently uploaded a photo with B1A4 Sandeul.

On the 3rd, Haha updated his twitter and wrote "Thank you Sandeul! you're so cute, sexy and very good at singing~!" and uploaded the photos of them above.

In the picture, we can see Haha, who came back as a singer, Tao and one of B1A4 member, Sandeul. Both Tao and Haha looks so proud of their brother. Sandeul acts cute as he comes from idol group and as the maknae here.

Haha and Tao have returned as a singer with new deeper song. and with Sandeul featuring in the stage makes gain more attention.

Those who saw Haha and Sandeul commented, "They look like uncle and nephew", "both of them are Cute, Haroro is here", "B1A4, Haha&Tao are so touched. I enjoyed watching their stage" and many more.

Meanwhile, Haha&Tao are promoting 'The Person By My Side' while B1A4's promoting 'Baby I'm Sorry'

Article Credits: TVDAILY + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: creamaya @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM 

[PICTURE] JYJ’s Park Yoochun wears bobbed hairstyle

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 08:00 AM PDT

JYJ's Park Yoochun, who currently playing the role of Lee Gak in the SBS drama 'Rooftop Prince', transformed himself with a 21st century fashion.

On April 4th, Yoochun updated his Twitter saying, "Lee Gak's cousin Lee Bal", and uploaded the photo above.

In the photo, Yoochun can be seen staring into the camera while wearing comfortable shirt and wig. Not only his awkward hairstyle drew attention, but Lee Min Ho's facial expression behind Yoochun also captured the attention of netizens.

Netizens commented, "What happened to the crown prince?" "Yoochun is prettier than a girl", "Bobbed hair looks awkward on you" and "Lee Min Ho is funny!"

Source: TV Report
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[PICTURE] 2PM’s Junsu transforms into a panda

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 07:48 AM PDT

Idol group 2PM's member Kim Junsu recently transformed into a panda.

On April 4th, Kim Junsu tweeted "Although I took this picture at my house for the fanmeeting.. I'm revealing it, WITH MY PANDAS.. If you look closely you can see that among the pandas one panda is alive.. keke", and attached the photo above.

In the photo, Junsu is sitting 'hidden' in the middle of countless panda dolls. The impressive numbers of Junsu's dolls have caught the attention of the fans.

Seeing this, the netizens responded with "Found it! The one alive panda", "Find the hidden Junsu", "You really have a lot of panda dolls" and many more.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu along with other 2PM members successfully held a fanmeeting on 1st April at Kyunghee University's Peace Hall for their official fanclub, Hottest.

Source: JunkayStreet

[NEWS] EXO reveals concept photos & tracklist for ‘MAMA’

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 07:36 AM PDT

SM Entertainment's latest idol groups EXO-K and EXO-M will finally be making their official debut with their first single 'MAMA'.

Prior to its official release on April 9th, EXO unveiled the concept photos and full tracklist for debut album.

EXO will be releasing official full footage of their recent debut showcase in Korea on April 5th. The group will then kick off their debut performances on the 8th with EXO-K on SBS Inkigayo and EXO-M at the music awards in China.

Full tracklist:

1. Mama
2. What Is Love
3. History
4. 니的世界 (Angel)
5. 雙月之夜 (Two Moons)
6. Machine

[NEWS] Park Hae Jin named ‘Best Actor’ at Chinese Awards

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 07:24 AM PDT

Hallyu actor Park Hae Jin became the first Korean male actor to win the coveted Best Asian Actor award at the 2012 LETV Awards in Beijing on March 31st.

Though Park has only been active in China for about a year, he has been embraced by fans there, and he impressed those in attendance by taking the stage without an interpreter and accepting the award in near-perfect Chinese.

After he received his award, Park changed into an elaborate black and gold outfit resembling royal garb to sing. He chose to perform "For You," from the original soundtrack of the Chinese drama "Qian Duo Duo Jia Ren Ji" ("Duo Duo's Marriage"), in which he starred in last year. The song, too, was performed in Chinese, much to the audience's delight.

More than 200 top entertainers and executives from Chinese media companies attended the LETV Awards, which recognize achievement in film and drama.

The ceremony is broadcast nationwide in China on Honam TV.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[PICTURE] Ha Ji Won puts on her hanbok for ‘The King 2Hearts’

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 07:12 AM PDT

In the 5th episode of MBC's Wednesday-Thursday series 'The King 2Hearts', which will air on April 4th, Ha Ji Won will show off her elegant and feminine charms in a hanbok.

The actress will be taking off the North Korean military uniform and the WOC uniform and replace them with a pretty hanbok. With this, many viewers are paying attention to her and wondering how she will look like as a North Korean flower girl.

In the recent recording which was taken on March 14 on Jeju Island, Ha Ji Won appeared in a bright pink top and a black skirt. She was holding a furred scarf and looked like a daughter of a senior officer in North Korea. She especially made everyone excited on set by perfectly changing her attitude to fit her new style.

A representative from the drama's production stated, "Even though she has been wearing a military uniform so far to portray female North Korean officer, she will show various side of her from now on. As Ha Ji Won enters Seoul, the story will become more interesting as well."

Source: TV Report
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[PICTURE] Kim Tae Hee’s scandalous doll-like fashion?

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 07:00 AM PDT

Actress Kim Tae Hee recently showcased a rather interesting doll-like fashion.

On an online community board, a photo titled 'Kim Tae Hee, a doll pretending to be human' was recently posted and is currently making the headlines.

The photo was taken from Vietnam during Kim Tae Hee's promotion of the MBC drama 'My Princess'.

In the photo, Kim Tae Hee is seen wearing a white mini one piece with a run-down zipper on front. She showed off her innocent, yet sexy image through her doll-like fashion. However, netizens' sharp eyes spotted something more interesting than her fashion style, particularly in the chest area.

Netizens commented, "I was so distracted", "I wish her stylish noticed this problem", "It looks like she's not wearing something" and more.

Source: Naver
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[NEWS] Kim Yoo Jung’s adorable baby commercial

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 08:18 AM PDT

The actress of the smash-hit MBC drama 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun', Kim Yoo Jung is currently making headlines with her commercial from the past.

The five-year old Kim Yoo Jung appeared in a medical advertisement back in 2004. Her acting was flawless even when she was a baby, as she cried in pain showing her boo boo to her father.

When her injury is healed, she smiles brightly with her big round eyes. The slogan, "Raise your child without scars" goes along very well with her.

Netizens who have seen the commercial commented, "She grew up to be such a pretty young girl", "She was so mature in the drama and here she is just a baby", "She is a good actress", "Why is she so cute" and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung will walk the runway as the main model for a famous designer in the "2012 F/W Seoul Fashion Week."

Source: hancinema
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[NEWS] Jang Nara to give comeback performance this week

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 06:34 AM PDT

Singer and actress Jang Nara will be giving her first comeback performance this week!

A representative of Jang announced, "Jang Nara is scheduled to grace the stage with her title track 'Only Thinking of You' at Mnet's 'M! Countdown' on Thursday and she is most likely to appear on SBS' 'Inkigayo' as well."

Jang Nara recently made her comeback to the local music scene. On March 26, she released her new digital single, consists of two tracks including the ballad title track "I Only Think Of You" and "It Was You." Her title track performed well on various music charts including Naver Music, Daum Music, Melon, Bugs, Cyworld, Mnet and others.

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[VIDEO] MV teaser for Na Yoon Kwon’s “Love is Like Rain” revealed

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 06:22 AM PDT

Recently, singer Na Yoon Kwon participated on the first OST for KBS's new drama series 'Love Rain'. Released on March 27th, Na Yoon Kwon released the sweet ballad "Love is Like Rain".

On April 4th, KBS unveiled the music video teaser for "Love is Like Rain". The video features highlights of the love story of lead cast YoonA and Jang Geun Suk.

Check out the MV teaser below!

[NEWS] Song Seung Hun and Jaejoong to begin filming for “Time Slip Dr. Jin”

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 08:21 AM PDT

Actor Song Seung Hun and JYJ's Kim Jaejoong recently been selected as male leads in the upcoming Japanese manga-based drama MBC "Time Slip Dr. Jin." The two stars will soon start filming for the drama.

The show's promoter, 3HW announced that Song Seung Hun and Jaejoong will start filming the drama on April 15, as soon as the other cast members are set. The firm also explained that they are still in discussions with MBC on its air date but it is likely to be either June or July.

"Time Slip Dr. Jin" is based on the popular Japanese manga series by Murakami Motoka and was previously made into a drama of the same name which aired in Japan on TBS in 2009 and made a huge hit.

Song Seung Hun will be playing the main role of a genuis yet cold-hearted doctor who was born into a doctor's family. Through magical powers, he can transcends time and space. He travels back to the Chosun Dynasty in 1860 and starts developing medicines to save people. While Kim Jaejoong will be playing a military officer and fateful rival to Dr. Jin Hyuk (played by Song Seung Hun), who came from the Joseon Dynasty.

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[picture] SNSD's Tiffany and Taeyeon hangs out at the Seoul Fashion Week

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 05:55 AM PDT

Right now is Fashion Week in Seoul and various celebrities are out and about walking the runway as models or either attending the fashion shows. Among these are SNSD members Tiffany and Taeyeon who appeared at a fashion show at the 2012-2013 Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week and had some girl time bonding with each other.

The two looked stunning upon arrival wearing Fall/Winter colors of brown and even appeared wearing matching heels. The two girls were VIP's for a fashion show and were front liners for the show and it looks like the two had a lot of fun looking at the clothes as they also shared a few laughs during the show.

Source: Nate
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[VIDEO] Jo In Sung featured in Kim C’s “Love” MV

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 05:45 AM PDT

Actor Jo In Sung played a solo role on Kim C's music video for his new track, "Love".

Jo In Sung's agreement to appear in Kim C's music video stemmed from their close friendship. Hearing that Kim C has decided to release a solo album, the actor has agreed participated in the "Love" music video.

In the video, Jo In Sung is seen walking in front of a blank backdrop, while the camera goes back and forth between Jo and daily life scenes, such as cars on the street and leaves swaying against the sky.

The track "Love", off of Kim C's first solo album "Priority", was released on April 4th.

Check out the MV below!

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[NEWS] Shinhwa pushes back release date of “The Return - Thanks Edition”

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 05:35 AM PDT

Legendary group Shinhwa has announced to push back the release date of the special 'Thanks Edition' of their 10th studio album "The Return".

As previously revealed, due to the success of the 'Special Edition' of "The Return", Shinhwa will be releasing a 'Thanks Edition' of the album to show their gratitude to fans. The album will consist of a newly-designed white box that will be adorned with Shinhwa's new logo, as well as a 70-page photobook.

A representative from their agency, Shinhwa Company announced, "We originally scheduled the new edition to go on sale this Friday. However, we postponed the release date to next Wednesday due to the overwhelming number of orders for the new edition."

Written by: jhezwafu

[VIDEO] DSP BOYZ releases 2nd teaser for “Making the Star DSP BOYZ”

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 05:30 AM PDT

We recently reported that DSP Media, the agency that houses to KARA, Rainbow and SS501, is set to reveal a seven-member male idol group, tentatively named as DSP BOYZ, this month.

The group will be making their debut through a reality program in MBC called "Making the STAR DSP BOYZ" and will air this coming April 24, 2012.

On April 4th, DSP Media unveiled a second teaser for the new reality program, which features a snippet of the members and its concept.

Check out the teaser below!

[news] Big Bang and 2ne1 hit it high at the Oricon Weekly album chart

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 05:25 AM PDT

YG Entertainment label mates Big bang and 2ne1 ranked high at the top 10 for the Oricon Weekly album sales chart for the last week of March. The two groups simultaneously released their respective albums "Alive" and "Collection" and their albums and singles also ranked high on the Daily Charts.

For the March 26 to April 1 week, Big Bang entered the chart ranking 3rd for their album "Alive" selling over 52,987 copies of their album for the week and 2ne1 also entered the chart with their album "Collection" selling over 22,224 copies of their album and ranked 5th in the weekly chart. Girl group Rainbow also managed to enter the top 10 of the weekly chart as they entered 10th with their single "Over the rainbow" selling over 13,009 copies over the week.

Source: Nate + Oricon Japan
Written by: Blueprincess824 @

[NEWS] Tony An considers retirement

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 05:05 AM PDT

Former H.O.T member Tony An has made a shocking confession that he is considering retiring from the music scene.

Tony An, who has been busy promoting with Tony An & SMASH, was recently guest-featured on KBS' 'Do Dream' where he honestly shared his current dilemma.

The singer revealed, "Before releasing the record, the public seemed really interested in the project group. There were many articles written about it and became a heavily searched term online, but after releasing the track, it seems that there isn't very much support."

"I seriously started to think that maybe the public doesn't want me anymore, and that maybe it's time for me to retire as a singer", he added.

The full episode of Tony Ahn's debate about retirement will be unveiled on April 7.

Source: Naver
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[NEWS] 4minute's song will criticize the prejudice against girl groups - Release of a daring teaser picture

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 05:04 AM PDT

On April 4th, at 4:44PM, the popular girl group 4minute released their impressive - to say the least - second teaser picture.

In the released picture, the 4minute members are clothed in black and are looking magnificent. This is an absolute 180° transformation from the girlish concept they sported in their "white image" released on April 3rd.

This image is expected to be more similar to the concept for their comeback performances. 4minute wishes to be praised not only for their new title song, 'Volume Up', that will be released on the 9th. They also aim to gain more recognition for their stage performances during which they are said to clamorously portray freedom. During their last promotion activities, 4minute was plagued with a huge controversy sparked by their so-called sexually explicit "spread leg dance". This time, the lyrics of 'Volume Up' may be seen as very eloquent.

A CUBE representative communicated "This song contains saxophone sounds. The unconventional lyrics depict the fanatic craze over girl groups and the prejudice it can cause against them".

The title track 'Volume Up' was composed by the hit-makers Shinsadong Tiger and Rado. The indie band The KOXX also took part in the producing of the album adding a different flavor to the masterpiece.

Source : OSEN via NATE
Translating & editing : Meeli

[NEWS] Popdust's "The Great Boy Band Hair-Off: We Have A Winner"

Posted: 04 Apr 2012 04:59 AM PDT

Over the last week we revisited the good, the bad and the ugliest of boy band hairstyles throughout pop music history. Our look back at everything from Davy Jones and Ringo Starr's trailblazing swoops to the fluctuating styles of Justin Timberlake during his 'N Sync days left us with 32 of the all-time greatest boy band haircuts, and a healthy debate over what is considered today's definitive heartthrob look, according to you, the fans. Now that March Madness is over, the time has come to crown a winner. Drumroll, please...

The heated final between G-Dragon of Big Bang and Princeton of Mindless Behavior saw over 16,000 votes before declaring the K-pop sensation the official champion of our first-ever bracket-style voting game. Emerging out of the highly competitive Dye Jobs region, the number five seed overcame significant odds to defeat heavyweights from premier boy band acts of the late '90s, like 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. An achievement in itself, yet the band's colorful frontman should take comfort knowing his tendency to both quickly and frequently change his hue gives him an advantage in any future hair-related competitions, and drives his millions of supporters wild. A big congratulations to G-Dragon and Big Bang, as well as the dedicated fans of K-pop, unique hairstyles and online bracket games everywhere. Until next year!

Source: Popdust