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"[VIDEO] SISTAR unveiled first MV teaser for Alone featuring Bora!" plus 24 more

"[VIDEO] SISTAR unveiled first MV teaser for Alone featuring Bora!" plus 24 more

[VIDEO] SISTAR unveiled first MV teaser for Alone featuring Bora!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 09:02 AM PDT

Have a look at the first MV teaser of SISTAR's latest song Alone!

Member Bora is seen flaunting her perfect S-line in the teaser below,anticipating SISTAR's official comeback?

[PICTURES] Hyoyeon Attended Seoul Fashion Week News Pictorial!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 08:56 AM PDT

Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon attended Seoul Fashion Week News Pictorial. She stuns wearing a casual outfit. Check out her photos below.

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[NEWS] Is Park Yoochun’s costume made by Yoo Ah-in?

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 08:43 AM PDT

JYJ's Park Yoochun portrays the role of Lee Gak on the drama Rooftop Prince. Lee Gak danced while wearing a panda costume on the said drama that was aired on March 29th. 

Viewers pointed out that the panda costume Lee Gak wore on Rooftop Prince was similar to the one Young-gul (Yoo Ah-in) of the new drama Fashion King had made while held in jail that was aired on  th 27th of March.

Don't you think this is funny? A coincidence or Yoo Ah-In really made it for Park Yoochun? What do you think?

Credit: Asia Today  + PYC Gallery
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[INFO] '2012 SHINee Diary' Application for Android!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 08:29 AM PDT

The information about 2012 SHINee Diary Application for Android has been revealed. You can see the information below.

Manage your schedule along with your favorite star,
2012 SHINee Diary!
Enjoy your daily life with the top K-POP Stars!
2012 SHINee Diary is SMTOWN's the latest hot mobile application with powerful scheduling features based on '2012 SHINee Calendar'.

Key Features
* CALENDAR : Organize your (Diary / Schedules / To Do / Anniversaries) by (List / Weekly / Monthly)!
- Favorite : Allows you to display the important items on the upper side
- Decoration : Important days can be decorated with distinguished background color / mark
- Fan Diary : Social space where fans can share information or daily life with one another

* GALLERY : You can view special SHINee contents contained in '2012 SHINee Calendar'
- Video : Enjoy the latest video clips of SHINee
- Special : You can achieve SHINee's hidden pictures when certain conditions are fulfilled

* CLOCK : Table Clock that displays schedules for today, with SHINee's background pictures

Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Size: 12M
Price: $0.99
Content Rating: Everyone
The '2012 SHINee Diary' application can be bought online here.

Produced by e-motion


Source: Google Play
Credit: SHINee Forums International (

[PICTURES] Sooyoung posted a new message on Japanese Fansite

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 08:14 AM PDT

Girls' Generation member Sooyoung posted a new message on a Japanese Fansite.

On April 5th, Sooyoung updated their Japanese fansite with a message and pictures.

Check out her update below.

Hello everyone, it's Sooyoung.

While filming the 'Time Machine' MV, I feel better after seeing my pet dog Suri-chan*.
Suri is so cute that I show her off to nearby staff♪ (laughs)
I can't really meet her often so my mother sends me pictures, but I want to see Suri soon~!!

And something I'll only talk about here♪
On the table of the film set was some fruit and it looked really delicious.
So even though the person on the phone was a guy...while acting as a career woman I said "Grapes~". (laughs)

*trans note: I'm just making a guess that Suri is a girl!

Sooyoung talked about her dog Suri and seems she really misses her dog. 

In the first picture, They are filming for Time Machine's music video and Sooyoung can be seen smiling while looking at the picture of Suri on her cellphone, while in the second picture, she is smiling brightly with a V sign. Sooyoung is getting prettier as day passes.

source: via Japan mobile fansite 
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[VIDEO] KARA's Han Seung Yeon graces Allure Magazine!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 07:59 AM PDT

The special version of Allure magazine will be published for 'Earth Day' on April 22 with the subject of 'Green Allure Campaign' to encourage more people to show their love to the mother nature.

Seungyeon is seen wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a mountain goat,showing her love for animals!

Check out the short interview clip with Han Seungyeon here!

[NEWS] SISTAR to stream comeback showcase on Youtube

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 07:50 AM PDT

Girl group SISTAR will finally be making their return in approximately eight months after the release of their first official album "So Cool." After teasing fans with series of still cuts, it has been announced that SISTAR will be coming back with a global showcase.

SISTAR will officially release their comeback mini-album "Myself Alone" on April 12th. On the same day, the group will hold their comeback showcase which will be available to as many as 41 countries through Youtube live stream.

Meanwhile, SISTAR's comeback track "Myself Alone" is produced by hitmaker Brave Brothers, who have worked with the group's past hits including "Push Push", "Ma Boy" and "So Cool."

Source: Nate
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[NEWS] Hwang Jung Eum signs contract with SidusHQ

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 07:35 AM PDT

After her contract with Core Contents Media ended last month, actress Hwang Jung Eum has signed an exclusive contract agreement with SidusHQ.

According to a press release on April 5th, Hwang Jung Eum decided to join SidusHQ, one of the best entertainment companies that houses to popular Korean stars such as Jay Park and Song Joong Ki.

A SidusHQ official stated, "We are happy that we have become an official family with Hwang Jung Eum, who is making strong impressions through her dramas and CFs. We will unconditionally support the actress to develop her acting skills in different genres."

Hwang Jung Eum rose to fame with her small screen projects including MBC's "High Kick 2", SBS drama "Giant" and MBC's "Can You Hear My Heart." The actress is currently filming "Full House 2" which will start airing on April 5.

[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum and Park Ye Jin cast in new tvN drama

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 07:20 AM PDT

Super Junior member Kim Ki Bum and actress Park Ye Jin have been cast as the leads in the upcoming tvN drama "I ♥ Taeri" (translated title).

According to sources, Park Ye Jin and Kim Ki Bum will be playing a couple in "I ♥ Taeri", a fantasy romance-comedy drama and a sequel to "The Wedding Scheme."

In the drama, Kim Ki Bum will take on the role of Geum Eun Dong, a middle school student who suddenly finds himself a man in his 30's while Park Ye Jin as Lee Taeri plays the role of the plutocrat heiress.

"I ♥ Taeri" will air in May, following the conclusion of "The Wedding Scheme."

Source: Star News
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[NEWS] Lee Hyori shows her ‘10-second charisma’

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 07:06 AM PDT

Singer Lee Hyori recently charmed Jung Jae Hyung with her '10-second charisma'.

On the April 5th episode of reality program On Style's 'Golden 12', Lee Hyori had called and received donations from stylist Han Hye Yeon, photographer Hong Jang Hyun, as well as Cha Ye Ryun and Big Bang's T.O.P for her charity bazaar project.

Lee Hyori then called close friend Jung Jae Hyun and said, "I'm doing a variety show. There's going to be a bazaar and I need you to donate something. I'll be waiting in front of your house." The whole conversation lasted approximately 10 seconds.

In response to Lee Hyori's boldness, Jung Jae Hyung said, "Okay! I need to give things worth 10 million won?", drawing the laughter of the audience.

Without asking any specific questions, Jung Jae Hyung decided to help out after one phone call from Lee Hyori. Officials at the scene commented, "Truly a 10-second charisma."

Source: Naver
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[VIDEO] SNSD unveiled Lotte Department Store "Challenge Sale" CF!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 07:04 AM PDT

The girls of SNSD flaunt their perfect S-line in mini dress for the latest Lotte Department Store CF.

Without further ado,check out their CF here!

Like SNSD's new CF?

[NEWS] CNBLUE debuts #1 on Gaon Chart

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:54 AM PDT

CNBLUE continues its winning streak with a first place finish on the Gaon weekly chart.

On the Gaon's compiled data between March 25 to 31, CNBLUE's latest title track "Hey You" made its debut atop Gaon's Weekly Singles Chart. The track, which was released on March 26, was downloaded 350,176 times to come out on top.

In addition, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon's "Missing You Like Crazy", which is the soundtrack to MBC's "The King 2Hearts", stormed to the #2 spot with with 337,821 downloads.

Busker Busker, who currently getting all buzz, jumped straight to #3 spot with their title song "Cherry Blossom Ending", off of their debut album "Busker Busker."

Meanwhile, CNBLUE also dominated the Weekly Album Chart with their third mini-album "EAR FUN." Following the band is idol group SHINee with "Sherlock" on #2 and Busker Busker's self-titled album on #3 spot.

Source: Gaon Chart
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[VIDEO] EXID performed When You Believe on Simply KPop!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:55 AM PDT

EXID's main vocalists Yooji,Hye Yeon and Hee Yeon did an amazing cover of When You Believe on Simply KPop.

You should check out their performance here,did they impress??

How many points out of 10?

[VIDEO] SHINee Key’s Sketch for “Catch Me If You Can” musical

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:42 AM PDT

In addition to Super Junior member Kyuhyun's sketch, SM Entertainment revealed new sketch featuring SHINee member Key for the musical "Catch Me If You Can".

Key and Kyuhyun will be alternating the role of Frank Abagnale, Jr, a real-life gifted con artist, who successfully wheedled millions of dollars while pretending to be an airline pilot, a doctor and a prosecutor.

The Korean production of Broadway musical "Catch Me If You Can" boasts an all-stars cast including SHINee's Key, Super Junior's Kyuhyun, Girls' Generation's Sunny, and CSJH's Dana. Other line ups include musical stars Um Ki Joon, Kim Bum Rae, and Park Kwang Hyun. The musical started playing on March 28 and will continue to play until June 10th.

[news] IU to have her first independent concert this June?

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:37 AM PDT

That's right! Singer IU announced on her twitter account on the 5th of April that she will be having her own solo concert this year! On the 5th of April, she updated her twitter account saying ,"Its true! Im going to have my own concert! Time flies so fast! My first concert will be on June 2. I will let you know for further information from my company tomorrow okay? Im on my way to Thailand now, please be careful",

IU broke the news herself and more information from her agency will follow in the next days. This will be the young solo singer's first solo concert and fans are excited on the news. IU is also confirmed to perform at the 2012 Dream Concert to be held this May 12. Netizens commented, "A solo concert? Im excited! I want to go", "Congratulations to the nations little sister!", "Im so excited I cannot wait!".

Meanwhile, IU is on her wait to Bangkok, Thailand as she is scheduled to perform at the MBC 2012 Korea Music Wave concert.

Source: Nate
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[NEWS] 2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun go camping for ‘Music and Lyrics’

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:30 AM PDT

2PM's Junho and actress Kim So Eun of MBC's reality program 'Music and Lyrics' recently went on a romantic camping trip together.

In the revealed pictures, Junho and Kim So Eun are seen enjoying dates by a railroad track as well as camping together in a romantic atmosphere. The couple reportedly cooked in front of their tent and even fed each other while workin gin their composition.

An representative stated, "Even though the weather was pretty cold that day, they took care of each other and it was so pretty to see them sitting next to each other beside a bonfire. Since they are working on a song in great harmony, we eagerly anticipate their love song."

Source: Nate
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[news] 2am reveals that Se7en's "When I can't sing" was a song that was meant for them

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:27 AM PDT

Ballad group 2am revealed that se7en's hit song "When I can't sing" which was a song produced by Park Jin Young was originally meant for 2am.

2am were guests on the 5th of April broadcast of YTN's "News and Issues - Issues and People" and the anchor asked them, "2am have released a lot of good songs, but was there a time that you missed out on a song?" o which the members replied, "Cant Forget which was a song in Dream High and When I Cant Sing by Se7en were both originally meant for us".

It seems that these songs were in the lineup for 2am's album but was rejected and planned for something else and Changming added, "Im sure the unreleased album has songs like that" sparking curiosity with his vague statement.

Source: Nate
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[news] 2012 Dream Concert lineup revealed!

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:20 AM PDT

That's Right the line up of kpop stars to attend the much anticipated 2012 "Love you Korea, 2012 Dream Concert" has been revealed. On the 5th of April, the Korea Entertainment Producer's Association revealed the line up on the upcoming 18th Dream Concert.

The confirmed performers are:

The organizers are hoping that the youth will get inspiration to dream big when they attend the Dream Concert ang take inspiration from the artists. The 18th Dream Concert this 2012 will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Mayl 12 6:30pm KST and tickets will start to go on sale on April 17.

Source: Nate
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[news] CNBlue heats up the singles weekly chart with "Hey You"

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:15 AM PDT

CNBlue is heating up the charts with their title track "Hey You" from their latest mini album "Ear Fun". Last 26th of March they released their mini album "ear fun" and since then they have topped the weekly most download song charts garnering over 350,176 downloads over the week only. Another track from their mini album "Still IN Love" ranked 13 in the charts garnering over 170,917 downloads.

CNblue is not only topping album sales charts as their album is doing well digitally and physical album sales. They manage to edge out strong competitions and emerged on top. Meanwhile,Taeyeon's "King 2 Hearts" OST ranked second with over 337,821.

Source: Nate
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[INFO] Gaon Chart releases rankings for March 25-31

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts.

[Rankings for Week March 25 - March 31, 2012]

Weekly Singles Chart

1. CNBLUE : "Hey You" : 30,987,457

2. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon : "Missing You Like Crazy" : 30,287,479

3. Busker Busker : "Cherry Blossom Ending" : 29,727,146

4. 2AM : "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me" : 24,951,372

5. Brave Guys : "Wait and Be Ready" : 24,537,128

6. Big Bang : "Fantastic Baby" : 24,120,839

7. SHINee : "Sherlock" : 24,024,755

8. Busker Busker : "Ideal Type" : 23,039,221

9. Park Ji Min : "Over the Rainbow" : 22,730,187

10. Shinhwa : "Venus" : 21,837,042


Weekly Album Chart

1. CNBLUE : "EAR FUN" [3rd Mini Album]

2. SHINee : "Sherlock" [4th Mini Album]

3. Busker Busker : "Busker Busker" [1st Album]

4. B1A4 : "The B1A4 I (IGNITION)" [1st Album]

5. Various Artists : "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" [OST]

6. Various Artists : "Dream High 2" [OST]

7. Shinhwa : "The Return" [10th Album]

8. Park Hyo Shin : "Gift: E.C.H.O" [Special Album]

9. Big Bang : "ALIVE" [5th Mini Album]

10. 2AM : "F.Scott Fitzgerald's Way of Love" [2nd Mini Album]

Source: Gaon Chart
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[NEWS] ‘Strong Heart’ reveals 6 fixed panelists

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 05:50 AM PDT

'Strong Heart' has revealed the six fixed panel of guests.

On April 5th, SBS 'Strong Heart' updated its official homepage with the pictures of fixed guest members titled "Fixed Guests." The official still cuts feature panelists Boom, Super Junior's Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, Kim Hyo Jin, Jung Joori and Yang Se Hyung.

The fixed guest were all dressed in classy black outfits, making some chic poses. The still cuts also made official the departure of Shindong, along with Kim Young Chul and Jo Jung Rin.

The brand new episode of 'Strong Heart' with new hosts Lee Dong Wook and Shin Dong Yup will start airing on April 10th.

Source: Nate
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[NEWS] Singapore to stage Kim Hyun Joong’s first Fan Meeting across Asia on 4 May 2012

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 05:38 AM PDT

5 April 2012 (Singapore) – The last time Kim Hyun Joong came to Singapore, he turned teenagers and
grown women into a chaotic mess with just a short appearance.

Come 4 May 2012, the star that's doubtlessly South Korea's hottest actor/singer is bound to melt the hearts of many when he performs his first fan meeting across Asia at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Concert organizer for "Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012", Running Into The Sun, announced today that ticket sales will start within the next two weeks via Sistic online, phone and counter bookings.

Hitting a meteoric rise in fame and popularity since his debut as leader of the group SS501 and for his
role in the popular drama "Boys Over Flowers", Kim Hyun Joong's solo Facebook fan page has amassed
over 2 million fans – the most for a solo Korean male artist – may won over by his perfectly good looks
and charmingly honest personality. Kim Hyun Joong was also named "Best Male Artist" at the Mnet
Music Awards 2011 with over 2.3 million votes, "Best Solo Artist" in the 2012 Allkpop Awards and "Top
Buzz Solo Artist" in the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards for the Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea categories.
Kim Hyun Joong's first Asia Fan Meeting will showcase the songs from solo albums including his latest
two albums "Break Down" which exceeded 70,000 pre-orders in just 10 days and "Lucky" which topped
the albums category in Japan's Oricon weekly chart.

"Running Into The Sun is excited that we'll be the first stop in Asia to stage Kim Hyun
Joong's Asia fan meeting, as this will set the standard for the rest of the tour across the
region. As the first show in Asia and the first Asia fan meeting for Kim Hyun Joong, we are
honoured to be part of the exciting, collaborative process to conceptualize and build the
show. We are certain the show will be a fresh and electrifying show for everyone in the
audience", says Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Creative Director for Running Into The Sun.

Ticket prices and details on how to purchase tickets will be revealed within the next week. In the
meantime, fans and interested parties can visit Running Into The Sun's Facebook page
( for any queries.

[news] The 100 different expressions of Yoochun in Rooftop Prince

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 05:35 AM PDT

It seems that the new SBS drama "Rooftop Prince" is a huge hit with positive reviews from viewers and also because of it's hilarious romantic comedy with fantasy story line. Recently, a photo has surfaced online with the title "100 different expressions of Yoochun" which caught the interest of netizens.

On the photo, a netizen summed up 100 different expressions of Yoochun on Rooftop prince. You can see a wide variety of expressions from him, from happy to serious to some of the most bizarre expressions. Netizens commented, "Some of the weirdest expressions I have seen", "Wow, he's such a good actor", "awesome acting skills".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

[NEWS] JYJ to hold ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’ in June

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 05:25 AM PDT

Idol group JYJ will be holding a large-scale exhibition for the first time in June.

According to the group's agency, C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ will hold the 4-day '2012 JYJ Membership Week' starting on June 28 to July 1 in Seoul. The event will feature various events, and will invite 15,000 Korean and Japanese fan club members.

Baek Chang Joo, president of the agency, stated, "We decided to hold this event in order to repay JYJ fans for always showing their support. This event will be Korea's first big fan exhibition where the fans can see, hear, and feel about everything of JYJ."

Since the event is a huge fan exhibition, various events are planned to be held. Photo exhibition, food zone with menus selected by JYJ, fan art competition, trick art and booths will be prepared, while more details are to be announced on a later date.

Source: Star News
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[VIDEO] Jang Hee Young releases “Love is Pain” MV ft. Gil Me

Posted: 05 Apr 2012 05:13 AM PDT

Former Gavy NJ member Jang Hee Young released the full music video for her new solo track "Love is Pain".

"Love is Pain", which also features Clover's Gil Me, has a smooth R&B beat overlayed with string instruments and piano. The track was composed by contemporary hit composer Kim Saejin and is included Jang Hee Young's digital single 'Starting is Over', released on April 4th.

Check out the MV below!