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"Big Bang’s T.O.P becomes radio DJ for FUBU event" plus 19 more

"Big Bang’s T.O.P becomes radio DJ for FUBU event" plus 19 more

Big Bang’s T.O.P becomes radio DJ for FUBU event

Posted: 01 May 2012 09:10 AM PDT

Previously, Big Bang‘s charismatic rapper T.O.P transformed into a club DJ for FUBU and this time he turned into a radio DJ.

On May 1st, T.O.P attended an event hosted by clothing brand ‘FUBU’ which took place at the Elune Club of Paradise Hotel. The event was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of FUBU as well as the brand’s renewal. FUBU is one of the most popular brands in the sports apparel niche in Korea after investment from Korean conglomerate Samsung.

Dressed in a casual black top and jeans which helped his trendy blue hair stand out, T.O.P helped host a live radio program with DJ ‘360 Sound‘.

You can check out the photos of T.O.P from the event below!

20120501_top1 20120501_top2 20120501_top3 20120501_top4 20120501_top5 20120501_top6 20120501_top7

Source: Chosun via Nate
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INFINITE to return on May 15th

Posted: 01 May 2012 08:46 AM PDT

Inspirits were patiently awaiting the return of INFINITE and now their comeback date has been revealed.

On May 2nd (KST), INFINITE’s official website was updated with the date 20120515 (May 15, 2012).

Their comeback is just two weeks away, are you ready?

Source & Image: INFINITE’s official website
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Super Junior claims #1 spot on Taiwanese music chart for 100 consecutive weeks

Posted: 01 May 2012 08:37 AM PDT

Super Junior has claimed the #1 slot on a Taiwanese music chart for 100 straight weeks.

From the first week of June 2010 to the second week of August 2011, Super Junior claimed the #1 spot on Taiwanese music chart ‘KKBOX‘ for 63 weeks straight.

Immediately after, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” also seized the #1 spot from the third week of August 2011 until the present, for 37 weeks straight.

The boys have broken a new record, as this is the first time an artist has claimed the top spot on the KKBOX Korean Music Weekly TOP 100 Chart for 100 consecutive weeks.

We are so glad and honored to have remained at the #1 spot for 100 weeks straight,” the members said. “Even we think this is very surprising, and we would like to once again thank our fans.”

In related news, Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 4‘ is well underway, and the boys will be performing at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on May 12th and 13th for 100,000 of their local fans.

Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate

Behind the scenes with Big Bang for Jeju Airlines

Posted: 01 May 2012 08:09 AM PDT

As many of you know already, idol group Big Bang was chosen as the official endorsement models for Jeju Airlines.

After having their image plasted on an airplane, the boys of Big Bang participated in a photo shoot with Jeju Airlines. Recently, a behind the scenes video from the photo shoot was shared online.

A representative from Jeju Air stated that they wished to portray a more global image, and decided that Big Bang would be the perfect endorsers to help achieve that goal. The company officially signed with the group on April 18th. A representative from the airline stated, "The fact that a top-class K-pop star such as Big Bang is now endorsing Jeju Air will spark a lot of interest in Asia. We anticipate them to be a great help in raising the corporate value of Jeju Air to visitors from Japan and Southeast Asia."

Check out the behind the scenes video and photos below!

20120501_bigbang_jeju1 20120501_bigbang_jeju2 20120501_bigbang_jeju3 20120501_bigbang_jeju4 20120501_bigbang_jeju5 20120501_bigbang_jeju6 20120501_bigbang_jeju7 20120501_bigbang_jeju8 20120501_bigbang_jeju9 20120501_bigbang_jeju10 20120501_bigbang_jeju11 20120501_bigbang_jeju12 20120501_bigbang_jeju13 20120501_bigbang_jeju14 20120501_bigbang_jeju15

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Sean praises BoA after the completion of ‘K-Pop Star’

Posted: 01 May 2012 07:45 AM PDT

Sean of Jinusean had some words of encouragement and praise for BoA.

BoA tweeted on April 29th, “‘K-Pop Star‘ has ended after a 7-month trek. The participants, Park Ji Min who won, Lee Ha Yi who came second, the awesome judges Hyun Suk oppa, Jin Young oppa, SBS staff, you all worked hard.”

After seeing the tweet, Sean replied, “BoA worked very hard as well. I enjoyed watching ‘K-Pop Star’ during its run. Like Insooni sunbae, I’ll pray that you stay a singer who can touch people for a long time. I don’t need to say any more words except that I’ll be rooting for BoA for the fact that you’re BoA.”

The former ‘K-Pop Star’ seemed gladdened by his heartfelt words as she responded, “I’ll work hard. Thank you for cheering me on. Though I’m a hoobae who has a long way to go before becoming like Insooni sunbaenim, I saw your tweet and gained strength. Thank you. ^^ Fighting.”

BoA recently gained praise for showing respect with a 90 degree bow after her sunbae Insooni’s performance on ‘K-Pop Star’. It also seems like Sean and his family has been avid viewers of the show during its run as well.

Source + Photo: BoA’s Twitter + Osen

Eun Ji Won is the #1 most requested star for variety show appearances

Posted: 01 May 2012 07:00 AM PDT

Eun Ji Won, who started working on music shortly after leaving ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, is reported to be the #1 most requested for variety show appearances.

The star has gathered a lot of nicknames over the years since he started on ’1N2D’ in late 2007. He’s been lovingly called “Eun-choding” (elementary school kid Eun) and “Genius-Won” among other titles.

Eun Ji Won left ’1N2D’ back in February stating, “For a while, I’ll be putting all my energy into this break.” Since then, he’s worked on Gavy NJ‘s album, and consistently stayed on the radar with appearances on KBS‘ ‘Critical Escape Number 1‘, MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘, SBS‘ ‘100 Million Won Quiz Show‘, and soon, MBCs ‘Jewelry House‘, which is a talk show program that will feature Jung Bo Suk, Leeteuk, Jo Eun Sook, and Shin Hae Chul.

He’ll also be starring in the TVN sitcomPlease Answer 1997‘, which is set to start broadcasting in June.

Source + Photo: Segye via Nate

g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo is busy looking after his daughter

Posted: 01 May 2012 06:32 AM PDT

Kim Tae Woo of g.o.d let fans know that he’s been busy looking after his daughter, who was born on April 18th.

On May 1st he posted on Twitter, “It’s been a while since I last posted something. It’s because I am busy looking after my daughter. Everyone please pray that my daughter Betty will grow up well.

He also posted, “It’s been a long time since g.o.d performed together… attracting over 20,000 people… overwhelming shouts and roars… the wishes of us 4 were in this song… It was perfect… everything,” showing his feelings about his recent performance with fellow g.o.d members Park Joon Hyung, Son Ho Young, and Danny Ahn at the 10th Annual Korean Music Festival.

Park Joon Hyung also posted on Twitter saying, “My brothers…. We are a family! You guys worked hard.

Followers commented, “It’s so nice to see you guys back together,” “g.o.d is forever,” and “Kim Tae Woo is really busy because of his daughter.

Good to see the growth of the old-school idols, and Kim Tae Woo fulfilling his fatherly duties!

Source & Picture: Kim Tae Woo’s Twitter

Hello Venus mini-album ‘Venus’ details + new teaser photos!

Posted: 01 May 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Upcoming Pledis Entertainment girl group Hello Venus has released details of their debut mini-album ‘Venus‘.

‘Venus’ features 4 tracks in all with “Hello” serving as the electronica introduction, “Excitement” featuring the group’s ballad vocals, and their title track “Venus“, which is produced and composed by Cho Young Soo and Kim Tae Hyun with lyrics written by Kim Lee Na.

Watch out for Yooara, Yoonjo, Lime, Alice, Yooyoung, and Nara‘s debut on May 9th KST! In the meantime, check out their previously released video teaser as well as their new teaser photos below:

‘Venus’ track list:

01. Hello
02. Venus
03. Excitement
04. Love Appeal

20120501_hellovenus_1 20120501_hellovenus_2 20120501_hellovenus_3 20120501_hellovenus_4 20120501_hellovenus_5 20120501_hellovenus_6 20120501_hellovenus_coveralbum 20120501_hellovenus_predebut

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Simon D reminisces about Supreme Team’s earlier days

Posted: 01 May 2012 05:32 AM PDT

Simon D left a message on Twitter reminiscing about Supreme Team‘s early days.

He tweeted on May 1st, “Sangu drew Supreme Team, who was sweeping up Hongdae 2007-2008. I long for those days, forever young.” The drawing he posted was of characters representing himself and E-Sens, who ran into some trouble with the law recently.

Fans commented, “You seem like you’re missing something, Simon D, until the day that Supreme Team sweeps up Hongdae again, fighting,” “I miss E-Sens. After some reflection, I hope he returns with a good image,” and “A solo Supreme Team doesn’t work. Simon D, E-Sens, keep at it and be strong.”

Source + Photo: Simon D’s Twitter

Ivy takes a selca with 1Kyne at ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 01 May 2012 04:57 AM PDT

Ivy recently took a picture in the ‘Music Bank‘ waiting room with Electroboyz‘s 1Kyne.

On April 27th she posted on her Twitter, “With grass hair Randy in the ‘Music Bank’ waiting room,” along with the picture above. Ivy held her comeback stage on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank’ the same day.

Fans commented, “Ivy is so excited in the waiting room,” “Congratulations on making your comeback,” “I’ve waited so long for Ivy’s comeback,”  ”Ivy has a lot of connections,” and “1Kyne’s grass hair is cute.

Ivy performed her new single “Torn Heart“, which was written by songwriter Super Changddai.

Source + Picture: Ivy’s Twitter

J.Y. Park humbly confesses, “Only 30% of my success came from my own effort”

Posted: 01 May 2012 04:22 AM PDT

On the latest episode of SBS‘ ‘Healing Camp‘, which aired on the 30th, J.Y. Park revealed that after 11 months in the U.S. as a producer, his songs entered the Billboard Top 10 albums charts. He became the first Asian producer to create hit songs for artists such as Mase, Will Smith, and Cassie in less than 2 years.

J.Y. Park stated, “I was so proud of myself that I put the CD in a showcase in my room and the thought, ‘How did I do this?’ suddenly came to me. Now that I think about it, I was in way over my head. I realized that compared to my efforts, my results were much bigger than I deserved. I realized that I had good fortune, and began to write the events that happened to me out of luck.”

He then recalled, “In 1972, being born in South Korea to my parents, my mom forcing me to learn piano against my own will, living for 2 years in the US when I was 7 years old, hearing Michael Jackson’s music at the time, being able to learn english for 2 and a 1/2 years, being blessed with an intelligent brain with a high concentration ability that helped me to study well, being born at the time of analog and digital production, meeting producers Kim Hyung Suk and Bang Shi Hyuk as well as countless artists, having a musical foundation of 16 years, and not dying from various accidents or illnesses.”

“It should be normal for me to forget English. But after falling in love with Michael Jackson’s music, I began to only listen to American radio and watch American TV. I would listen and dance to music by African American artists for four hours every day. I didn’t study English for my future. It’s all because of pure luck. If just one of these things that I mentioned didn’t happen, the results would have been totally different.”

J.Y. Park then revealed he thought to himself, “What did I do well to deserve all this?” and confessed, “Only 30% of my success came from my own effort.”

Source + Image: Newsen via Nate

IU shows her charm in a summer pictorial for ‘G by GUESS’

Posted: 01 May 2012 03:47 AM PDT

The summer pictorial of singer IU for the clothing brand G by GUESS has been released.

IU shows off her trademark cute and lovely facial expressions, and sets the mood for summer with the fresh, natural modern concept and a little “ethnic” styling. She’s definitely slowly growing out of the constraints of being “the nation’s little sister” as she’s beginning to look like a mature young adult.

The singer’s upbeat and cute personality is said to have brightened the atmosphere of the photo shoot set, giving staff  the extra energy boost to successfully complete the shoot.

Source + Images: Sports World via Naver

Stills of Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young in upcoming drama, ‘Dr. Jin’, released

Posted: 01 May 2012 03:11 AM PDT

Stills from the first scenes filmed for MBC‘s new weekend drama,Dr. Jin, starring Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young, have been released.

The stills are from the scene of the first meeting between South Korea’s best surgeon, Jin Hyuk played by Song Seung Hun, and a surgeon at the same hospital, Yoo Mi Nah played by Park Min Young.

A writer of ‘Dr. Jin’ commented on Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young, “Since the first filming, they both showed a very natural and comfortable relationship with each other. To create the best scenes, they studied their lines and monitored themselves on screen during rest periods, which impressed the staff that were present.”

‘Dr. Jin’ is based on the Japanese manga of the same title by Murakami Motoka, and is a medical drama that tells the story of the best Korean surgeon in 2012, who travels back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s.

‘Dr. Jin’ is set to air its first broadcast on the 26th.

Source + Image: TV Report via Nate

Shinhwa reveals Minwoo and Andy’s past interview slip-ups

Posted: 01 May 2012 02:36 AM PDT

Idol group Shinhwa guest starred on the April 30th episode of KBS2 TV‘s ‘Hello‘, where they listened to the concerns of  the contestants.

One of the contestants expressed her concern about an ignorant friend, who is known for her clueless answers to basic questions. She mentioned that her friend answered, “Paris,” in response to a question about the capital of the United States.

This prompted MC Shin Dong Yup to ask the Shinhwa members, “Out of the members, who do you feel like is lacking a bit [in terms of intelligence]?”

Member Dongwan quickly replied “Minwoo. Eric explained the reason behind Dongwan’s answer as he recalled a time when the group was being interviewed for their 14th anniversary comeback.

“The reporter asked us, ‘Don’t you feel you have aged a lot?’ to which Minwoo replied, ‘That’s such a ridiculous question,’ when he meant to say ‘That’s such a funny question.’ We all tried to laugh it off, but then Minwoo went on to give a weird answer, ‘Everybody eventually dies.’ So the other members and I all panicked, and let Junjin do the interview instead.”

Not liking that he was called out as the least bright member of the group, Minwoo launched into an account of Andy‘s answer that had left all the members and reporters dumbfounded during an interview back in 1998 when they first debuted.

Minwoo revealed, “At the time, Andy was introduced to everyone as H.O.T Tony‘s hoobae. So the reporter asked Andy, ‘What kind of opportunities led you to become Tony’s hoobae?’ and Andy replied, ‘Yes, opportunities occurred, and I became his hoobae.’”

The set burst into laughter after hearing Andy’s response as he looked away due to embarrassment.

The hilarious segment starts at the 11:50 mark below.

What do the G4 gagmen do on ‘Happy Together 3′ while on standby?

Posted: 01 May 2012 02:01 AM PDT

A behind-the-scenes photo of the G4 comedians on standby during KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘ was revealed by one of its members.

Comedian Choi Hyo Jong uploaded the above photo onto his Twitter and wrote, “The G4 members are usually on standby for a long time in the back of the sauna room.”

The three G4 members (Heo Kyung Hwan, Jung Bum Kyun, and Kim Won Ho) are seen playing what seems to be the “zero game”, which involves numbers and thumbs, as they wait to be introduced on the show.

Followers who came across the photo commented, “I didn’t know that they’d have to wait for that long,” “I thought they would be practicing their gags, but I guess not,” “They must be on standby for a long time,” and more.

Source: Choi Hyo Jong’s Twitter

J.Y. Park’s “Someone Else” continues to rank high on music charts

Posted: 01 May 2012 01:30 AM PDT

After making a comeback after two years, J.Y. Park‘s new single, “Someone Else” featuring Brown Eyed GirlsGa In, has reached #1 on online music charts for the fourth week of April.

The track climbed to the top of real-time charts upon its release, and it has continued its streak to clinch #1 on Soribada‘s weekly chart. “Someone Else” beat acts like SISTAR and Busker Busker, who dominated the chart previously. It also clinched #3 on the Instiz weekly chart, further showing its dominance in the music market.

Other songs that ranked in the top 5 are SISTAR‘s “Alone“, Noel‘s “Leaving“, Baek Chung Gang‘s “Missing You“, and Busker Busker‘s “Cherry Blossom Ending“.

Congratulations to J.Y. Park!

If you haven’t seen it already, watch the MV for J.Y. Park’s “Someone Else” feat. Ga In below.

Source + Image: STARNEWS

allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 11-12

Posted: 01 May 2012 12:56 AM PDT

Official Synopsis: A prince from the Chosun era, Yi Gak (JYJ's Yoochun), along with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho), Do Chi San (Choi Woo Shik) and Woo Young Sul (Jung Seok Won), are catapulted 300 years into the future. As he attempts to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the princess he loved, he unexpectedly finds himself in the city of Seoul in the year 2012, where he comes across a woman who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess…

Ratings: While KBS‘s ‘Equator Man‘ might have suffered from being last place in the beginning of its broadcast, it’s enjoying much success as ratings have continuously increased for the show, achieving its highest rating of 15.2% with Thursday’s broadcast. Meanwhile, ratings for SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘ and MBC‘s ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ have deteriorated with the success of ‘Equator Man’. ‘Rooftop Prince’ achieved a 10.6% and 11.3% rating, while ‘The King 2 Hearts’ reined in 11.3% and 10.7% ratings, switching places throughout the week. It is speculated that ‘Equator Man’ will be able to retain its success as all dramas are already past the halfway mark for their storylines.

Recap of Ep. 11: Although Yi Gak corners Park Ha, he only complains about the dirt in his cellphone, leaving the conversation about her love confession until later. Meanwhile, Chi San suffers from appendicitis and is hospitalized for a surgery, heightening the boys’ desire to return home. Later at home, Yi Gak tells Park Ha that he read the text, but cannot accept her love because of his ‘marriage’ with Se Na/Hwa Young (Jung Yumi).

Yi Gak inches closer to the mystery regarding Tae Young’s death as he finally unlocks Tae Young’s cellphone, discovering all the photos Tae Young and Tae Mu (Lee Tae Sung) had taken together in New York. Realizing that Tae Mu lied about not meeting Tae Young in New York, Yi Gak corners him in a bar, scaring Tae Mu.

Although the relationship between Yi Gak and Park Ha is awkward, he reveals the whole truth to Park Ha: his need to marry Se Na, the reincarnation of his princess, to return to the Chosun era and unravel the princess’ murder mystery. Yi Gak hopes to marry Se Na as soon as possible, much to her and his grandmother’s delight.

While Man Bo and Park Ha begin examining a warehouse, an electrical output goes haywire, starting a fire and trapping Park Ha alone in the burning building. After Man Bo frantically calls Yi Gak, Yi Gak abandons Se Na to go after Park Ha.

Recap of Ep. 12: Yi Gak rescues Park Ha from the burning building, placing his handkerchief (with the embroidered butterfly) on her face. The image triggers his memory of his sister-in-law from the Chosun era, Bo Young. While Park Ha is recovering, Tae Young’s grandmother berates him for leaving the meeting about the contract abruptly, and orders him to kick Park Ha out.

While Grandmother is waiting at the rooftop room to have a talk with Park Ha, the boys, Yi Gak, and Park Ha go out for a dinner, ending with Park Ha and Yi Gak spending quality time together. While Yi Gak is busy with his preparations for the engagement, Park Ha starts to pack up to leave and search for a job elsewhere.

Lady Mimi offers Park Ha a job far from Seoul. Park Ha submits her resignation letter and packs up to go for the job interview, which leads Yi Gak to frantically search for her. Reading her farewell letter prematurely, he begins to cry and wait for her return. Park Ha comes home, surprising Yi Gak. He begins yelling at her for making him worry and go crazy, which Park Ha just brushes aside. However, (finally) Yi Gak whirls her around and goes in for a kiss (yay!).


kdramacrazy's Thoughts:

[Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of allkpop.]

Although I knew the mellow and the sentimental episodes would be coming our way, pushing aside the humor, I was a little disappointed by Park Ha’s sad journey in her bottomless pit. A more general criticism for Korean dramas, but I’ve always felt dreary and emotionless when watching the heroines pine for the guy. Although it’s needed to develop the ‘unrequited love’ or the ‘hardships of love’ aspect, as a viewer, I feel it should kept to a minimum or rather, embedded as an underlying message to the episode. Because the viewers all know that Park Ha’s heart broke when Yi Gak rejected her, and didn’t need to see her crying for five minutes straight to confirm that. Although the twelfth episode capitalized Yi Gak’s conflicting emotions, it could have hyped it up more during its previous episode or capitalized on Yi Gak’s growing emotional distance and acknowledgement of his neutral feelings for Se Na (or maybe that’s just me wishing for something more after the kiss and hoping he left Se Na in the gutter earlier).

What really worked perfectly during the two episodes was the unraveling of all the mysteries: Tae Young’s murder, Park Ha’s and Se Na’s birth secrets, and Se Na’s family. While a lot of other Korean dramas fail in integrating all the side plots into one cohesive picture, ‘Rooftop Prince’ uses it as an underlying plot, dropping little tidbits and development here and there, keeping the hype up throughout the episode. And it was exciting to see Yi Gak corner Tae Mu after being depressed with Park Ha.

Now, can’t wait for the romance between Yi Gak and Park Ha to bloom (and to say bye-bye to Se Na).

Ivy to discuss her sex tape rumors for the first time on ‘Strong Heart’

Posted: 01 May 2012 12:26 AM PDT

On the upcoming episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, singer Ivy opened up for the first time about the false sex tape rumors that led to her hiatus.

Ivy carefully began her story, stating, “Talking about the scandal is hard for me to do.” She went on to reveal that the pain endured by her family because of the false allegations was far more of a burden to her than the rumor itself.

She also apologized, “Although I’ve overcome a lot of it now, I apologize for raising public discussion, and causing disappointment for so many people.” Though Ivy was a victim in this case as her ex-boyfriend used the supposedly existing tape to blackmail the star, it seems she still felt some responsibility to her fans about the matter.

The singer made her debut in 2005, and quickly became recognized for her great vocals and dancing ability. However, in 2007, she was faced with a sex tape scandal that led her to take a long hiatus from the entertainment industry.

In 2010, she made a comeback with her 3rd album, which didn’t fare so well, but she was able to make a successful debut as a musical actress. Although Ivy wrote a post about her feelings concerning the sex tape rumors on her personal homepage at the time of her comeback, this is the first time she has discussed it directly on television.

Catch Ivy’s full story on the May 1st episode of ‘Strong Heart’.

Source + image: Star News via Nate

Shinhwa’s Junjin is not a fan of actor Song Joong Ki?

Posted: 01 May 2012 12:00 AM PDT

Shinhwa‘s Junjin recently revealed that he is definitely not a fan of actor Song Joong Ki, raising curiosity among viewers and fans.

The legendary idol group guested on the April 30th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘ to listen to the concerns and worries of the public.

One of the viewers who applied for the show was Kim Jae Shik, a man who detested Shinhwa because his girlfriend is an avid fan of Minwoo. Upon hearing his concern, Junjin nodded in sympathy stating, “I totally understand.”

He continued, “I used to date a female celebrity, but she suddenly became a fan of another male celebrity.” Junjin was unable to hide his frustration as he remarked, “I’m a celebrity too!

When asked who the male celebrity was, he answered that it was none other than “pretty boy” Song Joong Ki. “I’ve never met Song Joong Ki, but I personally don’t like him very much,” causing the set to break out into laughs.

Source & Image: TV Report via Nate

Sean’s daughter makes a hilarious comment about ‘K-Pop Star’ judge J.Y. Park

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 11:37 PM PDT

Singer Sean recently shared another adorable story about his daughter Ha Eum and ‘K-Pop Star‘.

While he and his family were tuned into the final live broadcast of ‘K-Pop Star’ on April 29th, Sean tweeted, “Who will win ‘K-Pop Star’? Ha Eum and Harang think it’ll be Lee Ha Yi, but I believe it’ll be Park Ji Min.

He later gave followers a good laugh by tweeting, “This is what Ha Eum said after she watched Park Jin Young perform on ‘K-Pop Star’: ‘Dad, why is the score singing?’ I collapsed with laughter.”

J.Y. Park put on a congratulatory performance as well as a special stage with the ‘K-Pop Star’ finalists for the final broadcast. As he has been serving as one of the judges throughout the program, his performances seem to have confused Ha Eum about his role on the show.

Followers replied to Sean’s tweet commenting, “Ha Eum is so cute,” “I guess J.Y. Park is just a score to Ha Eum,” and “She’s so adorable!

Meanwhile, ‘K-Pop Star’ finally declared its top winner to be Park Ji Min, who’s become the youngest as well as the first female winner of an audition program in South Korea.

Source: Sean’s Twitter