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"C-REAL reveals MV for “Sorry But I”" plus 19 more

"C-REAL reveals MV for “Sorry But I”" plus 19 more

C-REAL reveals MV for “Sorry But I”

Posted: 15 May 2012 08:55 AM PDT

Last March, C-REAL made their way into the girl group line with “Joma Joma” which featured tap dance moves with its musical-esque beats and groove. C-REAL showed off their cute and bubbly charms with their visuals and choreography.

The cutesy girl group is now trying a new transformation. For their new track, “Sorry But I“, they’re out to showcase their impressive vocal skills. C-REAL is changing from a loving and fresh image to a more feminine and mature image.

The girls also display their acting talent in the vintage MV which was directed by Moon Seung Jae who also produced the MVs of SISTAR, DJ DOC, V.O.S, and more.

Check out the MV for “Sorry But I” below!

Dalmatian makes a comeback with “E.R” MV & new mini-album, ‘STATE OF EMERGENCY’

Posted: 15 May 2012 08:45 AM PDT

Boy group Dalmatian has returned to their fans for the first time in over a year as a 5-member group, adding new multi-talented member ‘Simon‘. With their new mini-album ‘STATE OF EMERGENCY‘, the boys are more than determined to wreak havoc on the music scene.

Their title song “E.R” is an analogous dance track that has a more acoustic feel, and the siren noises in the intro as well as the desperate lyrics will help listeners sense the emergency situation of having to let go of a person they love. Fans will also get a change to see the boys’ dramatic transformation into fierce masculine men, as well as some new never-before-seen dance moves.

Today’s hottest artists such as MBLAQ, Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo, SISTAR, and more have participated in this new project to help round out the quality and sound.

Check out the MV for “E.R” below!





Source & Image : Daum


Gang Kiz releases their debut album, ‘We Became Gang’

Posted: 15 May 2012 08:21 AM PDT


After releasing part 1 of the MV for “Honey Honey, Gang Kiz has officially released their debut album, ‘We Became Gang‘!

In addition to their fresh and upbeat Euro-pop electronic song “Honey Honey”, the 7-member group has also released emotional ballad track “I Would Never Think Of Goodbye“, as well as a punky, up-tempo dance track “Super Love“.

The girls prove they are capable of covering a broad range of musical genres, and that they’re a force to be reckoned with this year.

Check out the songs from their new album below!






[ SHH ]



Source & Image : Daum

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INFINITE’s Hoya has been confirmed for new sitcom

Posted: 15 May 2012 07:49 AM PDT

INFINITE‘s Hoya announced that he would be trying his hand at acting.

At INFINITE’s showcase for their third mini-album ‘INFINITIZE‘ that was held on May 15th, member Hoya remarked, “I will be trying my hand at acting this year. I have been confirmed for a new project that will be broadcast through tvN in the near future. It’s a role that requires me to use a dialect, so I am currently practicing.”

Hoya has been confirmed for tvN’s ‘Respond 1997‘, which will also feature other artists such as Seo In Guk, Eun Ji Won, Jung Eunji, Sung Dong Il, and more. It is a situational comedy , and the backdrop is the entertainment industry in the 1990′s.

In related news, Hoya and the rest of his INFINITE members traveled to five different cities by helicopter on May 15th and held showcases to introduce their new album. The final showcase took place at Olympic Park in Seoul with 3,000 fans.

Source & Image: StarToday via Nate

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun asks fans if they know his birthday

Posted: 15 May 2012 07:25 AM PDT

CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun tweeted on May 15th, “Hello. This is Jonghyun who plays the guitar. What day is today? I’ll trust that you all know so I’ll keep it short. It’s a very joyful day.”

Jonghyun also attached a selca he took in the car that has followers commenting on his supposed resemblance to other handsome stars. Fans responded, “You’re really good looking,” “Prettier than a girl,” ”Your eyes look like Jang Dong Gun‘s,” and “I see a bit of JYJ‘s Jaejoong.” The CNBLUE member celebrated his twenty second birthday on the 15th, which is the day he was referring to in his post.

In related news, Jonghyun will be appearing on the first episode of SBS‘ ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘ on May 26th.

Source + Photo: CNBLUE’s Twitter

A Pink’s outfits for “Hush” get noticed

Posted: 15 May 2012 06:51 AM PDT

A Pink‘s fashionable stage outfits for their “Hush” promotions have been noticed.

The group’s agency A Cube Entertainment stated on May 15th, “The jacket for A Pink’s first full-length album ‘UNE ANNEE‘, the music video, and stage outfits were designed by fashion designers Lee Do Ee and Kim Si Young, and have been getting a lot of interest from A Pink fans as well as those in the fashion world.”

Kim Si Young’s bright and cheery designs in particular show a completely new side to the group. She commented, “A Pink is a group that can be described more or less with the words ‘young girl’. I designed the outfits with that kind of lovely concept, and the form’s simplicity as well as structure’s security, giving it a modern feeling asymmetry in mind. It was a good opportunity, and working with A Pink was personally the first thrilling project in a while for me. I want to cheer for the girls’ new path, and will continue to support them in my heart for a long time.”

Check out what all the talk is about in A Pink’s MV for “Hush” below.

Source + Photo: Osen

Junsu’s waist in “Tarantallegra” MV attracts attention

Posted: 15 May 2012 06:15 AM PDT

JYJ‘s Junsu is garnering a lot attention for his small waist size in the music video for “Tarantallegra“.

On May 13th, the music video for Junsu’s first solo album’s title song “Tarantallegra” was released. It featured a dark theme to match the mood of the song as Junsu successfully captured the audience with his masculinity and charisma.

An agency official said, “A music video with remarkably high quality was created. There are many dynamic scenes that complement Kim Junsu’s talents. I am confident this is the best music video released this half of the year. There was enough confidence in the music video to release it 24 hours before the release of the album.

What’s becoming a hot topic is Junsu’s waist line in the music video. The singer danced wearing an open jacket without a shirt on, revealing his slim waist. Netizens are commenting that his “ant-like” waist looks like it could be grabbed with just two hands and that they feel sorry for his female back dancers.

Meanwhile, Junsu will be holding his first solo concert for his first solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ at Seoul’s Jamsil Student Gynasium on May 19th and May 20th. The singer is reported to have had a hand in creating 8 of the 12 tracks in the album.

If you haven’t already, check out the music video for “Tarantallagra” below!

Source & Image: Ilgan Sports via Nate

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4minute’s HyunA and Gayoon to appear on ‘Top Gear Korea’

Posted: 15 May 2012 05:38 AM PDT

4minute‘s HyunA and Gayoon hit the race track in high-performance cars.

The 4minute members appeared for the “star lap time corner” on XTM‘s ‘Top Gear Korea‘ in Isan this past 8th. HyunA stated on set, “Kangnam’s roads can become very crowded and when there’s traffic, it usually takes 30-40 minutes to cross one bridge. It was scary to think that I’ll have space to drive the only car on the track, but what should I say, I also had a strange, pleasant relief [driving on it].”

Gayoon also commented, “I wasn’t really expecting much in terms of ranking because it’s only been a short time since I got my driver’s license,” but is reported to have been highly competitive when she got on the track.

PD Seo Seung Han stated, “Since we started ‘star lap time’ in Season 2, our list of female celebrities who want to appear has grown. I was surprised by HyunA and Gayoon’s unexpected driving skills on the circuit, and due to their presence, the studio was a lot of fun as well.”

This episode of ‘Top Gear Korea’ will broadcast on May 20th at 10:30pm KST.

Source + Image: My Daily via Nate

INFINITE releases “The Chaser” MV

Posted: 15 May 2012 05:02 AM PDT

After unveiling their mini album ‘INFINITIZE earlier and embarking on a showcase tour around five cities, INFINITE has finally unveiled the music video for their title track “The Chaser“.

The music video showcases the flawless, synchronized choreography that has become the trademark style of the group, interspersed by action-packed scenes.

Check out INFINITE’s “The Chaser” music video below!

Crystal of As One to marry this September

Posted: 15 May 2012 04:42 AM PDT

Crystal of duo As One will be getting married this September.

As One’s agency stated on May 15th, “Crystal will be getting married to Jo Mo, who is two years older, on September 16th at Coex in Seoul’s Kangnam area. Jo Mo worked as As One’s manager 10 years ago, and his relationship with Crystal grew into something more. They’ve decided to get married after 10 years of dating.”

Crystal’s fiance is reported to be currently working as a manager under the agency Jay One Plus, which represents talents such as Han Ga In, Hwang Woo Seul Hae, Moon Jung Hee and more.

The singer revealed on SBS Radio Power‘s ‘Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Tonight‘, “I have a boyfriend, and we’ll have dated for 10 years next year.”

As One debuted with “Day by Day” in 1999, and will be making a comeback with a remake of the track on May 27th.

Source + Photo: Osen

Yang Hyun Suk’s brother reveals a funny story from their childhood

Posted: 15 May 2012 04:07 AM PDT

Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment guest featured on the latest episode of ‘Healing Camp‘. One segment that caught the attention of viewers was the special appearance by his older brother, who revealed a hilarious story from their childhood days.

In addition to revealing that Yang Hyun Suk was a troublemaker who broke the windows of every house due to his obsession with baseball, Yang’s older brother revealed another amusing story.

“When Yang Hyun Suk was young, a detective lived near the area. One day the detective left behind his hand cuffs while leaving his home, and Yang Hyun Suk could not hold back his curiosity. In the end, he ended up putting the hand cuffs on himself, and had to go all the way to the police station [to get them removed].”

Also on the same episode, the head of YG Entertainment showed the ‘Healing Camp’ MCs around Insadong, Seoul, where he grew up, and discussed his childhood for the first time on television. Catch the second part of his interview next week!

Source + Photo: Segye via Nate

IU transforms into an adorable rock star

Posted: 15 May 2012 03:30 AM PDT

Singer IU updated fans with a transformation into an adorable rock star.

On May 14th, IU shared the photo above on her official me2day page and wrote, “Did you guys have fun chatting with me today? I liked it… I want to put up a ‘proof shot’, but I am bare-faced right now. I look prettier with makeup. I want to show you the pretty side of me! I will make another arrangement like this later on. Please look forward to it.”

IU sported a zebra tank top in the photo with a cat-ear headband and a skull and cross bones necklace. Her outfit and scrunched facial expression gave her an adorable “rock star” look.

Fans praised her with comments like, “I love her scrunched facial expression,” along with “Cutest rock star ever,” and “You’re killing me, IU.”

Source & Image : IU’s me2day

Big Bang releases initial tour dates and cities for ‘Alive’ tour

Posted: 15 May 2012 02:56 AM PDT

Big Bang will be taking their 'Alive Tour 2012' to Asia, North America, South America, and Europe to perform in a total of 25 cities and 16 countries.

An updated list with the initial dates for the tour was just posted on Big Bang's official Facebook. What should be noted is that stops in Malaysia and the Philippines have been confirmed.

As reported earlier, the tour is presented by leading international live entertainment company, Live Nation Entertainment, and features an impressive production team and crew including renowned director Laurieann Gibson, stage and lighting designer Leroy Bennet, sound engineer Ken Van Druten, and visual content producer Possible Productions.

Check out the initial tour dates in Japan, and the official trailer below if you haven't already here.

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HyunA talks about her photo shoot with Yoo Ah In

Posted: 15 May 2012 02:15 AM PDT

It seems even sexy idol HyunA feels shy in front of Yoo Ah In.

4minute is set to appear on the next episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘. During filming, she told some stories regarding her couple photo shoot with the actor that set the internet ablaze last month.

Jung Hyung Don, who saw the photos of HyunA and Yoo Ah In, commented, “Anyone who sees these photos will say you two are a couple.” HyunA responded, “That was the first time I saw him, and we did not really get to speak to each other. As soon as we heard ‘cut’, we just shot for the shoot. I was so shy that my face became red.

She then sent out a video message to him promoting 4minute’s new song, “You told me that you usually like 4minute’s songs, and I hope that you enjoy ‘Volume Up‘ this time as well.”

Also on the show, 4minute spoke up about rumors in the ‘Exclusive Scoop Idol News!’ segment, and gave the real truth behind the rumors regarding the group.

MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’ featuring 4minute will air on May 16th at 6:00pm KST.

Source + Photo: Sports World via Nate

Idol groups want JYJ’s Yoochun as their English and music teacher

Posted: 15 May 2012 01:42 AM PDT

In honor of Teacher’s Day on May 15th in South Korea, MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘ asked idol group members to vote for which idol member they want most as their teacher for a particular subject.

JYJ‘s Yoochun, who has previously appeared as a teacher in CFs for Tio Iced Tea, won 2 out of 10 available subjects, gathering the most votes for English and music.

The majority of the idol members who chose Yoochun were from girl groups. Girl’s Day‘s Sojin said, “If Park Yoochun was a teacher then I would talk in English everyday, my free-talking skills would expand immensely.”

Meanwhile, other idol members who got voted to the top in the poll were SHINee‘s Minho for gym teacher, Girls Generation‘s Seohyun for ethics teacher, and A Pink‘s Na-Eun for art teacher.

Netizens who saw Yoochun’s ranking commented, “If Yoochun was a teacher, then I would want to learn,” “If I learned English from Yoochun, my skills would spontaneously grow,” and “I want you, Teacher Park Yoochun.”

The full ranking chart for ‘Weekly Idol’s “Idols who want to be taught a subject by this idol teacher BEST” will be broadcast on May 16th.

Check out Yoochun playing the role of teacher in the ‘Iced Tea Tio’ CFs below!

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate

Lee Hyori shows off her self-made vegetarian pizza

Posted: 15 May 2012 01:10 AM PDT

Singer Lee Hyori, who is well-known to be a vegetarian, proved that she is quite the home chef.

On May 14th, Lee Hyori shared the above photo (right) and wrote, “First time making an arugula pizza in my life. But do you top the arugula after you bake it?” With her photo, Hyori proved that being a vegetarian does not mean that she has to sacrifice good food.

Hyori’s friend, fashion designer Yoni P, saw her tweet, and praised her culinary talent saying, “Killed it! Looks so good, yum yum,” to which Hyori thoughtfully replied, “Was so good, I was really surprised. I’ll make it for you when you come over.

Followers, who were also surprised to see that Hyori was a good cook, responded, “She can cook too,” “Looks so appetizing,” and “Lots of toppings. I love!”

Source & Image : OSEN via Nate, Hyori‘s Twitter

Gang Kiz releases part 1 of “Honey Honey” MV

Posted: 15 May 2012 12:40 AM PDT

Gang Kiz of Core Contents Media has released the first part of the music video for “Honey Honey” from their upcoming mini-album ‘We Became Gang‘.

The MV features a dark theme at first, and moves onto the girls of Gang Kiz enjoying a road trip that ends in a snowy destination.

Gang Kiz will debut on the May 18th broadcast of ‘Music Bank‘.

Check out the teasers here, and the new music video below.

HaHa shares selcas with miss A’s Suzy from ‘Running Man’ filming

Posted: 15 May 2012 12:10 AM PDT

HaHa shared pictures taken with miss A‘s Suzy during the filming of the ‘Wedding Race’ special of ‘Running Man‘.

The two pictures of the duo were released via HaHa’s Twitter account with the caption: "Suzy, I hope you're well! Suzy… you're the best!" The photo shows HaHa and Suzy in a gorgeous black suit and wedding dress combo as they posed comically for the camera.

Followers responded: “Is HaHa yearning for Suzy,” Suzy is so cute,” and ”She looks beautiful in that dress.”

The ‘Wedding Race’ special of ‘Running Man’ featured KARA's Gyuri and Seungyeon, 4minute's HyunA, f(x)'s Krystal, and Suzy on May 13th KST.

Source: HaHa’s Twitter

T-ara’s Hyomin enjoys a game of basketball

Posted: 14 May 2012 11:40 PM PDT

T-ara‘s Hyomin shared new photos of herself playing a game of basketball.

On May 13th, the singer posted the photos below on her Twitter page and wrote, “Already Summer. Playing with a basketball.

In the photo, a casually dressed Hyomin looked as if she was enjoying the sport in her own way, but it was mostly her long legs that caught the attention of fans.

They commented, “Hyomin is so pretty,” along with “Anything she does becomes a photo shoot,” and “I wish I had her legs!”

Source & Image : Hyomin‘s Twitter

CNBLUE tops Taiwanese music charts

Posted: 14 May 2012 11:10 PM PDT

Idol group CNBLUE‘s third mini-album ‘EAR FUN‘ has experienced great success in Taiwan, sweeping Taiwanese music charts as soon as it was released.

‘EAR FUN’ charted #1 on Taiwan’s G-Music J-POP weekly music chart the same day it was made public. The group did not just top weekly charts, but also held the #1 spot in record sales from April 13th through May 13th on Taiwan’s most popular online site, books.com. In addition, ‘EAR FUN’ charted #1 on 6 different Taiwanese charts including Chia Chia Records, eZpeer, and mobile phone downloads charts.

On February 28th, CNBLUE’s Asia concert tour, ‘BLUESTORM‘, sold 10,000 tickets in the first 13 minutes in Taiwan, proving that CNBLUE’s massive popularity in Taiwan was not limited to album sales and charts.

Furthermore, CNBLUE was invited as the representatives of South Korea for the ‘E-DA Super Asia Music Festival‘ in Taiwan on April 29th.

Source & Image: Mydaily via Nate