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"Mighty Mouth releases MV for new track, “Bad Guy” feat. Soya" plus 19 more

"Mighty Mouth releases MV for new track, “Bad Guy” feat. Soya" plus 19 more

Mighty Mouth releases MV for new track, “Bad Guy” feat. Soya

Posted: 09 May 2012 09:17 AM PDT

After hanging out with Jessica Alba and creating hype with their MV teaser featuring Kim Jong Gook's niece Soya, Mighty Mouth has officially released the MV for “Bad Guy“!

The track features the beautiful vocals of Soya and the colorful and creative video displayed the fun personalities of the duo. “Bad Guy” is another catchy, upbeat track that’s perfect for the nearing summer season.

Check it out below!

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ULALASESSION releases MV for “Beautiful Night” feat. Park Han Byul

Posted: 09 May 2012 09:01 AM PDT

ULALASESSION (Ooh La La Session) has released their first mini-album, ‘ULALA SENSATION‘ along with the music video for their title track “Beautiful Night”!

Ahead of dropping their newest release, ULALASESSION held a press conference at CGV MCube in Seoul on May 9th.

When asked about the title of the mini-album, the members stated, “It is the name of our fanclub. They are the people who we are most grateful to, and so we titled our album after them. We wanted to thank them for showing us love and support, despite the fact that we don’t have the kind of physical appearance that could help earn us popularity.”

This mini-album consists of 7 songs in total, and is divided into 2 parts. There are three tracks in Part 1, while Part 2 consists of 4.

Part 1 is very light, it’s like the appetizer and Part 2 is a bit heavier,” they explained. “We were eager to show you a bit more, so we took some more time to work on it.”

Netizens who have been waiting for the Super Star K3 winners to release an official album remarked, “I’ve been waiting for this!”, “This is what you call skill!”, and “Please remain as the skilled musicians you are now.”

Check out the MV to their title track “Beautiful Night” featuring the beautiful Park Han Byul below!

Album Teaser featuring hilarious expressions from PSY:

Source & Image: HK via Nate

G-Dragon poses with Boys Noize with yet another shocking hairstyle

Posted: 09 May 2012 08:40 AM PDT

Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon has managed to shock onlookers once again with an unexpected hairstyle change.

As soon as photos of Berlin-based DJ and producer Boys Noize and G-Dragon surfaced on Boys Noize’s Facebook page, they spread rapidly across online communities and through social networking sites.

G-Dragon met Boys Noize on May 5th at the “God’s Kitchen Fusion” performance at the Sheraton Grand Walkerhill in Seoul. In the past, the two worked together on Big Bang’s new song Feeling.

While the fact that G-Dragon met Boys Noize was news in itself, it was G-Dragon’s bright red hair that stole the show. As a fashion icon in Korea, G-Dragon has shown a variety of  images with unique concepts including his most recent ‘seaweed’ hairstyle.

In related news, fellow member Taeyang revealed a photo from the studio with G-Dragon and Boys Noize through his Twitter. He tweeted:

Do you like G-Dragon’s new hairstyle?

Source: TV Daily via Nate, Twitter

Photos: Hospital Photograph

JYP Entertainment reveals second teaser for “JJ Project”

Posted: 09 May 2012 08:11 AM PDT

After the first teaser and confirmation that JYP Entertainment‘s upcoming group “JJ Project” will be composed of members JB (Lim Jae Beom) and Jr. (Park Jin Young), a second teaser has now been revealed.

The teaser is titled “JYP 007” and features J.Y. Park as he presses play on his top secret project. The teaser ends with the date May 20th.

Check out the teaser below!

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Super Junior’s Japanese single “Opera” debuts at #3

Posted: 09 May 2012 08:01 AM PDT

Yesterday, Super Junior released their latest Japanese single,Opera.

The Oricon Daily Singles Chart has been released and Super Junior’s “Opera” debuted in the 3rd slot by selling 54,331 copies. On most days that would be good enough to take the top spot but popular groups Arashi & NMB48 also released their latest singles on the same day.

Congratulations to Super Junior!

Source: Oricon

Which celebrities look like they came straight out of a comic book?

Posted: 09 May 2012 07:31 AM PDT

Which celebrities deserve the title of “comic boy” or “comic girl”? According to netizens, JYJ‘s Yoochun is most fitting of the title.

From May 1st through the 8th, community portal site DC Inside held a survey titled, “Who are the ‘comic boys’ and ‘comic girls’ who look like they came straight out of a comic book?

Out of 48,116 votes, Yoochun took the number one spot with 20,909 votes (43.5%). Yoochun has received much love for his clean and innocent image since his debut days. Recently, his role on “Rooftop Prince” has proved that he not only has a pretty face but great acting skills to back him up.

Following behind Yoochun is TVXQ‘s Changmin with 19,181 votes (39.9%). Changmin is 5’6.5″ (186cm) tall, has a small chiseled face, and has proportions that any man would be envious of. One Japanese manga artist watched a TVXQ performance and noted, “I didn’t believe that a 2-D man existed in the world, but he was dancing right before my eyes.

In third place was Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA with 1,492 votes (3.1%). Her innocent appearance, slender figure, and playful personality has made her popular. She has also been referred to as the ideal type for many men.

Other notable mentions include SHINee‘s Minho, Kim Hyun Joong, and MBLAQ‘s Thunder.

Who do you think should have made it on the list?

Source: Chosun via Naver

Rain asked about income at ’2012 Active-Duty Personnel Enlistment Cultural Festival’

Posted: 09 May 2012 06:59 AM PDT

Rain‘s monthly income was brought up on May 8th at the ‘2012 Active-Duty Personnel Enlistment Cultural Festival‘.

One soldier asked the star how big his fortune really was, and Rain responded, “I’m sorry, but please only ask me questions related to the military.”

Lee Jin Ho, who served as the MC for the event, revealed Rain’s supposed monthly income joking, “I’m under the impression that Rain makes $70 (80,000 won) a month.” Rain explained, “To be honest, I don’t have anything to spend money on. I think when I go [into the base], I’ll probably spend a lot at the PX (army canteen).”

Netizens commented, “Rain’s monthly income, if he had actually told the truth, wow,” and “Rain’s just like any other military guy.”

Source + Photo: Donga Ilbo via Nate

TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle” MV surpasses 10 million views on Youtube

Posted: 09 May 2012 06:25 AM PDT

Girls’ Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo‘s MV for ”Twinkle“ has received over 10 million hits on Youtube!

The “Twinkle” MV was released on April 30th, and as of today, over 10 million fans across the world have watched, proving the global popularity of the group. The video and single have topped charts on Mnet, Olle Music, Soribada, Naver Music, and Daum Music as well as on Hante Touch and Yes 24.

Congratulations Girls’ Generation, TaeTiSeo, and SONEs!

Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate

TEEN TOP’s Changjo takes a selca for Parents’ Day

Posted: 09 May 2012 05:52 AM PDT

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo uploaded a selca he took with his mother on Parents’ Day.

On May 8th, Changjo added the photo on the group’s me2day with the message, “Today, did you spend the day thanking your parents for their great love? I love you. I felt today that this one saying has so much meaning. Now that I see us in this picture, I think I look a lot like my mom. By chance, if there is anybody who hasn’t sent this message [to their own parents], hurry!!!^^ .”

In the picture, Changjo is standing right next to his mom, who is holding a red carnation. Fans pointed out that Changjo’s eyes and lips mirrored his mother’s features.

Netizens commented, “Good son-idol Teen Top even remembers to post a proof shot,” and “It’s definitely noticeable that you both are mother and son.”

Source: TEEN TOP’s me2day

Hwang Bo to marry a staff member from ‘Infinity Girls’?

Posted: 09 May 2012 05:15 AM PDT

A picture of singer Hwang Bo in a beautiful wedding dress has been released by ‘Infinity Girls‘.

Hwang Bo participated in the most recent filming of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Infinity Girls – Wedding Runway’. During the recording, the ‘Infinity Girls’ members held a special fashion show while they dreamed of being beautiful May brides.

The excited members gathered at a beauty shop in Kangnam, preparing for the transformation. After changing into the wedding dress, Hwang Bo revealed, “I promised myself that I would marry the man who sees me in a wedding dress,” surprising those around her.

The members then joked, “Right now, there are many male staff members on set. You have to marry one of them,” embarrassing Hwang Bo in front of the male staff. Comedian Song Eun Ee then singled out one of the male staff members for Hwang Bo.

This episode is scheduled to air on May 10th at 11pm KST.

Source: TV Report via Naver

KARA ranks high in Japanese popularity study

Posted: 09 May 2012 04:40 AM PDT

Girl group KARA has surpassed the popularity of famous Japanese actress Aoi Yu.

Recently, a famous Japanese research company, Video Research, conducted a study measuring the popularity of famous people throughout Japan. The results showed that the KARA members were the 28th most popular people in Japan.

In this study, KARA surpassed the likes of Aoi Yu and Nagasawa Masami, and were the only foreign stars who made it on the list. It was reported that Video Research hired advertising professionals to use advertisement contracts as credible data to rank the popularity of stars. Currently, KARA is active as advertisement models in a variety of categories, including hair dyes, food and beverages, medicines, and baking materials.

Of the results, the advertising professionals stated, “I like KARA because all 5 members have different characters. Their efforts in speaking accurate Japanese causes me to like them.”

KARA will hold their Japanese tour concerts, starting on May 16th at the Tokyo YoYoKi Stadium and the Saitama Super Arena.

Source: Star News via Naver

allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 13-14

Posted: 09 May 2012 04:05 AM PDT

Official Synopsis: A prince from the Chosun era, Yi Gak (JYJ's Yoochun), along with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho), Do Chi San (Choi Woo Shik) and Woo Young Sul (Jung Seok Won), are catapulted 300 years into the future. As he attempts to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the princess he loved, he unexpectedly finds himself in the city of Seoul in the year 2012, where he comes across a woman who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess…

Ratings: KBS‘s ‘Equator Man‘ was still able to keep its first place position, while SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘ and MBC‘s ‘King 2 Hearts‘ battled for second place. While ‘Equator Man’ maintained its strong ratings with a 14.7% and 13.9%. Meanwhile, ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘King 2 Hearts’ have been switching positions with ‘King 2 Hearts’ achieving second place with a 11.3% rating (‘Rooftop Prince’: 10.2%), but lost its position on Thursday with ‘Rooftop Prince’ earning an 11.6% rating (‘King 2 Hearts’: 11.1%). As all the ratings are very close, the first place position is still left to speculation.

Recap of Ep. 13: Although Yi Gak and Park Ha (Han Ji Min) finally acknowledge their romantic feelings for each other, the short time they have with each other is only underlined when the boys’ images begin flickering. Meanwhile, Tae Mu (Lee Tae Sung) hears news of the real Tae Young in Chicago, which is confirmed later when he sees the actual Tae Young in a coma in a hospital.

Park Ha still decides to leave with her luggage packed, urging Yi Gak to follow through the engagement. She decides to take up a tourist job, far from Seoul, while Yi Gak finds an apartment for her. Meanwhile, Tae Mu urges Se Na (Jung Yumi) to send Park Ha to New York with a plane ticket, to help accelerate his plans for Se Na to take over Chairman Jang’s stocks.

Se Na meets up with Chi San, who has an envelope for Park Ha with the apartment contracts from Yi Gak. Se Na switches the apartment contract papers with the airplane ticket in the envelope. Park Ha receives the plane ticket and assumes the worst as she believes that Yi Gak is sending her away.

With a time skip, Yi Gak visits Jinan for a business trip, coincidentally having Park Ha as his tour guide. Their time together tense, Yi Gak begins to have suspicions about the envelope that he had sent to Park Ha. Learning about Chi San’s meeting with Se Na, he meets up with Se Na who lies her way through the situation by saying that Chi San and her had accidentally switched envelopes. The pieces don’t fit for Yi Gak though he realizes that the envelopes are stamped, cracking his trust in Se Na’s kind facade.

Recap of Ep. 14: Se Na squeezes herself through a loophole as she complains that Grandmother was the one who had planted Park Ha’s plane ticket. Although Yi Gak seems to believe her, he follows her discreetly to Grandmother’s house, where Se Na enlists Grandmother’s support as Grandmother agrees to cover up for Se Na. Later, Yi Gak also realizes that Se Na and Park Ha were sisters as Se Na visits her mother.

Shocked at the deceitful Se Na, Yi Gak begins to wonder what to do next as he speculates that the Hwa Young he had known in the Joseon era might also not be kind as he had thought she was.

The engagement is canceled, and Park Ha is brought into the picture by the boys. Tae Mu also begins his plan to take Chairman Jang’s shares as he asks Se Na to bring in Park Ha’s hair strands for forged DNA. Se Na  poses as Park Ha, the lost daughter Chairman Jang has no trace of, and the Chairman actually signs off her inheritance to Se Na. While Chairman Jang knows that Se Na is trying to fool her, she begins to doubt herself as Se Na brings in Park Ha’s past as her own.

Meanwhile, while Yi Gak and Park Ha are enjoying doing laundry together, Yi Gak begins to put the puzzle pieces together that Park Ha is Bu Young, helped by the fluttering white sheets covering Park Ha’s lower face.


kdramacrazy's Thoughts:

[Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of allkpop.]

In the midst of throwing confetti in the air for having Yi Gak finally realize the [wench] that Se Na is, I was back again at square one with her new revenge plans and methods to ruin Park Ha’s life. The whole Chairman Jang-is-my-mother-no-she’s-mine arc seems like an unnecessary addendum and only drags down the plot. When the drama focuses too much on the makjang elements with the long lost mothers and sisters being evil, it loses the comedic or fantasy element of the plot, in addition to not being fully cohesive and sewn in with the main plot of the time travel. While the rest of the plots of Yi Gak piecing together the time travel and murder mystery, the funny moments between the three boys, and even Tae Mu’s discovery of Tae Young, make the moments enjoyable and tense, when they just capitulate the evilness of Se Na… it only makes me want to punch something.

However, I do love how finally Park Ha and Tae Young finally admit their feelings for each other, although I do feel the time skip and Park Ha’s escape was unnecessary. I thought episodes 11 and 12 had done that plot justice with Se Na’s engagement, but after the kiss, it was back to the original spot. But, I know I’ve gotta enjoy this moment because we all know we’re going back to the melodrama once the dilemma of returning to the Joseon era creeps up. And thank you writers for giving us a smart hero! For finally piecing together the pieces and yelling at Se Na.

EXO-K reveal their tactics for surviving the SM training system

Posted: 09 May 2012 03:28 AM PDT

It’s well known to everyone that debuting, let alone being chosen as a trainee, under SM Entertainment is a difficult process. It takes up to seven years of preparation just for your debut, and it’s only after you’ve endured the strenuous training process and harsh competition that you can make it out.

As such, there’s a reason why every new rookie the company debuts is put under such spotlight, which goes the same for their latest, EXO. MK News sat down with the six members of EXO-K to hear firsthand what it was like to survive the competition admist their fellow trainees and finally get a taste of the spotlight.

Leader Suho was able to make his debut after training seven years as a trainee. He’s even had to see his juniors debut before him. He expressed, “I wanted to give up often, but I still worked hard. I think more than anything, keeping my mindset positive helped the most. For seven years, I believed that I could achieve what I worked for, which has led me to where I’m standing today. I was also aided by seniors who’ve debuted before me.”

Chanyeol was cast in his freshman year of high school and trained for four years before his debut. While training, he focused his efforts on making his talents shine. “I knew that I would debut under a team so I tried to show what I was best at. Because I played the drums when I was younger, I felt that I was more rhythmic than my peers. Rapping is also one of my talents, and I was highly confident in my abilities, which I showed. As long as I was better at something than someone, I knew that I could grab that part.”

Sehun‘s tactics were similar to Chanyeol’s, as he was cast in elementary school, went through two years of auditions, and finally started training in his second year of junior high. He went through four final years of training before his debut.

Sehun expressed, “When I was younger, I liked dancing. I believed in myself to do it better than everyone else. Dance, however, isn’t characterized by just copying moves. I realized early on that I had to study world famous choreographers and continue coming up with my own moves to be better than others.”

As for Baekhyun, luck was on his side. He trained for a year before his debut, which makes him the member with the shortest training process. “I was definitely lucky (laughter). When I first came in as a trainee, I felt that there was a huge wall between my skills and the skills of others. There were so many trainees that were handsome, danced well, and sang well. I actually think it was because of that wall that I was able to debut in EXO-K because it instilled a sense of determination in me to jump over that wall and overcome it. I was in a position where I had to work harder than others no matter what.”

Kai‘s been an avid dancer since elementary school, having taken lessons in ballet and jazz before joining SM as a trainee in his second year of junior high school and completing five years of training. “The only thing I had going for me at the time was dancing. Dance was something I enjoyed, not worked hard at. It was fun learning something new besides ballet and it was fun feeling my body learn and adjust to it. I think one of the main reasons I was able to debut in EXO-K was because I thoroughly enjoy what I do as opposed to just work hard at it.”

The group’s vocalist, D.O., also used his singing talent as his strength. D.O. competed in various singing competitions before being cast and undergoing two years of training.

“I felt that I needed to show a unique vocal color of my own. Honestly, there are a lot of people who sing well. Singing a traditional ballad perfectly is basic, so I focused on listening to R&B soul music and adding my own feel to my singing. I wanted my tone to stand out from everyone else.”

Regardless of their survival tactics, all six had to exceed the expectations asked of them by at least 120%, and that’s now an important foundation in shaping their strength as a group.

Source + Photos: MK News

‘Queen Insoo’ adds 10 more episodes to series

Posted: 09 May 2012 02:51 AM PDT

Producers of jTBC’s ‘Queen Insoo‘ have announced that they will be adding 10 more episodes to the popular historical drama series.

Due to the drama’s lengthy focus on telling the stories of each of the main characters, producers felt that adding an additional 10 episodes to the original 50 would be best for naturally continuing the drama’s storyline.

Thanks to the additional episodes, producers assured that the drama will be able to better illustrate all of the events leading up to Queen Insoo’s last breath of life.

Viewers will also be glad to hear that the maturation process of Queen Insoo’s grandson, Yeonsan, will be shown in greater detail.

All cast members and staff were reported to have agreed on the decision, and are now passionately working at bringing the drama to a successful conclusion.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

JYJ’s Jaejoong shares a photo of Junsu’s side profile

Posted: 09 May 2012 02:18 AM PDT

On May 8th, JYJ‘s Jaejoong shared a photo of Junsu on Twitter. Attached to the picture, Jaejoong wrote, “Cool guy Junsu“.

In the photo, Junsu is wearing a light blue blazer over a white t-shirt looking very immersed in his phone. The tweet is attracting a lot of attention because Junsu has his bangs styled upwards, showing a perfect side-profile of him.

Followers commented, “Even if he randomly takes a picture, it looks like a photo shoot,” “Jaejoong asserting that Junsu is a cool guy.. it’s nice to see an affectionate relationship between the members,” and “I really want to see them on stage soon.

Source: Jaejoong’s Twitter

Teaser for IU’s title track “The Day’s End”!

Posted: 09 May 2012 01:43 AM PDT

The teaser for the title track of IU‘s new single ‘Spring of a Twenty Year Old‘ has just been released!

Fans are now able to take a listen to a snippet of the title track, “The Day’s End“, on Loen Entertainment‘s official Youtube channel, which has a special feature page called “IU’s slightly poetic story” with a travel map of the singer’s journey in Italy.

“The Day’s End” was composed by Park Eun Tae and Kim Do Hun with lyrics written by Kim Ee Na. It’s described as a song that aptly complements IU’s bright and cheery vocal tone.

Venice, Italy can be seen in the background of the video teaser as a very natural and carefree IU enjoys the sights. Fans commented, “The light and airy sound goes well with spring,” “After ‘Good Day’ and ‘You & I’, it looks like it’s going to be another hit,” and “It’s a song that matches well with IU. I want to listen to the full song soon.”

The sketch music documentary film for ‘Spring of a Twenty Year Old’ will be released on May 11th KST.

Jung Il Woo becomes a DJ as the new endorsement model for ‘Doritos’

Posted: 09 May 2012 01:30 AM PDT

Actor Jung Il Woo made a surprise transformation into a club DJ as the new endorsement model for Doritos!

Jung Il Woo is actually the first endorsement model chosen by Doritos for their Korean advertisement campaign. Despite the CF shoot lasting late into the night, the actor never lost his trademark smile and managed to keep the atmosphere amped up as the DJ of the show.

As it was his first time behind the booth, he made sure to practice every time he was off camera, which thankfully resulted in a charismatic final product.

A representative stated, “Jung Il Woo has been involved in a variety of different activities and has thus gathered a diverse fanbase. As Doritos is a global brand enjoyed by families everywhere, we felt that Jung Il Woo was the best model in appealing to a large range of consumers.”

Source + Photos: Star Today via Nate

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shares photo of his parents

Posted: 09 May 2012 01:02 AM PDT

On May 8th, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk shared a photo of his parents in celebration of Parent’s Day.

Along with the photo, Eunhyuk tweeted, “Dad and Mom, I love you! You must be so happy to have such a loving son. I’m going to have a son like myself ^^. Dad got an envelope of money, and I can’t forget about my Mom’s blissful mood. Your son sweat blood to earn that money so use it preciously!

In the photo, Eunhyuk stands between his mother and father as they look cheerful holding their carnation flowers.

Followers who saw the photo commented, “Eunhyuk’s parents look happy..seems like a sweet family,” “Eunhyuk’s parents have a son with a lot of aegyo,” and “Eunhyuk’s parents look nice, Eunhyuk has good sense.

Source & Image: Eunhyuk’s Twitter

SECRET’s Ji Eun and Sunhwa are full and satisfied

Posted: 09 May 2012 12:33 AM PDT

What are SECRET‘s Ji Eun and Sunhwa doing with their spoons?

For the first time in a long while, the SECRET members appeared on a variety show.

On May 8th, Ji Eun tweeted, “For the first time in a while, I went on a variety show outing with Sunhwa! We must have a lot of eating fortune. Aww so full.”

In the revealed picture, Sunhwa and Ji Eun are holding spoons by their mouths. Sunhwa in particular looks satisfied and happy with her beautiful eye smile.

Fans responded, “What variety show are you coming out on,” “I think it’s been a while. I’m glad to see you,” and “Show them what an eating reaction is!”

Source: Ji Eun’s Twitter

Yoo Jae Suk and IU voted as #1 celebrities to go on summer vacation with this year

Posted: 09 May 2012 12:06 AM PDT

The ‘nation’s MC’ Yoo Jae Suk and the ‘nation’s little sister’ IU have once again been selected as the #1 celebrities to go on vacation with this summer.

Ahead of their May 18th ‘2012 Hana Tour International Travel Show‘, travel agency Hana Tour asked 2,742 of its registered members which celebrity they would like to go on summer vacation with this year.

Among the list of male celebrities, MC Yoo Jae Suk seized the #1 spot with 33.3% (914) of the votes. Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi, who is currently playing the lead role in the MBC drama ‘The King 2 Hearts‘, came in second with 27.7% (760) of votes, with ‘Moon-Sun‘ actor Kim Soo Hyun following close behind with 19.9% (546) of the votes. Fourth was 2PM‘s Nichkhun with 8.5% (234) of the votes, while Big Bang‘s T.O.P seized 6.6% (182) of the votes, and Jang Geun Suk received 3.8% (106) of all votes.

Meanwhile, IU was voted as the #1 female celebrity to spend the summer vacation with receiving 21% (577) of votes. Following behind IU was actress Lee Min Jung (19.7%), Kim Tae Hee (16.1%), miss A‘s Suzy (12.7%), and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA with 11.8% of the total votes.

What about you? Which celebrity would you like to spend your summer vacation with?

Source & Image: Star News via Naver