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"[NEWS] Park Yoochun – Han Jimin’s Vow Of Love, Viewers’ “Best Ending”!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] Park Yoochun – Han Jimin’s Vow Of Love, Viewers’ “Best Ending”!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] Park Yoochun – Han Jimin’s Vow Of Love, Viewers’ “Best Ending”!

Posted: 26 May 2012 09:26 AM PDT

The happy ending for the time-travel romance drama, SBS's "Rooftop Prince" has earned the viewers' praise.

Broadcast on the night of 24 May, in the last episode of "Rooftop Prince", the mystery of the crown princess murder was solved. Buyong (Played by Han Ji Min) had replaced the crown princess (Jung Yoomi) and fell into the Lotus pond to save her beloved Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) from the crown princess's plot to murder him.

Park Ha, who opens a fruit juice store in Seoul meets Yong Taeyong who is a customer, but does not see his face as she is troubled. Later, she discovers a postcard at her door, with the signature "ㅌㅇ" and her sketch on it. Park Ha follows the card's invitation and goes to Namsam tower, and meets Yong Taeyong there. Taeyong asks, "Why are you so late, I have been waiting for a long time" and Park Ha asks, "Where were you? I have been here all this while" and the two hold hands, as Taeyong becomes Lee Gak, dressed in his royal robes. With the commentary saying "Even after 300 years, I will still love you" and has a happy ending.

After the drama was broadcast, viewers responded, saying "It's a happy ending, but my heart still aches. It's sad that we won't be able to see this sweet couple again" "This is the most beautiful ending among the recent dramas." "This is my dream romance, both of them are beautiful" "Rooftop Prince, even after 300 years, I will still remember you" and other praises.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Osen Via Nate]
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[NEWS] Yoochun, Grows Stronger With “Rooftop Prince” … “Shining Acting Skills”!

Posted: 26 May 2012 08:28 AM PDT

Overcoming his sadness, JYJ member Park Yoochun's acting shone till the end.

In the SBS drama "Rooftop Prince", the "Sugar cube" couple Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) and Park Ha (Han Jimin) share an emotional love that crosses through 300 years, and ended on 24 May.

The strict image of the crown prince from the Joseon era, the happy image in the modern day where he works hard to deal with society, and the tender image during his romantic moments with Park Ha, Yoochun displays various charms in his role, showing an even more mature image that helped drive the atmosphere of the drama.

Yoochun's role as Lee Gak is in harmony with his previous characters in KBS 2TV's "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and MBC's "Miss Ripley", and he, who is well loved by the viewers, has expressed various characters well. With the unique nature of a Time slip, he had to move back and forth between a period drama and modern drama, and he performed both roles perfectly in a fresh and interesting manner.

Also, despite the the difficult period at the beginning of the drama where time was tight and his dearest father had left the world, he held it in and performed passionately, shining even brighter. During then, Yoochun, who returned to the set of "Rooftop Prince" earlier than expected to continue shooting, had thought of the fans, viewers, the staff who were working hard and felt that he could not wait any longer.

In the middle of filming, Yoochun had tweeted on his personal account, with the message "Father, I want to meet you. So much so that I'm going crazy"*, worrying the fans, and recently he tweeted, "These last few days of filming will feel longer but go by faster than any other day. Rooftop Prince is a production that gave me sorrow and joy… and has made me a stronger person," showing that he has become stronger.

In the midst of a busy schedule, he was also faced with the crisis of a traffic accident. Early this month, Yoochun met with a traffic accident while travelling to his shooting location, and said that he felt pain in his neck and waist, but due to his tight schedule, he did not go to the hospital and continued filming, which shocked everyone around him.

Even though he went through difficult trials, Yoochun expressed his own role very well, making "Rooftop Prince" shine even brighter.

(*T/N : I believe the article writer paraphrased what Yoochun had tweeted since this is a Japanese source, and I dont recall seeing a tweet like that…)

Source : [K Star News]
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[PICTURES] 2NE1 running photos at Gimpo airport are adorable

Posted: 26 May 2012 08:00 AM PDT

2NE1 just returned from Jeju (reason uncleared). When the girls arrived at Gimpo airport, some highschool students chase after them and they had no choice but to run.

Look at the fantaken pictures below:

Netizens commented, "Aigoo they looks so cute while running like that!","It's like they escaping from something, anyway they are adorable!","Those students should refrain from chasing them."

Anyhow, they are adorable, aren't they?

Source: photos&info @OMG_SANDAR

[NEWS] Yoochun snapped a selca With Child Actress Kim So Hyun!

Posted: 26 May 2012 07:51 AM PDT

Child actress Kim So Hyun has revealed a photo taken with JYJ's Park Yoochun at the gathering for the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama "Rooftop Prince"

In 25 May, Kim So Hyun tweeted, "Should I post it? Should I stop? But I think more people would want to see this~ Today, I went for the gathering. Yoochun sunbae, thank you for your great acting so far. From now on, please continue to give me great advice. You've worked hard" and uploaded an image with this message. In the uploaded image, Yoochun has his arm around Kim So Hyun's shoulder, taking the photo in a close manner.

Netizens who saw this said, "I'm jealous" "So Hyun, you are really cute" "You've worked hard" and various other comments were seen.

Source : [K Star News]
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[VIDEO] BTS of Taeyang lofficielhommes photoshoot

Posted: 26 May 2012 07:30 AM PDT

Here's the BTS of Taeyang's latest photoshoot from lofficielhommes.
He's hot as usual and he has too much swag.

If you're not yet convinced by my words, watch the BTS below:

lofficielhommes No.11 cover model TAEYANG

Source: lofficielhommes@YT

[VIDEO] INFINITE performed The Chaser on Love Request!

Posted: 26 May 2012 07:14 AM PDT

INFINITE put on an amazing show on Love Request with their "The Chaser" performance.

Enjoy their cool performance here!

[NEWS] BEAST, T-Ara, 2NE1, Strong Comeback Competition in mid June – July!

Posted: 26 May 2012 07:13 AM PDT

Idol groups 2NE1, BEAST and T-ara who are always strong on the music charts will be making their comebacks after each other from the end of June till early July. Towards this, the entertainment industry is  already all nervous for these comebacks.

To win the #1 spot of the summer market, the industry are giving lots of attention in their comebacks dates and concepts.  If 2NE1, Beast, and T-ara were to dominate the #1 spot again, then other singers have to avoid these "#1 dangerous idols"

Among boys idol groups, BEAST is one  group that does considerably well on music charts. Last year, BEAST, who was successful on the charts with "On Rainy Days" for quite some time, have achieved good results in both dance and ballad songs as a male group. Together with its solid fanbase, BEAST managed to rise and become one of the top groups. Currently, BEAST is finishing some last touches on their songs, and will be making a comeback soon at the end of June.

One of the representatives expressed,  "Early June we will  have Big Bang and Wonder Girls' comeback, then it will be followed by 2NE1, BEAST and T-ara, there will be a strong movement on the charts, June to July comebacks will not be easy".

credits : OSEN (source)
Eng trans by @MrsDooB2uty with help from 100度BEAST吧


Posted: 26 May 2012 07:00 AM PDT

This is remix version of TOP's FUBU endorsement CF.
Have you seen TOP DJ-ing?

Well if not, better watch this CF.

Source: fubunyc@YT

[NEWS] So Young is Impressed by Jinwoon’s Pelvic Dance!

Posted: 26 May 2012 06:46 AM PDT

2AM's Jinwoon: Brilliant technique, flexible squirming'pelvic dance' & His Fish impersonation explodes his adorable personality on the show "One Against 100"
The show was aired in the afternoon on the 22nd on KBS 2TV Quiz Program "One Agaisnt 100". Fellow cast mates from Dream High 2 was Kim JiSoo and Yoo So Young was also on the show.
Talent Kim JiSoo stated, "I see him frequently outside of work environment. He's tall, he sings well, his looks are very handsome. I thought that he would not be able to do soccer, but I lost 4 to zero."
Actress Yoo SoYoung "Jung JinWoon dances the Pelvis Dance really well" and revealed his 'specialty'. There was a huge laughter followed by his dance.
He made the impression of a Fish from the character Dooli and showed some of his adorable charm.

Credit: jypenter via @simplyplaygirlz

[NEWS] "Dr. JIN" VS "Gentleman"

Posted: 26 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

Two new dramas are coming to entertain the weekend at the same time.

MBC drama "Dr. JIN" and SBS "A Gentleman's Dignity" starting on the 26th at 9:50Pm are the two.

"Dr. JIN" which is about a neurosurgeon who crosses over to the Chosun times to spread his medical talents and "A Gentleman's Dignity" which is written by genius in comedy Kim Eun-sook and produced by Sin Woo-cheol are highly competitive dramas.

"Dr. JIN" is based on a popular comic using the similar subject as "The Rooftop Prince" and tvN's "Queen In-hyun's Man" about traveling through time. Lee Beom-soo, Song Seung-heon, Park Min-yeong and other legendary artists make up the cast and is supported by Lee So-yeon, Kim Jae-joong, Kim Eung-soo, Jeong Eun-pyo, Lee Won-jong and others.

There are funny situations where a modern day doctor crosses over to the modern times and also serious scenes where Dr. JIN Hyeok (Song Seung-heon) fights to save a life.

"A Gentleman's Dignity" is written by Kim Eun-sook who's created continuous hits in a row and produced by Sin Woo-cheol. It is also looked forward to as much as it is Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ha-neul's come back to dramas.

This drama is about the sweet and various romances displayed by 4 men in their late 30s to early 40s who have all been through first loves and sweet loves.

It is hard to tell which drama will laugh without taking a look in. It is up to the viewers to select which one they will watch between "Dr. JIN" and "A Gentleman's Dignity".

Source : ( English )

[NEWS] The U-KISS Fever & "Summer Special" Release!

Posted: 26 May 2012 06:12 AM PDT

U-KISS has headed to Malaysia on May 25 for their overseas fan meeting. It marks the start of an Asia fan meeting tour, they will also be touching down in Cambodia and Hong Kong.

Last month, U-KISS found popularity with their Colombian visit. Their company, NH Media, stated, "Since then we've received requests from Brazil, Chile, as well as Dubai. Due to their hectic schedules ahead, it will be difficult for them to visit any of these countries for the time being".

In July, U-KISS will be embarking on another Japanese concert tour. The group is also scheduled to release a "Summer special" album, featuring the refreshing background of the east sea, in June.

Credits: Source 1/Source 2 + ROCKETBOXX.NET

[NEWS] Dal Shabet Viki replaces by Wohee in one day

Posted: 26 May 2012 06:00 AM PDT

New member of Dal Shabet: Woo-hee [Happy Face Entertainment]

Just one day after the leader of K-pop group Dal Shabet, Viki, called it quits, Happy Face Entertainment announced that a new member has been recruited as a replacement.

"The new member is Woo-hee and like Ah-young and Ji-yul [other members of the group], she was born in 1991. She is currently on a leave of absence from the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts," a representative from the entertainment agency said.

The newbie has spent years training as a singer and dancer in order to break into the entertainment industry, and the agency said that she is an exceptional performer.

Pictures of Woo-hee were also distributed by the agency in which she was wearing an elegant white dress.

"I'm so excited to become the new member of Dal Shabet as I'm a big fan of the group," said Woo-hee. "I'm a little worried though as I have some big shoes to fill in Viki's absence. All the members have been so kind to me and I'll give it my best."
By Carla Sunwoo

Source: koreajooangangdaily

[NEWS] Kim Jang-hoon on brink of bankruptcy

Posted: 26 May 2012 05:50 AM PDT

Singer Kim Jang-hoon, an outspoken activist for "comfort women," a euphemistic reference to Korean women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military, and Korea's claim over Dokdo islets, is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Kim's agency announced yesterday that the star is in financial trouble because he is committed to too many causes.

"In order to raise enough money for the upcoming '8.15 Dokdo Crossing' project as well as another donation to give out rice to more than 1.2 million people, Kim will have to make his rounds at club and adult venues around the country," said a representative from Kim's agency.

Despite the fact that Kim spent most of this month taking part in 30 different events where he was asked to perform, his expenses are thought to outweigh his earnings from appearing at the functions.

The agency representative said that Kim's debt amounts to some 100 million won ($592,808) at the moment.
By Carla Sunwoo

Source: koreajoongangdaily

[NEWS] Comparison of Rookie Groups!

Posted: 26 May 2012 05:47 AM PDT

Even if idol groups pour out to the point where you get sick of them, the ones who will make it will eventually stand out.

So many idol groups are being sent out, one after another, to the point that certainly the member names, but also the team names are hard to remember. It is a situation where the idol market is being over-flooded a little too quickly.

Currently, the music industry is returning the focus to idols, so producers and officials trying to hitchhike on this trend are moving fast. This is because they must send out rookies that can face the popular artists as soon as possible. Fortunately, it is full and overflowing with hopefuls dreaming to become idols. Out of these, they choose ones that seem sufficient and hurriedly form idol groups to make a product, but the probability of success is not very high.

The reason is that you can find them in many places. To release a product even just a day faster, some that don't even have sufficient skills are being sent out, so live or performance ability is significantly dropping, so this cannot satisfy the demands of the population, making it common for these idols to be ignored. Not only this, but because so many artists are being spilled out, it is difficult to tell them apart. The majority are just left at that, nothing more or nothing less

Also, you cannot ignore the power of large-scale agencies. If a group is born within an idol's company that already has a strong grip on the music industry as of now, interest naturally follows. Because they have the advantage of the help from the senior idols already promoting, confidence naturally comes to them, and on top of that, it makes you place your anticipation on them. Because of this, excluding the few idols countable on our fingers, the majority of idols don't even have to chance to stand on a proper stage and must disappear without a sound.

However, within this situation, there are some that stand out. Combining the skill of capturing fans' hearts and the heavy armor of a unique charm that is different from others, these who have bravely challenged the music industry are gathering the interest of the population. The representative names are EXO-K, B.A.P, JJ Project, and Ailee.

First, Ailee, through last year's Chuseok special broadcast 'Singer and Trainee,' let herself be known as Wheesung's student and with her powerful vocals and perfect performances, gathered popularity. Shortly after the debut, she put her name up as a runner-up for first place on a music program and secured a permanent spot in the program 'Immortal Song,' where the aristocracy of singers are gathered. As this was a special case for a rookie, it was a source for celebration.

EXO-K and B.A.P also draw eyes, as expected. First of all, EXO-K drew much interest as a group made by what is picked as the nation's greatest large agency, SM Entertainment. Also, they drew anticipation through a new system of promoting in both Korea and China with what they call their twin group, EXO-M. They are showing performances that do not disappoint the expectations of female fans. Talent is talent, but also the flawless visuals played a big role in raising their popularity. Especially as the next leaders in K-Pop following TVXQ, SuperJunior, Girl's Generation, and SHINee, they are receiving much anticipation.

Next, B.A.P is in the same likelihood. With their powerful performances that senior idols that could not even attempt to try, they caused shivers to go down people's spines. Out of these, the role of 17-year Zelo, who is said to be the youngest of male idols, stands out. Pulling off a rap that is so fast that it is called 'LTE rap,' he is showing a side that makes it hard to believe that he is still in his teens. Along with this, they have captured fans' hearts with their high-level performances full of charisma, using sprays, etc.

Here, news that a new big-issue rookie is coming forth is making existing idols nervous. Recently, JYP Entertainment revealed that they would display the most enjoyable project in history, JJ Project, and released teasers. JJ Project is made up of JB and Jr, who came out in 'Dream High2.' They revealed their faces and names early, and as much as they confirmed their potential to become singers within the drama, fans and officials will put much anticipation on them.

Indeed, out of these pouring idols, who will properly rise high to the top is an issue that receives much of our attention.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: Grace Park @ CXO

[NEWS] FT Island special to air on Japanese TV

Posted: 26 May 2012 05:40 AM PDT

Hallyu band FT Island has been singled out by leading Japanese music channel Space Shower TV Plus and will be the focus of a special program set to air on Sunday.

The one-hour show will feature a live acoustic set as well as interviews and moments from the studio.

Performances of the band's hit songs, including "Flower Rock" and "Venus," will be aired on the show.

On May 16, the boy band released its second Japanese album, "20."It sold more than 20,372 albums on the day of its release and rose to the third spot on Oricon's daily chart.

The band performed well on the weekly chart, too, usurping the fourth slot with a total of 41,726 records sold in the first week.

To mark the launch of the album, the band held a fan meet event last weekend. At the meet-and-greet mini-concerts, the band sang a total of five songs including "Wanna Go," which was composed by members Song Seung-hyun and Choi Min-hwan. Group leader Choi Jong-hoon's track "Stay" was also performed.
By Carla Sunwoo

Source: koreajoongangdaily

[NEWS] “Dr. JIN” vs. “Gentleman”!

Posted: 26 May 2012 05:12 AM PDT

Two new dramas are coming to entertain the weekend at the same time.

MBC drama "Dr. JIN" and SBS "A Gentleman's Dignity" starting on the 26th at 9:50Pm are the two.

"Dr. JIN" which is about a neurosurgeon who crosses over to the Chosun times to spread his medical talents and "A Gentleman's Dignity" which is written by genius in comedy Kim Eun-sook and produced by Sin Woo-cheol are highly competitive dramas.

"Dr. JIN" is based on a popular comic using the similar subject as "The Rooftop Prince" and tvN's "Queen In-hyun's Man" about traveling through time. Lee Beom-sooSong Seung-heonPark Min-yeong and other legendary artists make up the cast and is supported by Lee So-yeonKim Jae-joong,Kim Eung-sooJeong Eun-pyoLee Won-jong and others.

There are funny situations where a modern day doctor crosses over to the modern times and also serious scenes where Dr. JIN Hyeok (Song Seung-heon) fights to save a life.

"A Gentleman's Dignity" is written by Kim Eun-sook who's created continuous hits in a row and produced by Sin Woo-cheol. It is also looked forward to as much as it is Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ha-neul's come back to dramas.

This drama is about the sweet and various romances displayed by 4 men in their late 30s to early 40s who have all been through first loves and sweet loves.

It is hard to tell which drama will laugh without taking a look in. It is up to the viewers to select which one they will watch between "Dr. JIN" and "A Gentleman's Dignity".

Source: OSEN
Credit: Hancinema

[VIDEO] B1A4's Baby Goodnight performance MR Removed!

Posted: 26 May 2012 04:40 AM PDT

B1A4 made their comeback on Music Bank yesterday with baby Goodnight,check out the MR removed video of their comeback performance on Music bank yesterday.

How many points out of 10?

[PICTURE] KARA's Goo Hara shares a kiss with.....

Posted: 26 May 2012 04:10 AM PDT

KARA's cute member Goo Hara shared a new selca on her Twitter.

She said,"It has been a while Puri and Nubi!Bye bye babies who welcome me back....look after the home well...cutie!miss Pang...?

 Hara is seen posing cutely with her pet dog in the photo above.

[PICTURE] Kim Kibum shows off his well-trained body for I Love Italy!

Posted: 26 May 2012 03:40 AM PDT

Kim Ki Bum shows off his well-trained ABS for upcoming Korean drama "I Love Italy"!

 He plays the role of a professional swimmer in the drama.

 He captures much attention with his well-trained body. The drama will air its first episode via TVN on 28th May.

[VIDEO] Teen Top released main teaser for "To You"!

Posted: 26 May 2012 03:14 AM PDT

Check out the MV teaser of Teen Top's upcoming hit song "To You"!

[PICTURE] IU and Suzy eat watermelon together!

Posted: 26 May 2012 03:10 AM PDT

Miss A's Suzy shared a new photo on her Twitter on 26th May.

She said,"Eat watermelon together,this photo was taken in Thailand".

IU and Miss A's Suzy are seenp posing cutely in the photo,the girls place a watermelon seed on their arm to prove that they have eaten watermelon.

Do you like the cute friendship between them?

[VIDEO] G.Na's 2Hot performance MR Removed!

Posted: 26 May 2012 02:39 AM PDT

G.Na made her comeback at Music Bank on 25th May with her latest hit song 2Hot.

Check out her latest performance on the show,the video below is the MR removed version of her comeback stage,did she do well for her comeback?

[VIDEO] JJ Project impressed with the MR removed video of Bounce!

Posted: 26 May 2012 02:10 AM PDT

JJ project (JYP's latest male duo) received much attention lately with their debut song Bounce.

The song ranked high on various music charts and now fans are totally impressed with their live singing ability.

The boys made their debut on M! Countdown on 24th May with Bounce,check out the MR removed video of their debut performance below.

How many points out of 10 should they deserve for their debut performance?

[PICTURE] Rainbow's Woori is a cute kitty!

Posted: 26 May 2012 01:40 AM PDT

Rainbow's Woori transformed into a cute kitty in a recent photo.

She tweeted the photo above on 25th May with the caption "nia ong".

Fans who have seen the photo commented that she is the prettiest ever catwoman they have ever seen,do you have any comment to share regarding Woori's transformation?

[Pictures] Song Joongki's Airport Arrival in Singapore on 25th May 2012

Posted: 26 May 2012 01:16 AM PDT

Singapore fans would know, Joongki fans would definitely know.
Korean actor and ex running man member Song Joongki arrived in Singapore yesterday.

He would be having his press conference and autograph session on the 26 May 2012 and his fanmeet on the 27 May 2012.

Check out some photos of his Airport Arrival in Singapore below!

Dkpopnews would be doing a coverage of Song Joongki's trip to Singapore this time round, so stay tuned to us for more updates!

Credits: Boom Korea (Organizer)