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"RAIN's PROFILE!" plus 24 more

"RAIN's PROFILE!" plus 24 more


Posted: 18 May 2012 11:00 AM PDT

Jung Ji-Hoon was born on June 25, 1982, better known by his stage name Rain, is a South Korean singer, recording artist, dancer, actor, model and designer.

In 2007, Rain left the management of JYP Entertainment and started his own company, J. Tune Entertainment.

Rain spent most of his childhood living with his parents and younger sister, Jung Hanna, near Yonsei University. Despite being an introverted and shy child, he discovered he had a passion for dance when he performed in a talent show for High School. Rain initially had a difficult time balancing dance and academics and received low grades during the beginning of junior high because of his frequent dance practices. He decided to follow his passion and attended High School of Arts in where he received his first formal instruction in acting and was able to continue dancing as well. Rain again found he could not focus on both dance and his studies in acting; he was truant on several occasions.
In 2000, Rain was recruited as a trainee for JYP Entertainment, led by recording artist and producer Park Jin-Young. During the early years of training, Rain was a backup dancer.

Birth name : Jung Ji-Hoon
Also known as Bi (비), Bi Rain
Date of Birth : June 25, 1982
Height & Weight : 185 cm & 74 kg
Blood Type : O
Origin : Seoul, South Korea
Genres : K-pop, R&B, Hip-Hop
Occupations : Singer, Actor, Dancer, Model, Designer
Years active : 2002-present
Official Site : Rain Bi

Korean studio albums
  • Bad Guy (2002)
  • How to Avoid the Sun (2003)
  • It's Raining (2004)
  • Rain's World (2006)
  • Rainism (2008)
  • Back to the Basic (2010)

Japanese studio albums
  • Eternal Rain (2006)
  • Perfect interaction/Perfect collaboration with Wang Lee Hom & Lim Jeong Hee
  • "Cassiopeia" with Lim Jeong Hee
  • "Man Up" with Omarion
  • "I Do (Thai version)" with Panadda
  • "What I Do Once I Have a Lover" with

  • 2006, I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK as Park Il-sun
  • 2008, Speed Racer as Taejo Togokahn
  • 2009, Ninja Assassin as Raizo
  • 2012: Soar into the Sun

  • 2002, Orange as Himself (Cameo role)
  • 2003, Sang Doo! Let's Go to School as Cha Sang-doo
  • 2004, Full House as Lee Young-jae
  • 2004 Andre Kim Star Awards
  • 2005, Banjun Drama as Himself (Cameo role)
  • 2005, A Love to Kill as Kang Bok-gu
  • 2010, The Fugitive: Plan B as Ji-woo

====================Awards ==================== 

  • MAMA – Best Solo Dance (for Love Song)
  • MTV Movie Awards: Biggest Badass Star
  • Korea Achievement Award given by the Korean Culture & Content Agency
  • Green Growth Life Ambassador of South Korea (Lee Da Hae)
  • Green Planet Movie Awards: Best International Entertainer (Asia), 
  • Asian Cultural Ambassador of The Year, One of The Top 10 Most Outstanding Asians in Hollywood

  • Goodwill Ambassador by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture[40]
  • Global Publicity Ambassador: City of Seoul
  • KBS Hit Chart – Top Albums (Top 1) Rainism Recollection
  • HITO Music Awards Tokyo: Best Asian Pop Song "Rainism"
  • Asian Television Awards: Hip Korea Discovery Channel (Best Music Program, Best Infotainment Program, Best Cross-Platform Content)

  • Bonsang Golden Disk Award
  • Style Icon of the Year
  • SBS Mutizen Award (Top Song: Rainism)
  • Korea Image Stepping Stone Award 2008 given by the Korea Image Communication Institute

  • MTV Asia's 'Artist of the Month' (January)
  • 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor for (I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK)
  • The 59th Berlin Film Festival: Alfred Bauer Prize (I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK)
  • Berlin Red Carpet Festival: Best Dressed Artist in the Red Carpet
  • 4th Netizen Entertainment Awards: Best Male Singer Award
  • Hallyu Grand Award
  • 44th DaeJong Film Awards: Overseas Popularity Award
  • Best Asian Male Artist in Macau, China
  • People's Most Beautiful People list "First-Time Beauties 2007″
  • Korean Entertainment Business Association: Star (Music) Award
    2007 Mobile Entertainment Awards: Best Male Singer
    1st Korean Film Awards: Best Actor Award

  • Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People Who Shape the World Award
  • Mnet Male Artist Award
  • Asia TV Awards: Best Movie Style (A Love To Kill)
  • MKMF Mnet Awards: Best Male Artist Award
  • SBS Gayo Daejun 2006: Bonsang
  • RTHK International Pop Poll Award: Top New Actor & Most Sold Asian Albums
  • IFPI Hong Kong Music Sale Awards: Korea and Japan Music Award
  • HITO Pop Music Awards: HITO Asian Music Awards

  • MTV Asia Awards: Favorite Artist Korea
  • MTV Korea B Awards: Best Single Award
  • MTV China Awards: CCTV Mandarin Music Honors Award
  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best buzz Asia from Korea
  • Channel V Best Single Award
  • Channel V Music Video Awards: Popular Asian Artist
  • Andre Kim Awards: Best Star
  • KBS Drama (A Love To Kill) (이 죽일놈의 사랑)
  • KBS Netizen Award
  • Korea Cultural Content Grand Prize – Music Section
  • Virgin Radio Hits 40 Awards: Best Asian Artist Award
  • Hong Kong Universal Records: Golden Record Award
    LA City Hall – Cultural Exchange between Korea and US Awards

  • KBS Artist of the Year
  • KBS Best Actor Award
  • KBS Excellence Award (Full House)
  • KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award
  • MBC Top 10 Artist Award
  • SBS Male Performer of the Year Award
  • SBS Music Awards: Bonsang & Netizen's Best Popularity Award
  • SBS Seoul Gayo Award: Bonsang
  • The Korean Music Awards 2004 – Best Artist of the Year Award
  • Popularity Award of TV Part (The Baek Sang Arts Grand Award)
  • KBS Best Couple Award (Song Hye Kyo)
  • Mnet Music Video Festival: Artist of the Year Award
  • Mnet Music Video Festival: Song of The Year Award (It's Raining)
  • Golden Disc Award: Bonsang
  • Andre Kim Star Awards: Actor Section
  • The 40th Baek Sang Arts Grand Awards: Popularity Award

  • MBC Top 10 Artist Award
  • KBS Music Award: New Artist, Most popular Singer Award by producers
  • SBS Music Award: New Artist
  • SBS Seoul Gayo Award: New Artist
  • Mnet Music Video Festival: New Artist
  • KMTV Korea Music Award: New Artist
  • Golden Disc Award: New Artist
====================Music Videos ==================== 



[VIDEO] After School unveiled PV teaser for Lady Luck!

Posted: 18 May 2012 09:32 AM PDT

After School unveiled the teaser of their new Japanese single Lady Luck,check out the teaser of their new PV here!

[NEWS] Never Stop Dreaming Talk Concert Info!

Posted: 18 May 2012 08:56 AM PDT

Big Bang will be having a "Talk Concert" in the middle of July. To enter for tickets, you must create and upload a video of dreams to YouTube between May 14th and June 25th.

Translations by @kristinekwak for bigbangupdates

[NEWS] Get Ready for The World’s Greatest Comeback!

Posted: 18 May 2012 08:43 AM PDT

BEAST's comeback is getting closer! On the 16th, a B2UTY asked about BEAST's comeback to Cube Ent's CEO Hong Seung Song, "CEO… T T will our B2ST oppas make a comeback after G.NA unni? >_<" and he answered, "Yes BEAST will be coming back after G.NA I think it will be the greatest comeback in this history of the world." 

Then he tweeted, "War and peace. They are coming back." First hint has been dropped, 'War and Peace', could it be the name of their new album? 
credits : @hongcube, @B2STLYTWEETS ; shared by

[INTERVIEW] Jaejoong’s Interview in the Production Report Conference for Dr. Jin!

Posted: 18 May 2012 08:35 AM PDT

Simple arrangement of JJ's interview in the production report conference:
How did JS&YC;tell about the appearance in the historic drama?
-They told me like this.. "What? Will you act in historic drama?"
Honestly, I didn't know. To me, it's still something new such as challenging to act in the historic drama, making a topknot and wearing olden clothes. I'm still amazed to challenge to act in the historic drama. But after wearing these clothes, I think Hanbok is very gorgeous.
Do you have any difficult things due to your first historic drama?
- Because it's historic drama, there are many difficult things.
Above all, it's quite different tone to speak.
There are many scenes to ride horse and to handle sword.
When I rode a horse in the horse-riding track, I thought I did it with confidence.
So I thought I could do it well. But in shooting place, the horse was hard to handle. Handling a sword is also difficult.
I think our directors was disappointed with me because of it.
I'll try to exercise them much harder for wonderful shots.
And there's another difficult thing.
There are many things to affect and to interrupt the shooting.
For example, when we started to shoot at the end of dawn, cocks crowed. Then we tried to do again, dogs barked because people went by. Then we restarted shooting again, the flights flied.
Is there anything that YC advised to you?
- He didn't teach me at all. He told me about a topknot. He told me
'when you have a topknot on your head, you are very difficult to express your feelings on your face.
And it leaves marks. Sometimes it lasts for 10 hours more..
In the summer, the color of your upper & lower face will become different.'
- I'm so busy. But I'm happy now.
Actually, now I can't sleep well, and I'm so tired but I like to work.
It's very hard to me if there's hiatus.
And… as you know.. everyone already knew about it..
I'm so sorry about that we can't appear on entertainment program.
There was one story that we can't laugh. Kim Jaejoong said "I call Hong YeungRae 'Hong Cham Pan Daek', it is hard to pronounce fast. But these words keep on being used in the drama." Then Kim Jaejoong showed how he pronounces the words (to the reporters). The reporters were following Jaejoong (LOL!! you guys involuntarily followed him! XD) and showed their reaction saying "(We)understad', then Kim Jaejoong said "Good thing it's not winter".
T/N: If it's winter, it will be more difficult to pronounce the words because the cold will make you shiver

Source: MBC, Korean Media Press
Credit: theyoungestmin, 126×204

[PICTURES] Taeyang with Korean national soccer team uniform for NIKE!

Posted: 18 May 2012 08:14 AM PDT

On May 17th, the Korea Football Association and Nike held a press conference to showcase the official uniform that the Korean national soccer team will use for the World Cup qualifying games and the London Olympics this summer.

The photo above of Taeyang was on display, along with other Nike items, at the venue.

Source: SportsNews via Nate//@beyondcloset

[NEWS] Jessica’s 2010 Prediction Comes True!

Posted: 18 May 2012 07:43 AM PDT

In 2010, Jung Hyungdon and Jessica, among others, appeared as guests on the KBS program "Happy Birthday". That particular episode focused on Korea's low birth rate and encouraged couples to have more children in order to rectify the problem. Thus, Hyungdon, as a newlywed on the show, received many questions about his future plans for having children.
Among the many comments given by the other guests concerning Hyungdon and his prospective family, Jessica jokingly informed him that he was going to have twins. Two years later, however, her prediction actually turned out to be correct: on May 16, Hyungdon announced that his wife is seven weeks pregnant and expecting twins.

As soon as this announcement became public, many people became excited for a variety of reasons. In addition to sending their heartfelt congratulations to Hyung Don, some "netizens" also commented on Jessica's newly discovered skill, making observations such as "she knew it was a joke but who knew it would come true?" Others suggested that she "open a fortune-telling shop" to further explore her hidden talent.

Written by: moonrise31@soshified
Contributor: residentbenchwarmer@soshified


Posted: 18 May 2012 07:23 AM PDT

B.A.P (an acronym for Best Absolute Perfect) is a six-member hip hop South Korean boy group formed by TS Entertainment in 2012. The group consists of Bang Yong GukKim HimchanJung DaehyunYoo YoungjaeMoon Jong Up and Choi Jun Hong (Zelo). On January 26, 2012, B.A.P made their recording debut with the single "Warrior", followed by the release of their debut EP, Warrior in February 2012. B.A.P.'s official fan club name is called BABY.

================== B.A.P MEMBERS PROFILES ==================

Bang Yongguk was born on March 31, 1990, also known as YonggukBang or Jepp Blackman, is a South Korean songwriter,rappersinger and dancer. He is the leader and the main rapper of the South Korean group B.A.P. In 2007, Yongguk was part of a underground hip-hop group called Soul Connection. In March 2011, he was featured in Song Jieun's Going Crazy and the single became a number one hit in South Korea. Prior to B.A.P's debut, TS Entertainment formed a sub-unit called Bang&Zelo with B.A.P member Zelo and released their single "Never Give Up" in November, 2011.

Birth Name: Bang Yong Gook
Stage Name: Yongguk
Bunny: Red
Artistic Name: Jepp Blackman
Nickname: Inversion Rapper
Position: Leader, Main Rapper
Birth Date: March 31, 1990
Blood Type: O
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Education: KyungHee Cyber University
Hobbies: Baseball, basketball, playing by himself
Special Talents: Writing songs and lyrics, composing
Personality: Tough, brusque
Fun Facts:
- his respected musician is 1TYM's Teddy
- his ideal type of woman is a virtuous woman
- Yongguk is apparently awkward when he's alone together with Daehyun
- he shares the same top bunk beds with Jongup and Himchan
- his favorite movie is Constantine
- each of them has their respective chores, and Yongguk manages what goes on in the dorm
- he is the closest to Himchan
- although he is brusque, but he is very softhearted and cries often
- if B.A.P were a family, he'd be the dad
- he didn't know how to talk until he was 5 years old
- he is a member of the underground hip hop crew, "Soul Connection"
- he was featured in Secret's MV: "Shy Boy" & "Starlight Moonlight"
- he was released his solo single titled "I Remember" with B2ST's Yoseob & "Going Crazy" with Secret's Song Ji Eun

Yoo Youngjae was born in Seoul, South Korea, on January 24, 1994. Yoo has one older brother. He studied at the Balgok elementary school and Balgok middle school. In 2008, Yoo placed first in a JYP audition and was a JYP trainee. Yoo contacted TS Entertainment and got accepted as a trainee after his audition. In 2011, he also appeared in the music video of Secret's "Starlight Moonlight" and performed with Secret during the promotional period. And also appeared in the music video of Bang&Zelo's "Never Give Up"

Birth Name: Yoo Young Jae
Stage Name: Youngjae
Bunny: Yellow
Nickname: Brain
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birth Date: January 24, 1994
Blood Type: AB
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Personality: Calm but a person who has lots of ups and downs
Education: Politic Industry High School
Fun Facts:
- his respected musician is Musiq Soulchild
- his ideal type of woman is someone who likes him a lot
- he shares the same bottom bunk beds with Daehyun and Zelo
- he is the closest to Daehyun
- each of them has their respective chores, and Youngjae keeps everything organized
- he loves electronic gadgets a lot
- he also like finding things and explaining them to the members
- he doesn't want his future girlfriend to wear revealing clothing
- if B.A.P were a family, he'd be the mom (he says that Himchan may say he is, but in reality Youngjae is)

Jung Daehyun was born in BusanSouth Korea, on June 28, 1993. Jung has one older brother. Daehyun studied at the Sajik Elementary School and Sajik Middle School. At 18, Jung graduated at the Busan Computer and Science High School. Daehyun also came from the Nataraja Academy and was the last member to join B.A.P.

Birth Name: Jung Dae Hyun
Stage Name: Daehyun
Bunny: White
Nickname: Busan's Won Bin
Position: Main Vocalist
Birth Date: June 28, 1993
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Hometown: Busan
Personality: Shy, Tough
Education: Nataraja Academy, Busan
Fun Facts:
- his respected singer is 4Men's Shin Yongjae
- his ideal type of woman is someone like Shin Saimdang
- he is the closest to Youngjae
- he shares the same bottom bunk beds with Zelo and Youngjae
- Daehyun is apparently awkward when he's alone together with Yongguk
- he's also known as B.A.P.'s Hidden Card
- each of them has their respective chores, and Daehyun cleans the restroom
- he speaks with a very heavy Busan dialect
- if B.A.P were a family, he'd be the oldest son

Kim Him Chan was born in Seoul, South Korea on April 19, 1990. He has one older sister. Kim attended National Korean Traditional Music High School and graduated at 17 with full scholarship. He is currently studying at the Korea National University of Arts. Kim revealed that he never had to pay tuition for his education in middle school and high school. In 2010, he became an ulzzang at "BESTNINE" with MBLAQ's Lee JoonBlock B's Jaehyo, CNBlue's Yonghwa and Jonghyun. The same year he also appeared in Jung Seulgi's music video for "Back In Place Again". In August 2011, Kim made his television debut as an MC at SBS MTV's "The Show" along with Jeon HyosungLuna and Lee Hyeri. In 2011, he also appeared in the music videos of Secret's Shy Boyand Starlight MoonlightSong Jieun's Going Crazy and Bang & Zelo's "Never Give Up". He also made a cameo appearance in the movie "Mr. Idol" with Bang Yong Guk in 2011. The same year, he participated in a rap gig with Vasco and Yongguk in Seoul.

Birth Name: Kim Him Chan
Stage Name: Himchan
Bunny: Pink
Nickname: Instrument Ulzzang
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Rapper, Face of The Group
Birth Date: April 19, 1990
Blood Type: O
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Personality: Gentle, against war, peacemaker. Cheerful and a bit hyperactive
Education: National School for Traditional Music
Fun Facts:
- his ideal type of woman is a kind woman
- he shares the same top bunk beds with Jongup and Yongguk
- he is the closest to Yongguk
- each of them has their respective chores, and Himchan throws out the garbage
- Himchan's sister is very interested in B.A.P and she even designed the members' signatures
- he is an MC for MTV's "The Show"
- he was featured in Jung Seulki's MV: "Back in Plack Again", Secret's MV: "Shy Boy" & "Starlight Moonlight", Song Ji Eun's
MV: "Going Crazy" and Bang & Zelo's MV: "Never Give Up"
- if B.A.P were a family, he'd be the mom

Moon Jong Up was born in Seoul, South Korea, on February 6, 1995. Moon has two older brothers.He went to Sunae elementary school and Sunae middle school. He is currently studying at the Hanlim Arts High School in Seoul, South Korea. In 2011, he also appeared in the music videos of Secret's "Shy Boy" and "Starlight Moonlight", and Bang&Zelo's "Never Give Up".

Birth Name: Moon Jong Up
Stage Name: Jongup
Bunny: Green
Nickname: Dance Shindong
Birth Date: February 6, 1995
Blood Type: B
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Position: Sub-Vocalist & Main Dancer
Personality: Shy
Education: Hanlim Arts High School
Fun Facts:
- he has no specific type for his ideal woman, but would like her to be older than him
- his respected musician is Chris Brown
- he shares the same bottom bunk beds with Yongguk and Himchan
- he is the closest to Zelo
- each of them has their respective chores, and Jongup does the dishes
- also known as the awkward in the group
- if B.A.P were a family, he'd be the second oldest son
- he was featured in Secret's MV: "Shy Boy" & "Starlight Moonlight", and Bang & Zelo's MV: "Never Give Up"

Zelo was born on October 15, 1996 in Seoul, South Korea. He has one older brother. At a young age, he started dreaming of becoming a soccer player but it soon faded as he became more interested in music. He auditioned to several recording companies but was constantly rejected because of his young age before being accepted as a trainee in TS Entertainment.

Birth Name: Choi Jun Hong
Stage Name: Zelo
Bunny: Blue
Nickname: 15-Year Old Genius
Position: Maknae, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
Birth Date: October 15, 1996
Blood Type: A
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Specialty: Rap, dance, beatbox
Personality: Introspective
Education: Sungdae Middle School
Fun Facts:
- his ideal type of woman is a person who's good at English & have pretty smile
- his respected musicians are Kanye West and
- his favorite movie is 2012
- he shares the same bottom bunk beds with Daehyun and Youngjae
- he is the closest to Jongup
- each of them has their respective chores, and Zelo does the laundry
- since Zelo is the maknae, he has to wash last and as a result he gets tired of waiting and falls asleep again
- he is fond in hip hop, and practice 20 hours a day and he still feel like it was'nt enough
- also known as the "Fighter Robot" of B.A.P.
- his stage name comes from the Greek god "Zelos", which is the god of rivalry.  He was named that because of how hard he worked amongst all his hyungs
- if B.A.P were a family, he'd be the cute and pure maknae who gets the most love from his hyungs

===================== DISCOGRAPHY =====================


Extended Plays:
  • Warrior
  • Power
  • Warrior
  • Power
==================== B.A.P MUSIC VIDEOS===================

[VIDEO] Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra delivered a fantastic performance of Super Junior's Mr Simple!

Posted: 18 May 2012 06:51 AM PDT

Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra is back again with another amazing cover of Super Junior's hit song Mr Simple.

Make sure that you check out their performance here,simply amazing right?

[NEWS] Heo Gayoon and Kim Hyunah transform into race car drivers!

Posted: 18 May 2012 06:51 AM PDT

Heo Gayoon and Kim Hyunah of Korean girl group 4minute have participated in the recording of "Top Gear Korea" on May 8th.

Hyunah was half-excited and half-anticipative on the day of the recording. After sitting in the race car, Hyunah expressed, "In Gangnam, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to cross a bridge due to traffic, but in here, there's only one car with just me inside. The feeling is exhilarating."

Afterwards, she added, "I'm usually not a very competitive person, but I finally understand why people enjoy the thrill of speed after trying it myself." After her first time in a race car, she was already captured by the allure of racing.

Heo Gayoon revealed, "I only recently received my driver's license, so I don't have any expectations towards rankings." However, she demonstrated strong ambition on the race track, shocking everyone with a skill level that was higher than anticipated.

The episode of Channel XTM's "Top Gear Korea" starring 4minute's Kim Hyunah and Heo Gayoon is scheduled to air on May 20th, 10:30 P.M.

Translating + Editing + Reporting: applemango @

[VIDEO] Hello Venus' Yoo Ara shows off her rapping skills!

Posted: 18 May 2012 06:44 AM PDT

Hello Venus appeared on Shim Shim Tapa recently,member Yoo Ara shows off her rapping skills on the show by rapping to After School's Shampoo!

[NEWS] Choi Siwon, the first Korean to surpass 2 million followers on Twitter!

Posted: 18 May 2012 06:23 AM PDT

Super Junior's Choi Siwon became the first Korean to surpass 2 million Twitter followers on the 14th (of May).

Regarding this, his management company's officials expressed that "Super Junior's global popularity and influence has once again been confirmed".

On another hand, Choi Siwon was recently chosen to be the new model of a coffee brand. Despite being involved in Super Junior's world tour and the filming of a drama in China among others, Siwon took some time out of his busy schedules within the country and overseas to do the shooting for his CFs. His proactive behavior and polite manners has led to a good atmosphere at the CF filming site.

Source: SBS News 
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[NEWS] Gayoon full of confidence towards her bare face!

Posted: 18 May 2012 05:48 AM PDT

4minute's Heo Gayoon expressed her confidence towards her bare face on MBC's "Weekly Idol" on May 16th.

During a rumor debunking segment, Heo Gayoon revealed a story about her age. Heo Gayoon said, "The first time I saw After School's Lizzy, I called her 'unnie' (older sister) because she was taller than me. Lizzy has come to accept it though." Gayoon added that she does not regularly watch TV and is unaware of other idols' ages, so she calls everyone 'unnie' regardless of other factors.

Heo Gayoon also expressed, "Although I look older at a glance, I am actually a baby-face when I remove my makeup", showing her strong confidence in her bare face.

Source: Kpoppark
Translating + Editing + Reporting: applemango @

[NEWS] Han Geng talks about his new movie and praises SM's new group!

Posted: 18 May 2012 05:20 AM PDT

The 12th Music Chart Awards was held at the Poly Grand Theatre, Shenzhen on the night of April 8. While Han Geng was backstage answering to the rumours about him having his character in "Special Identity"* swapped by Donnie Yen because he was too handsome, he answered "there's no way". Han Geng, who is currently filming Vicki Zhao's new movie "The Youth We Would Ultimately Lose"**, revealed that Vicki Zhao was very serious (with her work) and very professional. In addition to that, the idol group EXO-M, who hails from his previous company SM Entertainment, had participated in the awards ceremony this time as well. Han Geng praised that they were "quite good", and admitted that he caught a glimpse of himself in them. 

Han Geng's participation in Vicki Zhao's movie "The Youth We Would Ultimately Lose" is his second official movie-acting stint, and he was all praises for Vicki who is taking on the role of the director for the first time, (saying that) Vicki "is serious, professional, and continuously taught me how to act". Regarding his role in the movie, Han Geng's interpretation is that "This character's inner heart is rather dark and complex, it's the experience of a boy's journey into becoming a man". At the moment, he has completed a quarter of his parts in the movie, and he would also be releasing a new album and embarking on a tour in July.

Aside from that, EXO-M, the new idol group launched by the company SM which Han Geng had some prior disputes with, also took part in the same awards ceremony. Han Geng had praised the group, saying that "They're pretty good and dedicated, I admire them quite a bit". He even joked and said that he caught a glimpse of the newly-debuted him from the past in them.

The previous director for "Special Identity", Tan Bing, exposed that Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao had some animosity between them behind the scenes because of the movie. He also revealed that he had initially invited Han Geng to star in the movie, but because Donnie Yen thought that "Han Geng was too handsome" and was afraid that all his limelight would be snatched away, he (Donnie Yen) had requested for the role to be substituted. Regarding this, Han Geng merely confirmed that he did receive an invitation to appear in the movie, but admitted that he wasn't able to participate because his schedules were full. When further pressed by the media about the truth behind him being substituted because he was too handsome, Han Geng swore that "I have no idea what happened later on, even if my brains were dug out I wouldn't know anything about it either", but he hesitated a little and said "there's no way".

Source: Dayoo 
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[INFO] Siwon in JJ Magazine, June 2012 Issue!

Posted: 18 May 2012 04:45 AM PDT

The Perfection that Makes One Gasp……
Love ♥ Siwon

The Super Junior member that is active not just in Korea, but also through activities in Asia. With twitter follows exceeding 1.5 million, NO.1 popularity in Korea, Choi Siwon who is also active as an actor makes his first appearance on JJ Magazine! Together, let's reveal his secrets that are full of charms.

Q: Between Siwon and the character you are acting as in this drama, Jin Shan Yu, what are some of the similarities and differences?
A: Shan Yu is really an enthusiastic person. Never shifting his attention, he always looks directly ahead. In this aspect, we are very similar. However, sometimes because Shan Yu is overly enthusiastic, he inevitably does something reckless. As for me, whatever it is, I always think before I act. Nevertheless, I am more calm (laughs).

Q: Shan Yu bears the danger of having to lose someone important, and persists in investigating the events. If it was Siwon, what would you do?
A: I would be like Shan Yu in the drama. Even though there is danger, if the root of all evil is not destroyed, the tragedies will only repeat themselves….. Persist and move on!

Q: There are many parts in an action movie, are there any that you remember the most?
A: Because there were many large scale scenes, getting small injuries is common. However, because the schedule doesn't allow it, even if we are hurt, we cannot rest. It's not just me, the staff and everyone else on site also persist in filming even if they are hurt. Thanks to these efforts, the scenes of the drama become more interesting, when everyone watches it, they will definitely like it!

Q: Between Super Junior's activities, and activities as an actor, what is the difference between the two?
A: With the members, whatever it is, we will help each other, becoming each other's backing. By myself, I would be hit with a sense of mission, pressure, and responsibility. Regardless of whether there are mistakes or trouble, you have to take care of it yourself. Hence, I was able to feel the importance of the members even more.

Q: Right now, are there any kinds of works you wish to challenge?
A: Regardless of whether it is Athena or Poisedon, both have topics that are slightly serious, hence in future I would like to challenge a more humorous script. A happy (drama), that can make the mood of everyone watching it become better, is (the kind of) drama that I would like to try the most!

Wanting to Know Choi Siwon's Secrets!
Conducting 10 Questions & Answers

Q1. What are your charming points?
A – There would be many of them~ (laughs)
Joking! What I prefer about myself is (my) honesty, just this specific aspect. However, I cannot say for sure, not being able to tell white lies might be a shortcoming.

Q2. Please say your motto!
A- If I had to say (something), it could be to keep on fighting despite any setbacks?! Regardless of when I fall, starting again has always been my state of mind.

Q3. How do you feel about today's photoshoot attire?
A- (It's) very fitting, from Dior's menswear display line. In the beginning, I thought it would not fit an athletic body like mine. In the end, when I put it on and took a look, it actually looked very fitting, even I was surprised. A simple style is really cool.

Q4. Please talk about the fashion style that Siwon likes
A – I prefer a comfortable way of dressing (laughs). (Having to) wear clothes that does not suit myself, regardless of whether it is me or the people around me, everyone would not feel comfortable. However, when wearing comfortable clothes to meet others, people dislike and avoid it. Did you wear your pajamas here? Sometimes people will ask me that (laughs).

Q5 Do you like to drink (alcohol)?
A- As compared to drinking (alcohol), I prefer the atmosphere during a gathering. Drinking together with friends that have similar interests is interesting!

Q6. Please talk about the ideal type of girl that you like
A – In short, talking is important. She might not be my type, but through talking, getting to know each other, understanding each other, and then liking each other is the best. Up to now, I still do not have an experience like this (laughs). Age or appearance, these are not important. Right now, I want to learn Japanese quickly, to be able to converse with Japanese girls!

Q7. What do you think are the charming points of girls?
A – Eyes. Personally, I have always maintained sincerity; I will look into the person's eyes and talk to them. Because (they're) still young, one look at the eyes and you can tell if they are lying or if they are truthful!

Q8. People whom you think have charm?
A – I like people I can talk with and take photos with. This doesn't just apply to girls, age and gender does not matter, being able to converse is the most important. Even by talking to children, you can learn new things. I really like talking with others.

Q9. What do you think about the fashion and makeup of Japanese girls?
A - Japanese girls are really very fashionable. Japan has a unique fashion style, (which is) very cute. The type of cute style, like (those in) JJ magazine, is not bad!

Q10. Leave a message for JJ magazine readers
A – (I am) really glad to be able to meet JJ magazine readers through this way. Even if there is something upsetting, there will always be a new day. There is a saying like this right? Please enjoy 2012. I want to have a date a date with JJ magazine readers (laughs)!

Source: JJ Magazine, June 2012 Issue
Japanese to Chinese: 源又圆 from 信仰 믿음。The Cho-i Belief
Chinese to English: --dreamx @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[VIDEO] Dalmatian made an E.R comeback on Music Bank!

Posted: 18 May 2012 04:22 AM PDT

Check out Dalmatian's performance on Music Bank.

Like their new song "E.R"??

[INTERVIEW] PART 1 - EXO-K Interview For BNTnews!

Posted: 18 May 2012 04:18 AM PDT

'Idol House' SM Entertainment shows a male idol group, EXO-K for the first time after SHINee from 4 years ago. By having a peculiar promotion, they successfully drew the attention of the whole world before even debuting. They raised the expectation with a total of 23 teasers during 100 days. EXO is divided into EXO-K who promotes in Korea and EXO-M who promotes in China, they debuted at the same time on April 9th.

This time, the expression 'Great boast, small roast' was proved wrong. The six members, who got their peculiar name EXO-K from the word 'EXOPLANET', which stands for a planet out of the solar system, have such a sophisticated and perfect image that they can give the impression that they really fell from another planet.

You would think that they kept on going easily with the strong support of their company but armed with the SMP, it was a handicap. As much as it's difficult to change one's likes and dislikes, the members have various charms and respectable skills worthy of the love they receive. 

We recently met EXO-K's members for this interview and instead of the stiff expressions they showed during the showcase, they shouted energically their official greetings "We are ONE. Hello, we are EXO-K" more relaxedly and with a bright image. A month ago they were at loss and had trouble working as a group, but during this time period, the members matured a lot.

"These days, it's going well when we're doing music programs. On days with music shows, we generally sleep around 4 hours, but today (Monday) we slept 7 hours" (Kai)

"I'm really having fun now. For my first birthday after our debut, the members and the fans congratulated me a lot and we had an event too" (Baekhyun)

These days, everytime they're asked how they're doing, the members reply like this with a shy expression. On stage, they hit high notes like professionals and match their difficult synchronized choreography looking like they are completely familiarized with it, but when facing them, we get the strong feeling that they're 'like children'. But here, they held the conversation with D.O's round and bright eyes, Suho's passionate image representing the team and with always a noticeable utterance, and Chanyeol's brightness.

When watching the angelic members' image, we were curious about whether they felt pressured by the media's attention just because they're SM rookies and the public's expectations for them to have performances at the level of seniors such as DBSK-SHINee.

"Our promotions lasted for a very long time, right? I think that while the fans were waiting their expectations raised by quite a lot. Moreover, our seniors opened the Hallyu and K-POP path well so it pressured us even more of course. But under that pressure, we promised to practice even harder and to put in a lot of effort" (Chanyeol)

The genre of the title song 'MAMA', the SMP (SM Music Performance: its peculiarity is the splendid and strong performance), resembles the first generation of idols like H.O.T and Shinhwa and to the early days of the 5-membered DBSK, which makes them confident.

"When I first heard it I really liked it. It's really imposing, and it's been a long time since the SMP appeared, right? I thought that we could show a performance different from the other singers" (Suho)

"You can think that it's old-fashioned or out of season but I think that this generation didn't get to hear a lot of the SMP. Instead I thought 'Won't it be an original and new genre to them?'" (Chanyeol)

But thinking back to their first broadcasted performance on 'Inkigayo' only makes them dizzy. Starting from D.O's 'Superior (Imposing) Orchestra"s slip of the tongue, the members really tensed up. As soon as the subject was brought up, D.O headdesked, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. After that mistake, when D.O just hears about the 'first broadcast', you can only see him sigh.

"Our first performance wasn't live to emphasize on the performance. The pressure of the live of course decreased with that. But since it was our first time wearing an ear-mic, everything was unfamiliar so we were really nervous" (Baekhyun)

"Truthfully, even now, this kind of interview is easy but the interviews with cameras are really hard. You know how your face is still but only your mouth smiles? Recently, we had an interview once with Tony senior on 'M!Countdown' and I got scolded because my lips were really shaking" (Kai)

Even if they look perfect, they're still rookies who are scared of the camera. "We can't choose only one fan-idiot (T/N: A fan-idiot is a member who's awkward with the fans and doesn't know how to react and interact with them). We're all fan-idiots" They gave us this standard answer. They showed their images only through teasers at first, that's how they were exposed to the public before their debut, but as opposed to that they got to meet the fans through music programs, fanmeetings and fansigns and they were so amazed by it, it was totally showing.

EXO-K is complete only once these 6 members, who look similar yet totally different, are all together. They said that until now their singer seniors, such as DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee, etc. helped them a lot.

"DBSK's U-Know Yunho senior and Max Changmin senior always monitor us and always give nice words to each one of us everytime we meet them after a while. Sometimes they even tell us warm words through speaker phone when we're practicing. Seeing that we had a lot of members, Super Junior's Leeteuk senior too told us a lot of things like 'Make them unite as a leader', 'Unite a bit more', 'You exist because you are a group'" (Suho)

source: bntnews
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

[VIDEO] 120518 TaeTiSeo won first place on Music Bank + other performance!

Posted: 18 May 2012 04:14 AM PDT

Congratulations to TaeTiSeo for winning on Music Bank again with their new song Twinkle.

Check out other performance from today's show!


Posted: 18 May 2012 04:34 AM PDT

IU (Korean아이유), who was born as Lee Ji-eun is a South Korean singer and actress. Her stage name IU, is derived from "I and You" which symbolizes that we can become one through music.

IU debuted on September 24, 2008 with her first mini-album, Lost and Found, in which she was praised by various Korean artists for her strong vocals. On April 16, 2009, IU returned with her first full album,  titled Growing Up, with her title song being "Boo." She started promotions for the album on the 17th. Within three weeks, "Boo" went up to the #1 contendants for SBS Inkigayo, and her name also went up twice on Take 7 together with other notable artists like SG Wannabe and YounHa. The song also did well on KBS Music Bank K-Chart, on Mnet M!Countdown chart, and on various online music charts.

Real Name : Lee Ji Eun (아이유)
Date of birth : 16th May 1993
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 47 kg
Blood Type: A 
Hobby : Reading
Specialty: Singing
Debut: September 24, 2008 
Labels: LOEN Entertainment 
Education: Attended Dongdeok Girls High School
Favorite foods : Raw fish, sweet potato
Favourite Musicians: Kim Tae Woo, Gummy, Tamia
Favourite Star: Gummy, Ha Dong Kyun, Taeyang 
Favorite actors : Kang Ji-hwan, Jung Jae-young, Han Ji-min
Ideal Type: Yoo Ah In 

Korean Discography
  • Lost and Found
  • Growing Up
  • IU...IM
  • Real
  • Last Fantasy
  • Spring of a Twenty Year Old
Japanese Discography
  • I□U (Japanese pre-debut album)
  • Good Day

  • Dream High
  • Welcome to the Show (cameo - Episode 1)
  • Dream High 2 (cameo - Episode 1)
  • Salamander Guru and the Shadows (cameo - Episode 6)

====================Awards ==================== 

·       Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism : 
    Outstanding Newcomer Album of the Month (November) [EP Lost and Found] 

·  48th Cyworld Digital Music Awards : Song Of The Month (June) [Nagging]
·  17th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards : 
         New Generation Singer Award
     ·   11th Korea Visual Arts Festival : Photogenic Award
     ·   25th Golden Disk Awards : Digital Music Bonsang
     ·   2nd Melon Music Awards : 2010 TOP 10
     ·   2010 SBS Entertainment Awards : 
        Variety New Star Award
     ·  54th Cyworld Digital Music Awards : 
        Song Of The Month (December) [Good Day]


     ·   20th Seoul Music Awards : Bonsang, Best Digital Album (REAL)
     · 5th Mnet 20's Choice Awards : Hot CF Star
     ·   2011 Korea Advertising Association Awards : Good Model Award
     · 4th Style Icon Awards : Bonsang
     · 3rd Melon Music Awards : 2011 Top 10, Song of the Year [Good Day]
     ·  13th Mnet Asian Music Awards : Best Vocal Performance Solo
     · 66th Cyworld Digital Music Awards : 
      Song of the Month (December) [You and I], 
      Best Top Seller Artist


     · 7th Asia Model Festival Awards : BBF Pop Singer Award
     · 21st Seoul Music Awards : Bonsang, Best Album [Last Fantasy]
     · 9th TVCF Award 2011 : Model of the Year
     · 2011 All K-pop Awards : Best Female Solo Artist
     · 2011 Digital Music Awards : Artist of the Year
     · 1st Gaon Chart Kpop Awards : Singer of the Year Award (February, December)
     · 9th Korean Music Awards : 
   Female Artist of the Year (Voted by netizens), 
   Best Pop for Song Category [Good Day], 
   Best Song of the Year Award [Good Day]
     · 24th Korean PD Awards : Singer Award

Music Shows



·         June 25th - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1
·         June 27th - SBS 'Inkigayo' Mutizen Song
·         July 2nd - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1

Good Day
·         Dec 19th - SBS 'Inkigayo' Mutizen Song
·         Dec 23rd - Mnet 'M Countdown' #1
·         Dec 24th - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1
·         Dec 26th - SBS 'Inkigayo' Mutizen Song
·         Dec 31st - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1

Good Day
·         Jan 2nd - SBS 'Inkigayo' Mutizen Song (Triple Crown)
·         Jan 7th - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1 (3rd consecutive win)
·         Dec 23rd - KBS 'Music Bank' Year End K-Chart #1

You and I
·         Dec 9th - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1
·         Dec 16th - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1
·         Dec 18th - SBS 'Inkigayo' Mutizen Song
·         Dec 23rd - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1
·         Dec 25th - SBS 'Inkigayo' Mutizen Song
·         Dec 30th - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1


You and I

·         Jan 1st - SBS 'Inkigayo' Mutizen Song (Triple Crown)
·         Jan 6th - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1
·         Jan 12th - JTBC 'Music on Top' Music on Top
·         Jan 13th - KBS 'Music Bank' K-Chart #1 (6th consecutive win)

====================Music Videos ==================== 

[VIDEO] INFINITE "The Chaser" made their comeback on Music Bank!

Posted: 18 May 2012 03:42 AM PDT

Check out INFINITE's much anticipated comeback performance on Music Bank!

[INTERVIEW] PART 2 - EXO-K Interview For BNTnews!

Posted: 18 May 2012 03:32 AM PDT

They're still young rookies but they have started to accumulate experience. As they shake their bodies until they're out of breath and carry on with their steady lives, their know-hows have increased too. 'MAMA"s imposing sound, with the members who are like one during their strong performances, is oddly addicting. It's barely been a month since they debuted and they have already started to show to the public their infinite possibilities and charms.

"Rather than being tiring, it's amazing and fun. We're also gradually getting used to the stage. I'm happy because we can show an image that's a bit better" (Baekhyun)

The members introduced the positive reactions they received about 'MAMA' from the people around them with a bright expression. "They all said it was alright. My parents told me it was really cool after watching the broadcast. But they told me to always think about my health first and take care of my body a lot" (D.O)

After D.O's history, the conversation suddenly moved on to parents. The members had a momentaneous dim expression and said "We last saw our parents last January for Seollal". They knew their parents attended their debut showcase during late March but looked disappointed because they couldn't meet them.

"It's true that our parents came to the showcase but we couldn't meet them because we were so busy. Since EXO-M's parents are living in China they couldn't come, we also felt sorry to be able to meet our parents only amongst us. On the opposite, when we had our showcase in China, the EXO-M members thought of us and didn't meet their parents. We're considerate of each other like this a lot" (Suho)

Chanyeol also expressed how much he missed his parents. "In the past I did a lot of voluntary service at halls for the elderly and welfare centers and there, an old woman I was cleaning for gave me a candy while telling me 'Thanks a lot'. It's been a long time since I've been separated from my parents and I can't even go see my grandfather and grandmother during holidays so I suddenly felt like crying" (Chanyeol)

While holding in their longing for their parents that they have, EXO-K overcame their difficult trainee lives and had their strong debut stage, receiving as many favorable comments as the amount of time they spent on their intensive training. One of them was about Kai's and the members' awesome expression game. The part where he shouts"MAMA" to call the Gods while staring into the air with a slightly weak look is definitely 'MAMA"s highlight.

"During the whole song, the expression game is a part that is absolutely needed. In our daily lives, we check our expressions when we take pictures of our faces with a self-camera" (Baekhyun)

On the other hand, Kai, the main actor of this expression game performance said "I do it as I feel when I listen to the song" while showing a relaxed image. But as opposed to the chic and arrogant image and the overflowing confidence he shows on stage, the fact that he gave only 10 points out of 100 to the 'MAMA' promotions caught our attention.

"There's a lot more we can show in the future. I think we're evolving little by little" (Kai)

While Suho, in contrast to shameless and cold Kai, gave to the team 50 points. "Because well begun is half done (laughs)"

Suho talked tenderly with deer-like eyes. He somehow seemed like he lacked charisma for a leader, when we asked him "Is there a leader-only secret to manage dongsaengs?" he tipped "I manage the members every week during family meetings. We resolve minor trivial things with love and hugs and I scold them a lot for big mistakes or if they act impolitely".

Chanyeol then added and explained "Leader hyung doesn't always scold us loudly but he leads the dongsaengs with quiet conversations". When we joked and said "You look like someone who got scolded by his hyung a lot" he struck an embarrassed face, laughed as his face turned red and shook his head.

As we were reaching the end of the interview, we were very curious about one thing. Each of the 6, no, 12 members have different personalities, so with what convictions and values are they uniting with and towards what goal are they running to?

"The common motto we all attach importance to is 'Training to give more than to receive'. You generally think that celebrities only receive, right? But we're thinking that we are sharing the love we receive. To accomplish that we have done voluntary service since pre-debut" (Suho)

From leader Suho's reliable answer, we could guess dimly EXO-K's essence. Through 'MAMA', they are singing the pain of the modern age communication gap; they're uniting on the basis of consideration for each other with warm hearts that understand that feeling.

EXO-K responded 'No comment' when asked about the follow-up song and the next concept. They piqued our curiousity by saying "If we get the opportunity, we could even promote with EXO-M". They're still doing their best promoting 'MAMA' in Korea. Like the 'monster rookies' they are, displaying their explosive potential on the music charts at the same time they did when they debuted, we're looking forward to the day they'll compete on worldwide stages, which is coming soon enough.

(*) Sehun unavoidably couldn't participate to the interview that day because he was going to school.

source: bntnews
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

[VIDEO] Gangkiz made their Honey Honey debut on Music Bank!

Posted: 18 May 2012 03:14 AM PDT

Check out Gangkiz's debut performance on Music Bank.

The girls performed their debut song Honey Honey on the show!

[INFO] USTREAM Host's Blog Entries About SHINee!

Posted: 18 May 2012 02:59 AM PDT

The following are blog entries from the person that hosted the USTREAM channel; Handy Yashiki (Takenori Yashiki).

Title: Arrival
I arrived at the Osaka Westin Hotel!
Well! The Ustream channel (begins) broadcasting from 9 pm!
Handy Yashiki's heavenly voice is appearing!

Title: SHINee Channel
The heavenly voice of Korean's idol group SHINee is appearing!
Please make sure you check it out!

Title: SHINee
Onew did the bestt~!
Key-kun also boke-d [2] for me (laugh)
It was really exciting, I enjoyed it!
All of them were a bunch of great guys who gave me power

It was really an exciting and fun live broadcastt!!

Translator's Notes:

[1] 天の声 - Ten no koe means "voice from heaven" it's what you call the unseen narrator in anime and variety shows.

[2] Explained boke and tsukkomi a few times before, but it's the boke is the idiot who sets up the joke and the tsukkomi is the straight guy.

Image Source: from minoutshine
Japanese to English Translation: crissan@tumblr

[PICTURES] Reporter at Dr. Jin press conference expresses thanks to Jaejoong Fan Union’s press support items!

Posted: 18 May 2012 02:44 AM PDT

Jaejoong Fan Union (Herose, PrinceJJ, RockJJ and WorldclassJJ) provided some fun gifts  and snacks for members of the media at the press conference. 

Trans: These are the gifts that fans of JYJ Kim Jaejoong-ssi gave the reporters at the press conference of MBC . This is the first time I see such lovely and desirable tumbler *_* The fans have the best sense! Thank you.

Credit: Review Star via @white_faith + @XiahDerTod + DC
Source: @theSTAR_korea
Translation by: Hannah for PrinceJJ

[NEWS] ‘Dr Jin’ Receives The Highest Overseas Broadcasting Rights Proposal In History!

Posted: 18 May 2012 02:32 AM PDT

Starfox Entertainment Company's representative Lee Da Hee expressed, "In actuality, it's difficult to bear the production fees of a drama just through PPL (advertisements) and sponsors. The usage of Hallyu stars and idols are effective in helping the return of production fees, thus broadcasting companies and production companies prefers them."

When a Hallyu star is casted in a local drama, just solely the overseas broadcasting rights would have earned back 60-70% of the production fees. For MBC's 'Dr Jin' whereby Kim Jaejoong was casted, a record-high overseas broadcasting rights proposal was received. The overseas importers are also engaged in a fierce battle for the drama.

Source: edaily starin

Credit: YOYO_0721
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun