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"[VIDEO] JYJ's Junsun released TARANTALLEGRA MV!" plus 24 more

"[VIDEO] JYJ's Junsun released TARANTALLEGRA MV!" plus 24 more


Posted: 13 May 2012 09:04 AM PDT

Check out the Music Video of Junsu's latest hit song Tarantallegra!

[VIDEO] JJ Project unleashed 2nd teaser!

Posted: 13 May 2012 09:00 AM PDT

Check out JJ Project's 2nd teaser.

[PHOTO] 2NE1's lazy Sunday and bullying Bom!

Posted: 13 May 2012 08:30 AM PDT

Through her me2day posts, Dara describes their Sunday.. their lazy Sunday!

나른한 일요일아침… 아마도 우리들의 모습은…?!?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

A lazy Sunday morning… This is probably our appearance… Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke

On The Drawing:

Minggki, are you sleeping?!? Ke ke ke
Bom, are you sleeping?!? Ke ke ke
Dara, are you sleeping?!? Ke ke ke
Leadah, are you sleeping?!? Ke ke ke

Update #2:

완젼 귀엽죠?!?ㅋㅋㅋ 요즘 이 스티커들에 푹 빠졌어요 ㅋㅋㅋ 우리 닮은애들도 있고 완젼 웃겨요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이번편은 박봄양의 하루일과~!!! 싼토끼 괴롭히기~ 투키야~ 투키야~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Isn't it cute? Lately I'm crazy about these stickers ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Some of these look like us and are really funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This time, it's Park Bom's day! Ssantokki is bullied! Tokkiya~ Tokkiya~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Dara's Me2Day

Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/BlackjackBelle@OhDara + La Pornie@ForeverWithDara

[PHOTO] IU thanks fans for the presents

Posted: 13 May 2012 08:00 AM PDT

On May 13, IU left a message on her fancafe.

So many presents....
Just unwrapping them with unni took 1 hour..keke
Bbuggu and I seem to be the most excited ones..keke
Thank you everyone~
I think I should give you guys something too..
What would be good?
Ah.. it's not even my birthdy yet, but it already feels like it is!
Thanks everyone~~~ I'll definitely repay you guys! keke

(Note: Fans passed her gifts during Inkigayo today. The basket thing her puppy is lying in was one of the presents too.)

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: IU's official fancafe

[VIDEO] Star Kitchen with U-KISS- Cute Kevin is making very special "Bibimbap" for his mom!

Posted: 13 May 2012 07:30 AM PDT

"Star Kitchen with U-KISS" Video PlayList -

Three members of U-Kiss, Kevin, AJ and Eli challenge to make Korean Food. Chef Seri will be their cooking mentor to help!
From Kimchi to Bulgogi, we will be cooking delicious mouth watering Korean cuisine with U-Kiss.
First to be realesed in KBS World Youtube in world-wide! Seri's Star Kitchen with U-Kiss.

Source: kbsworld@YT

[NEWS] Seungri shows thoughtfulness towards Dara-noona!

Posted: 13 May 2012 07:00 AM PDT

A picture posted by Seungri's fanclub in Korea is gaining attention especially to Seungri and Dara's supporters. In the picture taken at Yoesu airport Seungri is found attending Dara's needs.

Original post is written below:

@partnervi [자상한 승리아카데미 원장님] 1. 유일한 수강생 산다라에게 다정하게 인사 2. 가방이 무거워 보였는지 3. 들어줄까? 물어보는 중… 여수 공항에서 있었던 일❤ #자상한 남자 #승리 #산다라 #승리파트너

[The Attentive Seungri Academy CEO] 1. Warmly greeted his one and only student Sandara 2. Her bag must've looked heavy 3. In the middle of asking "Do you want me to carry that?" occurence at the Yoesu Airport <3 #attentive man #seungri #sandara #seungri partner

Note: Seungri Partner (@partnervi) is one of Seungri's fanclubs in Korea.

Source: @partnervi
Translated by:

[PICTURE] T-ara's Hyomin poses in her summer wear!

Posted: 13 May 2012 06:57 AM PDT

 T-ara's Hyomin shared new photos on her Twitter.

She is seen posing comfortably in her summer outfit.

Like her summer image?

[INFO] TVXQ!'s Journey Story with The Shilla Duty Free: 2012 Fan Festival in Seoul

Posted: 13 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

Fans from across the globe! Come check out TVXQ! in Seoul on this Fan Festival!
Check out the program below for all that's in store!

Date : (Sun) July 15, 2012

Meeting with the fans.
1. Mini Concert (Five songs)
TVXQ! presents a private concert to attending fans.
2. Question and Answer Time with the Fans!
Ask whatever you've been curious about in the meantime!
3. Drawing for Giveaway of TVXQ! Goods!
Through a random drawing, lucky fans will be able to collect original items of the group that cannot be found anywhere for sale!
4. Heart-to-Heart Talk with TVXQ!

Photo Shoot
Group photo shoot with members up on stage!!
(Shot includes TVXQ! members and 40 guests)

*Shots taken with the group are to include 40 guests at a time.

Let's cheer them on!

▼Please visit the site below for more information▼

Source: TVXQ Official Site
Shared by: DBSKnights

[INTERVIEW] BIGBANG 美人百花 Interview (Part 1)

Posted: 13 May 2012 06:00 AM PDT

TOP: I like my mint-coloured hair, but I think my black hair is sexier
Taeyang: I want to be 'the person who is the most free' in the global music scene
Seungri: If you're a guy, it's totally normal to like girls, right? (laughs)
Daesung: Thanks to my job, the thing I really feel is important is 'enjoying the moment'.
GD: I think that a beautiful person is one with a beautiful heart.

Q: Where is the first place you go shopping when you come to Japan?

GD: I love Chrome Hearts, so when I come to Japan I go to the store in Aoyama.
Daesung: Rick Owens Tokyo Store in Aoyama.

Q: What is precious to you?
TOP: My family
Seungri: This phone. All of my business stuff is in here, so if I lost it I'd be totally stuck. I'd become poor (laughs)

Q: Which restaurant do you like in Japan?

GD: The eel we ate yesterday was delicious, but I've forgotten the name of the restaurant. Sorry!
Taeyang: Tsurutontan in Roppongi.
Daesung: I always go for Santouka salt ramen. I also love Afuri's salt ramen. Ramen in Korea is good, but we don't really have spicy salt ramen.

Q: What was the first CD you bought?
TOP: 'Enter the Wu-Tang' by the Wu-Tang Clan, an American hip-hop group. I was an elementary school student then.
Daesung: When I was an elementary school student I bought a CD by Stevie Wonder.

Q: If you were going to go on a date in Japan, where would you go?
GD: Okinawa!
Taeyang: Okinawa. I love the sea and good weather.
Daesung: I love snowboarding, so I'd go to a ski-resort in Hokkaido. We don't really have ski resorts in Korea, so I want to try going to one in Japan.
Seungri: Hakone. I want to go to onsen (hot springs).
TOP: Aoyama. I like the refined streets and atmosphere.

Q: Do you drink alcohol?
GD: I drink a bit, but I'm kind of weak with alcohol so when I do drink it's normally just cocktails.
Seungri: Every day (laughs). My favourite is plum wine - a double shot with soda. We don't really have plum wine in Korea.

Q: What do you collect?

TOP: Designer furniture. I like Scandinavian chairs.
Taeyang: I'm into scarves at the moment. I don't have that many right now but I want to collect them.
Seungri: I love aroma candles. Because I'm a good person who doesn't smoke (laughs), my room smells wonderful!

BIGBANG 美人百花 Interview (Part 2)

Nice to meet you, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Seungri: Nice to meet you! I have a Japanese name. My surname is Ikinari ("suddenly"), and my first name is Tameguchi ("casual talk") (laughs)

So, is it alright if I pass round the IC recorder?

Daesung: (straightfaced) that will be 500yen
Seungri (to G-Dragon, who is still in the makeup room): G-Dragon-saaaaan! The interview is starting!!

You guys are really close, aren't you?

Seungri: We're super close. There isn't a closer-knit group than us. We've never ever fought, not once.
GD: He's lying.

The name of the magazine is 'Bijin Hyakka' (Bijin means beautiful person, and hyakka means 100 flowers). What kind of girl is a 'beautiful one' to you?

Taeyang: So loads of beautiful girls appear in the magazine?! I don't have any friends so please introduce me (laughs)
GD: For me, a 'beautiful person' is one with a beautiful heart.
Seungri: Is that what you really think?
GD: I'm a performer (laughs)
Taeyang: Daesung is gay (laughs)
Daesung: No I'm not!! Um….is it ok if I imagine? Someone who smiles a lot is beautiful. For me, a girl who looks like she has a warm heart when she laughs is the most beautiful.
TOP: For me, in short, girls who are like my mum are beautiful. Who are slightly conservative and mild-mannered.
Seungri: I-
GD: -like all girls (laughs)
Seungri: Yeah but isn't that normal for guys?! But seriously now, a girl who tries hard at her job, is really agreeable, and who is respectful is beautiful.
Taeyang: Girls who give me inspiration are beautiful. Personal appearances don't matter, it depends on whether they give me energy. (While looking at the magazine) There are lots of beautiful girls here.

If we look at it the other way, what kind of girls do you not like?

TOP: Girls who swear (literally, 'whose way of speaking is dirty'). Also, I don't like girls who act like everyone's friend.
Taeyang: Girls who know they're beautiful! (nods once)

Your fashion and hairstyles are really unique to each of you. G-Dragon - is your pink hair today your real hair? oh come on what do you think??
GD: It's an extension. But TOP's hair is his own (laughs)
TOP: I chose this mint colour when we were making the Alive album. I thought it would fit with the Fantastic Baby concept as it's a very unrealistic colour. But unexpectedly it goes well with classic suits, and when I'm matching sober clothes together it adds this extra spice. But I think black is sexier on me (laughs)

You're wearing a lot of Chrome Hearts accessories today - are they your own?
GD: Yeah, most of them are my own.
Taeyang: The other members really like Chrome Hearts but I have a special story. All the artists I've loved since a kid wear Chrome Hearts accessories and clothes. Back then I didn't even know the name 'Chrome Hearts', but I had this yearning to become an artist and have these accessories suit me.
TOP: They do suit you.
Taeyang (pointing to the super rare Rolex watch on TOP's wrist): TOP-san also has a really great watch.
TOP (with a straight face): I'm a good man, so I have a good watch.

Translated by: thatsjustnotcricket@tumblr

[NEWS] “Jackal is coming”, JYJ Kim Jaejoong and Song Jihyo at Gosa Ceremony, praying for great success!

Posted: 13 May 2012 05:35 AM PDT

*Gosa ceremonies are usually done before movie/drama premieres, store/brand launchings when things are set to begin to ask for goodwill. (via WorldclassJJ)
The movie 'Jackal is coming,' which attracted the attention of the public by casting as leading roles JYJ Kim Jaejoong, hallyu star that has explosive popularity across Asia, and actress Song Jihyo who received much love from the viewers as an ace of SBS's variety show 'Running Man', had a gosa ceremony wishing for great success on May 9th at Nomad Film located in Chungmuro Film Center of Dongguk University, Seoul.
The main cast including Song Jihyo, Kim Jaejoong, Oh Dalsoo, Han Sangjin, Kim Sungryung, Kim Yonggun, etc., and all the staff including Director Bae Hyungjoon, representative Cha Seungpyo of Nomad Film and the officials of Lotte Shopping and Lotte Entertainment, all gathered in one place, praying for the success of 'Jackal is coming.'
Especially JYJ Kim Jaejoong, who has his debut in the movie world with the role of top star 'Choi Hyun' in 'Jackal is coming,' has greeted every staff, "I will do all my best. I depend on your help," showing his passion for the movie. He also lent his shoulders to Song Jihyo, who was having hard time taking off her shoes, creating a new term 'Manners shoulder' and giving the feeling of the birth of a warm couple.

Credit: moviejoy
Translated by: Hannah for PrinceJJ

[PHOTO] BOICE Day Brochure – Through YongHwa’s eyes

Posted: 13 May 2012 05:30 AM PDT

We already shared Jungshin, Minhyuk and Jonghyun's posts. This time,last but not the least, it's Yonghwa's turn.

YongHwa's vision

# 흐린 날에 음악듣기
이 사진은 대만에서 찍은 사진이에요. 대만 콘서트 때, 정말 많은 비가 왔었는데,
저는 개인적으로 비오는 날을 좋아합니다. 비오는 날엔 잔잔한 음악이 딱이죠!
( 창문에 붙은 까만 거시기는 엠티비 언플러그드 출연했을 때 선물로 받은 스피커라 합니다 ^^ )

#Listening to music on a cloudy day
This picture was taken in Taiwan. It really rained a lot when we had our concert in Taiwan, I personally like rainy days. It's perfect to listen to calm music on rainy days!
(The black thingy on the window is a speaker, a present received when we performed on MTV unplugged^^)

# 비행기의 현인
해외 투어 때 비행기 안의 민혁이. 민혁이 옆에 있는 어여쁜 단발머리는 누구일까요?

# The wise men on the plane
MinHyuk in the plane when we went on overseas (promotional) tour. Who is the person with pretty bobbed hair next to MinHyuk?

# 콜린 파이팅!!
민혁이에 이어서 종현이도 드라마 촬영을 시작하게 되었습니다. 많이 걱정도 되지만 그래도
연습벌레 종현이는 잘할거라 믿습니다. 이종현 파이팅! 콜린 파이팅!

#Colin fighting!!
After MinHyuk, JongHyun is going to start filming for his drama too. Though I'm very worried, I believe that JongHyun, the practice-holic, will do well. Lee JongHyun fighting! Colin fighting!

# 저요!
요즘엔 이 손 인사가 대세랍니다. 모두들 따라 해보세요. 저요!!

It's the trend to say hello with this hand sign. Everybody please follow me in doing this. Me!!

# 정신아, 뭐해?
인기가요 대기실의 정신이 입니다. 가끔 정신이는 이렇게 요염해진답니다.
여러분들은 알고 계셨나요? 이런 정신이의 모습?

#JungShin ah, what are you doing?
This is JungShin in Inkigayo's waiting room. Sometimes JungShin is voluptuous like this.
Does everybody know about this? About this image of JungShin's?

Pictures shared by: DC inside CNBLUE Gallery
Captions translated by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm

[PHOTO] BOICE Day Brochure – Through JongHyun’s eyes

Posted: 13 May 2012 05:00 AM PDT

We already shared Jungshin and Minhyuk's posts. This time,it's Jonghyun's turn!

JongHyun's Vision

# 음악감상은 필수!
저희는 이동할 때나, 대기실에서나 언제나 많은 음악을 들으려고 노력합니다.

#Enjoying music is a must!
I always try to listen to lots of music whenever as I can, whether we are travelling or in the waiting room.

# 인터뷰를 앞두고
인터뷰는 아무리 많이 해도 언제나 긴장되는 것 같아요.
용화 형도 긴장되는지 마지막으로 거울을 보며 옷 맵시를 다듬고 있네요.

# Getting ready before the interview
No matter how many interviews we have had, it seems that we always feel nervous.
YongHwa hyung could also be nervous, giving himself a last check in the mirror and adjusting his clothes stylishly.

# 정신아, 뭐해?
핸드폰을 보고 있는 정신이의 코믹한 표정
도대체 뭘 보고 있던 걸까요? 그리고 용화 형은 뭘 보고 있었던 걸까요?

#JungShin ah, what are you doing?
JungShin's comical expression while looking at his handphone.
What exactly was he looking at? And what could YongHwa hyung be looking at?

# 정신이 사탕 무슨 맛?
용화 형이랑 정신이는 무엇을 보고 있을까요. 꽤나 흥미진진한 내용인 것 같에요
여기서 문제! 정신이가 먹고 있는 막대사탕은 무슨 맛일까요~?

#What is the flavour of JungShin's candy?
What could YongHwa hyung and JungShin be looking at. Seems to be of pretty interesting content.
Here's the question! What is the flavour of the lolly that JungShin's eating~?

# 밀착취재
민혁이 몰래 근접촬영. 역시 우리 민혁이는 피부가 참 좋아요!!!!

#Up-close coverage
Secret close-up shot of MinHyuk. As execpted, our MinHyuk has very good complexion!!!!

Pictures shared by: DC inside CNBLUE Gallery

Captions translated by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm

[PICTURE] Shin Se Kyung plays the selca game at waiting room!

Posted: 13 May 2012 03:50 AM PDT

Shin Sekyung's company Namoo Actors revealed a set of photos on 11th May through official Twitter.

The photos were uploaded with caption,"What is Sekyung doing?Photos taken at 2am,Sekyung's photos unveiled".

She is seen posing cutely in the photos above in various expressions and poses.

Which photo do you like the most,is it the hair-pulling pic?

[PICTURE] 4Minute shows their "Ghost Face" in the waiting room!

Posted: 13 May 2012 03:20 AM PDT

4Minute's leader Nam Jihyun revealed a new photo on her Twitter on 12th May.

She added caption,"ghost face" in the photo above,the members of 4Minute are posing cutely in the photo above showing their "ghost face".

Any opinion to share regarding their ghost face?

[NEWS] Teen Top’s ‘Honey’ made Park Jinyoung smile like a dad again ‘the rediscovery of the youngest ones’!

Posted: 13 May 2012 02:53 AM PDT

Group Teen Top C.A.P, Niel and Changjo captured the hearts of not only the noonas but all female fans.
On the afternoon of the 12th, the first part of KBS 2 'Saturday Freedom – Immortal Song 2: The legend sings' aired which featured JYP Park Jinyoung as the 31st legend.
That day, Teen Top who had made their first appearance on 'Immortal Song 2' expressed 'We're really nervous but on the other hand we really like this; because we're enjoying the stage even though it's not our song. We will show you an impressive performance so we hope you'll look forward to it' This made the level of anticipation even higher.
Following which Teen Top gave a perfect rendition of Park Jinyoung's 4th album title track 'Honey' with their grand choreography and steady vocals. In particular, Teen Top did not seem nervous at all and with their vocals, performance and choreography, they gave a perfect performance which captured everyone's attention.
After watching Teen Top's performance Park Jinyoung gave high praises " 'Honey is in the blues genre which is hard to find in the music industry these days. Because of your young age I was worried if you guys were able to bring out the blues vibe. It was good that instead of giving off the blues vibe you made it your own. I'm surprised at your amazing talent that is unlike of idols."
On the other hand, Ulala Session, Teen Top, Lee Haeri(Davichi), Shin Yongjae(4MEN), Huk Gak, Ali, Sonya, Sunghoon (Brown Eye Soul), No Brain, Ailee, Lyn and Hong Kyungmin performed on 'Immortal Song 2' that day.

eng trans: @oursupaluv

[NEWS] 2NE1 and SNSD on Complex Music’s 25 Sexiest International Singers You’ve Never Heard Of!

Posted: 13 May 2012 02:19 AM PDT

These days, American radio is saturated with Carly Rae Jepsen, Rihanna and other female superstars who are probably under the age of 25. Not that we're complaining, but once you find yourself mouthing the lyrics to "Call Me Maybe," you know you need to start listening to something else.

After witnessing Yuna perform at SOBS for Hot 97, we knew just where to look for new material: overseas. After days of trolling the web for other sexy female artists to switch up our playlist, we compiled our own collection of new (at least, to most of us) music. If you're looking to broaden your musical horizons, check out our list of the 25 Sexiest International Singers You've Never Heard Of.

Check out the list below.
1. Nicola Roberts (England)

2. Natalia Kills (England)
3. Gabriella Cilmi (Australia)
4. Pixie Lott (England)
5. Yuna (Malaysia)
6. Medina (Denmark)
7. Haifa Wehbe (Lebanon)
8. Mala Rodriguez (Spain)
9. Kreasha Turner (Canada)
10. Sophie Ellis-Bextor (England)

11. 2NE1 (South Korea)

12. Sarah Geronimo (Philippines)
13. Nyusha (Russia)
14. Oh Land (Denmark)
15. Lena (Germany)
16. Russian Red (Spain)
17. Emma Marrone (Italy)
18. Javiera Mena (Chile)
19. Veronica Maggio (Sweden)
20. Ewa Farna (Czech Republic)

21. Girls Generation (South Korea)

22. Denyque (Jamaica)
23. Ana Tijoux (Chile)
24. Brooke Fraser (New Zealand)
25. Eva Weel Skram, Eva and the Heartmaker (Norway)

Source: Complex Music

[NEWS] Big Bang featured in TKM Magazine Argentina, May Issue!

Posted: 13 May 2012 01:47 AM PDT

Let's explode with Big Bang!

Although they making music since 2006, they've just achieved global success in the last time. Now they are one of the best K-pop groups… nobody can stop them!

Somehow, you could say that now many boys and girls are big fans of K-pop because of them. And, as their name implies, the music of Big Bang is an explosion for the senses!! Their songs have so much energy, it's really hard not to get to dance and be "bam up"! So, after know to them, many people wanted to know what it was that surround musical style. While their hits fall into the category Pop, the interesting thing about this proposal is to also they address hip hop and R&B, as evidenced by their hit, "Tonight", "Love Song", "Fantastic Baby" and "Bad Boy ".

Another attraction of the group is that each of the members are focused on one aspect or particular discipline, and because of that, they can conform a very good combination. G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong), the leader is a great rapper who before joining to Big Bang he already had a considerable success in South Korea. He began his career when he was 7 years!. Similarly, Taeyang (Dong YoungBae) who also rapped since he was a kid with him, as both were part of YG Entertainment, a very prominent entertainment agency in their country. 

Furthermore T.O.P. also known as Tempo, but he real name is Choi Seung Hyun; he already was an actor, he participated in several films, and also recorded a solo album of rap and it positioned in prime locations of the Korean rankings. In addition, Daesung (Kang Daesung) who is an actor and TV host, and he has an individual musical project.

Finally – but certainly not least, as he brings his multifaceted and charismatic style to the group, we have to Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun), who participated in a reality show, and he is a great dancer and music producer.

Source: TKM Magazine Argentina
Trans by: @Insideofmyheart via

[NEWS] May is full of special dramas: ‘What is the most anticipated?’ Dr. Jin to air in May 2012!

Posted: 13 May 2012 01:23 AM PDT

Many great dramas are flooding in May.
'Dr.Jin' is scheduled to be broadcast on May 26 with the appearance of Song Seunghoon, who has come back after his last drama MBC 'My princess', Kim Bumsoo, Park Min Young and Kim Jaejoong. The participation of the veteran actor Kim Bumsoo is enough to become a hot topic but the meeting between Park Min Young, who used to work with JYJ Park Yoochun, and another member of the group JYJ Kim Jaejoong has also attracted a lot of attention.
'Dr.Jin' is a fantasy medical drama that is based on a Japanese manga of Murakami Motoka about a best Korean doctor who struggles after time-travelling to the Joseon era in 1860′s. Particularly, just like many dramas based on manga that were broadcasted previously like 'Full House', 'Boys over Flower', 'Palace' and 'City Hunter' etc, many still question whether the manga-orginated drama 'Dr.Jin' will do good or not. 'Dr.Jin' will have a good start as it is scheduled to follow MBC weekend drama 'Feast of Gods' which currenlty ranks 1st in its time slot. However, SBS new weekend drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity' which has many big stars participated in, is going to be in the same time slot with 'Dr.Jin' and it is already expected that an intense competition will happen between these two dramas.

Source: Star MK
Translated by: sweetiexiah of JYJ3

[NEWS] EXO-K's Manual Book!

Posted: 13 May 2012 12:42 AM PDT

Suho (Kim Jun Myeon) born in 1991 attends the Korean National University of Arts, Acting Major has dreamt of becoming a singer since primary school. He planned to become a singer as he entered university but he auditioned in SM during middle school and started his trainee period at the age os 16. He is the member from EX-K with the longest trainee period.

He said "I thought that the opportunity would come to me prepared and I tried my best to be prepared." and "The times I have been waiting for was not tiring". Suho tried to be positive and confident during his trainee period. "Effort does not ruin a person" and "I am the type of person who puts in effort for the smallest things".

Baekhyun (Byun Baek Hyun) born in 1992 had dreamt of becoming a singer during 6th grade whilst watching Rain (Jung Ji Hoon). He was in a band during high school (Joongwon High School) and won the grand prize in a rock festival, he was then casted by SM Entertainment on the streets whilst preparing for practical music.

His 'Method of singing' has a different style to other dance singers. He showed his hard times "I thought that I should start from the beginning with my voice" and "It was hard to change my voice. I learnt how to dance for the first time when I entered the agency". But Baekhyun is happy that he is able to stand on stage to sing and dance as well as communicating with his fans. "I can't tell if I am tired because I get goosebumps when people cheer".

Chanyeol who was in SNSD's Japanese MV for 'Genie / Tell me Your Wish' was born in 1992. Chanyeol likes music since primary school liked to play the drums ever since he watched . He used his drum skills and did part in a band during middle school. He was casted to SM Entertainment whilst attending Acting Classes at the age of 16.

The band he used to be in during High School has now separated. Chanyeol smiled and said "I had been waiting for ceremonies and competitions during my schooling years, but now I am happy that I get claps and attention when I stand on stage every day.". Chanyeol found it hard to learn dances since he was tall and not flexible "I dreamt of becoming an idol and I challenged myself to it as I got the opportunity". Chanyeol's strong supporter is his father.

D.O (Do Kyung Soo) is a boy who likes the overall of 'singing' was born in 1993. He was casted after winning a Kyunggi-do Teenager Competition, then had a trainee period of 2 years. D.O only sang ballads such as Na Yoon Kwon's 'Anticipation', 'Brown Eyed Soul's 'My Story' got to listen to a variety of songs and dances after he joined SM Entertainment.

D.O is also close to BTOB's Lim Hyun Shik who had debuted around the same time. The two meet each other at music programs after their debut. He said "Our dream 'Let's meet as me sing together' that was made during school become true." and "It feels weird to see Hyunshik at a music broadcast". Lastly D.O made his own statement "It feels great to stand on stage whilst receiving cheers fromt he audience and sing" and "I still lack a lot so I will work harder".

Kai who strongly believes that he has the power to teleport was born in January 1994. He learn ballet and Jazz dance from 2nd grade and was willing to major in ballet after watching but Shinhwa had him change his mind. He decided to become a singer after watching Shinwa dance and he auditioned during 6th grade and was accepted during middle school (8th grade).

Him, the one who said "I recommended Ballet and Jazz to the members since the two were the basics of dance." also said "I learnt popping and locking for the first time at SME but it felt awkward during the first 2 months." and "Luckily I got to find my balance as I practiced a certain amount". He had a trainee period of 5 years was asked to pick the members who were born to dance. Kai has picked Sehun, Baekhyun and D.O.

Sehun (Oh Sehun) was born in April 1994 is the maknae of EXO-K. He was casted on the streets during 6th grade and had auditioned 4 times. He then became a trainee in SM Entertainment during high school. Sehun hides a lot of shyness and gets embarrassed easily got into dance after hearing his trainers said 'You have skills. Work hard'.

Sehun said "I still find it fascinating to see myself on TV". We asked him what changed after he had his debut, he responded "I look at the mirror often". He looks in the mirror before going on stage and before seeing his fans "I wave to be careful of my actions".

Source: Oh My Star (1 + 2 )
Translated by: sunnybun @ CODE:EXO

[NEWS] Park Yoochun Perfectly Possessed by Yong Tae Yong!

Posted: 13 May 2012 12:08 AM PDT

The JYJ member Park Yoochun a person acts two roles have become a topic.
In the episode 16 of "Rooftop Prince" aired on May 10th, 2012, after hiding the real Yong Tae Yong (Park Yoochun), Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) is cheating Yong Tae Mu (Lee Tae Sung) with even more perfect impersonation.
After found out the conspiracy of Tae Mu, the desire of Lee Gak wanting to return to the position of Yong Tae Yong was knew by Pyo Taek Soo (Lee Moon Shik), who provides the necessary help. Lee Gak moves the real Yong Tae Yong to another hospital and hides the 3 henchmen.
He perfectly reproduces the every detail of Yong Tae Yong, like to drinking coffee, pretending to not care about things in the company and etc. He even pretends not knowing Park Ha when meeting her, quickly passes by her, and cheats the sharp eyes of Yong Tae Mu. Later, he also meticulously depicts the scene of understanding the secret of Park Ha's background, at the same time sending message of "murderer and liar" to Yong Tae Mu to tighten the choke on his neck and so on.
An official related to the broadcaster was impressed, "The scenes change quickly, every expression and detail parts of every scenes, and the portrayal of the actions of various characteristics have been displayed perfectly, the audience seemed to be attracted. I am very surprised too for his acting strength on every shooting."

Audience who watched the broadcast praised Park Yoochun's acting, "Showing the real sixth sense, full of suspense," "The change of acting to this degree, is completely possessed by Yong Tae Yong," "Lee Gak carries a viciousness, abandoning candy and even Park Ha," and so on.
In addition, "Rooftop Prince" is aired ever Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55pm.

Source: Nate
Credit: DramaHavan

[VIDEO] A Pink sings the Traffic Safety Song!

Posted: 13 May 2012 12:05 AM PDT

Check out A Pink's Traffic Safety song on Inkigayo!

[NEWS] G-Dragon, An Extreme Makeover to Red Hair: ‘Is it a new concept?

Posted: 13 May 2012 12:00 AM PDT

Leader of Bigbang which is an idol group, G-Dragon, had an extreme makeover with his hair.

G-Dragon attended 'Gods Kitchen Fusion' with his red hair. That day, Boys Noize who has a deep connection with Bigbang performed on stage. Boys Noize worked on "FEELING" that is Bigbang's Japanese new song together with GD & TOP.
G-Dragon's hairstyle has been always a concern whenever Bigbang releases their new album. In ALIVE which was released on February, G-Dragon showed his 'seaweed' hair which took down his bangs.
Netizens who saw this photo said "Is it Bigbang's new concept?", "Is it for GD's solo album?" and "Red hair fits him perfectly."

Source: My Daily via forever-gdragon


[INTERVIEW] Infinite on Fuji TV Music Fair

Posted: 12 May 2012 11:30 PM PDT

Sunggyu: I'm considered very quite,but I'm mischief.
【What mischief do you get into?】
Sunggyu:(in Korean) When..
【It's okey you speak Korean. You did your best】
Sunggyu:(in Korean) When we practice together, I sing funny songs and dance fanny dance…I'm sorry.
【You should group the members together because you are leader!】
Sunggyu:I aim to be a intimate leader like a friend.
【You are close~!】
Sunggyu:Thank you!
【Is your Japanese improving?】
Woohyun:We study.
【What's your favorite Japanese?】
Sungjong: You are cute. You are cool. This is delicious. You are really beautiful.
Sungyeol:I'm hungry. Pekopeko(I'm starving)
【You speak Japanese well!】

ALL:Thank you~.
Woohyun:We'll keep practicing hard,so please support INFINITE!
【You know Japanese a lot! I've heard that your synchro-percentage is 99.9%】
【Wow~! Your teamwork is really good!】
WH:We practice,practice and practice again!

Trans by Saki @INFINITE7SOUL

Shared by : Imperial1219 @ take out with full credit.

[NEWS] 2NE1 will be on Japanese Variety TV show ‘Shabekuri 007′ for the first time

Posted: 12 May 2012 11:00 PM PDT

Korea's girl band, 2NE1 will be on the Japanese TV show 'Shabekuri 007' on the 14th of May.

2NE1 are also seen as fashion icons. They are getting offers from famous designers in Japan and are recently getting a lot of attention from the fashion industry. Their first Japanese album that was released on the 28th of May ranked 5th on the weekly music charts. From last year's Japanese tour over 70,000 people went to see them perform and are very popular.

On 23rd of April, Big Bang, who are like big brothers to them were on the same show, they did lots of gags with the comedians and were able to talk in excellent Japanese. They were able to create an excellent variety talk. They showed a 'different side' of Big Bang (though for people who have been to their live concerts, it may not be new to them) and got lots of views on that day.

It's the first time 2NE1 will be on a talk-variety show. Let's see what they can do.

Shabekuri 007 is a Japanese prime-time variety show featuring artistes and more, the program airs at 10:00PM JST (6AM PST, 9AM EST, 9PM Manila, 2PM London, 11PM Australia). You can livestream via Keyhole TV. There may be other streaming opportunities, we will update via @ygladies if we find more.

Source: Yahoo Japan
Translated by: Haruna @ EROMAKNAE
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[PHOTO] SHINee Jonghyun and CNBLUE Jonghyun share intimate photo together!

Posted: 12 May 2012 10:00 PM PDT

On May 12, two Jonghyuns from SHINee and CNBue reveal their close bonding through a photo. SHINee's Jonghyun uploaded through his twitter account, with a caption.

[Trans] I'm close with Jonghyun as you can see from this photo but why this weird feeling.. we are close but what can I say, I want to deny about this photo (it is kind of "misleading" -lol) .. maybe it's because of the way Jonghyun is lying (on the couch).
Source: @RealJonghyun90
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

In the photo the two are smiling and holding fist while CBNLue's Jonghyun is lying on the couch.