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"[VIDEO] A Pink unleashed Hush teaser!" plus 24 more

"[VIDEO] A Pink unleashed Hush teaser!" plus 24 more

[VIDEO] A Pink unleashed Hush teaser!

Posted: 06 May 2012 09:15 AM PDT

A Pink unveiled the teaser of their upcoming hit song Hush,check out the teaser here!

[NEWS] Rooftop Prince is featured in the Malaysian newspaper The Star!

Posted: 06 May 2012 08:53 AM PDT

As Spock would say, they are "highly illogical". But this does not make One HD's new drama series Rooftop Prince and Fashion King any less fascinating.
HOW greedy can one get? Well, when it comes to "Flower Boys", one can never be too greedy, methinks.
And not when the Mat Bunga in question are the Jalgeum Quartet ofSungkyunkwan Scandal – Micky Yoochun, Yoo Ah-in, Song Joong-ki and Park Min-young (who played a girl impersonating a male scholar).

Ever since the fusion historical drama ended its run in 2010, fans have been hankering for another chance to see the "coveted foursome gang" on the telly. Unfortunately, a sequel is not on the cards, not with the same cast anyway.

But thanks to One HD (and definitely SBS), fans can now whet their appetite with two new dramas featuring two of the quartet – Yoochun in the Rooftop Prince and Yoo in Fashion King – on our small screen. In Rooftop Prince, Yoochun reprises his haughty, stiff-collared character as Joseon dynasty Crown Prince Lee Gak. After his beloved wife is found drowned, he finds himself drawn into a web of political lies and deceit.
However, just as he is about to get to the root of the conspiracy, he and his three-men posse are transported 300 years into the future, landing right in the centre of modern-day Seoul. The four Joseon noblemen are rescued by struggling grocer Park Ha (Han Ji-min), who helps them navigate the strange new world until they can find their way home. One day, however, Lee Gak catches a glimpse of his late wife in the bustling streets of Seoul.
It is interesting how much humour you can eke out from the fish-out-of-water premise. Of course, there is an endless list of modern idiosyncrasies versus ancient awkwardness jokes to play on, but they can also easily wear thin fast if not treated well. Somehow, Rooftop Prince manages to keep things fresh and funny. There are the cliché drama moments, of course – Lee Gak's modern day doppelganger, for one, is caught in his own office political conspiracy with a fight over the chaebol throne, yawn …
Luckily, these moments are kept brief and breezy. An equally smart decision is to explain the complex time-travelling element well early in the series. This allows viewers to relish to their heart's content the most important aspect of the romcom – the characters.
Even though Lee Gak in many ways is no different from his earlier roles, Yoochun here shows how his acting repertoire has improved. His sharp comic timing and expressive face makes his Lee Gak adorably hilarious, especially when his lame idiocy cracks through his obnoxious aristocratic veneer.
Yoochun's cute chemistry with Han, meanwhile, gives their love-hate rapport that extra spark. And when you throw in the rest of the Joseon "Power Rangers" (the nickname given to the time-warped noblemen due to their colour-coded tracksuits) it's a real lark with their crackling energy.
The laugh-every-minute vibe of Rooftop Prince is unfortunately something that Fashion King is devoid of but could have sorely done with. Not just because both are highly makjang (over-the-top and absurd) but because Fashion King's unrealistic plot will drive you crazy with frustration if you can't see the funny side of things.
And Fashion King pushes its makjang way over the hilt. After mere two episodes, you get everything you can imagine under the sky: evil "stepmother", cruel boss, fire, mugging, mobsters and human smuggling. There is even a shipwreck! But I digress. In Fashion King, aspiring fashion mogul Young Gul (Yoo Ah-in) of Seoul's "Sungei Wang", Dongdaemun, meets talented fashion designer wannabe Ga Young (Shin Se-kyung). Together, they try to break into the high fashion world but haute couture couple Jae-hyuk (Lee Je-hoon) and Choi Anna (SNSD's Yuri in her acting debut) stand in their way.
I guess, for many fans, what irks most is the unmet high expectations they had of Yoo in his comeback drama. To see such a talented actor lost in this illogical mess of a series is a big disappointment. To me, however, it is the eccentricities and lack of direction of the show that is the most endearing. Like Yoo's Young Gul, Fashion King may be an acquired taste with its rough edges, but if you are patient, you will be rewarded as the frayed seams are finally sewn together. With so many cookie cutter dramas around, I find it refreshing to be taken on their wild flight of fancy. And like Rooftop Prince, it is the actors in Fashion Kingthat keep me going back for more (so I am biased…).
I'm not alone though – one delirious fan even mashed-up the two series into a short bromance clip that went viral instantly. The parody video received the seal of approval from the SBS folks, who then hinted at future drama possibilities with the two. They had better not forget Gu Yong-ha and Daemul!
Rooftop Prince airs every Monday and Tuesday on One HD (Astro Ch 393) while Fashion King airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9.05pm.

Credit: The Star + @ChewyAlmond

[VIDEO] Super Junior reveals OPERA PV making film

Posted: 06 May 2012 08:30 AM PDT

Super Junior's having a break for a moment from promoting in Korea. Meanwhile they are still preparing for their ongoing Super Show 4.

Moreover, they are currently promoting their new single "Opera" in Japan. After revealing the short version of it's PV, fans couldn't wait for the rest of the promotion.

Here's the freshest treat as their Japanese Official website revealed the behind-the-scene footage of their Opera PV.

The single will be released on May 9.

[NEWS] Korean Skating Champion Kim Jinseo performed Big Bang’s "Fantastic Baby"!

Posted: 06 May 2012 08:23 AM PDT

On 4th May, the E1 All That Skate Spring 2012 event was held at Seoul Songpa-gu Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium skating arena. Current Korean figure skating champion Kim Jinseo performed the current hottest group Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby". His performance is one of which that won the most cheers that night.

After the show ended, JinSeo said that he liked Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" while choosing the song and his coach agreed to his suggestion. He is also quite satisfied with the dance's choreography as the choreographer arranged the dance exactly like what he thought it would be.

Source: xportsnews via KARAUL007 

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu, Server For Pre-Sales Site Crashes

Posted: 06 May 2012 08:00 AM PDT

With the news that JYJ's Junsu would be carrying out activities with his first full solo album "XIA", there has been very positive response with the album pre-sales.

On the morning of 4 May, the pre-sales for Junsu's first official solo album "XIA" opened both online and offline. The jacket image as well as tracklist were also revealed. According to his management agency, as the response was much hotter than expected, when the pre-sales first opened, it resulted in the server for the online music sales site, Synnara, to crash. On 4 May, a representative of the album distributor said, "Pre-sales opened at 10am this morning, and the server went down soon after. It has currently been restored to its proper condition."

Famous American choreographer Jerry Slaughter participated in the album "XIA" this time, and a majority of the songs are Junsu's own compositions.

Source : [K Star News]

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[NEWS] IU, Miryo and Ivy Breaking the Idol Stereotype!

Posted: 06 May 2012 07:57 AM PDT

A couple months ago, I wrote an article in which I explored a handful of idols who I consider to be breaking the mainstream K-pop idol stereotype. To sum it up, I had inadvertently narrowed it down to a list of male idols who had been or are involved in the writing or production of their own music (a trend in K-pop we know all too well for being un-mainstream). Somehow, at the time, I had failed to incorporate female idols into the discussion, and I think it is high time these ladies got their moment of well deserved recognition.

To begin, it is worth noting that though K-pop idols are referred to as artists or musicians, they are not necessarily so by definition. An idol's life will more often than not center around promotional activities, including variety stunts and radio shows, as well as vocal training and long hours of intense choreography–not studying musical nuances and what factors are key for a killer song; companies hire people to do those things. And considering the average idol schedule, idols have little to no time for themselves, so it comes as no surprise that they have little to no time in the writing, composing, or producing of their music.

Which is why seeing idols take an active part in being more than just, well, an idol is really rather flattering as a listener. In an industry where pop songs are practically formulaic and concepts are almost entirely predictable, the distinctive styles idols bring to the drawing table makes all the difference in the grand scheme of music. It truly is a compliment to fans when an idol carves out time in their endless schedules to personalize music.

Another important point to make: first of all, I believe my failure to initially recognize such unique female talents is not entirely my fault. K-pop has a knack of harboring plenty of beautiful women, but never really letting any of those women weigh in on the production of their own music. For some reason, only male idols from established groups seem to be given the chance to explore the writing and production of their music, or perhaps they are more prevalent and therefore more apparent. Either way, while our ladies of K-pop may be every man's dream, they certainly are not every man's musician.But despite the dismal status quo and the never ending gender war that exists in K-pop, there are some fierce females who have not only stood up to the mic but also risen to the occasion with lyrics in hand and compositions at the ready.

To start, let's consider Brown Eyed Girls' rapper Miryo. This past February, Miryo released her first solo album self-titledMiryo aka JOHONEYFor this production, Miryo took on a major role of co-producing the entire album, as well as penning the lyrics and, of course, her own raps. Nega Network's main producer Lance opened up about Miryo's involvement during the early stages of the album's creation

"Miryo has taken part in producing, and writing the lyrics on the album. Through writing rap she also told her own story…You will be able to see her true colors through this record."

And indeed she did. Miryo AKA JOHONEY was a little bundle of surprises from start to finish. Though all the BEG members are extremely talented compared to a majority of mainstream muses, Miryo has a special place on the grand stage of idoldom. From her role as a rapper to her position in music development, Miryo stands tall in the shallow sea of K-pop. There has long been debate that the Brown Eyed Girls as an entire unit has long been above the idol standard; calling the members and Miryo 'idols' almost borders on the offensive from time to time.

Another female idol who is more involved in the creation of her music is none other than IU. From her shy, indie beginnings to her high strung pop fame, IU and her trusty guitar have always stepped up the plate to fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter. IU sometimes seems like one of a kind, for she has been able to be both successful pursuing music and pursuing idol life. Her upcoming comeback single "Peach" is a self-written and self-composed song. It will be released prior to her album Spring at the Age of Twenty drops.

Now while a 30 year old veteran idol like Miryo may certainly be considered for a more hands approach to music, a 20 year old young idol princess doesn't exactly seem the prime candidate for exploring and propelling the inner workings of her own musical productions. Though relatively young to be driving force behind her own sound, IU, however, has long since proved her musical sensibility, and has established her niche in the development of her music early on. Certainly not many other 20 year old idols can claim the same glory.

Finally, a honorable mention must go out to Ivy. Though Ivy has faced considerable struggle in her career as an entertainer, she has recently admitted to pursuing music even in her darker hours. On a recent episode of Strong Heart, it was revealed that Ivy wrote the lyrics to SNSD's "Dear Mom" and SHINee's "Last Gift," two songs that, though not title or promotional tracks, were considerably popular during their respective releases. It's not all that often we hear of idols, especially those on hiatus, who have taken on the covert role of lyricist.Miryo, IU, and Ivy are among the few female idols that thrive on the idol scene by their own musical creativity and song development. But the reason for their recognition goes much farther than just being above par on idol standards. These women of the mainstream idol society have successfully taken on roles that define them more along the lines of musicians and have enabled them to enter the predominantly male domain of music creation to spear-head much of their own creative development. In doing so, these ladies are breaking our traditional understanding of the female idol stereotype, and are encouraging aspiring young idols to do the same; to tackle musical creativity head on and truly explore what it means to be a real musician. Though the future still remains unclear, women like Miryo, IU, and Ivy challenge how we interpret K-pop as a music industry, and pave the way for a sturdier and more diverse ground for the rest of female idoldom to grow and flourish.

Source: seoulbeats

[INTERVIEW] 'The Star' Interview Chanyeol!

Posted: 06 May 2012 07:57 AM PDT

"EXO-K Chanyeol, one that possesses looks like fireworks"

In the midst of the boy group renaissance era, the new weapon EXO-K has appeared like a comet. SM Entertainment's ambition, EXO, is using a breakthrough strategy to have both EXO-K, who promotes in Korea, and EXO-M, who promotes in China, perform their debut song 'MAMA' in their respective stages.

Each of the members of EXO-K, who is from a planet outside of our solar system, carries a super power. The power that Chanyeol has is the power to control fire. You ask how can you believe such a comic-like story? If you are looking at Chanyeol's face, whether he shoots fire or summons a fire phoenix, it would seem natural. With his unmatched face, Chanyeol, unlike his fair complexion, is a rapper overflowing with charisma on stage.

Source: The Star
Translated by gpark @ CXO 

[VIDEO] SJ- M hailed as the most Popular Group at Taiwan HITO Awards

Posted: 06 May 2012 08:00 AM PDT

SJM Most Popular Group Thank You Speech

Super Junior sub-unit Super Junior-M hailed as the most popular group by Taiwan HITO Awards. Hear their thank you speech below:
Translation provided.

Thank you everyone for the constant support. You are the best. We will continue to work hard and bring better music and performances to everyone. And I also wish that we can quickly return to Taiwan to see everyone. BYE.

Zhou Mi:
Hi everyone. We are Super Junior M! I am Zhou Mi. First, I have to thank everyone for your love towards the album, , that we released in 2011. Because of all your support, it allowed us to achieve a good result in HITO Music Award. At the same time, I also have to thank the people whom voted for us in order to support us. Super Junior M will continue working hard. I also hope that in the future, everyone can continue supporting Super Junior M. I love you all. Bye bye!

Hi everyone. We are Super Junior M! A huge thank you to the many fans and friends for liking the album, , that we released in 2011. We have received the HITO Music Award.

Thank you.

If it weren't for the fans' votes, we wouldn't have been able to get this. If it weren't for the fans' love, we wouldn't have been able to get the award. And so we are really thankful towards all of you.

In order to repay the fans' love for us, we will quickly bring good album and good music to meet all of the fans. Please wait for us a while longer.

That was from Super Junior M. Goodbye everyone. We are Super Junior M!

the beginning seems to be cut off a little. i did the best i could! ^^

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[NEWS] T-ara Hyomin impresses fans with her creativity

Posted: 06 May 2012 07:30 AM PDT

T-ara Hyomin shared her creativity by making crafts from tissue.

On her twitter update on May 6, she tweeted, "This is underwater~ octopus, fishes, frogs, tadpoles and blue crab friends are happily underwater together ^^ my crafts made out of tissues, two tissues are enough to cure my boredom" and then she added, "Those long things on the top aren't earthwormsTT...... they are waves. "

Upon seeing this, Eunjung replied, "The best!! kkkkkkk"
Fans express their compliments, "Wow! Only two tissues! You're really creative!","I'm really impressed!', "I never imagine you can make those stuff from tissues," and so on.

Tweets translated by diademtweets
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[NEWS] Big Bang wins Italy MTV TRL 'Best Fan' category!

Posted: 06 May 2012 07:21 AM PDT

Group Big Bang won the category for best fan of the 2012 MTV TRL Awards, making them the first Asian artists to do so.
On the 5th in Florence, Italy, Big Bang won for the best fan category at the 2012 MTV TRL Awards, beating world stars Avril Lavigne and One Direction.
The MTV TRL Awards started in 2006 in Italy and is for artists and music videos who receive the most love. 
Big Bang's overseas popularity was confirmed with this award, considering the votes were done online by fans worldwide. 
YG Entertainment, Big Bang's agency, has commented "We are very happy and honored to win at the MTV TRL Awards" and "Thank you to the fans worldwide who endlessly support Big Bang."
Big Bang will be starting their tour on the 17th in Japan, at Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, Saitama, and Fukuoka.

Translations: @kristinekwak for BigBangUpdates

[NEWS] Tiffany hints of new Japanese single in summer

Posted: 06 May 2012 07:14 AM PDT

In an interview with JoongAng Daily at Music Bank's waiting room on April 4th, Tiffany hinted of Girls' Generation's new Japanese single in this coming summer. She went on to describe the single as the most difficult choreography in history even though the movements are not huge but because of the fast beats of the song, which is energy draining.

Meanwhile, Tiffany also mentioned her thoughts about doing a drama. She said that she has not done one before so she has no confidence in the aspect and she said she needs to train more to improve her acting.

However, her participation in musicals has enabled her to learn a lot and she has experienced the fun of acting through it as well.


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[INTERVIEW] After School’s Interview in Japan’s “ViVi” Magazine !

Posted: 06 May 2012 06:41 AM PDT

Title page (above After School): 109 Image muse and Hanryu's no.1 sexy group told us their fashion and beauty secrets.

Q: Changed your hairstyle?

A: A drama I was filming in Korea finally ended, so I cut off my hair! This has been the shortest I've had it since I debuted.

Q: Today's styling?

A: I think it's sexy, but pulled together cutely! There's not many people in Korea that are coordinating like this yet, so I'm going to try as soon as I get back.

Q: What do you think of 109?

A: The feel changes from floor to floor, so I was overjoyed!

Q: Is there something you always buy at 109?

A: Leggings! Most of the leggings in my wardrobe are probably ones I bought at 109 (laughs).

Q: What's your favorite store in 109?

A: I love Samantha Vega's bags<3

Q: What is the secret to your success? [success is loosely translated]

A: Staying positive! Always having a smile on my face! Even if you're busy, as long as you don't forget to have fun, you'll be able to overcome anything!

Q: Today's styling?

A: I thought the sherbet-colored blouse was in line with spring and cute<3

Q: How to wear see-through blouses?

A: See-through blouses are a trend in Korea too! If you wear a black bra underneath and show the translucency of the blouse, it would look cool.

Q: Any funny episodes about 109?

A: There were a lot of our posters up in Shibuya, but when I went shopping at 109 without any makeup on, nobody recognized me (laughs). I even walked/stood in front of the poster (laughs).

Q: Japanese girls' fashion?

A: They're not bound by just the trends, and they're enjoying styles of different genres! Especially the street fashion. I always want to copy them.

Q: Today's hairstyle?

A: My bangs are braided. I like to try new things whenever there's a fashion magazine shoot.

Q: Do you have secrets to beautiful skin?

A: Cleansing is the most important part! The rest is moisturizing!

Q: Your opinion about today's outfit?

A: I always tend to wear dark-colored clothes. Now that I'm wearing bright colors, I feel like I look refreshing (laughs).

Q: What item are you interested in this spring?

A: Sherbet colors are the trend for the spring, so I'm planning to finally incorporate it into my outfits this year!

Q: Your hair is so silky! What do you do?

A: I use hair irons often for shoots, so I use conditioners and hair masks before it gets damaged! I think it's important to use frequent care!

Q: What's your favorite store in 109?

A: Peach John! There's lots of cute designs you can't find in Korea<3 Plus, they're comfortable and live up to their function well! And I feel like Esperanza's shoes make my legs look pretty!

Q: Today's makeup?

A: I wanted to go with something for spring, so I put in some orange blush more towards the center than usual! Because I wanted the finished look to be cute!

Q: What's your favorite part of your body?

A: My legs! But showing my legs in a mini skirt is a little embarrassing!

Q: What did you think of 109 when you first went there?

A: I was really surprised because there were a lot of famous brands in Japan! I was overjoyed!

Q: What's your favorite brand in 109?

A: SLY! Even in Korea, I've gotten a lot of use out of the black hat and bag I bought recently!

Q: Today's makeup?

A: I placed the fake eyelashes a little off to make the slits of my eyes look longer! Korean girls don't use fake eyelashes too often. I copied the Japanese girls and wore them today!

Q: What is a must have fashion item?

A: Black shorts! You can wear them with anything! It's convenient because you don't have to worry about choosing a matching top!

Q: Today's styling?

A: Super cute<3<3<3 I love pink. And the lace is girly too and it's really cute!

Q: What's your favorite store in 109?

A: FLAG-J. I tend to like cute styles, but I've been into studs and more cool kinds of designs lately. FLAG-J has a lot of cool shoes!

Q: What do you want to wear this spring?

A: A mini skirt!

Q: Do you have any rules when you wear mini skirts?

A: My routine is to wear them with a fitted T-shirt and some pumps! On days I wear mini skirts, I try to go with a slightly mature style.

Q: Is it true you love ViVi?

A: I really love ViVi<3 I get it sent from Japan every month! I take my daily style cues from ViVi's MIX style.

Q: Today's styling?

A: I'm digging the border skirt that hugs my body.

Q: Any items on your radar this season?

A: Wide leg pants! A studded leather jacket! I like gothic style accessories. But I usually mix different tastes in my styling. I decide based on the mood I wake up in.

Q: Impressions of 109?

A: When I first went to 109, there were so much cute stuff that I spent hours looking around. That's how amazed I was!

Q: What's your favorite store in 109?

A: Pool Side. I love shoes!

Q: Today's hairstyle:

A: I had a sexy outfit, so I tried to make it look rough, like I just rolled out of bed.

Q: Today's styling?

A: The choker that's not available in Korea was rare and I thought it was cute!

Q: How is 109?

A: There are a lot of fashionable employees, not to mention cute clothes! So it helps me learn about fashion!

Q: What's the difference between Japanese and Korean fashion?

A: I think Japanese girls are better at exhibiting individuality!

Q: Any items that you want this season?

A: I'm interested in tiny flower prints and yellow!

Q: What's your favorite Japanese food?

A: Seared salmon (laughs).

Q: What's your daily style like?

A: I like clothes that are fitted/hugs the body. I think tight lines are good.

Q: Today's styling?

A: Lace is in this season, and I feel like it would look casual if you mix it with denim! I think today's style suits me.

Q: Your personal style?

A: I'm more of a hot pants girl rather than mini skirts! I like a casual style.

Q: What's your favorite store in 109?

A: moussy.

Q: Today's makeup?

A: Cat eye! I used the eyeliner to draw wings to give a sexy feel.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: Ballads, hip-hop… I listen to a lot of genres.

Credit: pledisAStrans

[VIDEO] Hello Venus unveiled official greeting video!

Posted: 06 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

New female group Hello Venus sent out their greeting via official Youtube channel.

Check out the girls' greeting below.

Do you anticipate their official debut?

[NEWS] Black Charm Hong Soo Hyun vs Red Temptation Park Ji Yoon

Posted: 06 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

Hong Soo Hyun and Park Ji Yoon are starring in new Channel A drama series "Goodbye Dear Wife" in the characters of wife and first love of Ryu Shi Won respectively.

The production team released the stills of the two actresses in the drama which show off respective different charms. In the photos, Hong Soo Hyun was wearing the black charming gown. On the contrary, Park Ji Yoon was wearing a red one-piece dress. Two persons demonstrated the different characteristics of the characters in the drama through clothing.

An official of the drama series said, "Hong Soo Hyun and Park Ji Yoon play the role of Kang Sun Ah and Oh Hyang Gi respectively, and they perfectly portray the characters in the drama. In addition, the role played by Park Ji Yoon is double-sided, having different images on the day and night. The charm of the roles demonstrated through the drama also heightened the anticipation for the drama."


[PICTURE] T-ara's Qri unveiled pretty selca!

Posted: 06 May 2012 06:26 AM PDT

T-ara's Qri unveiled a new selca on her Twitter.

She said,"The fun begins".

She is seen carving a sweet smile while posing to the camera.

Like her new selca?

[INTERVIEW] 'The Star' Interview Baekhyun!

Posted: 06 May 2012 06:16 AM PDT

'A prepared variety-dol that will occupy the variety world'

In the midst of the boy group renaissance era, the new weapon EXO-K has appeared like a comet. SM Entertainment's ambition, EXO, is using a breakthrough strategy to have both EXO-K, who promotes in Korea, and EXO-M, who promotes in China, perform their debut song 'MAMA' in their respective stages.

Powerful vocal skills are a basic necessity, and variety skills come as an option. Baekhyun revealed at his showcase debut stage that he respected Superjunior's Leeteuk and that he wanted to do variety shows with him. With his eyes full of playfulness and his smile that does not leave his face even when the camera is not on him, he is born to be a variety-dol. Following in the footsteps of 2AM's Jokwon, you can feel from him a shining 'Kkap' atmosphere.

Source: The Star
Translated by gpark @ CXO

[NEWS] Seohyun talks about performing as Girls’ Generation’s unit group!

Posted: 06 May 2012 05:54 AM PDT

Seohyun expressed her thoughts about the 3-member unit group, Girls' Generation-TaeTiSeo's activities.
On April 5th, while meeting up with reporters, Seohyun said, "It's new and exciting to carry out promotional activities as a unit group officially for the first time. The responsibility for the three of us to cover the stage exists just as when we performed as nine members."
She added, "When all 9 of us were having activities, we were really noisy but now with only the three of us, it's really quiet in the waiting room. I think when there are 9 of us, there seems to be a little more energy."
Seohyun continued, "After watching the music video, the members thought that it's much more beautifully-produced than what Girls' Generation had done in the past and said, "We're turning into your fans", showing their support for us."
Lastly, Seohyun said, "While we try to enjoy our activities (for TaeTiSeo) from the very beginning to the end, I think the experience will be a fun one as well. I hope that we will be receiving as much love as the hard work that we're putting in."

Credit: +

[INTERVIEW] "15 Hours a Day, Longest 7 Years"... EXO-K's Difficult Path to Debut!

Posted: 06 May 2012 05:15 AM PDT

SM Entertainment is the nation's best music agency. Possibly because of this, even becoming a trainee is not easy. Just because you got lucky and became a trainee does not mean that is the end. Among the aspirants, it is impossible to avoid the harsh competition. From there, you must stand out, and before your actual debut, you must cry many tears for a long period of time.

From such a company like SM, a rookie group was introduced. After 'SHINee,' it is their first boy group in 4 years. The hero is 'EXO-K.' With leader Suho at the head, D.O, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, and Baekhyun make up a 6-member group that dreams to be a 'Hallyu star' and ambitiously called a challenge upon the music industry. Because they are the rookies from the idol kingdom SM, the anticipation is high.

Of course, before their debut, they went through a succession of difficult journeys. However, the members endured through the long and longer trainee period and gritted their teeth. Every day at the practice room, they sang and danced. The longest time spent doing that was 7 years. After passing through the tunnel of endurance, on April 8th, they were able to debut with 'MAMA' on the music program stage that they so wanted to stand on.

"It would be a lie to say that the trainee period was not hard. There was a lot of fear too. The SM seniors have done such a great job opening the path of Kpop. What if, by chance, I couldn't follow well in their steps, am I not meeting the expectations of other people – these burdens were great on me. That's why I clung on more to practicing and was able to keep running without stealing a glance away." (Suho)

Now it's been a month since their debut. We explored the situations before 'EXO-K' entered the world. Although they are just rookies that just set foot in the music industry, anybody could see how much effort and perseverance they held.

◆ "Prepared for 15 hours a day, for 7 years at the longest"

On average 3 years and 6 months. This is the period of time it took EXO-K to debut. By each member, the shortest was 1 year ~ longest 7 years for trainee lifestyle. There were also many difficult situations. Trainees that entered later than them debuted before them, and right at the verge of debut, many broke down in frustration. There were many times when they wanted to give up. However, they dreamed and did not stop.

"I've trained at SM for 7 years. It was a long period of waiting. Often, when someone who entered later than me debuted, I was jealous. But I had my dream and did not give up. On the contrary, those painful memories became medicine for me as a form of self-reflection. As a result, it was a chance for me to build more external as well as internal talents." (Suho)

Before their debut, EXO-K lived a more fierce life than professional artists. Arriving at the company while seeing the morning sun and going home as you greet the morning dew was their lifestyle. Excluding eating time, more than half of the day was spent on just singing and dancing practice. Even before their debut, they had the sense that the competition of the world of the stage is more fierce than anything else.

"We arrive at the company at 11 in the morning and start practice. The ending time was usually 3~4 in the morning. First, we take the appointed singing and dancing lessons. The rest of the time, we practiced what we personally lacked in. Time to each lunch and dinner was around 1 hour, so we practiced for 15 hours. Even if nobody told us to, we did so." (Chanyeol)

◆ "Nerve-wrecking first stage, regretful more than moving"

After the time of endurance, the team of 6 has been made. And after practicing for a year, they were able to debut with the name 'EXO-K.' After 100 days of promotions, with their brother group, 'EXO-M,' which is made up of Chinese members, they were able to complete their debut showcases at Korea's Olympic Stadium and China's University of International Business and Economics.

"Even the 100 days of promotion, as well as the Olympic Stadium showcase, we receive great benefits that you really can't think of as a rookie's debut. It was such a splendid debut to the point where you wonder if we can receive all of it. Dancing and singing in front of fans that cheered for us… It was a moment where we were so moved and happy because of the cheers that exceeded our imaginations." (D.O)

Such happiness was one moment. After officially completing their debut state on April 8th, at SBS-TV 'Inkigayo,' EXO-K has returned to the basics. It was not an easy task to match the flow of the cameras, match the dance of all 6 members, and display an unshakable live performance. As regrettable the first stage was, the more effort they are putting in.

"The first live stage was not easy. We used in-ears for the first time, and trying to sing live was also very burdensome. Matching the flow of the cameras was also hard. It was very regrettable because we couldn't show as much talent as when we practiced. From then on, we practiced from rage(?). Outside of the time we spend on our schedules, we invest the most time in practicing and monitoring" (Baekhyun).

In particular, the advice given by company seniors 'TVXQ' U-Know Yunho and ' Super Junior' Leeteuk was a very strong help.

"After the first broadcast ended, U-Know Yunho senior personally checked from Japan and called. He told us to try to sing every morning while running. When we did just as he said, our live skills got much better. We were able to feel the power that filled the Tokyo Dome. Leeteuk senior stressed team work. When we shared many conversations with each other, our dancing also matched on its own. It was such a moving and inspirational advice" (Kai).

◆ "Want to be like DongBang's majesty + Suju's talents"

The group that shows effort without laziness both before and after their debut, 'EXO-K' is gradually developing. The name 'EXO' comes from an extraterrestrial world 'EXOPLANET.' As accordance to this, they dream of becoming a group with singing skills and performances that surpass others. Until the day that they take their place as well-rounded singers, they plan on focusing on their role as 'singers.'

"We want to be like TVXQ's charisma, Superjunior's talent, SHINee's individual uniqueness." Also, we want to have within that outstanding live talents, become an amazing performance group that anybody can acknowledge. We want to become a mysterious group to the point where the population really thinks 'Could they really be a group from an outer world?' (Sehun-Suho).

With such meaning, their debut song 'MAMA' is a song that best presents the skills that EXO-K possesses. From its magnificent sound and powerful performance to the lyrics where hold a message about social criticism, there is no part that is made easily. They hope that fans can listen to the lyrics and empathize while being amazed at the special choreography.

"The role of a singer is not to recite lyrics but to communicate them. All generations can empathize with lyrics that criticize the digital world. In the chorus, the fast rolling step choreography is the first to be done in Korea, a trendy Chicago dub-step. I'd also like it if the majestic sound will reach the hearts of the fans" (Kai).

After finishing the interview, the EXO-K members said, "Although it hasn't been long since we had our first stage, thank you so much for giving us much love and interest. We will work even harder to repay that. We will make 'EXO' known not only in Korea but also throughout the entire world. Please watch over us" and did a hwaiting. You could feel their sincerity through their serious gazes.

Source: Dispatch
Translated by gpark @ CXO

[NEWS] Korean Entertainment For Every Generation: EXO, "The Future Belongs to Me"!

Posted: 06 May 2012 04:48 AM PDT

EXO members are like friends, comrades and brothers.

Editor's Note: In the fast speed of replacement of the old of the entertainment's world, life of one's popularity is very short. Anyone could be replaced by others the next day even if you are still the headlines of the entertainment news today. However regardless where these stars will go to in the future, their shining moments should all be remembered. Sina Korean Entertainment Star of the Week will lead you to follow their road to success.

The intense competition in Korea's music entertainment is unimaginable to a lot of people outside the world, even idol groups who are already standing in the center of music entertainment are all fighting for the top, let alone the massive amount of newly debuted idol groups every year wanting to get a stable position in the fierce competition of music entertainment in Korea. Competing itself is enough for them to be hurt badly. Looking at the massive amounts of new idol groups debuting each year, only several are remembered by people. Most of them generally dissipate like clouds, forgotten by people and that is the cruelty of the entertainment industry. Newly debuted idol groups needs to have strong vocals, impressive dancing skills, good looks, ingenious publicity strategy by the company, stunning debut song, their own hardwork and etc to rely on so as to get a stable position in the entertainment industry, and the group which have which almost have all of the above points is S.M entertainment's new boy group EXO (EXO-M WEIBO) (EXO-K WEIBO)

Written By/ Luo Yi

EXO's first showcase successfully held, mighty idol group declared debut

Born in troubled times from a famous company

Since the revelation of EXO's first teaser on December 22nd 2011, almost everyone diverted all of their attention on this idol group who has yet to debut. After all, being produced by a famous company, seniors from the same company like TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee and f(x) are all pivotal figures in the Korean music entertainment. They are also S.M entertainment's greedy ambitions after 2 years since they introduced f(x). After bombing everyone with 23 teasers, announcement of official showcase still was not released yet after such a long time, EXO finally revealed the veil of mystery and meet the fans officially. Using a whole new strategy to promote EXO allowed them to receive unexpectedly high attention from people even before debut. After holding a showcase in Korea and Bejing on 31st of March and 1st of April, EXO's first mini album was finally revealed on the 9th of April, releasing both Korean and Chinese version. EXO's first mini album, [MAMA] was long awaited by fans, after all not every company can release 23 teasers and have 100 days of warm up. Along this strategy, they have to attract people's attention, maintain the attention that the fans will be giving to the group, at the same time not causing people to lose interest in the new group, and also gathering large amount of fans in a short span of time. Because of this, S.M entertainment released a variety of teasers, using a lot of gimmicks.

EXO is a boy group formed by 12 boys, there is a total of 8 Korean members and 4 Chinese members. They are separated into 2 groups, EXO-K and EXO-M to promote in the Korean and Chinese entertainment industry respectively. They use the same song to promote in different countries and different language at the same time. EXO-K's members consist of Su Ho, Baek Hyun, Chan Yeol, D.O, Kai and Sehun. EXO-M's members consist of Xiu Min, Lu Han, Kris, Lay, Chen and Tao.

A gift from EXO, the release of first mini album

EXO-K and EXO-M released a prologue song [What Is Love] in two languages, Korean and Chinese alongside with a MV on 30th January in 2012. EXO-K's member D.O and Baek Hyun and EXO-M's members Lu Han and Chen showcased their beautiful vocals and singing skills in this song. All 12 members also officially appeared in the MV, shining brightly in front of people.

Not long after, EXO-K and EXO-M released yet another prologue song [History] again in both Korean and Chinese versions of MV. The powerful rhythm and dance filled with strength showcased the groups' abilities and also clearly announced the members of each group. One (prologue song) displays the impressive vocals while another displays amazing dancing skills allowed the fans to anticipate EXO's official debut even more.

EXO held showcases respectively on 31st of March and 1st of April in Korea and Beijing. All 12 members gave in all of themselves, putting a lot of effort in completing their first showcase in the 1 hour showcase. They also revealed their title song for their first mini album, [MAMA] on their showcase in Korea on 31st of March.

People were shocked because EXO's title song [MAMA] is not like the typical popular song genre of idol groups nowadays; instead it is the famous SMP. The revelation of title song [MAMA] got the lovers of SMP hooked. After all it has been a long time since S.M entertainment introduced this kind of songs. From H.O.T's [I Yeah] to TVXQ's [O.Jung.Ban.Hap], Super Junior's [Don't Don] and now EXO's [MAMA], this can be considered as a continuation of S.M's traditions. The so-called SMP is the abbreviation of SM Music Performance. The songs have features for strong and gorgeous performances on stage. Listening to the song alone might be a little bit strange, however when coupled with MV and live performances, the aggressiveness of the music is absolutely unparalleled.

The MV of [MAMA] can be considered as S.M's generous spending on money. The opening of the MV used an animation to explain how EXO was formed, also showing the originality of this MV. The MV also extensively used some special effects, especially the different powers and logos designed for the 12 members. This not only attracts fans, but also allowed the fans to differentiate the members and this is the so-called "killing two birds with one stone". The arrangement of the song highlights the mysterious and gorgeous atmosphere to the maximum. Mildly entertaining and the majestic atmosphere, repetition of "ma ma ma ma" made a certain memory point to this song, making lethal to the fullest. Strong rhythmic songs with powerful dance is complement, there is no feel of procrastination when looking at the neat choreography full of energy. This alone is enough to see the amount of sweat and bitterness contributed by the members behind the scene to attain such results. The lyrics to [MAMA] also have a very profound implication, not talking about the typical love story between people, but describing the fiction and fact of the world, people becoming indifferent and the hope to break through apathy, and also the desire of displaying pure and sincere feelings to everyone. It really makes people experience adrenaline rush when this song is accompanied by the beautiful stage and matched with gorgeous choreography.

EXO's first mini album [MAMA] consists of 6 songs, other than [MAMA], [History] and [What Is Love], other songs are also very outstanding. Showcasing the boyish charms and gentleness of a male, [Into Your World (Angel)] shows a romantic guy who is a little bit shy, just like the gentle summer breeze caressing you, very clean and clear. [Two Moons] featuring SHINee's Key is very aggressive and quite toxic*. Just the lyric "Tonight there will be another another another moon" is refreshing enough. [Machine] is also another rare kind of good songs. S.M entertainment also specially invited the famous songwriter Wang Ya Jun in Taiwan to write the Chinese lyrics for [MAMA], song is well produced, showing their sincerity.

*toxic means it is very catchy and not easily forgotten. 

The journey is long, concentrate on looking ahead

We must believe that tomorrow comes after the dark. Trainee days will always be one of the toughest periods of all trainees. Before EXO-K's main vocal Baekhyun entered SM Entertainment as a trainee, he received many rejections from other entertainment companies. EXO-M's leader Kris said he thought of giving up many times. He even tried to avoid picking up phone calls from home as he is afraid that it could waver his determination of becoming an artist. For a China Member, missing home is a mentally torturing process. Many will say that trainee days are the toughest, but not all of them know how bitter it really is. In order to debut, one has to be more hardworking, more outstanding than the others. You have to depend on yourself. However, all the above are not their main concern. Being a trainee for 4-5 years, they felt that they are living in self-denial every day, facing the full mirrors in the practice room with the question "When will I get to debut?" running through their heads constantly. Now that they have debuted, apart from their attractive and manly performances on stage, they immediately turned back into their shy self offstage. When accepting interviews backstage, they sometimes forget their script, stare into space, burst into laughers and fidget about just like a child. This could also be one of their special charms, showing fans the real side of EXO. 

No Need to Doubt, They are Brothers!

People are moved by the feelings behind the interactions between band groups' members', EXO not excluded. When EXO arrived in Beijing for their showcase, as soon as he exited the airport, member Luhan closely protected Sehun from the throngs of the crowd. During the Beijing showcase, Luhan softly translated everything for Kai, who stood next to him. Throughout the program, the members took care of each other. Even during the trainee period, when member Lay, Luhan stayed with him throughout the night. They are definitely close brothers, not only because of their shared trainee days, memories on stage, trusting eyes, those caring looks, or familiar actions.

The Future Belongs to Us!

From the moment the album was released, EXO-K's album has topped Korea's billboards. EXO-K and EXO-M's albums have quickly broken ten thousands*. EXO-M's title song <<MAMA>> has won China's Billboard's number one spot. Since going public on Youtube, EXO-K's <<MAMA>> MV has garnered more than 3 million views. For a rookie artist, the number would seem like a goal, but they have accomplished it -- EXO has taken the first step to success.

However, a few words cannot sum up the bitter price they've paid for this success: EXO-K did not perform well on their first music show, and afterwards, they showed heartbreaking guilty expressions on their faces. Since the showcase, Kai's waist injury has not healed, yet he continues to perform on stage diligently, even though every time the performance concludes he holds his waist as he exits the stage. EXO-M has participated in a variety of China's shows. From the shy and careful behavior of the first show, they've grown to be relaxed and show their true selves. Step by step they've grown, just as they gained energy, so finally they will be true to their group name EXO -- they will have their own sky, stand at their own height, overlooking the world. After all, the future holds unlimited chances.

Source: Sina
Translated by: PearlynC@CODE:EXO, destinyx@CODE:EXO, taozi@CODE:EXO

[NEWS] TaeTiSeo: Girls’ Generation became closer despite busy individual activities!

Posted: 06 May 2012 04:20 AM PDT

TaeTiSeo members revealed that they have become closer to the other Girls' Generation members.
While meeting up with OSEN recently, TaeTiSeo said, "Due to a lot of individual activities, it's hard for us to meet one another nowadays. As we have always been interacting with one another through chat rooms on our smartphones, we've become much stronger."
Taeyeon said, "Having said that, among the members, we've been saying words that show we miss one another frequently nowadays. As we've not been taking a lot of photos together for remembrance after elementary and middle schools, we take photos whenever we get the chance to see each other."
She added, "As the 3-member TaeTiSeo, we will be working really hard with much confidence but I think the energy is very different compared to when all 9 of us are on the stage together. As there are only 3 of us in TaeTiSeo, the waiting rooms assigned to us in broadcast stations are much smaller as well."
Tiffany then said, "I'm very thankful to the other members for sincerely supporting TaeTiSeo. As I was watching our 'Twinkle' music video along with the other Girls' Generation members, there was a funny moment when the members were suspecting if our agency is investing more in TaeTiSeo than in Girls' Generation. I think we're loving each other more with every passing day."
The girls also mentioned about some aspects where they have improved while carrying out activities as a subunit group. Tiffany added, "There is always a limit to the styles that a member could try out when we're doing activities as the 9-member Girls' Generation. Therefore, we could only present the same style. However, in the case of TaeTiSeo, as we're promoting with only 3 members, there is a much wider range of choices to select from and thus, it's possible to present various styles more frequently than when we're promoting as 9 members."
Taeyeon continued, "While doing promotional activities as Girls' Generation, choreography is the major aspect in our performances but for TaeTiSeo, it's more vocal-oriented rather than the choreography. I think that is the biggest change we've experienced so far."
TaeTiSeo kicked off their promotional activities with their first performance on Mnet's 'M! Countdown' and has been receiving a lot of good comments for their excellent live performances.

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[NEWS] MTV Japan to air ‘MTV The Show special Live from MTV Korea’ ft. B1A4!

Posted: 06 May 2012 03:56 AM PDT

MTV Japan will be airing 'MTV The Show special Live from MTV Korea' ft. B1A4 on Saturday, 12th May 2012 at 8:00~9:00 pm JST/KST. 

It's a special show about B1A4's event in Japan last month and they will also air an episode with B1A4's performance . Don't miss it BANAs!

Source: mtv japan
trans cr: tables @ AVIATEB1A4

[NEWS] ‘Girls’ Generation – TTS’ Interviewed by OSEN!

Posted: 06 May 2012 03:28 AM PDT

Through a recent meeting with OSEN, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun agreed in saying, "Because all of the Girls' Generation members are doing individual activities, it's difficult to see one another. We always keep in touch through smartphone chatrooms, and it really gives us strength."
Taeyeon stated, "It's a bit embarrassing, but we have been saying that we miss each other a lot lately. We never took many commemorative photos after middle school and high school, but now we take photos together whenever we meet. We try our best as the three members of 'Girls' Generation – TTS', but the energy is noticeably different from when we stand on stage as nine members." She laughed as she added, "Because there are only three of us now, the waiting rooms that are assigned to us are smaller."
Tiffany said, "I'm really thankful because the other members sincerely support 'Girls' Generation – TTS'. I watched the music video with our other members, and we laughed for a long time because they were jealous, and they joked that it seems like the company invests more in us than they do in Girls' Generation. I think we've grown fonder of one another."
There have also been things that have improved after beginning unit activities. Tiffany stated, "When we promoted as nine members, the styles a member could attempt were limited, so we would have to show the same style during a promotion cycle. But as three, there are more choices. I think we'll be able to show various styles a lot more often than we would as Girls' Generation."
Taeyeon noted, "Choreography was an important element for Girls' Generation, but as three, the performances have been more focused on vocals than choreography. That is the biggest change."

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[PICTURE] Birthday girl Dasom unveiled cute photo!

Posted: 06 May 2012 03:10 AM PDT

SISTAR's maknae Dasom thanked fans for their birthday wish with a new photo on SISTAR's official Twitter.

Dasom celebrates her birthday today and SISTAR won first place on Inkigayo earlier today,a good birthday present for her right?

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

[PICTURE] T-ara Soyeon enjoys eating her necklace?

Posted: 06 May 2012 02:40 AM PDT

T-ara's main vocal Soyeon tweeted a new photo on her Twitter.

She said,"Oiishi (delicious in Japanese)".

She is seen "eating" her necklace in the photo above,fans who saw the photo commented,"she's so cute and playful".

Do you have comment to share regarding the photo above?

[PICTURE] Secret's Hyosung is worried about her age?

Posted: 06 May 2012 02:10 AM PDT

Secret's leader Hyosung uploaded some new photos on her Twitter on 5th May.

She said,"Children Day and Jieun's Birthday,those kids playing around the garden are too cute,it seems that i am already old,grow well kids".

Zinger is seen posing with her in the 2nd photo.