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"[VIDEO] TaeTiSeo performed Twinkle and Baby Steps on Open Concert!" plus 24 more

"[VIDEO] TaeTiSeo performed Twinkle and Baby Steps on Open Concert!" plus 24 more

[VIDEO] TaeTiSeo performed Twinkle and Baby Steps on Open Concert!

Posted: 20 May 2012 08:30 AM PDT

Check out TaeTiSeo's performance on Open Concert,the girls performed Twinkle and Baby Steps on the show,enjoy!

[NEWS] Girls’ Generation Shows Constant Popularity in Japan

Posted: 20 May 2012 08:00 AM PDT

Girls' Generation is showing constant popularity in Japan despite being active in South Korea now.

The Recording Industry Association of Japan has released the certificate list according to the music sales of the last four months. According to this list, Girls' Generation's "MR. TAXI", which was released on the 26th of April 2011, has been certified double-platinum. The certificate was awarded to the song in the ringtone (full version) division. Double-platinum certificates are only awarded to songs which have surpassed the 500,000 mark. In this case, the ringtone has been downloaded more than 500, 000 times.

This only proves how popular "MR. TAXI" is in spite of the fact that it was released over a year ago.

Note: Parts of the article not related to Girls' Generation were omitted.

Written by: letaengbutt@soshified
Translated by: SNSDDani@soshified

[NEWS] Daedunsan – Dating Venue of Park Yuchun & Han Ji Min A Big Hit

Posted: 20 May 2012 07:30 AM PDT

Recently, the visitors to Daedunsan are greatly increased thanks to the SBS drama "Rooftop Prince".

In episode 13 of "Rooftop Prince", Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min are having a date. Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) follows the lead of Park Ha (Han Ji Min) to go to many places, and finally arrives at the cable car of Daedunsan.

Lee Gak said angrily, "I will not sit out in the air." Then, Lee Gak closes his eyes to board the cable car, and after Park Ha opened his eyes, his expression when impressed by the superb view is very cute.

At that time, Han Ji Min and Park Yoochun used to take a commemorative photo. After the drama was broadcasted, the "pilgrimage" of the fans and drama viewers began.

The staff of the Daedunsan said, "After the scene at 'Rooftop Prince' aired, the enquiry for the cable car increased. Recently, because of the warming weather, visitors have gradually increased, definitely experience the popularity of the drama."

Meanwhile, "Rooftop Prince" has only remaining 2 episodes before its grand finale. Viewers are looking forward to future development of injured Park Ha who is been hit by the car of Yong Tae Moo and Lee Gak.


[News] U-Kiss Kevin, Kiseop and Eli battle for sexiness?

Posted: 20 May 2012 07:24 AM PDT

If the lyrics of U-Kiss' comeback single "Doradora" asks you to leave and never look back, the boys' sexiness unearthed in their performances is asking the opposite. Instead of doradora (leave, leave) it entices you to borabora (look, look).

Among the seven members of the group Kevin, Kiseop and Eli receive the most attention from many fans who were at the studio to watch the performance live.

Eli showing off his broad muscular shoulders after performance, Kiseop flaunting his abs while at the center doing the sexy wave and Kevin's unbeatable sexy facial expression and hand gestures. Judging the pictures, who do you think is the sexiest?


[NEWS] Kim Hyung Jun & Kim Yoon Seo Show Steady and Dependable Acting

Posted: 20 May 2012 07:00 AM PDT

Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Yoon Seo have demonstrated steady and solid acting in SBS Plus drama series "Late Blossom", attracted attention.

Although Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Yoon Seo who are rookie actors, but they're in harmony with costarring skillful senior actors, displaying steady and solid acting, winning the praises.

In the drama, Kim Hyung Jun is playing the role of talented programmer Jung Min Chae who changed career to become social service worker. Although he is picky and cold, but he shows the heartbreaking due to family history, possesses tender soul and delicate emotions caught audience's attention. Especially with regard to his past career and extreme emotional entanglements experienced in the family.

"Late Blossom" production team said, "Although the acting experience of Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Yoon Seo is not long, but they show burning enthusiasm in acting. The two actors have the attitude of 'cannot add trouble to seniors,' often shoot with attitude of learning honestly. Especially Kim Hyung Jun has been no longer stranger to the modifiers of actor."

Netizens said, "Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Yoon Seo demonstrate sense of presence that is not inferior! Stay tuned for the interesting drama by them," "The second drama of Kim Hyung Jun also seems to show extraordinary acting, the acting is totally great!" "Kim Yoon Seo's is beautiful, acting is also great," "The two sweet honey look of them is really cute! Want to continue to watch," and so on, supporting the acting of the two.

Moreover, the two persons who are quarrelsome gradually open their hearts to each other in the drama, showing the sign of love, making viewers feel the faster heartbeat and excitement, impressing the heart of the fans in front of TV.

"Love Blossom" airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm on SBS Plus.


[NEWS] Lee Seung Gi: Ha Ji Won is the Real Ideal Type

Posted: 20 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

Lee Seung Gi selected Ha Ji Won as his ideal type.

In the MBC variety show "Section TV Entertainment Show" aired on May 20th, 2012, Lee Seung Gi said, "My dream lover changed to senior Ha Ji Won," attracting attention.

Before the start of TV series "The King 2 Hearts", Lee Seung Gi expressed that a foolish beauty was closer to his ideal type.

But now, he said, "Senior Ha Ji Won is my real dream lover. After cooperating, I completely fall into her."

At the same time, regarding the fact that he was sweeping the newcomer awards and couple awards, Lee Seung Gi said, "Currently starring in the drama, so I hope to there is good thing at the year end through the drama," his inner thoughts aroused a round of laughter.

via Nate
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[VIDEO] EXO-K performed MAMA on Open Concert!

Posted: 20 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

Check out EXO-K's performance on Open Concert.

The boys performed MAMA on the show,enjoy!

[INFO] Description of Jaejoong’s “Kim Kyung Tak” Character in Dr. Jin

Posted: 20 May 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Kim Kyung Tak/Kim Jaejoong

Engaged to Hong YoungRae

The illegitimate son of a concubine and Kim Byonghee, who is part of the Andong Kim Family and a member of the Noron faction (t/n: one of the two main factions that existed in Western Korea. They were known to be more traditional and strict)

A high ranking officer who is part of the policing force of the Joseon Dynasty.

Kim Kyung Tak is exceptionally skilled in martial arts and has a very competitive nature which causes him to command the respect of those around him. He holds the pain of being an illegitimate son inside of him and wishes to be fully recognized by Kim Byeonghee. Therefore he is determined to never lose fights, never shed tears, and never show any sign of weakness. However, he always becomes weak because of one person. Hong YongRae.

[Hong YongRae] is the younger sister of Hong Yonghwi, and Kyung Tak has loved YongRae since they were children and studied under the same teacher. Since that time, Kyung Tak has hoped that she would one day become his bride. Although his family did not agree with the union because she is from a low ranking family in the opposing faction (t/n: Soron faction), Kyung Tak never gave up on his pursuit of her. However everything starts to change when Jin Hyuk makes a sudden appearance one day.

At first, Kyung Tak allows for Jin Hyuk to stay in YongRae's house because his skills saved his father. In addition, he allowed YongRae to follow Jin Hyuk around to care for patients because he could not bring himself to stand in the way of something that made her happy. However, after observing YongRae's smiling face towards JinHyuk, and JinHyuk's extreme kindness towards YongRae, Kyung Tak can not help but feel horribly betrayed.

Now he feels…he cannot sit by and watch YongRae's heart move towards Jin Hyuk and cannot forgive the man who is trying to steal his betrothed's heart. He makes the firm decision to win over YongRae no matter what, even if it means abandoning everything that he has worked hard to create for his whole life!

…Even if it means killing the person trying to steal YongRae away!

Credit: MBC I Translated by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
Please take out with full credit


Posted: 20 May 2012 05:56 AM PDT

Wonder Girls is a popular South Korean girl group, which current line-up consists of five members YubinYeeunSunyeSohee, and Hyelim. They are under JYP EntertainmentThey are co-managed in the United States by JYP Entertainment and Jonas Group. The meaning behind the group's name 'Wonder Girls' comes from the idea that they are 'the girls who can amaze the world'. Before debut, Wonder Girls' five original members were showcased in a program 'MTV Wonder Girls'. Each were selected through auditions and went through a trainee process for several years, while Yeeun was chosen shortly prior to debut.

============== WONDER GIRLS MEMBERS PROFILES ==============

Min Sun Ye was born on August 12, 1989, commonly known as Sun Ye or Sun (English name), is a South Korean singer,actress and spokesmodel. She is the leader of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2007.

Stage name: Sun/Sun Ye
Full name: Min Seon Yeh
Nickname: Leader, Min Jookie, SsoNye, Sun
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthdate: August 12th, 1989
Height: 162cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: A
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 5 years 6 months
Debut: 2001 SBS's 99% Challange!
Specialty: Vocal, Choreography, Poppin', Street, Chinese language
Hobbies: Movies, music appreciation, sports, health
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Yiruma
Favorite Stars: Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Ddeokbokgi (spicy rice cakes), Ice Cream
Favorite Quote: If you do it, it's done
School: Korea Art High School, Dongguk University (acting)
Ideal Type: Attends church, strong sense of responsibility and honesty

Ahn So Hee was born onJune 27, 1992, commonly known by her stage name Sohee, is a South Korean idol singer,actressdancermodel and MCShe was the youngest member of the Wonder Girls. She attended Changmun's All Girls High School. At the age of 12, Sohee became a JYP trainee. She successfully debuted as the members of South Korean girl group in early 2007.

Stage name: So Hee
Full name: Ahn So Hee
Nickname: Mandu (Dumpling)
Position: Maknae, Vocalist
Birthdate: June 27th, 1992
Height: 166cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood type: AB
Religion: Buddhism
Duration of training: 2 years
School: Chang Dam Middle School, Changmun Girls' High School
Specialty: Taekwondo, Vocal, Choreography, Poppin', Street, Acting, Chinese
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rain, Im Jeong Hee
Favorite Color: Pink, Blank
Ideal Type: Guy who has pretty hands

Park Ye-Eun was born on May 26, 1989, commonly known as Yeeun or Yenny (English name), is a South Korean singer,modellyricist and composer. She is a member of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2007.

Stage name: Yenny/Ye Eun
Full name: Park Yeh Eun
Nickname: Park Oppa, Yenny
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthdate: May 26th, 1989 
School: Jung Bal High School, Kyunghee University (post-modern music) 
Height: 165cm 
Weight: 47kg 
Blood type: AB 
Religion: Christianity 
Duration of Training: 3 months 
Hobby: Music appreciation, reading, bible reading 
Favourite Food: Chobap (Japanese vinegared rice delicacies), egg tart 
Favorite Artist: Lauryn hill, Aretha Franklin, So Hyang 
Favorite Color: Green 
Ideal type: Family-orientated person 
She composed the songs 'Saying I Love', 'For Wonderful' and her newest 'Smile'

Yubin was born in GwangjuSouth Korea on October 4, 1988. She attended JungAm Elementary School and Anyang High School for a while before moving to San Jose, California, where she studied at Leland High School. She currently attends Myongji University. Prior to her debut with the Wonder Girls, Yubin was originally set to debut as a member of girl group, Five Girls (오소녀) under Good Entertainment, along with G.NAAfter School's UeeSecret's Hyosung and former T-ara member and current Spica member Yang Jiwon. However, the group disbanded shortly before their scheduled debut in 2007 due to Good Entertainment's financial troubles and the members all left for separate Korean entertainment companies.

Stage Name: Yubin
Name: Kim Yoo Bin
Nickname: BoNoBoNo (Korean cartoon)
Position: Main Rapper
Birthdate: October 4th, 1988
School: Myongji University (movie musical)
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 2 years
Speciality: Scuba, swimming
Hobbies: Listening to music, collecting CD
Favourite Food: Salad, raw fish, fresh apples
Favorite Artist: Eve, Lauryn Hill
Ideal type: Person who is passionate about everything

Woo Hye-Lim was born on September 1, 1992, commonly known as LimHye-Lim, or Christina, is a South Korean idol, singermodel and rapper. She is a member of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2007, although Lim was added to the group in the beginning of 2010.

Originally, Lim was a part of 5-member group in training in 2009. While still in training, the group flew to China where they appeared in numerous variety shows performing dance routines and songs to showcase their talent to the Chinese audience. As the group had no official name they were widely known to the Chinese audiences as "JYP Sisters" or simply as "Sisters". They were also dubbed by JYPE as the "Chinese Wonder Girls". However before the group could officially debut, two of their members withdrew leaving only three of members which included Lim herself as well as Jia and Fei Fei.
Then on January 22, 2010, it was announced that she would be joining the Wonder Girls as their newest member after the departure of Sunmi.

Stage name: Hye Rim
Full name: Yu Hae Lim 
English name: Christina
Nickname: Little Apple
Position: Vocalist, Sub-rapper 
Birthdate: September 1st, 1992
Height: 167cm
Weight: 49kg
Nationality: Korean (But lived in Hong Kong)
Duration of training: 3 years
Specialty: Dancing, Hip-hop
Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean


Lee Sun-Mi was born on May 2, 1992, commonly known as Sunmi or Mimi, is a South Korean idol singer. She was a member of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2007. She postponed her career to continue her academic career. Because JYP has not announced an official departure, Sun Mi is considered by many to still be a member of the group. JYP also stated Sun Mi is welcome to continue her musical career with the group at anytime. JYP Entertainment later states that there are no plans for Sun Mi to return and comeback as a member of the Wonder Girls.

Stage name: Sun Mi 
Full name: Seon Mi 
Nickname: 4-Dimensional, SunMa, Mimi
Birthdate: May 2nd, 1992
School: Chung Dam Middle School, Chung Dam High School
Height: 167cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood type: AB
Religion: Christianity
Duration of Training: 1 year 6 months
Specialty: Vocal, Choreography, Poppin', Street, Acting, Chinese
Favorite Food: Udon
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, Rain
Favorite Actor: Song Kang Ho
Favorite Color: Purple
Ideal Type: Person who is masculine

Hyun-a was born on June 6, 1992 in Jeolla provinceSouth Korea. She attended Choong Chun Middle School and Korea High School of Music and Arts and currently attends Konkuk University, majoring in art culture, receiving special admissions to the school. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder that says "My mother is the heart, that keeps me alive." Before HyunA debuted with 4Minute, she was a member of the Wonder Girls in 2007 but left due to chronic gastroenteritis. She is the main rapper and the main dancer of the group and also a vocalist.

Stage name: Hyun A 
Full name: Kim Hyeon Ah
Nickname: Sexy Ya Seng Mah
Birthdate: June 6th, 1992School: Choong Chun Middle School
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: O
Duration of Training: 3 years 2 months
Specialty: Vocal, Choreography, Poppin', Street dancing
Favorite Artist: Beyonce, The Pussycat Dolls, Rain, UN
Favorite Color: Yellow

===================== DISCOGRAPHY =====================

Korean Studio Albums
  • The Wonder Years (2007)
  • Wonder World (2011)
Korean Extended Plays
  • The Wonder Begins (2007)
  • So Hot (3rd Project) (2008)
  • Nobody (The Wonder Years:Trilogy) (2008)
  • 2 Different Tears (2010)
  • TBA (2012)
Japanese studio albums
  • "Nobody for Everybody" (2012)
American Studio Album(s)
  • TBA (2012)
American Extended Play(s)
  • 2 Different Tears (2010)
American Singles
  • "Nobody" (2009)
  • "2 Different Tears" (2010)
  • "The DJ is Mine" (2012)


  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of the Month (February)(Irony)
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (October)("Tell Me")
  • 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best New Female Group
  • 2007 National Assembly of South Korea Pop Culture & Media Awards: Pop Music Award
  • Korean Music Arts Festival: Female Photogenic Award
  • 2007 Golden Disk Awards: Digital Music Bonsang
  • 22nd Golden Disk Awards: Popularity Award
  • 17th Seoul Music Awards: Rookie of the Year
  • 2008 Nick Korea Kids Choice Awards: Best Female Singer
  • 20th Korean Producers & Directors Awards: Best Singer Award
  • 5th Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Song Award
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (June)("So Hot")
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (September)("Nobody")
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (October)("Nobody")
  • 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Female Group Award
  • 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Music Video Award ("Nobody")
  • 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Song of the Year ("Nobody")
  • 25th Korea Best Dresser Awards: Best Dresser Award for Singer Category
  • 23rd Golden Disk Awards: Digital Bonsang ("Nobody")
  • 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Style Icon of the Year
  • 18th Seoul Music Awards: Daesang Award ("Nobody")
  • 18th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award ("Nobody")
  • 18th Seoul Music Awards: Digital Music Award ("Nobody")
  • 6th Korean Music Awards: Group Musician of the Year Netizen Vote
  • 2009 MTV Style Gala: Most stylish Asian artist of the year
  • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Artist of the Year
  • 2010 Metro Radio Mandarin Hit Music Awards: Asia's Most Hit Group
  • 2010 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards: Asia's Most Appealing Korean Female Artist
  • RTHK International Pop Poll Award Presentation: Top Ten International Gold Songs
  • RTHK International Pop Poll Award Presentation: Top Group/Band Gold Prize
  • 5th China Wireless Music Awards: Top Ranking Digital Downloads of The Year
  • Channel A Kpop-Corn: Hottest Korean Popcorn
  • One Hundred Years of Korean Fashion Centurial Award: Entertainer award
  • Released their movie "The Wonder Girls" on TeenNick
  • 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards: Singers of the Year Award (November)

====================== MUSIC VIDEOS=====================


[NEWS] Jung Yong Hwa’s Green Peas-like biceps to be revealed in Juniel’s Teaser MV.

Posted: 20 May 2012 05:30 AM PDT

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa has revealed so called 'green peas' like biceps for the first time.As on 18th May 'Jung Yong Hwa's biceps teaser' has revealed through Juniel's official Youtube site on May 18th, his junior female singer, Juniel 's teaser MV already drew attention intensely in online.In recent interview Jung YongHwa said "Currently CNBLUE members are exercising very hard to make green peas-like biceps. Sooner or later I will show you great appearance. Please look forward to it". As Jung Yong Hwa's sexy tanned biceps have been exposed in "Juniel-Jung Yonghwa MV" teaser at this time, he was rewarded for his effort of steady work-out together with CNBLUE members. Jung Yong Hwa wrote the song for talented rookie Juniel who will make debut on June and participated directly in producing his song. "Juniel-Jung Yonghwa MV" full version will be released on June 22 together with digital song in online.

Source + Photos: BNT news
Translated by: Cebununa @cnbluestorm
Edit & Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

[VIDEO] Dr. Jin's full teaser released!

Posted: 20 May 2012 05:00 AM PDT

The 8-minute teaser for MBC's upcoming weekend drama has been revealed.
In this drama, JYJ's Kim Jaejoong is one of the characters. It is his first historical drama that tells the story of the best surgeon of 2012 who travels through time.

"Dr. Jin" will be the successor to "Feast of the Gods" and will have its first broadcast on the 26th.

[PICTURE] Baek Ji Young enjoys playing with a cute dog in the waiting room!

Posted: 20 May 2012 04:40 AM PDT

Singer Baek Ji Young tweets 2 new photos on Twitter.

She wrote,"lying on the floor,have the same sight level as King".

Like her cute interaction with King?

Baek Ji Young is currently promoting her new song Good Boy

[PICTURE] T-ara's Qri and her 4D sunglasses!

Posted: 20 May 2012 04:09 AM PDT

T-ara's Qri tweets a new selca on her Twitter.

She said,"on the way to Chuncheon...sunglasses which will give me the 4D experience...".

Have a look at her cute selca above.

[PICTURE] G.Na poses with sexy muscular guys!

Posted: 20 May 2012 03:40 AM PDT

G.Na's company Cube Entertainment unveiled a photo of G.Na posing with some muscular guys at the filming set of her upcoming 2Hot MV.

G.Na works with Mighty Mouth's Sangchu,Jay Park and other well-known producers for her transformation in new album.

Her album is expected to be released next week,do you anticipate her comeback?

[VIDEO] A Pink's Eunji apologized to fans!

Posted: 20 May 2012 03:39 AM PDT

A Pink's main vocal Eunji recorded a video message for her fans.

She apologized for not being able to attend A Pink's recent fansign event and she asked fans to support A Pink's new song Hush,check out the video below!

[PICTURE] After School's Lizzy shows her cute wink!

Posted: 20 May 2012 03:10 AM PDT

After School's Lizzy tweets new selca on her Twitter.

She said,"Going to Japan,the weather is great"!

Like her new pair of selcas?

[VIDEO] JJ Project's Inkigayo teaser!

Posted: 20 May 2012 02:40 AM PDT

Check out JJ project's teaser on Inkigayo.

The boys will make their debut on the show next week,do you anticipate their debut stage?

[VIDEO] G.NA's comeback teaser on Inkigayo!

Posted: 20 May 2012 02:10 AM PDT

KPop diva G.Na will make her comeback on Inkigayo next week,check out the teaser of her 2Hot comeback on Inkigayo!

[VIDEO] Baek Ji Young made her comeback on Inkigayo!

Posted: 20 May 2012 01:42 AM PDT

Check out Baek Ji Young's comeback performance on Inkigayo.

She performed Voice and Good Boys on the show!

120520 TaeTiSeo won 1st place on Inkigayo + other performance clips!

Posted: 20 May 2012 01:19 AM PDT

Congratulations to TaeTiSeo for winning on Inkigayo,check out their performance on the show here.

[VIDEO] INFINITE "The Chaser" is back with "Only Tear" on Inkigayo!

Posted: 20 May 2012 12:45 AM PDT

Check out INFINITE's comeback performance on Inkigayo,the boys performed their new song Only Tear and The Chaser on Inkigayo!

[VIDEO] Gangkiz debuted on Inkigayo with Honey Honey!

Posted: 20 May 2012 12:38 AM PDT

Gangkiz made their debut on Inkigayo with Honey Honey,check out their debut performance here!

[VIDEO] She'z debuts with My Way on Inkigayo!

Posted: 20 May 2012 12:35 AM PDT

Female group She'z made their official debut on Inkigayo with their debut song My Way.

Check out their performance here!

[VIDEO] Dalmatian made their E.R comeback on Inkigayo!

Posted: 20 May 2012 12:33 AM PDT

Check out Dalmatian's comeback performance on Inkigayo.

The boys performed their new song E.R on the show,like their new song?

[VIDEO] TaeTiSeo sings the Traffic Safety Song!

Posted: 20 May 2012 12:30 AM PDT

SNSD's subunit TaeTiSeo sing the Traffic Safety Song on Inkigayo,check out the clip below!