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"[INTERVIEW] B1A4 in Hanryu Pia – August Edition!" plus 24 more

"[INTERVIEW] B1A4 in Hanryu Pia – August Edition!" plus 24 more

[INTERVIEW] B1A4 in Hanryu Pia – August Edition!

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 08:57 AM PDT

★ Beautiful Target is a song that gives you strength
- You debuted in Korea last year in April, and after a year you've decided on your Japanese debut. Do you think it's fast?
CNU: I'm not sure how it is like for the other artists but I feel that it's not too fast, not too slow. It's a good timing?
Baro: We did not have the urge to hurry with our debut in Japan, but to be able to debut in Japan makes us happy, because we could allow more people to listen to the music we like too.

- Who have you spoken to about regarding your Japanese debut?
Jinyoung: …Because we're been so busy, I haven't spoken to anyone about it yet (laugh). But my family and friends will probably find out from the news articles.
Gongchan: We shared our happiness amongst ourselves.
CNU: That's why we don't know how the reaction is like around us.
All: Ahahahaha (laugh).

- Your debut song is the Japanese version of your Korean title song Beautiful Target. Is there anything you've newly discovered during recording?
Baro: It was easier to record as compared to before.
Jinyoung: Even though it was so when I sang, I discovered the effectiveness of the song during the music video shoot. We were really tired when the filming continued through the night…
Members: That's right. So tired~
Jinyoung: But the song wakes you up immediately! So I felt once again, ah.. It's a famous song. It's an enjoyable song.
CNU: Your strength just rises.
Baro: When we filmed for the original Korean music video, there were parts in our dance, gestures and expressions that we were not satisfied with. But after dancing a lot to it during our Korean promotions, and practicing the Japanese version a lot during recording.. We feel more carefree in expressing our emotions in our second round of promotions, as compared to the first.
Sandeul: You'll never get sick of this song~

- Is the Japanese language difficult?
Jinyoung: Almost half of the lyrics to Beautiful Target is in English. So it was not as difficult as we expected.
CNU: We also practiced our pronounciations a lot. In the Japanese language, when you get a tone wrong the entire meaning changes. I put a little more effort in that part.
Baro: There weren't much troubles in my rap too. But it was a little hard to match the rhymes? We studied Japanese hard!
Jinyoung: We are attending Japanese language classes, and whenever we have time we memorize vocabulary.

- The recording of your other song Bling Girl was directed by Jinyoung, right?
Jinyoung: Yes! We spent 9 hours recording it. The members helped out and the recording went perfectly. The atmosphere was good, so the people recording feel good too.
CNU: Bling Girl is also a song that you can gain strength from after listening to it. We who sing it gain strength too!
Jinyoung: Whenever we record, the members will each obtain a topic and challenge to clear it. It all comes out on the song. I think we matured a lot in this point.
CNU: When we're all done singing, we listen to it at once together. It is very realistic, as we listen to each other's voices and say things like, "Ah, you've improved here~".

★ Secrets of how the members have changed?
- So from now on, we'll be carrying on the solo photoshoots… Please talk about how he (the person not present) has changed after debut, and how he has not changed. (laugh) Starting with Baro?
Gongchan: During OK days, he was like a child but starting from Baby I'm Sorry he became manly! Recently when I look at Baro hyung's pictures I feel that he is handsome.
Jinyoung: He has matured a lot with regards to his thoughts. He has been reading books often lately, so his vocabulary has increased too. He's working hard at self-development.
Sandeul: Baro does really well at self-management, he does it consistently.
CNU: In the waiting rooms of music broadcasts, the other members would be asleep from fatigue but he'd be reading a book. I feel that he's working really hard.

- Who is always sleeping?
Sandeul: ……..(Chooses CNU with his finger)
CNU: I don't always do so (laugh).

- How has leader Jinyoung changed?
CNU: He has not changed with regards to how he works hard when composing music. Even during our busy promotional period, he'd be composing through the night despite being sleepy. That side to him is extremely cool.
Gongchan: He is a man who does not know of giving up. He does something until it reaches perfection. Whenever we record, he keeps getting us to repeat in order to improve the quality of our vocals. That's why he has the nickname of "also". (Pointing to Sandeul) He is the victim of the "also/as well" attack, having to leave and wait. We keep hearing Jinyoung say "it's good now but do this also".
Sandeul: Yes… I am always in the recording booth (in a small voice). Ah! Jinyoung hyung just looked at me. Scary! Jinyoung hyung has matured and grown more handsome as the days pass… as well (laugh).
Gongchan: Also… We keep hearing it so it's stuck to our lips (laugh).
Sandeul: Also (laugh). Jinyoung hyung keeps on doing aegyo these days as well.
Gongchan: If we're talking about recently, isn't it Sandeul hyung?
Baro: Because Gongchan is the youngest, he has much aegyo. But in Sandeul's case, rather than aegyo…
Gongchan & Baro: You'd want to strangle him? (laugh)

- Jinyoung has returned and CNU has left. Please talk about CNU next.
Gongchan: CNU hyung has not changed a single bit since the past. He's always slow (laugh). When we're done with practice and we all leave by car, only CNU hyung doesn't come out. If we had to talk about what he does instead… He checks if all the lights are switched off, since he is the mother (laugh).
Jinyoung: He has changed in the way that he doesn't waste his efforts by challenging himself to improve and he works harder than ever.
Baro: And as compared to when we first debut, he jokes around less. Maybe he's busy, or tired but he no longer jokes around with me, he's gotten tired of me. At those times I get Sandeul to play with me (laugh).
Sandeul: Despite being sleepy (laugh).

- How about the youngest, Gongchan?
Jinyoung: After turning 20, he has matured and now has clear ideas on what to do to be better. He'll be a dongsaeng who will turn out good. He has not changed in the way that he still does aegyo to us? Our maknae will be our maknae forever, so I hope that him doing aegyo to us doesn't change too.
Baro: He hasn't changed in his ability to calmly access a situation.
CNU: Rather than being calm, there is something you can look forward to? (laugh)
Jinyoung: He is a child who breaks with a snap.

- And lastly, Sandeul?
Jinyoung: His appetite has not changed (laugh). He has changed in the way that he is able to tell the members about his challenges in life after we debut. As the main vocal, there are many troubles that he holds to himself regarding singing. But that is a good change. To have many troubles means that you develop faster.
Baro: His passion for singing has not changed. It has in fact increased! I think it has changed slightly from the past; after we started living together, the connection by music has molded Sandeul's personality into a much brighter one.

Gongchan: His face and body have become cooler. Before debut he wore spectacles so it was a little tacky, but just him removing his spectacles he's become much cooler. Also, after he ends his dieting carried out during our promotional period, he gains the weight back. It's possible to gain the weight lost from self-management (laugh).

- Please say a sentence each about your feelings about your approaching Japanese debut.
Jinyoung: More than being tense, we are nervous. We have worked hard for our Japanese debut. We want to hurry meet everyone, and stand on the stage soon.
Baro: My heart goes dugeun dugeun at the thought of the Japanese debut. I can't fall asleep!

CNU: I miss everyone, to the extent of wanting to go on a date together. Please cheer for us!

Translation Credits: skipfire @

[NEWS] Updates on T.O.P's movie, Alumnus!

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 08:42 AM PDT

Famous child actress, Kim Yoojung, and upcoming actress, Han Yaeri, confirmed to play the roles of TOP's younger sister and girlfriend/love in his new movie "ALUMNI".

- Kim Yoojung is one of the most popular child actresses known in South Korea today for her appearances in several hit movies and dramas. She is known to be a huge fan of Big Bang and TOP. She has attended Big Show every year so far and has stated several times before that she would like to act with TOP. Han Yaeri is a rookie actress who starred in the recent hit movie "Korea" with Ha Jiwon and is a rising star in the Korean media today.

- TOP's younger sister role was originally supposed to be played by another child actress, Kim Hyunsoo, but the casting was changed to Kim Yoojung at the last minute. 

Child actor, Kang Bit, confirmed to play TOP's child role as "Myunghoon"

Sources: Osen/Naver, idharu1@naver

[INFO] miss A upcoming showcase at Jakarta, Indonesia!

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 08:26 AM PDT

Check out the released information below about girl group miss A upcoming showcase which will be held in Indonesia.

Date: August 31st, 2012
Time: Starts at 8pm (Jakarta time)
Venue: Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Seat plan:
  • Tribun: IDR 350.000
  • Festival: IDR 600.000
  • Vip: IDR 900.000
Ticket sales: June 25th – July 5th by @thedailyconcert
Online ticket sales by @kompasticket: Opens on June 27th (Wednesday), 10am (Jakarta time)

P/S: Ticket selling until tickets are sold out.
Tickets sellers:
One person is limited to buy 4 (four) tickets only.
Seating Plan: VIP Seats are limited to 500 people only.
"miss A will have a press conference also fan signing in Indonesia Showcase only for VIP seats buyers (with draw)"

Credits: Sonicma Ent (@SonicmaENT), @kpopworlina@missAfacts

[INFO] 2PM to participate in the Dragon Boat Race in HK!

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 08:13 AM PDT

Idol group 2pm is participating in 2012 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Race!
This event commences at 2012 July 2nd, and the standard race length is 500m 

For those who haven't got a clue what Dragon Boat Racing is, here's a brief intro:
  • Dragon Boat Racing is an annual event which celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival (端午節), whereby teams compete against each other to pass the finishing line first.
  • Each team is consisted of 20-22 members/paddlers.
  • The drummer, who is often seen at the 'head' of the Dragon Boat plays an important role. They drum out a rhythmic beat which is used to guide the paddlers and help synchronize their strokes - example: fast, sharp beats means quicker pace.
  • This traditional event attracts many viewers and even tourists every year ^^
Here is a file with the race format and teams participating in this year's race: http://www.mediafire...1851vh12jr413za

The info is kind of confusing, so here is a the information regarding 2PM's race:

> Race format for "International Open Championships" (the one 2PM & Dream Team is entered for)
  • There are a total of 17 teams participating in the International Open Championships. 8 teams are divided into Heat 1 and the rest are divided into Heat 2.
  • Each Heat will have a separate race at the start.
  • The first four teams to pass the finishing line in each Heat will then go into the A Final. The rest will enter the B Final.
  • 2PM will be in Heat 2. They are positioned at Lane 1 and their first race begins at 2:17pm.
>The "International Cup"
  • The teams that will be entering this race will be selected from the Finals of all Open and International Open categories.
  • The four fastest teams in all Open finals and the four fastest teams in the International Open final will enter this race.
  • The fastest team to win this race will be the Champion of the International Cup.
  • This is a one race event.
The race lane for the finals and International Cup will be decided for each team on that day. But the PDF file shows the ranking order and their race lanes already.

I hope this wasn't overly confusing for anybody. But let's wish 2PM and Dream Team good luck for the race, and they manage to enter for the International Cup this year!


[NEWS] Agent says Kim Moo Yul’s family situation was ‘nearly impossible’

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 07:56 AM PDT

Kim Moo Yul worked as a security guard, construction worker and at a mobile phone factory to earn bread for his family, according to his agent yesterday. The agent came to the defense of the 30-year-old actor under growing public criticism over allegations he dodged his compulsory military service.

Yeo Jun-yeong, the head of agency Prain TPC, said that Kim's family was not merely poor but that it was "nearly impossible" for them to make a living since Kim was in his late teens.

"At the time of his enrolling at Sungkyunkwan University in 2002, his family's [financial] condition was so bad that he was almost unable to continue his studies," Yeo said in a blog. "He considered joining a special military force after he heard that he could make 30 million won [$25,884] by doing that, but he put off going to the military after his father collapsed due to a cerebral hemorrhage and he began taking care of all of his family members." Kim rose to stardom after the release of the film "Eungyo" (2012).

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Jang Dong Gun’s fans treat ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ to free dinner

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 07:41 AM PDT

To celebrate Jang Dong Gun's return to TV in more than 12 years, the Hallyu actor's fan club surprised the star by presenting Jang and the staff on the set of his new drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" to a free dinner.

On Thursday, Jang's fan club visited the set of the show at the SBS' Ilsan Production Center and provided a catered meal for some 100 actors and staff members, wishing them good luck on the drama.

The meal was a traditional Korean affair consisting of rice, side dishes and soup. The fans also came prepared with snacks such as iced coffee and nuts for breaks in between.

Jang, showing gratitude for his fans, said, "I was so touched by all the generosity. I extend thanks to my fans for providing such a meal for the staff."

"A Gentleman's Dignity" began airing about a month ago and is gaining in popularity due to the chemistry between the characters played by Jang and actress Kim Ha-neul.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[PICTURE] Gong Yoo & Lee Min Jung enjoys supermarket date on ‘Big’

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 07:26 AM PDT

Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung looked like a real newlywed couple, enjoying grocery shopping together.

On June 25th, KBS 'Big' has released new still cuts of Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung enjoying a supermarket date in the upcoming episode. In the photos, the couple shows a very lively atmosphere, playing around with assorted fruits and vegetables.

In the episode, Kyung Joon (Gong Yoo) who has returned from the States pushes for marriage with Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) to ward off pressure from Yoon Jae's mother to marry another woman. Many are curious if they are about to get married.

Meanwhile, Mari (Suzy) found out that Kyung Joon's soul was in the body of Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) and curiosity surrounds the question is Da Ran could marry Kyung Joon despite the difference in mentality.

[NEWS] Girls’ Generation advertises pink rubber gloves?

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 07:11 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's home shopping version of "PAPARAZZI" parody aroused much laughter.

Recently, a post titled "Girls' Generation's Home Shopping" was uploaded on an online community board featuring the girls themselves wearing pink gloves from "PAPARAZZI" music video.

The post includes a parody of Girls' Generation's CF for a Yogurt drink, and instead of the yogurt product, each members are promoting pink rubber gloves. The fan was clever enough to photoshop pairs of rubber gloves over yogurt bottle and included humorous captions.

Netizens commented, "How much are the gloves?", "Girls' Generation should try to sell something on a home shopping network" and "Girls doing commercial for a product that house wives use?"

Source: StarN News

[NEWS] Jay Park holds a photo exhibition to help African children

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 06:56 AM PDT

Singer Jay Park held a successful photo exhibition, as part of a campaign to help African children.

Jay Park recently participated in a photo exhibition sponsored by World Vision and Coca Cola that ran from June 22nd to the 24th in Gangnam. All of the profits will be proceeded for charity works, aiding children in Africa

In order to promote awareness of the cause, those who visited the exhibition received Jay Park's limited edition pictorials and posters as gifts.

Source: StarN News

[NEWS] Shinhwa’s Jun Jin determined to perform in China despite back surgery

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 06:41 AM PDT

Jun Jin of the '90s boy band Shinhwa - currently on its Asian tour - will be on plenty of medication when he performs in Guangzhou, China, on June 30.

Despite having had microscopic nerve decompression surgery on a lumbar disc in his back on Tuesday, Shinhwa said that Jun Jin will continue with "The Return" tour, which saw his band tour five cities in Asia to date.

Jun Jin has suffered from chronic back pain in the past and although he was in pain, he maintained a professional front by taking part in the group's reunion tour around Asia, which kicked off on March 24 in Seoul.

His condition worsened despite his medication due to the nature of his performing, prompting him to seek medical help and subsequent surgery. The doctor who performed the surgery on Jun Jin said that it was a good thing that the singer was treated before it was too late.

"If untreated, it's possible that the lower half of his body may become paralyzed," said the surgeon who also suggested that Jun Jin needed rest and physical therapy for the next six weeks.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Lee Seung Gi carries torch for London Olympics

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 06:26 AM PDT

Lee Seung Gi, a Korean singer and actor, completed what he dubbed a once-in-a-life-time mission as a torch bearer for the upcoming London Olympics yesterday (Korean time), according to his agents.

Attending the "Korean Runners' Day Torch Relay" along with 23 other Koreans, Lee ran 320 meters (0.19 miles) from Stratford Avenue to Manchester Road in Rochdale, northeast of Manchester, on Saturday (local time), the agency said. A total of 164 runners attended the relay on the day. "It's my honor to be able to join the Olympics, a worldwide festival, through the torch relay," Lee said after the relay.

Samsung Electronics, an official sponsor of the London Olympics, has selected 1,360 people from 58 countries for the torch relay, which started on May 19 in nearly 1,000 cities in England.

The relay, which covers the distance of 12,874 kilometers in total, is scheduled to arrive in downtown London two days prior to the opening of the Olympics.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] SHINee wants to perform at Tokyo Dome

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 06:11 AM PDT

Idol group SHINee expressed their desires of performing at Japan's Tokyo Dome.

On June 25th, Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports reported SHINee's recent concert at the Yoyogi Gymnasium in Tokyo on June 24th. The concert, which marked the beginning of their arena tour, attracted over 12,000 audience members. SHINee performed a total 29 songs, including their hit song "Sherlock."

At the concert, SHINee members solidified their determination to perform in Japan. Onew said, "If by next autumn we can establish an official Japanese fan club, we want to hold a dinner show for our fans."

Key expressed the group's ambitions for Japan by saying, "We want to perform at Tokyo Dome in the future."

Meanwhile, SHINee will be holding its 'SHINee WORLD II' concerts on July 21 and 22 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium, and will move on to other major cities in South East Asia.

Source: Star News

[NEWS] FT Island to release Japanese single “Top Secret” in August

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 05:56 AM PDT

After releasing its second Japanese album, "Twenty" on May, FT Island plans to make a comeback in Japan with a new single this August.

On August 8th, FT Island will be releasing new Japanese single titled "Top Secret". The single will be available in 4 different editions; a regular and 3 limited editions. The Limited Edition will include a DVD with "Top Secret" MV and special features, the Limited Tour Venue Edition comes with DVD containing "Flower Rock", "I Hope" and "Let It Go" performances from Mezamashi LIVE. Lastly, the Lawson Limited Edition also include a DVD with "Twenty" events at Zepp Tokyo as well as making-of footages.

Meanwhile, FT Island is gearing up for its summer tour, "FT Island Summer Tour 2012 – Run! Run! Run!" from June 24 to July 8, stopping in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukui.

[PICTURE] FT Island’s Hongki mixes punk with sports for ‘Dazed & Confused’

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 05:41 AM PDT

FT Island's lead vocalist Lee Hongki showcased a unique style in a London Olympics-themed pictorial for the fashion magazine, 'Dazed & Confused'.

In the July edition of the magazine, Hongki mixed punk rock style with Olympic sports. The FT Island member wears shocking hair styles and punky looks, coupled with sports-inspired props like archer's bow.

[NEWS] Dal Shabet holds successful fan meeting

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 05:26 AM PDT

Girl group Dal Shabet held a successful fan meeting for its 'Bang Bang' album release.

On June 24th, Dal Shabet met with fans at the Kimpo Airport Lotte Mall, signed autographs and had a fun time with their fans. The members responded to each one with bright smiles to show their gratitude towards them.

From students all the way to uncle fans, the girls proved their popularity with all age groups, making their way out to see the group despite the heat.

Dal Shabet expressed, "It was fun to see our fans off stage, we had no idea where the time went. We want to thank fans for constantly giving us love since our debut. We'll work hard on our 'Mr. Bang Bang' promotions so please continue to support us."

Dal Shabet plans to continue their fan signing tour in Busan, Seoul and Ilsan through July.

Source: Naver

[NEWS] JYJ Jaejoong asks Han Ji Min: “Where is Yoochun?”

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 05:11 AM PDT

After Prince Lee Gak was unable to tell him the whereabouts of Park Yoochun, JYJ's Jaejoong is now after to Yoochun's girl, Han Ji Min.

On June 25, Jaejoong uploaded a photo of himself with a life-size cutout of Han Ji Min to his Twitter with the message, "Answer Me. Where is Yoo Chun!"

In the photo, Jaejoong is dressed in his period costume and putting his hands on the cheeks of a cutout of actress Han Ji Min. After getting dumped by Park Min Young in "Dr. Jin", he seemed to have captured by Han Ji Min's beauty.

Recently, Jaejoong also uploaded a photo of himself making fun of a cardboard cutout of Yoochun's Rooftop Prince character, Lee Gak, asking the same question, "Where is Yoochun?".

[NEWS] Big Bang adds second date to ‘Alive Tour 2012’ in Singapore

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:56 AM PDT

Big Bang has delivered a great news to Singaporean VIPs, as its highly anticipated first world tour 'Alive Tour 2012' announced to have added a second date to their Singapore stop.

According to YG Entertainment on June 25th, Big Bang will be meeting their fans in Singapore for two days on September 28th, 2012 and September 29th, 2012 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Big Bang's 'Alive Tour 2012' is set to take over Asia, North and South America and Europe with performances in 25 cities in a total of 16 countries.

[NEWS] Former F.CUZ member LeeU signs with Block B’s agency

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:41 AM PDT

Former F.CUZ member LeeU was revealed to have signed an exclusive contract with Block B's agency, Brand New Stardom.

On June 22nd, representatives of the agency revealed, "A couple of days ago, LeeU signed a contract with our agency. He's currently busy practicing and the agency has not yet decided if the singer will return as a solo artist or as a group member."

LeeU, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, first debuted in F.CUZ in 2010 and made headlines for being the son of legendary trot singer Sul Woon Do and former actress Lee Soo Jin.

Source: Nate

[VIDEO] Super Junior cheers for Kim Ki Bum

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:26 AM PDT

Super Junior showed their love and support to fellow member Kim Ki Bum, who's currently starring on tvN's 'I Love Lee Taeri'.

On June 25th, CJ E&M Drama's official Youtube uploaded a video showing Super Junior Shindong, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk giving a supportive message for Kim Ki Bum and to his drama, 'I Love Lee Taeri'.

In the drama, Kim Ki Bum is taking on the role of Geum Eun Dong, a middle school student who suddenly finds himself a man in his 30's and a secretary of Lee Taeri (played by Park Ye Jin).

[NEWS] ‘Respond 1997’ casts snap a group photo

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:11 AM PDT

Cable channel tvN's upcoming sitcom, 'Respond 1997', unveiled its first still teaser featuring the main cast members. The photo shows rapper Eun Ji Won, singer Seo In Guk, K-pop idols INFINITE's Hoya and A Pink's Eunji, all donning their school uniforms with hairstyles or accessories intentionally set up to look like the 1990s fashion trends in Korea.

'Respond 1997' is the first project produced by 'Qualifications of a Man' PD Shin Won Ho since he transferred over to CJ E&M from KBS. It is about the story of a group of six high school students that are huge fans of the first generation of Korean idol groups in the 1990s, such as Seotaiji, H.O.T, S.E.S. and Sechs Kies.

The sitcom will premiere on July 24th.

[NEWS] After School UEE’s considerate gesture draws attention

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 03:56 AM PDT

After School member UEE's considerate action towards a staff member has been drawing the attention of the public.

On June 25th, several online portal sites posted behind-the-scenes pictures of UEE filming the music video for After School's newest title track, "Flashback". In the pictures, a staff member is holding a camera up high due to UEE's tall height. UEE, who saw the staff member having some trouble, spread her legs to match up her height with the staff's level.

Netizens expressed their praises to UEE by saying, "That is so nice", "She is beautiful and kind", "A girl with great manners!", "That must have encouraged the staff to work harder" and more.

Source: Xportsnews

[NEWS] G.NA kisses her female backup dancer on stage?

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 03:41 AM PDT

Singer G.NA is gaining attention for kissing her female backup dancer.

In the recent episode of SBS' "Inkigayo" that aired live on June 24th, G.NA caught viewers' attention when she locked lips with a female backup dancer during her performance of "2Hot."

A representative clarified that G.NA did not kiss the dancer and it was simply an optical illusion that was part of the choreography. Giving her usual sexy, powerful performance, G.NA surprised everyone by playing a trick to look like she was kissing her female backup dancer.

Netizens commented, "I thought she was really kissing the backup dancer", "I was so surprised because it looked so real" and more.

Source: XportsNews

[NEWS] Psy to give 30,000 copies of new album to concert audience

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 03:26 AM PDT

Singer Psy is going to give out nearly 30,000 free copies of his new album!

Psy will be holding his summer concert, "Summer Stand" on August 11th, and it has been announced that he will be giving out 30,000 free copies of his upcoming sixth album for the audience members if his concert manages to completely sell out.

A YG Entertainment representative stated, "Psy has wanted to give something to his concert goers, who have been coming to his concerts since last year despite the summer heat. Coincidently, the release of his sixth album falls around the same time as this year's concert. That is why, Psy will purchase the albums himself and pass them out on the day of the concert at the hall."

Tickets for Psy's summer concert "Summer Stand" will begin selling on June 26.

Source: Naver

[NEWS] IU to hold first exclusive Japanese concert on September

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 03:11 AM PDT

Singer IU is set to hold her first exclusive concert in Japan this coming September.

According to LOEN Entertainment on June 25th, IU will be holding her first solo Japanese concert, 'IU Friendship Special Concert Autumn 2012' on September 17th at the Tokyo International Forum A Hall.

The concert will mark IU's first concert held overseas and will be held six months after making her debut in Japan. Back in March, she held a showcase in the country to announce her official Japanese debut.

IU will also be releasing her Japanese single album "You & I" on July 18. The album will include the Japanese version of "You & I" which was composed by Lee Min Soo and lyrics by Kim Eana.

Currently, IU is visiting the major cities throughout South Korea for her nationwide tour, 'REAL FANTASY' which kicked off in Seoul early this month.

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Changsha Kid Zhang Yixing Selected In SM's New Group, Once Third Place Winner!

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 02:57 AM PDT