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"[NEWS] Hilarious Nickname of Kim Sun Ah – Menopause Medusa!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] Hilarious Nickname of Kim Sun Ah – Menopause Medusa!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] Hilarious Nickname of Kim Sun Ah – Menopause Medusa!

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 08:58 AM PDT

The lead actors of MBC drama "I Do, I Do" starring Kim Sun Ah have been crowned with interesting nickname, becoming another major attraction of the drama. In particular, the strong woman Kim Sun Ah is called "menopause Ji An" and "Medusa", making the audience could not help but laugh.

Who feel more humiliated? "Menopause" Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) vs "Mummy" Jo In Sung (Park Gun Hyung)

Super woman Kim Sun Ah who possesses both ability and outlook issues a strong declaration that she is entering menopause on her first date, leaving deep impression to "candy man" Park Gun Hyung, and saves the name of Ji An in mobile phone as "menopause Ji An." And Park Gun Hyung also earned the lovely nickname of "mummy Eun Sung" as he always says he's "mummy's boy" during the meeting.

Who is dragging feet man? "Parachute" Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) vs "old age snow" Seol Bong Soo (Jo Hee Bong)

The rumor that Lee Jang Woo joined the company by relying on Kim Sun Ah made him earned a nickname, "parachute," and is recognized as a big company's burden. And the funny "old age snow" Seol Bong Soo become his partner. Although Jo Hee Bong has joined the company for 15 years, but he remains at the position of agent, and thus was nicknamed by the staffs as eternity agent "eternity Seol."

The most powerful person! "Medusa" Hwang Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) vs "Ice princess" Yeom Na Ri (Lim Soo Hwang)

The staffs of the company will turn as stiff as a stone when seeing the cold eyes of Kim Sun Ah, and therefore Kim Sun Ah is given the moniker of "Medusa. The arrogant and cold daughter of president, Lim Soo Hyang, is known as the "ice princess." The cold war of "ice princess" and "Medusa" which sparks are flying has been attracting the attention of the audience.

The interesting nicknames attracted enthusiastic responses from netizens. They said, "Menopause Ji An is hilarious!" "The nicknames perfectly match with the plot," "Menopause Ji An vs mummy Eun Sung, Medusa vs parachute, very interesting!" "Nicknames gave by the writer can be described as the highest level!" and so on.

Source: Drama Haven

[NEWS] Lee Jang Woo: Experienced Kim Sun Ah Guides on Bed Scene!

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 08:45 AM PDT

Actor Lee Jang Woo revealed the thoughts on filming bed scene with Kim Sun Ah.

Lee Jang Woo admitted his feelings of filming bed scene for the first time in MBC new drama "I Do I Do" on the MBC's "A Good Day" aired on June 11th, 2012.

He explained, "This was the first time I shot a sex scene, and also the first time rolled on the bed nakedly with an actress. Really very nervous. And there was using tape to cover, I didn't even know all of these." He added, "Sister Kim Sun Ah was especially experienced, so during filming, she guided me on how should I do."

Lee Jang Woo is playing the role of Park Tae kang who overcome the limitation of been high school graduate to join the shoe company.

Source: Ilgan Sports
Cr: Drama Haven

[NEWS] 2NE1′s Signed Dyson Air Multipliers Raise 1,415,000KRW for UNICEF!

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 08:30 AM PDT

Last week, we reported that 2NE1 had joined other celebrities for the UNICEF Star Donation x Dyson Air Multiplier fundraising event held on Korean auction site Gmarket. Fans were able to bid on signed Dyson Air Multipliers with all proceeds going to UNICEF.

In total, 2NE1′s multipliers earned 1,415,000KRW for this project.

Final Bid 330,00KRW -- MINZY

Final Bid 410,00KRW--CL

Final Bid 335,00KRW -- Bom

Final Bid 340,00KRW -- Dara

For those who don't know, UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. It's active in more than 190 countries and territories through country programs and National Committees. The organization works tirelessly to improve the lives of children all over the world.
To make your own donation or support UNICEF in other ways visit this link.

Source: Unicef Star Donation x Dyson Air Multiplier via GMarket

[VIDEO] After School released MV teaser for Flashback!

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 08:27 AM PDT

Check out After School's teaser for their new song Flashback.

Love the sexy image of the girls?

[NEWS] Junsu, Album Sales Ranked The Highest For Any Solo Artist Since The Gaon Charts Were Established!

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 08:15 AM PDT

JYJ's Kim Junsu (XIA)'s first solo album since his debut has been producing shocking results.

On 11 June, C-Jes Entertainment expressed, "The sales for Kim Junsu's solo album "XIA-Tarantallegra" surpassed 120,000 copies last week, and has set the highest record on the Gaon Chart cumulative sales charts since the charts began."

Management personnel of the Gaon charts expressed, "It is the highest sales recorded for a solo album since the Gaon charts began. Although there have not been broadcast activities, as it is an album with a variety of genres, aside from the original fans, there are also many cases of new fans going into shops looking for the album."

In addition, Kim Junsu's solo album has also been very popular in China. Kim Junsu's "XIA-Tarantallegra" ranked number 1 on the YinYueTai charts for the month of May.

CEO Baek Chang Ju of Kim Junsu's management agency, C-Jes Entertainment, stated, "The restrictions in terms of television broadcast promotions were expected, so we chose a straightforward approach. We produced a full-length album with 12 tracks, and set producing a perfect full concert as our goal, by working with a top choreographer from America. Also, we spared no expense to produce a high-quality MV, which brought much success. I think that it was only made possible because of the trust in the artist (Kim Junsu)."

On another note, Kim Junsu released the dance version MV of "XIA-Tarantallegra" at 2pm on 11 June via the official Youtube channel.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + The Korea Herald via Nate]
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[NEWS] Lee Min Jung turns into various identities

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 07:57 AM PDT

Actress Lee Min Jung is changing into various identities from cleaner to secret rummager in one day.

Lee Min Jung was recently showing her unique image through a CF video for a contact lens brand, attracting people's attention.

In the morning, she is a cleaner who wore a headscarf on the head and held a mop, then she become jogging girl with a headset in ear, and then she turned into a deliveryman with a helmet, and finally become a rummager who rushes everywhere to resolve things. Especially that she disguised as a man by taking off her femininity after becoming the rummager is attracting attention. The most important thing is that during the four transformation, there is no awkward feeling at all, really amazing.

The handsome day displayed by Lee Min Jung and the secret of amazing transformation will be shown int he CF video published at the end of the month.

Lee Min Jung is currently starring in KBS2 drama "Big".

Source: dramahaven

[NEWS] MBLAQ’s G.O: “Acting is like the mood on pleasant trip”

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 07:44 AM PDT

G.O of MBLAQ who is challenging acting for the first time in SBS drama "Ghost" described the drama as a pleasant trip.

G.O is playing the role of a network investigation team member Lee Tae Kyun who is specially hired by gaming company. The ability of Tae Kyun in developing security program of gaming company gets recognition, and is specially hired by network investigation team. It's a role which never fight with others for once since born until now.

G.O. said about his first formal acting, "Although this is not an easy challenge, but I really enjoy every moment, I can feel the charm of the career of the actor." At the same time, he also said, "I establish a good relationship with actors during the filming of drama, as if the feelings of a pleasant journey to a place I never been to," and smiled.

In addition, G.O also said that with the help of senior Kwon Hae Hyo and Im Ji Gyu who he frequently shot together, he has no major difficulty to adapt, "Once I was still on standby waiting for filming until the early morning, senior So Ji Sub came to me, clapped on my shoulder and asked, 'Is it hard?' Because of that question, I am very excited," showing his gratitude to the seniors.

G.O also expressed his respect to the director Kim Hyung Sik, "Director Kim Hyung Sik is as if what's been heard, very attentive on the details. I learned a lot from the director. Although I am not doing a good job as I am acting for the first time, but I believe I can become a quality actor by following the director," expressing his absolute trust for the director.

Director Kim Hyung Sik said, "When G.O is not filming, G.O will standby at the side to learn acting skill through watching the performance of other actors. One day he was there even until wee hour. Although he is a well known singer , but such a sincerity is amazing," giving high mark to actor G.O.

Source: dramahaven

[VIDEO] 2PM releases making film for ‘Member’s Selection’ Part 2

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 07:31 AM PDT

Last week, 2PM released the first part of the making-of film for their new best hits album "2PM The Member's Selection", this time, the Part 2 has been revealed.

"2PM The Member's Selection" is a compilation album consisting a total of 18 hit tracks that have been selected by 2PM themselves. The members also filmed a music video for "Only You", the second track off of the album.

[PICTURE] Girl’s Day’s Yura reveals childhood photos

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 07:18 AM PDT

Girl's Day's Yura revealed adorable childhood photos of herself on Twitter.

On June 14th, Yura tweeted, "I found these photos of 4 year old Yura while browsing through an albu by chance! It's interesting that I once had these moments hh… The second photo is me sleeping while riding a swing at home kkkkkkk. The way my head is tilted looks hilarious heh."

Credit: SEN @ girlsdaydaily

[NEWS] Han Ga In’s husband, Yeon Jung Hun has a curfew?

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 07:05 AM PDT

Actor Yeon Jung Hoon, the spouse of actress Han Ga In has divulged information about the couple's marriage recently on an episode of Channel A's talk show "Shocking."

On the show that aired on June 13, Yeon said that his curfew, designated by himself and his wife, was 12 a.m.
"If I'm home later than that, she won't let me touch her," said Yeon who claimed that he was a "big physical affection person."

Yeon said despite the punishment that follows his late nights that he normally would keep trying to touch her, generating much laugh from audience in the studio.

"As a couple, we are very affectionate and it's kind of cute that she uses that against me," said Yeon.

By Carla Sunwoo
Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] JYJ’s upcoming expo expected to generate 10 billion Won

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 06:52 AM PDT

JYJ's upcoming four-day expo for members of its official fan club is expected to generate in excess of 10 billion won ($8.6 million) in tourist revenue, says the band's agency.

More than 7,000 Japanese tourists are set to descend on the Gangnam area for the "Membership Week" event for 22,000 fans, which starts June 28 at the Setec convention hall in southern Seoul.

CJeS Entertainment based its revenue estimate on a travel package from Japan to Korea costing at least 1 millon won and a Japanese tourist spending 500,000 won.

This will be the first time that such a large group of foreign delegates will be in Seoul for just one event, according to the agency.

"The event will be on a scale like no other Hallyu- related events that have taken place before. It will be a new chapter in Korean tourism," said a spokesperson from the band's agency.

CJeS Entertainment added it is offering Japanese fans various package deals to lessen the financial burden.

By Carla Sunwoo
Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Eun Ji Won to MC new hip hop survival show

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 06:39 AM PDT

Hip hop star Eun Ji Won will be stepping up as a solo emcee for an upcoming TV show for the first time in his life.

Eun will be hosting the new cable reality survival show "Show Me The Money" on his own. "Show Me The Money" is like the survival competition show "I'm a Singer" except for hip hop music. It's the first hip hop show on this cable channel in about 10 years.

His experience as a leader for the hip hop trio Clover (with Typhoon and Gilmi) should come in handy. He's also built up his name value as a regular on many variety programs and talk shows in Korea. He's popular for his honest remarks and witty reactions.

"Show Me The Money" producer Lee Sun Young explained the decision, "Eun Ji Won has a deep knowledge of hip hop music and his experience on many variety programs makes him the right person for the job. We had our first recording on the 12th, and he did even better than expected. Eun was friendly and quick as an MC, fitting the show which goes beyond just introducing music, but also communicating in an entertaining way with the audience in real-time."

Source: KBS World

[NEWS] T-ara’s first live tour in Japan to be released through a magazine

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 06:26 AM PDT

A magazine dedicated to T-ara's first concert in Japan will be published next month.

The publication, to be printed through Hallyu specialist magazine "Hallyupia," will contain moments from the performances of "T-ara Japan Tour 2012 - Jewelry Box" as well as sentiments from fans about the concerts and a detailed report about the events that took place around Japan.

Previously, other K-pop acts to have had a magazine dedicated to their concert moments were 2NE1, Kim Hyun-joong, 2PM and Lee Byung-hun.

The girl group, which recently raised its total number of members from seven to nine, released its first official Japanese album on June 6. "Jewelry Box" sold more than 23,796 copies on its first day and was No. 2 on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart that day.
In its first week since launch, the album sold more than 57,102 copies.

From June 19, the band will make another tour of Japan, visiting Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sandai and Sapporo before performing at the Budokan, Tokyo from July 25 to 26. More than 40,000 fans will attend the concerts.

By Carla Sunwoo
Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] SISTAR’s Hyorin & Soyu prefer to sleep naked

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 06:13 AM PDT

SISTAR's Hyorin appeared on MBC's "Golden Fishery - Radio Star" on June 13 and shocked the audience by saying that she likes to sleep in the nude.

During the show, MC Kyuhyun said, "There are rumors going around that you (Hyorin) walk around naked in the dorm." When asked if it's true, Hyorin said yes, but not before turning red in the face.

The singer dubbed as the "Korean Beyonce" revealed, "I can't sleep when I have my clothes on. Soyu is the same. When we are the only ones at home, the dorm turns into a female bathhouse."

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] YG opens ‘Global Blackjack’ on Twitter for 2NE1

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 06:00 AM PDT

With the fast-growing popularity of 2NE1 in the international scene, YG Entertainment opened up the official 'Global Blackjack' Twitter page for the group.

On June 15th, YG announced on its official homepage, "We are pleased to announce the opening of the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack Twitter page. The new Twitter page is the perfect place for 2NE1 fans from all over the world where 2NE1 fans will have access to 2NE1's domestic and overseas schedules, news and many more."

All blackjacks from over the world may find out everything about 2NE1 at the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page. Follow 2NE1 here: @GlobalBlackjack

[VIDEO] f(x) releases interview + MV making film for “Electric Shock”

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 05:46 AM PDT

Girl group f(x) finally returned with a new mini-album, "Electric Shock". The new album was received favorably by fans and netizens, achieving an all-kill on local charts while the music video hit over a million views in less than a day.

On June 15th, f(x) unveiled an interview clip as well as the making-of film for their latest hit music video "Electric Shock". Check out the video below!

[VIDEO] Boyfriend releases MV making film of “Love Style”

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 05:33 AM PDT

Boyfriend has released their newest mini-album "Love Style" on June 14th and the full music video for the title track on the 15th. This time, the boys prepared another treat for their fans, and released the making-of film of "Love Style" MV.

The new clip features the behind-the-scene glimpse on the filming of Boyfriend's latest music video. It shows the preparation process, filming, backstage fun, as well as the recording with the "mini Son Dambi" that was featured in the MV teaser.

[NEWS] 2PM’s ‘Beautiful’ tops Japan Tower Records’ weekly charts

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 05:20 AM PDT

Idol group 2PM's 'Beautiful' has captured the Japanese archipelago with intense beauty!

2PM's fourth Japanese single 'Beautiful' has been charted #1 on the Tower Records Weekly Single Chart in addition to placing second on Oricon's weekly singles chart. Also, the Arena Tour DVD that was released at the same time also ranked on the 1st place for the Tower Records' Weekly DVD Chart.

The 4th single 'Beautiful' released by 2PM in Japan contains the sensitive, serene yet intense manly beauty of 2PM. It has been pre-released as a theme song for dark vinegar advertisement of local Saempyo brand in Japan, and it has been much beloved by the public.

2PM's 'Beautiful' has been selling out 140,000 albums in only a week after release on June 6th, and it has swept the 1st rank of every single sales chart in every Tower Records branch in Japan. Not to mention it has ranked 1st on this week's Tower Record Weekly Single Chart (June 4th-10th), and 2nd rank on Oricon Weekly Single Chart (June 4th-10th) proving 2PM to be the most beloved beautiful beast-dol and the top K-Pop artist in Japan.

Furthermore, at the photozone event held at the station square in front of Shinjuku station last June 8th, countless fans were lining up to wait for the event even though the event wasn't that 2PM members attended. Also, it is said that the footsteps were endless for the 2PM clothing exhibition held at Tower Record, and TSUTAYA in Shibuya.

Source: JYP Entertainment

[NEWS] Leessang purchases $4.5 million USD building

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 05:05 AM PDT

It has been revealed that Leessang members have purchased a building together.

According to various news sources on June 15, Leessang members Gil and Gary have recently purchased a $4,553,267 USD building in Seoul's Sinsa-dong's Garosugil area. The building is under the names of the two members of Leessang.

A representative of Jungle Entertainment revealed, "Leessang mentioned their new building before the release of their new album. Leessang's business is not related to our company at all and we don't know of any additional details as it was a personal decision made by them."

The building is right at the entry of Garosugil.It is made up of three floors, including a basement, and runs three businesses on each including a meat restaurant, which is run by Leessang, a tonkatsu restaurant and a take out cafe.

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Kanye West’s mix engineer, Ken Lewis mixes Jo Kwon’s solo album

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 04:52 AM PDT

Jo Kwon's upcoming solo album is gaining attention for having the participation of world famous engineer, Ken Lewis.

On June 14th, producer Bang Shi Hyuk tweeted, "Mix engineer Ken Lewis's board. Do you see Kanye West's name written together with Jo Kwon's title song, 'I'm Da One'? This day, Jo Kwon is a singer who came before Kayne West." Along with the tweet, he revealed a photo of Ken Lewis' schedule.

On the board, Kanye West's name and Jo Kwon's agency Big Hit Entertainment were indeed listed together. It is being said that Ken Lewis put his all into mixing Jo Kwon's first album by even pushing back works for Kanye West and Justin Bieber.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon will be releasing his prelude track "Animal" on June 18th before the release of his album on the 25th.

Source: Nate

[VIDEO] A-PRINCE releases video message for international fans

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 04:39 AM PDT

A-PRINCE, formerly known as TAKEN, has released a special video message for their international fans.

Released via the group's official Youtube channel, A-PRINCE members greet their fans ahead of their official debut in July.

The group debuted as TAKEN in November of last year. Since then, they have been quite off the K-pop radar and even lost three members as Yoojun, Seungyul and Geonwoo. The group recruited 2 new members Siyoon and Seungjun and changed labels to New Planet Entertainment.

Comprised of Sungwon, Minhyuk, Taehyuk, Seungjun and Siyoon, they formed A-PRINCE and plan to make a debut this coming July.

[VIDEO] 2PM’s new CF for Coca-Cola released

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 04:26 AM PDT

Idol group 2PM, who has been long time endorsers for Coca-Cola, has released a new CF for the popular softdrink brand.

Titled "Share Your Beat", the new CF features the boys of 2PM cheering for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

[NEWS] Boyfriend to hold guerilla showcase on June 17th

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 04:13 AM PDT

Boyfriend will be holding a guerilla showcase in promotion of their comeback mini album 'Love Style'!

Fans will be able to meet Boyfriend at the Kangnam's M-stage on June 17 at 6:30 p.m.

According to Boyfriend's agency, Starship Entertainment, "Having a street guerrilla concert is not easy for an idol, there's a lot of pressure as much as there is a lot of anticipation. This event was prepared to thank fans for their love and support. We hope you will support us as much as we have prepared for this."

'Love Style' was released on June 14.

[VIDEO] ‘K-wave’ Magazine releases BTS from Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo’s photoshoot

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

"K-wave" magazine has just released behind-the-scenes footage from a photoshoot with Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. The photoshoot, which was shot in May during Girls' Generation – TaeTiSeo's promotions for "Twinkle", will feature Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun for the magazine's cover page. All three members wore luxurious dresses and let their hair down while posing for individual photos with a green apple and for group photos in a room with green balloons.

Though the three members displayed their professional attitudes throughout the photoshoot, they also showed their fun sides as well. Taeyeon was seen dropping the apple she was holding and standing up in order to get it, which forced a stylist to fix her dress. Seohyun also used a balloon to play peek-a-boo with the camera.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage from "K-wave"'s photoshoot below.

Source: bntnews
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120615 Wonder Girls win on Music Bank’s ‘K-Chart’ + Other Performances

Posted: 15 Jun 2012 03:57 AM PDT

KBS "Music Bank" is back this week full of amazing performances!

For this week's episode, rookie band BOB4 kicked off its debut with "Mystery Girl" while f(x), Boyfriend and Kim Jang Hoon made their comebacks with "Electric Shock", "Love Style" and "A Good Day For Sunshine" respectively.

Other great performances from artists including Wonder Girls, INFINITE, Baek Ji Young, G.NA, U-Kiss, SORISO, M-tiful, MYNAME, December, VIXX, Juniel, M.I.B, JJ Project, EXO-K, Heo Young Saeng, Dal Shabet and A Pink.

And for the highlight of the show, Wonder Girls claimed #1 on this week's Music Bank's 'K-Chart' with their latest track "Like This".

Congratulations Wonder Girls!


Next Week: After School (Comeback)

Check out the performances below!

Wonder Girls


Baek Ji Young





Kim Jang Hoon (Comeback Stage)


BOB4 (Debut Stage)












JJ Project


Heo Young Saeng

Dal Shabet


Watch today's comeback performances below!

Boyfriend - "One Day" + "Love Style"
f(x) - "Jet" + "Electric Shock"