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"[News] SHINee members dunks basketball, plays 3D angry birds and relieved their "night market" memories on 100% entertainment in Taiwan" plus 24 more

"[News] SHINee members dunks basketball, plays 3D angry birds and relieved their "night market" memories on 100% entertainment in Taiwan" plus 24 more

[News] SHINee members dunks basketball, plays 3D angry birds and relieved their "night market" memories on 100% entertainment in Taiwan

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 09:06 AM PDT

Korea's Popular Idol Group SHINee participated in "100% Entertainment" Variety Program recording. "100& Entertainment" got to know that 3 years ago, SHINee has shopped/ toured around (Taiwan's) night market and they are miss it ever since. As SHINee's popularity in Taiwan continue to rise, shopping around night markets have become an impossible task for them. Hence 100% Entertainment specially moved the "night markets" into the studio instead, to let these 4 big boys, Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun and Key, have the time of their lives.

Previously it was winter when SHINee visited the night markets, so they were unable to try Taiwan's Most popular/best summer desert : Mango Ice-Shavings desert. Upon trying the "Mango Ice" desert for the first time, the four big boys revealed a surprised/delighted expression; without considering their image, they took huge mouthfuls of it. Taemin happily commented "There isn't any of this in Korea, I really want to bring this back to eat!" The four of them ate deliciously; even their Korean staffs wanted to have a taste of it so SHINee personally (made) their own creative "ice shaving" desert for the staff members to eat. The entire recording studio was akin to a real night market - bustling and lively.

After finishing their Mango Ice desert, SHINee accepted a basketball challenge. Huang Hong Sheng Group members Jonghyun and Key; and Butterfly's Group members Onew and Taemin gave in their best attempt to disturb the opposing team - by blowing really hard next to the basketball hoop hoping that it will deflect the ball; by singing really loudly; occasionally, they will even throw in toys amongst the basketball to confuse the opponent team; in addition they (tried to hide the basketballs) by stuffing them inside their group member's cap or t-shirt. The atmosphere was really lively/charged indeed!

Taiwan's Night Markets have also adapted a 3D version of the popular game "Angry Birds". Upon seeing the "3D Angry Birds" Props, the 4 boys could not help but to start playing with them. They even took up the challenge to become "Angry Birds" to shoot at their "Pig" targets. Huang Hong Sheng initially marked Butterly as his target however he accidentally brushed past Onew's head which caused Onew to gasp in shock "You are so mean!" Huang Hong Sheng got a fright too and said "Luckily I missed, or else I will be surrounded and beat up by the fans later on!"

Source : WOW NEWS TAIWAN | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

[PICTURES] Ko Kyung Pyo Shows Sunshine Fashion Charisma in Pictorials!

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 08:57 AM PDT

Actor Ko Kyung Pyo who is starring in MBC daily sitcom "Stand By" shot a set of pictorials for a fashion magazine.

In the pictorials, Ko Kyung Pyo was wearing various casual and fashionable dressing, and posed various lovely and seductive expressions, showing the charm of sunshine boy.

Check out more of the photos below.

He is so charming? Isn't he?

Source: Drama Haven

[NEWS] So Ji Sub Stands Behind Acting of Lee Yeon Hee!

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 08:44 AM PDT

South Korean actor So Ji Sub was sending warm words to Lee Yeon Hee who is been criticized for her acting.

On June 11th, 2012, the press conference of SBS drama "Ghost" was held at SBS TV series production center at Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. So the press conference, when asked by reporter, "As a partner, how do you see Lee Yeon Hee?" So Ji Sub leisurely said, "You've read the news." Then, So Ji Sub said with slight regret, "I don't understand it. When partnering with Lee Yeon Ji during shooting, I don't feel any special uncomfortable feeling at all. Perhaps when watching on TV screen, the feeling is different and awkward."

Then So Ji Sub said, "If there is prejudice, will feel about the poor acting even more. I don't have any feelings about poor acting at the scene. Hope viewers can give more recognition. Lee Yeon Hee has done her best, hope can give more encouragement."

Lee Yeon Hee also said, "I also feel that I still have a lot of lacking in acting skill. Will persist on to complete the filming of drama, I personally will do my best." But she seemed very concern about the viscous attack to herself, "I didn't watch the news and comments on the Internet. But still hear it from people around me, personally I understand that there is a lot of inadequacies, I'm working to improve."

Lee Yeon Hee is playing the role of Yoo Kang Mei who is the excellent graduate from police university in "Ghost", but is hated because of outstanding appearance. In the drama, the pronunciation of Lee Yeon Hee which is like reading and obscure acting are highly controversial.

Source: Ilgan Sports
Cr: Drama Haven

[NEWS] MBLAQ’s G.O: Acting Is Like the Mood on Pleasant Trip!

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 08:31 AM PDT

G.O of MBLAQ who is challenging acting for the first time in SBS drama "Ghost" described the drama as a pleasant trip.

G.O is playing the role of a network investigation team member Lee Tae Kyun who is specially hired by gaming company. The ability of Tae Kyun in developing security program of gaming company gets recognition, and is specially hired by network investigation team. It's a role which never fight with others for once since born until now.

G.O. said about his first formal acting, "Although this is not an easy challenge, but I really enjoy every moment, I can feel the charm of the career of the actor." At the same time, he also said, "I establish a good relationship with actors during the filming of drama, as if the feelings of a pleasant journey to a place I never been to," and smiled.

In addition, G.O also said that with the help of senior Kwon Hae Hyo and Im Ji Gyu who he frequently shot together, he has no major difficulty to adapt, "Once I was still on standby waiting for filming until the early morning, senior So Ji Sub came to me, clapped on my shoulder and asked, 'Is it hard?' Because of that question, I am very excited," showing his gratitude to the seniors.

G.O also expressed his respect to the director Kim Hyung Sik, "Director Kim Hyung Sik is as if what's been heard, very attentive on the details. I learned a lot from the director. Although I am not doing a good job as I am acting for the first time, but I believe I can become a quality actor by following the director," expressing his absolute trust for the director.

Director Kim Hyung Sik said, "When G.O is not filming, G.O will standby at the side to learn acting skill through watching the performance of other actors. One day he was there even until wee hour. Although he is a well known singer , but such a sincerity is amazing," giving high mark to actor G.O.

Source: Drama Haven

[NEWS] Lee Yeon Hee Had Nosebleed When Filming Ghost!

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 08:15 AM PDT

Lee Yeon Hee revealed a small episode happened when she was filming "Ghost".

On June 11th, 2012, Lee Yeon Hee said when attending the press conference of "Ghost" at Ilsan SBS production center, "Although it's not major injury, but I had nosebleed on the filming scene."

Lee Yeon Hee who is transforming into a tough female police officer in "Ghost" said, "Didn't suffer any major injuries in the process of filming. Nosebleed was because of the error due to arrangement was not done properly."

Lee Yeon Hee also said, "In the future, there may be more of such scene, so do support Yoo Kang Mi."

Source: Joynews24
Cr: Drama haven

[VIDEO] SISTAR released Loving U MV!

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 08:01 AM PDT

Check out SISTAR's full MV for their new summer song Loving U!

[NEWS] Kang Dong Ho denies TVXQ Yunho and Park Soojin’s dating rumor

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 07:41 AM PDT

After pictures of TVXQ's Yunho and actress Park Soojin emerged online via Sports Seoul's Web site on June 27, the agency of Yunho's friend Kang Dong-ho – who the two were visiting when they were spotted together – has come out to say that the two were not on a date.

"It's true that Yunho came to talk on the show last Thursday. We didn't know that Park was there also. But there must have been some seven or eight people with Yunho," said Kang's representative.

Earlier in the day, Sports Seoul reported that Yunho and Park, who are known for their 10-year friendship, were spotted together in Daehangno, central Seoul on June 21.

The article said that "with some people, you never know if they are just friends or dating. Celebrities are no exception," before questioning the nature of Yunho and Park's relationship.

The two were captured as they emerged out of the same van and went into a local theater to watch the musical "Finding Kim Jong-wook," which stars Yunho's good friend Kang, who Yunho met when they acted in the musical "The Palace" back in 2010.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Psy to release Korea’s cheering song for London Olympics

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 07:26 AM PDT

Singer Psy has been picked to produce and sing the official anthem to represent Korea at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The song, entitled "Korea," was released on various music Web sites last night, and Psy will perform it on stage for the first time tomorrow at a concert hosted by the National Gugak Center, an organization that promotes traditional Korean music.

Psy has composed and written the lyrics to the song. Traditional instruments have been recruited to give the tune a quintessential Korean feel.

"The music video will be on a large scale with musicians from the Gugak Center as well as members of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and your average citizens taking part," a spokesperson from Psy's agency said.

This isn't the first time the 34-year-old has produced songs that have boosted the morale of the nation during sporting events.

Psy is known for songs such as "Champion," which was released in 2002, and "We Are The One" from 2006.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Big Bang confirms China for ‘Alive Tour 2012’

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 07:11 AM PDT

Big Bang has confirmed to bring its ongoing 'Alive Tour 2012' to China.

According to YG Entertainment on June 27th, Big Bang will be meeting their fans in China with three concerts in three consecutive weeks. The boys will make their stops in Shanghai on July 21st, Guangzhou on July 28th, and Beijing on August 4th.

Big Bang's 'Alive Tour 2012' is set to take over Asia, North and South America and Europe with performances in 25 cities in a total of 16 countries.

[AUDIO] B1A4 drops Japanese debut single ‘Beautiful Target’

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 06:56 AM PDT

On June 27th, B1A4 made their official debut in Japan with the release of their first Japanese single, 'Beautiful Target'.

Aside from the title track "Beautiful Target", the tracks "Chu Chu Chu" and "Ready to Go" are also included on the single album. A limited edition version includes the song "Bling Girl", which was composed by the group's leader Jinyoung.

Check out the tracks below!

[VIDEO] After School UEE’s cover shoot BTS for CeCi revealed

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 06:41 AM PDT

After School's UEE recently participated in a pictorial for the July edition of the fashion magazine 'CeCi', alongside labelmate Jung Hyun.

On June 27th, CeCi TV unveiled the behind-the-scene clip from the cover shooting via the magazine's official Youtube channel. Check out the video below.


[NEWS] 2PM’s Wooyoung to hold first solo stage at Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 06:26 AM PDT

2PM's Jang Wooyoung, who is currently gearing up to make a solo debut, will be giving his first solo stage at the upcoming Mnet's 20's Choice Awards.

According to Mnet, Wooyoung will be staging his solo debut performance at the 2012 Mnet's 20's Choice Awards on June 28th, ahead of his solo album's released on July 8. The 2PM member will perform alongside SISTAR, who will be returning with new summer album.

As details of what songs he will be performing has not been revealed, many fans are wondering if Wooyoung will be performing tracks from his upcoming solo album.

Meanwhile, Mnet's 20's Choice Awards will be held at The Oasis in Banyan Tree Club & Spa on June 28th.

[VIDEO] 015B reveals MV for “Let Me Go” (Postino & Maximal Ratio Mix)

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 06:11 AM PDT

Legendary ballad group, 015B released the music video for their Postino & Maximal Ratio Mix of comeback track, "Let Me Go".

"Let Me Go" (Postino & Maximal Ratio Mix) is one of many remixes from 015B's remix album titled 'Let Me Go – Remixes' which was released on June 27th. The remix album top-notch electronic musicians including Postino, Maximal Ratio, Eniac, DJ GON, KINGMCK and MDS.

Check out the MV below!

Original Version:

[NEWS] miss A’s Suzy voted ‘No. 1 Idol’ by fellow stars

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 05:56 AM PDT

Suzy from miss A was voted the "No. 1 Idol" according to a survey taken by her peers, members of various idol groups.

On the cable TV program "Weekly Idol" on MBC Everyone, various K-pop band members from EXO, Teen Top, Infinite and CNBlue took part in a survey that ranked the iconic idol group members for the first half of the year. Suzy landed the No. 1 spot, mostly due to her acting abilities as well as her vocal talents.

"Her acting is just so natural," said Woohyun from Infinite, while Niel from Teen Top said that he enjoyed all of Suzy's works from dramas to movies.

The host of the show, comedian Jung Hyung-don, also agreed and added that the 17-year-old singer and actor had fans in all age groups. "All the 30-something-year-old 'uncle fans' are in love with her," said Jung.

The program devoted to ranking the most popular idol group members and singers will air tonight.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Kim Jung Hoon to embark on his first Asian tour

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 05:41 AM PDT

Singer and actor Kim Jung Hoon will be holding his first Asian tour this coming September.

Starting with Sendai, Japan, the tour named "The Mobius Strip" will include two cities in Korea, six in Japan, three in China and two cities in Southeast Asia.

The name "The Mobius Strip" symbolizes the connection that Kim Jung Hoon and his fans have; their bond can't be untied, just like the original Mobius strip.

The tour will have a different theme for each city that Kim visits. Kim's agency said, "Kim is making great efforts in showing his new side to the audience, as this is his first Asian tour." His agency also showed high expectations and anticipation for the tour.

Kim will release his album simultaneously in Korea, China and Japan, before the tour.

Kim made his debut in 2000 as a member of the two-member band, UN, and started his solo career after the group disbanded in 2005.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] JYJ Junsu’s fans catch charity bug

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 05:26 AM PDT

To mark JYJ member Kim Junsu's first solo concert in Taiwan, his fans on the island have donated stationery items for some 500 students at a school in Cambodia, sponsored by the Hallyu singer himself.

The fan clubs of Kim's in Taiwan joined forces to donate items such as note books, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases among other essentials. The donations are memorable due to the fact that this is the first time that an overseas fan club of Kim's has donated in Kim's honor. The fans visited the Hallyu singer's parents on June 22, a day ahead of his concert, and made the donation.

Then on the following day, at the concert, another 1 million won ($862,208) was raised to go towards "Xia Junsu Village," where the school is located. The fans said that they wanted to do something special for Kim and that they decided to donate and follow in the steps of their favorite idol group member.

Kim's parents said that they were surprised by the donations made by the Taiwanese fans. "This is the first time that fans outside of Korea have donated to 'Xia Junsu Village,' so we are so touched," said Kim's parents.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong announces enlistment date

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 05:11 AM PDT

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong's military enlistment date has been confirmed for July 23rd.

According to his agency, B2M Entertainment, Kim Kyu Jong will be putting his singing career on hold to fulfill his two-year mandatory military service. He will become the first among all five SS501 members to join the army and will report for alternative service duty after four weeks of basic training.

Before his enlistment, Kim Kyu Jong plans to release a "thank you" track for fans. The SS501 member is currently putting final touches and editing videos for his last album.

Kim Kyu Jong recently sent a letter to his fans and announced his enlistment. He said, "It has been a while since I wrote a letter and the reason I'm doing this is because I want to inform you myself that I will be enlisting in the army this July."

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Ulala Session adds new member Gunjo

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 04:56 AM PDT

Ulala Session will become a five-member group with the addition of new member, Gunjo.

On June 26th, a representative of their agency stated, "Gunjo, who is one of the original member of Ulala Session and has been friends with leader Yoon Taek's for fifteen years, will join the group."

Gunjo had to leave Ulala Session due to personal reasons right before the group went on the audition program Mnet's 'Superstar K' last year. He has won the title of 'Best Show' in the 'Battle of the year' dance contest as well as placing 2nd in 'B-boy Championship', which took place in London.

Gunjo expressed, "Although I was unable to participate in 'Superstar K3' because of my personal reasons, I always tried to help them like their shadow. I plan on sharing the stress of leader Yoon Taek and strive not to impress but to move hearts."

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Girls’ Generation ‘Paparazzi’ ranks 2nd on Oricon Daily Singles Chart

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 04:41 AM PDT

Girls' Generation is back to dominate the Japanese music industry once again with 4th Japanese single, 'Paparazzi'. After topping the iTunes Japan Chart, the girls have taken over the Oricon Chart.

On June 27th, based on the data released by Oricon, Girls' Generation's 'Paparazzi' has recorded sales of 42,525 copies, placing the girls' 4th Japanese Single in the no.2 spot behind KAT-TUN's 'To The Limit' which sold more than 60,000 copies on day 1. Both singles were officially released on June 27th.

In comparison to the girls' 3rd Japanese Single 'Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run' which was released in April 2011, 'Paparazzi' ended its first day of sales by about 2,000 copies more. However, both singles finished 2nd on day 1.

Source: Oricon/Bestiz +

[VIDEO] Hangeng unveils MV teaser for “Clown Mask”

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 04:26 AM PDT

After releasing his first track "Wild Cursive" earlier this month, Hangeng released the music video teaser for his next track titled, "Clown Mask".

"Clown Mask" is second single from his second Chinese solo album 'Hope in the Darkness'. The new album marks his return after two years since his first album 'Geng Xin' which was released on July of 2010.

The track will be released on July 3rd. In the meantime, check out the MV teaser below.

[PICTURE] ‘Golden Time’ releases official posters ft. Lee Sun Kyun & Hwang Jung Eum

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 04:11 AM PDT

Official posters for MBC's upcoming medical drama 'Golden Time' have been unveiled featuring the lead cast members, Lee Sun Kyun and Hwang Jung Eum.

Along with Lee Sun Kyun and Hwang Jung Eum, other stars like Lee Sung Min and Song Sun Mi have also participated in the poster shoot that took place at a filming set located in Busan on June 11th.

Lee Sun Kyun and Hwang Jung Eum will be casting as lovers together, and the fans' anticipation for the new couple is growing larger.

'Golden Time' will begin airing following the conclusion of 'Light and Shadow' starting July 9th.

[NEWS] f(x) to make Japanese debut

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 03:56 AM PDT

Amidst promotional activities for their comeback mini album "Electric Shock", f(x) announced that they are getting ready for their Japanese debut.

On June 27th, f(x) launched an official Japanese teaser website ( for their upcoming debut. The website shows the logo of f(x) in a plain black background.

In the f(x) logo, the letter "f" gives the user a link to mail magazine section while the "x" is linked to the f(x)'s official Facebook page. The unique heart-shaped character on top of the logo directs the group's profile.

[NEWS] T-ara’s Eunjung likely to be cast in SBS “Five Fingers”

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 03:41 AM PDT

T-ara's Eunjung will very likely be appearing as the partner of Joo Ji Hoon in SBS TV's upcoming drama, "Five Fingers".

A representative from SBS revealed, "Ham Eunjung will be working with Joo Ji Hoon in 'Five Fingers.' They [Eunjung's agency] have already made a verbal agreement with producers." However, Core Contents Media remarked, "We are currently in negotiation and will make the final decision after T-ara returns from Japan."

"Five Fingers" is about young people who each have their own tragedies to overcome to achieve their dreams. Eunjung will play Hong Dami who dreams of becoming a pianist. Joo Jihoon is a pianist who has extraordinary talent, but must overcome his family's tragic history.

"Five Fingers" will replace "A Gentleman's Dignity" on SBS this August.

Source: Nate

[VIDEO] CeCi releases B1A4’s Bedroom Concert

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 03:26 AM PDT

Idol group B1A4 recently participated in a pictorial for the July edition of CeCi magazine. This time, CeCi unveiled the footage from the shoot titled Bedroom Concert.

Uploaded on CeCi's official Youtube page, the new clip features behind-the-scene highlights from the photoshoot, mini interviews and singing parts.

Check out the clip below!

[AUDIO] ZE:A releases preview for title track “Aftermath”

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 03:11 AM PDT

Continuing with the unveiling of the teasers, ZE:A has just released a preview of their upcoming 'Spectacular' album title track, "Aftermath".

For the past few weeks, ZE:A has been dropping quite a number of hints, teaser photos and several previews of the songs from comeback album, 'Spectacular'. This time, to give fans an early treat, the boys gave a snippet of their next title track.

ZE:A will make their comeback with second album 'Spectacular' on July 4th!