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"[VIDEO] T-ara's comeback teaser on Music Core!" plus 24 more

"[VIDEO] T-ara's comeback teaser on Music Core!" plus 24 more

[VIDEO] T-ara's comeback teaser on Music Core!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 08:30 AM PDT

T-ara will make their comeback on Music Core next week,check out their teaser on Music Core aired earlier today,do you anticipate their comeback?

[NEWS] Super Junior releases 6th album! Sexy, Free and Single!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 08:29 AM PDT

Super Junior finally released their 6th album titled "Sexy, Free and Single" through various music portals on July 1.

The release date also fell fell down to Super Junior's leader Leeteuk's birthday. For fans, who are anticipating this comeback, is definitely a double celebration.

In this comeback, ELFs are also looking forward for Kangin's return after concluding his 2 year military service.

Support the boys by purchasing their songs legally.
You can hear the official previews in the link below:


Tracklist includes:

Sexy, Free and Single
너로부터 (From U)
A Goodbye

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[NEWS] Girls’ Generation – TTS Performs on ‘Music Bank’ Half-Year Special

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 08:00 AM PDT

Last night, Girls' Generation – TTS returned to KBS's "Music Bank" with "Twinkle" for the music show's half-year wrap-up special. Dressed in colorful outfits with shirts that showed their concept photos for "Twinkle", Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun gave an exciting performance of their first song as a Girls' Generation subunit. Despite having concluded promotions for "Twinkle", the performance was as polished and powerful as ever, and the audience responded with loud fanchants to show their excitement.

"Twinkle" was one of the most successful songs in the first half of 2012, winning "Music Bank"'s K-Chart three weeks in a row and twelve times overall across all music shows.

Right after Girls' Generation – TTS's performance, f(x), Girls' Generation's fellow idol group from SM Entertainment, was announced as the winner for this week's K-Chart. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun could be seen celebrating with the members of f(x) after they were announced as the winners and congratulated their juniors for the hard-earned victory. During the encore stage, f(x)'s Amber also pulled Seohyun to the front of stage and said, "It was Seohyun unnie's birthday! Wish her a happy birthday!"

Download Girls' Generation – TTS's performance of "Twinkle" and cut from "Music Bank" from Soshified's Video Downloads Section or check it out below.

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[PICTURE] Yoojin's shows off her sexiness in recent selcas!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 08:00 AM PDT

Yoojin updated her Minihomphy on 28th June with 2 new photos.

She mentioned,"Dragonfly".

Fans commented after seeing the photos,"She is a goddess","Did she get married"?

Like her new set of photos?

[NEWS] MHGF Kang Minhyuk’s fans prepared lunch support as birthday gift

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 07:30 AM PDT

Kang Minhyuk's fans prepared a special birthday gift for him.

June 28 was the 22nd birthday of Kang Minhyuk who is currently playing the character of Cha Segwang, dubbed as the "national younger brother" in KBS 2TV's "My Husband Got a Family". For Kang Minhyuk's birthday, CNBLUE fans got together and prepared the lunch support for the drama actors and 80 staff.


For the event, fans prepared the warm lunch boxes for the staff next to a hand-made "Segwang Coffee" standee and placards which showed off their great team work. The birthday lunch boxes came in full set including seaweed soup as well as coffee, cookies, muffins, fruits and more. With the lunch support, the set was filled with laughter and energy.

"My Husband Got a Family" staff and actors didn't forget to give birthday wishes to Kang Minhyuk. Actor Yoon Junsang (Bang Gwinam) said, "Minhyuk-ah, happy birthday. Eat a lot of seaweed soup." Meanwhile actor Jang Yong (Bang Gwinam's father, Bang Jungsu) who was mentor to young actors on the set like Kang Minhyuk said, "Minhyuk-ah, happy birthday. I enjoyed the lunch box."

Junior actor Kwak Dongyeon (Jang Geun) who is from the same agency as Kang Minhyuk also did not forget to send birthday wish to Minhyuk. His character in "My Husband Got a Family" has been giving Kang Minhyuk a mental breakdown. Kang Minhyuk took a picture together with Kwak Dongyeon which showed their friendly relationship and said, "With my student Janggeuni, whom I love and hate."

On a similar note, the international fans of fellow CNBLUE member Lee Jonghyun's also prepared a dinner support for actors and staff of "A Gentleman's Dignity" for his birthday in May. It was also well received by staff and actors at that time.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

[NEWS] Lee Jonghyun’s official photos from “A Gentleman’s Dignity”

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 07:30 AM PDT

The character "Colin" from SBS weekend drama special "A Gentleman's Dignity" has been getting a lot of attention from the viewers. Recently, the official photos of CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun who plays "Colin" in the drama had been released.

SBS weekend drama special "A Gentleman's Dignity" has hit the 20% mark in viewers ratings (20.3% national ratings according to AGB-Nielsen) and is gaining its momentum every week.

The achievement is due to the perfect harmony among all the characters in the drama which is an appeal that cannot be missed. The colorful blend of actors which include senior actors like as Jang Donggeun, Kim Haneul, Kim Sooro, Kim Minjong, Lee Jonghyuk , Yoon Seah, Kim Jungnan and Yun Jini have all showed great performances as well as Lee Jonghyun of CNBLUE. They have shown great teamwork so far.

In last week's episode, CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun left a big impression with his fluent Japanese in one of the scenes. However this should not come as a surprise because Lee Jonghyun has been living in Japan prior to his debut in Korea. That experience has helped him a lot in speaking Japanese.

"I'm very honored to be able to work together with such great seniors in this drama. Since it's an honor to work together with them, I think I'm still lacking (as an actor) and I want to show them the best that I can" said Lee Jonghyun. He continued, "I consulted a Japanese instructor and prepared that scene with my Japanese coach one by one. However, I think I didn't deliver very well in that scene. I will work harder. 'Colin will show his best!'"

SBS' "A Gentleman's Dignity" is aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9.50 p.m.

Source: Star Journal
Rough Translation by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

[NEWS] AGD’s Colin Lee Jonghyun “I’m touched with senior Kim Minjong’s thoughtfulness”

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 07:00 AM PDT

CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun who made his first attempt in drama acting expressed his gratitude towards his co-star and senior actor Kim Minjong for his thoughtfulness and considerations.

Lee Jonghyun expressed his gratitude towards Kim Minjong by saying, "I'm very thankful to senior Kim Minjong for always looking out for me when it comes to acting. He's always giving me one-to-one advice, so I'm really touched by his thoughtfulness which is a vast as the sea."

He then added, "Once, I was in Japan for an event under CNBLUE and it was during AGD filming and to make the matter worse, the flight back was delayed. Senior Kim Minjong said not to worry and just hurry back as he would do whatever he can in my place. His thoughtfulness and consideration to me made me feel so grateful. I don't know how to thank him."

Meanwhile, in the 11th episode of "A Gentleman's Dignity" scheduled to broadcast on June 30, Colin (Lee Jonghyun) who has been looking for his real father will finally meet Choi Yoon (Kim Minjong).

The mystery that is wrapped around the 19-year-old Colin was unveiled as he was searching for his real father in his homeland. He has met Im Meahri (Yun Jini) a lot of times and is scheduled to meet Choi Yoon (Kim Minjong) face to face soon.

Thanks @JUL_nuna for the photos.
Source: Star Today

Rough Translation by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

[PICTURE] KARA's Jiyoung creates a "heart" with new selcas!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 06:40 AM PDT

KARA's cute maknae Kang Ji Young updated her Twitter on 30th June with a new photo.

She said,"It's raining,i want to make a heart".

She is seen making a heart shape with her hand gestures combining 16 new selcas of herself.

Like her new photo?

[NEWS] JYJ Huge Fan service… Japanese fans “Thrill and tears”!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 06:23 AM PDT

Tears of the Japanese fans, who participated in the 2012 JYJ Membership Week that is held from the 28th to the 1st of next month at SETEC, could be seen.

2012 JYJ Membership Week is a large-scale fan service project with a 3.7 billion won budget by CJES Entertainment for their members.

For an Expo that is like no other, CJES entertainment spent 4 months to prepare for the event by combining state-of-the-art programs with JYJ content. Also, there was no commercial intent as admission was free to fans with things like water, fans, popcorn and etc provided. 10 photo sticker machines were also placed. It was literally a big fan service.

This large-scale Membership Week event is the first fan expo in the country and it has become a huge topic as it is expected to bring 7024 Japanese fans in. On the 28th and 29th, Japanese fans flew in from 14 airports and have started flocking to the exhibition this afternoon. Photos of JYJ and 3D images as well as space displaying personal items gained explosive reactions and cheers of joy from fans who entered the exhibition.

Utaka Kimie (49 years old) said, "This is an event that you cannot find in Japan. I'm touched by the huge effort that was put in. Even though we are unable to see JYJ in Japan often, I am extremely grateful with such an event."

Miyakawa Eri (28 years old) expressed, "I was surprised that everything is free and I felt like this was a huge present. I think I am going to love JYJ forever."

This expo is expected to be visited by 15,000 fans in Korea. At the opening of the expo yesterday, Korean members expressed, "I am proud to be a JYJ fan. To not have commercial interest and have a large-scale exhibition purely to see JYJ is really like a dream," and "Even though it is difficult to see JYJ on broadcasting channels, it is really good to be able to see them at the gallery and theatre here at this expo and I feel that it is precious."

On Saturday, 30th of June and Sunday, 1st of July, JYJ plans to have an enjoyable fan meeting event with their fans.

Source:  Dailian
Translated By: @_alovelikewar


Posted: 30 Jun 2012 06:00 AM PDT

120629 – INFINITE Q&A Season 2: L

Name: L

Show what you think is your charm's point and draw your good looking face (Refer to the example picture):

(T/N: He drew his face)

We hope your will reply to all the questions thoughtfully. (If not, it'd be a shame, a sha~me ´▽ `) <- Heol… (T/N: Heol is a sound used to express things like disbelief and he underlined that part)


Which album's concept did you think suited you the most until now and why?

BTD, Paradise, my hair was long.

Food you like/Food you don't like:

Korean food/Chinese food (I have a bad memory…)

A 2012 June update for your ideal type's standards (In details):

The never-ending innocent, long and wavy hair..


Your singing abilities improved so much since your debut, so don't you want a solo song?

I'll have to work harder~

When I see you do things like post live updates of a radio, which you did a long time ago, or appear as a guerilla event in the friending room, it seems like you play the most with your fans, but you received 3rd place in the official fancafe ranking… What are your thoughts on this?

Hahaha -_-

Do you not have any good ideas to continue on from the gjf crisis? (T/N: Post can be found HERE)

Everyone, I am a new type idol. I think of everything and do it!

Oppa, how do you like the nickname of shinmolnam (shini molbbanghan namja [T/N: it means a male that the gods put everything into])??


Why do you do the L-cho (echo) effect so often lately?? Are you purposely doing it because fans like it??

I will do an L-cho right now. It's a bit open for these promotions only. (You won't be able to see it)

If you were to go on a overseas trip during your vacation time, where do you want to go to the most and what would you want to do there??

I want to go on a penniless journey~

It looked like you were praying when you won first place, but I'm curious about what it was about! What was it?

I thought about my image from trainee days till now.

If you were to put an adjective in the front of your name, what would you want to choose?? ㅎㅎ

(Infinite) L. Kim Myungsoo…

You say really cool phrases on broadcasts and radios, but..!! Did you prepare those things? Or are they phrases that you instantly think of?

I'm expressing my thoughts depending on the situation~ ^^

You did acting promotions through 'Shut Up! Flower Boy Band', so if you happen to get casted, what kind of role would you want to try?

As long as I'm given the opportunity, I would like to try everything!!

What does Myungsoo oppa think was the most memorable moment as an Infinite member?

Ourselves during the concert

Please express a con or unique side to a member that only you know by drawing it!

Haha, this is.. (T/N: He drew someone sleeping)

A fan who made oppa confused the most?

Do you like Sungyeollie? Or do you like food? Or do you like the color, black?

If you were able to turn back time, what would you want to do the most!!

I'm very happy right at this moment

I heard that you were very stubborn and obsessed, but is there a person who could break your stubborn mind?

I don't think there is..

What's something that oppa hears often lately? Besides that you're good looking!


What are the top 5 items out of everything that oppa's currently obsessed over??

Camera, electronics, clothes, combat boots, food

How do you feel about having over 100,000 girlfriends?

Let's go together forever, I'll make you happy each and every day ^^

What if neutral colors disappeared from this world?


A time machine was created and open was given a chance to explore as well~!! What period would you want to go to~??

Sunggyu hyung's 'Beat' days

If there was someone who helped you come up to this spot, who do you think of first?

Our leader-nim

You expressed the members as flowers in some magazine, so what if you were to compare the Infinite members to animals? Tell me what kind of animal L would be as well~

Sunggyu – Sloth, Dongwoo – Parrot, Woohyun – Puppy, Hoya – Weasel, Sungyeol – Giraffe, Sungjong- Cat

If you happened to get a girlfriend, what would you want to call them and what would you want your girlfriend to call you???


If you were able to take one thing from the other 6 members, what would oyu want to take away?

In age order: voice, reaction, eye-smile, dance machine, height, cuteness that covers up whatever you do

We've already come halfway into 2012… What are the three most memorable events since entering 2012 till now?

Concert, 'The Chaser', Infinite's L


trans. cr; hyejin @ infiniteupdates | source cr; infinite's fancafe ; take out with full creditS

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[PICTURE] CNBLUE at KBS’ Music Bank Mid Year Special rehearsal

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 05:30 AM PDT

[Trans] (6/29) Today it's Music Bank Mid Year Special. Of course, CNBLUE has to perform (in it). Yesterday was "My Husband Got a Family" Kang Minhyuk's birthday. The rehearsal this morning was full of friendly talks to adrenaline pumping performance. Catch it LIVE today!!!


오늘(6/29) 뮤직뱅크 상반기 결산. CNBLUE 씨엔블루 당연히 출연. 어제 멤버 '넝쿨당' 강민혁 생일이었대요. 오전 리허설 화기애애 -> 흥분의 도가니. 생방사수!!!

[Trans] (6/29) Today it's Music Bank Mid Year Special. A huge group of fans have been waiting since early morning. Today CNBLUE will be singing "Dream Boy" and "Hey You". It's Hallyu effect, wherever there are stars, there will be fans.

오늘 6/29 뮤직뱅크 상반기결산 특집. 아침부터 기다리는 열성팬. 입장준비. 오늘 씨엔블루 CNBLUE 나와 드림보이 헤이유 부릅니다. 팬이 있어 스타가 있고 뮤뱅이 있고 한류가

Source: @kbs_exclusive
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

[INFO] CNBLUE will be performing at A-Nation’s “ROCK NATION” in Japan on August 12

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 05:00 AM PDT

CNBLUE will be joining a few other Rock acts for the "a-nation musicweek Charge Go! Wieder in Jelly". They will be performing for the ROCK NATION section of the music fest on August 12, which is also the last day of "a-nation musicweek Charge Go! Wieder in Jelly".

The details for the event are as follows:

Date: Sunday, August 12 2012
Entrance time: 17:00
Event starts: 18:00
Venue: Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo
Artists: VAMPS, sads, Anna Tsuchiya, CNBLUE and more.

Source: a-nation |
Rough trans by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

[NEWS] ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’ to be held annually!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:29 AM PDT

On June 28, President at C-JeS Entertainment Baek Chang-joo stated at the "2012 JYJ Membership Week" that the 3.7 billion won event would be held annually.

"This kind of long-term investment will help increase fan loyalty and JYJ's brand value. The content targeting Korean Wave fans needs to be diversified, breaking from the current performance-centered form. It should no more be compulsory service and become opportunities to truly communicate with fans," said the president at the JYJ's agency.

The "2012 JYJ Membership Week" does not aim to create revenue. The exhibition will take place at the SETEC in Seoul until July 1st. 15,000 Korean members and 7,024 Japanese members who won the drawing last month will enter the hall without admission fees.

Credit: asiatoday

[NEWS] Japanese fans hop plane to Seoul for chance to meet K-pop boy band idols!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:06 AM PDT

Thousands of Japanese fans flocked to South Korea Friday to see an exhibition dedicated to boy band JYJ and meet members of the K-pop group who have taken Asia by storm.

JYJ has invited 7,000 Japanese and 15,000 South Korean fans to an exhibition center in southern Seoul featuring performance costumes, trophies, film footage, pictures and favorite items of each member.

Holograms of the three band members were placed to guide fans and explain the show.

"This event was organized for the fans … I hope they create many good memories here with us," said member Hero Jae-joong at the show launch Thursday.

The group, which is also winning a fan base as far away as Latin America, will personally meet the Japanese fans on Saturday and South Korean fans Sunday.

According to the band's publicist, the Japanese fans paid an average 50,000 yen (US$630) for a three-day tour to South Korea after winning a draw held among 15,000 JYJ fans in their country.

"JYJ doesn't visit Japan often so I came here myself to see them," said Saori Oka, 22, who flew in from Fukuoka.

"Of course I plan to come next year and I'm thankful such an event is being held to show the items, photos and footage of all three members."

Naoko Kikuchi brought her daughter with her from Kanagawa.

"It's fun and touching to see all the members here … If I get chosen in the draw again next year, then I will definitely come back to see them," the 40-year-old told AFP.

JYJ began performing as part of the five-member group TVXQ, which debuted in 2003 and sold more than eight million records at home and abroad. It held sellout concerts in countries like China, Thailand and Malaysia.

But TVXQ broke up in 2009 amid legal disputes with its agency.

Three of them — Hero, Micky Yoo-chun and Xiah Jun-su — went on to form JYJ and released their first album "The Beginning" in October 2010.

Credit: ChinaPost

[PICTURE] After School's Lizzy found her "twin smiley"?

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:03 AM PDT

After School's Lizzy unveiled a new photo on her Twitter on 30th June.

She said,"i look like Kakaotalk's angry smiley expression"!

Fans who have seen the photo above commented that Lizzy does resemble the smiley expression.

What do you think?

Meanwhile,After School is currently promoting Flashback!

[PICTURE] G.Na and Trouble Maker snapped some selcas at Music Bank backstage!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 03:42 AM PDT

G.Na updated her Twitter with some new photos on 30th June.

She mentioned,"Yesterday's Music Bank with sexy Hyun Ah and cool Hyun Seung who have not been together for such a long time!Hyun Ah and Hyun Seung = 2HOT Trouble Maker baby"

Do you have any comments for the close interaction among the Cube idols?

[NEWS] SISTAR's 'Loving U' is attracting people despite fierce competition!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 03:32 AM PDT

SISTAR came back with the new song 'Loving U' on the 20's choice Awards Ceremony on the 28th of June, and they have also held the number 1 spot on the music record sales list and many other record lists right after their album has come out. With 'Loving U', SISTAR are holding the number 1 spot from all the other big rivals such as: 'Busker Busker', 'Wondergirls', 'Kim JinPyo', 'Huh Gak', 'f(x)' and 'Big Bang'.

The summer special album 'Loving U' is the song that shows sexy charms and was made by Producer Duble Sidekick. This song fits well with Acoustical sounds and Syn with brass from 'Queen City Horns', it feels just like falling in love with sweet and emotional feelings on one summer night.

Many fans are excited to see more of their cute, sexy concept fashions for this summer.

Translated by Doogu3 of
Edited by Plastic_Boom and Bry
Source: Newsen 

[NEWS] Every song that Sistar brings out was a hit!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 03:00 AM PDT

Sistar have aimed for this summer's Kpop music scene after releasing their 'summer special album'. On June 28th, the new song has hit the number one spot on every major record charts.

These girls are starting to make the year 2012 their year by hitting the number one spot with their song titled 'Alone' and now 'Loving U'. Starting from 'Push Push', their debut song from June of 2010, then with 'How dare you', 'So Cool' and 'Ma boy' for 2 years people have began to love these four girls.

After their retro song 'Alone', they showed the beauty of sexy and now they have come with the jumping summery feels of a dance song 'Loving U' that shows their healthy figures. Sistar have put in all their hearts into filming this new music video exclusively in Hawaii.

Sistar have hit the number 1 in just 4 weeks on 'Billboard's Kpop hot 100', and they have won the number one spot on all of the kpop music programs. We'll have to see about 'Loving U', but it looks good judging from June's fierce battle between other idol groups. There aren't that many groups who've accomplished this much.

Sistar want to prove to everyone that they are the best idol group of all and they are running towards that goal.

Translated by Doogu3 of
Edited by Plastic_Boom and Bry
Source: Nocutnews via Nate. 

[NEWS] SISTAR sparks interest with their Silhouette Dance on their 'Loving U' MV!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 02:24 AM PDT

After watching the new music video of the idol girl group SISTAR, we can say they are the master of the 'silhouette dance.'

On the 28th, the summer special album and the music video for "Loving U" was release through Youtube. Bora had peoples' curiosity and attention with the 'silhouette dance' by showing a teaser for 'Loving U'. With the fresh and youthfulness of the girl group Sistar, they have gotten many people's attention.

They've attracted many people by showing their healthy, robust figures through sexy marine outfits and showcasing the 'silhouette dance' as well as the sunset behind the members of Sistar.

People who have seen the video commented, "The music video of 'Loving U' from Sistar is awesome", "It's awesome to see the silhouette dance from Sistar's 'loving u', "Sistar's 'loving u'' is sexy, and their figures are awesome!" and "Sistar's silhouette dance from 'loving u' is awfully cheery"

The music video of 'Loving U' was filmed all locations in Hawaii under Producer Hee Sun Ju. The song 'loving you' was met between Brass Acoustical sound and guitar, synthesized sound which made a beautiful sound.

Translated by Doogu3 of
Edited by Plastic_Boom and Bry
Source: Newsen and Nate 

[VIDEO] Jokwon made his solo debut with Animal and I'm Da One on Music Core!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 02:06 AM PDT

2AM's leader Jokwon made his solo debut on Music Core with Animal and I'm Da One,enjoy his performance here!

[NEWS] SISTAR looking beautiful in their white dresses!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 02:05 AM PDT

Sistar have attended the '2012 Mnet 20's Choice Awards' on 28th.They have attracted many people's attention by their all white dresses.

With their unbalanced tube-top style dress, it showed people their healthy and sexy figures. This left many people in awe. Sistar have announced their new song 'Loving U' and everyone cheered. The song 'Loving U' has already had the public's attention from the teaser of the silhouette dance
'Loving U' has also won number one on every internet site and the fans were complimenting the song.

Translated by Doogu3 of
Edited by Plastic_Boom and Bry
Source: TVReport 

[VIDEO] CHI CHI said Love Is Energy on Music Core!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 02:01 AM PDT

CHI CHI made their comeback on Music Core with their new track Love Is Energy,check out their energetic performance here!

[VIDEO] SISTAR is "Loving U" on Music Core!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 01:59 AM PDT

SISTAR made their comeback on Music Core with new track Loving U,check out their hot performance on the show today!

[NEWS] B1A4′s Sandeul; Receiving Love with his Unhidden Honesty!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 01:36 AM PDT

Just like his name, like a gentle breeze. With his unstoppable laughter, and the look of him concentrating on stage so as to not miss anything out, Sandeul feels more like a comfortable neighbour kid rather than an idol.

B1A4′s Sandeul (21, Lee Junghwan) debuted on the musical stage through musical 'Brothers Were Brave', raising their curtains for the first time on 26 June. Musical 'Brothers Were Brave' ran their first show in March 2008, and were nominated for 6 awards in the 3rd The Musical Awards including Best Production, Best Script, Best Composition/Lyrics, Best Choreography, Best Musical Director and finally Best Supporting Actress. They took home the Best Script and Best Composition/Lyrics awards in the end, getting critical acclaim on the musical.

Sandeul, alongside Sung Dooseob and Jo Kanghyun will be acting as the younger brother Joobong. The role of older brother Seokbong will be played by Kim Dohyun and Kim Jaebeom. Sandeul's first performance will be on 13 July, and he joked that he's still hiding his skills for that day.

At time of the interview, Sandeul's eyes were red due to an eye inflammation. Upon my question of whether his eyes were alright, Sandeul was startled and asked me how I found out.

"My eyes don't hurt. I have not done anything to it recently, but it keeps on turning red. I thought that I'd be fine after some sleep but it didn't become better so I got a checkup at the hospital and it was an inflammation. They said that it'll be alright if I refrained from wearing my contact lenses so I didn't do it. But for the performance, I wore it for a short while. I told the fans that I am really fine and I just could not wear my contact lenses, but instead they told me to stop lying because it probably hurts. I am really alright. (laugh)"

The first musical that Sandeul ever watched in a theatre was 'Ballerina Who Loves a B-boy'. He who was very interested in musicals since before was visiting universities with his friends before debut, and decided to watch a musical, and that is how he ended up watching 'Ballerina Who Loves a B-boy'. When he first learned about musical, Sandeul's first thoughts were 'what are those people thinking about as they stand on the stage?'.

He wanted to find the answer to that question, and challenge the genre of musicals that he had always been very interested in. With that hope, he has risen to the stage of musicals, and his happiness right this very moment is so huge that there are no words to express it.

"Even though it was just a short while, but when I stood on the stage for the press call I was so happy that I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was so eager to do even more. I'll show (the audience) all that I can during the actual show."

He in the musical who explodes with pride, Joobong is 29 years old. However, Sandeul's age in reality is only 21 years old. In order to overcome the age difference of 8 years, Sandeul agonized very much. Because he never experienced being 29 years old, and did not know what thoughts do people at that age had, it was difficult for him. Sandeul said, "I think I overcame the difficulties by learning many things from the nice hyungs."

"I did not know what kind of mindsets do 29 year olds live with, so I asked both the director and the actor hyungs. I think I asked Kanghyun hyung and Dooseob hyung the most. There are many pent up feelings in Joobong's heart so he is easily annoyed but being 29 years old it was not getting angry immediately either. The hyungs explained to me that it was more of a resigned to life annoyance, 'Yeah, how would hyung even know. Forget about it'. Even since then, I picked up things faster. It helped me very much."

He may be young, but that is Sandeul's weapon. The actors are required to use satoori (accent) in the musical, and it is absolutely comfortable for Sandeul who was born in Busan. When they opened up their practice room for the press the other time, director Jang Yoo Jung revealed that the other actors went around chasing Sandeul to learn how to use a satoori. But because not all the lines in the script used a satoori, Sandeul had the pressure to fix his way of speech as well.

"At first I was really awkward. I wondered if I could actually do well without the use of my satoori. The director had also noted my satoori from the start, so I put a lot of effort into it. But now, I can't really feel whether I am using my satoori. Haha. Is it not so? Well, of course to people born and living in Seoul mysatoori can still be heard. (laugh) When I go back to my hometown now, everyone says that I am speaking weirdly after drinking the water in Seoul."

He uses his satoori so much that everyone knows that he's a young man from Busan, yet he insists that he doesn't use it. When you hear him say so, there is no way you cannot smile. After laughing for a while, you realize that this young man has more affectionate charms than what you see from his exterior image.

When I ask him a question as he's laughing, there are tens of question marks that pop up immediately on top of his head, leaving him no time to be inattentive. We then wondered how this young man is going to portray the hot-tempered and rough Joobong. Just exactly how similar is Sandeul and Joobong?

"Joobong is a child with a very warm heart. But he expresses it in the opposite way. I am also very warm hearted. Ah, it's a little too much to say that with my own heart. (laugh) I think we're similar to about 60%. Joobong is unable to express himself well, but I am not like that. Even though I am not good at expressing myself either."

He who had just said that he is only 60% similar to Joobong suddenly smiles awkwardly when asked about how is the relationship between him and his elder sister. He is also unable to express himself well to his elder sister.

"I think she always picks a fight with me. When I want to simply ask her 'noona, do you want to eat this?', I end up expressing myself as 'I'll eat it when I want to'. I am quite blunt. I am like so to my mother as well, so I hope she understands my mind. I often hear that I am very alike to my mother, so when I am blunt she would just said that she expected it anyway, and me and my sister would continue squabbling. Now that I see it, we are exactly the same as the Joobong-Seokbong brothers. 100% alike. But I'll just say that it's 60%. (laugh)."

These squabbles also extend out to the B1A4 members. When the members first heard about the casting in the musical they were very jealous. But this jealousy has now gone beyond, and become nagging.

"Their nagging is no joke. When I'm practicing my script, they say things like 'that's not right. I'll watch you so try again'. It's really annoying. I am obviously doing it the same way, but they keep telling me to do it properly, so I do it out of spite. So there have been times that I practiced in front of the members while being heated. I think the tendency to squabble is in-born in me. (laugh) Especially when I'm with Baro. It doesn't happen much when I'm with the hyungs, but maybe because Baro is of the same age as me. Baro's nagging can wake a person up, it's horrible. (laugh)"

He says that his personality is one that makes it hard to express himself well with the people he is close with, but even though he says so you can feel that he is extremely grateful for the members' interest and affection. He tells us that he feels a greater sense of responsibility towards the great interest directed at him by the fans.

"When I heard that my shows were sold out within 11 minutes of ticketing, honestly it was burdensome. I had no idea that each show could admit 800 people. When I heard about that and thought about the many people coming to watch me, I was very nervous. I thought that I was in trouble, and I couldn't continue being like that, and ended up practicing more."

The previous season saw SHINee's Onew successful debut in the musical industry with the character of Joobong as well. When he saw Onew's performance videos, Sandeul thought that he did really well. But immediately he had the goal to do even better than Onew. When a person thinks of the possible comparisons people will make and eventually gets pressured, he or she may not be able to perform as well. We can feel the determination from he who tells himself to be more confident on purpose. Sandeul may be gentle, but he is a professional who is solid and passionate about his work.

Upon the mention of the hyungs who have a huge age gap, Sandeul's eyes sparkled. Kim Jaebeom who is unique with his jokes and his down to earth personality, Jo Kanghyun and Sung Dooseob with their talkative personality, and witty Kim Dohyun. When they gather around, there is no way you cannot enjoy yourself.

Sandeul recalls, "There is a memory of how interestingly the hyungs plays. They joked around as we received our scripts, and even did kungfu. It's really fun in the practice room. I want to give the hyungs energy, but the brothers themselves are energy and vitality. Rather, I end up receiving strength from them."

However, there is one thing Sandeul is worried about. And that is the kiss [T/N: It is really just a peck.] scene between Seokbong and Joobong. It is an episode where they peck each other by accident, and they end up slapping each other.

"As of yet, I have never actually done the kiss scene with the hyungs. So I'm in huge trouble. There has never been once that our lips actually touched. We go close to each other, open our eyes slightly, make the kissing sound, and immediately end it with the slap. Now that I actually have to do it, I am slowly preparing my heart. To have to kiss a guy in my first musical, I think it wil be a huge unforgettable memory. (laugh)"

There is a sad scene where the mother suffering from dementia asks "who are you?", but the singing scene where the father says "sons, I do not want to leave this life" tugged at Sandeul's heartstrings, and he sang with a heavy heart. He who yet to perform for his first stage, Sandeul has already fallen into it, laughing and crying.

"I don't think I'll ever forget the musical 'Brothers Were Brave' even after the show ends. I don't think I can forget the actors hyungs, noonas and staff. They are people who I want to meet and perform with again in future when I have the chance to challenge other musicals."

Due to his singer promotions, he can only learn about musicals from videos. He says that the few musicals that are memorable to him include Big Bang's Seungri's 'Sonagi'Im Changjung's 'Laundry'as well as Jo Seungwoo's 'Jekyll & Hyde'.

"I watched senior Im Changjung in his role of Sollonggo during 'Laundry' and he was so good. I laughed so hard watching it alone. I want to do a variety of musicals if I have the chance. I think'Laundry' is really unique and interesting to do. 'Sonagi' was enjoyable thanks to senior Seungri's fresh expressions. I want to do all these musicals that I have watched, except 'Jekyll & Hyde' by senior Jo Seungwoo. I was really shocked, I got goosebumps from watching the Confrontation scene. It was really amazing. It may be difficult now, but I will work hard and try to do it once in my life. It's really interesting. 'Brothers Were Brave' is interesting too. (laugh)"

When Sandeul talked about 'Jekyll & Hyde', you can feel his admiration and how amazed he felt when watching it that day through words. In that moment too, he was so natural and honest. I wonder how much growth will his newfound interest for musicals give to this young man.

Lastly, when asked on behalf of the fans how he maintains his fitness, he laughed and said, "I eat well, and sleep well. I think that is all. I eat well even if I'm not given food, I eat even more if I'm given food. If I have already eaten and you give me food again, I eat it. So I am extremely healthy." At this point, I start to understand why B1A4 is receiving so much love from the noonas.

"Instead of the Sandeul whom everyone knows, I will be showing everyone a side to me as the younger brother Joobong in 'Brothers Were Brave', so please come comfortably and it'll be nice if you enjoyed the show and left."

Musical 'Brothers Were Brave', starring Kim Dohyun, Kim Jaebeom, Sung Dooseob, Jo Kanghyun and B1A4′s Sandeul will be on show at COEX's Artium Hyundai Art Hall till 1 October.

Source: TV Daily
Translation Credits: skipfire @

[VIDEO] SISTAR released the making of Loving U MV!

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 01:00 AM PDT

I'm totally in love with SISTAR's new song Loving U since its official release a few days ago.

The girls went to Hawaii to film their latest MV,the girls seem to enjoy the filming so much,check out the video below for more exclusive coverage!